Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Louds and Prouds


The gals from Blood Sweat & Tears are back in the city and hopefully ready for something a little more upbeat than the dying daddy storyline.  Everyone is getting ready to go to the Polo Classic and shopping for hats. The girls are divided into two groups. Demetria, Geneva and Brie, and the lesser idiots. Clearly, DGB do not want to mingle with MMD.  Mica is talking about how she is super woman in her talking heads and talking about cremating her father in the hat shop. Okay, you know what? I don’t care if I am an hour behind on my recapping. I am going to need a glass of wine for this. Please standby. I need to search for a corkscrew.  I’m back. Thanks for your patience. I now have wine and  candlelight (not from an abundance candle, sadly) and am ready to forge ahead.

Daisy and Maisy, I mean Melyssa, tattle to Mica that Brie had lunch with them to discuss Mica’s alcoholism. Daisy and Melyssa name their click the Louds and the sane girls the Prouds. Works for me. The Louds sure don’t have anything to be Proud of.

Demetria meets with Harriette, her mentor who calms her down a bit because her cup runneth over. They talk about how Demetria and Greg want different things when it comes to getting married. Demetria realizes that Greg needs to be high on her list even though she has so many projects going on. Demetria wants to go to the Justice of the Peace and Greg wants a big traditional wedding. Harriette advised Demetria to make time for Greg everyday.  Gurl, if you don’t someone else will! He’s a good catch! And now that you are flashing his fine ass all over the TeeVee? You better keep him happy at home, that’s all I’m saying.

The Prouds are not planning to be anywhere near the Louds at this ever so civilized function. They will not be embarrassed! Did Geneva just say “Twirl on that?” I love it! blood-sweat-and-heels-season-1-micas-on-hell-time

The Louds arrive late and are already living up to their names. They are just there to get drunk and ignore the game.  The Prouds are watching. Geneva has a polo player she is in love with.  I love Geneva. The Louds are drunk dialing Brie and being obnoxious.  At halftime, when everyone goes out to stomp the divots, the ladies unfortunately run into Daisy. Demetria and Brie ignore Mica. Mica has flashbacks to junior high when everyone hated her “for her looks.” Geneva greets Mica and asks how she is and she explains how her life is always drama free. You know sometimes I wish there was still a God that would zap liars with lightning bolts. Because, fun! That Old Testament God did NOT fuck around. I’m just saying. Geneva just smiles and nods. Mica heads back to her blanket.

Brie tells Daisy that she feels like she and Melyssa attacked her the day before at lunch. In my opinion, it was not so much an attack as it was closing ranks around Mica. I think they all sort of had Mica’s best interest at heart, they just both had very different experiences with Mica and different ideas of what Mica needs.  Demetria chats with Melyssa  about Mica and Melyssa says she doesn’t think Mica has a problem.  Demetria and Melyssa hug it out and agree to disagree. Daisy wants Brie to meet with Mica.  Brie says she will if it is just the two of them over a glass of water but not today.

The next day the Louds are at the pool. Daisy is having a book relaunch party. Because Daisy has a book. Of course she does. Excuse me one moment. I need another drink.  Okay, I’m back. Daisy’s voice is horrid. Good luck finding a man who wants to hear that non-stop every day. I suggest she gets a vocal coach. Mica decides to call Brie and she leaves a message asking to meet with her.

Demetria chat about the wedding. Apparently, Greg wants to have the wedding in Johannesburg. So, obviously, Greg is South African and wait….what? He’s American and his parents are Jamacian? So um, okay. I hope he doesn’t want guests that he actually knows at his wedding.  Demetria tries to suggest a Justice of the Peace first and then a symbolic ceremony in South Africa. Greg wants a dowry.  Despite that not being the way things work, I still think he might be owed a couple goats and a bag of gold coins for this marriage.  That Demetria is two handfuls!  Their scene was very cute.

Daisy and her assistant Lauren say a prayer before her event. He prayer included a hashtag. #NoDrama.  I had no idea that New Testament God was down with texting. I am not only the last person on earth without a smartphone, but apparently my reign in that regard extends to the heavenly realm as well. I feel sort of  more special than God now. Kinda like The Beatles of my generation. (The sound you hear is the devoutly religious folks sending me emails telling me they are never, ever, ever reading here again because I am going to hell.  Fear not ye Christian friends, I have already prepared my hand basket.)  Daisy is late to her own event. She is bringing a rolling clothes rack for people to hang their raincoats on. This was a sweet gesture on her part. Except that it is not raining. Remind me again exactly what Daisy does for a living?


Mica is out drinking wine and waiting for Brie. Why do all of these girls drink white wine or rosé?  Mica starts telling her version of the story which is essentially Brie was rude to her and didn’t care about her family situation.  Brie counters with her out of control loud drunken bull in a china shop behavior.  Brie said that her father passing doesn’t matter. DA DUM……#commercial. Brie is not looking good. She really lacks compassion. She could have come at Mica with a bit of sympathy and still made her point. Brie lost any high ground she might have had at that luncheon.

Back at Daisy’s party, Daisy calls Brie who says she is not coming because she is going to a surprise party for someone else.  One would think someone as well-bred as Brie would have RSVPed. The other Prouds were excluded from the invitations. I assume this bothered them not at all.  The Louds are squealing loudly.  Mica, who has a cow when people assume she is white, makes several inappropriate comments to Daisy’s mother in law who is Japanese. She is not amused. Daisy’s daddy gets up and makes a speech. He is sweet. Oh Lord, Mica is going to take this moment to cry.  Sweet Jesus, girl. I get it. But save those tears  for your pillow! Daisy gives a speech and cries because her book is going to be an e-book. Or something.

