A Retrospective of Brandi Blogs Though The Years

Brandi and Adrienne Season 2

Okay, so a couple of days ago, I had this idea for a blog where I would go through EVERY SINGLE ONE of Brandi’s RHOBHs blogs and pull out all the parts that relate to her changing alliances and especially feeling toward Lisa.  God that was a dumb idea. I realized it was dumb after the first six hours or so of cutting and pasting. But for some reason I just could not toss all that cutting and pasting out. Nor could I just stop and not finish. So here is with limited commentary. I am really trying to see how Brandi got to be team captain for the Richards Sisters at this reunion.  This really doesn’t clear up a damn thing. It will give you some clues and some LOL moments regarding her hypocrisy. I hope you enjoy. Or at least despise reading it less than I despised creating it!  Leave lots of comments to let me know your observations.


September 27, 20011

Paul and Adrienne are wonderful, cool, and honest people whom I adore more and more as time goes on. No BS with those two. Getting a bird’s eye view of what these women were actually saying behind my back was a little hurtful. At least Lisa said things to my face (although I was very intimidated by her). I respect that so much more then than behind your back gossip. I don’t think these women were being very fair to me, but girls will be girls. [Source]

October 4, 2011

The bbq was my first chance to meet Camille and I felt we bonded immediately. She has always been so genuine and we have so much in common! Moral of the story is that I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and have a good time. And once again, Adrienne and Camille came off as the class acts they are! [Source]

November 30, 2011

I was determined to win Lisa over this episode so I brought a McQueen clutch to show her my love for the British. It didn’t work — back to the drawing board! [Source]

January 4, 2012

Lisa and Ken are an amazing couple and have a wonderful marriage — something many of us admire. [Source]

January 9, 2012

I am by no means an authority on these matters, but I have been around a lot of people in my life with drug and alcohol problems. I helped to save my best friend Jennifer when she was at her rock bottom, and I have had to walk away from people in my life that I couldn’t help. At the time, I had to stay focused on my own health and sanity (and that of my children) as I went through my divorce. I wish nothing but the best for Kim. I hope she conquers this battle and gets better for herself and for family. [Source]

January 31, 2012 ( Season 2 Reunion)

Heading into the reunion, I had an idea that the women might go for Lisa and as soon as I get on stage, Lisa is teary eyed and seemingly broken. She’s my friend. I know exactly what it feels like to be in a room with these ladies and be the target with no one sticking up for you. I’m extremely loyal, I have a temper, and I will stand up for my friends. To make one thing very clear, Lisa has never said a bad thing about any of these women to me; that is one of the things I respect most about her.

Lisa is a smart, strategic, and successful businesswoman. She is neither calculating nor manipulative. [Source]

Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls TamaraTattles.com

February 9, 2012 (Reunion Part 2)

I think the Richard sisters have a hard time accepting responsibility for their actions. Excuses and placing blame seem to be their answers to most of life’s problems. I mess up all the time. I misspeak and have regrets about my actions, but owning up to my wrongdoing, saying sorry, and being truly remorseful is how I roll. [Source]

That is the end of Season 2 when Brandi was a “friend of (Adrienne).” It’s clear reading back that she was pining for Lisa the whole time.  At the reunion when Adrienne and Lisa threw down, Brandi jumped to Team Lisa and the rift between Adrienne and Brandi was formed.

November 4, 2012

During our hiatus, Lisa and myself grew very close, and Adrienne and myself grew very, very far apart. Let me just say that besides the fact that Adrienne brought me into this group in the first place she definitely tried her hardest to exclude me from the group after the reunion. . .A couple of people did  actually, but clearly it didn’t work. So coming into this season I am none too pleased with Adrienne, because I need this more than anyone else. [Source]

December 10, 2012 ( AKA the day my blog exploded after Brandi’s surrogacy comment about Adrienne)

My frustrations with Adrienne since last season’s reunion have been boiling for some time, and I finally reached my breaking point. I understand why Paul was upset with me and he was just defending his wife’s honor. But I don’t think even Paul was aware (at the time) of how underhanded she could be. [Source]

March 22, 2013

I simply had a ten-second, fully clothed makeout session with a hot man. The only person that walked in was Lisa and she pulled me out of the bathroom by my ear like a good mum. (BTW I dated that hot man for six months after  “bathroom gate”. We are still close friends, in fact he is my real estate agent!) [Source]

March 26, 2013 Season 3 Reunion

As you will soon see the “sisters” tag team moments come and go as the flip on each other. I understand that Kyle wants to be Lisa’s best friend, but I don’t think trying to take her other friends out one by one by throwing us under the bus is the way to win Lisa back.

Lisa is an amazing human being, mentor, and friend, and Yolanda is the same. I would “cut a bitch” for either on of them. Kyle, Kim, and Taylor can be fun at times but those are the kind of girls you have to watch yourself around. [Source]

And that is the end of season three. Everything is roses and sunshine between Brandi and Lisa.


