Kenya Moore Claims Her Charity Ball Intentions Were Pure

RHOA Pagent Wave Kenya

Kenya has a whole lot to say on her Bravo blog this week!  Let’s look at a few excerpts and dissect them shall we? As usual, my comments will be in purple text.

“NeNe and I are both survivors of domestic violence. I, particularly, have a penchant for any charity that supports women and helps young girls thrive. Saving Our Daughters (SOD) is one I too firmly believe in and thought would help a lot of girls in need with their struggles in life. Previously, I promised NeNe that I would throw an event to benefit her favorite charity. That I did with no ulterior motive.”

Even though I have taken a seat on the Kenya Love Bus of 2014, I do not believe for a minute that Kenya did the charity event strictly out of the goodness of her heart. Nor do I believe that she was trying to get in Nene’s good graces.  I believe that Kenya knows Nene well enough to know how to get her goat. And she not only succeeded at that the got her whole farm. And frankly? I think it is about time Nene got a taste of her own medicine. She needed to be brought down a few pegs. Kenya managed to do this while coming out smelling like a rose. For that, I have to give the girl props. RHOA Kenya Season 5 BallI may not do everything perfectly right, but my heart was in the right place. Although I do not owe NeNe anything, out of respect for our friendship at the time, I only wanted to do something kind for her and to benefit a great charity — a win-win situation.  This was my sweeping gesture…my olive branch. However, you don’t take an olive branch and beat someone with it.

Each and every girl received the same invitation outlining my event details, dress code, program, etc. The electronic invitation my team used tracked all the invitations. Therefore, we could see that NeNe not only RECEIVED the evite but READ the invitation as well. However, she chose not to respond. Instead of calling me with questions, she contacted the charity and confirmed their support for the event weeks prior. She also heard from Cynthia and Marlo about the event, other Housewives, and PR staff. Does this sound like a woman who didn’t know anything about the event as she claims? If you believe that lie, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Nobody believes that Nene was not told by multiple people about the charity event.  Nene said with her own mouth while she was talking with Cynthia that Marlo had told her about it. Now she is trying to claim that since the evite was sent by Kenya’s team that it doesn’t count as Kenya inviting her. Really? Nobody believes that Nene was in the dark about the event. She just didn’t want to go to an event that Kenya would get the glory for. Plain and simple.

Initially, I wanted to surprise her with my decision to make her the guest of honor, which is why I didn’t personally call her. However, as rumblings went on about her not getting a call from me, I immediately called her and received no response resulting in me texting her. To my dismay, she furiously responded in a nasty, disrespectful manner. Again, all knowledge of the event took place prior to the event. Once NeNe did learn, she made her own choice how to conduct herself.

Oh, so Kenya did make attempts to call her and Nene refused her calls. Interesting.

I commend Cynthia for the class act that she is and her many attempts to protect NeNe’s image by advising her to do the right thing and attend. Alternatively, NeNe could have declined coming altogether, sent someone to accept on her behalf, or come and graciously accept her honor and ask people to be generous and donate, then, speak to me privately later. Yet, she did none of the above. Proving money can’t buy you class.

I find it extremely intriguing that Cynthia was so adamant that Nene had to attend. It’s almost as if Cynthia wanted the whole thing to go down as it did. Cynthia is getting to be a bit less of a by stander and more involved in the drama lately. Good for her. She needs to get into the mix a bit.

You can read Kenya’s entire blog on Bravo, here.

What are your thoughts on Kenya’s blog?

P.S. I really appreciate how support of my blog you guys have been this week. The donations are much appreciated as always. The kind words are even more welcomed as I tend to get very overwhelmed and cranky and really appreciate you guys supporting me despite myself at times. xoxox.


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122 responses to “Kenya Moore Claims Her Charity Ball Intentions Were Pure

  1. JenB

    I agree with you that Kenya planned it knowing NeNe would misbehave and look like a moose ass. I don’t think any other HW has the balls to try to take NeNe down a peg so I loved it.

    I am still confused about why Kenya would pay for the event. I thought Bravo paid for these parties and trips.

    You are welcome for the donation and I hope others will show their appreciation because I don’t know what we would do if there as no TT.
    I enjoy you the most when you are cranky… I laugh my ass off at your comments. Your wit is even sharper when you blast someone.

    • I love this blog

      Nene fell for it. The thing is, when they were on good terms. They made a good matchup . But I think real/deep bitter emotions are flowing between them. I guess its a win win. They all walk away, with a bank check at the end of the day.

