Big Brother 15 Update: Gina Marie Has A Fatal Attraction For Nick Uhas

Gina Marie Sends Death Wishes

By: Urethra Franklin

It’s the off season for Big Brother, but there is still major DRAMA privately & on social media between 2nd place winner Gina Marie Zimmerman & Nick Uhas. As most of you recall, Gina Marie’s cringe worthy obsession with Nick was laughing fodder the entire season; but it hasn’t been funny for Nick at all since his 2nd week eviction from BB.

Nick has been held hostage by Gina Marie’s obsession with him for several months; and her parents, fans, & some former BB HG’s are enabling this behavior. I communicated with two people close to Nick and the words “out of control, delusional, liar, and fatal attraction” have been repeated. According to Nick’s friend, the events of this week between Nick & GM have prompted him to speak up that enough is enough with GM & her drama.

Through serendipity I crossed paths with two people close to Nick on social media. They shared Nick’s side of the story about this ONE WAY relationship.  I am going to call both of these people NF (Nick’s friends) for the rest of this blog. I informed them that I blogged about BB this past summer, and I have their consent to write this.

BB15 OBESESSION! According to NF there NEVER was any romantic relationship between GM & Nick. It was a FRIENDSHIP only, and Nick made that clear to GM shortly after the finale. Nick hung out with her for a few weeks post BB because 1) He wanted to help her adjust back to real life. She was in the middle of a media tempest resulting from her steady stream of racist comments in the BB House; and she was publicly FIRED from her pageant job. 2) He was appreciative that GM kept his name alive on TV while he was promoting his YKYT tour. 3) He had promised her ONE date while in the BB house to attend the Monster Truck Rally in Philadelphia which he fulfilled, and it was taped as the 1st episode of his YKYT project. GM was embarrassed by how people were talking about her, and she wanted to be videotaped & photographed with Nick. NF said “GM wanted to do that date video. Badly!!!”  Nick made it clear to GM that it was NOT a romantic date, just friends.

Why doesn’t Nick explain his side?

According to his friends Nick is one of those conflict avoidance guys, and it is NOT in his nature to stir up drama. NF explains that “Nick does not like to argue. He believes silence will bring out the truth. He doesn’t talk negatively about anyone…never has.”  NF said that Nick has always been a drama free guy and is not used to dealing with someone as dramatic as GM. Also NF said Nick has been on the receiving end of GM’s fans wrath on social media. He ignores all of it and does not acknowledge it or respond. GM fans have also attacked Nick’s mother on twitter because her son has “used GM” or “broken GM’s heart” which compels her to go into defensive mama mode on several occasions.

Social media is crucial to Nick’s entertainment career. He does not want nor need his private personal business with GM played out publicly even though GM has used Twitter to passive aggressively provoke her fans against Nick.  NF said Nick is trying to spare GM the embarrassment, but she won’t move on and leave him alone, something that he has told her over and over for months.

But NF is talking and said “I’m tired of people attacking my best friend when he was just trying to live a normal life until he met her for 10 days.” After what NF describes as a “jealous girlfriend meltdown” by Gina Marie, Nick cut off contact with her right after Halloween because she was very intense and delusional in her romantic expectations from Nick. From the time Nick spent with GM following the show’s finale until Halloween NF said Nick was always guarded around GM, “He never knew when she was going to explode so he was on his tip toes for like, what? 2 weeks after the show. Then he left for LA.”

Even though Nick lives in LA and she is in Staten Island, GM constantly pursues Nick with desperate attempts for his attention. There are periods when it slows down, then picks back up. But she regularly calls, texts, questions, & harasses NF & anybody else that she met through Nick trying to involve others to get Nick to take her calls.  Nick is MORTIFIED. And Gina Marie’s MOTHER is in on the action too. NF adds that she has been vulgar in her harassment of Nick on Facebook that prompted him to block her.

