Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Turning Down the Crown

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Joyce/Kyle

It’s time for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the continuation of the malodorous plot dethrone Queen Lisa.  Carlton goes to the witch store to pick up a few witchy things and invites Yolanda. Carton is getting a candle reading. The candle reader tells her she is doing a great job of standing in her goddess power, just in case you thought such things might be accurate. Because, wrong.  Despite that, Yolanda buys some candles.

Kyle tells Joyce about the scene at the birthday party where she called Carlton anti-Semitic. Kyle says she does not believe in the Wiccan philosophy. Then the producers have her tell a tale of witchy happenings in her home. I don’t think anyone gets the whole Wiccan thing to even know how to accurately make fun of it. It’s like they thought it would be great fun to cast a witch on the show, and then wrote some bad lines from an old episode of Charmed into the script for dramatic effect.  Kyles computer has began calling her names. She blames Kyle. I can’t even attempt to recap this.  They decide not to invite the witch to Puerto Rico.

In some dank production office it seems that a bunch of straight, male, housewives producers from all the franchises got together and kicked around some ideas.  The result of this meeting was the brilliant idea that what a bunch of middle-aged women really want to see is naked women getting spray tans.  This week it is the RHOBH turn and Brandi and Kim are the ones we get to gander at. Aren’t you excited? But first, Brandi and Kim exchange notes on every indiscretion they can come up  with to justify their belief that Lisa Vanderpump is the devil.  Brandi says that Lisa had Cedric deported. Who knew Lisa had such mad powers with the department of immigration. Brandi is concerned she is next. Sounds great to me. What country can we ship Brandi too? I hear Syria is lovely this time of year.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Yolanda Foster

It’s time to try to sell Mohammed’s house again. The tour begins in the garden with Mohammed and Yolanda picking herbs for dinner.  Joyce cancelled on Yolanda’s party for Gigi. Yolanda does not pitch a fit like she did with Lisa.  My guess is she knows that Joyce had to fly to Puerto Rico twice for a serious family crisis during this time.  Everyone seems to be stunned that Yolanda is in sweats and sneakers.

Brandi’s tongue and throat are still swollen. This is a side effect of Botox injections. Brandi says that she had an allergic reaction to aspirin. I think the last episode she said she ate something she was allergic to.  I’m just telling you what she says, believe what you want. Now Brandi is going back to the very first dinner at SUR where Scheana was a waitress and rewriting history to make it a big set up on Lisa’s part to upset her. Seriously? Suddenly, Brandi says she was under Lisa’s control all this time and now she has wised up to Lisa’s manipulations. What happened in the last two episodes for her to have this change of heart about Lisa? Suddenly, her problem with Lisa is Scheana.  Scheana,has worked for Lisa since before Brandi arrived on the scene. But now, two years later she is trying to bring Lisa down because of Scheana.  Suddenly, she cannot even bear to properly greet Lisa at a party. This makes no sense.

At the henna table at the party everyone inadvertantly calls Carlton a tramp. Heh.

The party is over the top. Don’t let the whole Mohammed cooking scene fool you this sit down dinner was catered to the eyeballs.  For some reason, seating appears to be limited and it is difficult for everyone to avoid the people they want to avoid. Gigi gave a very emotional speech to her parents and David.  Then Yolanda gave a toast. Cue the belly dancers with swords.

Sorry this recap is sort of dry. I feel like I am typing in slow motion and just can’t get going tonight.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Devious

Does this face look manipulative to you? :)

Lisa tries to have a conversation with Brandi but Brandi is being very distant. Carlton and her husband leave because she does not want to hang out with Kyle.  Yolanda pulls Lisa aside and asks her why Carlton is not invited to Puerto Rico. Kyle joins the pair and gives Brandi a part of the necklace that she gave to Carlton. She tells Brandi to give it to her since they are not speaking. It’s a crown ring that attaches to the skull on the necklace. Lisa comes in to find out what everyone is conspiring about and everyone sort of just blows her off. Carlton refuses it.  I have no idea what Lisa is doing involved in this.  She really does appear to be meddling.

The weather here has me in sort of a brain fog. It seems that this ring incident is going to be a major deal. Now Kyle is pissy with Lisa for saying that the ring didn’t go with the necklace. This fun fact was carried to her by Brandi.  Kyle is saying in her talking head that she doesn’t want to be friends with Lisa. This whole sudden left turn where everyone suddenly hates Lisa has no foundation and makes no sense. Is it me? Does this make sense to you guys? Am I just so foggy that I can’t grasp the storyline?

Joyce’s father passed away in Puerto Rico. She made several trips back and forth during this part of filming while he was ill and again when he passed.

Despite Kyle trashing Lisa in her talking heads, she makes a shopping date with Lisa at her boutique. As they shop, Kyle’s negative talking heads continue.  I just don’t get the younger woman joke about Mauricio being such a big deal. Yet, we are rehashing it yet again.

Next Week:  It’s the Puerto Rican trip where the girls all gang up on Lisa and we find out how “horrible” she really is according to Brandi. le sigh.


