Lisa Vanderpump Addresses RHOBH Drama

REal Housewives of Beverly HIlls

Things sure are chilly between these three!

This season, Lisa Vanderpump has found herself at the wrong end of many attacks by people she has considered friends for years.  All season long, the Richards sisters and Brandi have been promising us that “we will see” what a manipulative bitch Lisa is. Well, so far, they are coming off as the backstabbers. Last night Kyle was nice to her face while ripping her up in her talking heads.  Brandi was going back to her first season to look for problems with her relationship with Lisa.  Brandi is also claiming Lisa was controlling her mind and telling her what to do and say after two seasons of screaming to anyone who will listen that she is her own person and nobody’s mouthpiece.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how making Lisa Vanderpump cry on national television is going to make these three assholes look better.  We will see next Monday I suppose.

Lisa clears the air on the Cedric issue that Brandi decided to bring up last night:

I am of course extremely upset when I see, for example, Brandi bringing up the subject of Cedric. All of you who have followed the story from the beginning will understand Cedric was a precarious subject and one that out of loyalty to Brandi I would never have raised. But now she is saying I had Cedric deported. I will explain, with regard to him being deported. It should have been done, but unfortunately Housewives don’t have that much influence over Homeland Securities. . .If after he left us he was working in violation of his visa, then I am sure it was a problem. I believe he left to return to England of his own volition and to renter America he would need another sponsor.

Giggy Dance RHOBH

Gif by T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

The most interesting thing that I discovered, which I would never have exposed is the fact that Brandi had never met Cedric. She wasn’t a “friend” of his and they hadn’t modeled together. She had somehow concocted the story with somebody else. She came into my life on a lie. . .that should have spoken volumes.

With regard to Brandi making waves in Lisa’s relationship with Kyle:

Again, it’s confusing as to why Brandi felt the need to run to Kyle to try to create a rift between us. Now I have a better understanding when I see Brandi tweeting that she was a little jealous of Kyle and I when they had shown us playing in the pool, and remarking how she found it strange as she believed Kyle and I weren’t that close.

It seems that after the reunion was filmed, and Brandi threw Kyle under the bus regarding Brandi’s libelous claims about Lisa filing bankruptcy, Kyle has seen through Brandi and amends were made between Kyle and Lisa.

Now after reading Yolanda’s blogs and having seen endless comments on film, I have realized I called it wrong. Obviously  Kim and Kyle had been truthful about what had transpired in Paris, I just had refused to believe it. Joyce had warned me at the beginning of the season, and I chose to ignore her account of  Yolanda desperately trying to engage her in a detrimental conversation about me. I didn’t know Joyce at that time and I was  hoping that the bond between Yolanda, Mohamed, and our families would supersede the negativity she harvested.

So it seems that Yolanda and Lisa have not mended their relationship as of today?

Brandi Poisons Kyle against LisA Vanderpump

I understood at the beginning of the season there was no support from the other women. It was discussed in rehearsals when I was on Dancing With the Stars between us struggling competitors how strange it was. How it was expected that the  Housewives or members of a competitors team would vociferously tweet and vote in support. Apart from Brandi tweeting a couple of times, the other Housewives were silent. They came for the one appearance, that you saw on the show.

The other housewives did seem rather green with envy about Lisa landing on DWTS. Especially, Brandi who seems to think she deserves such experiences. Kyle, Kim and Brandi were not the least bit sympathetic about Lisa’s exhausting schedule that resulted in her fainting during rehearsals.  

But I never expected this, and to be honest after seeing all the episodes it has been pretty traumatizing. I thank Carlton and Joyce for being so supportive. In the year I have known them I have grown to adore them. They will testify to the fact that I never talk negatively about the other women.

This whole storyline is extremely sad. It seems no good deed goes unpunished when it comes to Lisa. Is anyone out there actually on Brandi and the Richards sisters side in this debacle? If so I would love to hear your rationale.


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107 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Addresses RHOBH Drama

  1. Tuna Tummy

    I, for one, love that she’s getting out in front of this. Brilliant move (one you don’t need to be Bobby Fischer to execute). By the time Monday’s episode airs, the viewers can simply sit back and watch these idiots damn themselves in their attempt to take Lisa down. Their on-screen implosion would be sad if any of these women had one single redeeming quality. I must say, I can’t understand Yolanda’s participation here. She’s surprised me. I thought she had much more self-confidence.

    • I agree. I really like Yolanda .i thought she and Lisa would have been great friends.

    • AngieB

      With Yolanda I think it’s all about jealousy over her ex’s regard and respect for Lisa. Lisa knew them as a couple, he cheated on Yolanda and she was devastated and Lisa and Mohammed remained best friends. I remember in a past season Lisa said that Mohammed considered Pandora like a daughter and included her in his will. I’m sure Yolanda was annoyed by that. Plus Yolanda has had to hear Mohammed praise Lisa many times over the years, which I’m sure stung because he seems like a very critical person to his immediate family.

