Saving Our Daughters Speaks Out About Charity Event

Kenya Moore Charity Ball Season Six Episode 15

Saving Our Daughters, the charity mentioned as the beneficiary for Kenya Moore’s charity event has issued a rather lengthy statement regarding the events surrounding their involvement or lack there of in the Masquerade Ball depicted on last Sunday night’s RHOA.

In their statement they state that they did not receive any of the proceeds from the event. However they did receive a $500 contribution toward their Christmas fund.

I will include the entire statement by Saving Our Daughters after the jump.

To all of our sponsors, contributors and friends – 

On February 16, 2014, Saving Our Daughters was mentioned on the episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta as being honored with a fundraiser on its behalf.

Our charity was contacted by publicist April Love to get approval and give notice of this upcoming event. Much to our delight, we were indeed honored to be chosen. After all, one of our largest financial contributors, Mrs. NeNe Leakes who has been responsible for contributions in the thousands of dollars throughout the years, is a member of the cast.

Days later, to our surprise Ms. Love did contact me and inform me that she had decided to terminate her company’s involvement with this event. At that point, Ms. Moore contacted me to continue moving forward with the event as purposed and planned. This call took place a day before the event was scheduled to take place.

Upon seeing the event unfold on TV, it was noticed that Ms. Kenya Moore stated that she was giving this charitable event in honor of Mrs. Leakes, with Saving Our Daughters as the recipient of the proceeds from the charity event. Honorees at this point were switched without our knowledge, but again, we are appreciative of any and all support for the organization.

Had we been made aware that this fundraising event was in honor of Mrs. Leakes, we certainly would have been present with the plaques and certificates of appreciation that we currently have to present to Mrs. Leakes for her outstanding efforts and support for Saving Our Daughters. This would have been the perfect opportunity for us to honor her, as well. We were not aware of this and it appears that Mrs. Leakes wasn’t aware either.

The light in which Saving Our Daughters was depicted was less than favorable. The organization received several calls from other supporters about our involvement in this event. They were extremely disappointed and felt that the organization was being taken advantage of.

We go on record by stating that we at Saving our Daughters have never and will not ever be involved in any drive where the exact purpose is not clear, stated or held to with only approved changes. We would not ever jeopardize our continuing support from our friends by being a part of what appears to have been tainted from the start.

In closing, Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball.

However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer.


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305 responses to “Saving Our Daughters Speaks Out About Charity Event

  1. Vivaladiva

    WOW. Shame on Kendra.

  2. JentheAUfan

    Now they know kenya had to pay a lot for the feather duster she wore!

  3. myinfo

    10 pts to Nene. I bet she contacted them.
    Did Kenya keep the money?

  4. A double Wow, looks like somebody dipped into money jar.

  5. Glittergurl

    I knew Kenya was a manipulative fraud. Everyone wants to jump down NeNe’s throat but Kenya is just messy and evil. If this letter from the charity doesn’t prove that I don’t know what else will.

  6. khintx

    I am speechless. kh

  7. But…that’s a lie. Unless I missed something, Kenya NEVER said the event was or honor NENE.

    So, the charity has credibility issues.

    • Or the person feeding information to the charity has credibility issues.

    • Brewhaha

      Agreed. I believe Cynthia suggested the event was to honor NeNe. And I think the charity shouldn’t have said anything because now it will get caught in the middle of some mess.

      • Kenya said, regarding the event, “I want the whole of Atlanta to know how good of a friend I am”, after saying the event was in Nene’s honor.

        I said on the recap, why want there any signage representing the charity? For most of the Housewives charity events, there is a “step and repeat”, and signage with the charity’s name to bolster name recognition. But I noticed that the only sign up was for liquor. And there was no interaction between Nene or Kenya with a rep from the charity. That’s how I knew it was a ruse. Kenya prolly promised “proceeds” from the event, which isn’t altruistic to begin with, then kept the little percentage meant for the company. I knew she was setting Nene up, but I don’t know Kenya would cut off her nose to spite her face.

      • There was a step n repeat that night. I saw a photo of Kenya in front of it. I could not make out the logos though nothing familiar.

    • Kate

      I agree with you. teecee something is up with this charity. It doesn’t seem like a typical response from a charity. This seems personal

      • I just looked at their website. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a charity site that did not have an annual report posted. What exactly do they do to save daughters? And why would they have a separate kids Christmas cancer fund?

    • Kate

      I looked at the website too lots of celebrity head shots.

  8. gupto

    this should be illegal

  9. Happy lyfe

    Uh uh uh, from the beginning I could not fall for any of kenyas games, I knew she was doing it to b sneaky, grimey and callus. she did say it was a.success, kenya y didn’t do the honorable thing and give to that charity? I’ve been saying all along shes not a good person. The $500. they did receive probably didn’t come from her, hell one of the guys being auctioned off was more than 500. She wrong for that. And judging by the charity they didnt even have knowledge of it being in honor of nene. kenya does not have a genuine heart. If I did like kenya, after reading this I wouldn’t any more, theres jux some things u dont do. People r compassionate about their charities, and she and bravo made a mockery of it. Now I kinda believe nene, the charity said kenya called them the day before, but she the honoree, gurl gone somewhere. Its terrible kenya to do that to a charity, but I’m not really surprised, every charity.she attends its always something with her. And I know i’ll get bashed for my opinion in 5,4,3,2…lol. But its jux my opinion.

  10. gigi

    love it! you can never win when you play dirty! bloop!

    • Neither can NeNe when she is not even one of their celebrity supporters on their website…

      • She is pictured alongside Drew Carey under corporate sponsors…

      • Jarlath

        Yes, but when you go into the actual page, Nene ain’t there. So for having donated “thousands,” why isn’t Nene on their celebrity sponsors page? She’s more Hollywood than many of the women on that page (hahaha)! I am outraged! Something just doesn’t add up here.

      • Michelle

        Nene quit Celebrity Apprentice which would have donated money to charity. She told everyone at Sheree’s event not to donate any money as well. I highly doubt she donated ANY money to the charity.

  11. ab

    Kenya is so wrong but I doubt Nene donates a lot. I bet Nene wrote a big check today and only today in exchange for this statement. And why didnt Saving Our Daughters contact Kenya after the event. I have dealt with non profits and if u promise a dime they follow up

    • Free Kroy

      This is such good Tea and typical of Kenya. I never hopped on the Kenya wagon because she is so self righteous I can not stand it. She is so matter of fact about her wrongness, it’s a shame. Why would you hold a charity event in honor of Nene. Why would you not contribute to the charity that you support. She definitely used this charity to make amends with Nene and it back fired. Where is the money?

    • Ab, I thought the EXACT same thing! It would not surprise me.

    • I bet Nene wrote the statement. I doubt Nene has paid thousands to ANY charity. She is all about her shoes. This whole statement makes me question the charity, frankly.

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 6:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tleighb

        Or had someone write’s written too well to be penned by her. Very suspicious.

      • so true.

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        Whatever happened with that “charity” of hers .. Twisted Hearts? Big Hats? I can’t remember the name …

      • Also, before going on *The Apprentice* Nene set up a “charity” called Twisted Hearts. Twisted Hearts Foundation was not a charity but a non-profit LLC, a failed organization suspected of money laundering. Twisted Hearts was mailed a notice on September 17, 2010 that it was involuntarily or administratively dissolved and the certificate of authority was revoked by the Office of Secretary of State due to failure to file its annual registration. So it’s no wonder she just cut bait and ran when *The Apprentice *became too hard for her, she didn’t have a charity to begin with!