In early November after Nick broke off their ‘friendship’, GM posted a solemn picture wearing Nick’s infamous blue hat holding an arts & crafts homemade sign that said “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together” with Marilyn Monroe’s name under it. Who quotes Marilyn Monroe? And she posted a link to the song by Roxette, “It Must Have Been Love.” Gina Marie has been using Twitter in a manipulative way as she desperately tries to get Nick’s attention with tweets that are passively directed at him.

Why did Nick cut off contact with GM?

According NF Gina Marie had a “hysterical jealous girlfriend meltdown.”  At that time Nick was NOT dating anyone, but GM was accusatory & jealous about his social life with his friends. GM was pressuring him for more than a friendship, and she was expecting they were going to live together. NF tells me that GM had some jaw dropping delusional expectations from Nick who she has only known for a couple of weeks; and after Nick told her repeatedly that he was NOT interested her or anyone else romantically, and that he wants to focus on his career. She offered to wait for him after his career got established, but he still said NO.

What happened this week that prompted NF to speak out?

Nick starred in a series of web promo videos for the ‘Reality Wanted Awards’ that he will be hosting, and he parodied Gina Marie’s “crush” in one of them.

NF says Nick did not think GM would care at all because The Soup made fun of GM & and she thought that was great, but she freaked out over his 21 second video. In response to the video Gina Marie tweeted ” i don’t understand some people. I mean u care about some1 so much, they just shit on u ,laugh & make fun of how u feel, its just makes me sick ”

Soon after she also tweeted out a picture of this quote “You’re the first person who broke my heart. For the rest of my life you will always be the one who hurt me the most. Don’t forget that.”

There were plenty of fans tweeting GM some emotional support, and they were trashing Nick on her twitter timeline. He was accused of being an opportunist, using GM, and he was called an idiot for not wanting her hot body, etc. Plus GM’s fans directed their hatred towards Nick on his Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Also three former BB15 HG blindly tweeted support to GM against Nick which also added fuel to the “hate Nick brigade.”  Former HG & GM’s friend Amanda Zuckerman tweeted out something rude about Nick in support of GM: “…wishes she had a penis. Realizes she doesn’t… Uses her for publicity. (Nicks BB story line)”

unnamed (40)

While Nick was on the receiving end of public cyber-hate messages, privately he was receiving disturbing texts messages from Gina Marie & her mother. One text by GM’s mom said “Grow some balls.”  SIDE BAR: Earlier this week Nick posted a photo of a FedEx truck accident with this caption, “Thanking my lucky stars today!!! A cargo van ran a red light, missing me and hitting this FedEx truck!!!”

According to NF in retaliation for Nick doing the promo video Gina Marie texted Nick on his phone and told him “Karma is a bitch. I wish that FedEx truck had killed you because you hurt me.” So while GM is playing the sweet victim card on twitter, she is privately wishing death to Nick in texts. NF told me that this disturbed Nick, and that was the final straw; and as Nick’s friend he is sharing Nick’s side of the story to anyone who asks, and I ASKED.

NF describes another desperate attempt by GM to get Nick’s attention. On New Year’s Eve she posted video clips of herself partying & dancing at her brother’s NYE party, the next morning on News Year Day she posted a picture of herself in the hospital.  A couple of days later she tweeted, “I’ve been. Having some stomach issues lately. Was couching [sic] up bleed[sic] had to go to the er. I’m feeling a little better ty”

But NF said she texted him that she was in the hospital because she was upset with a broken heart. NF thinks “She did this whole fainting episode and hospital crap saying it was because she missed Nick and wanted to see him. She texted all that to me, and I told him but he never said another word.”

BB15 Gina Maria HospitalDrama

Also GM made a big scene on twitter about being rejected by a Reality Rally for a fundraising event. Due to her controversy about her racist comments, she was not invited to participate alongside some of her BB HG. She tweeted her disappointment with a statement, and her fans went rabid giving her moral support because she was devastated. But it was more probable that she was upset that she would not have an opportunity to see Nick who was invited to attend. NF mentioned that Nick was relieved she would not be part of the event.