      I think Yolanda came on the show with her own resentments towards Lisa she’d never acted on before. I wouldn’t be surprised if she purposely wooed dummy Brandi away from Lisa with shoes and flattery and then started whispering in her ear to sour that friendship.

      • Gingersnap

        I loved your post! Yes, yes and yes! Lisa did call it wrong and she should have believed Kyle and Kim when Yolanda said Lisa was full of shit and didn’t care about Kim. I have been WAITING for the day when Yolanda gets called on the carpet for that lie.

      • JoJo

        That’s a very good possibility, which would seem so out in left field until watching and listening to Yolanda the last couple of episodes. I still like her (well certainly don’t dislike her) but I’m a little amazed she fell off the pedestal and let herself get involved with the pettiness

      • AngieB

        I like Yolanda too, actually. Being cheated on does alot of emotional damage and Yolanda seems to get involved with men who have all of the power in the relationship. So I’m not surprised when she acts out in passive-aggressive ways. Sucks being with men where you always have to be charming and pleasant and agreeable. Lisa is saucy and Mohammad likes that, but I’m sure he doesn’t tolerate that from his significant other. And David Foster seems just as bad, if not worse in that department. The hostility has to go somewhere and I think hers has been directed at Lisa.

      • kym

        Co-sign! Yolanda is trying to take Lisa’s “spot” on the show and she did talk smack about her in Paris..

      • ninja_please

        Terrific insight. I didn’t know about Pandora being in his will. I can now understand Yolonda’s dig’s against Lisa. The how scene with Yolonda trying to bash Lisa about invitint Mohammad to Ken’s bday was weird! But now it makes total sense. And I believe Mohammad knows exactly what he’s doing this this chess game with all the women in his lives. I hope Shiva gets while the getting is good.

    • Willow

      I remember that Yolanda did say something about Lisa, and that it was she who was lying, but I can’t remember what she said, does anyone remember??

      • distressed

        AS I recall. Yolanda told Kim that Lisa is not your friend, Lisa is full of s–t. And she was asking Kim, who’s there for you? I am, not Lisa.
        So last year’s reunion they called her on it, it was on camera and Yolanda denied it. Then that turned into Kim and Kyle have insulted my character or something like that. Bravo never clarified and scene.
        But Yolanda did say those things. And this year Yolanda has been particularly rude to Kyle about Kyle not being her friend and calling her a liar when we all saw Yolanda say those things. In Palm Springs, Yolanda was telling Kyle that she needed to earn back trust and respect, whatever. It’s completley insane.

      • JoJo

        distressed: In Paris when Kim, Kyle and Yolanda were in the shop talking about how butt hurt Kim was about Lisa’s insinuations about Kim’s sobriety and caring, we heard everything BUT Yolanda say “Lisa’s full of shit” – she did say “did Lisa call to check on you? that’s what a friend would do if she cared – she’s no friend of yours” (or close). Bet Bravo left the big “she’s full of shit” out to keep the drama going through the reunion and into this season.

    • Fahlina_G

      Yolanda was a much better person when she was all about lemons, rather than Lymes…..

  2. Nicole

    I love Lisa! You tell ’em bitches!

    • puppylove

      I love Lisa too, those other bitches, Brandi, the Richard sisters and Yolanda can all take a hike. Yolanda is totally jealous of Lisa. Her friendship with Mohammed and that Lisa actually has a job, keeping her businesses moving along. Yes Kim and Kyle did tell Lisa about Yolanda’s statement in Paris but they wanted to see the rift between Yo and Lisa happen much sooner than it did. It takes a lot to really hurt Lisa and they did it in spades. I hope they all get a spell put on them by Carlton, who has totally called Kyle out on her stupid statements. When I saw the preview of next Monday and heard Kim and her rotten mouth yell at Ken I wanted to kick her through the TV. Is she really sober and off the pills, that was just plain rage that came out. Ken on the other hand from what I saw was a perfect gentleman and said alright then. We will see what happens next. Lisa and Ken are soooooooo far above Yo, Kim, Kyle, and Brandi it’s a shame they have to associate with those low life women. Now I understand why Adrian was so upset with Brandi and her mouth, nothing but lies and to try and get the other women low life as they are on her side. I am glad to see Joyce and Carlton sticking to there own thoughts on this. When Brandi was saying private things about Adrian and knew she should have kept her mouth shut she knew things would get tense between Lisa and Adrian as Lisa took up for Brandi. Same thing here. Brandi says things that aren’t true and passes rumors as truth She is a biatch. Kim and Kyle are so into themselves they can’t see the forest for the trees. I am disappointed in Yolanda I thought she has more class than that. Just because she married well doesn’t mean she has class I guess.
      I am not usually not this negative in a response but these women just push my buttons the wrong way

  3. brillke

    TT, do you happen to remember the details about what went down between Kyle and Yolanda in Paris? I know there was a fight over who said what at the reunion but I don’t really remember any of the details.

