Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap

Shahs REunionOMG today  has been A DAMN DAY!  I was just finally having fun with my commenters and now I have to recap. I mean I love Shahs of Sunset but damn there is so much fun drama on my blog. Anyway. I am here and a bit tipsy so this blog should be good but error filled. So the typo police are welcome to go fuck themselves now.

I am so not happy that this reunion is going to be a blood bath. The season has such a happy ending. I am VERY impressed with my Andrew for using a bit of Farsi. He still tickles my heart no matter how shady he gets, which is why I was so upset with a commenter today for mean tweeting him and attaching my name. Please know that much like TMZ says about loving Hollywood but having a weird way of showing it that is how I feel about the Bravolebrities and I NEVER want any of my blogs sent to them directly.

Everyone looks amazing tonight. Asa and GG are particularly stunning. Andy has put on quite the Persian feast for everyone. I love it!  OOOOH a yellow diamond headpiece on Asa. Andy starts with happiness, Reza is engaged !  I thought it was the most pathetic engagement ever, but let me try to be nice about this.

Shahs of Sunset Season 3Andy asks who is the best in bed. That one Barbie girl says GG because she has had a lot of practice. Why to start the shade, Lilly. Nobody likes you so why not put your worst foot forward. Reza says  MJ because he has seen the sex tapes. Hey Vivid, MJ clearly wants a contract!

I love that they are actually eating. Andy asked about the Buttery Chocolate Croissant incident. #softball.

I love how Andy is talking as though Lilly is a normal person. MJ is pulling faces. GG mentions making out at Lilly’s party. Reza is still stabbing Lilly for not inviting MJ. No one cares about Lilly anymore. I know I don’t. Asa even tells Lilly that she was wrong.

Andy is doing a great job at this reunion as he sort of does with the housewives. Why did the Vanderpump Rules reunion suck so hard?

Everyone is going in on Lilly. Whatever. She won’t be back.  Call a WHAMMMMBULANCE for Lilly. Let’s move on. Reza says everything was about being on the show. I love how they broke the fourth wall for this. They all say Lilly was there to be on TV. I love Asa for saying, “You just wanted to be on Shahs of Sunset.”

Andy asks about Reza’s despicable behavior at the last reunion. How can MJ be friends with him now? Because she is a broken individual. MJ says she thought it was Reza dealing with his own demons. No honey he was an ASSHOLE. He brought up your criminal charges on TV that really on further investigation were not your fault. He’s a VERY shitty friend that most people would drop and now you are BFFs again? HAVE SOME SELF ESTEEM MJ! (Muchlike the Kenya post about D’Banj  the Mercedeh arrest record which I published here, is also missing. Those were all published on Blogger… )

MJ Shahs of Sunset

MJ and her WRONG,WRONG OMG SO FUCKING WRONG, decision to tell GG’s boyfriend she kissed another guy comes up. And somehow, MJ tries to defend herself. There is no defense for that MJ. You were fifty shades of wrong. GG has made a ton of positive changes. MJ is being a bitch. Everyone sees GG’s changes. MJ sabotaged GG’s relationship with Leila. GG and MJ are screaming at each other. MJ is wrong. I agree,  Leila should have supported her sister.

Andy brings Leila out. This is ridiculous. I agree with GG leaving. She wants a drink. I would too. This is horrible of Leila to do to GG on TV. GG calls her a fame whore. Andy is being a cunt. I am not even going to recap this. GG is right and her sister is a cunt satchel and MJ is the worst excuse for a friend ever. MJ called GG’s mother for fucksake.  GG says she does not want her sister stealing her thunder.  Her sister keeps trying EVERYTHING TO BE ON THE SHOW. Shut up Andy. You brought the sister on the show. You TOTALLY don’t get it Andrew. JUST SHUT UP. You are being an asshole for even bring Leila on the goddamn show. WHY IS SHE HERE? SHUT UP ANDY! JUST SHUT UP!  By even having her on the reunion you admit she is trying to steal GG’s shine!  GG is the cast member and her sister is vying for air time. WE ALL SEE THAT.