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  1. pdt090

    Brandi turning on Lisa is turning out to be a bigger miscalculation than Jill turning on Bethanny.

    • Lady Chatterley

      I suspect that part of the reason that it didn’t work out for JZ was because she didn’t succeed in getting the other ladies behind her (agreeing not to film w/Bethanny). LuAnn was on board, of course, and Kelly – although she just acted like a nutter, so not effective in “icing Bethenny out.” It think the whole thing fell apart for JZ when Ramona started supporting Bethenny (after their walk on the bridge).

      Maybe, that’s part of why JZ acts like Ramona sabotaged her.

    • distressed

      That’s a bold statement, and one that I agree with. I think the important thing to remember is that it was a calculation. Brandi is trying to make it seem like it’s coming from a genuine emotional place with all this revisionist history vis a vis Scheana and I think nothing could be further from the truth.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Revisionist history is exactly the right phrase. Brandi is rewriting history and casting Lisa as the arch villain. Thankfully, many of us are not buying it.

  2. Bombero129

    Do you have the inside scoop on what Brandi is going to say about Lisa?

    • No, I wish I did. I am starting to suspect that the REAL thing that pissed off Brandi is that Lisa let Scheana get engaged on her property. I think that is the REAL issue. Now if she acknowledges that is the problem at PR, I am not sure.

      On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 9:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Court

        There was a rumor (when it got out that Lisa and Brandie weren’t speaking anymore) that there was an argument between Yolanda and Lisa in PR and Brandi sides with Yolanda. During the argument Brandi tells everyone that Lisa had told her to bring the magazine articles that accused Mauricio of cheating to their earlier Palm Springs trip to set up Kyle? Now I could’ve totally dreamnt all this and just pulled it out of my butt but I do remember hearing that.

      • I remember hearing that as well Court. Lisa and Brandi have been downright nasty towards Kyle about the Mauricio cheating scandal. Is everyone forgetting when they made her cry at dinner? Am I the only one who remembers this??? Oh, and Ken defending Mauricio, but Lisa not? Now don’t get me wrong, ~allegedly~ Mauricio is a cheater, but Lisa has went out of her way to embarrass Kyle about it.

        I think Lisa should take her own advice: if a rumor isn’t true about you, then pay it no attention. But no, like all the other housewives, she’s a hypocrite and can’t handle the heat.

      • distressed

        I tend to agree that Scheana is the problem. You might be right about the engagement, but I think it goes back to Season 1 of VPR. Scheana got a legit gig as a member of that cast and though she was portrayed as a homewrecking skank initially, she ended up not looking not so bad by comparison to other cast members by the end of the season.
        I think a key piece of info here comes from Joyce. I wrote her off thoroughly in the beginning, but she has said that Brandi contacted her to warn her about Lisa before the two had ever met. They have mutual friends, that “don’t speak highly” of Joyce remember. If that is true then it means that the plan to go against Lisa had to have been hatched before the engagement. I will be so glad when this season is over, I just can’t anymore.

      • AMTraveler

        I do wonder what Lisa’s intentions were in providing Scheana with such a platform. Clearly she was vying for Scheana to get a “good edit” this season – and yet that’s just not possible because Scheana is SO fundamentally unlikeable that even a good edit cannot save her. Is it because she is just the least unlikeable of the VR girls? Did she mistakenly think there was some fascination with her because she was Eddie’s mistress? Does Lisa purposely befriend and mentor incredibly annoying people to better showcase her own not annoying personality? Her track record of Kyle, Brandi, Taylor, Stassi and Scheana is not doing much to disprove the latter.

      • Brianna

        Would greatl disagree. Scheena did mess up yes but clearly she put it behind her and Brandi needs to do the same. Everyone has moved on except Brandi. Why should Lisa be to blame now? It’s not her fault. Yes Scheena did seem close to Lisa throughout the show but Lisa has (just like she has with everyone else) bein her biggest fan when she was doing good, and also her biggest critic when she was bein dumb! That’s what true friend does. You give good advice. Lisa shouldn’t have to chose who she should be friends with between two grown women. Not saying Scheena and Brandi need to be friends but Brandi shouldn’t chastise Lisa for keeping it real.

      • Brianna

        Greatly ^^

        Friends ^^

      • From where I’m sitting Scheana and Ariana were the only likeable girls on the show.

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 1:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kisha

        Good call about Brandi/Lisa/Scheana! I didn’t even think about the fact that Brandi would be pissed due to Lisa allowing Scheana to be engaged on her property (I kind of ignore/forget about Scheana).

      • puppylove

        Seems like Brandi is jealous of anyone who is friendly with Lisa. Brandi wants attention and this is the only way she can get it. When Brandi pays the bills on Lisa’s property is when she can have a say as to what go’s on there. Brandi needs to grow up, wash her mouth out with Clorox and soap, and then shut he H*## up. Brandi is getting more attention from Kyle, Yo, and Kim now that she is bashing Lisa. She forgets that Lisa was the only one who backed her very soon after she came on the scene. As far as Lisa’s employees that is none on Brandi’s business, for peat sakes get over it. Brandi has slept with so many men since her husband there should be no reason for her to call out certain people. Who cares what Brandi wants, except for attention. Also, that Botox will get you every time, of course she wouldn’t admit it because it wouldn’t get her the attention she wants what a piece or work. Lisa has more class and elegance that ALL those women rolled up into one.