NF suspects that GM is using twitter to manipulate Nick by trying to show Nick what he’s missing out on. She has tweeted countless modeling photos of herself nearly nude. In some she is wearing only body paint, a bikini, or lingerie; all very provocative.  Maybe Nick doesn’t care about her sexy pictures, but her twitter followers drool over her “sexy hot” photos, and she seems to LOVE the attention from them. All the while she is playing the sympathy/victim card to her fans about Nick and her broken heart.

It seems that being “broken hearted” about Nick on twitter is good business for Gina Marie. There has been a steady stream of gifts coming from her fans. She regularly tweets pics of her gifts: shoes(size 7), make-up, glitter, art supplies, dancing water speakers, necklaces, rings, bracelets, gift cards, cakes, flowers, and boots for her mother.

BB15 Gina Marie

NF wanted to clear up some assumptions/misconceptions about Nick and Gina Marie.  Gina Marie invited herself to be part of Nick’s YKYT bus tour, but Nick told her she could not go. She offered to fly out for a visit, and he said NO to that too.  NF also explains that Gina Marie offered to make a donation to his Kickstarter program, but Nick REFUSED and did NOT accept any money from her PERIOD. This should clear up the accusations that Nick used GM for the money she won. Nick was guarded around GM, “He made a point not to accept anything from her.” But NF detailed that the only thing Nick accepted from Gina Marie was a $30 bottle of Lacoste cologne that she gave him on their Monster Truck Rally date.

Nick is accused of using GM for publicity. First of all, GM is the one that said his name every day in the BB house. Did she keep his name alive on TV? Sure, but he did not ask or expect that from her. And once she got out of the house she needed him more for positive publicity than the other way around because she was embarrassed by the negative publicity around her. Plus, she was eager to be photographed and seen with him.

GM’s obsession affected Nick immediately after he was evicted from the BB house. He was shocked to see GM’s hysterical emotional breakdown on TV. He NEVER expected anything like that to happen. The rest of the summer while GM was still in the BB house NF shared this with me “And you have no idea how embarrassed he was. Everywhere he went people would stop and ask him about GM. He couldn’t even date girls last summer because people would say he was an asshole and cheating on her, but they weren’t even dating!! Or kissed!!”

NF thinks Nick was in a lose/lose situation with GM. If he wanted nothing to do with GM after the finale he would be called a jerk asshole. He attempted friendship with her, and it did not work out and he is still called an asshole and worse. His friends and loved ones told me he is a decent nice guy that doesn’t have a bad thing to say about anyone, not even Gina Marie.

I will say Gina Marie does seem to be very busy professionally.  She released a dance club song with spoken lyrics, she had one line in a sci-fi movie, she does underwear modeling, and appearances. It seems by observing her Twitter that she has a full and busy life. So why can’t she just move on and forget about Nick?


Pssst! Part 2 of this drama is up now here…


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65 responses to “Big Brother 15 Update: Gina Marie Has A Fatal Attraction For Nick Uhas

  1. I never cared for GM, there is something wrong with her emotionally, but this sounds like another ploy by Nick to keep his name alive. GM does seem to be getting some jobs from her BB15 appearance, but Nick seems to have faded. So much for that Hollywood career. Sounds like Nick has sent his friends out to do his bidding.

    • really? how can any sane person defend this loon? Especially after all that outrage while she was in the house, bb fans are bipolar, Nick did nothing wrong, I would expect guy to know better

      • pdt090

        It’s not so much about defending GM as not buying Nick’s BS. Yes, GM is insane and probably legally retarded, but he was fully aware of that fact and exploited her infatuation with him to extend his 15 minutes – sorry, expand his ‘career’. Can’t say he doesn’t have this coming.

  2. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Ugh. No one can really say we didn’t see this coming.