Next up is the Reza and Mike feud. As much as I wish I could be on Mike’s side? Reza is 100% right. Mike wants Reza’s commission when he should be giving REZA a percentage of HIS commission which does not exist. Stop being a whiny asshole Mike and go make some money.  Reza has clients. Mike does not. End of story. Mike is an IDIOT for bringing out all of Reza’s personal shit. I don’t even like Reza anymore. But Mike make Reza look like a fucking KING.

Reza was was never in the office? HAVE YOU BEEN A REAL ESTATE AGENT? You do not just sit in the office and wait for clients to roll in. I was a real estate agent in a past life. It does not work that way. And Reza does not owe you the clients it took him years to build. YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO GET YOUR OWN!  You can’t just sit your ass in the office and hope that since “you are Persian” a  culture you actively rejected on the show, btw, comes to you.  Yes Mike, you are making this up. Sure Reza is a backstabber, but in THIS CASE? you are wrong.  So very wrong.


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43 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap

  1. Daph1

    Id say this is a damn good recap!!

    • Shaheewsh

      These clowns can do anything on their own time, eat be fat ooze(MJ) cellulite (ASA) , inject steroids (Mike), wear fake hair plugs( Reza)& bulimic brabie (Lily) but they insist their heritage is Iranian but do not put a disclaimer that they do not represent us. They constantly talk as though they represent my people their crude, disgusting, sloppy binge drinking, back stabbing to be media whore!

      • The cast has said several times they are not holding themselves out as examples of Iranians. Hell they don’t even refer to themselves as Iranian. Most of us watching realize that only one of them ever actually lived in Iran and that they consider themselves Americans of Iranian descent. So we certainly don’t judge and entire nationality based on their appearance on a reality show. Just like we don’t judge all Iranians on your venomous hate filled comments here. I’m sure there are many lovely Iranians who would be appalled to have you speaking on their behalf.

  2. thedisher

    Totally agree with you on the GG/Leila issue. I was so sad for GG that her sister clearly is trying to hurt her & MJ likes to do the same thing. Really shitty of Andy to ambush GG with her own sister. I can see bringing in ex-friends and in-laws…but someone’s own damn sister. Shame on Andy & Leila. Below the belt. Life goes on after this stupid show. Hate to see Leila sell out her own family for 15 mins of fame.

    • Felina

      ITA with you. MJ has no sisters and an Ice Queen for a mother, probably no positive female relationships in her life to draw from. But for Leila to treat her own sister like this is just stone cold heartless.

    • Favo

      Isn’t this what was done with HWONJ when they brought in Theresa’s family. This is what BRAVO likes to do…destroy family relationships. It makes good TV for BRAVO.

  3. Scatty

    Great blog! I can’t believe someone actually agrees with me about Andy bringing out Leila, and that GG was justified in being mightily miffed. Andy was sooo annoying me when he couldn’t get why she’d be upset. Can’t believe the 180 I’ve done on GG. From thinking she was the worst on the planet, I think she is the only real one on the show, with all her emotions genuine and close to the surface.

  4. Witchy

    “Andy asks who is the best in bed”

    How old are you Andy?

    • Willow

      I heard him say that, but it was wierd, I couldn’t tell who he was asking, why he was asking, or what the purpose was of him asking? It was so random, anybody know who he was asking?

  5. Great blog TT is Leila going to be the next mellisa gorga I hope not

  6. I’ve always liked GG, especially since she has gotten herself together so well this season.
    My heart actually hurts for how badly she is being treated by MJ and her own sister.
    I hope GG holds it together long enough so the backlash from this recap falls in her favor.

  7. Urethra Franklin

    MJ is still the prettiest of the bunch.

    Reza, who I was hoping would get stabbed with a kebab skewer, looks like he lost a few pounds. His head look less voluminous.

    I can tell that Andy had a hard time restricting the booze from this bunch, as he begged them no more drinking. Like he really cares. After trying to lure out “Lochnessa” with booze then he ambushes her with her own sister. Andy is sloppy shady, and I don’t recall seeing alcohol served in such a manner on reunion episodes before.