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • neee

        Tamra, I agree. Nene didn’t even act as if it was her #1 Charity. All she said was “SOD is one of many charities that I support” She didn’t give a flying fhuk when Cynthia told her the charity that Kenya was holding the event for. Her expression was giving ‘Okay, And?’.

      • MTQ

        Come on Tamara you know NeNe did not write this. This is a non profit organization and is bound by IRS rules which mean they must account for every penny received.
        This organization was mentioned on a TV program viewed by millions and since monies were not received a public disclaimer is warranted.

      • Can you link me to their non profit statements? Thanks!

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • CityGirl81


      • Pat

        Birds of a feather, i.e. Apollo

      • well from what I am getting this is not a charity at all. Seems the IRS revoked that status early last year. I also hear (read) that IRS is about to audit them. So if I were a shady “charity” I would not admit to receiving (thousands, sure) from Kenya either. So something stinks. Still can’t stand Kenya but can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    • Free Kroy

      I believe the charity. I don’t think they would say she donated thousands if she really didn’t. That would be dumb of them because NP’s books are public record. Also, I’ve heard Nene mention this charity. Sometimes advertisement and exposure is just as good and maybe better then a check. That is what lead me to this site and I actually click the ads sometimes.

  12. naa

    This whole thing seems very shady on the charity’s part. Almost like Nene wrote the letter for them.

  13. Harlyn

    If they switched honorees, who was the original honoree?….
    “Had we been made aware that this fundraising event was in honor of Mrs. Leakes, we certainly would have been present with the plaques and certificates of appreciation that we currently have to present to Mrs. Leakes for her outstanding efforts and support for Saving Our Daughters.”
    TRANSLATION:” Nene Leakes complained about our involvement in this event and we are writing this letter to discredit Kenya Moore at her request.”

  14. PlusOneForLuck

    Now this is the Kenya we all know. That uncomfortable feeling I’ve had ever since I had to take her side has now dissipated. It’s horrible that a charity had to be involved, but all now feels right in the world again… 😉

  15. JenB

    Holy cupcakes! I find it hard to believe that Kenya would be that stupid to not donate the money. I am shocked.

    I do think there was a lot of ass kissing from the charity towards NeNe who supposedly gave thousands to their charity. They mentioned plaques and awards. Hmmm… I have donated thousands of dollars to dog rescue groups EACH YEAR for 12 years and have never received a plaque or award. But I am happy because I know all of the money I donated went to the care of the dogs.

    I hope this is not another “Twisted Hearts” organization.

  16. Who is the Love person? What does she have to say about it?

  17. myinfo

    Mark my word Nene and Kenya are going to take each other down. It will backfire on both of them.
    Now Kenya will reveal something about Nene.
    Or their fans will dig up stuff on both of them.
    Get your popcorn out.

  18. Megan

    I’m so confused. Can we please follow the money. Where did it go?

    • Nick

      Expenses are paid first then the charity receives a portion of the proceeds. Usually these type of events have a corporate sponsor or an organization who is willing to cover cost so the charity receives more money.

      It seems RHOA was not willing so they backed out. Maybe? I don’t know but something in the buttermilk is not right!

      Bottom Line, with or without a sponsor donations help cover the expense for the event in most cases.

      • I am team Kenya but I will point out that she didn’t pay for a damn thing. Bravo did. She was not out of pocket for anything.

      • Nick

        Oh yes, I agree! She paid nothing…lol

      • Bravogirl24/7

        So where is the money-?

      • Free Kroy

        So if Bravo paid for everything, where is the money??????? Kenya has it I’m sure. She has no job. HW is all she has and she definitely treats it like it’s her only meal ticket. She is engulfed in the show, the show is not involved in her personal life, because she has little going on except boarding visits to the fertility clinic. Can’t stand Kenya.

  19. JoJo

    TT: I knew in my gut you were the original fair & balanced blogger!! No matter who you favor or end up hating. No matter what this little bit of info ends up being (true, half-true or manipulated by Nene) – you give good unbiased :)

    • I cosign, this is why I like this blog. The truth is given regardless, unlike some others who names don’t deserve to mentioned. Great job TT!

      • Thanks. I do try to report the important things that are out there and then share my opinions. Like I said I have reached out to Kenya, who is in Nigeria at the moment, and offered to allow her to respond. I think she is all booed up and asleep at this point. :)

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 7:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Interesting that the statement was posted at a time when Kenya in Africa would surely be asleep.

      • Free Kroy

        Boo’d up with who……someone els’s BF. That African guy has a long time GF. I’ll eat my words and stand corrected if Kenya actually has a BF. She is not an honest person…ie Walter. She is a dealer and wheeler. This is a front to stay on the show. She flirted with the guy at the fertility clinic and comedian on WWHL…..she is not in a relationship.

    • Jae

      I am a crossover/convert from another site that had linked one of TT’s articles, and I am so glad they did.

      Call me a convert. I’ve done sipped the TT tea and I’m in for the long haul.

      So thanks, Tamara. I appreciate your hard work. And snark.

  20. naa

    Fascinating. All her many many many contributions and yet she is not among 3 pages of “celebrity sponsors” on the charity’s website. This stinks to high heaven.

    • Yep. Nene was never mentioned on that site until today….

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 7:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Addie

        Girl, Kenya posted receipts. Screenshots of text messages and copies of checks. Nene’s plastic surgeon is on the board of SOD. Also, I read somewhere that SOD’s tax extempt status eas revoked by the IRS. Hmmmm…

  21. neee

    Something isn’t right about this post. On ‘Saving Our Daughters’ twitter account, they were re-tweeting people saying “Yass, SOD on #rhoa” and if this was true why wouldn’t they share this story on their twitter page? Girl, Gone! Why choose now to give this statement? I bet you Nene Moose Leakes is going to milk this story dry at the Reunion. BTW, Nene is this you? Bye Wig! LOL. .

  22. We all know that Kenya did not raise thousands of dollars so there wasn’t thousands of dollars for her to pocket. She may have raised one or two at the most but her lack of stating the exact amount at the end of the night spoke volumes to me :)

    • Michelle

      Exactly. She most likely barely broke even after expenses. I think she exaggerated the amount to make the event look more successful. Who knows IF the people who bid even paid up as well. More posturing for the cameras.

  23. Pantaloons

    Hmmmm something is def wrong in Denmark. I’m keeping mum until Tamara finds what’s what. Tamara ALWAYS finds it. As not to derail…Tamara , I won a scratch off ticket. Look in the pill bottle.

    • The pill bottle has been good to me today! Thank you so much. I sent you an email! You are very kind.

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 7:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pantaloons

        It’s not nearly enough. Let me say again, and I would like to think I speak for the rest of your readers. Your hard work/research does not go unnoticed,Miss Tamara. You are zzzzzbest.
        Now back to the best ever tea I seen overflow in here in a hot minute.
        \_/@….espresso. You are gonna need it.

      • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

        This is just crazy. But it was really interesting that Nene hinted towards that in her blog. No matter what Kenya did, Nene put some work in to get that message out.

  24. kungfoohustle

    Something is not adding up. A publicist (affiliated w/ Rhoa according to her twitter page) contacted the charity then withdrew support. Something seems off-kilter about that statement.

  25. myinfo

    The statement did not mention Nene’s rude behavior.
    Nene’s PR person probably asked for the statement.
    Nene is feeling the heat.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Thats the whole point, why did the charity mention that nene didn’t appear to be aware of the event on the tv show, why would the charity even make that observation in their statement . It sounds personal.

