Cynthia Bailey Addresses Rumors of Peter’s Involvement with Apollo Nida

Cythia Bailey Stands by her man Peter Thomas

Cynthia Bailey spoke with Jet Magazine recently and shared her thoughts on Pajama Brawl and also answered questions about rumors of Peter’s involvement with Apollo Nida’s  illegal activities.  What do you think about her responses?

JET: Who do you blame for the fight (between Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, and Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon DeShazer)?

CB: I say when Kenya actually got up. I don’t want to put the blame on her, but her emotion just caused a domino effect. You know we are all grown and personally, I always try to be rational and conduct myself with class, but sometimes my crew is a little messy sometimes  — and I can’t not throw a rock in there sometimes.

JET: Another thing folks have been jabbering about is Apollo’s legal woes around allegations of fraud. A few sites have even indicated that your husband Peter was involved as well. What are your thoughts?

CB: I can’t speak on Apollo, but I can say that Peter Thomas doesn’t have anything to do with a bank fraud scandal to my knowledge. The feds are not sitting outside of our house. That is just not accurate information, and this is the first time that I have heard rumors that Peter is involved in any way.


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51 responses to “Cynthia Bailey Addresses Rumors of Peter’s Involvement with Apollo Nida

  1. Jarlath

    If Kenya’s emotions caused a domino effect, couldn’t it be argued that Nene’s questions were the actual catalyst for this domino effect.

    And of course Peter wasn’t involved with Apollo, he was too busy trying to organize a trip to Venezuela to get laid, holla!

    • Glittergurl

      Who originated the question…Kenya. Hello, if Kenya was never trying to be messy and disrespect that man’s woman, all of this could’ve been avoided. Period. If you all want to call NeNe out for her questions, then also place blame on the source.

      • A

        Nene is to blame 100%. Kenya was not the first person out of their seat. The first person was the fool that charged toward her hurling insults at her about medication. Of she stood up. What woman would sit while this scum towers over her ranting and raving. All these women are so afraid of nene that they will not tell the truth. Look at the video. He did grab Kenya’s arm. That’s assault right there. Why was it necessary for 3 men to jump on Brandon? And yes, peter is involved with that ex-con and so is phaedra. Nene told kim z to close her legs to married men??!!! I guess that didn’t apply to her sleeping with Gregg while he was still married!!! Rumors says nene is leaving rhoa. Good. Great. But she won’t. Who else is going to pay her that amount of money???? Nobody

      • Happy lyfe

        I’m with u glitter, messiness in this order: Natalie, Cynthia, Kenya, Nene. And I wish folk stop staying christopher stood over her, from what I saw he stood to the left of her, well the position of the camera made it seem that way to me. I wished natalie had never told kenya “dont back pedal now” cause I wanted to hear what he was about to say, and maybe kenya would have stayed seated. Tamara I gotta hand it to ya, u b on it, strong work ethic, I jux wished u did some of this other crap I feel guilty for watching, cause I know u would put it down, and tell it like it is.

      • Anea

        I don’t think that question was meant to be repeated. It’s sad because these women have anywhere from 10 to 15 years over me and I have never in my life been involved with such mess. Like my grandma says “what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen”. In other words, that conversation should have stayed buried at the vineyard. I’m just tired of them carrying stuff over to another event. And their men stay in most of the drama. My husband never gets involved in anything that I say or do with other women. But everyone has different opinions. That’s what keeps the world spinning.

    • distressed

      The whole thing was a complete mess. And it was set-up weird. Everyone was told to stay in their seats before the cameras even started rolling. Bizarre.
      And more to your point. Bingo. It seemed that each and every one of those questions was meant to spark an argument. Kenya’s question was just the first to ignite.

      • Katrina

        If you think about it, most of the people did not have knowledge of who those questions affected, unless they were the one affected. We knew because we have been watching the whole season.

      • Katrina

        The other thing is, we don’t know what time of day this happened. Did the party start at 8:00pm, 12:00AM, 2:00AM. Kenya was really late. It makes a difference as far as your state of mind.

      • lori

        And Kenya was not the first person out of her seat.

    • To this day, after watching footage over and over and over for these ladies to still place blame on Kenya Moore is just insane and stupid. Kenya did not reach over and put Apollo’s hands around Brandi’s neck…nor did she cause Apollo to beat a man continuously while being held back by your man….I don’t know what spell NeNe has on all you women, but clearly its working!!

  2. Emily

    ‘To my knowledge’ is a little fishy. But then I guess that speaks also to Cynthia and Peter’s weird financial situation also. And the Feds don’t sit outside your house in a flower delivery van anymore, they watch and listen to you on a laptop in their office Cynthia.

    • spk

      Agreed! If your husband brought home a fancy car w/o telling you (the same husband who closed his failing biz w/o telling you too), I’d distance myself from his dealings too. But this sounded practiced.

  3. JenB

    If someone asked if my husband was involved in illegal activities, it would not occur to me to say, “to my knowledge”. That sounds like she has discussed this with an attorney. My answer would have been, “Absolutely not.”

  4. SB

    Not very convincing there, Cynthia!

