Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Recap: Dropping the Ball

Kenya Moore Charity Ball Season Six Episode 15

We begin tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta at the J Spot! Girl, Miss Lawrence sure did get lucky with Bravo. He has been promoting his salon and hair services for many seasons and they frequently film at his store. Then he lands Fashion Queens?!  He’s probably making more coin than some of the actual housewives! Tonight Marlo is in the salon getting her weave ironed. I cannot believe Bravo let our favorite felon back on the show. But lately, there are almost more people with federal charges pending than housewives with a clear record! I wonder if this is before or after the event where Nene tried to get Marlo arrested for assault? I sure hope they air that scene before the season ends! Nene was throwing a flinger!

Anyway, tonight Kenya is hosting a charity ball and Marlo is invited. The two ladies meet up at the J-Spot to have some girl talk. Kenya tells Miss Lawrence and Marlo the scoop on pajama brawl. They discuss their previous battles with Nene, and Kenya explains she is going to hold a fancy charity ball to raise money for Nene’s Favorite charity in order to get back in her good graces.  Does Kenya not know that Nene’s favorite charity is Nene’s Louboutin Fund?  I think she overestimates Nene’s ability to be charitable. I’m just saying.

Kandi is holding auditions for her play which by all accounts did very well on it’s Atlanta run despite the hilarious things we have seen in the casting call scenes. I assure you, most of those people do not represent the talent that Atlanta has to offer.  It’s time for Porsha’s audition for the role of Kandi’s character’s younger sister, Jada. Porsha could not be bothered to memorize her lines, nor could she be arsed to cold read them as written. Her voice was up about three octaves and she spoke in a valley girl voice. She sang “His Eye is On the Sparrow” in a way over the top way. However, I think with a little coaching from Kandi, she would be alright in this small role.

Cynthia Bailey Afro

Credit: Cynthia Bailey’s Twitter

Cynthia is allowing Kenya to hold auditions at Bar One for the bachelors she will auction dates with at her charity ball.  Somehow Marlo got to film in this scene as well.  As one might expect in Atlanta,  the number of eligible straight men was woefully slim.

Porsha wants to take everyone roller skating. Phaedra arrives and pretends she was just coming from court because she is lawyer, y’all not a manager of strippers who attend private parties for entertainers who come to Atlanta. At the roller rink (dayum you just know Sheree would have loved this, bless her heart) Porsha gets the news from Kandi that she got the part. Porsha is thrilled despite the fact that she doesn’t even know the name of her character. Kenya is the only one that can skate and is literally running circles around the other girls. Phaedra and Kandi watch from the sidelines so as not to actually exert themselves too much.  Kenya extends the olive branch to the ladies who are there and Cynthia and Kandi seem to be willing to put it all behind them. Nene of course seems to be refusing to film with Kenya. Typical.  Kandi says she can’t attend Kenya’s ball because she has a previous engagement.  Porsha says she can’t go either because she has a meeting on the following Sunday.

Kandi is working out to the Phine Body tape and Carmon comes to join her.  Carmon is in a bad mood and not feeling the workout she came for because Mama Joyce is stirring up trouble again with everyone close to Kandi. Carmon plays a voice mail Mama Joyce left for so Kandi can hear it.  Apparently, Kandi and Carmon know some dude named Benny who dates some girl named Crystal who is apparently the “people in the streets” that Mama Joyce is listening to about Todd and Carmon. Crystal told Mama Joyce that she saw Carmon and Todd together and Kandi caught them together. Kandi says anyone who believes that dumbass story needs their ass whooped. I agree, Kandi, and that ass whooping goes to your Mama, unfortunately.

Carmon called Crystal to confront her. As soon as they hung up, Mama Joyce called Carmon.  Carmon plays the message, ” Carmon? What the fuck you call Crystal for? You know that damn shit true. But I’ll tell you one thing, You put your hand on that girl, I’m gonna drag your ass up and down the damn street like you was a damn rag. I wish to hell you would put your hands on that girl, you old low down heifer! Sounds exactly like Kandi wanting to drag somebody at pajama brawl, lol. Kandi says she can’t believe her mama did that. She thought they were finally having some peace.

That’s not all. Mama Joyce is trying to pay Benny to take Todd out with some girls and try to get pictures of Todd with his hands on some girls.  Kandi is upset. Carmon asks her if she is going to tell Todd. Kandi doesn’t even want to go there. Kandi says she wants to keep it to herself but she knows she can’t. Kandi says her vision was always she would get married and it would be one big happy family going on vacations and being all happy with each other. Carmon says that Kandi needs a new vision.

Nene Leakes Season 6 Episode 14Nene goes to Cynthia’s office where they talk hair. Nene has more weave than usual. It’s better. Well betterish.  Cynthia asks Nene about Kenya’s ball.  Despite Kenya stating that Nene opened here evite, Nene claims to have no inkling about the ball. No one even asked if she was available! I’m sure production sent her a shooting schedule. I do agree with Nene that if someone is having a ball to raise money for another person’s charity, they need to pick up the phone and speak directly with her person whose charity is being featured.  Oh and now Nene is saying that Marlo told her about the ball. Nene is acting like she is not going to the ball.

Kandi and Todd talk about the Mama Joyce issue. Kandi mentions that Porsha’s attorney sent a bunch of requests regarding her appearance in the play. Are you kidding me? Porsha sent a rider like she is Beyoncé singing at the Super Bowl during half-time? Girl please.  Todd says to call Carmon down there for the conversation. Kandi is trying to defend her mother. Todd says her mother has her mind fucked. Kandi is all indignant. Todd says he has his limits and unless she puts her mother in check he is going to walk away. Hell, I’m surprised he hasn’t left already. This is some crazy bullshit that seems to have no end until Mama Joyce heads into the great beyond.  Carmon and Todd both try to talk some sense into her. They tell her to go to counseling. She agrees. I also heartily approve.

Kenya is showing the Evite to her Aunt where Nene clearly opened the Evite. Everyone is arriving and Nene is still not admitting she is coming. Kenya doesn’t really care. It’s all about Kenya anyway.  Oddly, Marlo was unable to attend. Why? Was she incarcerated? That’s the only thing I could see keeping her away from the cameras. Miss Lawrence arrives in a cat suit and a lampshade, black from head to toe. Then emcee is “Kendra D.” Surely that is not Kendra Davis landlady of Kim Zolciak? I can’t really tell with the mask she is wearing. Lexi, one of Nene’s “bri maes” from her wedding is there. Why? She is not friends with the other ladies and Nene has yet to arrive.  Maybe Kenya invited her because they were in the wedding together and she knew that Lexie had money to buy a man. No shade honey, I’d probably buy one too. Do they come with a rule book? I just love to break rules…

Ah, the moment has arrived! Nene is here with her “I just smelled a rank fart” face one looking put out by the whole experience. Seems production forced her attendance after all. Wait, I though Nene ran RHOA and could do whatever she wants to hear some of y’all tell it. She sure doesn’t look happy to be here tonight! Kenya thanks them for coming and Nene and Gregg walk off as she is speaking.  Kenya gives a speech about the charity saying it teaches young girls how to be kind and how to forgive, and the reason she chose this charity is because a very good girlfriend of hers, it’s very close to her heart. She acknowledges Nene and introduces her and leads the crowd in applause forcing Nene to walk up to her and the microphone.  This is priceless. Nene is furious. Nene takes the mike and says “It’s amazing how many good friends I have and don’t know about it. But um, I would like to thank Saving Our Daughters which is one of many charities  that I work with.” Nene stops abruptly and hands the mike back to Kenya.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes Episode 15 Season six news

Nene goes back to the table with Cynthia is starts looking for a drink. Everyone else is looking for Peter who arrives at the table and tells Cynthia he wants to leave. Peter walks to the parking lot. Cynthia just stands there. Nene says that she is leaving too and tells Cynthia if she runs into Peter maybe she can give him a lift. Because that is what friends do when their married couple friends separated for ten seconds. They offer the husband a ride home so he can leave his wife alone at the event they arrived at together.