Oh No. Just no. Mica gets her father’s ashes in the mail. Why? He mother is alive. She would be the one getting UPSed the remains. He had other relatives at his side. So  why is she getting the ashes? She keeps saying it doesn’t seem real. I agree and am fast forwarding.  Is there nothing folks won’t do on camera anymore?

Next Week: Demetria has an event.  Mica’s Mama finds out that Mica’s boyfriend has another relationship.


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14 responses to “Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Louds and Prouds

  1. AMTraveler

    So riddle me this – what exactly does Mica do? Does anyone have any info on MicaModels? All I can find online is an event hosted at a Baltimore Pizzeria in 2011 about modeling – which could actually be the Maryland Institute College of Art… She registered the URL on GoDaddy around the 2011 as well (when did they start casting for this show??) The website is on lock and password protected to keep a browser from actually seeing what models are managed by MicaModels (maybe this is standard?) I don’t see anything about previous bookings MicaModels has secured on behalf of their clients. The “spa business” Mica claims is also listed as “New Location Coming Soon” without any existing location at the moment. All contact info, like MicaModels,and the spa at first glance leads back to Mica Hughes – no other staff. Ever since the day Mica spent at the office with a potential “model” I’ve been pretty curious about the nature her career – ok actually ever since the moment that Mica popped up on television within the first 10 seconds I have been curious about it. Nice apartment – well groomed – well dressed – but something isn’t right in the buttermilk.

    • There has always been a SOMEONE with no job. I mistakenly thought it was Melyssa. Apparently it was Mica. This explains how a drunk can be employed. She Can’t. Eventually we will see her in rehab. Bravo is kind of fucked up for that.

  2. I’ve actually been watching this show and having trouble understanding why. Maybe time will help.
    Well written post young lady.

  3. I kind of feel sad that Mica is unravelling on national television. When she gets well, she will regret her train-wreck behavior. I bet Bravo will follow her to rehab. Poor thing. She really is a lost and wounded person. I also could not figure this show out at first- I was kind of confused because I thought why is this drunk white girl on this show and then I thought she must just have a light complexion It is a show about progressive, young, successful women of color and their experiences in NYC.

    Nice job, Tamera! You are such an excellent blogger.

  4. katyaldridge

    Love the recaps and the site. I’m hooked!

  5. My father passed on Halloween last year. His services had been paid for many years ago but somewhere my mom went off the beaten path and cremated him post-autopsy (long story, medical lawsuit ongoing).

    Anyway, his cremains are here with me and my mother (to be buried when we so chose), but some of them were given to my brother in a box so he can take them to our home in Bahia de Los Angeles to spread some of them where he loved to fish.

    More than likely, her mother had his cremains separated for the children. I did not want any in a box, but in one of the bullets from his 21 gun salute (he was a Marine then San Diego Police Officer then Detective, retired). My cousin had some put in a bullet and he made it into a necklace that I now wear alongside a urn heart charm that also has a dash of my beloved canine son in it.

    I hope that’s how her father’s remains were distributed. I’d hate that she used his cremains, real or otherwise, as TV fodder.

    Love u TT and Urethra and everyone here!

  6. lori

    OMG, just watched this, and when Brie said that Mica losing her parents doesn’t compare to if she were to lose hers because she talks to hers every day…. game over for me right there with that bitch.

    How convenient that the cameras were there right when that doorbell rang with mica’s father’s ashes. I can’t believe the stuff these people choose to show on television. So distasteful. Also, as someone said above, that was probably just her portion of the ashes, because that was not nearly enough to have been a full grown man, especially since she said he was a big man. When my father died, we did the same thing.

    Geneva is by far my favorite one on this show. She’s a lot of fun.

    • My love and prayers go out to you Lori and your family (and all of us who’ve lost our beloved family members, human, canine, feline or otherwise..)

      And no. That was more than likely a cupful if that… totally not heavy in any regard.

      PS love Geneva! Girls got spunk!

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Yeah, that really shocked me, too! I feel for Mica, because she can’t grieve a ‘loving’ parent’s passing. She’s stuck grieving a parent who didn’t care about having a relationship with his own daughter. So, it’s an amalgam of sadness, anger and maybe some unnecessary guilt for the anger, that Mica is dealing with.

  7. Undine

    Ugh, the scene between Brie and Mica was the worst. Both dug in their heels, and then Brie doubled down in her awful Talking Head. Noo! Don’t make me side with ignorant Mica, Brie. Oh look, Mica makes a hypocritical drunken remark to Daisy’s stepmom. Back to hating Mica. Yay. Demetria is great, Geneva with a parasol giving the living definition of shade: Team Proud minus Brie.

  8. I can’t even get into this show. Usually I can be patient enough to get the idea of who everyone is but I am not even interested enough to listen to all the fighting. WHO are they anyway? Lol.

  9. Mica H is the best very classy. I really think she needed support when she was on the boat, she had lost her father and I watched the show she was dealing with a lot and your emotions take over give her a break she was hurting and just needing support. I’m her fan

    • I don’t think you meant “classy” or else that word doesn’t mean what you think it does. The woman flashed her vagina repeatedly at a business event, was falling down drunk more episodes than not and tipsy in the others, she has not shown even the tiniest bit of class.

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