    • lori

      Thanks for the write up UF. I can’t believe this shit is still going on, and like you, I also can’t believe that this loony toon bigot has fans, and that those people choose to spend their money buying her gifts. I don’t see how anyone can look at this and say that Nick used her for any sort of gain. How?!?!? By trying to make people think that he’s a dirt bag? Yes, it was more than stupid for him to make that video. I would imagine he’s learned his lesson. And freaking Amanda adding fuel to the fire… Anyone who is encouraging GM and agreeing with her that she is somehow a victim in any way is no true friend. I really do think that NICK needs to speak up. Then again, as you said UF, no matter what he does its a lose/lose situation for him. What makes me nervous is that some of these online super fans are so crazy that they make GM look sane, especially her bunch. I wouldn’t want to be in Nicks shoes.

  3. If he was non-confrontational, as he says, then why even make that video? He had to know she’d go off the rails. They’re both media junkies and he’s using his friends to be his mouthpiece.

    • This is how I feel Natalie.Imean he had to move to stop the harassment it was so bad according to him.You would think any person with a brain in their head would never want to do anything to rile up their obsessive stalker again.The video on his part was just plain stupid and he had to have known this would set her off again.The girl is obviously not quite right in the head

      • Urethra Franklin

        GM’s obsessiveness is disturbing enough to send someone to move to the opposite end of the country.

        But to be honest Nick had sublet his apartment while he was on BB, and then he got evicted very early in the game, and couldn’t go back to his apartment. He had offers & projects in the works that just happened to be in LA, and that’s where he ended up.

        If you ask me I think that is one LUCKY development for him. Can you imagine the drama that would be happening if he was still in NYC with only ONE bridge separating him and GM?? I suspect restraining orders & bodily harm would have been a likely scenario if he wasn’t in LA.

  4. AntBubsy

    I wished we could all wave a magic wand and make BB15 just disappear.

  5. Urethra Franklin

    I forgot to include my twitter @ Urethra_F

  6. AmberKnows

    It’s only obvious that she was / is obsessed w/ him so maybe he shouldn’t have poked the nutjob w/ a parody video. That said, I believe that she has milked their imaginary ‘breakup’ for all it’s worth. I’ve seen people insinuate he used her for fame and her winnings then dumping her when she blew her money. She’s delusional but the only way to stop her would be to publicly state they never dated and that he never led her on. This interview by NF is a start but he needs to take the bull by the horns and do it himself.

  7. puravidacostarica2

    Great tea and writeup, UF! Love BB news. And PopcornandVodka (ahh, gotta love that handle) got it right — who didn’t see this coming? GM is a loon, regardless of how one perceives Nick.

  8. La

    Nicks so called “friends”…who wish to remain un-named…sounds like a bunch of BS to me. At least GM knows who she is, does Nick? This blog is very one -sided. Did you bother to ask GMs side?

    • Urethra Franklin

      OK here is how it would go:
      GM tell me about your relationship with Nick? ………..Yeah buddy he’s my boy. We’re all good. He lives in LA, I text him all the time. I want him to be happy, blah blah blah…..

      Oh by the way GM’s PO box is on her twitter profile if you want to send her a gift. Her shoes are a size 7 by the way. And none of that Payless shit.

  9. woooooooof!!!! Bless her heart.

  10. patsun

    It was gracious of Nick to stay quiet for as long as he did. As much as I can’t stand GM – I wish she didn’t drive him to this point, because I know she is weak emotionally. She’s probably extremely embarrassed as she should be.
    None of this surprises me at all.

    • Loo

      I agree. He has been mum..we all see the shit that loon does and I for one saw right thru it. He never acknowled her about 6 weeks post show. Who asked for shoes for her mom. What. What..!!.

  11. Lexybe

    Ummmm about the part that she is texting and calling…. ladies and gentlemen all cellphone providers have a thing called “block” – Nick can call and have her put on that list.

    Twitter has a block button also. You can’t complain if you don’t try to stop it.

  12. naa

    Wait?!? Nick’s not gay? hmmm. Ok. Moving on….