While all these tattooed women bid on the bachelors, the RHOA make a mad rush to the parking lot to beat the crowd taking their drinks with them.  Cynthia wants to know why Peter wanting to go. Peter says, because I do  not agree with what Nene just did. That shit was foul. Whatever beef they have, this is not the place for it.”  Nene hears the conversation from the parking lot and approached Peter demanding to know why he is mad at her. Peter tells Nene that her behavior was dead wrong for a charity event. Nene’s in her talking head playing that same old tired “this is women’s business why is he even in the conversation” line of bullshit. First of all, most men have more personality than a purse dog (I get you have deballed, Gregg but Peter still has ownership of his testicles).  Secondly, he didn’t say a damn word to you. His wife asked him why he wanted to leave and he told her that it was because YOU were an embarrassment and he didn’t want to be a guy at your table drinking with you like he was condoning that behavior. So you need to go on and get that hump up out your back right about now. Peter basically says either come and be graceful or stay home. Nene says to Peter. “None of these bitches here are on the level that I am on so I will not argue with any of them.”  Nene’s talking head is now about Cynthia daring to allow her husband to speak his mind. Why doesn’t she put a leash and a muzzle on her man like Nene does?  How dare she?

Peter and Cynthia drive off in the brand new very pretty white Mercedes of mystery.

Next Week: It’s the Bailey Bowl! Nene goes berserk AGAIN and calls the police on Marlo!


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175 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Recap: Dropping the Ball

  1. pdt090

    I love that Nene’s perpetually wasted bridesmaid is invited to all the RHOA events now. It always cracks me up when the women are screaming at each other and the camera pans to Lexi just watching them in a drunke haze.

  2. Alexa

    Nene is no longer a “fun bitch”, she’s an “insufferable bitch” now! I wish she would wake up and realize that she’s acting just like Kim Z did last season!

  3. Elle

    This show is getting more and more….strange? What is NeNe really going through? And why is the editing crazy? First NeNe has long broom hair and then it is short for the event they are speaking about. Why did NeNe have to make an appearance and no one else except the resident rat? Maybe it is my own hormones.

    Thanks TT for the update. I can’t follow this via tv anymore. I hate to see people make a complete butt of themselves.

  4. CareerCoachRose

    I am over Nene….. she is ignorant! Please run that lacefront over with Cynthia and Peter’s Mercedes please

  5. last season i could not stand kenya but this girl is bringing it. she just tweeted for everyone to donate to that charity no matter what team they are on, lol, BLOOP!

  6. Darren Warren

    Wow, Bravo’s editing isn’t doing Nene any favors. They’re really showing her in her true light, and it’s not at all attractive.
    I was not a fan of Kenya’s last year, but as things come forward, she seems to speak the truth. At least, Kenya showed some class in this episode, reaching out to the other women. Of course Nene was her graceless self, showing clearly, she doesn’t know how to act appropriately in certain social functions. I have to agree with Peter on this one.

  7. Happy lyfe

    Wow, just wow… Theres so much to touch on from this episode, but hands down, step mama joyce was the worst of the worse. run todd, it can only get more crazy from here. Kandi is one weak rich biotch… I wouldn’t disown my mom either, but i’ll definitely purchase her a nice quiet spot a thousand miles away. The thought of joyce trying to cross her daughters fiance out with her daughters $$$ is unbelievable.

  8. misscologirl

    Kandi’s mom acts like a jealous ex who meddles and manipulates situations so she can keep Kandi all to herself. Reminds me of some single moms who have sons and treat them like their boyfriends. Carmon and Todd are giving Kandi great advice, I just hope she actually follows what they are saying. Todd was SO right, no many is going to want to put up with Kandi’s mom running every aspect of her life.

    I agree with Peter, if Nene didn’t feel she could attend the event and be graceful about it, she shouldn’t have come. I was surprised that gregg seemed to agree with Nene. I know that it appears she runs him, but he is often the voice of reason on the show. Guess that’s not the case when it comes to anything Nene has done wrong. Peter’s statemement in the car as he and Cynthia drove away was spot on, Nene is killing herself with this behavior.

    • misscologirl

      Sorry for the errors….
      *no man

    • Jalen

      Todd is a snake! Mama Joyce has a tend to over exaggerate, however Todd and Carmon are probably using that to there advantage. Wasn’t it odd that Todd suggested Carmon be the one to join the conversation? Carmon isn’t Todd’s friend. Todd and Carmon are most likely pushing Kandi in a direction to deflect that Mama Joyce is actually telling the truth, no matter how crazy she is. You can’t deny a mother’s intuition.

      • Skeeter

        I’d like to see some proof he’s a snake. I know what the new people (and I cannot remember who is who w/the new people on the show) threw some shade at Todd but other than that, can you back your statement up? I’m curious – and being dead serious – I’d like to read/see where you came up with your opinion.

      • brillke

        Why is it odd that Todd wanted Carmen to join the conversation? Kandi has just told him about the voicemail she had heard her mother leave for Carmen so it makes sense he would ask for get to be there.

        Mama Joyce, is that you?

      • Anna

        Duh. The reason Todd suggested that Carmon come over is because Mama Joyce called Carmon, and Carmon is at the center of this. I don’t think they’re having an affair behind Kandi’s back.

      • Anna

        A mother’s intuition can often be right but not always. I wouldn’t trust Mama Joyce’s shoe throwing intuition for one minute. There is absolutely no evidence that Todd has cheated on Kandi. In fact, he has shown incredible patience and love toward Kandi.

      • Michelle

        Jalen– Huh? When it comes to Mama Joyce, her intuition is dead wrong. Of course Todd suggested calling Carmon because Carmon is the one who was told the tea on Joyce by a third party. Carmon and Todd are loyal to Kandi and are on her side. Mama Joyce is against Kandi and completely selfish and bitter.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Honey Greg knows what side his bread is buttered on.

    • puppylove

      I think if Greg said anything other than what Nene was bitching about he would have gotten his face ripped off, with those big ole chiclett teeth of hers

  9. Kat

    Not exactly sure why Kenya should honor Nene and not at least give her a call but It seems this was a less messy way to set nene up as retaliation for the pillow talk party….I guess Kenya wanted her to see how it feels to be our on blast although Kenya wasn’t as messy about it

    • Exactly. Now THAT’S how you set a housewife up. Kenya wasn’t messy in the slightest bit. That entire charity event was the QUINTESSENTIAL way to shade someone while simultaneously setting them up to embarrass themselves.