    • JoJo

      I remember it as Yolanda saying to Kim “did Lisa call to check on you? that’s what a friend would do if she cared – she’s no friend of yours” – with Kyle there at the Paris clothing store.

      • JoJo

        ooops sorry, obviously I’m not TT and didn’t presume to answer for her , I just re-read you’re asking her -)

      • brillke

        Oh, that was it? That’s a weird thing for Yolanda to say but I’m sure I’m forgetting the backstory.

        Thanks for letting me know.

      • JoJo

        brillke – In Paris, it was after all the back & forth about Kim saying she was with Lisa & Ken all afternoon, when she apparently passed out in her hotel room before the girls had their cooking lesson. Lisa kept correcting Kim about it and wondering if she was ok. Kim went on to get pissed at Lisa’s meddling and ‘fake caring’ – ergo Yolanda’s comment 😉

      • brillke

        Thanks for the help. I’d totally forgotten the cooking class in Paris.

  4. Mari Anne Souza

    Oh, T, thank you for all this new info. And for Giggy’s GIF – I love that boy.

  5. headdr23

    No offense but Lisa has been no Angel by far & this season she disgusted me. Lisa always loved making digs at Kyle & saying them every chance she gets. It was nasty & mean girl mentality along with Carlton, Yolanda & Brandi. They were mean girls this whole season & Kyle had every right to fire back or defend herself. Lisa chose Brandi & that train wreck is garbage & always has been. Lisa threw Kyle away as well as took the words of lying, fake ass, Yolanda. Carlton is a psycho & had issues that were unfounded, against Kyle from the jump. I have & remain team Kyle. She is a loyal & loving friend & in no way claiming she is perfect. I just feel Lisa got served a good heaping spoonful of karma. I think Lisa needs to evaluate the company she keeps & company she chooses to betray others that were once her true friend. Seriously can’t stand Carlton, Brandi &Yolanda. Get them off the show please.

    • I think a lot of people do not understand Lisa’s dry sarcastic wit.

      • brillke

        I totally agree. When she said that to Kyle about Mauricio being with younger women, she was obviously joking, it was his child for goodness sake, and she also addressed the rumor in a way to say here, we’ve addressed it, move on. Too bad Kyle got pissed. She should have appreciated Lisa helping her out. I like Lisa and I think she can be a bit of a mother hen at times but it’s because she cares, not because she’s bossy.

      • I do and it I love it, and the Giggy GIF!

      • JoJo

        I know and it can even be catty, but said with such intelligent wit. I’m of the opinion if she didn’t have all these witty remarks then she’d be boring as hell since she doesn’t DO anything nasty, drunken, or talk behind their backs!

      • beth

        I agree TT, Lisa does have a quick, sometimes sharp, sense of humor. IMO, the joke about Portia being the “other woman” was just that, a joke, but I don’t think Lisa appreciated how sensitive Kyle was regarding that particular subject. I don’t think there was malicious intent behind it.

      • I agree. She’s awesome in my book though. Love her wit and sense of humor.

    • AMTraveler

      Ummmm I’m sorry… but did you really just refer to Kyle Richards as loyal? Lisa aside (who she DID throw under the bus in the season 2 reunion) – this is a woman who played a role in the unraveling of her own sister on national television. I in no way hold her solely responsible, but her loyalties to Kim seem to extend so long as Kim appears to be the underdog. Her relationship with her sister would appear to be complicated and multilayered… but doesn’t exactly scream “loyal”. Co-dependent yes, but there is a distinction. Lisa has been incredibly honest with her. Following the incident at the reunion, Lisa explained that their relationship had changed. I don’t believe she has once characterized their relationship as being how it was before the reunion. You can make many mistakes with your friends, but mistakes involving loyalty are betrayals that are not so easily overcome just because you realized you played the hand wrong. In Kyle’s world you can find “Ooops I’m sorry I outed you as an alcoholic on tv” and “Oooops sorry I completely sold out our friendship for the promise of something bigger and better” sympathy cards. I don’t think we shop at the same Hallmark.

      • brillke

        I completely agree with you about Kyle and Kim.

        I think it was the first episode of the series and the sisters went grocery shopping. They go to put their handbags in the cart and Kim put hers on top of Kyle’s and Kyle gasp and kinda throws Kim’s to the other side of the cart. Then Kim goes to buy margarine for some potatoes she’s going to make and Kyle is like ew, that’s not butter. They get home and Kyle fusses at Kim about the butter and Kim’s like I’ve always made them this way and you like them. Ken and Lisa show up and after a minute Lisa asked what the tub of margarine was and Kyle laughs and was like oh I know, I told her not to use it with Kim standing right there, embarrassed.