    I find it kind of hard to feel sorry for any of the media whores who populate these shows. Nick and Nick’s friends are playing this a little too cute. Here’s a hint: ignore the crazy girl on the other side of the country. But no, he has to periodically poke her to further his own ambitions, which are clearly going nowhere. Buzz me when he shows up on rentboy.

    • To be fair to UF, he contacted me after he became friends with a couple of people who are very much part of Nick’s inner circle. As they began chatting, UF realized the vast amounts of crazy in the story. UF asked the people if he could tell the story. Not the other way around. This was in no way a story that was solicited to TT or UF. As our resident BB recapper, UF thought this would make a interesting update for us.

      Basically, UF was on vacation from TT minding his own business trying to forget all about being chained to the radiator……when he found something interesting HE wanted to blog about so he began to ask a lot of questions.

      Neither Nick nor his inner circle contacted us with this story.

      Just wanting to set the record straight.

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 8:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Urethra Franklin

        I wouldn’t say I became friends, but rather became friendly.

      • bravocueen

        I LOVE this story! I thought this exact thing would happen. I remember in a post-eviction interview, when Nick was asked about GM and her particular flavor of cray, he was very magnanamous. Thanks for posting this, I have wondered about this “relationship” but also the McCrae and Amanda sotry. Anyeone know what’s up with them?

  13. Amanda

    If he wants to end the drama, he needs to stop playing into it. His video released a whole new wave of interest in the GM drama. No sympathy for him. You get back what you put out there. If he wants to end this, have no contact with GM, block her number from texting or phoning, block her on Twitter, respond to nothing publicly or privately regarding GM, and move on.

    • Amanda

      Not to mention that this blog will just reawaken the whole thing again.

      • Bev

        Amanda Zuckerman was the worse. She complains about haters attacking her on twitter all day, scolds people for picking on Andy and then tweets nasty shit to Nick. Way to be a hypocrite.

    • Bev

      He was trying to be nice to her. He made it VERY clear that they would NOT be romantically involved. He cut he off a long time ago, but she will NOT STOP. You’re telling NICK to move on?? How about GM move on? This guys is CLEARLY NOT interested in her. What does it take for her to get that? Sky-writing? He’s not allowed to do a video? Its HIS experience and he is allowed to make light of it. What makes me sick is the other BB15 HG supporting her. Why? #1. she’s racist. #2. she’s clearly unstable and the HG trashing Nick egg it on. #3. her priorities should be moving out of her moms house before she hit’s 40 soon and learning to read and spell.

      • Jaded

        Totally agree
        Great blog post UF but that’s what we’ve come to expect from both Tamara and yourself… Thanks :)

  14. O.O

    I’m not understanding the comments about nick and his friends looking for attention. . Tamera said she asked and the friend answered. If nick was looking for attention he could have posted all her text messages and the angry Facebook rants from her and her mom

    • O.O

      I’m sorry not tamera but the person who wrote this article

    • Urethra Franklin

      I wrote this story, not Tamara.

      I have a separate twitter account for my BB activity not affiliated with my blog writing name. On my twitter timeline I noticed I was followed by Nicks friend. I followed back. He just started telling me things unsolicited.

      He had NO idea that I was affiliated with any blog.
      Then I told him about the TT site, and I asked him if it is ok for me to write about this. He spilled the beans first, and I wasn’t even thinking about writing anything. I was just being nosy and loving the scandalous details (And there are more that I did not include YET) I might do a follow up.

      GM is a mental case, and Nick does not want to embarrass her publicly. I suspect he knows she is on the verge of some psycho-shit breakdown. I wouldn’t want that on my conscious either.

      But his friends don’t give a shit about GM. They want her 150% out of Nicks life. She is bothering his friends too.

      They don’t have control of is phone to give me his phone records.

      • O.O

        I’m sorry UF for saying T.T wrote this article . I corrected myself right after.