      That’s 2 hits, and based on next episode, I think Nene will have her ship officially sunk.

      • Reading Beads

        Can she take her bri maes with her? Thanks TT for finally translating that thorn in my side. Kenya 2, Nene 0. LOV ING IT.

    • Exactly, NeNe knew what Kenya was up to. I don’t blame her for the way she handled the situation. Who honors someone and text an invitation to them. Pure Shade. Kenya is crazy like a Fox. But she is Crazy. Peter should shut the h—up and stay in his lane. You can’t check no one else wife. Didn’t he Cynthia, and Mallory just finished setting it off at the Pillow Talk. NeNe might be over the top. But Kenya is fake!

      \wife especially when you

      • Bravogirl24/7

        Kenya might be fake but Nene has absolutely no class. There is a certain protocol to behave in public at a charity event. You do not show your ASS.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong TT, but didn’t Nene say that she evited people to her wedding to save on cost. Maybe that is why Kenya used and evite, she knew Nene wasn’t speaking to her. I don’t know, just a thought.

      • Brianna

        Evites are extremely popular. It’s an easy way to keep track of who has RSVPd and who hasn’t. Alerts that come straight to your email– it was a social event not a funeral. Oh wait– RIP to NeNe’s class.

      • Katrina

        So why did Kenya show hers ASS last year at the charity event?

  10. RhoFan

    Great episode tonight, I’m really not interested in Nene anymore. As you can see she has an nasty disposition about herself and the comments she made about being above people should let you know how Nene has been since season 1.

  11. Kelli

    Lawrence’s salon is NOT The J Spot. Derek J does have a salon named The J Spot. They are not in the same area. Please correct the information.

  12. beth

    Where did Cynthia get the idea that the ball was to honor NeNe? I don’t recall hearing Kenya say that. I’m not surprised that NeNe so easily believed it though, she is so full of herself. I believe Kenya’s assertion that NeNe opened the eVite. I agree with Peter – NeNe was ungracious, and she made a fool of herself.

    On a side note – I don’t get why it is that sometimes NeNe looks slim (for her), and then other times, like in tonight’s episode, she looks, well, huge!

    • puppylove

      Hi Beth
      It might be that she thinks the smaller the clothes the better she looks. NOT. Her ass looked like a whole horse stable could take shelter behind it. That dress was ugly , ugly and she made it look even worse.

    • lori

      I think she’s definitely gained some weight the past couple of years.

    • You know, you’re right. That whole “honoring nene” was a whisper down the lane mistake. Or flat out shit stirring by Cynthia.

      • beth

        “Or flat out shit stirring by Cynthia.” might be that, or maybe Cynthia thought telling NeNe that the event was in her honor might calm her down … didn’t work

      • I thought about that. But her changing things up like that to appease nene would be just stupid. Not well thought out, right?

      • lori

        When I heard Cynthia say that I was like “say what?” And then I thought “Oh yeah…. it’s Cynthia”. She definitely had her own reasons for saying that. She’s a pain in the ass with stuff like that. She never gets anything right when she’s repeating a story. She’ll tell the same story completely differently depending on who she’s talking to. She’s very snake-ish.

  13. Kitty Kat

    Thank you Tamara for this fantastic blog…it entertains me so. I’ve never commented on a blog before but I need some feedback here. Can we please talk about Cynthia’s office and the clocks? I almost feel badly for her…the different cities were printed in Times New Roman on Staples copy paper and taped below. THAT was the “moment” of tonight’s episode for me.

  14. Cassie

    What is it about Nene, they all seem so scared. Tamara, I think you may be wrong about Nene not having anything to do with casting . I know she only makes suggestions but they seems to take them. She told them about Chuck and his wife, who were basically brought on to embarrass Phaedra and Kandi. None of the girls called Nene on her bad behavior at the pajama party. Did they watch the same program we watched? Phaedra can only say bad things about Kenya, she, Kenya, really seems to be a pouching bag.
    You see how Phaedra never really expresses herself when she and Nene are in conflict although it might be as stated before Nene is just so loud and intimidating. The bridesmaid, she seems to shrink a little when Nene starts her rampage. She did the same thing at the pajama party, I wonder if she
    ever been a victim of domestic violence. I am proud of Peter, he made a lot of sense tonight. Why in hell would Kenya even try to get in Nene’s good
    side when clearly she can see Nene is for Nene. Did you hear her charity comment, why am I here. She clearly don’t give to anybody less not forget Sheree’s dancing like the stars event, her token donation was so small and
    she even had Kandi giving a small amount and Kandi really knew better..
    Love Kandi and Momma Joyce. Todd is not going anywhere he can play that role all he wants. He knows a good opportunity when he sees one and I have no doubt that he loves Kandi. She is a rich b_ _ _ _, plus she always
    states she loves pleasing her man so Todd knows he has the best of both worlds. I am not mad at him and Kandi should not worry about what anyone else has to say she should enjoy every moment she has with Todd trust and believe Kandi will pull out of the relationship if she needs to it may
    take a little longer because she has invested so much in him.

  15. keida

    I agree with Nene unfortunately; well to an extent. I think she’s selfish, vain and rude, but this whole thing was a setup. Kenya did not formally invited her; she should have called her. However Nene could have turned this around in Kenya’s face and been gracious and took more responsibility for the situation however not knowing how to dress Or what was going on the whole situation. I would feel funny, and I wouldn’t show.I think Kenya knows Nene can’t control her temper so it was a big ‘ol setup.

    • Happy lyfe

      Yeah keida, nene let kenya take her crown on this episode. She could have flipped it on kenya by bringing her a-game in ms.leakes fashion, took credit for the whole shindig, even bid on one of the guys, but she got caught up in petty mind games and forgot to leave her emotions at home. it was disappointing to watch, but I couldn’t look away. And I’m noticing after a couple of lunches and a few drinks they all of a sudden call each other friends, when did kenya and marlo gain that title?

      • They became friends when Kenya decided to collect Marlo as a pawn, along with Lexie(who I really don’t think actually knows what’s going on), and Mallory(Nene witnessed her pushing Kandi) and of course Cynthia who will be anybody’s friend as long as she can get that much needed check.

      • Imma need someone to translate this comment to English. No offense to people who speak English in other countries… It’s the morons who can’t speak their native language I have an issue with…

        On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 11:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • This is not Nene’s first rodeo. She’s been to plenty charity events and we’re almost sure she’s certainly thrown a number of her own as well. So, she could have taken the time to do a little homework ESPECIALLY since this was an event that is supposedly near and dear to her heart. What is the harm NeNe? And understandably being upset at Kenya for not being forthcoming with “any” information regarding the event (ie. attire, donation, etc.) NeNe decides to gladly look like “diary of a mad black woman” in front of all the guest attending. Just tasteless. Do we have any class? Come on. Where’s that happy NeNe we SOMETIMES use to see? SMH, Jeez

      • I agree. Nene doesn’t have class. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been asked not to even utter that charity’s name ever again as her nonsense was broadcast nationwide and taints the very spirit of the charity.

    • Skeeter

      Nene opened an evite that requested an RSVP and she didn’t RSVP. Sorry I don’t agree with that. It’s not like Nene doesn’t know how to respond via the internet – LAWD KNOWS her fingers tap tap tap away on a routine basis.

