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Blood Sweat and Heel Girls on WWHL

Demetria is sitting first chair. That is what I wanted to see. I am glad Andrew, RECOGNIZED, because as some little twat just posted I am biased as hell to  Demetria (and Geneva!).  For anyone else who is unclear about how a blog works, I give my opinions here. And my opinion is that Demetria and Geneva rock. Don’t agree? You can give your lame reasons for liking the loud obnoxious drunk chicks in comments. Unless you are banned from commenting, in which case you can suck it! And for those of you who prefer the Louds, things always go to hell in season two and my favorites never fail to disappoint, so if you can hang on til then, I may change my mind.

Moving on… Andy begins by throwing shade at Mica. Her “equine mating call” which I ever so delicately declined to mock on my recap tonight is the drinking “word.” Melyssa is new. As in brand new, if you know what I mean, and she doesn’t realize shade is even being thrown because that is how Andy roles. He really should NOT have put her in the middle of the Prouds.  Then Andy takes the shade farther so the clueless Loud gets it. He suggests that when we hear the equine mating call, that we drink until we flash our lady bits at an Uptown Magazine party. #ShadyBoots

Next on Andrew’s list is the video vixen herself, Melysssa. Andy clearly wants to sit next to me in the Team Proud bleachers.  Andy plays a clip of Sisqó’s Thong Song Video despite his indications that Melyssa did not want him to do so. #PalmTreeOShade .  Melyssa  pretends to be embarrassed rather than, you know actually being embarrassed.

Nene Horse

On to Andy throwing some shade at Kenya. Way back when she was on the show  last summer, she appeared not to know what R.S.V.P. stood for when asked why she didn’t tell Nene she was not coming. (She was in Nigeria when Nene gave everyone 3 weeks notice to her wedding by EVITE! ). At that time Kenya tried to tell Andy that R.S.V.P. means  Reserve S’il vous plait.  Kenya knows better than that. But Andy did catch her in a hypocritical moment. Fine Andrew. Keep Nene happy. I really think she needs to go out to pasture though.

Dear God, Andy had Kenya do some sort of monologue as Scarlett from Gone With The Wind holding carrots. Me and all the gals from Blood Sweat & Heels have the same WTF look on our faces right now. Was that Brandon’s red satin robe she was wearing? When did she do that?

Now the shade turns to my girls, because everyone gets a turn in the hot seat when they come to visit Andy the first time. He does love to burn virgins at the stake. So he replays the time that Demetria (who I am going to start referring too as D because this girl is tired of typing that name that make me worry I done misspelled something,) and Geneva out shopping and trash talking the video vixen while she is all up in between then like a cling-on ‘tween butt cheeks, Y’all. This ain’t right. Melyssa says her business manager cuts her at times because she can be irresponsible at times. Woah girl! Way to own your business! Tamara Tokens for the video vixen!  She also says she has done more than two million in sales in her first six months! You go girl! Maybe later we can negotiate a swap for you in exchange for Brie?  You never know…

Andy plays the drunken Mica scene in the Hamptons and asks Demeteria and Geneva if they have any regrets about that.  Why would they have regrets about Mica being drunk out of her mind? They can’t control her? They both obviously say no.  A better question would have been does Melyssa regret not helping to stage an intervention?

Blood Sweat DemetriaQuestions:

Has anyone tried sitting down with Mica on a personal level and talking to her about her severe drinking problem and find out what the core of the problem is? Demetria says it is addressed on the show; however, she denies she has a drinking problem to this day. She doesn’t think she has one, so..

Do Geneva and Demetria regret how they treated Mica in the Hamptons now that they have seen themselves on TV? Asked and answered already. Geneva says she loves Mica. But her thing is while you are going through a lot, and they did not know that her father had just passed at the time. In fact she asked Mica right away about her father and she didn’t want to talk about it. But (these are my words here that seem to be what Geneva is trying to say, there is a certain decorum involved in going to someone’s parent’s home. ) She says you don’t disrespect anyone’s mama’s house.

Why were y’all upset that Demetria blogged their conversations when it was on national television?   Geneva has answered this before. I didn’t like her explanation then either. Mostly because it is bullshit. She says she knows that bloggers blog. But the real deal is that she didn’t like her business on a blog. Now she says it’s because it wasn’t in context. It was in context, just not the context she wanted it in. Whatever, we’ve moved on.