In the very first blog Brandi talks about how her relationships on the show have changed and she is going to try to blog from the place that she was at the time but that will be hard. Well she was completely unable to do it and started taking digs at Lisa right away. Even though on the episode they are still close. Every blog from here on out is written by Brandi from a place of ill will toward Lisa. We have yet to see anything to cause this. We are all supposed to be shocked by the Puerto Rico trip. We will have to wait and see if Lisa turns into a demon or sprouts a third head or something.

In closing I would love to say I am shocked about the level of closeness and ass kissing between Lisa and Scheana. At  that particular time I would have been quite shocked by it, but sadly I now know better — and it is hard to pretend otherwise. [Source]

November 14, 2013

Yolanda, Lisa and I have a lunch out back at Lisa’s home. The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful. During our lunch Lisa takes a few digs at Kyle (again) and a little dig at me about needing puzzles to help stimulate my brain. For a second, until Yolanda laughed, it was a little uncomfortable because Lisa’s digs towards me are becoming more regular and starting to slightly annoy me. [Source]

November 19, 2013

While I do believe that Lisa fainted, I had to give her a bit of a hard time about it because it was oh sooo pretty. Maybe when she fainted she hit her head — that would explain her recent memory loss of a certain conversation we had. I am many many things, but a liar isn’t one of them, and you will see who the real liar is as you watch this season.

I read of Lisa’s health issues in her blog this morning, and honestly I am quite shocked. After almost a year of morning phone calls from her and hanging out constantly, I have never heard of or seen any of Lisa’s health issues, other then her faint. I honestly feel like someone is playing the victim card pretty hard here. [Source]

December 2, 2013 (Blog Title, I Feel Sorry for Kyle)

Lisa and I were still in a good place at this time, so we decide to do a little bit of bathing suit shopping for our upcoming trip. Although I own over 100 bikinis, some of which are one-of-a-kind that I designed myself, I have a little bit of an obsession with them and can always use more. [Source]

For the next five posts, all Brandi does is rail on Joyce.  She mentions Lisa once only to say that she is suspicious that Joyce and Lisa know each other since they have so many mutual friends through Mohamed. #ConspiracyTheory

Brandi Poisons Kyle against LisA Vanderpump

January 13, 2014

While watching Kim tell Lisa that she knew she was in town Saturday night, I didn’t understand why Lisa’s first instinct was to lie about where she was. Not only did she lie initially,  but the she kept insisting she was out of town — which makes no sense to me.
I don’t think it would have been a big deal if they didn’t want to go to a high school graduation party, but to lie to someone’s face for no reason seems odd. Lisa and Ken throw a ton of events and they expect us all to show up for them and we do. So I think it would have been nice for them to show up for Kim’s event. I mean I can’t even remember the last time Kim hosted something. I also thought Ken’s comment about Kim missing things was a low blow. This isn’t the Ken and Lisa I know. [Source]
January 21, 2014
I know that Lisa cares about me, but sometimes when she is constantly pointing out the things I’ve done wrong or the things she wants me to do her way I feel like its more so she can say I told you so and be right. It’s funny when Kyle and Lisa get together I feel like their is a bit of a competition for who is top dog of our group. There are a lot of strong personalities in our group, and no one is better then anyone so I don’t quite get the competition. . .(I learn to understand it but that comes later in the season.) [Source]
February 4, 2014
Before this party I had asked Lisa if at all possible to keep Scheana separate from me because I just felt like I have had this woman in my life enough. I have done my part as a friend by sitting down with her at Lisa’s request. I’ve kind of had enough. So I politely asked Lisa to do her best to keep us at a distance from one another and that is why Lisa decided not to have her wait on us at SUR for the dinner she planned for Joyce. I wasn’t told or made aware that Scheana would be waiting on us in Lisa’s home for this party. I know there are many, many servers for Lisa to pick from and this was a blatant move on Lisa’s part to get a reaction out of me.

When I didn’t give Lisa the reaction she was hoping for she asked me to go over and say something to Scheana about her engagement. . .what should I have said? “Make sure not to let him have any poker nights so he doesn’t cheat on you?” Not to mention Scheana spent the entire evening flirting with my date  J.R. For a newly engaged woman I don’t think that is a good sign. This triangle Lisa continues to try to create between her, Scheana, and it isn’t healthy for me and makes it  incredibly difficult  to move forward because I’m constantly being reminded of the troubles from my past. If Ken had cheated on Lisa and his mistress worked for me I probably would have fired her or made sure that she and Lisa never crossed paths. . .But that’s just how I roll.