      • Come On, I’m sure NeNe has given a lot of charity events to know better. If this was indeed near and dear to her heart then she should have acted appropriately and gotten more information from Kenya or Cynthia who apparently informed NeNe initially. But, instead NeNe stood up in all her “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” attitude and gave just that. Attitude. SMH, just tasteless.

      • Nene? Charity Events? lololol

        On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 5:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Bravogirl24/7

      That’s the whole point, don’t show up if you are uncomfortable, unsure, unhappy or socially unavailable. Do not show up and ACT OUT at a charity event. CLASSLESS, TACKY,SENSELESS and HIGH SCHOOL. Nene needs to grow the fuck up!!

    • I agree! I think NeNe speech should have been “Thank you all for coming out tonight.” Saving our daughters is one of my favorite charities. Please donate to this worthy cause. Thank You!

      I don’t know much about editing, scheduling, or how tv shows are produced. From what I can see, most of this seasons events were forced & directions were given for cast members to create & produce lots of drama for entertainment. Entertainment that has produced high ratings.

      I really don’t have an opinion about the cast mates simply because I don’t know these people. I just like to watch the show for laughter, TT reviews, funky dinevas videos, & Life Lessons from Straight From the A..

      Truly entertaining!!

    • Angel B

      I agree.. Kenya set NeNe up to look ungrateful (not showing up) or like a fool (showing out). NeNe should have showed up with a smile,mingeled,talked laughed etc.. That would have killed Kenya.. She could have chewed Kenya out about her lil trapp later 😉

  16. Kenya idea of the event is the quintessential way on getting back on Nene.
    I use to like NeNe. But now I don’t.. Hearing she was doing lines of coke at her Pillow Talk Event and her behavior on one of the important Charites , spilled her glass with me. nene is losing it. It’s time she goes on a long vacation. Which I see it in the very near future. Greg just doesn’t want to lose her.dont worry Greg u won’t. She will be needing u very soon. And this time is LongTerm. Nene u are becoming an embarrassment. Nene u r running out of excuses. Bow Out Now that you can do it gracefully. Good Luck!!

    • Skeeter

      Where did you hear she was doing lines of coke? Just curious. That’s a pretty shitty thing to say about someone without absolute proof. I used to like Nene but her holier than thou schtick is old, so I am not sticking up for her here, I would just like to know how people find out this kind of information without being there and witnessing it firsthand She’s still a beefalo and until I see a drastic weight loss in a short amount of time, I’ll disagree with the snorting comment.

    • I agree. The coke thing is out of nowhere and a fucked up accusation with no proof.

  17. Blackbyrd

    NeNe got played like a Stradivarius tonight, compliments of Kenya. BRAVO and GAME/SET/MATCH to Ms. Moore! This was effing brilliant. NeNe’s overweening pride and arrogance are what made her fall for the okie doke Kenya set her up for – her behavior inexcusable, she looked petty and small – a feat for someone nicknamed Moose. When Peter’s shady Uncle Ben ass reads you for filth and is dead on balls right in summing up your stank stupid ass, you need to take a seat – no, SEVERAL SEATS. Which is what Ms. Moore provided for Neigh Neigh tonight. Best takedown/smackdown of a bitch without a punch being thrown I’ve ever witnessed.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Tamara’s recap takes the GOLD for an excellent recap. So much shade and juicyness/juiciness.

      “Nene says that she is leaving too and tells Cynthia if she runs into Peter maybe she can give him a lift. Because that is what friends do when their married couple friends separated for ten seconds. They offer the husband a ride home so he can leave his wife alone at the event they arrived at together.”

      But your comment right here, takes the silver. Sublime. Played like a Stradivarius? Love it!
      Stank stupid ass? Did you by any chance adapt this from Say Shawn Bradley!? (fave reviewer on You Tube!?)

      Whatever the case, I love this blog and reading all of the comments.

      I used to be all the way Team Nene, but fickle viewer that I am, I have officially jumped ship. She was awful in this episode. If you’re going to act like a sourpuss, here’s and idea, don’t show up.
      I must say though, it is baffling that Kenya would EVEN WANT to get into Nene’s good books. Who organises an event for someone else and ONLY invites them by email? A phone call or a visit would have been appropriate. Kenya should have called…BUT if Kenya was being manipulative and duplicitous to set Nene up and expose her for the petty, deluded, arrogant and pretentious person that she presents on screen, well, she won. She won big time because Nene looked horrible on this episode. Score at half time: Kenya 1. Nene 0.

  18. LOVE the RECAP! Loved this show! Can’t believe how flawlessly Kenya’s “Game of Thrones” is going. Even to the detail upon arrival at event she announced(mostly to us) “I have ARRIVED!”. Wow! The pain Nene feels was admitted honestly by her, saying she just wasn’t able to get her emotions together for the game Kenya is playing. SMH in sympathy. Obviously Bravo knows and applauds Kenya’s strategy. Of course they paid for set up of this last minute event to see if it would garner effect “pillow talk” had (without the brawl) and they were so right. Nene imploded. She was already trying to put on a good front from pillow talk backlash and now, the compounding of this BEFORE ALL THOSE PEOPLE…AND US??!! And next week she gets popped in the head by ex BFF? Bravo has thrown Nene off the cruise ship without a life preserver..with Kenya, and of course Kenya can swim. Show is crazy!! Ratings GOLD!!

    • Megan

      Omg “Game of Thrones” analogy is perfect. One of my highest values is intelligence. Let me just say that Kenya Moore is one smart cookie. I don’t know if she is educated but she sure as hell is smart. She came for the biggest star on Bravo and took her down in just two seasons! That’s crazy. Beverly Hills cast has been trying to take Vanderpump down for years. Kenya did everything right she was justified in her defense when it came to pillow talk and then she apologized which now none of the housewives on the reunion can say she didn’t. She apologized for her part on this episode and her blog. When the fans don’t think she needed to apologize at all but now that “getting up” argument is squashed meanwhile Nene isn’t backing down. Even to this day she is still not taking responsibility for anything. She then insulted a charity! I couldn’t believe that “one of the many charities I work with” like wow how are going to diminish the charity? Everything Kenya did was just right.. from the charity choice, the donation in Nene’s name, and the way she played that was trying to make up with Nene. Like damn. Now all she has to do is not get a big head and to continue to play the game hardcore at the reunion and she is set. She also needs to make sure she never turns into Nene and gets such a big head that she is demanding towards Bravo because if she does a new star will be hired to take her down.

  19. pfffttt

    Kenya completely outsmarted Nene. ROFLMAO. Nene stepped right into Kenya’s trap, when she could have easily been gracious but she stepped right into it.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Yes she did, Totally outsmarted Nene. Even to the extent of stealing last season’s tag line: I have arrived (and the spotlight is on me)
      Nene didn’t achieve ANYTHING by attending. She should have stayed home. Now, all of the guests have something negative to say because she acted out in front of them. (Nene’s outfit was nice though)
      Game set and match, Ms Kenya Moore.

  20. AMTraveler

    This season has gone to a dark place. I feel like we are watching these women unravel in front of us. A world in which Marlo and Kenya wind up on top of anything (other than the obligatory old sugar daddy) is depressing. I mean, I ended my Sunday night agreeing with Peter? What IS that? And now Mama Joyce has gone to my head, because during the whole Todd, Kandi and Carmon scene I just began wondering whether Carmon’s blue tipped extensions were actually Kandi’s hair leftovers. So maybe I am just in the dark place.