      • Urethra Franklin

        LOL and just like Aretha sings, thank you for the R.E.S.P.E.C.T

      • Bb fan

        Gotta give Nick credit because ever since BB was over, I have never seen him say anything negative about that nutcase GM. She is truly a mental case that needs professional help. Granted, maybe he shouldnt have done that 21 second video but he also has a career that he is trying to make for himself. He’s a stand up guy. GM is a nasty slutty tramp that enjoys posting practically naked pics of herself for all of her teeny bopper fans. If their mothers saw who their teen is idolizing I’m sure all that would stop. Idolizing a slutty looking, make up whore with a mouth worse than a truck drivers is no one to look up to. I don’t think she ever completed a sentence while in the house that didn’t have the word fuck in it. I wonder how many teenage girls she turned onto purging. The girl is gross. Having a decent body at her age is great but not when it comes from sticking your hand down your throat. Plus the fact that she hasn’t had kids has much to do with her body shape. The girl should have taken her winnings and gone to school to learn how to spell and be a lady. I have never disliked someone from BB as much as I dislike this delusional chick.
        As a side note, I personally met Amanda about a month after BB ended. I spent about an hour with her and she didn’t have one kind thing to say about GM so I wonder what made her change her mind and start supporting her. She was right on board with my thoughts about GM, there was no denying that.
        I hope GM leaves Nick alone once and for all. Her pathetic antics could get her arrested. Maybe that’s what it will come down to.

      • Where is this school you speak of that teaches women how to spell and be ladylike. I should probably enroll.

  15. I read a few paragraphs. I TRIED to make myself care. But I failed. I decided that Gina is Nick’s 200 lb tumor. You know those people on TLC who have a special because they gave a tumor? They hate the tumor, but delay or cancel it’s removal because after the tumor is gone, they go back to being irrelevant.

    It’s not hard to get rid of a tumor. The fact that people on social media who are completely insane are referred to as these people’s “fans” does not make anyone else cringe???

    • Urethra Franklin

      TeeCee I have never seen anything like the amount of “fantardom” with this group of HG’s. It is just so bizarre. And I will never understand it in a million years how GM has fans. The amount of love & adoration & GIFTS that she gets is mind numbing.

      My only explanation is that these are very needy people who feel important to have contact with a “celebrity” who actually responds to their desperation to be noticed. It is weird. I would never tweet some reality show participant and call them “goddess” or “queen” or “angel”

      Not everyone watched the live feeds to see the real GM. But hey she is a seasoned pageant girl, and she can turn on the FAKE pageant CHARM instantly; then she goes back to her street talking thug like brash skanky behavior, which is the real GM.

      • Even if they didn’t watch the livefeeds, And I suspect anyone that Stans for a BB contestant all over the Interwebs did watch. This should be enough to put anyone off of GM and it was all on the TV version. Which is why she was dropped by all reputable businesses on the spot, as were many of them.

        On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 12:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • naa

        ok, fine. But let’s look at Nick’s decisions along the way. This is after he’s seen what a total loon he is after he gets evicted.

        At the finale, he chose to do the classy thing and I seem to remember everyone on this blog gave him props for being kind to the crazy person.

        Right then and there is time to put her on ignore.

        But to further his career, he decides to go on his promised “date” with Gina Marie. And to film it to further his career. If you buy into the “he thought they could be friends” pitch, I have this amazing bridge to sell you. And since we know he’s seen Fatal Attraction and he saw the Big Brother feeds, there is just no excuse. Bad choice, Nick! At this point, you can’t say you didn’t know she was crazy. And frankly, you’re in LA, she’s in NY. I’ve lived in NYC and managed not to go out on dates with guys who live in Brooklyn. Cross country, no problem.

        And then, there’s this: “NF says Nick did not think GM would care at all because The Soup made fun of GM & and she thought that was great, but she freaked out over his 21 second video.” Really, Nick? Really? You are either the most socially stunted man alive, dumb as dirt, or a liar. I’m leaning toward a liar, but I am willing to be convinced of the other two.

        There’s more in this very post that causes me to question his sincerity and the sincerity of his friends, but the bottom line remains the same: don’t engage with the crazy chicks. Actually, he could do himself a huge favor and just get a girlfriend, even if he has to borrow one.