        That’s not exactly how things happened but it’s what I can remember and to me that’s kinda set the scene for Kim and Kyle’s relationship. If Kim had done exactly like Kyle said she would have been fine but Kim didn’t listen to Kyle so she had to be taught a lesson. Kyle doesn’t see Kim as her sister or her equal and I’ve always hated how she treated her.

      • Fahlina_G

        Cosign! But more importantly, do YOUR cards come with little hand-written hearts on them? (well only for your Dream Team of course) Just remember, she can always list her house….

      • Vodkating

        Agreed. Kyle Richards is loyal to no one but herself and her husband. I used to like Brandi, even bought her book last season but this season she has shown her true character. I don’t like her and yes she passes rumors as truths. She also needs another storyline other than ‘My ex left me for Leann’ it’s old and I am tired to hear it.

        Can’t wait to see Brandi fall…she will learn that Kyle is no one’s friend!

    • DeeDee

      So, am I understanding this correctly: Lisa deserves this dish because she chose to be friends with Brandi? And, Kyle, who has played the sympathy card over and over again, much like Brandi, and has failed to come to anyone’s defense, that I can remember – including that of her sick sister’s – deserves to be front chair when all this goes down? Wow…..

    • I think Kyle is the original mean girl. I’m so tired of her two faced antics. I wish she would get the boot.

    • pdt090

      Hating on Kyle Richards will also be a positive character trait as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I’m on Lisa’s side, but she was acting a little weird about the skull necklace/ring. She seemed to be either trying to stir the pot or get involved in something she had no knowledge of. I didn’t like that, but I’ve never seen anything else that was any worse than what the rest of them do. All Brandi’s “accusations” seem to be just fears that Lisa is out to get her. What does she think Lisa is going to do, deport her like Fredric?? Deport her where, to Liquor Barn? Did Lisa set the fire at Adrienne’s house? It seems like Brandi is pretty paranoid and delusional, and my alcoholic ex-friend used to exhibit the exact same behaviors.

    • I think that production did not tell Lisa in advance about the ring and necklace scene as they did everyone else. So at the point when everyone but lisa was out having a pow wow Lisa went to find out what was going on and began to wonder why she was not “on the scene”….that’s just my perspective.

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 3:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • wikunia

        I think Lisa was a little bit tipsy during the whole ring-gate. Her behavior and expression on her face would suggest that. She was a bit slower than usual.

      • Fahlina_G

        I had the exact same impression. She kept asking “what’s going on?” as if she genuinely had no idea.

    • i thought it was weird, too. she was like a dog with a bone with her repeated “the necklace is blue & this is gold” statements. the camera guys caught her dead to rights on that one. petty and not normal behavior for her, i think. she looked lost.

      • distressed

        I agree, she looked lost and confused. She doesn’t get it. At this point in the show they’re all laying traps for her. The scene at the clothing store. She looked impatient and unaware that she would be having this conversation again. But that was a set-up for the PR ambush that they’re all planning.
        And if Bravo is also attempting to trip Lisa up with production manuevers then Lisa is completely in the dark because she has to think that Bravo wants to show her in a positive light overall because they invested so heavily in her spin-off.

  7. khintx

    Brandi just can’t understand that when you go to grown up or family parties, get shit faced drunk, curse, sulk, accuse, cry and whine… people tend to stop inviting to you their parties. This is your wake up call Brandi. Answer it.

  8. Victoria

    Tamara ~~ Here is what I don’t understand about Lisa…She is a smart and successful businesswoman. Why would she want to hire this crazy staff at her restaurants (Villa Blanca & SUR)…it can’t be just for another show? As a businesswoman myself, I know that your employees are a reflection of you & your business. These people do not presently themselves in a professional way.
    Also, I live in Indianapolis & have a personal protection dog…a German Shepherd Dog (GSD – K9 Victoria’s Frankly Scarlett z Diehlomov…call name Scarlett). It absolutely makes me crazy when I see people (Lisa, Ken, Paris Hilton) carrying a small dog around & taking their dogs to restaurants and into people’s homes for dinner parties…letting the dog drink out of crystal at the table. Now, come on…if I showed up at Villa Blanca / SUR or a dinner party at Lisa’s home with my K9 dog and invited the dog to sit in my lap & drink out of the crystal…Lisa & Ken would DIE!!! So, to that I say…please leave Giggy’s ass at home. Your dog is no different than mine!!! Getting off the soapbox now…

    • Megan

      Giggy is part of the show, he has been since the start. I think they pay him in outfits. lol

    • Irish Tara

      I will jump in here having frequented Villa Blanca. Villa Blanca has a completely different clientele and is located in a much more upscale area.
      SUR is located in West Hollywood and it is completely different clientele, younger, wilder and more alternative.
      I am sure that VPR’s drama adds to curiosity factor.