Demetria’s hair is like the focal point of the haters on my blog. Demetria is asked if it is all real? She says sometimes it is sometimes it isn’t. Demetria says she has some pieces in tonight to fluff it up for television. So once again. There you have it. Please quit your hateful comments in moderation… It’s not a wig people. And  even if it were, why come to my blog and make your very first comment some negative bullshit. It just gets you kicked out of the entry line. This blog is not free to all. Some of you are just not worthy of being here. It’s mean, yes but it’s true.  Andy asks if she fluffed it up just for him and she says yes. Andy says that he appreciates it, though he does not typically need a fluffer.  Oh look Andrew made a funny!

Geneva, how is your sex life?  She says she was going through a dry stage at that time and she tend to get caught up in her work, and vibrators really help.

During the commercial they replay a scene from some sort of Top Ten Bravo Vacations with Sheree Whitfield looking like a fool. I wonder how long until she sues Bravo?  And before you say she can’t sue Bravo, she “couldn’t sue” me either. And by “couldn’t sue” you mean she has no case. Sadly, that never stops Sheree from frivolous  litigation despite losing every time. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t pay her legal fees either , allegedly, based on her previous lawyers suing her for non-payment. Repeatedly. Allegedly. Attn:  any imbecilic lawyer who may be representing Sheree this week. GET A BIG RETAINER! Just a bit of friendly advice.  Oh and  my attorney is Ashley Merchant. You know that commercial a long time ago where the insurance companies shook in their shoes when the opposing attorney was mentioned?  It’s like that y’all.

Demetria on Blood Sweat and Heels It's Hell TimeOh sorry back to the show.. Andy asks about Mica’s Wesley Snipes comment. I will tell you know that I deleted many similar comments from this blog and all of them were from first time commenters. I’ve said many times, I don’t want just anyone commenting here. I really didn’t know how to justify my rationale for not allowing those posts but allowing and even further participating in the bashing of these reality stars, because that is what we do here. These people perform for out entertainment in most cases. thus they open themselves up for whatever comes their way as far as comments and feedback and it is up to me to decide what is okay and what isn’t and sometimes that line becomes so blurry and all I ask is that you call them by their proper name, for fucksake.

And then along come the women of Blood Sweat and Heels. It’s  A FIRST SEASON. Don’t you just love a first season before they all become disfigured caricatures of their actual selves because they have no soul and will do anything for a dollar no more dignified than a stripper on a pole?

I believe that the Prouds are not like that. I’m that girl who believes in the next man, the next Bravo cast, the next doctor, the next boss, is going to be different. And Geneva S. Thomas gave me hope with her answer to Andy. She didn’t take any shade from him whatsoever. She gave him a WWHL answer and replied with “read my article on . Here is an excerpt.

“What makes Mica’s comment insulting and derogatory is first, to ever call a woman a man is a way below the belt. But more urgently, for a seemingly racially ambiguous, light skinned woman to call a dark skinned Black woman Wesley Snipes is an explicit dance on colorism. Moreover, this comment coming from a woman whose own skin color has not only been unclear and confusing to many viewers (not to her own fault, Mica has stated both of her parents are African-American) but whose light skin has been a source of personal trauma and angst her entire life. It’s evident Mica deals with skin color issues on a deep, and drastic level. Mica has been vocal on the show about her experiences not feeling Black enough. In our own conversations, she shared the times she received mean stares from Black women when she’s out with her boyfriend, whose skin is dark. More recently, in an interview, she recalls when white woman told her she was too beautiful to be Black. Bottom line, in her anger and frustration, Mica projected her own skin color issues on to me. Hurt people can hurt people, and confused people dwell in confusion. And while I was shocked, and disappointed, I get it. It’s for these reasons that it became immediately critical for me to write openly about this experience.”  Please go read the entire story here.  It doesn’t matter what color you are, baby, go read it.  This girl can write. I’m embarrassed to be posting this whole conversational mess now. I need to be out there talking about SOMETHING! But for now I just need to finish this here blawg, y’all a girl is tired and needs some chocolate, dang this night is long.  It’s 1 am which makes this  hour five of straight up recapping. I need me a union!

Melyssa, Can you share a really super juicy horror story from your times working in music videos? Um noe. I had standards. Somewhere  in there Andy learned for the first time that Melyssa used to date Flo Rida! Well her future is sealed, Andy creams over any celeb connection.

Geneva, Do you have a nickname for Mica since she called you Wesley Snipes?  I was hoping she would take the high road and say no, but she said she is going to call her AA. You lost some Tamara Tattles Tokens there, Geneva, but your  Essence article was worth a hundred so you are still good with me.