      • The Real Deal

        She has definately sold her soul at this point to become the new Queen Bee…hope it is all worth it in the end for her…..

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      Lol @The Real Deal. I’m not sure Kenya ever had a soul. 😉

  2. I love this blog

    This thing is becoming , so bizarre.
    But good entertainment . :)

  3. I love this blog

    LOL at the Gif of Kenya waving.

  4. The Real Deal

    Its a shame that Kenya gets off on the “demise” of others…(i.e. Apollo/Phaedra, Walter, Porsha,etc)…all for the sake of becoming the HBIC……

    • kungfoohustle

      Nene’s done it for 5yrs. That’s how she became the HBIC. I’ve always had the feeling that if those girls were nice to Kenya, she’d be nice to them too.

    • soCalCPA

      Shame on Phaedra, Porsha, Nene, et al for getting off on HER demise. This isn’t just a one-way deal. They have ALL snickered behind her back when they found out about her eviction, boyfriend issues, etc. Kenya has been bashed several times this season — if she finds the least bit of solace in seeing karma rear its little head, so be it.

      • lori

        100% Agree soCalCPA!

      • Reading Beads

        Thank you soCalCPA. From the beginning, Porsha or Portia or however she misspelled her name, started with the ‘hood rat’ and ‘Miss America” and 40 year old name calling, even after inviting Kenya to her charity, which to the best of my memory involved Portia/Porsha/Poor stupid girl receiving a Chanel bag for her personal use. Kenya has been crucified from day one because Apollo flirted shamelessly with her, Nene has been a down low friend and through it all, Kenya was the smart classy one.

        Puhlease, whoever is defending that pitiful moron Cynthia. She married a thug with no money and proceeded to let him fleece her twice. She’s good with the wigs but no brain matter to keep them stable.

        Kandi has been cool with Kenya, Phaedra has been her usual troll self. And, through it all, Kenya has really given them a run for their money.

        Nene cannot string 4 words together to create a sentence. She has the IQ of 60 watt bulb. Her bully personality caught the attention of casting directors. Once they caught on that was her real personality, brakes on her TV career. She has no class. Kenya does. And, Kenya, to date, is the only non liar in the bunch. She doesn’t do that behind the scenes gossiping, she brings that stuff straight to the person who said it, in front of the others.

        GO KENYA. Take that ‘bri maes’ heifer down. And, in the process, perhaps Phaedra will be off to prison, then we’ll have a real show without all the repulsive Phaedra visuals.

    • JoJo

      I agree with that. It’s been said this is Kenya’s redemption season and it’s obviously Kenya vs. the rest of the cast. But her absolute euphoric delight in others’ demise is off-putting.

      • Anna

        Make that a 40 watt bulb. Kenya is very bright and she and Phaedra are the only cast members who have college degrees. NeNe is hopelessly ignorant and uneducated. God only knows how she got to be a student at Morris Brown College. NeNe is also very, very insecure because she cannot abide anyone challenging her so-called status as queen bee (note the lower case). She is most definitely ghetto fabulous. I doubt she has the intelligence to understand that the white celebs who invite her places are using her for their own ghetto fab street cred.

      • Wow. That last sentence was….ignorant.

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 10:38 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Free Kroy

        @Anna, stop holding “whites” to a high esteem than all the highly educated, supremely intelligent African Americans that have worked extremely hard to be successful in their families, corporations, organizations, and all the industries that we positively impact. They want Nene because she is popular. Just like they invite Tamara Barney, Vicki G, and many other popular TV personalities to their shows and functions. And just for the record, most colleges have entrance requirements, she obviously isn’t that dumb. Even though I have one, a college degree does not signify your intelligent…ie Porsha.

      • Agreed. However I don’t know why people think Nene went to Morris Brown. I’m gonna need receipts on that claim or on her having any higher education A TALL. There are plenty of open door colleges, (Morris Brown is NOT one) but I used to be the person that taught 099 non credit courses at such schools and I can tell you Nene would nave never gotten out of 098 English.

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Kenya had nothing to do with Apollo bank fraud charges, she didn’t tell Phaedra to marry a crook. She didn’t have anything to do with Porsha getting a divorce. Porsha choose to listen to Nene (her big sister) about not being controlled by Kordell. And Walter was there to promote his towing business. Kenya did mess up with that one, ok I’ll give you one. But I still don’t see how Kenya caused his demise. I didn’t know Walter was hurt or injured in some way, because nobody believed the rumors about him.