    • Girl, I kean absolutely no disrespect, and I wholly agree with you and I have my own German Shepherd (my retired Forensics/cadaver dog), but Giggy is off limits (in my mind anyway!). He’s a lover, not a fighter!


    • beth

      Is a German Shepherd versus (what breed is Giggy?) a fair comparison? Isn’t it normal, in Beverly Hills at least, for people to carry around their tiny dogs with them everywhere they go? just my impression, never been there …

    • Excuse me. Giggy needs his own spin-off thank you very much.

    • Fahlina_G

      In all honesty, I bartended in college. A LOT of restaurants and bars are filled with the exact same dysfunction. it just seems to be part and parcel of working in the service industry. There is always the man-whore hooking up with half the staff, his female counterpart, the manager who hits on the servers, the catty female drama, the “couple” who works together who are always fighting and everyone who goes out drinking after their shift. Must be the age and crazy hours. (or something in the water)

      • Agreed. This was the scene in every food industry job I ever attempted in my 20s. Sidenote: I got fired from every single one.

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • distressed

        Worked through college as a waitron and if you think the waitstaff is nuts, don’t go in the kitchen. Some of those people are actually criminals. But if they make a delicious plate on a consistent basis, no one says boo.

  9. BH28

    Brandi is ridiculous, she said “I’m not ready to go up against her” in her talking heads. If she had a problem with Lisa, and being the straight shooter she says she is, why the hell didn’t she go talk DIRECTLY with Lisa?
    It looks even more like a set up because she waited until the trip when everyone is together to throw her under the bus. And she did that because she couldn’t stand Kyle and Lisa being friends again, calling each other, throwing party’s together. That just show how jealous she was of them being close again. On Monday’s episode you can see her saying to Kyle “She’s your best friend, you should ask her. Ask her tomorrow when she calls you”. It’s not Brandi’s business if Lisa decides she wants to be close again with Kyle, it’s their friendship, they can choose to do whatever they want. Brandi is the one meddling in everyone’s business, not Lisa as she said. It’s pathetic.
    I truly feel sorry for Lisa, she didn’t deserve all of that shit they put her through.
    Lisa could deport Brandi to planet trash, she clearly needs to go there.

  10. JoJo

    No matter all the small, witty, but catty Lisa remarks for 4 seasons now, Lisa still hasn’t done one big thing that will be important enough for the rest of these ladies to be able to ‘prove’ she has, is and always will be the smart, manipulative user.
    I bet if someone had the time they could put together a couple pages of Lisa’s snide remarks to try and make a case against her. But the fact that she is smart and has done nothing we viewers see as anything other than a side, snarky remark – which usually have been on point – I doubt she’ll suffer fan issues if she choose to go for more seasons.
    The ONE thing I disagree with about Brandi & her mess is the jealousy on Lisa being on DWTS. No matter the point they were in their relationship, I just don’t see that she didn’t understand with Lisa’s popularity and status, Lisa was the likely choice from a Housewife franchise for this opportunity. (Actually Lisa should be on Celebrity Apprentice now that I think of it.)
    Now Kyle being absolutely frog-green over DWTS, I can see 100%

  11. BH28

    Oh and just saw the preview from the dinner in Puerto Rico where they attack Lisa.
    You can see Brandi laughing when Kyle is asking about the tabloids. I don’t believe it for a SECOND that Lisa put the magazines in the suit case.
    And what’s more strange to me (correct me if I’m wrong) they all went to Palm Springs in different cars, and Lisa came with Carlton.
    Yolanda came with Brandi, so either they we’re planning this whole thing since that trip, or they are lying like truly stupid people.

    • Elizabeth

      I have always thought that Kyle planted those stories about Mauricio’s cheating – just so she would have a storyline this season. Especially since they were planted in rags that no one reads and none of the major tabs even picked up on the story. The only person that kept bringing up the “alleged” affairs in the tabloids was Kyle.

    • distressed

      I don’t know what happened or what will be claimed happened. But Yolanda and Brandi both contacted Joyce to cause some distance between Lisa and Joyce early on in the season. So if the attack was planned then the two of them did it together and it started before any of this nonsense with Kyle cheated on me and Lisa didn’t come to my finger painting party.