  3. AMTraveler

    I admittedly spent an hour earlier this week googling “STIs that cause swollen throat and tongue” as I refuse to believe that any affliction that ails Brandi is not “highly contagious” (and yes this belief extends to the fractured hand). Results were inconclusive. I suppose botox will do, although I was hoping for something more salacious.
    Tonight was truly a pathetic showing. Yessss Lisa was meddling, but I honestly don’t care. Whether it was because production said “Hey, you’ve got to intervene and stage a reconciliation between Kyle and Carleton as this is a trip by Bravo” or whether it was because Lisa wanted to swoop in as the hero to play peacemaker and ensure both women felt indebted to her in some way – I JUST don’t care. I will take Lisa being a gossipy old queen any day and a thousand times over Brandi being an inconsistent victim/aggressor. If there was ANY question as to why Eddie couldn’t make it work with her, I think we are all clear on that one now**. You have made your point loud and clear, girlfriend. Even Chica ran like hell when given the opportunity,
    **Note: This does not mean I condone cheating, or generally anything that involves Leanne Rimes.

    • distressed

      “results were inconclusive,” I die. Thank God, I don’t have to do those web searches.
      And I agree with your statement here. They’re all in each others business, they’re supposed to be. I see Lisa as a snarky breath of fresh air and not an actual (B) itch.
      “what is she going to do, give her a whole jewelry box next?” That was the only entertaining part of the whole show except when they handed Lisa the sword and she asked Kyle if she needed a haircut. She is really funny. I like that especially when the others are so not funny in a haha way.

  4. Miney

    Hi this I kinda my first comment :-) but um am I the only one who noticed that Brandi said she just came from working out straight to the tanning salon but did not wash her ass lol maybe I’m weird but yeah that doesn’t seem sanitary at all

    Hi TT love your blog :-)

    • distressed

      No I got that too. WHat they were saying is you need to refrain from working out until your spray tan sets, like a paint job, because otherwise the sweat forms streaks up and down your body. But scrubbing or maybe even exfoliating a smidge before getting the actual spray tan? Never even considered at the “naked party” that day.
      And Kim wore her actual bra and undies set. So that now is all spray tanned too. It’s just so gross on any level.

  5. Easy_Green

    Brandi is a twat rocket. Kyle is disgusting. Kim is an idiot (from the previews), and somebody needs to wrestle the water bottle from Kingsley’s trainer and spray her: bad, Kim, bad. Yolanda and her hightops needs to eat goddamn cake and let her daughter enjoy a healthy slice of herself. That scene was creepy.

    I’m sorry for Joyce’s loss. I actually like Carleton more and more even if the journey to show how disgusting Kyle is might have been fugly, the destination is the same: Kyle is nasty.

    I feel so horrible for Lisa to have “friends” like this plotting against her. Some of these ladies are so jealous of her. No shit, Brandi, that Lisa senses something is up when your skantified tongue lies dormant in your botox’d nog all through dinner.

    Not sure why Kyle had any say whether Carleton could go to PR because Joyce and Carleton were at peace. Brandi was more than awful to Joyce, still is, and she’s going. Wasn’t it a Bravo trip anyway?

    The bloody ring don’t mean a thing. I would be curious to know why all the hens are cackling in the corner, too. Lisa kept getting the icy shoulder from all but Carleton that episode. I wonder if Kyle “Implants on an Ant” Richards feels guilty now hearing what was actually said by Lisa. What a bunch of Dinks by Bravo.

    • Easy_Green

      Way to go, TT, for the fast recap! That must be a record.

    • distressed

      Wasn’t that sad about the food phobia with Gigi and Yolanda. I agree that every model needs to be vigilant and extreme with their nutrition, but the kid can’t even have a miniscule slice of cake? She only graduates and moves away once in her life. And Yolanda’s comment after witnessing her daughter licking 0.005 grams of frosting off her cake? “I can’t believe you just did that.” Sad.
      The take down of Lisa is pretty awful to watch, but it was really sad to see last night. Lisa didn’t even know what was going on exactly. Everyone else was in on it except for Carlton. Lisa was not just flummoxed, but she was confused, actually confused.

      • Kisha

        I remember the first episode Yolanda was in, she made comments about Gigi’s weight (and for the MUA to not make her look ‘Chinese’), and I really didn’t care for her then. But she grew on me. Then the cake scene left a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended). Yes, Gigi is a model and she has to ‘look’ a certain way. But damn, the girl can’t have a slice of cake -or two- during her own party? Geez, did Yolanda drag her to the gym for a few hours after that?

      • AMTraveler

        I have a general rule of not trusting people who won’t eat cake.