    The funniest part of the episode was next week’s preview when Andy gives a Ricky Ricardo bug eyed reaction to Lilly saying that gay men in Iran can get sex changes for free from the government. #PRICELESS. Ummm yeah right there is no way I would trust the Iranian government from NOT killing me under those circumstances. And besides not every gay man wants a sex change. But lets save that discussion for next week. #OUTRAGEOUS

    And Lilly, Ms. Thang, how can a chick that is more flamboyant than a drag queen be more boring than a faux ficus tree.

  8. Irish Tara

    M’ Lady, The Divine Ms. TT!
    Thank You, ever so much for the outstanding re-cap.
    Check your gmail..
    BTW: I contributed to your Defense Fund, in appreciation for the phenomenal writing, research, time and effort. Mainly, keeping all of us factually informed & entertained!
    I missed this “Reunion” but instead of wasting an hour of my time,
    I opted to catch up here..
    MG is a vile, desperate creature, a carbon copy of her sadistic Mother.
    GG, has recognized her anger issues, takes her meds (often, with an alcohol
    chaser) but I give her credit for seeking Therapy (real therapy, not of the Dr. Jenn variety).At least, she makes amends and apologizes for her actions.
    Personally, I can not take anyone who sports a 1970’s” Porn “dash”,(REZA),
    seriously.. .
    Mike is the ultimate entitled slacker, who can not commit to anything other than getting blasted, strutting about like a peacock and leading the ladies on.
    Diamond water?? What’s her name? The self proclaimed “High Priestess”?
    I’d rather drink brake fluid, than consume anything she has “Blessed”..
    Lily has an adorable dog..
    How do these Shahs support themselves? Lily has a bikini line.GG has her brand. MG & Reza pretend to sell real Estate….
    Andy acted like a Cunt? Oh, say it isn’t true!! LOL!!.

  9. Your blog is what I look forward to anymore..Thanx soooo much.

  10. Hate to admit this, but I listen to Brandi’s podcast (sigh, I know) – I think GG was on her first episode – Brandi asked how Reality TV affects people (as in the celebrity) and GG responded that instead of inflating her ego, it actually humbled her.

    Watching herself on TV made GG realize her flaws and she’s trying to change her behavior and reactions. I respect her for that – and I also can see that she really did try to change, unfortunately those around her try to wring the drama – like MJ and Leila (how sad from her own sister). She also didn’t talk shit about her classmates, she came off as a class act – owning her own shit but not throwing anyone under the bus. She was very calm and spoke well.

  11. brillke

    I was really surprised at how Asa went after Lily. If Asa is over you, you really screwed up.

    • Epiphanie

      I totally agree! Asa is my favourite – I like how she is the peace-maker (and not that it matters, but her body is uh-may-zing). I think she spoke the truth – that she went out of her way to befriend Lilly but felt that Lilly was actually just interested in being on the show. It seemed like she genuinely felt burnt.

  12. Shirley

    Mabe I’m different but I don’t understand why gg would be mad that her sister wants to be on the show, I mean that’s your sister, why not let her shine?

    • Because she has partnered up with her arch enemy who calls her mother and calls her a slut and rats out her secrets to the guys she dates and treats her like shit? Perhaps that is why.

      On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Shirley

        I agree with that. GG should say that’s the reason, because in the reunion she said she wants to do her own thing and not have her family involved. So I’m thinking but that’s your sister, sharing is caring.

    • Skeeter

      WOW really? *smdh*

  13. joizy

    I actually liked Lily. I thought it was odd that Asa pretty much implied that Lily would have to act to create a storyline to be on the show. Makes me wonder how “real” any of it really was. MJ was acting like her mother. Very sad. The apple is becoming the tree. Reza is a shit friend, and really an asshole who dresses like a neon sign saying “I’m gay, I’m gay” and he had the nerve to be “ashamed” of the way the other gay Persian guy acted? Puhleeeeze! Asa was such a bore with her “art”. I fast forwarded through all of the scenes with just her. And that Diamond Water? Really? I can put a diamond in my own fucking water, thank you. There were some good moments on Shahs, but mostly it was a bunch of rich, spoiled Bravolebrities acting badly, pretty much par for the course for all Bravo shows. I am getting to the point where I think I can downgrade my cable.