  26. naa

    Oh god. Check out April Love’s twitter feed. I love the heart over the “i” in April. And her website has work she’s done in the past for nene. Hmmmm.

  27. beth

    Seems like the “in honor of NeNe” BS has become a “fact” now, just like “Kenya charged” BS. I too would like to know who this “Ms. Love” person is. Did Kenya say they raised thousands, or did she just say “a lot of money”?

    • Don

      Kenya at the end of the event: “So thank you again, we raised a LOT of money for this amazing cause.”

      Kenya Confessional: “it wasn’t a good night for Nene, but it was a GREAT night for Charity, and really, that’s all that matters”

      So, if it was such a GREAT night for Charity, after raising a LOT of money, why hasn’t the charity recived their share of a “a LOT” of money?

  28. Bernice

    First of all it has never been stated by Kenya or anyone else how much was actually collect at the event. So to imply that monies were stolen or misused is wrong of this group. It is very obvious to be bias in favor of NeNe.
    Also, to be considered is the low turnout and… Fact that Nene the honoree was very offensive to the host, attendees and…The organization represented in this letter!
    They sound ungrateful of the 500 they did receive and to openly compare Kenya ‘ s one time donation to someone’s multiple giving is very shameful on their part. Understandably they are upset at the negative behavior and attention surround an event attached to their name, but…Their anger is very much misdirected because it was not Kenya conduct that shamed them, it was solely and entirely NeNe’s.
    Let’s not lose focus, ultimately the blame lies with NeNe. The rest is all technicalities that do not reflect negatively against this group. Had Nene came and conducted herself properly they more than likely would have received more and ALL else resolved better.

    • It is rather tacky of a charity to list what people did or did not donate without their permission…..

    • Bernice

      Nice try Nene, but eyes are opened wide! YOU and YOU ALONE made this ENTIRE thing a negative issue because YOU couldn’t get over YOURSELF!! And now for this group you are associated with to all but SLANDER one of their donors and fundraisers to remain in YOUR good graces whether you give millions or 1 dollar is SHAMEFUL on BOTH YOUR parts!

    • Don

      Ooops, my above reply was meant for here.

      Kenya at the end of the event: “So thank you again, we raised a LOT of money for this amazing cause.”

      Kenya Confessional: “it wasn’t a good night for Nene, but it was a GREAT night for Charity, and really, that’s all that matters”

      So, if it was such a GREAT night for Charity, after raising a LOT of money, why hasn’t the charity received their share of a “a LOT” of money?

  29. Could it be that “honoring Nene” meant that any money raised would have been donated in Nene’s ? Don’t costs of the charity ‘ball’ come ff the top? The remainder goes to the charity.
    Not taking any sides here. Only read the blog, don’t watch the show. I am posting these questions with an inquiring mind. Something/so,some is wrong, but I don’t know who.

    • Donated in Nene’s….name ^^

      • Bernice

        Yes, you’re right most receive remaining funds after ALL overhead costs have been extracted.

        Venue rental alone ate most of that money up, paying those being auctioned, food, etc.
        That 500 more than likely came from Kenya ‘ s purse just to donate something!

  30. Patricia

    I wondered why no one from the charity was present, well it’s clear why now. Kenya and her damn games. I don’t think she used the charity as an excuse to use Ne’s name and pocket the funds for herself. I think she wanted to make amends and when she saw it wasn’t meant to be, she continued in an attempt to made Ne look foolish. At that point, all bets were off and she just kept the money. However, whatever she made she should have turned over – game or no game. BTW shouldn’t she have been giving an event for HER OWN DAMN CHARITY? HMMMM. Nothing but games with the Housewives women…all games all the time….tacky.

  31. I hate to say this, but watching these women bid on these guys was a joke within itself. I mean seriously….the bid starting off at 500 and you got these desperate poor women maxing out their credit cards for what? Kenya is so desperate to remain on ATL for her financial support, that kissing up to NeNe by any means neccessary was her main objective. It wasn’t for the charity, it wasn’t to raise money, it was to honor her BFF and say forgive me, I need you cause nobody else on the show likes me.

    Lets hope that both NeNe and Ms. Moore dig into their housewives funds and give generously to this charity or all hell is gonna break loose and it ain’t gonna be pretty!!

    • Psst at no point was it Kenya’s motive to kiss up to Nene…bless your heart. It was a total ambush. And a successful one at that! :)

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Glittergurl

        Don’t get ahead of yourself. I got my money on NeNe. NeNe let her emotions get the best of her and loss this battle but she’ll win the war. Watch, Kenya will be gone with the wind and NeNe will still be standing as the star of RHOA.

  32. And if nothing else, Kenya tweeted asking her followers to contribute to the charity. Wouldn’t they have seen some donations from that? And wouldn’t they be grateful and gracious about that?

  33. beth

    p.s. I wonder if NeNe knows that the breaks don’t work on that “up elevator” she is on …:-)

  34. Cassie

    Really, I knew thousands of dollars was
    Not raised strictly by looking at the people who were in attendance we all know it was exaggerated. It good to
    Know that the organization did stick by Ms Nene Leakes is she true Ms Leakes
    Donated or did she raise money for them? Just like every other charity once you pay for all the extravagant
    Catering and the help there is usuallyNot much for the charity

    • Justus Christ. Where do these dumdums come from. Go get an education. No one can understand what you’re trying to say.

      • Cassie

        First of all stop with your insults. Don’t we get enough of that on reality shows. Don’t insult my intelligence I was typing on a I-phone and hell I did
        not push the button to let it go. If you know anything about most charities
        they have to pay expenses and unfortunately some time when they put on
        extravagant events once every thing is deducted it sometimes is not a lot to
        give to the actual charity. Please put another 6 behind your name because you are acting like one of the devils followers. This is a place where everyone’s opinion should be allowed to be expressed. We are not getting paid so contributors should not take it so seriously. Hell did you not watch the same program I watched did you see the attendees well to me
        I knew thousands of dollars was not going to be raised. Maybe 2 – 3 thousand if that much. I feel that Nene is not a giver she is a taker and she probably haven’t given thousands of dollars to any charity. I might be wrong but this is my opinion. I was sad to read the spokes person for the charity would put someone on blast like that.

      • A. This ain’t a democracy. B. It’s impossible to understand what you’re trying to say. 3. Your point is pointless if no one can understand you. D. There is no D.

    • Michelle

      Good point. Nene probably was involved in RAISING thousands of dollars for them but did not actually donate it directly herself.

  35. Pantaloons

    Well, Miss April Love did tweet to Nene, “don’t worry I got this”.
    Indeed you did, April. Well played, well paid publicist.
    I hear your dirty Nene coin just dandy.
    *puckers and makes long smooooooching sound*
    Oh is that a hitler stache on you, April? Nah..just some shot on your lip from kissing Leakes ass.
    Yea..I went there. So what?

    • Pantaloons

      Gah! Not shot…shit! Shit! There went my kodak moment. Goddammit!

    • Easy_Green

      Pantaloons, April Love did not tweet “don’t worry I got this” to NeNe…Someone tweeted NeNe about Kenya Moore going after her, and NeNe replied, “Don’t worry I got this” and April Love retweeted that response. So before you go there, make sure you pack the right bag.

      • Pantaloons

        Ahhhh…my blunder, Easy. Big thanks for clearing that up. I totally misinterpreted. It happens-I appreciate you clarifying it none the less. Thanks.