    • puppylove

      Yes, yes, and yes. Wish I had said that. Right on Easy_Green

  6. lori

    When they were discussing the tramp stamp, and Carlton said she had one, her husband said it’s like a bullseye. #gross

    As far as crowngate goes, it really did look like Carlton was going to accept it until Lisa put her two cents in.

    Oh yeah… and Carlton saying she feels like she’s in “bloody” high school… what exactly did she think she was signing up for? Give me a break.

    Next week looks pretty good. I can’t wait for the reunion this year. I hope they bring it. The commercials for the shahs reunion cracked me up. Andy looks so out of place at that table!

  7. Daphne

    I wish I wasn’t so vested and loved Lisa so much. Next we see Lisa cry – that’s huge. She never cries. Yeah, she meddled, but I’m with you TT, I don’t get it. And I cannot believe that all of these ladies are buying a ticket to ride this train. It’s so sad.

    • Megan

      Daphne I agree. I already know when I see Lisa cry I’m going to cry right along with her. She is like a rock and never breaks down like that. First of all she always “on” in front the cameras. She has to be the most self aware housewife ever it is why Bravo was never able to take her down. For her to crack where she actually cries on camera is heartbreaking. She never uses tears as a tactic for more screentime. That’s what first year housewives do, not Lisa Vanderpump. She must have been really really hurt by this Brandi betrayal. This entire cast vs Lisa isn’t entertaining to me especially because I have no clue why they are turning on her. I have heard through the grapevine the same rumors other posters have but that never made the show so as far as I’m concerned there was no catalyst that justified the turn. All I’m seeing is the aftermath. They really dropped the ball this season. If you come for the star of the show, Lisa Vanderpump, you better have receipts and make it at least logical.

      • Lady Chatterley

        The gang-up is becoming Bravo’s favorite plot line.

        I suppose that they see it as a great was to tweak ratings – pull viewers in who don’t like it, but can’t look away. They’re tapping into the “mean girl” behavior that these childish women failed to outgrow.

      • distressed

        PR is going to be tough to watch. Not only the Lisa thing, but the whole idea that they would piggy back this coup d’etat on the back of Joyce who has just lost her father at this point in the show. It’s so wrong on so many levels.
        And Lisa will not just cry next week. She will smoke a cigarette that Ken lights for her. Ka-boom. Get out the scimitar, the guillotine, the executioner’s sword what have you. Lisa’s head doth role like any other mere mortal.
        And I’m going to be very sad to see it because I don’t think Lisa will come back now next season. It would be impossible for her to forgive and I don’t really blame her. It’s the end of an era.

      • DeeDee

        Thank you Distressed, I think you hit the nail on the head!

      • Megan

        From what I have seen the cast has nothing on Lisa so I don’t see how her head will roll. Housewives are fighting for public opinion when it comes to who wins and so far Lisa is winning by a landslide. So unless they come out with something truly horrifying I can’t see Lisa losing. If anything fans will lose b/c Lisa feels betrayed by her castmates and Bravo therefore quits the show.

      • lori

        I agree about seeing Lisa cry. :(

  8. Brandi is creating controversy to stay on the show. She also knows how to push the Richards sisters’ buttons. So, she created a shady, shaky alliance to take down the BH queen. Instead of having a well thought-out master plan, their actions smack of something that a bunch of HS girls would cook up in the school bathroom, in keeping with the intellectual level of the anti-Lisa faction.

    • Lady Chatterley

      I don’t know if it’s intellect, but Lisa certainly has maturity – unlike her sorry castmates.

    • distressed

      I tend to agree, that a lot of what Brandi is doing is to protect her paycheck. Her insecurity lies with Bravo and her job, I don’t think it’s just jealousy or confusion.
      Bravo might have thought a Lisa take down would garner a lot of ratings. But ratings are consistently down this year according to the wiki episode guide. It’s backfiring. We’ll have to wait and see what they get for the reunion shows and the finale which wiki says is next week, though I don’t think Bravo announced that last night, did they?

  9. Gingersnap

    That white dress with gold trim was not flattering on the Queen’s ass. The Queen also TOLD Kyle to not forget how loyal she had been, MISSY! I’d say that is queenly behavior…she looked a little too comfortable with that sword too, like lobbing a few heads might be amusing.

    Ring-gate was messy like it always is when too many people get in on anything. Kyle tried to explain to Brandi that is was a crown that went on the necklace (somehow?) and then when Brandi presented it to Carlton she called it a ring and put it on her damn finger. Then Lisa starts questioning that it didn’t match and blah, blah, blah, and now Carlton will be even madder at Kyle for giving her shit jewelry that didn’t match. Tits on an ant.

    • Lady Chatterley

      Hmmm…was Lisa’s reminder to Kyle about her past loyalty a veiled threat??

      • distressed

        Threat? It really remains to be seen. Does Lisa have incriminating information on Kyle and Mo? The super trailer for the show at Bravo’s video site includes a scene where Brandi and Yolanda speculate that Lisa is blackmailing Mauricio and Kyle. So who knows. I am still waiting for Lisa to show us that she’s an evil queen. There’s only one episode left, guys you better deliver some serious dirt here other wise I think the season has been a complete scam. “Where There’s Smoke” is the name of the video. It’s several pages back at the bravo site.