  12. Court

    I’m Team Lisa, always have been. Kyle thought she was fan favorite in Season One. I still remember at the S1 reunion when she threw her friendship with Taylor in Lisa’s face and loved that Lisa was jealous of it. I also believe that Kyle said what Camille accused her of back then because Kyle is always making stupid remarks like that. Making fun of people then does that stupid cackle after like she’s the funniest person on the planet. She was mean girl to Brandie as well in the beginning. Lisa might make catty remarks (which are pretty funny and spot on) but she has never been a mean girl like Kyle. And when is Brandi going to take freaking ownership of anything that comes out of her mouth! And I have no words for ‘my love’ blech Yolanda. She seems jealous of Lisa. Lisa runs businesses! Sorry she can’t make time for your paint party in the middle of the day- ok, I’m done ranting.

    • distressed

      I agree her. I thought Kyle was indeed the star of the show all through S1 until she got in that limo and destroyed herself. She really has no self awareness. She thought she was the one who would get all the sympathy.
      Once we rolled into S2 reunion with game night and the secret alliance to go after Lisa exposed, that was it. There was no coming back. She buried herself and blames everyone else for her decline in popularity. She also didn’t get the spin off she pitched to Bravo, but they went with VPR instead.
      Now that she’s on the Brandi boat. I mean I don’t know, where can you possibly go from there. Again she thinks she will be the one to get the sympathy from the audience, but if things remain as they are this ambush in PR will again backfire in her face. Nobody cares about the cheating rumors, and it looks like Kyle will take Brandi’s word for it in a choice between believing Lisa or Brandi.

  13. Irish Tara

    The jealousy and the discrediting of Lisa began on the very first episode.
    The cats hissing, it was a fake faint.
    Lisa’s dry wit, is part of my culture, being born and raised in the UK.I find Lisa’s retorts brilliant.
    I am gobsmacked that these women would be influenced by a pub drunk such as Brandi.
    Yolanda certainly has an agenda against Lisa. Perhaps, Mohammand has more respect for Lisa than he does for his x wife?
    Lisa seems genuinely hurt this season.This indicates that she actually was emotionally invested in her one sided friendship with poor little Brandi.
    I hope Lisa gives them a brilliant dressing down..

    • Kitty Kat

      I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve just said. Really, what is forefront here, is that these women are very much in two, maybe three, different leagues. I’m nonplussed that Kyle and Yolanda would condescend to Brandi’s level; yes, even Kyle. Different leagues…by miles…

      As for my questions regarding Yolanda’s participation, perhaps you’re onto something. Jealousy is a very very strong and unbecoming emotion and causes typically rational people to act uncharacteristically (or characteristically-who really knows these people?).

      Anywho, I am also looking forward to Lisa emerging from this victorious–and with the last best word.

      • distressed

        Jealousy by another name is competition. If you look at it that way then all this can be a very rational decision. They have to discredit Lisa to take her fans away.
        I think Brandi is partially correct that Kyle is competitive with Lisa and would like nothing more than to be the Queen Bee of BH. If she can just pull Lisa down a notch then maybe she gets where she wants to be: the center of other people’s drama and best friend to all.
        I think Yolanda sees ascending the throne as a means to parlay that into her own show. She doesn’t strike me as wanting to be on this franchise at all. She wants a lifestyle show as her King pointed out in a press interview where he called them all clowns.
        Both are willing to get down to Brandi’s level because they need an alliance to go after Lisa. Brandi is already inside the castle so to speak.
        Brandi? Oh girl. I think she’s going after Lisa in order to be the next Bethenny. When Bethenny went against Jill everyone turned to her side. She was the underdog and Jill came across as myopic, self centered and over privileged. One of the main differences in that situation was that Bethenny never lost credibility with her fans. Brandi has lost that vaunted status as truth teller and largely due to off line activities on the press tour and the podcast.
        The problem with this plan is they ganged up on Lisa. Also the blogs have been a bloodbath filled with extreme criticism of Lisa based on double standards. This has totally offended my sense of fair play.

    • beth

      Irish Tara,
      I agree with you. When you mentioned Mohammed, I remembered something Lisa said during a visit to his house several seasons ago – he made a joke about leaving his millions to (I think) Pandora, and then he got up to get something upstairs – Lisa called after him “Be careful on the stairs” – I LMAO at that one.

    • LaraM

      I agree that her wit is brilliant, cuz! What I want to see from Lisa is her emotions on camera, silent on some issues on social media, and pull up her boot straps with confindence that she has, to not let anyone “strike that poison arrow through heart”. Sorry! Still live her video. :-)

      • LaraM

        *Confidence! Lol. I
        Notorious for posting in bed on iPhone with fat thumbs.

        Lisa should sing Maria’s song (Sound of Music) from Convent to Estate when dealing with all these fools on BH and VPR, the line I take is, “I will be firm, but kind…I need confidence, the confidence in me…” etc.

        Lisa can handle all these “clowns”, and a show or not a show. Imho!