  14. KB

    I didn’t think Lilly was so bad either. I think they each had a part to play and hers was the “Rich Persian Barbie” with no real substance. I think that’s probably why Bravo hired her in the first place. If she ever was going to try and fit in or let her guard down, I don’t see how she was given a real chance, especially with MJ hatin on her right off the bat. Even GG tried to take up for her at the reunion about it, and someone cut her off. And she tried to be the bigger person to MJ by at least inviting her to her dinner, but MJ didn’t respond until she was talked into it by reza. At the last minute. Why is it that MJ can get to the point of irritation with her but she’s not allowed to have feelings about how she’s being treated? Anyway, if I were being treated the way she was being treated I wouldn’t want to come around either. That’s just my humble opinion.

  15. Don’t ask me why but I felt so bad for Lily with everyone ganging up on her…..this group is obviously impenetrable and a newbee don’t have a chance in hell unless they’re severely flawed, as in GG’s sister. I think the biggest mistake Lily made was being wealthier than all of them and being both beautiful and talented…..Clearly she wants to be on the show, but this group is too busy struggling to make a dime to give her the extra attention that clearly she needs.

  16. Patricia P

    While Lilly had her own character flaws, I think there was a bit of the pot calling the kettle black last night. I did not miss the glee/joy/smirk on MJ’s face when everyone was going after Lilly….

    What MJ said to her at the infamous dinner was mean and cruel, had that happened to me, I would have left and felt really bad as well. Lilly was wrong to exclude MJ from the party….but that does not give MJ license to be a cruel c*%t to Lilly. The others are just as bad, not one person said anything, that to me would have been indicative to their agreement with MJ’s assessment.

    That non sense out of Asa’ mouth about Lily playing the victim, was just that, nonsense. Lilly was NOT playing anything, on that night, she was a victim of MJ’s cruelty just like GG was when MJ called her mother.

    Reza knew whol Lilly was when he recruited her, now that she is not kissing his ass, he cannot deal. I am sure this is her last hoo rah, but I enjoyed seeing her segments, she has a fabulous closet!

    • Harleigh

      MJ showed the same glee at everyone ganging up on Lily as Lily did at the last reunion when everyone was bashing MJ. She was horrible to MJ last time, constantly interrupting her, and calling her a liar and uneducated among other things. Lily is getting what she deserves. As far as the infamous dinner goes, Lily walked in and immediately challenged MJ. MJ did not start the fight she just finished it. You seem to be forgetting all the nasty cruel things she said to MJ first. Lily can dish it out but she definately can’t take it.

      • Patricia P

        OIC….so it’s cool to continue the vitriol? From the min. Lilly walked onto the set, MJ was pretty jealous (?) felt threatened?…. and never, ever had a nice thing to say about/to Lilly. But it really isn’t productive to keep tallying up the “one ups” so to speak, between these two. MJ has been horrible and out of line with a multitude of cast members from season one forward….for instance calling someone’s parent’s is just so wrong on so many levels…..

        As I said before, I am not giving Lilly a pass, but I also DO NOT think she was treated right either at that dinner. I don’t agree that MJ did not start that fight, I think both ladies were responsible.

        Clearly, Lilly overplayed her hand, but she is in no way 100% responsible. Someone on here said he lifestyle in incompatible with the others, I happen to agree with that. I like that she does not need to get sh%tfaced in order to have a good time. After this reunion passes and she is off the show, she will be fine……

  17. eastjames

    Everyone looked STUNNING! I absolutely adore Asa. It was so ridiculous when Lilly said she wanted true genuine friendships with every person at the table. FAKE! Goodbye Lilly!

  18. lori

    I loved when Asa said that Lilly just wanted to be on shahs too. Keeping it real. (Speaking of which… Love the way TRW has been breaking the fourth wall this season too.) I think that Reality TV is going to be forced to start doing a bit more of this. I hope.

  19. kym

    Wasn’t MJ helping GG’s sister rent out her house? Once MJ and GG don’t get along, I guess she should have dropped MJ and delay the process she is going through…but GG’s sister doesn’t really like her either. She was giving GG some of her own medicine. She loved watching GG suffer when MJ was over. MJ is turning into her mother, but she doesn’t see it.