      • Urethra Franklin

        naa, you missed my points about the ONE date that was videotaped.

        First of all that ONE date was EVERYTHING to GM. She wanted that date and Nick kept his promise. Obsessive people will take any attention you give them. He was in a lose/lose situation with her.

        Plus it is my understanding that GM was very eager to have that date memorialized on videotape. She needed to be seen & filmed with him for because of her obsession with him, and because of the “positive publicity” that she desperately needed. He gave her the date & some publicity because to she wanted it. But unfortunately for him he got an episode for his web show out of it and is now considering a “user”

        Any way Nick could of handled her would result in GM getting hurt, unless it was GM’s choice to lose interest in him.

        I suspect that if Gina Marie changed her mind and did not want to go on that date, Nick would not give a shit & actually be relieved.

      • naa

        You missed my point. He should have skipped it. Completely. He knew she was nuts. He was in LA. She was in Staten Island. He could have rescheduled it to death. He may not have wanted/needed it as much as she did, but he played along.

        And why did he do the video? There is just no excuse.

        Sorry, not buying that this is as one-sided as you are pitching.

      • Urethra Franklin

        One sided? Yes because that is the side that talked to me.

        Is Nick complicit? Yes he is, but he was in a lose/lose ending either way.

        Doesn’t change the fact that she is still very obsessed with him, plus she is putting on this fake act of positivity online to her gift giving “fans” while she is in an unhealthy one sided relationship…. Oh by the way she just tweeted a picture of some pink stoned ring that a fan sent her. It’s just crazy out there in twitter land.

        The hilariously ironic thing is that just LAST night Gina Marie & Elissa were guests for a Valentine Love & Advice Show on the web. ROFLMAO

      • Hannah King

        UF, I agree GM is pure skank all the way to the bone. Anyone who watched BB15 with 1eye and half sense could see that. I also believe Nick poked the bear with the 21 second clip which was stupid on his part. What I don’t understand is how people seem to think he should have known the extent of cray cray GM was after only a coupleof weeks in the house. So he took her out like he promised and tried to ‘be friends’ with her…big deal. Her psycho behind was determined it was going to be what she wanted it to be whether he was interested or not. By this time he was in the middle of a shitstorm with no good way of getting out of it. Surely with all of GM’s adoring fans there has to be one who could help her get over Nick. She just can’t let it go. If he was as big a jackass as everyone believes and her horrible texts exist, he could have waged a text war with her which he hasn’t. You told us you asked NF the questions and weren’t asked by them to do the blog. You asked them. I’m not saying Nick is necessarily a fine, upstanding, blameless person in all this but I am saying I think he hoped this would be over by now and she’s stuck in stupid.

      • It is interesting that none of GM’s “adoring fans” want to date her.

        On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 3:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Urethra Franklin

        Reply to TT:
        Actually they do ask her out on twitter “hey we should do this and that”… “hey girl if you are in so & so town you should hit me up”… there are a lot of jersey shore type meat heads that love her too. Surprise surprise.

        Just recently she was flirting with Tom from Big Brother Canada and she suggested to him they take a vacation to Saint Lucia. How the fuck does she know about Saint Lucia, unless it was in a coloring book?? And then she ended her tweet with ” I did win 50 G’s” She had to tweet the guy that she had money! Desperate.

      • She doesn’t have enough money left to go to St. Lucia let along pay for someone else. My trip there was the most expensive I’ve ever taken and ended up running 5K for one person. Worth it! But only once. :)

        On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 3:22 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • naa

        I imagine Gina’s side would go more like this:

        “He was really sweet to me at the finale. I asked him if we were still going on the date and he said yes and I got him some perfume. And I text him all the time and he texts me back. And I text with his friends all the time too. I don’t understand why he betrayed me by making that video. That really hurt given all we’ve shared.”

        And in all that crazy is a kernel of truth. Nick should have ignored her and moved on. Or if he really wanted to make a statement, he could have gone to the police and requested a restraining order.