      • Lady Chatterley

        Blackmail??? That seems a bit much. Sounds like the overblown “cyberbullying” discussion from RHONY.

        They sure seem to think that Lisa has a lot of power, don’t they?

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        I don’t think making threats is Lisa’s style.
        Brandi’s? Kim’s? Kyle’s? Teresa’s? Nene’s, Kenya’s, Adrianna’s (RHOM) YES. But Lisa Vanderpump making veiled threats? Naaahhh!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      RE Ring gate. Why would cowardly Kyle offer Carlton a ring in the first place? It seems like such a fake gesture. I’m with Carlton on this one, if you want to make amends (after calling her anti Semitic and “disgusting,” the last time you were together) GIVE IT TO HER YOURSELF. Nothing has changed in the interim. Also, giving the ring to messy Brandi (who would insert her own tackiness into the transaction), made it worse. Lisa did not need to be involved in ANY of that. She should have stayed out of that conversation. Let Kyle, Brandi and Carlton work it out themselves. I am Team Lisa BUT Lisa needs to stay out of conversations that do not concern her directly. Chiming in about the colour looked petty. Being petty is fuel for petty people named Richards.
      After having Lisa directly in front of her, cowardly Kyle could not find the right words to say how she feels YET when she is with Brandi she speaks ABOuT LISA, like a waterfall. SMH. Cannot stand Kyle.

  10. AmberKnows

    Arrggghh! Brandi works my nerves as she is such a conniving bitch, that i’m actually feeling sympathy for Lisa! She, Kim, Kyle and YOFo deserve any and all blow back they’ll receive in the coming weeks for their ill fated coup of Lisa. Can’t Wait!

  11. Vivaladiva

    Maybe I am old fashioned, or just not hip, but Mohammed’s and David’s little bromance is so weird to me. It is one thing to be cordial, even friendly, but come on-you both have slept with the same woman! Also, Yolanda seems to be one of those women whose sole identity is her husband. Without the powerful rich man she does not feel worthy. She and “my lovvvv” make me want to puke.

    • Kaleesi

      Oh, thank you, vivaladiva! I loved Yolanda at first, but between encouraging her daughter to eat a half of an almond when she was sick,
      (“yes, a haff an almont. Make sure to chew it goode because of yer stomach”), and her loud announcement every time her hubs enters the room: “O’ ders my loooov” <——- blech, she's really getting on my nerves now and I think she has transferred her food issues onto her daughter. Yeah, I know, she's a model, Yo was a model and they're SUPPOSED to starve and shit, but I just can't stand her pretentious ass anymore.
      I know I'm gonna get thrown some hate for this, and it's ok. These are just the opinions of a sick old woman.

      • distressed

        The food phobia is quite sad. Remember the first time we first saw Gigi? Her idea of a rocking good time was eating, food. And the piece of cake that was “so big” they split it wouldn’t feed an ant on the way home from a huge picnic.

    • Kisha

      Mohammed and David’s bromance reminds me of the Beverly Hills version of Peter and Leon on RHOA (and isn’t Leon actually living with him and Cynthia??)
      It’s great they can all get along, though.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I think they milk it, just a little for the cameras. It actually looks healthy to me. Yolanda gets on with David’s children. Mohammed gets on with David. David is a good step father to Gigi and her siblings. Mohammed and Yolanda continue to co-parent their children in peace and harmony. I like it a lot. It’s so much nicer than fueding exes/disputes/rivalry/jealousy that is common with second or third marriages.
      I like to see Yolanda call her husband “my love.” It makes him feel special and it makes her look like a loving wife. A Win Win. IMO.

    • Well, David did meet Yolanda because of Mohammed according to the story that they tell on the show. The “boys” were friends before he met Yolanda.

    • Gabriella

      I’m in Australia and get the show a few hours after you lovely ladies! I agree about Yolanda, she makes me puke as well with her fawning over her husband and daughter. She always comes over as a real bitch to me.

      • Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy! Sorry. For some reason I am sort of obsessed with that cheer. It comes out of my mouth at the most random of times. #embarrassing

        On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 3:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. vivaladiva831

    Who would want Mohammed’s houses? How has he managed to sell as many at the prices he has? They are hideous…way way too much.

    • distressed

      From what I read he has a long history of building and had done a good deal of work for Ritz-Carlton around the globe. High end commercial, very high end. This particular house was on season 1 of Shahs of Sunset when he got the guy who quit after the first year, the “animal style” party weirdo to come in and babysit the project in his absence.
      Mohammed must be an investor in this network or something he appears in so many different shows.