    • GG never expected her sister to drop MJ as her agent. In fact she recommended MJ to her! What she did not expect was for GG to begin socializing with her, to GG’s exclusion and then taking MJ’s side when she as a 40 some odd year old woman decided to call GG’s mama and call her child everything but a child of God. One would think once MJ dragged their mama into it that Leila would have had the sense to support her family over her ability to film scenes on a show that is primarily her SISTERS bailiwick which GG is paid to appear on and Leila is not.

      I don’t get how this is even debatable.

      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 12:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  20. sandra

    I agree with eastjames….Goodbye Fake Lilly!


    Lilly who?? Hope this is the last season we see of her. I disagree TT I would like to see GG’s sister on the show. She’ s going thru a lot of shit right now and it would be more interesting than watching a weekly “Lochessa” incident over some assumed slight. Mike said he is still not engaged. Don’t think we will be seeing Jessica next season.

  22. gapeach

    Although I didn’t care for Lilly, I felt bad for her this season and most certainly felt bad for her at the reunion. I felt Asa was showing her true colors in the way she spoke to Lilly. As far as I can tell, Asa is an extremely spoiled individual and is on her own little ego trip. I remember the sequence when her mother was talking about being tired of working to support the family. Both Asa and her brother should be supporting themselves. And as a Middle Eastern woman, I can tell you, the fact her mother was complaining tells me that Asa is not truly representing the culture. Furthermore, the NECKLACE she insisted on wearing over her face in some of her talking heads made me realize she is a farce. No self respecting Middle Eastern woman would attempt to wear a necklace as a veil. She is full of herself which in my not so humble opinion makes her just as bad as Lilly ever was. “Persian Pop Princess” my ass! (Yeah – I’m a bitch!!)

    • Actually, Asa has supported herself as well as providing support to her family for quite some time. Also, Asa realizes it is a necklace. She expresses her artistic side in unique ways. It wasn’t supposed to be a representation of how the jewelry is worn in Iran. It was more of her claiming it as her own.

  23. JoJo

    I was waiting for the reunion to make any comment on the last of the Shah’s & GG – to see if she really had grown from what we saw during the actual season. Now part “do’ (I think 2 in Farsi) – Gol-nessa may come out, but I absolutely loved GG’s journey this season. I think she looked very classy and beautiful this reunion. I didn’t exactly get why she didn’t want Leila on since I thought they started getting along, and it would make for a real connection on the show, since I thought Leila came around to having her back. Now I see that isn’t the case and she was ambushed by Leila being brought on the reunion, besides the betrayal of a close relation with MJ while on the show. GG didn’t deserve that. Anyway, hope this GG comes back no matter all the hooks she needs (that seems to be a real trigger for calming her down and I love it).
    Although I was absolutely amazed at the lovechild Asa – of all people – and her remarks to Lily, I think the real reason Lily couldn’t connect at all with the group is her being a teetotaler. In group outings that’s the basis of all of their fun (& fights), and Lily just couldn’t have fun – and she definitely was worthless in the fight department. She’s one person that should try one drink or two to lighten up. No matter, I won’t miss her. She didn’t add anything to the show and her voice is seriously difficult on the ears. She’ll be fine, she’s got her own world of friends and family.

  24. Damned awesome recap! I especially agree with the last paragraph. Mike obviously was not working and I as a former real estate agent agree, you don’t make money sitting in an office. Your arse had better be out and about, advertising, marketing, networking, whatever it takes to make those connections that bring you listings and buyers. Mike wanted something for nothing and looks very stupid as an adult for making that choice.

    While I don’t think his girlfriend is hot as she stated on one of the shows, she certainly has a lot going for her and she should leave him in the dust. He doesn’t have the money to live in the way that he would like, put on the huge wedding, parties, etc. Nothing is wrong with that but I mean I can almost see that despite him saying he just wants to “be sure” before getting married and having kids. No Mike, you want to find a way to make fast bucks. Fast bucks take you to prison fast.

  25. bravocueen

    This is off topic. I can’t find a place to message or post to you personally, TT, ever since you called Reza a cunt, I’ve been waiting patiently for you to blog about the biggest thunder cunt of all, Abby Lee Miller. Pleasssse post your recap of this week’s Dance Moms post haste, including any intel you may have on the lawsuit filed by Kelly, . Thanks so much!!

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