Yes there was one time when Lisa threw a Mother’s Day brunch and Pandora’s jewelry line and she asked me to come to Villa Blanca. She did say Scheana would be there, but  asked if I could please, please come anyway because it would mean a lot to her. I went to the brunch for Lisa. I’ve done a lot for Lisa when it comes to Scheana and now I’d like to have my wishes respected and move on with no more surprise visits from this waitress. It’s clear to me watching Vanderpump Rules that Scheana and Lisa are far closer than boss and employer. It actually breaks my heart because I truly thought Lisa was my friend for the right reasons. I hope one day we can figure it all out.


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53 responses to “A Retrospective of Brandi Blogs Though The Years

  1. pfffttt

    The only legitimate point Brandi has is that Lisa shouldn’t have asked Brandi to say something to the mistress about her engagement. The rest is BS.

    • And we all know, as does Brandi, that production made Lisa ask so really that’s not even legit.

      • distressed

        Right, Brandi wanted Lisa to be terminated well before the season even started.
        And I agree that Lisa looked quite insensitive asking that of Brandi, but I don’t think that mistake on Lisa’s part is enough to justify her treatment this year.

  2. Undine

    Thanks for all this, Tamara. I don’t know how you got through it all. Brandi is a piece of work. I was a fan of hers, even through the Adrienne situation but it was really a shitty thing for Brandi to do (gossip about Adrienne’s surrogacy). Brandi, like Cedric, is just a plain old con artist. She draws people in with her sad story of Eddie’s flagrant infidelity, garners sympathy. But when has she ever shown sympathy or compassion for anyone else? She has shown herself to be vindictive, disloyal, and just plain crazy. It’s a shame that Lisa took her under her wing, just to get stabbed in the back–again.

    • No, she is incapable of showing sympathy or compassion to others. She wants it all directed towards herself. Lisa should cut this beotch with one of her diamonds!

    • distressed

      I agree, the nature of what Brandi said was unseemly at best and morally corrupt at worst.
      And now Brandi is bringing all this back up in an effort to blame Lisa for all of that. It’s so unfair. In the sneak peak for tomorrow’s show Brandi is once again claiming that Cedric, the blackmailing sociopath, is a victim of Lisa’s campaign to destroy him by having him deported back to his home in France.

      • jakies mom

        Ridiculous. His visa that was sponsored by Lisa and Ken probably expired and he couldnt get another sponsor. He shouldn’t have bitten the hand that fed him just like Brandi.

  3. AMTraveler

    At the end of the day, Bravo is Brandi’s bread and butter. At the end of season 2 she saw a major opportunity with Lisa. Kyle turns on Lisa at the reunion as do most of the other cast members. Lisa is still wildly popular and there is no chance she will be dropped from the show. Kyle and Lisa filmed together pretty regularly. By swooping in and taking the spot Kyle left behind, Brandi guarantees screen time, a powerful and well-liked ally, and a secure spot on the cast. Lisa is one of the best (if not THE best) members of all casts to be able to create the feeling of real intimacy with her castmates when filming with them. Even Kyle and Joyce, both of whom act and who generally seem to like each other cannot evoke that in scenes filmed together. Like the Bethany/Jill dynamic of Season 1 RHONY people like it and respond to it – and it pays to be her friend. Season 3 goes pretty much just like that. Brandi cozies up to Lisa, lots of screen-time about their friendship and all is right with the world.
    Then I think two things happened:
    1. Vanderpump Rules. I do think that Lisa used Brandi to give Schaena, and thus the show, more relevance. Obviously Brandi knew that too. I don’t, however, believe Brandi cares because the wound for Eddie truly still bleeds (as she would like us to believe). Rather I think she is miffed because she assumed that if Lisa were to use that dynamic then she might get the opportunity to crossover into VR, through a tryst with Jax, more heart to hearts with Schaena, a cat fight with Stassi (if the tryst with Jax occurred). I could be totally off base with this one but I think that Brandi was expecting a higher payoff from her friendship with Lisa whereas Lisa clearly drew the line in the sand at a point. Lisa’s brand is, afterall, Lisa. Not Lisa and Brandi. She doesn’t need Brandi, and she knows it – moreover tying her brand any more deeply to Brandi would be a HUGE liability for all of the obvious reasons.
    2. As Lisa is NOT going anywhere, if you can’t join her, beat her. I don’t think Brandi is actually trying to attempt to be more popular than Lisa, but I think Brandi knows viewers might be curious to see how a feud between them would play out and what dirty laundry would be aired along the way. Brandi might have a lot of dirt on Lisa, and even if she doesn’t people will still assume she does. What’s better than a falling out at the end of season 4 with the hint of spilled secrets by Brandi in season 5? As is always the case on these shows, Lisa herself could very well be in on it. Keeps Brandi important and the emotions seem far more genuine that the ridiculous fights between Kyle/Carlton and Brandi/Joyce which are so superficial and absurd.

    I guess what this recap did for me was reiterate that Brandi (rightly) viewed Lisa as a powerful opportunity. When her return on investment was lower than she expected, she got pissed and took another tactic.