      • If you click on the Mohammed Hadid tag you can find all you need to know about him. I’ve posted about him and his house several times. :)

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 12:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. Brianna

    Brandi started hating Lisa after their trip to wherever when Brandi implied that black people can’t swim. Lisa was attempting to limit Brandi on her drinking so she wouldn’t make an ass of herself. Now I think Brandi has convinced herself that Lisa is “controlling” but has no evidence so she has to find that dumb story from two years ago! I don’t see it either TT. Lisa has employes, she always made accommodations for Brandi with that dumb Scheena b.s. ( so Yolanda doesn’t know what she’s talking about). I would do exactly what Lisa did at the dinner party, when everyone is blowing me off I would keep trying to get close to them, that’s all she was doing with the ring thing. It wasn’t that big a deal. Kyle is annoying. Kyle is elementary and so is Brandi now. Lisa should count her blessings and move on.

    • lori

      I think it was on Bethenny that Brandi said that Lisa is totally different with her about her drinking off and on the camera. When on, she tries to look/act like a mother hen who is looking out for Brandi, but when off, she says things to Brandi like “Don’t go! Stay… have another drink”. Brandi says if Lisa really cared she would think that Lisa would do the same thing when the cameras aren’t rolling. That, by itself certainly doesn’t seem to merit this sudden turn on Lisa, but who knows what else goes on behind the scenes as far as stuff like that goes. If that is true, I would be suspicious of a friend like that and upset about it too. The whole thing is rather bizzarre though. Maybe Brandi is just one of those people who uses others, and then when she feels like they have taken her as far as she can go with them she tosses them like a hot potato. I am really hoping we get more to the bottom of it at the reunion.

      • Undine

        God, Brandi can’t tell between having a public image on camera versus who you are in real life. She is truly dumb. Of course Lisa is telling her to stop drinking because the fool gets drunk and makes an ass of herself for the whole world to see. It’s likely true Lisa is different off camera, or more relaxed. You know what, the producers are likely a bug in Brandi’s stupid ear–telling her how Lisa is manipulating her, etc–because they can’t crack the code, or shell that Lisa portrays on camera. It’s probably very frustrating for them to have a truly managed, carefully crafted personality,on their reality show. Yolanda tries, but she can’t quite pull it off. There is a sheen of uncanny valley in her inactions with “my luuuv” David. A TT commenter, maybe AM Traveler? talked about how personable Lisa is and how she is expert at conveying warmth on camera. Yolanda can’t manage as well as Lisa, so the claws are coming out.

      • Brianna

        Yes thank you! Undine! Exactly — the world doesn’t care what you do in you real reality. Brandi is a “reality tv star” it’s all about what she does on camera that Lisa is trying to help her with. Lisa was trying to change Brandi’s, “my husband cheated on w me someone that’s uglier and shorter than me so I can drink too much and say whatever I want because I’m still heartbroken and can’t get over it” character!

      • Lady Chatterley

        People don’t like when someone tries to improve them. Lisa should probably learn to back off – unsolicited advice is almost never appreciated.

      • distressed

        I saw that clip, I didn’t see the show. You may very well be right, but there is another way to look at it. If Brandi is getting drunk, who cares. If Brandi is getting drunk on camera while Eddie and his new wife want sole custody then maybe she shouldn’t be so blatant. That kind of Palm Springs type footage could seriously hurt Brandi. And drinking the wine straight out of the bottle? Not cool. No one else even had a glass in their hands.

  14. Every time I see Carlton, it makes me sad that she wasn’t born three centuries earlier, so the Real Housewives of Salem could have dunked her in a lake to see if she would sink or float.

  15. spk

    Somehow when Lisa was prodding Carlton to go to Kyle while at the grad party, when she was saying “but you have to, you have to”, it struck me that Lisa said this because she felt the cameras being there made it the time to have a confrontation, or discussion.

  16. Lisa throws stones then hides her hand.

  17. Haven’t read the recap yet TT, but I just want to let y’all know, I take a small tequila shot every time we get a Giggy sighting. #WeWatchForGiggy #RHOBH #TeamGiggy

  18. Dedi

    Looked to me like Brandi had some dental work the way her mouth was behaving. I’d imagine after poking fun at Scheana, she’d be wanting to “air” it. She really should’ve thought of something better than asprin, ugh. She’s so full of kaka these days it’s surprising it’s not running from her ears.

    I can tell I’m already going to be more pissed after next week. Kyle’s steady working her way to the Brandi level of dislike & Kim’s surpassed it. I have 0 tolerance for stupid, drunk & crazy I can seem to handle better, but no room for stupid.

    • Tara C.

      Idk about you guys, but I personally can’t wait for the RHOA reunion! It’s gonna be off the chain! Lol ! With Phaedra’s and Apollo’s mess to Kenya and NeNe fighting it out to be the Queen B of Atlanta! Phew! And I think Kenya better have her Security there! I predict NeNe will be going in HARD on her azz! Sorry to go off topic from BH, but I had to comment on Atlanta :)

    • Tara C.

      And kyle is a master of manipulation herself. Her dam tits on an ant routine hasn’t fooled me! Ever since season 1 with her going in on Camille! I watched some old episodes recently, and realized kyle gets away with murder! Someone call her out

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Re: Brandi’s oral problems. In one of her talking heads approx. 3-4 epsidoes ago, she said that her problem was what’s called TMJ – (Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ disorders) are problems or symptoms of the chewing muscles and joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull.)