      • JoJo

        I agree Kenya had nothing to do with the failures of everyone you mentioned. The point I think is her absolute relishing the bad things that have happened to her castmates and/or their husbands. She also has a perverse delight when spilling unfavorable info on everyone when it is not in defense of herself (Natalies ‘marriage’; Todd being an opportunist, etc).
        That’s what I find problematic in her redemption tour. If she was just spilling info in defense of herself, it would be more understandable, imho.

      • I love this blog

        Good points.

      • naa

        Schadenfreude. Leave it to the Germans to have a word for it….

      • Jarlath

        I am all about the Schadenfreude, that’s the only reason I watch/follow these shows

      • ab

        I agree sounds like karma not kenya

    • Kenya may be a true sociopath.

      • Kenya is a much sweeter than I gave her credit for. And she is having a BLAST. She was having one last year when we didn’t like her. And she is having one now. She’s all about the fun…..and the drama…

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        That’s why I’ve always liked kenya. Even when EVERYONE was against her…. no matter how many times she got creamed in a wwhl poll, she always laughs and smiles and doesn’t take any of it so seriously. Like water off a duck’s back. For the most part, she seems to really enjoy life.

      • Okay, Tamara, you know better than I do for sure… I will try to see her in another light… But NeNe is just mean and I won’t change my mind on that! : )

  5. "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

    I just found your blog last week or so and I absolutely LIVE for your articles. I also love that you have a built in family ( albeit a little dysfunctional) atmosphere. Kudos! Will definitely donate soon. At any rate…your girl kenya red Nene for filth. I know this is childish but I am thoroughly enjoying her implosion. She has made it her business to wreck, belittle, intimidate and destroy people all while becoming the ratchet media darling. I’m glad that it’s coming to an end.

    nene was going to be on Tom Joyner down here in atl. She was crowing on her twitter how she basically had Kenya’s number. Because of this weirdness with the charity. Kenya seemed like she woke up over in Nigeria, wiped the crust out her eyes, put the rumour to bed (mostly) then twirled out the door. I understand nene never showed up on Tom Joyner, barely cancelled and it pissed him off. Maybe because she didn’t have Kenya by the tail like she thought.

    Meanwhile the ‘charity’ has been outted as not being legally set up. I swear 1/3 of this cast so going to jail this year. Smh

    • I love this blog

      ” Kenya seemed like she woke up over in Nigeria, wiped the crust out her eyes, put the rumour to bed (mostly) then twirled out the door.” LOL dead!

  6. looloo

    Notice Kenya say if Nene did not attend.. she would look like a monster.

  7. "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

    I think bravo either didn’t want to get involved or pulled out at the last minute. For sure nenes pr people were involved and pulled out the day before based on what the charity wrote.

  8. yepanotha1

    Well, Tam. I believe that Kenya did have ulterior motives and that was to bring awareness to the organization. No one made NeNe look ridiculous but herself. It made Kenya look more like a saint that she is taking up causes to help others and not just focusing on being “gone with the wind fabulous”. I’m starting to like Kenya. However, I do HOPE that NeNe was just “acting” a part and not genuinely being a brat.

    • lori

      “Brat” is putting it nicely. Nene is an arrogant, graceless biotch. She wasn’t acting. She doesn’t even know HOW to act unless she’s playing a version of herself.

  9. Kheppera

    Everyone knew from the get go that it was going to be some mess. Pheadra, Kandi, and Porsha all had plans and couldn’t make it?.. because they knew it was about to be a set up. They already had the pajama party set up mess so Kandi and Pheadra probably figured they couldnt afford more drama so they sat out. Porsha seems like she is trying to protect her she runs at the sight of any drama. That leaves Cynthia who is all up in the mess this season. I think that;s why Nene tries to play this big sister little sister thing with Porsha because there is on one else to film with, Cynthia is getting shadier every episode. There is no one left to film with. Nene is going to be out the door very soon. The signs are all there. Sheree tried to start a fashion line.. gone… Lisa Wu Hartwell tried a fashion line.. gone.. Nene is next.. fashion lines are a curse…lol

  10. loo

    Notice Kenya said if Nene did not attend.. she would look like a monster.

  11. kungfoohustle

    If Nene had just been polite to the girl from the start none of this would have happened. Instead, she’s acted paranoid, erractic and insecure.

  12. Megan

    All Kenya needs to do is bring the rest of her evidence to the reunion and she has this in the bag.