    • Mimi

      I love your view point. I had never thought of it that way. Brandi believing she would get to crossover to VR. She could stick it to Scheana, have sex with Jax (iif she hasn’t already) give Stassi crap ( which she deserves) and of course more screentime and a bigger paycheck. That makes such sense when you spell it out. Especially since after all we are talking about Brandi the huge naracisst she is. Besides, I can see her thinking Lisa owes her because all narcacissts believe they are owed rewards by the world because they exist. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I wholeheartedly agree and thank you for the view. Just shows even more how underhanded and manipulative Brandi truly is. It’s actually quite scary when you get down to it. Her sons have no chance. She will never convince me they are well adjusted and uneffectected by her behavior. They may not watch but I guarantee there are classmates who’s mom’s watch and have made a comment or two. Plus when they get older I guarantee their curiousity will get the best of them and they will watch. Besides, is anyone buying Brandi’s foul mouth and all her Shut the f$$k up’s don’t come out when they are around? I think not. She is a piece of work.

    • #2 bingo. ALL of these fights across most housewives are centered around money and ~opportunity~. Sure, genuine breakups happen, but most of the fighting and maneuvering is due to behind the scenes posturing for business opportunities. Happens in every season, especially OC/Jersey/Atlanta.

      Competition is fierce…

    • distressed

      SO many great points here. Let’s go one at a time since T wants comments and deserves them for this piece.

      In your first paragraph you give some very good analysis of how these shows operate. These women want and need screen time like the air they breath. In Season 2 Brandi could have thought that Adrienne was not doing it for her. Adrienne was a friend and ally but wasn’t really giving Brandi too much to work with. She needed someone else.

      Once she realized that Lisa was an option she jumped ship on Adrienne to hoist herself up on the good ship Vanderpump. Brandi revealed the secret alliance in S2 reunion. There was no going back to Adrienne.

      Lisa was hesitant to befriend Brandi because of the Cedric connection, but she changed her mind. Lisa also needed a friend in S3. Brandi was a good choice after the horror of game night Lisa could have thought she didn’t deserve that and they actually seemed to like each other. Brandi was a girlfriend in need, an under dog and a companion that she could have some naughty fun with.

    • distressed

      #1. I think you might be one to something here. Whatever the case may be the success of Vanderpump Rules is a big development on the show and alliances are effected by the show’s success.

      Do you think that Brandi might have thought Lisa would leave BH to do VPR exclusively leaving Brandi nowhere to go? You say Brandi might have had an expectation of getting more time on VPR which was not happening, but maybe Brandi is really trying to set herself up for the next season of BH.

  4. Megan

    What I got is that Brandi came into Real Housewives with a plan to befriend Lisa. When she got what she wanted she got a big head b/c of all the fan love and thought they were her exclusive fans. The truth was is that her fans overlapped with Lisa’s and when she turned on Lisa the fans went to Lisa during the divorce. She is not loyal and has turned on every alliance she has had including her recent Kyle alliance.

    • distressed

      Right, there is a stark pattern in Brandi’s behavior. She went from Cedric originally, which was not even on screen, to Adrienne who pushed for Brandi to come on the show in order to rattle Lisa in S2 on the show. Then she jumped to Lisa once she defended her and was the only one that did in that reunion. Now she’s jumping to Kyle since Kyle is the one that is on the outs and hates Lisa and needs a friend. All of S3 Kyle has left the door open for Brandi, “we really do get along when Lisa isn’t there.” And now Brandi needs her friendship.

      If Brandi had kept her beef with Lisa to the nagging and the Scheana thing she might have been able to keep half her fans in the divorce. Stupid and pointless.

  5. stevo

    Would any of the ladies here keep a girlfriend who befriended your husband’s mistress? Just curious. Not specifically team Brandi here or anything (Joyce wins hands down) but it seems reason enough to suspect that someone like Lisa might choose the producers’ best interests over her friend’s…

    • Undine

      Doesn’t Lisa’s employment of Scheana pre-date her friendship with Brandi? Besides her beef with Scheana is so tired, I agree with AM Traveler that Brandi’s issues with Scheana are contrived. I also think that JR is a fake boyfriend a la Kenya Moore’s Walter, but I digress. The whole righteous wounded wife schtick has paved a way to fame and fortune, fake tears about her “little men” melts the hearts of fans and kind folks like Ken and Lisa. She could have coasted and sailed on that good will for years, but the fame monster reared its ugly head. She has burned every bridge, and there’s really no way to redeem herself. I think she’s toast for next season. Who would film with her now? Kim and Kingsley, I guess.

      • distressed

        I think Brandi is assured another season. Bravo is the devil, don’t forget.

        And looking at alliances as the season closes Brandi still has Yolanda, big time. Carlton might not be back but she’s got her solidly in her corner. She’s definitely cultivated a relationship with Kim “you’re a slut pig” Richards. And now has gone to Kyle and made the blood oath against Lisa. Kyle has repeatedly said that she has fun with Brandi when Lisa is not around. Joyce is out of her graces clearly but Brandi has finagled an invitation to PR anyway. Brandi might have thought that she was in really good shape when filming ended.