  14. PlusOneForLuck

    I really think this all boils down to jealously over Vanderpump Rules and spin-offs in general. One lady from each season (with the exception of Miami – because who cares about Miami!!) seems to be getting a spin-off – NeNe, Tamara, Lisa, Caroline. I think each of the BH girls thinks they’re entitled to the spin-off & if they can just bring Lisa down it will be theirs for the taking. It’s sad – and the problem is it’s completely backfired on them. Especially since VR overtook BH in the rating department this season. It’s only making Lisa more endearing. Got to give them an “A” for effort though…

    • /cries I LIKE MIAMI DAMMIT! and y’all are a bunch of stupidheads for not liking it with me. /cries.

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 7:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • That has a lot to do with it. Mauricio and Kyle wanted a spin-off for his new real estate firm “The Agency” and Lisa wound up getting the spin-off.

      • distressed

        Okay, I didn’t know that. I too read that Kyle didn’t get her show but Lisa did. Interesting, because Mo is on million dollar listing often. That would have been a competing show? Maybe that’s why they didn’t get it?
        Regardless of why Bravo passed, VPR’s success must be burning them to the bone. And it looks like Ken is going to get all the sympathy from Mo’s fidelity being questioned on national TV. Lisa had better hire some security. Not kidding. Kyle’s coming over that wall one night in ninja attire. “Know that!”

      • Fahlina_G

        Thought Bravo already had a real estate show or two…?

    • Pushindazees

      I think you are right, and have thought all season that the other ladies are jealous that Lisa has two shows on the air (and I had forgotten about DWTS). Not only has Lisa been given the extra opportunities but she is also the most popular and well-liked of all the Beverly Hills group, and probably all the Housewives in general.

      • distressed

        DWTS has got to be significant in their state of minds going into the show. What did Kyle and Kim do? Diving with the stars or something? Lame. DWTS is a top rated netwrok show.

      • JoJo

        pushindazees: I didn’t know that! I actually like them and would watch (well at least until I hated them and wished they didn’t do it :)

    • JoJo

      I can’t for the life of me remember a spin-off with Caroline??
      But I know I would scratch my eyes out before I watched a whole hour of Kyle & Mauricio. Kyle is not interesting and she’s definitely not funny or witty. Mauricio has only one word “Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzing”!
      But if Bravo could find a couple authentic & rich housewives for BH who are interesting, I would applaud Kyle, Mauricio & Kim having their very own show about anything at all, as long as they left RHOBH, imho.

      • Pushindazees

        The spin off with Caroline and her family is still up and coming but it was announced around the time of the RHNJ reunion shows.

      • JoJo

        ooops I answered in wrong place – I’m glad to hear there might be a Manzo spin-off – I think the ‘kids can be pretty funny, especially when Greggy was there. I miss Greggy Bennett! God I wish they brought him back for a show.

  15. Mouth on floor!!!!! As you said, Tamara, “It seems no good deed goes unpunished when it comes to Lisa.” I used to love Brandi, but she ripped it with me this season. If she’d had any sense at all, she could’ve really learned a lot from Lisa & gotten to another maybe higher, better level in her life. But she’s done nothing but rolled around in the same mud hole she came from. What a dummy! Great blog, as usual, Tamara, thanks so much! :)

  16. Patricia

    I’m not on the Richards’ side but I’m also not on Lisa’s either. She’s an insufferable bitch. Now she wants to believe what the others have been telling her about Yolonda and Brandi? Sure, believe it when it’s convenient or when they turn on your ass. At the end of the day, Lisa needs to understand one thing: RH’s franchise is doing what they do best – chew up the star and spit her out. Just ask Viki G, Theresa G, Jill Z. Nene L. etc.

    • This. Yolanda/Brandi gave Kyle ZERO mercy for an entire season. Kim/Kyle told the truth about Yo, and all of a sudden, she now believes them. Heck yeah you “called it wrong” Lisa.

      Like you said, every Bravo super star gets their turn. BH is late to this storyline.

  17. I actually just got into it on twitter with somebody who actually thought Lisa was this manipulative monster and supported Brandi 100%. What shocked me is that they couldn’t answer my question of “What has Lisa done?”
    Their attack on Lisa seems to stem more from being a supporter of Brandi, and that’s just plain dumb to me. If you as a cast member or a fan are going to throw accusations about, at least have a legitimate accusation to make. It seems nobody in this situation does.
    It’s all generic “she’s manipulative, she’s calculating,” but there is no event that they can say she has manipulated or calculated. Come to me with something Lisa has done and I’ll believe you, but don’t sit around casting aspersions based on nothing. And that is why I am Team Lisa in all this mess.