  13. Yamoah Asiedu

    Tamara, I admire your way with words. These two are gems:
    1. I have taken a seat on the Kenya Love Bus of 2014,
    2. believe that Kenya knows Nene well enough to know how to get her goat. And she not only succeeded at that she got her whole farm.

    What do I think about Kenya’s blog?
    On first reading she sounds lucid, intelligent and a woman of integrity, but on closer inspection she is throwing shade at Nene throughout. Kenya had an ulterior motive which was cleverly concealed under the ‘I_want_to_honour_my_friend’s_charity’ facade. She craves attention and never loses an opportunity for self promotion (rather like Nene, in fact.) Kenya has been angling for Nene’s crown since last season’s explosive reunion. Kenya is a formidable ‘opponent’ and it looks like she is ‘winning’. I don’t like her character much, IMO she’s a deluded and self serving egomaniac, but then again, so is Nene.

    • I love this blog

      Everyone self promotes , and love the attention. Why do you think, they all sign up for these Reality Tv shows? Surely not to teach us Science or History.

  14. soCalCPA

    None of us really know 100% for sure if Kenya is truly after the HBIC title. We just assume that she is because she’s managed to dupe Nene (a feat done by a select few). Kenya explicitly stated on her blog that there is enough “light” for all of the ladies — now, take her word for it, or not, but I’ve certainly never seen/heard those words come from ANY of the HW’s. Kenya is an interesting one. A true “wild card”. She’s in a class of her own; I don’t think she needs the HBIC title.

  15. The charity never received the proceeds? What gives?

  16. Shirley

    Twirl and twirl ☺️

  17. JoJo

    I am so glad you mention the possibility of Cynthia’s involvement in what’s now considered taking Nene down a few pegs.
    That dawned on me yesterday when I saw the episode for the first time: Cynthia being the one that told Nene at the shop she is being honored at the event and she must attend; calling her ‘300’ times to make sure or convince her to show up. What a matchup Kenya and Cynthia may end up being – Kenya said recently Cynthia was the only one she really respects (some interview, maybe Bethenny).
    As I believe, Cynthia may be Brutus in the whole affair and Nene may eventually find out, hopefully before season ends, and will sputter something that sounds like ‘et tu’ Cynthia?

  18. No need to thank us TT, you ARE the Supreme after all, and I have such respect for you! <3

  19. Dee

    Kenya said she would “kill” Nene with kindness..well she damn well murdered her. And no one is naive enough to believe that Kenya did that event with the best of intentions. Of course she was setting Nene up. However Nene still had an option of how she would conduct herself. Yet she chose to what she always does. Walk in the room like she smelled a dead rat..hold a leash with Greg tagging tied to it and Put down everyone in the room. The same fans that made her the star she was. Because clearly her star has’s damn near out now.

  20. Witchy

    Tamara, is it true that the charity is not recognized by the IRS? Can you get the tea please? Im at work dying with just an iPhone.

  21. MTQ

    Kenya is full of sh*t!
    – If you are having an event for someone you must have a conversation with them for many reasons: presenting & confirming available dates for the event; theme; roles & expectations (ie. making a speech); and any other event planning needs. Not doing this pretty much cancel out Kenya’s claim that, “NeNe opened her evite and should have known”. It also invalidates just about everything stated on her blog.
    Each of you know that when you are upset with someone the last thing you want to do is party with them. Yet another reason why if Kenya’s intentions were “pure” she would have attempted to talk to and clear up this mess before committing to a party that involved NeNe. NeNe’s mistake was going to that event.
    NOTE: Many of you believe using evite was appropriate for this event…I guess that if it’s appropriate to send wedding invitations via evite this too is acceptable. I believe it’s tacky.

    – Show Me The Money! This has yet to be address, fully. I saw the two checks. One for $500.00 and another for $1000.00. Is the $500 check received for the toy drive? The 1000.00 check was made to a production company with “filming RHOA”, what is this about? Why would Kenya present this check as proof?
    – The “Official Statement” on the SOD web site is still there. That mean they stand by their statement.

    – Nene does not need help with her demise she has been working on this since last season and so far she has done an amazing job. I was irritated by her inflated ego, arrogance, and treatment of the other housewives last season.
    Remember the trip to Vegas, she put them on the bus and she flew 1st class. It was so dirty and nasty…so condescending. That is when I had it with NeNe, at that moment I saw what a little bit of fame had done to her and the false illusions that were created. So sad..

    Does it really matter who team you’re on? For all of NeNe antics Kenya is not any better, she has lied, stretched the truth, over dramatized and manage to alienate every single housewife. For me, none of these women could ever represent me…ever!