    • bunny78

      I totally agree. I feel like rhoa has jumped the shark. I just can’t…it is not even fun anymore. The show is full of nonsensical set ups and very obvious editing like the shows on vh1. It may be “juicy” for those who like this kind of drama, but I believe they have gone too far. Next week is going to be sad – more physical BS. On Twitter, the producer keeps saying that the episodes will get better and better as the season continues. I guess…

    • oh God. clutch me to your bosom, you are right.

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 11:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Oh hey don’t forget to tip your blogger. Sun- Wed am are my pretty much 24/7 blog times. As of now TT is my ONLY source of income. Today I have been working for 17 hours straight so far and still have to clear emails and twitter before sleeping. I normally don’t do this shit but, I am pissed at people who seem to think I work for then for free.

  21. The only positive thing transpired tonight was Todd and Carmon getting Kandi to agree to see psychiatrist so she can deal with her mother. Really liked what both had to say to her.

    • Jalen

      Don’t u think it’s odd that both Carmon and Todd pushed her in the direction of seeing a therapist? Kandi doesn’t need to see a therapist if she doesn’t want to. It’s her mother that needs to control her issues. Seems like Todd and Carmon are trying to distract Kandi, so they can continue whatever affair they have. There is definately something going on between Todd and Carmon!

      • brillke

        Why is it odd that Todd and Carmen pushed Kandi in the direction of seeing a therapist? With all the drama going on in her life, a therapist is a fantastic idea. Of course Kandi doesn’t have to see a therapist if she doesn’t want to but ain’t no way Mama Joyce is going to stop the hate anytime soon so Kandi needs to learn to set boundaries. I don’t think Todd or Carmen are trying to distract Kandi and I don’t think they are having an affair.

        Of course, this is all my opinion and I could be wrong.

        Mama Joyce said Kandi caught Carmen and Todd in the act but after seeing how Kandi can handle herself, I don’t believe that either. If that were true, Carmen with be all tore up and Todd would have been kicked to the curb.

      • @jalen; But of COURSE, that must have crossed everybody’s mind since the picture has been painted. And ordinarily one would wonder why an attractive friend like Carmon doesn’t seem to have a man? Why would Kandi trust any woman to live in her house WITH her man? Under these circumstances why shouldn’t they mess around? How could any woman be that naive?? Phaedra has a large home plus two kids but no way in hell would she let another woman be kickin’ it as an assistant up in her crib with Apollo.Which also paints yet another picture, but because we love Kandi, no one wants to say anything. But I think Kandi needs counseling to help her understand that her mother will never change for her. She’s set in her ways and has her tea tottling crew and the ‘streets’ backing her up. Todd especially, told Kandi what she needed to hear. They both got her to commit to get help to save herself from continuing to be abused by her mom AND save her relationship with her mom. Sounds like some Iyanla intervention to me. I know you understand what I’m saying, jalen.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        I don’t think it’s odd at all. Carmon and Todd encouraged her to deal with her issues with the help of a professional therapist. Kandi has boundary and/or attachment issues with her mother. She needs some help in separating herself from her unquestioning and utterly STUPID loyalty to her dysfunctional mother.

        Mama Joyce is miserable. I am embarrassed that a GRANDMOTHER would leave a threatening voicemail on her daughter’s friend’s phone.

        Todd could turn out to be the most loving, kind and supportive husband to Kandi buy Mama Joyce doesn’t want to see that. WHO KNOWS WHY?

        Mama Joyce should want to see her daughter happy.

        By all accounts (apart from Mama Joyce and her horrible sisters) Carmon has been a good friend to Kandi for over 20 years.

        If Mama Joyce has any CONCRETE PROOF of Todd’s infidelity, she should produce it. It is pitiful that she was planning to PAY for FABRICATED EVIDENCE against her daughter’s fiance. Kandi is lucky that Todd hasn’t already left. The situation is tiresome and he doesn’t need it.

        I do not see any evidence of an affair between Carmon and Todd. What they have in common is their love for Kandi and their common ‘enemy’: Mama Joyce.

      • Brianna

        I agree. They didn’t act strange on camera to give each other glances. Todd wouldn’t had called Carmon outside to be on camera if that’s the case. I just see them as both real liking kandi.

      • New kenya fan

        That’s just silly, I know that we are used to seeing these people as entertainment, but this is to ACTUALLY a soap opera. There is not scripted campy drama at every single turn( sorry to disappoint) Also I’m sure many of the groups talk about what they are going to say before the camera is on. Many things are edited out, there are a ton of reasons why things appear as they do..@ rcadia50 I doubt I would have any of my friends living with me and myman, or me period for that matter ( never again). But we have no idea if carmon doesn’t have a man. And the reason that phaedra wouldn’t and kandi would is because phaedra so marriage is held together with masking tape while Kandinsky is held together by love. She is more secure in both her marriage and her friendship.

      • Michelle

        Kandi can’t control what Mama Joyce says or does BUT she can control how she reacts to it. Kandi needs to be in control of her feelings and be respected by the people closest to her. They may not all agree with one another which is fine, but Mama Joyce needs to let Kandi live her own life.

  22. Hadenoughofnene

    Tired of Nene’s bullying ways… She lies forgetting that her actions are actually on video.. her antics are messy… bottom line she is just too stressful to watch. Enough of Nene’s ignorance.

  23. Carma

    Ne Ne should be ashamed of herself! A “Class Act” who thinks she is above everyone would have spoken well about the charity and taken the opportunity to give it some attention. She would have settled her personal issues later. Her ego has gotten out of hand and I no longer think she is all that. I’m appalled.

  24. JenB

    Kenya did say she would “Kill NeNe with Kindness”, with kill being the operative world. NeNe’s temper got in the way and she looked like an ass. Kenya played it smart and cool and let NeNe explode. It just makes me like Kenya even more.
    What meeting would Porsha have on a Sunday (except church) and why would that interfere with the party? I do wish Marlo had been at the party, it would have been interesting to see how she reacted to NeNe’s meltdown.

  25. Denise

    Nene is sinking her own ship. She is missrable this season. Her and than better than attitude. Bye girl.

  26. Mimi

    I don’t and never have seen why people have liked Nene. She is self absorbed all about Nene. In her mind she has never done anything wrong. Her behavior this evening was horrendous. The only thing I agree with her about is I feel Kenya should have personally called to invite her to the charity event. But I am calling BS on Nene saying she didn’t know anything about it. I have sent Evites and they clearly tell you whether it’s been opened. Of course, in Nene’s defense to be fair she could have opened it and not read it, but I highly doubt it. Nene has never been able to be happy for anyone she believes is doing better than her or is taking screen time away. She is feeling threatened by Kenya. That is obvious. Kenya is beautiful, she is a former Miss USA, she’s entertaining, and I think Nene feels the audience swaying towards her. I have never been a huge fan of Kenya. But, I try to still be fair when I watch these shows and put things aside when deciding who’s playing whom. Nene thought when Kim left she didn’t have any competition for Queen Bee. Then Kenya came along. Kenya isn’t dumb. Girls who have been in pageants aren’t dumb. They usually are very smart. Most pageants give scholarship’s as part of what you win, so these girls competing have their game together. I was totally disgusted when Nene made the comment that none of the people at the charity event were close to being on her level. What level is she referring to? She’s an out of work actor, oh sorry she is a working “reality star”. We all know these shows won’t last forever so I hope she saved some money or she isnt going to be a “rich bitch” for long.