  18. I’m not team Brandi, but I am team Kyle. The fact is that Lisa hasn’t been a good friend to Kyle. They had a falling out. Kyle apologized countless times. Lisa was nasty towards her in terms of her accusations of Mauricio. Like Kyle said, everyone has to apologize to Lisa. Lisa never apologizes to anyone.

    Oh, and when Lisa wasn’t over Kyle not defending her against Adrienne, Kyle had to pay. But when Lisa is over a situation (The Mauricio drama), Kyle has to be as well? Double standards a bound everywhere.

  19. Brandi is a tool. Literally speaking. She was brought on by Adrienne to rile Lisa up due to her “ties” to Cedric. Brandi saw an opportunity to ride Lisa’s coattails and then lambasted Adrienne. She then dogpiles Kyle along with Yolanda/Lisa for an entire season.

    NOW Brandi is simply turning on her friend for the sake of Kyle. Ratting Lisa out is going to make Lisa look terribly bad on everyone involved except Kyle. While I agree with Yolanda’s stance on Lisa, I don’t think she’s going to come out smelling like roses either.

  20. JoJo

    I thought Brandi’s connection to Adrienne and Cedric have both been disproved? I was under impression she knew neither in reality, but the attachments were attributed to her by some ‘higher power’ :)

    • spk

      What “higher power” attributed that to Brandi? Bc I distinctly remember her saying she had modeled w/ him. Or maybe you are saying she was just reading her script.

      I don’t know, Brandi strikes me as a stereotype. A babe who’s getting older, she’s made her life entirely about her hoo-ha, being wild and crass. She’s cheated on and spins out, acts wilder and latches onto those who think she’s entertaining, like Lisa. She seemed like just another lost soul, marketing herself frantically, any way she could. (Sounds like a bad 80’s song.)

      But if this bit about she & Cedric never knowing each other turns out to be true… then that’s a whole other shady deal. Andy is one manipulative exec. prod.

      • Megan

        We all know that first and foremost this is a tv show. The casting choices are done by production the fake ties of friendship to introduce a housewife are obvious.

      • spk

        So true Megan – nicely put.

      • JoJo

        spk: yep, I was referring to Bravo as the higher power From my recollection, there were oodles of snapshots on entertainment websites showing Brandi and Cedric walking together prior to her first season on RHOBH. And they may have become a little chummy by being forced together because of it.
        But Brandi claiming they were old friends from modeling is pretty far-fetched. She modeled in the 90’s, mostly commercial print and a stint of runway in Paris. Cedric is about 10 yrs younger than her I think I read. He was living in Britian, and I doubt they developed any friendship on the runway in Paris if they ever met at all :)

      • Fahlina_G

        Sort of like Kyle and Carlton meeting at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, lol?

    • I recall Brandi’s connection to Cedric being disproved – they didn’t know each other prior to filming and the relationship was “staged” to bring drama to LVP’s and Brandi’s story lines (of course my source is the internet, so it may or may not be valid). 😉

    • Fahlina_G

      I’ve heard that was bunk as well. Brandi never “modeled” with or even knew Cedric before this show. Now to remember where? Reality Tea or ROL perhaps?

  21. JoJo

    So does Lisa’s cryptic statement mean she is admitting involvement in letting INS/Customs know about Cedric’s new employment in the US – and therefore after he left the US ‘on his own volition’ and now can’t re-enter the US??
    Also what does Lisa mean when she says “Cedric was a precarious subject and one that out of loyalty to Brandi I would never have raised”? What’s the connection there or the precarious nature of Brandi & Cedric since they didn’t know each other before the show.
    With all the speculating on the issue of bringing Lisa down, I forgot I wanted to know what the blog post may mean.

    • All we can do is speculate at this point since this situation goes back to 2011 and beyond. If Lisa was sponsoring Cedric with an employment visa, and that employment was terminated then she would have to be on the up and up with INS. Lisa may still be trying to protect Brandi as there were multiple articles (again back in 2011) that Brandi exaggerated the relationship with Cedric to get on the show. I’m just guessing here since the only source I have is the internet and we all know how reliable that can be :-).

      • JoJo

        Aren’t almost all of us tootsie LOL, I don’t know these people that’s for sure.
        See although I like Lisa and VR, I have no doubt she’s razor-sharp with getting even with someone as she is with her wit on the show. In that sense I can understand generally when Brandi says she’s ‘afraid to go up against her’ – and if I were Brandi I wouldn’t. Lisa and her connections could be far more beneficial than trying to stage a coup considering who your soldiers are!!!!
        So Cedric got another job after Lisa & Ken, and they called INS & let them know he was no longer working for them, working somewhere else in violation of his Visa & sponsorship. Cedric was given a choice leave the country or find another sponsor and left. Lisa got even & Brandi should be concerned :) I’m still unsure of the loyalty Lisa mentions about not bringing Cedric up since I thought the world knows Brandi didn’t know him before the show.

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