        I agree that Brandi should be toast for many reasons, but if Bravo wants drama Brandi is a reliable source.

    • Megan

      No. But this an entire different kind of situation. Didn’t Eddie lie to Shaena about being married or something to that effect? She mentioned how she brought around friends and had sleep overs. All that would give a girl the impression that you weren’t the other woman. Also, Lisa mentioned on twitter that was production trying to get Brandi to talk to Scheana as a cross promotion type deal not her. Brandi would have known that. As Undine mentioned Lisa was close with Scheana before Brandi even came into the picture and Brandi was the one that pursued that relationship hardcore even knowing that.

      • distressed

        Good points here. The Scheana thing is a 50-50 split. There are good points and bad points on both sides. I’ve read all these things in your post from various sources. Eddie lied to everyone every chance he got. It looks like Lisa is trying to make Scheana happen, but it’s really Bravo that has invested a lot in VPR and Scheana. It goes both ways.

    • I have a friend who was friends with the mistress. While I wasn’t thrilled I also understood we weren’t in kindergarten. Just because someone wronged me didn’t mean the world had to stop being friends with them. And as Undine said, Lisa’s employment AND friendship of Scheana pre-date Lisa ever meeting Brandi.

      Lisa has no choice but to “choose the producers best interest over her friend’s”, it’s part of being on a tv show.

    • AMTraveler

      Stevo, I did actually consider that exact point before coming to this conclusion. I agree with Undine however – Schaena was employed by Lisa long before Lisa and Brandi had a friendship. And again, I don’t believe that Brandi cares MORE about Eddie’s indiscretions with Schaena than she does about her own relevance. When Lisa uses Schaena instead of another “SURver” she in turn actually does Brandi a bit of a favor as well in that the dynamic between Schaena and Brandi is sure to be a focus of the scene in some capacity. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. As Brandi’s number one objective is to be the center of attention regardless of how crass and crude she looks in the moment, I would think she’d find that to be valuable.
      Now with that said I find pretty much all of the female staff at SUR to be completely heinous, so I independently judge Lisa for carrying on relationships, even fake ones, with any of them.
      Was it tacky and silly for Lisa to tell Brandi to comment on Schaena’s marriage? Of course! But the cameras followed her to do it – and they certainly wouldn’t have if any of the other ladies had done it. Brandi can’t start clamoring on that she only wants “positive” screentime now. Finally, I think the real crux of the matter is that Brandi was also using Lisa and her friendship for her own personal gain. How can she really be mad if Lisa acted similarly in using Brandi to get Schaena a bit of screentime?

      • distressed

        Great points. More proof that the Scheana thing goes both ways. And Brandi is automatically portrayed in a positive light once the other woman is on the screen with her. If Brandi really wants only positive screen time as you say she do a show with Scheana alone.

      • Wow. Gold Star Post of the day! Ten Tamara Tattles Tokens to YOU!

        On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 9:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • distressed

      This is a good point. The Scheana thing is pretty damning to Lisa. But is that enough to severe ties with someone that was pretty good to her and to do it in the manner in which Brandi has done it this year. It’s complete overkill and I think most people can see that it was planned from the beginning.

  6. JoJo

    It is incredibly eye-opening reading all this laid out covering 3 seasons. So, I think your argument about Brandi and her motives makes very good sense.
    I don’t think that Lisa is perfect, no one is, and she may have pushed a little hard for the interaction between VR and RHOBH at Brandi’s expense regarding Sheana. But even if that is true, it does not explain Brandi’s issues with manipulation, gossiping about bankruptcy, residency, or even anything we’re supposedly going to see in the last of the episodes. I don’t think.

    It seems the stages were Brandi trying to be Lisa’s friend, being Lisa’s friend, Lisa not having the time anymore that Brandi needed which made her jealous and/or not wanting to be in public with someone who might pop off with a drunken STFU and embarrass the shit out her. Sprinkle in a little overindulging Sheana/Brandi bad blood. Recipe for Bobby Lisa Fischer ;).

    One thing that will be interesting at the reunion is that Brandi, Kyle and Kim have all called Lisa a liar in their blogs about her reason for not attending the graduation. So that’s one bomb for Lisa. It appeared so clear on that episode from Ken and Lisa that they not only RSVP’d but sent a gift for which they weren’t thanked. The others say she outright lied when confronted on air saying she was out of town, not remembering being at SUR.. I’m gathering Lisa didn’t RSVP through some formal or electronic means, but said I’ll try if I’m in town. WHAT’S THE BIG F’ING DEAL about that? Well it’s going to be that one couch of girls’ giant example of Lisa being a turd and a wordsmith, and a liar. They’re going to need a shitload more “evidence” other than a teenager’s graduation from high school.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I think Lisa has ‘outgrown’ these horrible women, particularly Kyle, Brandi and Kim. She has always been a busy and driven business woman. If you can’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. Brandi tried to climb onboard but her own STUPIDITY and IMMATURITY have caused Lisa to side step her. When a friend becomes a drain/liability AND YOU ARE BUSY WITH PRESSING ISSUES, isn’t it normal to move away and turn our attention to those pressing issues?
      Vanderpump Rules, Sur, new bar, daughter, son, son in law, Giggy, Ken, RHOA blogs, appearances, (not necessarily in that order!) why would Kim or Brandi think that they are a priority?
      To answer your question:

      Kim is holding onto this RSVP issue because she is PETTY as F*** and outside of her best friend Kingsley, she has NOTHING going on.

      • JoJo

        Speaking of Kim – not only was it beyond annoying when she pressed the issue with Lisa & Ken originally, “like a dog with a bone” – I actually said ‘STFU’ at her to my unresponsive TV when she claimed in her TH that it hurt her that Ken said she missed events. While whimpering because the reason was her substance abuse I remember her saying “it’s not like it was my fault”! Since when is being an addict, and then signing up for a friggin’ TV show to show up and then not show up not one’s fault? I’m not all that positive she’s all clean/sober, but the sympathy card has been returned to sender on that one for me.

      • DeeDee

        I do recall Kim saying in her talking head that she had to agree with Ken, tearfully – so why is she hanging on to this? He was right…and rightfully po’d about being hound. How silly

  7. Mimi

    Don’t know how you made it through all the hypocrisy that is Brandi. Didn’t she, Kyle and Kim go on a talk destructive tour about Lisa before the season started? We have all been waiting with baited breath to see the real Lisa. The only thing that comes near to being questionable behavior by Lisa is asking Brandi to congratulate Scheana. I’m not too sure there was more to this than we were privy too. I took that situation as Lisa wanting Brandi to talk to Scheana and show her she was completely over the affair and Scheana has no power over her anymore and can’t cause her anymore heartache. I could be wrong, but that’s how I took it. So basically, there is the Puerto Rico trip and then probably the end of year party for Lisa to show us who she really is. I don’t know about the rest of you, but from the previews I don’t see anything or can imagine Lisa doing anything so horrible to cause all this backstabbing by Brandi et al. IMHO if Lisa does say or do something questionable in these last few episodes, I honestly wouldn’t blame her. These women have been so evil to her, of course she doesn’t know during filming what horrible things they are saying about her in their talking heads portion. But, Lisa is a smart cookie, I feel she senses them acting differently towards her. At this point, as hard as it is for me to say, the only women who aren’t stabbing Lisa in the back are Joyce and Cartlon. Joyce is fine, can’t stand Carlton. But she hasn’t been evil to anyone but Kyle. Well she was snarky to Joyce, but unlike Kyle she allowed Joyce to explain how she felt and accepted it. I don’t care for Carlton, but if you take Kyle out of the equation, Carlton is relatively fair. If she wasn’t a hypocritical, double standard overly sexed flaunting witch she might could be bearable. My wish is the reunion to get here already and I hope with Lisa’s smart calculating Bobby Fisher chess moving ways, she rips all these girls a new one and they aren’t able to sit for weeks. But that’s just me lol!

  8. Ann

    I’ve learned from Brandi’s behavior that if her lips are moving she is most likely lying. I have said many times that she exhibits many of the traits of a sociopath.

    She does not appear to have compassion, sympathy or a conscious for any of the things she does to people. I could spend an hour listing all of the correlations between her personality and that of a sociopath but google it and it’s easy enough to find.

    I’ve said on twitter that she is going green on RHOBH. She is now having to recycle housewives who are still willing to have anything to do with her. She’s running out of people to throw under the bus.

    • While we at Tamaratattles.com often speculate on mental health issues when discussing criminal trials, I’d prefer we did not do that with the housewives. As Brandi says, “It’s not murder!” And I don’t think it is fair to lump her into the categories of Jodi Arias and the like.

      Brandi has strong attachments to her family and her friends and all the arm chair psychology crosses a line I’d rather not cross. I am not directing this post to Ann specifically. I have deleted a couple other posts already along this line and just trying to nip future similar conversation in the bud.

      Assessing the mental health of a person we see for a few minutes a week who is drunk the majority of the time is probably not the best use of our time.

      I mean there is SO VERY MUCH other stuff to dissect. :)

      It’s early for me so I hope that came out in my “nice” way. Y’all know I am not always the best at knowing how these sorts of posts are going to be received. :)

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. Wampascat

    Lisa was her friend when no one else would give her the time of day. Remember , Kim and Kyle even hid her crutches from her!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      That’s right and Kyle called her a “slut pig” too. It’s so weird to see Brandi cosying up to the Richard’s sisters. THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED.
      They will eventually stab her in the back. Tick tock, tick tock….