  5. I was thinking the same thing why would she say not to my knowledge. I know someone who uses the same term everytiime you ask him a questions which mean he is lying. Cynthia is still blaming Kenya, just like Nene told her too. She should have stated that she is messy as well because she also played a part in the mess by being a refrigerator. She can’t keep nothing!

  6. distressed

    It just keeps on going and going and …
    Bravo needs to stop with the casting and promoting of alleged criminals, no really stop.
    We have the Apollo situation, the Joe and Teresa situation, Russell on BH was accused of some nasty stuff and Taylor didn’t get fired. And now they’re promoting a guy on this new show “Southern Charm” that was elected to SC State Treasurer, was arrested while in office and did time on drug charges, cocaine. I saw a preview this weekend. Thomas Ravenel.
    Bravo, stop. Please stop. These shows are for entertainment purposes. I don’t want to have to be a criminal attorney to understand what I’m seeing on the screen.

  7. Buck Henry

    “Peter Thomas doesn’t have anything to do with a bank fraud scandal to my knowledge”. When a person says something like this, it means she is covering her ass and saying he is involved. She should have said absolutely not he’s involved in his activities. But by her saying what she did, it throws Peter under the bus and tries to save herself at the same time. I knew Peter had to be involved somehow, I’ve always said that a player sees another player and that is why both Peter and Apollo are kindred souls.

    Apollo knows that Peter is thirsty and he also knows trying to use Peters failing businesses and other things to launder money would help him also as long as he paid Peter a fee. I think Peter is neck deep in it.

    • distressed

      They were a tag team in going after Brandon that night.
      I just can’t with this. How could they ever think they could get away with anything like this while they were on a nationally televised TV show.

  8. She needs to use the word “sometimes” more in her first reply. Doesn’t that rag have editors? Both the questions and the answers sound like a third grader wrote them.

  9. Katrina

    I think Cynthia used the more politically correct version of answering a question.

  10. Production had Nene ask specific questions to start arguments BUT Nene’s question to Kenya WASN’T a question. It was a statement about Kenya trashing Natalia. Nene didn’t follow the rules to her own game, because everyone was actually having fun with the questions. Nene’s just mad because no one bit the bait, so she had to rile it up in another way and flat out bring up what Kenya said….

    • kb

      I totally agree with your comment J.D. they were in the middle of talking about clubs, and when Kenya voiced her opinion on the subject, that is when Nene turned her attention to Kenya and made a statement (not a question) concerning the incident at the wine tasting. Basically calling Kenya out. This had nothing to do with the topic at hand. You even heard Kenya say under her breath to Brandon. “We already had this conversation.” After being asked to sit down by Porsche Chris refuses and approaches Kenya’s area as if he was about to give her a verbal lashing, all while adjusting his clothing like he was pulling off his belt or something. I remember my father doing the same thing, right before we got our butts whipped (flash back). Anyway, Kenya gets up AFTER Natalie makes a comment to her, something about “back peddling”. In response, Kenya starts WALKING, yelling and waiving her finger, but not charging, in Natalie’s direction. Chris gets in her path, grabs her arm, as we all saw, and that is when Kenya flipped out. Brandon gets up in defense of Kenya. He and Chris get in each others faces, Chris pushes him FIRST. Apollo and Peter go towards Brandon. Instead of breaking it up (like they claim) Apollo pushes Brandon onto the couch and starts wailing on him while Peter held him down. I find it hard to believe that Brandon hit him in the face when he was the one who put his hands on Brandon first. I assume that Apollo did not get hit in the face until Brandon was already on his back, kicking like a wind mill. I just saw the episode today so its still kind of fresh in my mind. It’s okay for Chris, Peter, Apollo, Mallory, Nene, and Kandi to get aggressive for whatever reasons they felt they needed to, but Kenya can’t do the same? I’m not saying Kenya was right, but I do understand her not wanting to take all of the blame. Because they are all under Nene’s spell, Kenya will have the blame placed on her for the entire “melee” as they put it. Not fair.

      • FiFi Griffin

        Well written comment! I completely agree with your restatement of facts … and conclusions. I wonder how many women in Kenya’s situation would have stayed seated. Chris looked like he wanted to get in her face and continue with his verbal beat down. And Kenya did the appropriate thing by addressing another woman, and not Chris. It was a conversation between them and Chris was not involved. He should never addressed Kenya in the first place, or at the very least waited until they were in a different situation.

  11. spk

    This drives me bat-shit crazy:

    As a woman, if a man were standing OVER me and starting to bad-mouth me, EVEN if I deserved it for being a trash-talker earlier, I would STAND the F up. There is not a woman in that room who wouldn’t and is why this whole “how dare she stand up” from every last one drives me nutty.

    It’s why I’m convinced every last one of them have always been aware of Apollo AND Phaedra’s dealings and is why they all focus their blame on Kenya. Thats why a group of woman could sit in a Korean spa and wag their fingers at Kenya and not say one freakin’ pip to Phaedra. They’re scared to get pulled under w/ the investigation.