      • Yes, that was one of her stories….

        On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 11:42 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tamara

        When Brandi and her friend get in the car and start discussing her swollen throat. Her friend sad” from/ so you did…” And Brandi jumps in to cut her off and says from aspirin! LMAO. Last week she said it was something she ate.
        While I do believe Lisa was meddling somewhat, Brandi did twist what was said when she relayed it back to Kyle.
        Also Kyla was the biggest instigator by giving it to Brandi to give to Carlton. She knew Carlton would reject it. So high school.
        And I am beginning to believe that Yolanda may be having trouble in paradise. She is constantly reminding us how much David loves her.

  19. Nicole

    I like Lisa. I have a few british friends and they have sort of a dry sarcastic humor, so I see that with Lisa.

  20. sandra

    TT, Thanks for all the great blogs. Why do some people feel the need to comment when they have not even read your blog? And to comment about another show, when there is a place for that…It’s rude people!

  21. samantha

    Sorry Brandi twisted Lisa’s words to Carlton and Kyle fell for it hook line and sinker…

  22. Kyle’s bit with the “words” magically appearing on her computer screen, i.e., a hex by Carleton, was stupid. Anyone with a Mac knows that’s the vocabulary screensaver. One of her kids probably changed the setting so instead of family pictures, she’s getting vocabulary words.

    These scenes of “we don’t believe in witchcraft” and then “oh no, she’s put a spell on us!” are just ludicrous. Carleton must be enjoying those scenes immensely.

  23. distressed

    Amazing recap , truly inspired “the malodorous plot” and “time to sell Mohammed’s house again” by the way where was Mo. Shouldn’t he have been groveling for the listing?
    And you’re right the straight guys bringing us the naked party with Kim and Brandi, they need to stop. Kyle’s bikini wax in her street clothes “avec” her choice of dildos was bad enough. They already have Brandi stripping naked to bath, isn’t that enough?
    This whole season stinks to high heaven. If Lisa has upset people, I can see that. That’s fine, but the manner in which they have gone about trying to discredit her all year is responsible for the stench. We are not “hard of smelling” as the great Julia Louis-Dreyfus once quipped.
    I despise it when women deal with their problems in a passive aggressive way, emphasis aggressive.
    Thanks for a great recap.

  24. Irish Tara

    I could only stomach a few minutes of this imbecilic display of easily manipulated jealous women. I just can not add to the ratings of this real housewife franchise because I am bored with the Survivor Beverly Hills mentality.
    I like Lisa. Sorry, although I am from Ireland, I will sing ‘God Save the Queen” on this matter. Brandi needs to be disposed into the nearest waste bin.
    Oh dear, there is something wrong with Brandi’s tongue? I have such a brilliant line but I just can’t degrade myself.

    • distressed

      Well, based on her blog it’s wasn’t something she “ate” so at least we have that, but also based on her blog, poor, poor Brandi has suffered from stress related TMJ since she was young. And recently, she has been so stressed out and also her dog ate her mouth guard. Her dog ate her mouth guard so of course poor, poor Brandi is afflicted with this painful and chronic condition that flares up when poor, poor Brandi is exposed to stress that is quite fierce at this point since she has to go up against Lisa and she’s not prepared for such an unwanted and disturbing development. Poor, poor Brandi.
      So obviously it’s all Lisa’s fault and her dog’s fault.

  25. DeeDee

    I was reading last night that Brandi is now backtracking and throwing another under the bus over the bankruptcy statement. She is quoted as saying she was simply repeating what Kyle told her. Whose Bobby Fischer???

    • AMTraveler

      DeeDee, didn’t you know that Brandi isn’t responsible for anything that she says? She only repeats things. It’s the evil people around her who manipulate her and plant ideas in her head.
      Seems to me like someone is making up for years of failure in retaining ANYthing from the California Education System by applying memorize and repeat methodology in all aspects her life today. Adult learning at its finest.

    • khintx

      Bobby Fischer was an American chess child prodigy, grandmaster, and the World Chess Champion. He is still considered by many to be the greatest chess player who ever lived. kh

    • oh dear….

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  26. tbk

    “Court”‘s comment above about the magazines is bang on. Brandi’s big reveal next week will be that she brought print articles about the “cheating scandal” to Palm Springs with the intention of confronting Kyle. She will say Lisa put her up to it. Lisa made her do it. It’s all Lisa’s fault. When asked why she didn’t confront Kyle, Brandi will say, “Well, don’t you remember, Lisa left early. She wanted me to do her dirty work for her blah blah.” She’ll take it a step further by implying that Lisa is responsible for the rumours in the first place. For good measure she’ll bring up the Sheana person so everyone can give Brandi a beachfront pity party. It’s sure to be horrid.
    Kyle says she gave Carlton the necklace to let her know “that I’m not this big bad wolf that you think I am and I’m trying to make an effort here and be your friend.” Last night Kyle tells Lisa she doesn’t want the crown piece, she wants no association with Carlton. “Do I want to be her friend? Absolutly not.” Lisa did nothing more than ask what a blue skull has to do with a gold ring. She did not suggest Carlton not accept the gift. Carlton’s husband asked if she would accept it. But Brandi attributed that to Lisa when she spoke to Kyle.
    And so it goes. Every conversation in every scene is a twisted clustermess.
    And Yolanda is awful.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s precisely what happened.
      “Every conversation in every scene is a twisted clustermess.” So true,

      Just that Yolanda is not awful IMO. I kinda like her.