    What is so sad, some people will translate theirs and the other housewives behavior as how women of color behave.

    • MTQ – I think bad behavior on the HW’s franchise is an equal opportunity regardless of race (e.g. BH NJ, and NY).

    • Oh I don’t think so. I have read enough commenters on here that are far from stupid. Race has nothing to do with how any of these housewives behave. Just look at NJ and the OC. I think those two franchises are far worse than Atlanta. ( In terms of bad behaviour.) Atlanta has the most likeable women IMO than all the other cities. And race has nothing to do with it.

    • SilkyMay

      IMHO, Nene has been playing dirty out the gate.. Kenya is simply fighting fire with fire.. That is the only way Kenya can beat Nene at her own game.. Kenya knows this.. With that said, I agree with TT, I believe Kenya used the masquerade ball to make a point.. You CANNOT claim to be an advocate for domestic violence awareness, then turn around and say “YOU SHOULDA GOT YOUR ASS BEAT” in the same breath.. Kenya used the whole pillow talk debacle to spread domestic violence awareness to Nene, SOD, and viewers of RHOA while exposing Nene for the hypocrite she was/is in the process.. Basicly saying to Nene PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH… BLOOP! Kenya may be a lot of things, but she is not is STUPID.. She knew that Nene would let her true colors shine… Please believe Kenya working the hell out of that psycology degree.. IJS..

      SN:Loving your blog, TT!!!

      • Thanks. The thing is SOD is not a domestic violence focused charity. Or a charity at all. If you take a look at their FB page they have more posts about reality TV than anything else. “The poor children” are all but non existent on their page except for a Christmas Bratz Doll drive. They plug Cynthia and Peter’s book, encourage everyone to watch all the reality shows with all black casts, wish quasi celebrities happy birthday day, etc. It’s very, very difficult to discern what they actually contribute to any needy children.

        I agree that any charity, domestic violence based or not should be considered about anyone acting as a spokesperson in any capacity (and there is no indication Nene has done that either on their site) who suggests that women deserve to get their ass beat by a man.

  22. Kina

    Did she address not giving the charity money?

  23. myinfo

    Kandi and Phaedra do not like Nene.
    Cynthnia is having a twitter war with Nene.
    Marlo is having a war with Nene on her own blog.
    Kenya is going for her big time.
    She made Porsha cry many times.
    Peter is pissed with Nene too.
    Nene is making the wrong moves and is a fool!

    • lori

      Cynthia and Nene are having a twitter war? Damn! I wish I knew how to use Twitter. I swear I can barely (if at all) figure out how to follow a conversation on there. Can someone please give some details of the Cynthia/Nene Twitter war?

      • ViVaLaDiVa

        I went and looked and could find nothing at all between her and Cynthia. But I did see a new hashtag that I will be stealing – and it fits both Nene and Kenya. #GoneWithTheWindSCANDALOUS!!!

      • Yeah, I don’t know who thinks Cynthia and nene are feuding on twitter but they are not. Cynthia never goes there.

        On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 9:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  24. DeeDee

    We love you TT and the time you put into blogs – no thanks necessary for moi. You dish the best tea and a hoot to boot!

  25. JoJo

    It’s obvious that the majority believe this whole fiasco has Kenya coming out again smelling like a rose. I believe it was a perfectly executed and planned coup. Reading Kenya’s blog though, I don’t really buy any of it. Kenya said she was going to kill Nene with kindness in the episode but to me it was clearly a strategic military mission where she held an extreme advantage: a charity, Nene’s penchant for acting out, and putting Nene between a rock and hard place if she stayed home or showed up.
    I honestly don’t believe in any way this started as an olive branch, an attempt to make Nene happy, or to rekindle their ‘friendship at the time.’ They obviously just went through pillow game brawl and spa screaming blame. I think Kenya was livid about everyone blaming her.
    I wonder what everyone’s opinion would be if Kenya actually said in the blog she was unfairly blamed for the fight night, she’s tired of Nene lording it over everyone, and she deserved an ample serving of her own medicine and she planned this charity event to successfully deliver it – instead of going to great lengths explaining it was an innocent attempt to make up with Nene?

    • naa

      I think most of us agree with you. They are both execrable, which is what makes for good teevee.

      In this particular case, though, Nene got served.

      • Ooohhh – word of the day – execrable – deserving to be detestable, very bad, wretched. Love it!!!!