Demertia, do you regret blogging about your friends and would you do it again?  I have this shit paused and I hope she tells this bitch to fuck off.  Do these fools not understand the concept of blogging? Is this shit brand new to some people?  D says look, I was talking about topics, I didn’t use any names and then she gets her blog name,

It’s ONLY GAME TIME? I feel like I have been in labor with this blog for 39 hours. Dear God GET THIS BLOG OUT OF ME!

The game is DWHEEL Breakers Because D is a relationship blogger. Nothing particularly interesting to report there.

Andy asks Melyssa what she thought of Geneva referring to her as trash on the way to the polo match.,,,Melyssa goes easy on her. I get the feeling that Melyssa might actually have replaced Brie on team Proud! YAY! Bygones!

Imma post this bitch but damn it is an  ugly birth that I refuse to edit.


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31 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Blood Sweat &Heels Girls: Demetria Lucas, Geneva S. Thomas & Melyssa Ford

  1. Teresa

    I dont think MICA was referring to Geneva’s skin color when she stated she looked like Wesley Snipes in the movie “To Wong Foo”. The BANGS, the hairstyle, the hair color…and her looks, look it up, she does LOOK like Wesley Snipes! Replay the scene, Mica said “Wesley Snipes, the bangs, To Wong Fo”. She never once stated anything about her skin color.

    • Agreed!

      If being called a man is what offended Geneva the most, I can accept that. But if the man she compared you to is your same complexion, Geneva, how is that colorism?? “To call a dark skinned woman, Wesley Snipes,”…um is he not dark skinned, too? I guess he should feel bad about his skin tone since Geneva felt so offended by being compared to him. Speaks more to her own issues than Mica’s, imo.

    • Bombshell

      I totally agree and for Geneva to make that association is disappointing to say the least! She took that and ran with it and that was irresponsible journalism on essence! I can’t believe someone approved it! So if mica were darker it would have been ok?

    • kym

      If you can’t relate to the “color” issues that African Americans have, you can’t relate or see Geneva’s point.

      • I get the colorism argument. And I love Geneva and thought her argument was extremely well thought out and written. That said, I think she might have been overestimating Mica’s intellectual ability to go there, reacted as if it were a colorism issue based on past experience moreso than Mica intended. In other words, Mica was just being a drunk bitch and all the isms we try to assign to everything was probably irrelevant.

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. Great job! I love Demetria. She keeps it real 24/7 and I liked the way Geneva handled Andy’s shade. D still makes me crack up when watching rerun of her screaming and running out of house to escape Mica! LOL! Body language got a bit frosty at first after Andy showed that shopping clip but Melyssa took the high road back. I wonder if Andy will ever have Mica on WWHL with that full bar? Guess he might try to make it through a 20 minute show, but then again Mica comes in loaded.

  3. pdt090

    I like Geneva and that article is certainly more poignant than anything I’d ever expect from a Bravolebrity, but I think she’s off the mark in saying Mica was mocking her, intentionally or otherwise, for her skin color. She was just calling her ugly. Mica does seem to have some hang ups on her skin tone but I doubt that her Wesley Snipes shade really had anything to do with that.

  4. AmberKnows

    Great blog and thanks for including Geneva’s response to the Wesley Snipes insult. The insult was so layered being that it was used to call her ugly, manly AND black. Like dark black. She could have just called her a man, drag queen and ugly but choosing such an iconic image of Wesley was the ultimate diss, where she sneaked in a touch of colorism to boot.

    • So should Wesley Snipes feel bad that any comparison to him is an insult about ones skin color? Like, to call someone who is similar in skin tone to Wesley, is not pointing out anything but how unattractive they are because they are dark??

      Damn, Wesley, when I see you, I’m going to give you a hug.

  5. I personally didn’t think she was talking about her color as well. Geneva told her to “detox” and Mica replied with the Wesley Snipes comment. If you give it you need to be able to take it! Great blog TT.

  6. SaraK

    Tamara…I half agree with you. Not a fan of Geneva but ADORE Demetria, the hair, the confidence, the whole package. Melyssa scored big points for bringing a big bright light into the shade being thrown by owning her stuff! For Sara…leave Geneva, don’t like to see her put down Melyssa when the girl is trying to change but the money in the old life is so attractive. Mica..I want her to get help because I think she is fun, but has some hurt to deal with. Daisy…I really just can’t, it don’t need my reality TV to be real, but among the other girls, just too sickingly sweet, what I expect from that little girl “you don’t like me, well I love me wink”. Bree, don’t see anything to back up the pretentiousness. So I will take Melyssa and Demetria at this point.