    As far as Moma Joyce goes. I am with Todd and Carmen on this one. We all love our parents and families for that matter. But this lady acts like anyone who gets close to Kandi is coming in to take her woman and all her money. Personally, I think the money has more to do with it than anything else. I am not saying she doesn’t love Kandi she does very much. I just so happen have dealt with this situation twice in my life. Once with a fiance that I finally said its me or her and decided if I had to say it I knew the answer. I had heard to many things about hiw crazy his mother was so I listened and left. My husband’s mom had a hard time cutting the apron strings at first too. When she cried to him about some BS story I told him he could marry her. Well it obviously worked out, we’ve been married 22 years. Kandi is my favorite HW I adore her. She’s pretty, smart, talented, kind hearted and a wbole host of wonderful adjectives. She loves her momma and respects her and I get it. But I know if Kandi doesn’t put her in check she very easily could end up alone. No man worth anything is going to put up with that type of interference from their mother in law. I like Todd. I like Todd and Kandi together so I hope and pray they work this mess out with her mother. But Kandi will have to grow a couple for this to happen.

  27. Brianna

    Loved this episode! Idk why Phaedra was talking about running from the truth (or whatever she said) when that’s all she’s done! BUT I do get what you are all saying about editing. Hmm or did nene just change her hair up its so hard to tell with all these weaves. Kenya is so smart though. Also it did look like nene was lying regardless because she kept saying (even after she showed up to the event) that she didn’t even know about it and Cynthia is the only reason she was there! Can’t wait until the reunion for this one! … If nene shows up!?

    • Kenya is so thorough in her obvious game that she pre-empted Nene’s only strike as Nene said she didn’t know and Kenya juuuuust happened to have laptop with page showing her received email. Kenya’s going into overkill. I’d like to see Nene find a way to get her happy back. Humble pie tastes horrible but if she’d force down just one slice apologies might not be as bad as she thinks. A heartfelt ‘appearing’ apology to all the cast (and crew) could slow Kenya’s game down. Nene has a times brought us to tears. Like when she confronted Greg before divorce and gave tough love speech to Bryce. Come on Nene, don’t let Kenya out act you!

    • Barbara R.

      I think that the rule is: If you don’t show up for the reunion you are fired. Unless, of course, you are hospitalized or have a serious family emergency.

  28. What an interesting maneuver by Kenya tonight with the party idea, great setup. Nene stepped into it tonight. I’ve never been good at games, the setups or seeing them coming.
    I’ve was forced to learn the hard way.
    My Mom used Mother love as a game to keep me in check. I was a married woman with two young sons begging my mother to love me. After that finale incident I informed her I’ld never beg her again. That I loved her and she was welcome in my life but if she ever did that again I would not talk to her. She could stay gone.
    We never spoke of that again and the game was done.
    It hurt to realize I married the same type of man. I got hurt never got mad until years later.
    Kandi was raised with a all-in or all-out idea of relationships. Kandi doesn’t realize there are boundries and her mother is not there for her.
    If Joyce was there for Kandi she would not be such a back stabber and so hateful towards Kandi. Joyce is hateful towards Kandi by her actions towards Todd. Todd could be anyone. Joyce would act the same way.
    I think Joyce could become dangerous.

  29. gupto

    bravo just “terasa’ed” naynay, plonk plonk :)

  30. Bravogirl24/7

    Nene is a self absorbed bitch. Kandi has absolutely no self esteem. Kenya can be manipulative. Cynthia does not have a spine. Phaedra is a liar. Porsha needs a check. It all makes great t.v .

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Your comments are interesting. I agree Nene is self absorbed. I’m not ready to call her a bitch. I have to disagree about Kandi having no self esteem. I think she has very high self esteem BUT she has a block when it comes to her mother. She was raised to honor, protect and look up to Mama Joyce. (This seems more apt for a partner or husband) It hurts Kandi to “check” or contemplate the idea of “checking her mother.” She just cannot do it. Even at 33. It’s a boundary issue.
      Kandi needs to realise that she doesn’t need her mother to accept or approve of Todd. He only needs to be respected by his future inlaws.
      A person with no self esteem would not be able to front a successful line of sex toys, produce an original play, run her own boutique (I think she has two now) and write songs for other artists. There are so many examples of Kandi’s actions which require high esteem that your assessment is just not true. Imo.

      Kenya? Manipulative is her middle name. It is an ugly trait which seems to pay her dividends.

      Cynthia does not like to rock the boat unless she knows she can win.
      She can “go at it” with Mallory and sometimes Peter, but I think she prefers to avoid confrontation at all costs.
      She should have “checked” Nene or at least challenged her obnoxious behaviour. If Nene wanted to leave, NO ONE else should have followed her. Sheeple, much? Mallorie, Lexie?

      Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra!? How is she going to finagle her way out of Apollo’s fradulent mess.

      Porsha needs some hard knocks to help her grow up. She still seems very childish and immature.

      Yep, it’s great TV.

  31. lori

    Here Nene…. this is why people don’t like you. Thanks for summing it up in a quote for us tonight, in true Nene fashion.

    “None of these bitches here are on the level that I am on so I will not argue with any of them.” 

    She’s obviously living in a world the rest of us aren’t.

    “Be careful how you treat people on the way up, because you might meet them on the way down.” Plonk!

  32. Fayth

    I love to watch Nene’s demise. She wasn’t properly socialized and doesn’t know when to check that bad attitude at the door. Kenya set her up perfectly without even getting her hands dirty. If Nene hasn’t learned how to be gracious at a charity event by now she never will. If anybody from Saving Our Daughters was present I wouldn’t allow her to be an embassador anymore. Nene was late, petty, rude, egotistical, and an all around jerk.

  33. Jennifer

    The only smart entity here is Bravo. It is responsible for the fiasco called RHOA. Sadly, seeing black women destroy each other is not disturbing to many watching the show. Nene is an insecure person who sold her soul for money. Kenya is a delusional character who is now the latest tool of Bravo. She is for sale as well. Sickening

    • Happy lyfe

      I agree. Kenya used her smarts against nenes distasteful attitude. But no way will I fall into kenyas trap either, I just can’t c any good in her. I’m going all the way last.season, only difference now is, shes being more smart about her battles, she has learned how to bring out the ugly side of her colleagues for all to c, while she looks grime free. Theres a saying that goes “u can shuck some people some of the time, and u can shuck all people all the time, but I’m not to b shucked any of the time”. tamara I love ur blogs and respect ur opinions, but something tells me later on down the line, the real kenya will b exposed, dont know when,.how, nor where. I do believe in second, third chances, but I just dont c a big positive change from her. She is just as quick to belittle the other ladies same as nene does, I’m sorry, but I’m not buying what kenya is selling. Porsha said it best, once a fake friend always a fake friend, and I agree with porsha, I dont c an authentic heart in kenya.