  10. The blogs prove she was really wanting to be Lisa’s friend from the start. What she failed to realize is these women don’t typically socialize outside of the show/filming yet pretend that they do on the show. I also think she’s realized that her only role is shit-stirrer/drama queen and if she doesn’t create drama she has no job. Everything she’s done in regards to her “friends” on the show has been about creating drama. The latest Lisa bankruptcy thing is even more proof of that.

  11. distressed

    This is really incredible, thank you so much for this. I can only imagine how miserable your time on Planet Trash has been. And though I haven’t been commenting on your Phaedra blogs thank you also for taking the time to bring some clarity to that rat’s nest as well.

    Overall, and you have captured it here brilliantly, I think Brandi’s take down of Lisa really stems from watching Vanderpump Rules Season 1 after season 3 of BH had concluded. Originally Scheana was portrayed as a homewrecking skank, but with Stassi and Jax on the show she looked harmless by comparison. This is the ultimate betrayal for Brandi. That Scheana would become a break out star of a series that was going to be renewed was an unforgivable sin.

    All these Lisa is “cheating” on me charges go right back to Scheana. Forget Kyle, Joyce and pretty much the entire season of BH. Brandi planned this attack from the beginning. Joyce’s statement about Brandi contacting her to sour her on Lisa before the two had ever met are proof these attacks were co-ordinated. To what extent and who was involved at what point will always be a mystery.

    The problem with Brandi is she’s not being honest nor has she been all season and that is really showing now. We have been promised repeatedly that we will see Lisa’s “true colors” and we have. And a majority of viewers like what we see. It fits with our idea of Lisa and the bitchy yet not back stabbing nature of Lisa is welcomed in comparison to the under handed and passive aggressive approach of the other cast members.

    All these trumped up petty charges, the hypercriticism of Lisa in the blogs and the ostracism that Lisa has faced amount to a Spanish Inquisition and no more. Doesn’t matter what Lisa does or says: she’s wrong. And I think that is completely unfair.

    • Undine

      You all have blown my mind with these comments, love it! TT serves the best tea on the net. Now it’s very clear thanks to Tamara’s timeline and the commenters: all the beef with Lisa centers on her landing the spinoff VR and being the first HW of any franchise on DWTS. Every time Lisa is “busy” it’s a dagger in the hearts of Kyle, Yolanda, etc. Yolanda says Lisa is a fake friend for not checking in on her through her illness despite knowing Lisa is busy juggling 3 reality shows. Brandi wanted to parlay VR into her own opportunity, Kyle is jealous because they auditioned a spinoff for Mauricio’s business and it didn’t get past pilot stage. That’s where all this chess playing, Bobby Fischer stuff comes from–Lisa cleverly leverages her HW opportunities. She is hyper aware of the reality camera, maintains her image as a posh English rose with a sharp sense of humor. Lisa does a great job of using the reality show instead of being used.

      • AMTraveler

        And at the end of the day – it takes one chess player to recognize another chess player. Hell hath no fury like the friend of a Real Housewife who believes she’s been left out of a deal (or have we learned nothing from Jill Zarin?) Every move made by each of them in every franchise is a way to leverage new and existing opportunities. Lisa is the only true self-made business woman of the lot and thus Lisa is the only one who is truly good at executing her moves cleanly, efficiently and with finesse. She’s a good actress having studied drama from the age of 9 and has brilliantly applied this area of her studies to her business sense. As a restauranteur and a club-owner, she knows how to determine what people want and how to respond to it. Even Adrienne’s wealth came from family-earned fortune and from my vantage point she has ONLY done a good job of losing it over the past few years.
        Brandi’s actions now are just a really interesting character-study. She and Kyle clearly don’t understand what innate qualities Lisa has that make her so much more popular than them so they are flailing about throwing barbs and hoping one sticks to bring her down to their level for a fair fight. It’s amusing and only further demonstrates the degree to which they never understood what audiences liked about them as well, especially now that those audiences are quickly shrinking.

      • distressed

        The heart of the dispute is in the attention, fame, whatever Lisa is receiving. You mentioned DWTS, Lisa was on that as filming for RH began. Kyle and Kim were on Diving with the Stars, big difference. Yolanda wants her wn lifestyle show. Is she closer to getting that? I don’t know. It all goes back to Lisa’s success, imo.

  12. MaggieG

    We forget that Brandi actively pursued a friendship with Lisa in the beginning & that what she finds smothering now was welcomed by Brandi then as being “a good mum”. Of course she is permitted to have a change of heart, all of us do, but Lisa seems to always have been consistent in her approach to everyone where Brandi has been unstable. (I don’t believe for a minute that Adrienne & Brandi were ever friends or that Adrienne was responsible for bringing Brandi on board the show, although, Adrienne would approve of Brandi’s addition to the cast if she thought that Brandi’s friendship with Cedric might bring some negative attention to Lisa.)