      • JoJo

        LOL. As tootsie says, love the word execrable – but I swore it had something to do with shit as in excrement – it doesn’t but should :)
        And you hit nail on the head, this one-on-one between Kenya & Nene is delicious. I don’t think it would be that noteworthy if it was either one of these 2 against any one of the others (like Kenya vs. Phaedra – ho hum)

  26. papa smurf

    She never mentioned anything about the charity not receiving any money from the auction…hmmmm.

  27. naa

    oh for fucksake. The latest statement has once again disappeared from the Saving Our Daughters site.

    • Jarlath

      Yeah, the statement seems to have been deleted. All I get when I go to the URL is “The page or file you tried to access was not found.”

  28. Hey Tamara Nene say’s she’s gonna be spilling tea and making an announcement on the view friday, any idea as to what?

  29. Kitty Mamma

    I’m still reserving judgment on Kenya. Regardless, NeNe should have been remotely classy. NeNe blamed the whole Pillowgate fiasco on Kenya. Here was a chance for Kenya to redeem herself at the charity event. (Btw: Is the charity reporting their net or gross receipts from the event?) And exactly what would make NeNe forgive Kenya?And why is NeNe mad at the world?

    • The charity allegedly lost it’s IRS recognition because they did not file the proper forms stating their income and costs and overhead etc… for three years in a row….

      On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 10:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kitty Mamma

        TT: I think this is one of those high overhead charities that’s more social than philanthropic. I’m not familiar with charities that actually post any person’s picture. I’ve never “stepped or repeated” to anyone I’ve ever donated to.

      • Anna

        Not a reputable charity, wouldn’t you think?

      • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

        I saw some comment that said that they their irs recognition due to lack of maintainance because of one of their head people brain cancer and death. If that is true ( that would be 3 years of truth). I can forgive them for that. They have removed the letter against Kenya from the site.

        I’m really waiting for Kenya to produce more donations than what she has. It was obvious to me that the crowd gathered was not going to produce that much, but $1500 is paltry. Esp if she really did spend $10k on the event.

        I’m satisfied in that I now don’t in anyway believe that she kept the money , but she will still look bad if all she donated was $500 or $1000 but claimed ‘thousands” she already looks like a liar.

      • Kenya is in the clear. I have a blog forthcoming. I just need a moment. :)

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 3:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. doogal

    It’s so funny that some have forgotten that this entire problem with Kenya started with Nene setting Kenya up at the Pajama party where she asked those explosive questions and then blamed Kenya for standing up when a grown man walked over to her in an angry manner. Bravo released a statement that Nene tried to set Kenya up for failure when one of the men said that Kenya was the new star of RHOA and that was the beginning of the prison fight resulted in a innocent man being brutalized by Apollo. Whatever Kenya did or did not do it paled in comparison to me to Nene’s words at the event in which she said that no one at the event was on her level, no one, and stormed out. No this time it seems our star has hung herself but with humility now and owning what she has done to Kenya and others I think she will find herself on top again. If not I have a feeling her coins will dwindle quickly.

    • Bravo did not put out a statement. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I agree with the rest of what you wrote.

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

      I really don’t think she had that many coins in the first place. Nene strikes me as the kind of woman who wears EVERY SINGLE dollar she has on her back to impress or intimidate people while her bank accounts have tumbleweeds running thru them.

  31. JoJo

    TT spills so much tea so fast in so many blog posts, I get lost sometimes trying to find things. Speaking of “hashtags” – I swear some commenter or TT herself, in a conversation about ‘geeked up’ & speculation what might have caused Nene’s spirited demeanor that night, someone said Kenya might have said something that might be dangerously libelous. That Kenya on her Twitter blew it about remaining on top of the fray with Nene.
    Kenya retweeted a favorable comment regarding Fight Night, and answered with the hashtag “thatswhathappenswhenyourondrugs” referring to Nene that night. I did see it after it was mentioned, was their a blog post about it anyone remember?

  32. I’ve been tweeting SOD all day, asking them what their IRS status is, but so far, radio silence. Wouldn’t you think they’d jump at the chance to set the record straight?

    The Case if the Disappearing Statement is funny. I smell a lot of madly scrambling rats.