      • Brianna

        Oh please. Kenya isn’t being fake. Porsha was stuck in a mess of a marriage and was lying/being fake about it the whole time, last season. The only reason she decided to constantly pick fights w Kenya was because she didn’t want her own marriage in the lime light. Then the whole mess of Phaedra trying to double talk to her, which wouldn’t work because Kenya is smart. Now this season Kenya has caught on to all of tier little games and back biting and she won’t be played a fool, like last season!

      • New kenya fan

        I actually agree with this.while I applaud kenya for winning the the game with nene and playing it likea master she is annoying me with playing the victim, putting everyone down, not being honest about her faults. We are all into kenya because were AGAINST nene. I would love for a beautiful well-spoken black woman to carry the banner, but kenya seemed really fake this episode. I don’t know that she has the personality to be likable after the nene fight is over.

      • Happy lyfe

        So brianna, theres nothing fake about kenya huh, and porsha always picked on her, well let me c, last season at porshas event for the kids she made an honest mistake and stated the wrong crown, and apologized for it, kenya left.the event as if.shes perfect.patty.and never makes mistakes. Another thing, u say porsha was being fake about her marriage, what porsha did is no different from a lot of couples, my.parents stayed into it but as soon as they would have company over they were like two teen agers in love, but me and my siblings knew once everyone was gone they’d b back at it, married couples put on facades alllll the time, but one thing is for sure, porsha was married for real, didnt pay someone to b a pretender, geeesh. How soon people forget, and christopher was right, kenya is smart and knows how to play the vulnerable chick, cause shes definitely got into some heads around here. sorry kenya no pons pons over here, I will not b falling for the banana in the tail pipe.

  34. Blackbyrd

    What’s kinda ironic is that Kenya and NeNe didn’t ‘bund”, in NeNe speak, because they share the pain of mother’s who gave them up to be raised by other family members. That is a deep chasm of unfathomable hurt and pain that can color everything in the way one relates to people, relationships and the world. My ex’s Mom emotionally and physically abandoned him and his sister when he was 4. He hasn’t been able to really go to the levels of love, respect and trust needed to sustain a healthy romantic relationship. He deep down doesn’t trust women, or feel he’s worthy of any real love – his reasoning is if Mom didn’t love or want me, how can anyone else? These two present an interesting psychological dynamic (and storyline) that is ripe for exploration, or with Bravo’s proclivities, exploitation on this show. It may also sow the seeds for what may be NeNe’s redemptive story arc, if Bravo chooses to give her one. After all, this is “reality” TV, where reality can be stretched, edited, used and exploited to keep the ratings and the money flowing.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      That’s an interesting point. Yes they do both have mother issues/abandonment issues BUT Nene’s ego is too big to allow her to accommodate Kenya’s big ego and vice versa. They are both competitive, deluded and pretentious. It is unsurprising to me that Nene and Kenya have not formed a mutually respectful and supportive friendship. They both want to be Queen Bee.
      I would love to see black women being kind, respectful, supportive and funny together (the way my friends and I behave.) I got a glimpse of that when they were at the roller skating rink. I wonder if the dynamic would have been the same if Nene was present. It’s tiresome that the RHOA cast are often disrespectful, antagonistic and confrontational with each other . I know that conflict/drama brings the ratings and even though I cannot relate at all, I will continue to watch. SMH

      • winwin

        When NeNe is not involved, the ladies always have a good drama-free time. Throw the moose in the mix, and everything magically changes for the worse.

      • spk

        — Bingo, Bloop and Hallelujah that last paragraph Yamoah —

        It’s all so produced and scripted, it makes me wonder how complicit are the women? I just hear Jill from RHNY saying to Andy, “Remembah, I came to you with that story pitch about how we could talk to Ramona and Bethanny and you luvvved it Andy?!!”.

        So everything except Mama Joyce feels scripted to me.

    • spk

      That is interesting Blackbyrd – but I think Bravo gave NeNe a run at the redemptive storyline when she went to find and meet w/ her biological father … along with the camera crew.

  35. I love this blog

    Poor Nene. She got “checkmate”.

  36. khintx

    Kenya said on making her entrance to the auction “I have ARRIVED!” Gotta hand it to her, she delivered blow after blow with ease, but that one line was the kill shot! kh

  37. Vivaladiva

    I was cracking up at Marlo and Kenya “We love NeNe she is so much OLDER and wiser…I look up to her like an OLDER sister…she has BEEN AROUND.” Way to go girls, way to go. You know that pissed NeNe the hell off!

  38. Katie

    Best recaps on the planet. I hope you get paid well, TT! I for one will be happy to donate when I am gainfully employed again. In the meantime, I will recommend your blog to all my fellow Bravo fans.

  39. myinfo

    Production, an evite, and Cynthia told Nene about the event.
    She acted like spoiled child and was rude.
    Kenya did not miss a beat.
    I bet when Kenya is around she gets more attention from the fans which drives Nene crazy.
    Kenya bringing Marlo around next week will be a must see.
    Great recap!

  40. bunniecarrot

    Like I said before and TeeCee called me hateful. Kandi deserves everything she gets at this point. Her mother is trying to set her fiancé up and she still backs her mom up cuz that’s how she “rolls”? Mkay well roll right up into your family’s 3rd generations statistic being a” baby momma” & alone at 65.

  41. Nene feels that men should stay out of situations that happen between women, but it was ok for CW to approach Kenya about an issue that happened at the vineyard between the women. Double standard as long as it’s in Nene favor. If Kandi don’t do something about her mom, she will be living with her mom and alone just like her mom. I wonder if Phadera and Apollo had some idea of what was about to happen because she is very quiet and withdrawn on these episodes since the fight. It was good to see Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya put the event behind them and move on.

  42. Ms 1dimple

    Stick a fork in Nene…. SHE’S DONE! That was classlass, and I’m pissed because she made me agree with Peter! Nene sit down sweetie your 15 minutes are OVA! Gregg grow a pair and take Kandi with you. SMDH

  43. Monihew

    I haven’t read all of the posts here, but since when have Evites been appropriate for a charity event? Sooooooo, you want me to spend in the vicinity of $1000 for your charity and you can’t send me a “real” invitation??? Am I just old school?

    • Brianna

      Uhhh yea it’s 2014

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Yes, you are old school. Evites are efficient and cost effective. They allow the sender to monitor numbers, RSVPs and any special requirements, all without having to leave your office.

    • Reina

      I agree with you, I am not old school but I sure do love an Invitation, Evites are great also but nothing like getting a invitation threw the mail.
      As to the Charity event, I am sure it took time to plan so Nene had to have known.
      oh yea, still a Nene fan. sorry. lol

  44. My favorite moment: Porsha is trying to tell us that because it’s gospel, she will sing earnestly, from the heart, with conviction….but instead she said “I’m going to be convicted!!!” I rewound. She said it. But…do we know that the script was available beforehand? I didn’t blame her for not knowing lines because I thought it was a cold read.

    Now, I would KILL someone if they announced to a crowd that I was going to speak without my having a chance to prepare. But I’m not nene. Nene is in TV for this anyway. So speaking to the crowd is not a stretch for her. After the VERY uncomfortable situation that nene put Kenya in at the pj party, I’d say it was deserved a little.