      • Easy_Green

        You’re welcome, Pantaloon. I made a similar mistake earlier as all the information seemed to happen so fast. I’m looking forward to seeing it all get sorted out by TT. One of these women is blatantly lying, and if one of them is right, a charity is also questionable, which is quite sad when you read about the loss of the charity organizer’s young daughter. Because of that angle, I’m hoping that Kenya is fibbing. I’d hate to think a charity isn’t a charity and uses the story of their deceased child for profit.

        (Also, on Kenya’s response posted on that person’s website, on the checks, why would her name be blacked out, but not her address below the name? Wouldn’t you black out the address and not the name? YOu don’t want anyone to come find you. Then again, I’m sure Kenya’s house was just rented for the filming. Also, the receipt for the Circus Production company makes me wonder if they even featured at the event in question? Maybe I missed someone dangling from the ceiling. The scene seemed like it was all outside.)

  36. Jarlath

    Maybe Kenya donated the money in Nene’s name (hence the charity is able to say Nene has donated thousands), and that’s why they have no record of Kenya donating the money …

    • That actually makes sense. Kenya would have donated in Nene’s name….

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I’m poor as hell and contributed some of y’alls donations last year as a pay it forward to twitter friend who is doing great things in cervical cancer research and I donated as “Friends of TamaraTattles” as did some of you. Thanks again for that. is getting an award in Arizona this weekend for her work. I’m very proud of Jillsie and thankful that y’all have been so kind to me that I could pay a tiny bit forward to her huge strides with ovarian cancer. Follow her on twitter. Last year her 10K fundraiser raised money for developing a test for early detection of ovarian cancer. This year she has a new plan up her sleeve. She is the one and ten that survives ovarian cancer and continues to fight for US. Also *Jillsie @jillapallooza * 7h Get the UBER app and enter promo code: COLLEENSDREAM. They’ll donate $5 to @ *ColleensDream* and you’ll get a $20 credit as a new rider.

      She always has gifts for you! I love her!

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Don

      Yeah sure, I’m sure that’s what happened. *rolleyes*

      If any funds from that event were donated in anyone’s name, the Charity would’ve known, and wouldn’t be making these claims. I look forward to seeing Kenya’s receipts for the donation made as a result of that night!

      It’s not clear the $500 Christmas fund even came from Kenya either.

      • Kenya has posted a couple of check screen shots on twitter. One for the $500 Christmas doll donation and another for a check to SOD for $1,000 noted as “RHOA filming”. I don’t see how either one supports her stance of donating proceeds to SOD. She also mentions having a copy of the contract – was the 1,000 required to be paid to SOD per contract to allow mention of them during filming? Who paid for the event? Wouldn’t the person or entity paying keep all receipts for expenditures to use when filing their taxes and just send the charity a check for the remainder (i.e. the donation)? LOL – maybe I’m just the remedial reader here, but things just aren’t adding up.

  37. Happy lyfe

    An educated person would choose better choice of words to check a bytch. Plz add that other 6 tc, u JUX proved me right. #somepeoplecan’thandlethetruth

    • Jae

      Oh for the love of Tea, let it go already!

      Better yet, take your panties out of your ass and find some class. Preferably an English class. Or twelve.

      IIIIIIIIIII <—my gift to you, Happy, since apparently all you have is "y".

    • Kaleesi

      TeeCee66 is one of my favorite commenters here.
      Her comments are a lot more coherent than yours are, “Happy Lyfe”.
      Ironic and moronic that YOU would imply that anyone here is uneducated.

      Also, that was pretty funny, Jae. What the hell happened to her/his

  38. NolaNurse

    So this Aprill person works for Carlos King and Nene? Why would this charity stick their neck out and post a response of any kind for the likes of a Lanethia? Shady, shady.

  39. Ahhh, after reading comments and replies, I see a side has been taken on this blog….truth or no truth, a side has been taken…LATER peeps :)

    • Pantaloons

      I don’t see a taken side. Opinions, after the facts continue to spill- is what I’m getting from comments.

    • JoJo

      I think everyone’s speculating from their POV about what the unbiased blog entry may mean. At least I am. IMO that’s what a blogger and commenters usually do and I’m neither Team Kenya nor Team Nene.
      From experience, if more info comes out and it’s not favorable to Kenya, I’m sure we’ll get the update to that effect.

    • Don

      You mean TT is Pro Kenya and anti-Nene. Pretty obvious.

      This is coming from a neutral poster who just found this site yesterday, and agreed with TT on her views on RHOBH.

      Brandi is being so shady to Lisa, and don’t look forward to next week’s episode.

  40. I posted this on the ep recap — reposting here because it seems relevant.

    Watching the replay. Nene is sitting in Cynthia’s “office” and Cynthia asks her if she knows about the ball. Nene swears three ways that she knows NOTHING. the next sentence , “Marlo told me that Kenya sId she’s having a ball. And I’m supposed to be there.” And goes on to say that Marlo said Kenya was putting in the masquerade ball for nene.

    That’s where the honoring thing started.

  41. jakies mom

    There is no non-profit listed under the name Saving Our Daughters in any legitimate source. The only thing I found that was close was
    SAVING OUR DAUGHTERS PUBLISHING INC in Dallas, GA and they had their non-profit status revoked because they failed to provide a 990 for 3 consecutive years. That said I don’t think this is the np anyway because this was for the elderly.
    The last year they filed was 2009 and their income was $109k and expenses were $93k.

    Even if this donation was made in Nene’s name there would have been a record of all donations so they could be sent a letter for tax purposes even if they chose to be anonymous but since it appears no money was raised there is no need to send out thank you/irs letters.

  42. latrise

    I don’t remember seeing anyone from this organization on the Braxton Value show, when they won them the 25 grand. Also, why did they wait to now to release a statement. Being this event was held several months ago and reading from their statement; they knew all about it. So why release a statement now and not back then.

    Not taking either side, but we all know that there is more to this story; then what is being release.

    • jakies mom

      Damage control. They didn’t know it was going to be portrayed until it was aired so this is the non-profit trying to stop the damage. But I haven’t been able to find either their 501(c)3 or financials in any place that I usually find them.

      • naa

        Maybe you can find something under “It’s Cool to be Smart, Inc” which was the predecessor to Saving our Daughters. I found an old IRS filing from 2007, but can’t find anything more current.

        No idea what any of this means.

      • naa

        hmmm. Actually, I just googled the EIN number. It is the same for “It’s Cool to Be Smart” and “Saving Our Daughters Publishing” and was revoked in May 2013.

        The EIN is 34-1882557

        Would love to know what, if anything, this means.

      • naa

        I still think Saving Our Daughters must be legit. But the lack of info out there is very odd.

    • KB

      Good point. I distinctly remember when Phaedra and Dwight were planning her shin dig for the baby, Phaedra mentioned Miley Cyrus twerking. Was that back in Sept when she did that on the mtv awards? Not sure but that’s been at the very least 5 mo’s ago. Why say something now? I guess becaused it just aired. Who knows with reality tv. Nothing is done in real time.

      • latrise

        I know. I look up known charities and all their information came up. I was wondering if this charity is listed under another name and that is why we haven’t been able to find any information on them.

        The MTV show was Aug 2013. So this event had to been around Oct. Being that the pillow game and spa day, were about a week apart; it seem.
        So the charity event, had to of been two to three week after.

        Do any one recall the conversation that both Nene and Kenya had, about the last time they have talk? From what i recall they both say its been a few weeks; since they last talk. I’m just wondering when exactly did Kenya/Bravo people ever contacted SOD and started planning this event.