  33. Alexa

    Last night I tweeted WWHL asking if Kenya really donated the money to SOD and 2, seemingly fake, accts wrote back. They tweeted that “SOD had lost their Charity status with the IRS. I think it was Kenya herself using fake accounts, they seemed like accounts you could purchase based off previous tweets! LOL!! I still like Kenya though #teamprettygirls

    I agree with Tamara in thinking that the charity tweeted saying they didn’t receive any money from her to try to cover themselves from receiving donations after IRS status was revoked. I also think Angel Love and PR pulled out last minute due to it being a “defunct” charity. Kenya probably still agreed to have event and use them as beneficiaries just to bait Nene to the event. And boy did NeNe fall for it! My bf watches with me and even he said he didn’t like her anymore!

  34. While I agree that Kenya played Nene like a fiddle, I do not believe Kenya came out of this smelling like a rose. She muddied her name a bit, too with all this speculation about the charity, her donation, etc.

  35. myinfo

    If you go to Cynthia’s twitter below her birthday wishes she has 3 twits regarding Nene calling out Peter.

    • myinfo

      Here some of Cynthia twits
      Cynthia Bailey twit
      Bitch Assness? That not what friends do. Respect works both ways. I would never call Gregg out of this name.

      I regret I called her 50,000 time to @KenyaMoore event. I thought It was the right thing to do.

      • myinfo

        I just checked Cynthia’s page and the tweets are still up there. There are about 5 in a row.
        Look for post on Feb 16th

      • Thanks. I looked but somehow must have overlooked them last night. My current laptop SUCKS so I can’t scroll back very far or the damn thing starts screaming about memory overload. :(

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 10:42 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  36. naa

    So, I went and had a look at the SOD Facebook page. Someone asks them straight up if it’s true that their 501 (c) 3 has really been revoked. Here is their non-response:

    “Saving Our Daughters: Hi Terri-Yes we are a non-profit and restructuring our 501 c-3 after the passing of the Founders Daughter due to brain cancer. Thank you Terri for caring for us.
    15 hours ago · Like

    Saving Our Daughters Thank you again Terri!
    15 hours ago · Like”

    Sadly, the founder’s daughter passed in 2011. The non-profit status was revoked last year.

    This charity just keeps getting odder and odder.

    • tobaccorhoda

      Yeah, after several tweets, I realized I had their name wrong, so tweeted again. Nada.

      I think it’s fairly clear now that this charity is a complete fraud. Even if they had current standing with IRS, the percentage of donations that reaches recipients is outrageous.

      I hope their asses get prosecuted. Talk about brass balls, putting out that stupid statement. I guess they’ve gotten away with this scam for so long, they forgot they are crooks.

      • Hey now. You are totally discounting those Bratz dolls. I mean nothing says “teaching your girls dignity and self respect” like a Bratz doll.

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 10:43 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Parading out the dead daughter is murky water. The young girl died tragically of a brain tumor. However, I have seen nothing regarding that sort of illness or charity work in their past. They mention that their daughter supported their charity in her short life. At the time of her death the charity name was something similar to “Being Smart is Cool” (that is not the exact name, I did not note the name when I read about it the other day. ) It seems that they renamed the charity in honor of their daughter, which is a lovely gesture. However, her illness had nothing to do with the initial charity which was basically a series of books written by Curtis Benjamin about raising daughters….or something.

      Bringing up that poor little girl seems very disingenuous on their part at this time.

      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 8:46 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  37. I love this blog

    What in The world ? The “press release statement ” SOD wrote on Kenya, is no longer on their website. This is getting crazier by the day.

  38. TheHousewives

    You know there are reports that Kenya wants to leave housewives I hope she does. Unlike Nene I knew who Kenya was before this show and now Nene is going around trying to slander her name because she’s jealous. If Nene wants to be the queen bee on rhoa let her have that title and be that then. Nene claims your above these women yet your on this show trying to one up each woman. I know Kenya is not an angel but let’s this be your last season and let nene have the only show she has left back.

  39. SoCalCPA

    I’m enjoying the dialogue in the comments. The charity has the burden of proof after accusing Kenya of not producing payment. However, now that their statement is gone from the website, I feel as though they might want to retract that accusation. What truly, wholesome, LEGITIMATE organization would make an accusation and then remove it from their website? Something is amiss.

    The reunion will be a memorable one, that’s for sure. All of this tit-for-tat reporting is making my head spin!

    • I love this blog

      LOL! Real life drama. No wonder they make high ratings. “Days of our lives”. Have nothing on these housewives. LOL. I don’t think Kenya , is going anywhere. If anything, she is gunning for $1million to return.

  40. Rhubarb

    Hi T, have you been seeing copies if the checks and texts between Kenya and Benjamin Curtis?