    You can’t tell me that nene didn’t know about the ball — it was in her script and in her contract. She showed up to get paid. The same as Phaedra and Kandi showing up and not bothering to even pretend to skate. That was a shitty event.

    TeaTea, you’re so right about Peter. He didn’t engage nene. She’s a fucking nutbar to blame him.

    Nene looked horrid in that silver doubleknit polyester rag. She had bra lines and panty lines and was jiggling like a bag of ferrets were fighting inside her dress. When you enter the dragon’s lair, you gotta put on your naughtiest red dress like Scarlett Ohara at mellie’s birthday party. Not schlub in looking like you just stepped out of kmart.

  45. Oh and “Oh shit!!” on the evites thing. My sister in law is always inviting me to shit and I ignore it as long as possible. I had no idea she could tell when I opened it! Can she also tell how many times I’ve gone in to check out who is going to be there or not be there??

    • Katrina

      I wasn’t aware of that feature either. Sometimes I click on them by mistake and never read them. I thought you had to formally send a response to acknowledge you received the invitation and you are going.

    • beth

      It may depend on the service used to send the eVite. I have sent eCards (Christmas, birthdays) before – an email is sent to the receiver, and in that email is a link to the “card”. Clicking on the link is the mechanism to open it, and then I get a notification. If the eCard, or eVite, is embedded in the email, then there would not be a way for the sender to know you opened the email unless you explicitly allow it, as in an Outlook “read receipt”.

      Not sure about your second question.

  46. Brewhaha

    ‘At the roller rink (dayum you just know Sheree would have loved this, bless her heart)’…this had me in tears then my thoughts wandered to the liberry! Lol

  47. Kitty Mamma

    Just my two cents on the evite/charity scandal: I’m calling bs on NeNe. Two reasons, she attends many events and she is a self-proclaimed “rich bitch.” I receive many evites in the business world. Business evites allow you to see who will be at a meeting, etc. Evites are just electronic invitations. Secondly, anyone who is rich knows they need charitable deductions to offset their huge incomes. Really. It’s no small wonder that the richest people in the world are the most charitable. NeNe turning her nose up at her favorite charity is not a good look.

  48. Nene needs to get off her I am better than the First Lady of the USA act…a crackwhore who swings from a pole has more class than Nene at this point! I seriously can’t stand Kenya but the last few weeks she’s growing on me and has me rolling during her talking heads..Now Kandi… that girl is gonna lose Todd if she doesn’t put triple dipped in pyscho Mama Joyce in her me it’s alll about the Almighty green with mama there.. she’s worried her gravy train will derail! Man I loved my mama may she R.I.P. more than anything but if I had to come correct with mom I did…the motto is simple… its my life not yours unless I want all that yakking stay over there and keep those extra cents to yourself unless you wanna be digging in your couch cushions for this same cents to pay the light bill! I need to either pray hard for this season to be done with soon it find something to hold my attention better on Sunday nights Lol.. as always Tamara thank you for your updates you rock plain and simple!

  49. Nelly

    Please, please, please, don’t compare Nene and Kenya other than they both have abandoning issues, Kenya has a title, she had a goal and worked in that direction for the last twenty years she has been a career woman and a business owner. Kenya does not need a man to take care of her. This is why she’s waiting for the right man, a man at her level, and for love.
    Nene on the other hand is an ex stripper, and there is nothing wrong with being an ex-stripper, but she did not strip to pay for her college education, or a start up business. She said she stripped to take care of her son, the one who’s having babies out of wed-lock and in and out of jail, she and her son both don’t speak english. To me it seems that she is with her husband because he took her away from the pole, I don’t like how she favors her younger son over the older one, it must do a number on him.
    Nene is a lazy woman, who got a chance at T.V. and is working her opportunity, as she should, but prior to this show, Nene has never taken the time to work on herself and make her self a better woman. In fact this platform has just magnified her ignorance and her ego is at par with Kanye West.
    Where as Kenya is everything she is not, plus to add she is truly beautiful, tall and has and amazing figure. Kenya maybe a bit mean, it could be for TV, but she is sure entertaining.

  50. eastjames

    What’s with all the “bloop, plop and plonk” words at the end of posts? Did I miss something? Is it supposed to be turds falling in a toilet? I’m scared, confused and lonely! Someone help!

  51. I"m the Genius Here

    Todd and Carmon have some strange chemistry. It almost seems as if they are more on one accord than he and Kandi are. Hmmm. I found it odd that when having a conversation of a private nature (i.e. keep it up and I will leave you) that he asked for her to summon Carmon. Kandi better quit being naive. Mama Joyce is a messy old broad but she might see what young, thirsty chicks can’t see. And I don’t like how Carmon looks at Todd. Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean. Remember I said this.

    • Angel B

      I think they may feel alil uncomfortable in scenes together because everyone will be looking for the way they look at each other, they siting to close, trying not to look at eachother,he calls her down etc..

  52. Kaleesi

    “Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean.”
    God, when o when am I gonna get to use this???

  53. Angel B

    ok, Kenya played that to the T. NeNe is narcissistic is too. why is everyone blaming Phaedra for what her husband did if your husband was involved in illegal activity you know about it would you turn him in?? like really what do you want to do Phaedra came into this world alone she’s only responsible for your own actions her husband is his own person, plus I don’t think that he tell Phaedra everything look how you talk to her look how he disrespects her. Cynthia is starting to be a mess starter. Porsche is little dumb but she’s really good people with good spirit. however I’m still not team Kenya but I’m glad to see somebody sticking to that old moose NeNe

  54. GwenD

    A for Kandi? There’s no way I would go to counseling after finding out my “Mother” is willing to set my “Man” up and pay somebody, I would go “Straight” to my mother (in a respectful way), and tell her “Enough is Enough”!,,Back Off!, I’ve had it!, how could you even “Think” to do something like that to the “Man that I Love”, what is wrong with you?, How dare you put me through “All This” why are you all up in my Happiness”, and trying to “Sabotage” it?,,No, she doesn’t need any counseling, she needs to “Stand Up”!,and stop acting like a “little Girl” and let her Mama know “She’s Grown”, and her decisions “about her life”, only applied when she was “Under 18”, Damn! Is she a “Woman” or a “:Child”?, If she’s a woman, she need to let her Mother know it, and start “Acting” like one, and “take charge of her life”, or she is going to be one “Lonely Sister”, a man can only take so much, and I’m surprised “Todd” is still with her, (truth be told), How can she “Defend” a person (other or not) that would be willing to “Pay” someone to “Break-up” her relationship? What is wrong with,Kandi, and her Mother?, as far as that goes, they “Both” need Counseling, not just Kandi..When a person “acts” the way her mother does, “speaks”, the way her mother does,and “Controls” the way her mother does, and she doesn’t see i as a problem something is “wrong with Kandi” also, Maybe “Todd, needs to “Rethink” what kind of “Family”, he is about to Marry into, because ther is “Clearly a Problem”, (with the “Mom, “Relatives”, and Kandi).,

  55. Watching the replay. Nene is sitting in Cynthia’s “office” and Cynthia asks her if she knows about the ball. Nene swears three ways that she knows NOTHING. the next sentence , “Marlo told me that Kenya sId she’s having a ball. And I’m supposed to be there.” And goes on to say that Marlo said Kenya was putting in the masquerade ball for nene.

    That’s where the honoring thing started.

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