    I’m less bothered by Brandi’s change of loyalty than by her inconsistencies. She thinks people should be truly remorseful but now she’s sorry, not sorry; she thinks Lisa is successful in part due to her strategic thinking but now uses the same word to accuse her of being manipulative & calculating. So many inconsistencies that it’s practically her entire M.O.

    Thanks for taking on this task; good compilation.

    • I totally agree. Adrienne didn’t bring Brandi to the show, that was just the storyline/intro we were fed. I’d bet Adrienne knew Brandi no better than any other cast member at the time.

  13. JoJo

    The more I think about it, I think Brandi’s comments regarding Vanderpump Rules, and Sheana and Sheana’s relationship with Lisa by extension, has the most to do with Brandi’s vain attempt to bring Lisa down.
    Besides her assertions in the blogs, I now remember her saying on Twitter or WWHL, that she should be PAID for doing 2 shows. I think the VR show may be the better part of her distraught. Perhaps she was not all that distressed over Sheana and being ‘used’ by Lisa for that built-in drama. After all, I believe Sheana worked for Lisa during the tryst with Eddie, and before LIsa knew Brandi.
    Brandi may just be pissed that she wasn’t more involved in VR and maybe Lisa promised she’d be, or Lisa turned down her attempts to be PAID for being a part of it.
    We all know by now that Brandi has absolutely no problem with putting her issues out in public concerning the cheating – the book, interviews, etc.
    I think VR is her biggest Lisa problem..

  14. pdt090

    I don’t really buy Brandi’s complaints about having Schena forced on her. Maybe if her, Lisa, and Schena were just normal people, then sure, Lisa always trotting Schena out would be a bit much. But they’re all stars on twin (highly manipulated) reality tv shows where constant drama is a must. There’s no way in hell the producers would let Brandi get away with NOT being around Schena as much as possible. Brandi knows exactly what’s expected of her here and her grievances rings very untrue. They’re only believable if you take reality tv at face value.

    Plus, she doesn’t seem to be traumatized by it at all – she clearly gets a kick out of throwing shade at Schena and making her feel uncomfortable whenever she can.

  15. I guess I was a deleted comment, not sure what I said.
    You did a lot of work on this post, I enjoyed going back and reading about Brandi.
    When Brandi had loose lips about Adrienne’s surrogacy I lost most empathy for her. That was a drunk stunt or a sick stunt.

    • distressed

      I’m voting for sick stunt. If I recall that was at a SUR luncheon and Brandi wasn’t drunk. And it was Kyle who asked her what her problem with Adrienne was exactly at that luncheon.

  16. Yamoah Asiedu

    By reading through those blogs it is apparent that Brandi started off as the pretty new girl, shunned by the popular girls in class and desperately wanting to be accepted.
    Despite pretending that she didn’t need them, Brandi really wanted to fit in with her cast mates. She tried a variety of different “LIKE ME” strategies. From schmoozing, brown-nosing, charm, excessive flattery, “telling it like it is,” standing up to ‘mean girl’ Kyle, befriending other new newby (Yolanda who, interestingly, did not need anyone’s acceptance or approval) and finally calling people out. She choose who to target very carefully. Remember how she tackled Taylor at the reunion? This gained her a lot of notoriety/popularity and fans. This is where I think, things changed for Brandi. Something went to her head and she started to believe her own hype. It all went left when she went against sly fox Adrienne Maloof. There were “consequences”.
    These rich women fight dirty!
    This season, she is declaring open war on Lisa but, it’s not really open war because Brandi smiles in Lisa’s face but is shady and disloyal behind her back. She has been snarky and overly-critical of Lisa in ALL of her blogs. Rather than confront her ‘dear friend Lisa’ about the issues that upset/irritate/annoy her, she has gone the coward’s way and gossiped instead. How things can change in two years.
    I don’t want to say this but I think Brandi could be heading the same way as RHOA’s Nene….a timely fall from grace.
    From reality TV ‘popular hero’ to ‘public enemy number one’.

  17. Yamoah Asiedu

    Tamara, this was a great idea. It takes a lot of time to be so meticulous and original. Excellent work. BTW, this is flattery. Can I get a hug!?

  18. jelley

    Wow, thanks for your hard work!

  19. Hannah King

    Brandi has played the ‘Woe Is Me’ card since she came to RHOBH. She played to Lisa’s maternial side and it worked. Lisa took Brandi under her wing and tried to protect her and possibily teach her a thing or three. It’s almost like Brandi is going through another puberty stage including all the stupid rebellious things teenagers do and doesn’t want Mama Lisa telling her what to do anymore. She didn’t get what she wanted from Lisa, so she is basically throwing a temper tantrum. So she does what any stupid kid does and starts talking trash shit about her ‘Mom’. It’s backfiring like it normally does. You would have thought she would have figured it out after trashing her real father. How did that work out for her? Bet he’s still not over it completely and he’s related to her.

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