    Kenya definitely had ulterior motives, but she was smart and calculated in her approach. Unless this is fake textgate 2.0, I think Kenya gets the W this time! Thanks for all your hard work Tamara!

  41. kym

    NeNe wanted Kenya to crawl to her and apologize about that fight FIRST, before trying to get her involved with this corny charity ball. Kenya’s parties look so boring…yes Kenya is messy, NeNe is messy – BUT it makes for some good Sunday night television now that football season is over – LOL!

  42. Holly Burnett

    I have a theory been thinking about since the charity! Everything about it seemed odd. I think Kenya found out about this messy charity and wanted to put light on it and came up with the masquerade ball quickly therefore not giving nene a chance to save her skin. This charity could be a hoax and nene knew this part of a fraud or scam maybe? I’m reading Kenya tweets after defending herself for the donation she puts a quote up. “Any man can see the tactics I use to be successful, but none will know my strategies” -sun zhu. Now she’s retweeting all the tax issues and shady charity. I think in my opinion this was an amazing ploy to bring down HBIC. Great play in a game of chess. The only HW to show up was Cynthia, the only HW who can possibly know everything on Nene. Just my thoughts! Love your blogs.

    • lori

      I had been thinking about that scenario too.

    • JoJo

      Makes very good sense to me. What about the statement from the April gal (the publicist) that said they pulled out of the relationship for a fundraising event that involved Nene and then last minute Kenya contacted them and wanted to go through with it? I wonder if that’s true and also how would Kenya know?

    • Katrina

      Nene was not involved in picking the charity. There are a lot of people backing this charity. The charity status appears to be recently revoked, but that does not mean it was never in good standing.

      • The IRS status is one thing. But the fact that less than 10% of the money donated goes to programs (which I’m not clear on — what exactly do they do besides the bratz dolls?) is fucked up. I understand charities have overhead. But they done seem to be a well oiled machine. They certainly do not spend money in PR. From the looks of their website, it was designed by a Bratz doll with a learning disorder.

  43. Ryan

    Nene is old news. Save our Children is a scam (allegedly). Love her or hate her Kenya is the rising star on RHOA. Porscha who? Phaedra driving in her 1995 Ford Escort to the Federal prison to visit Apollo stopping to pick up some groceries, swiping that EBT on the way home? Cynthia filing bankruptcy since Peter has bleed her dry? Kandi wishing she would have pushed Todd to sign that pre-nup when she has to split her fortune in 2 years? The future lives of the RHOA?
    Anyway Great blog :-)

  44. Free Kroy

    Question for all you Kenya lovers: Why would you spend $10,000 to benefit a charity, or as Kenya say’s, girls in need, and then turn around and send the a $500 check? If your intentions were pure, why not just write a check to them for $5000 and then you would have $5500 for shoes pursed, chemical pills, lipo, ect. Kenya is a fame whore, has no story line and needs to do things like this for camera time. Otherwise we will just go to her boarding fertility appointments.

    • What’s nene’s story line these days?
      Yeah, it’s riveting.

    • Megan

      The party was for the show. Kenya probably got reimbursed for the 10,000. Apparently, Kenya is working on getting more evidence that all the donors directly donated to the charity. Kenya herself just kicked in $500 that was her own choice. People are sniffing at that donation but I think giving anything is commendable it’s just a shame that the charity ended up being a scam.

    • Bravo pays for all of the events. And by “pays” I mean they trade out air time for services. But under contract the women MUST not divulge that they are not really paying for any of these over the top nonsense with ballerinas and water dancers. It’s built into the confidentially contract. Along with the fact that they can make them look like total fools, by the way which is also spelled out in the contracts they all sign.

      No one thinks Nene or Kenya are particularly wealthy in the same sense as Kandi or Vanderpump. So the out of pocket expenses are paid by Bravo up until their budget and then after that they are free to embellish as they wish. I have the feeling that Kenya knew there was an issue as soon as she dealt with “April Love.” And whatever she donated was to a charity with a LOT of issues. IJS.

      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 4:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Cammie

      Bravo gives each cast member $$ for an event every season, right? Like Phaedra’s “I birthed a President” party which was paid for by Bravo. So I’m guessing that Bravo paid for this party as Kenya’s one event, which would explain why she wouldn’t just cut them a check. Besides, cutting a check doesn’t scream “NeNe’s fraudulent charity,” quite the way this whole scene has played out to.

  45. Cammie

    Ugh, I was dealing with logging in and out of WP and TT beat me to it. Ah well, great minds think alike.

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