  7. Deborah

    In my opinion D and Geneva exhibited juvenile behavior at Brie’s home and at polo match towards Mica. Geneva is in denial stating Mica was insults regarding skin tone . Brie is pretentious. The Louds are loud .

    • AngieB

      I was so disappointed in Brie’s behavior in the Hamptons, and I’m talking about before Mica arrived. She was one of my favorites but it was uncomfortable to watch her telling her guests not to touch stuff, etc., like she was teaching an etiquette class. They were afraid to move. It was a house in the country, not a museum.

      • sarcasatire

        Mind you, she never even let them IN the house. She had them in the backyard, very much like, “your kind isn’t welcome around here.”

  8. Geneva’s article is written beautifully. I really think there is merit in considering Mica to be the wounded person here. Good for Geneva- she handled that insult with tact and diplomacy. I, for one have never had issues of colorism because I am not of African-American descent, but I can imagine how painful it must be, and to also be called a man is just like Geneva said, “Below the belt.”

    I really think the proud shad no idea how to address a person acting completely out of control in the Hamptons. I also had the chance to view other episodes (I just started to watch because your recaps have been so good) and I remember Mica coming to Geneva’s work event and her actions were appalling. I think the proud shave just had enough of her shenanigans, and that can definitely diminish the compassion that they could feel toward Mica’s drinking problem. Also, Demetria’s hair is quite fabulous. I would die to have thick hair like that!

    T. T., you are a trooper for staying up and blogging for us. I really appreciate it! I will definitely throw you some cash as soon as I can.

  9. Damn it. It is prouds have, not proud shad.

  10. katro

    Love the recaps and love the Prouds, and this site. I am hooked!

  11. AMTraveler

    Whether or not Mica’s use of the Wesley Snipes reference was a conscious example of colorism, I DO believe it to have been at minimum subconscious. Wesley Snipes is a frequent and pervasively used example of a popular dark complexioned black actor at a time in which lighter skinned black actors/models/performers were frequently given more opportunities. I have heard the reference to Wesley Snipes on several occasions when discussing complexion – both in the positive and pejorative. Mica is definitely not naive to this. I am of the opinion that her affect and behavior scream contrived and inauthentic – but you don’t achieve that without some research. She is a character by design whose frequent intoxication is what stands in the way of her hitting her mark but DOES remove inhibition. Could be self-preservation, could also be a desperate attempt to be interesting and outrageous enough to maintain your role on a reality tv show about working women when you might not actually work… *cough* Bravo to Geneva for handling this with grace.

  12. AngieB

    I’m simply stunned that anyone would have anything negative to say about Demetria’s hair. It’s absolutely fabulous. It needs its own twitter account like Yolanda’s fridge.

  13. Ms 1dimple

    I love that show.. and Tamara girllllllllll you WERRRRRRRRRKED that recap!! I love me some Demetria and Geneva… They had a disagreement and worked it out like 2 grown-ups. Mica does have issues. I love how she spinned her story to the other girls about the Hamptons. I missed WWHL so thank you for the recap~

  14. CurlyNOLA

    I was saddened by Andy calling the ladies “a trio of tramps” as he was cutting to the next break. I thought he should have apologize for that. I thought that was uncalled for.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Oh, yeah, I know, WTF was that? Andy is a major douche.

    • Tara C.

      Andy has been extra Shady lately. I’m starting to think he’s getting too big for his britches! I miss the days of Andy kissing the Bravolebrities asses. Since they are the ones who helped raise his star power . Would any A list stars have even entertained the idea of coming on his show, oh let’s say 4 or 5 years ago? I think not! Andy go back the silly, fun loving guy we used to know!

      • Tara C.

        And I personally love Mica , and was hoping she’d be on last night! According to my DVR she was supposed to be ? I look forward to seeing her on soon. And why the hell is Stassi on WWHL again tonight? Had enough of her, till next season! I think that was a mistake on Andy’s part. But will enjoy his bf , Anderson Cooper, maybe throwing some shade at Princess Stassi tonight!

    • lori

      Well that’s because deep down, Andy hates most women. Not the first time he’s said something like that, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  15. DeeDee

    I’m doing pretty good at de-Bravo-sizing and have seen only one episode of this show. Unfortunately, it was the one with Mica having a melt down in the Hamptons. What a mess – that was it for me. But, thanks TT, for the blog update. I’ll keep reading in hopes that this poor girl gets some help… geeze!

  16. kym

    I love the dresses that D wears – so pretty.

    • Me too! And I WANT to think she is plus sized and wonder where she gets them! Sadly TV makes people look larger than they are and she is probably NOT plus sized at all. I’d guess a 10 or 12. :(

      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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