  27. Diva

    I’ve been getting Botox (now Dysport, at 1/3 the cost) injections, for the past 15yrs. I’ve never had any adverse reaction.
    After reading excerpts of Brandi’s latest book, I’d surmise that her mouth issues are a result of giving oral sex to someone who was as promiscuous as she is and probably infected her with another STD.

    • Well gee whiz! There must be no side effects to Botox at all!

      Brandi had an allergic reaction to botox and probably sought medical attention for the severe side affects. They should have shot her full of benedryl if she went to her doctor….

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 3:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  28. jrleaguer

    I agree with Diva. It is not Brandi’s first trip to the rodeo with Botox, so I think that Funky Spunk may be more to blame. Maybe she blew Eddie for old time’s sake and a swollen tongue was the parting gift.
    I usually adore Yolanda, but lately that is changing and encouraging an eating disorder for her young daughter just about sent me over the edge. Basically, it was, “Let’s throw GiGi and amazing going away party with wonderful food and drink…but not allow her to eat any of it.”
    I think that Mohammed Hadid and Bruce Jenner must be in some bizarre contest for the sassiest Bob haircut on reality TV.

    • Sigh. One never gets an allergic reaction on the first time the allergen is introduced. Some of y’all seem to know a lot about oral STDs from sperm. (Psst, it’s very unlikely that she got the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction from sperm.)

      On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 3:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        LOL! I know…but she is so open about sharing the details of her life such as HPV, that I could not resist throwing it out there. Interestingly enough, people (and animals) can develop allergies to things at any time during their lives no matter if it is the first time they have been exposed to the allergen or if it is something that they have been exposed to for years. :) #stillthawingout

  29. Its now Lisa’s turn….don’t they do this every season, pick a woman to take down? Kim, Kyle, Brandi, Adrianne, etc…its now Lisa’s turn….next?

  30. KWM

    Just getting around to watching, Brandi is painful to look at. I also love how quickly she shut her friend up in the car.

    Adrienne: so you got
    Brandi: I took some aspirin and had an allergic reaction.

    I am having a hard time liking Brandi tonight.

    I get Lisa’s humor and wit and reactions. Dry, using humor and what can be seen as inappropriate comments to break the ice. I also completely relate to her comment last week about feelings. We always say, open the box cram all the feelings down, put the lid on tight and put on a stuff upper lip. I so get it.

    What I find the most entertaining in this whole Brandi/Lisa issue is that Brandi can’t see if it weren’t for Scheana (whose voice sends me over the edge) she would have zero story line. Remove the Brandi/Scheana story line and what does Brandi have left?

    • distressed

      Such a good point. From what I read S2 Brandi was part-time. S3 Brandi was full-time but not full pay. That sit down cemented her position with Bravo, not with Lisa. And she not only acquitted herself well, but she got almost a full episode that year out of confronting the former mistress.

      Here’s the kicker. Lisa has blogged that Cedric and Brandi never knew each other, but she was introduced to Lisa as a friend of Cedric’s. So did Brandi just flat out lie or was she encouraged to play up that connection? By whom? Bravo?

      So Brandi has done to Lisa what she thinks Lisa has done to her and it’s war, compromise the relationship with a divided loyalty to another person connected with the show but not on the show. This whole season is gross. I half expect them to pull a Dallas and say: Woops, that was all a dream, here’s the real show.

  31. Bravo is doing recaps of all the bad things that can go wrong with the housewives over the years and ironically on each and every occassion with BH, its always Kyle running her mouth at a damned dinner party. I like Kyle, but sometimes you have to learn to put you foot in your mouth and keep it there. This chic is always the conversation starter at these damned events…just learn to shut up and be quiet!!

  32. Oh dear. Previews show Kim blasting Ken Todd. Batten down the hatches and cover Giggi’s eyes and ears!

  33. DeeDee

    TT, I did want to mention that you made an excellent point about Yo not making an issue of Joyce calling to cancel. Perhaps it was that her father had passed; however, WE didn’t know that. WE did KNOW that Yo lost it on Lisa and had a problem with Carlton when both of them cancelled – inconsistent on the part of YO or Bravo?? Kinda stanky nonetheless!

  34. puppylove

    If Lisa decides not to come back next year with this bunch of bitches I would not blame her. Enough is enough !!! This will be just another Bravo show I will NOT watch. If this is the kind of crap Andy and Bravo want on the air it is too bad. I’ve had enough of RHOA too can’t watch that any more. They all get just STUPID and soooooooo petty. Bravo started out great but I think this house wife thing is winding down to a screeching halt

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