    • FGF

      The Braxton’s did not hold an event using their name, they appeared on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” I’ve never seen any representative from any charity appear on a celebrity episode of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” They usually just state at the beginning of the show which charity the celeb is playing for.

      • Their entire FB page reads like an entertainment blog on all things black reality show related. Perhaps two pictures of the girls they hope to save. The only thing it seems as though they have to show for all of their ass kissing are some videos and the annual Christmas drive which is really a Bratz Doll drive. Her kid, have a Bratz doll. Merry Christmas see ya next year.

        On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 11:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  43. joyce wendlandt

    Regardless, Nene’s behavior was unacceptable. She should have sucked it up and put on her game face and got through it. After all, she is an actress.

  44. Bravogirl24/7

    Nene has blogged about the event and had some telling things to say.

  45. Kat

    Since Nene is so close with the SOD organization and one of theur top donors, who’s to say she didn’t get them to make that statement to save her “image” and fan base and make Kenya look bad. Kenya is crazy but she’s also smart and I’m sure she’s gonna have an explanation

    • Kat

      And who’s to say Kenya didnt do this to possibly expose Nene and this charity. I guess we will have to wait on a statement from her

      • Easy_Green

        oh geez…yes, Kenya is a mastermind. Next, she’s going after Wall Street. (Aside: Uh, Boris Kudjoe (?), who Kenya Moore promotes on her Twitter as an actor in one of her movies she produced, is also an actual photographed celebrity donor, so she would be bringing down a piece of herself.)

  46. JentheAUfan

    So it looks like SOD has removed the whole thing…..

  47. Kenya takes a hit. Good retaliation Nene, but this reeks of desperation and manipulation. Maybe Nene is finally learning how to play dirty, but in her own words: “You can never win when you play dirty!”

  48. JoJo

    As potentially suspect as the charity’s release is (wording, timing, etc.), I think some question the authenticity of the organization itself. From what can be found on their site and normal charity checking sites, their board & ‘celebrity supporters’ are relatively established and/or professionals that lent their name. I don’t even think Bravo in all it’s manipulative powers wouldn’t have a PA do a small fact check to see if these people associated with SOD is real. The liability of claiming names of well-known individuals wouldn’t be worth the excitement for this episode.
    I just want to know who the original ‘honoree’ was when the org. was contacted by the publicist and thereafter when Kenya allegedly changed it to Nene.

  49. Kat

    Kenya has tweeted she has her receipts and proof that she donated….I didn’t think she would be dumb enough to do a fundraiser on national tv and not deliver the money. That would be like committing a federal crime and going on national tv to expose how your seining the money you stole

    • JoJo

      LOL. Kenya isn’t dumb as we know now. I was absolutely confident that she made some type of donation. After all, it is worth 100x over the $500 that probably was hers they claimed about the Christmas fund to set Nene up in the likelihood that Nene would show her ass – and damn that was a good bet on her part – I give her credit for that one 😉

      • Kat

        Yup!! And once agai she showed her ass!! What’s next Nene? Rehab? That’s where all the celebrities go when the fk up. She really lost me with this over the top behavior

      • JoJo

        TT – should she be keeping a running log – needs to add this little episode to her “Nene’s Meltdown.”
        I can’t even begin to imagine how nuts she’s going right now after this press release, and knowing she was so played (even though it was months ago) when even in her TH last night she said something like “You don’t get away with playing me.”
        If she were just you’re run of the mill, every once in awhile jerk, I’d feel a little bad she got played so bad. But her ego prevents me from doing so.

      • Easy_Green

        well that’s funny because the official statement from the charity has changed within the last hour to specifically state in last paragraph: In closing, Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball. However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer.

      • Easy_Green

        I think the blog posting isn’t right. Who sends texts back and forth with a charity at 3 in the morning? And wouldn’t production be involved with all of this up until Kenya Moore decided to take over the event? And how does this person B Scott get “leaked” text messages and then shows drawings of text messages and then says they interviewed Kenya Moore for her side of the story. Kenya’s responses also sounded oddly phrased as if she knew that it would be questioned five months later…it’s all fishy.

      • JoJo

        Easy_Green: I’m confused. You said the SOD statement changed in the last hour and you quoted the statement. It looks like the exact statement that TT posted in this original post?? “…Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball. However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer.”
        What’s different?

      • Easy_Green

        @JOJO Yeah, I couldn’t delete that. I happened to have the SOD page left open, and I went back to it after being on Twitter. The post timeline stated the SOD response was only 30 minutes old, and I knew I’d looked at it an hour earlier. Anyhow, I clicked on it, and it looked different than what I’d seen earlier, and I didn’t remember the original post stating anything about a masquerade ball, just the x-mas doll fund without any acknowledgment. I went back to delete, but I couldn’t. Sorry.

      • JoJo

        Easy_Green, LOL. I don’t know how anyone can keep everything straight with all that’s been going on!!!
        I just thought I missed something ‘critical’ and damn, I don’t want to miss anything at all :)

  50. MTQ

    You saw the receipts and the proof? Yes, Kenya is that dumb……

    • Kat

      Yes and she has texts with the CEO of SOD as well. All of this is shady to me because its clear how thirsty both of these women are. Sad. I don’t wanna act like this in my 40s

  51. TT apparently Marlo took Nene’s opportunist comment to be about her… Check out her blog… I won’t post the link because you asked that we not do that… But its easy to find if you check her twitter page.

  52. Megan

    What kind of charity would pick a side for two of it’s donors on a reality tv show? That charity seems so suspect. FBI/IRS should go ahead and investigate that charity b/c somethings not right.

  53. ab

    Does Bravo pay for the event during taping or do the ladies wait for an expense check….just asking

  54. Kat

    They are all over the place on twitter with this so I’m just gonna wait on TT cause I really can’t believe much til I read her blogs

  55. JenB

    The letter from SOD has been removed from their website, about the time that Kenya tweeted she has proof. Poor Kenya, it was 5am in Nigeria and she is awake dealing with this crap.

  56. 'New Kenya Fan' to 'The Jam'

    Okay new T!! Kenya Moore and love be Scott are starting to provide proof that kenya did send receipts, that saving our sisters was very aware of what she was doing etc etc. this is insane. Kenya is crazy but she’s not stupid so I find this all hard to believe. I hope she interrupts nenes interview with Tim Joyner.

    Another shady evening done here in Atlanta.

  57. Aahn

    Ambush… Perfect word choice. NeNe acted exactly how Kenya expected she would act. Well played. It is highly unprofessional of SOD to get involved in “defending” moose cum “setting the record straight.” Kenya has proven herself a great strategist and I do not believe she would not have turned in whatever money she collected on behalf of SOD.

  58. Easy_Green

    NeNe claims this event happened on Sept. 29, 2013, whereas these oddly phrased text messages from 2:40 a.m. with no battery start on Oct. 1. It would be easy to find out who is lying from this, right? Damn, I want to know what happened, TT.

    • The RHOA show has Kenya (in mask) in front of a step and repeat that says, “CourvoisoIogy #CVology”. Evidently she had corporate sponsorship for her party after all.

      Also, the party WAS on September 29, 2013. I found still pictures of Kenya posing in front of that same step and repeat. Since we can’t provide links here, I’m e-mailing it to Tamara for her to use how (or if) she wants.

      • Easy_Green

        Wow, Observer2!…Confirming that date of Sept. 29 would show that Kenya’s “text messages” on Oct. 1 were lies since they (Kenya and SOD) wouldn’t be confirming an event if it happened two days earlier…Rereading that Oct. 1 correspondence sounds like a forced conversation to later be acted out painfully by Vanderpump Rules cast on WWHL.

      • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'The Jam'

        I’ve worked in entertainment unite a bit. Liquor sponsors typically don’t provide you with money, just liquor.

    • Kat

      You can screenshot text messages at any time on your phone. its just going yo cspture the time shee took the shot, nit the time she actially texted. So that means nothing. She may have screenshot when she got word of SOD statement and sent them to the blogger. Who knows but I’m hoping she sent more than 500

    • Easy_Green

      Fuck. Re-reading those texts closely, Kenya is talking about after the event. I’m slipping in all the shit they are putting down. Damn. /waves white flag but then uses it to wipe the shit off sneakers

      • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'The Jam'

        @easy_green,yes the texts seem to be abt AFTER the event, because they are saying “it went wel”. Nene is making a deal abt the dates because she is desperate and apparently can’t read.

        Also, while a 3 am text convo ,seems weird. really ambitious people in ‘the industry’ work constantly….and I do mean CONSTANTLY. Trust me almost left Ny in a straight jacket with a case of the shakes!

      • kat

        I’m so sorry for the typoes but I was just waking up (Yes I wake and go to sleep on TT blogs lol) my eyesite is horrible in the morning.

  59. When Kenya hosts an event and it backfires, it’s the producers who planned it. When Nene plans an event and it backfires, it’s her fault as a sh*t starter.

    Kenya said repeatedly that this party was for Nene and she (Kenya) was fundraising for “Nene’s favorite charity” in hopes of making amends.
    But she never called Nene. Who honors someone but doesn’t let them know of the “honor” of having to speak?

    Some may call this a fundraiser, I call it a costume party a la Kenya’s last season shindig.

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'The Jam'

      The event didn’t backfire save for nenes bad attitude. This scandal about money is definitely falling at Kent’s feet. “Say a few words” is not the same as giving a speech, nene is being dramatic. If you know that the event is about you and you’re not prepared to say ” thank you, I’m so pleased for your support. SOD means so much to me. I look forward to blah, blah, blah”. Then you’re ( nene is) an idiot. Nene was just so wrapped up in being salty that she made a big deal about absolutely nothing.

    • kat

      You may have a point but it doesnt change the fact that Nene attitude was stank. The other people there didnt deserve that, and likely showed up to see her. She would have been better off not showing up and sending a thank you letter or something. I think Nene would have saved face by outshining Kenya and playing extra nice. “kill her with extra kindness”

  60. 1. Nowhere did this charity state that nene had contributed thousands of dollars. Rather, they said she was ‘responsible’ for thousands of dollars in contributions. Big difference.

    2. Also, didn’t nene state that the reason she deigned to show up was because Kenya called her 300 times about it? At that point her contention that she didn’t even know enough to know how to dress flies out the window.

    3. What kind of charity talks about how much any individual has donated?

    3.5 Goddamn it, Latrise, conjugate your verbs.

  61. jasmine

    When doing a charity event, usually expenses are paid from the proceeds first and the rest goes to charity. Thousands may have been raised, but who paid for the event? Out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed, creditors may need to be paid; staff, expense for the venue, ect…The whole thing is ridiculous and both women should rethink their position. I suggest keeping it classy.

    • jrleaguer

      Jasmine~ Under normal circumstances, what you stated would be how the money is channeled after an event…however, since this was basically a Bravo event, I would bet that there were no expenses (for example, the venue name was mentioned on air a couple of times) and whatever little money was raised should have gone to the charity.
      The charity had to know about the event ahead of time because the Bravo legal team would have had to get clearance to use their name/brand on air and I do not recall seeing a representative from the charity at the event.
      Having served on lots of 501(c)(3) boards and having run a lot of events for those organizations, I do know that you get as much donated gratis as possible and promise all sorts of recognition to those donors via press releases and signage that is associated with the event so that more of the proceeds can go to the actual organization.
      This event looked to be poorly attended, so I would imagine that there was not a lot of money raised, but certainly more than $500. I remember back during season one and Deshawn’s event for her charity for young girls had a ton of people in attendance, an auction, etc….but basically did not raise diddly squat for the charity. Other than Kim whipping out Big Poppa’s credit card for a diamond cuff, basically everyone else’s wallets stayed shut. :)

    • Mari Anne Souza

      I think that ‘classy’ ship sailed a loooong time ago, but I applaud your optimism. :)

  62. JoJo

    I just saw the episode for first time tonight. Re your #2, I heard it as Cynthia was calling Nene “300” times about going to the event, not Kenya.

    • spk

      Thats what I heard too –

    • JoJo

      I see people are also questioning whether Kenya actually said the words to Nene that the event was “to honor Nene” – I think perhaps our sly, self-styled mediator, Cynthia might have been a part of the triangle of Nene & Kenya in this. She was the one that did say to Nene the event was in her honor (or to honor her). According to Nene, she also called her about “300” times to find out or make sure Nene would show.
      Maybe Miss Cynthia was Brutus in the whole affair. I swear some words coming out of Nene’s mouth sound like “Et Tu” :)

  63. Why, when I google Save Our Daughters EIN, does a website come up that shows their status was revoked in may 2013?

    • Jarlath

      Yeah I saw that, sketchy or what?

    • jrleaguer

      I saw that too, Tobaccorhoda. When I googled, Save Our Daughters EIN,I noticed that the location for that SOD is in Dallas,Ga, and on the regular SOD website they state that they have a 501(c)(3) that they are located in Hiram, Georgia. Both are in Paulding county and basically a stone’s throw from each other.
      I am wondering if they lost their status, and reorganized and refiled for it in the past several months. They can get into a lot of trouble stating on their current site that they ARE a 501(c)(3) if they in fact are not.

  64. I just read post where they showed proof that Kenya paid for much of the fundraising expenses and a text exchange from the Executive Director of SOL acknowledging the donations and confirming Nene’s prior knowledge of the event.

  65. lori

    Damn, Nene must be exhausted from this gigantic hole she’s been digging. Do yourself a favor girl and put the shovel down already.

  66. kheppera

    Kenya released a response with some shady text messages that i guess she believes support her claims. I would not be surprised if Kenya didn’t get back to you because she knows you are not going to post her nonsense without checking the facts first.

  67. myinfo

    I knew the posters would get the scoop.
    TT and all of you should be investigators.

  68. naa

    I read the texts between Kenya and Curtis (the head of SOD). I don’t really understand what games he is playing.

    (1) It seems clear from the texts that he knew about the event, knew that Kenya planned to honor Nene and that he thought the event went well.

    (2) When you go to charity fundraisers or political fundraisers, YOU DO NOT MAKE THE CHECK OUT TO THE HOST. That would defeat the purpose. You make the check out to the charity so that you can claim the deduction on your taxes. (Although in this case you better be awfully careful as it seems that SOD’s tax status is in some question.)

    (3) I don’t know whether Kenya picked up the tab ($10,000 or so) or Bravo did but we know that SOD most likely did not. If Kenya did, then her $500 on top of that is respectable. She could actually claim the expenses of throwing the event as a donation to SOD. If Bravo paid for the event, her $500 is a little skinny, but still Kenya gave something.

    (4) Kenya needs to document how much money was raised from the attendees and forwarded on to SOD. If she can do that, Nene and Curtis look like chumps. Of course, I’m not sure why she would have copied other people’s checks (I wouldn’t) so we will have to see what happens. Does anyone know the total for the “Auction” that took place that night? That money should have all gone to SOD. I would hope that some of the bidders will come forward and confirm that they wrote checks to SOD that night. Of course, if they come forward and say they wrote checks to Kenya then (a) they are really dumb, who does that? and (b) Kenya has some ‘splaining to do.