        Unless, of course, his texts back to her aren’t so innocent. I’m sure in due time, Gina will publish them all. LOL

      • naa

        oh, and saying this was “about the money” is ridiculous. It’s $50,000 pre-tax. Let’s assume Nick is at least smart enough that if he is going to try to bilk someone, it’ll be someone with cash.

        waiting…. :)

  16. JenB

    I am so grossed out by GM and her nasty mouth. She is pure filth and I can not believe that Trailer Trash Barbie (wannabe) had any fans. She is the most vulgar woman (even more than Brandi) ever.

    • Amanda

      The problem with BB this season is the people who have taken their hatred of reality TV personas to such a level that they post things like the comment above. To me, that is unstable. She is “pure filth” and “most vulgar woman ever”? Girl, take a deep breath, sign off the live feeds, turn your TV off, and develop a new interest. Taking hate to this level is extremely concerning and, to me, starts ruining the fun that BB is supposed to be. I don’t particularly care for either GM or Nick but I’ve got other things to worry about and I’m not gonna get that worked up over something so trivial like reality TV! Sheesh.

      • Loo

        And yet you find the need to respond to neg post about gm. Amanda…take breath..sign off..turn your tv off…well you know the rest.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I’m wondering if this Amanda is THE Amanda Z because she ended with a Sheesh. It sounds like something AZ would say. Hmmm. Hey gurl hey.

      • Kaleesi

        Isn’t that why we’re all here? To get juicy tea and gossip and share our thoughts and comments??? I never mind reading someone else’s opinion, if I agree or not. JenB’s comment wasn’t filled with text speech and jibberish, which makes my eyes bleed. It’s her opinion.
        YOU do your deep breathing, and let everyone say what they want, “Amanda”.

  17. I seem to recall on BB11 when Jeff was on the block with Michele,Kevin and Natalie wanted Jeff to “make nice”(flirt with Michele so she would use the veto on him.Jeff to his credit wouldn’t have any part of it because they all knew she was a little on the whacko side.He being a man with half a brain knew she was effed up in the head so out of empathy wanted no part of it or her.Nick should have done the same I’m certainly not saying Nick flirted with GM but my god Do Not have ANYthing to do with this girl.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Some guys are just too nice for their own good and then BOOM its too late. GM was in deep after just days of know him.
      I agree that was a blinking neon red flag with the words WARNING in 7 languages…. Like his friend said, either way he handled GM he was in a lose/lose/lose/lose situation.

  18. Shellbelle

    I agree that nick was in a lose/lose situation and he probably chose the path that made him look like a nice guy. Maybe he hoped that one “date” with GM and she would realize they have nothing in common. Why are people blaming Nick? The guy was nice to her and probably tried to let her down easy, when that doesn’t work, you have to be a little more assertive. What he could have done was out her crazy ass on twitter, FB and anything else – which is what I would have done.
    Thanks UF for the update, often after BB is over I forget to follow up on all the crazy I was addicted to over the summer!

  19. LIZABB

    The most accurate account (of what really happened0 I’ve ever read.

  20. Barbara R.

    I listened to that Valentine Love and Relationships podcast last week that featured GinaMarie and Elissa and was shocked that Elissa would have anything to do with her. She is much more forgiving that I would be after the horrible names that GinaMarie called Elissa’s son. There were so few people to like on BB15 and I wish that the vile ones would be relegated to the trash bin of obscurity. And this includes GinaMarie, Amanda, Spencer, Andy, Aaryn and that idiot in the bear shirt whose name I can’t recall.

  21. Drayton Coleman

    I think that Gina Marie needs to move on from Nick ASAP. I watched Big Brother 15,and yes, Nick did flirt a little, but gm took it too seriously. Even if Nick really was using her, wouldn’t you think she’d want to get a person like that out of her life. Nick has every right to reject her, she is basically stalking him. She needs to move on now. Like right now. There will never be a romantic relationship between the two, and because she has become so obsessive, a friendship is out the window as well

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