    • Oracle5

      These new people, Christopher and Natalie were the instigators. Porsha asked Christopher to be seated he said “No,” that he wanted to address this question to Kenya. If the rules for all in attendance at this so called “pillow talk” were to remain seated–why did this (geeked up) grown man walk over to a woman who was sitting to intimidate her? This whole mess was a set-up against Kenya and Brandon. As far as, Brandon being assaulted by two grown men (P&A) he should have filed charges against Peter and Apollo and let the charges go on through. If this grown man came walking towards me with an attitude and broke all the rules: (everyone remain seated) I would have zapped his -SS with my stun gun when he grabbed my the arm. As far as, Phaedra trying to pull Apollo back by his shirt tail–why didn’t she use her stun gun on him? I am sure she was carrying one in her Black Prada Bag.

      • soCalCPA

        Brandon most likely received a settlement in lieu of him pressing charges. I hope, for his sake, it was hefty. He said it right — he held all the cards. The only way to make things like this go away quickly is to receive an instant payment.

      • I have some random thoughts, I post rarely, so allow me some slack.
        I think the Feds had a hand in Brandon’s decision not to file charges. Apollos probation could have been revoked and they were working the case hard then. I think it prompted them to move up his -arrest, two days later.
        Above, someone mentioned peter being part of apollos scam. Makes sense. Cynthia’s new offices/warehouse, Peter’s new BarOne location and expansion? Perfect way to launder cash and collect a vig for services rendered. A new Mercedes Cynthia new nothing about? From her interview you get the impression that she (they) have been questioned by the Feds . With legal representation, Her answers are obviously prepared with the help of an attorney.
        Additionally, I no longer watch the show. I comment based on items I read here on TT’s blog.

      • Oracle5

        Whatever the intentions were for such an unforseen attack to happen to a castmember, I really would not have signed any documents stating that no matter what happens I could not sue someone for injuring me. My concept is to protect yourself at all times. Why would anyone use an almost diplomatic immunity statement in the USA, and you are a citizen of the USA. In this case, I would say: SHOW ME THE MONEY! (TOO)

    • I totally agree. Even if the conversation is not contentious, I will not carry on a lengthy conversation with someone who is standing while I am seated without standing up.

      On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 8:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. Shellbelle

    Peter does a lot of shit that is not to her knowledge. She wasn’t exactly defending him there, more like covering her ass in case there is such a time that the Feds do show up at her doorstep. Sound like she threw some shade unintentionally… Or intentionally.

    • lori

      It seems to be what all of the housewives “claim” when it comes to the shit hitting the fan. Give me a break. When your husband seems to have loads of money with no actual legit business that makes this much money you wouldn’t get to the bottom of it? I know I sure as Hell would.

    • Really!!!

      “Peter does a lot of shit that is not to her knowledge”………I was just going to post the same thing. Can’t wait to see who else is going down with Apolllo from the show…….if anybody. RAVO put Phaedra’s spin off show on hold until they see what happens with Apollo.

  13. FiFi Griffin

    Cynthia’s response: “I can say that Peter Thomas doesn’t have anything to do with a bank fraud scandal to my knowledge.”

    Translation of BS to real talk: “That muthafucka is capable of doing anything under my nose. He doesn’t tell me shyte. He probably was involved in illegal dealings with Apollo, but I don’t know and I ain’t in it.”

  14. Mari Anne Souza

    It seems to me that Kenya got up while Natalie was telling her not to backpedal – wasn’t she ignoring Chris, until he grabbed her upper arm? There were Phaedra, Apollo, Todd, Kandi, Malorie, Porsha, Robin, Big Homie and his wife between Kenya and Natalie, that’s a lot of distance. I think she got up, solely, to get closer to argue with Natalie.

  15. Seems like everybody in the ATL spends 99% of thier lives trying to hustle up them coins….nobody really has a real job save for Cynthia and her agency.

    • Fahlina_G

      And according to Reality Tea, she and Peter are being sued and evicted for non-payment of rent.

      • I’m aware of the story. However, the initial report (Not Reality Tea’s the news version) was so convoluted and poorly explained I decide to wait for more info to report.

        As I have said before the property owner of Bar One and the Industry Studio offices across the street went bankrupt and was foreclosed on. The people that collected the rent (who are perhaps a middle man, this is the unclear part) attempted to keep collecting rent. Peter says he has been putting his rent in a trust account (which the AJC verified apparently) waiting to figure out who is owed the rent.

        It’s a murky situation as the Bar One property was auctioned off and the owner has not been identified. That seems very strange to me.

        I won’t hang Peter for this yet. He was attempting to purchase the properties previously… It’s shady all around but not necessarily on Peter’s part.

        On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 11:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Mari Anne Souza

      What about Kandi?

  16. Fahlina_G

    “To my knowledge…” Oh Cynthia hon, if the show is any indication, you are clearly the very last to know ANYTHING going on with your husband.

    • Oracle5

      So, the answer is Cynthia: “Absolutely not,” Peter doesn’t tell me anything about HIS already Negotiated activities. I didn’t know about the closing of Uptown, Cars bought, changing the location of Bailey Agency, etc., “Miss Charlotte: I don’t know nothing about birthing no BABIES!”

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