  69. GIGI

    Nene was a no show on Tom Joyner this morning!! hmmmmm and the plot thickens

  70. When the charity sticks up for Nene, it’s discredited.

    But when the charity is promoted by Kenya, with Kenya bragging about raising thousands, all of a sudden, Save our Daughters is legit.

  71. Happy lyfe

    The level of azz kissing has gone to an all time high, from the lowest of the low.

  72. Happy lyfe

    The level of a$$ kissing has sky-rocketed to an all time high from the lowest of the low.

  73. naa

    The second one is much better. The $ signs for the “s” instead of the “z”s seems more like you are concerned about profanity than illiterate. Actually, that you spelled “sky-rocketed” correctly and hyphenated it leads me to believe that you’re just playing at being ghetto. That said, it really should be “from the lowest of the lows” if you are referring to the level of ass kissing. I suppose you could mean that it is the lowest of the low who are kissing ass, which would be kind of clever, but I am guessing unintentional.

  74. The Real Deal

    I don’t understand all of the Kenya love all of the sudden…….last year she was the liar of the century…but now she is credible? Kenya is NO saint in this situation…..

    • kat

      I don’t think its love.I think more people have changed their point of view of her. She is definitely playing smart. let’s be real Nene was no saint when she joined. I found her mocking Kim’s song and verbally attacking Kim in the trailer extremely classless, and down right ratchet. Her haterade was pouring over, but she simmered down a lot after that. I’m not sure why she’s back to that person now, maybe she never changeg. Maybe it was hard for her being the good girl last year. As far as Kenya, she will alway be crazy, but you can be crazy and smart at the same time.

  75. FGF

    Saving Our Daughters is a very reputable charity in Atlanta and has been featured as a recipient on many Atlanta based shows. T.I. and his wife have had events benefiting them on their VH1 reality show, The Braxton sisters just did an appearance on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and donated the proceeds to them, and K. Michelle of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” did a PSA and fundraiser on the show for them. Kandi Buruss & Rasheeda from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” are very involved with the charity financially and physically.
    Additionally, I’m sure the thousands that Nene “donated” were from the sales of her Shoedazzle design as all proceeds went to Saving our Daughters.

    • wikunia

      How do they spend that money? Do you know?

      • FGF

        The only things I’ve heard of are scholarships for high school seniors, music/dance lessons, and self esteem camps. I think I read something about makeovers for prom but I’m not sure if that was SOD or another charity.

    • naa

      I agree that SOD seems very reputable and that they are raising money for a great cause. I just don’t understand why they would get in the middle of an RHOA squabble. I’d also love them to clear up the confusion over their 501(3)c. I’m guessing/hoping they have a new entity.

      • myinfo

        I agree. I makes NO sense that they are getting involved in the Nene and Kenya drama.
        Maybe Nene told the Charity that she will donate $10,000 if they make a statement against Kenya.

  76. The Real Deal

    So you mean to tell me that Kenya had Bravo pay for the mansion, the food and alcohol, and the wait staff and that bitch still couldn’t cough up a grand. This hoe wants me to believe that she has an “African Prince” but he can only rent her a Bemtley- he can’t afford to pay her rent, fix her skin, or make a 4 digit donation to a charity- and Nene mean hateful ass is the monster? Hell nawl. Nene, since she has such a great “relationship with this charity,” was probably wondering why wasn’t anyone from the charity at this event? Kenya, you claim to be smart and crafty, but bitch bye. You could’ve at least sent those folks a damn check for a grand before this shit aired. Now I know that the ratchet looking chick with the tattoos probably didn’t have 560$ to spend on a date, but it was caught on tape kenya.

    • Did you actually think the housewives paid for all of these over the top parties and charity events?

      • Brian

        I must say, I read this blog for the great housewives tea you so amazingly spill.. But when did this become a bash NeNe blog?? Last season the shoe she created for shoe dazzle, all if those proceeds went to Saving Our Daughters! The charity event Kenya literally showed he ass at. I think it’s disgusting Kenya lied about the funds she raised! P.S. With all the housewives cases/trials going on, you can bet your ass that if she were guilty if money laundering, they would have nailed her ass to the wall!

      • She did not lie about raising funds. Or at least not had not been proven to be a lie. And who said anything about money laundering?

    • myinfo

      You are kidding me right? You really didn’t know Bravo paid for this stuff. I hope you know Bravo pays for their annual vacations so the ladies can be confined together with flowing alcohol to ensure drama.

      Nene did not want to go the event, so why would she care if there was a representative from the charity there?

      But you are probably right that she is close to some of the people on run the Charity and she encouraged them to make this shady statement against Kenya.

      • The Real Deal

        Agreed about all the Nene bashing……it wasn’t the same level of bashing for Kenya last year when she lied continually about her imaginary boyfriend…..(actually now her imaginary prince as well)……..Her days are numbered …..She may indeed be winning the short term battle, bu tI can guarantee she will not win the war……..Andy plus all of her castmates can’t stand her……Who on the cast is her true ally?(minus tagalong Brandon and castway Marlo)? #crickets

      • Please, I bashed Kenya all last season. She is a new person this season. Just like Nene tried to act better last season. I think Cynthia might swing toward Kenya. Phaedra may not even be on next season. Porsha and Kenya seem better…. Things change every season on these shows. It’s Kenya’s redemption season.

        On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 3:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  77. jenny

    No one else finds this statement from a charity to be a bit bias and dare I say slightly inappropriate? I’m not sure I saw where the event/gala caused this charity to be seen in a negative or less than favorable light. If anything, it seemed that Nene’s behavior cast a negative light on the whole thing. I didn’t see anything from Kenya or the event that would warrant such a strong response from SOD. Either Nene is a member of the board or she’s BFFs with the publicist. Dare I say it was because of this gala which just aired, that I and many who live outside of ATL were made aware of SOD. I think this organization should be grateful for this exposure alone. I wonder how much traffic was generated to their site due to this gala (buzz generated before the event, to nationwide exposure on Bravo this past Sunday)? Im going to put on my marketing cap and say that this was free $$$$ money in exposure & advertising for this group. A charity should NEVER get in between a bird fight on social media. A charity has too be a bit more neutral and not ruffle feathers for good fundraising. A more appropriate statement from SOD would be – We are very grateful to have two passionate public figures understand our purpose and goal. Nene has been a staunch supporter of our organization and has raised x amount of dollars that went to implementing some of our much needed programs. Although we have yet to receive funds from Kenya’s event, we look forward to working with her in the near future.

    I’m not trying to take away from this organization and what they’ve done for the community, but pick and choose your battles. This bird fight was not a battle for you (a girl/women empowering organization) should have gotten in the middle of.

  78. myinfo

    “In closing, Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball”

    I can’t believe a Charity would expose what someone donated. Why would they care if someone said they gave $1,000 vs. $500. How does exposing this protect their integrity? It makes the Charity look small minded and pity. I would think donations would be private unless the donor agrees that the Charity can tell the public what they donated.

    • FGF

      It makes sense that they exposed it because that event brought negative attention to the organization. With all of the investigating and accusations going on with cast members for fraud, they may not want to be investigated. Additionally, if Bravo or any other companies (like the liquor company advertised) provided sponsorship based on the premise that the proceeds were going to charity, they wre defrauded. There’s a lot of red tape with donations and they may not want to answer for monies they never received.

    • MTQ

      The message also stated that they had received many calls about Kenya’s donation. When one make a statement for millions to hear and it is not true it is in the best interest of the organization to address it. Not to mention that the internet is all a buzz about this. Just read all of what is written here, most of these comments have no supporting facts… so had they not made a statement when they did, eventually one would have been needed.

      • myinfo

        Please. All the calls were from Nene.
        Who in the world would care what Kenya donated to the Charity BUT Nene.
        That statement just rings untrue.

  79. jelley

    Keeping up with this is def a full time job! Thanks for all your hard work TT & your dedicated commenters. <3


    I find it interesting that the charity came out with this statement AFTER Nene said that she hoped the charity received the money from Kenya. Sounds to me like the charity is going to be on Nene’s side.

  81. Cassie

    It is not looking good for the charity. I hope that the statement was bogus
    and not really written by a representative of the organization, it would
    something so stupid. Don’t they know that things like this will prompt an investigation into this organization. Kenya is producing receipts, copies of
    text messages, checks etc. and the girls that this organization helps will be
    effected. Lord and if there is traces of improprieties that would just be plan
    wrong. How could a good thing turn out to be so wrong. It will be something else for Nene to blame Kenya for. If Nene just could have been gracious.
    You know all of this has been fun and games commenting and looking at everyone’s point of view after the recaps now it just turning ugly and dark.
    Don’t think people who do investigations don’t look at the blogs they do someone is already looking into the information posted about allegedly the organization is not filing their paper work.

  82. Adrienne

    I am Team Kenya. BUT I’m going to will wait until Tamara gets the goods and communicates the real deal. From what I’ve seen since discovering this blog, Tamara is quite the detective.

    • The Real Deal

      Most on this blog seem to be team Kenya…….that is of course except for last season when she was exposed for being a liar and fraud……now she is the voice of reason…..

      • Adrienne

        Let’s be clear, Kenya is a little crazy. No one is arguing how she represented herself last season. However, this season Nene has lost her mind. Nene comes across as obnoxious and extremely childish. Hollywood changed Nene. I’ve never been a fan of Nene, but was proud of what she had accomplished from being on a reality show. Nene has forgotten where she came from and who got her to where she is (FANS). When you start doing that, your fan base dimishes. Case in point.

  83. khintx

    I don’t believe Kenya, Nene or the letter from SOD. Something’s dirty in the buttermilk! kh

  84. LoLo

    Hats off to all the investigators on this blog! You even had me verifying information…LOL. All I can say is..before you jump into someone else fight you better make sure your “house” is clean. I’m sure the SOD organization is very sorry they even got involved….

  85. LoLo

    Well..I just saw the cancelled checks and the phone texts that Kenya provided. NeNe and SOD need to have several seats….Bloop!

  86. Emily

    Here is what I get from that statement – nene May or may not have flounced around one or more SOD events where the charity raised a total in excess of $1000. There is no way nene put her hand in her pocket.

  87. naa

    All of the proceeds from her “Shoedazzle” line went to SOD. I mean, if anyone bought a pair of those “things.”

  88. NolaNurse

    I just came across info that says SOD’s tax exemption status was revoked in August of 2013… And they are soon to be audited. Google and you shall find said info. I never was a Kenya or Nene “fan” but this here is some interesting shit.

  89. tobaccorhoda

    You can all probably quit lamenting all the funds that won’t be flowing to tender young girls if this “charity” is exposed as a fraud. The last financials that I can find on them shows that around 10% of monies raised actually went to any recipients. Yes, a dime out of every dollar. The rest went in somebody’s pocket as “operating expenses”.

    I think a lot of people, including celeb endorsers got hoodwinked. Is Apollo on their board?

    • naa

      Ouch. From the American Institute of Philanthropy:

      “Most highly efficient charities are able to spend 75% or more on programs.”

    • Megan

      shady asses.. they use the charity as ways to get high paying jobs and to live a nice lifestyle. This is why you should always investigate a charity before you donate. My go to is Red Cross and my local charity is Potluck in the Park (feeds homeless every Sunday I can actually go and see them feeding the homeless people and even help serve or break bread.)

      • jelley

        Red Cross is full of bloated salaries… CEO gets nearly $700, 000 a year. Might want to find a better go to charity.

      • I agree I dated a gut who worked for the Red Cross and he made a ton of money and his job was one of those middle management non job jobs….

        On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 4:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • love2hatebravo

        Wanna know another despicable charity? Believe it or not, Autism Speaks.

  90. myinfo

    “2006 was the last year “SaveOurDaughters” provided their revenue and expense report… as you can see, out of over $100,000 revenue, only $16,000 was used for their charity! Where did the $93,782 go???”

    “All of this back and forth re who did what and how much money was donated may be for nada… as “SaveOurDaughters” has not filed the proper forms with the IRS to be a charitable organization AND is not recognized as a legitimate charity.”

    This is posted on another website. Is it true? Who knows?

    They can thank Nene for their bad press!!!!!!!

    • The Real Deal

      Uh no….they can thank Kenya Moore for playing games with a Charity Event (I mean charade)…….

    • Megan

      no one was questioning the charity validity until it posted a statement defending Nene. What real charity would do that? I can’t see Red Cross doing something like that.

      • The Real Deal

        I think if you were to have a charity event for the Red Cross and publicly state that you raised “X” amount of dollars 5 months ago….but they have yet to receive these funds they would call you out on it…which is what they did to KM.

      • Megan

        When did Kenya state how much she made for the charity on the show?

    • Jakies mom

      This was all posted above last night.

    • I don’t think it’s good form for you to cut and paste from another blog. Especially one where rudimentary math seems to be beyond the expectation. And reporting it here without even seeing that those numbers make no sense?? Jesus Christ.

  91. Tiffany R

    Why is it so quiet on twitter world and facebook? Kenya showed receipts. Nene could only say the date was wrong. Kenya says she is going to sleep. SOD talking about an upcoming prom. I can’t take it. Is Nene working on her proof? Is Kenya working on her proof? Are both ladies somehow shady and avoiding the subject. Is SOD shady! Somebody talk. Seems like whoever is in the right would be doing a lot of talking right now!

    • myinfo

      I think Kenya is out of the Country on vacation.
      Nene is plotting her next dumb move and talking to SOD about how wrong she was to make them put out this dumb statement. Now people think less of SOD because of Nene.

  92. beth

    SOD may, or may not be, on the outs with the IRS. While it is true that the search results at the IRS site show that SOD’s tax exempt status was revoked in May 2013, there is additional verbiage *provided with the results* that states;

    “The information listed below for each organization is historical; it is current as of the organization’s effective date of automatic revocation. The information is not necessarily current as of today’s date.”

    A toll-free # is listed too that you are instructed to call if you want to know “whether an organization is currently recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt”.

  93. eastjames

    So what happened to the money then? Somebody check Apollo’s magic backpack!

  94. Marta

    You guys this is NOT true. Kenya did donate. I don’t know how OR why this lie was leaked. It’s funny that it came with Nene’s “apology” for her behavior. Kenya is NOT stupid. She wouldn’t have the Charity event televised and be shady. Come on people ! Who does that ? I wished that I could post a link Kenya’s receipts. However, I respect TT’s wishes and will not. Just want people to know that Kenya is innocent.

  95. naa

    And in the latest miracle of the internet(s), the statement on the Saving Our Daughters site has once again disappeared. I think Curtis is having a bad couple of days….

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