The New York City Talk Show Wars: Wendy Williams Knocks Out Bethenny Frankel


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Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

I’ve been so (good!) busy lately that I have not really told you guys everything there is to tell about a huge drama that has been going on in the Big Apple between Wendy Williams, Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen.  Well today, the battle has been won by Wendy Williams and I am ready to spill all the tea as Bethenny Frankel’s talk show has been cancelled after just one (kinda lousy) season.

Let’s start with Wendy Williams point of view. I’ve been harsh at times with Wendy (even though she has mentioned on her show before #ChateauSheree)  because for a while there she was reporting gossip from a site that shall not be named frequently that has a history of  making up outrageous stories for drama/page views.  But lately, I have found her show to be a really fun watch. Wendy is established in the NYC daytime talk circuit and pulls commendable ratings. She is humble, relates well to her audience and is extremely good at giving advice on the fly during her ask Wendy segments.  She also had a great relationship with Andy Cohen and frequently booked his WWHL guests when they were in town. Wendy and Teresa Giudice

For a long time, Marigo Mihalos was a Wendy Williams talent booker. Marigo had close contacts with Bravo, and had the inside track to Andy Cohen.  She was also close with many of the RHONJ and could get them on the show quite easily if there was a last minute cancellation or the show needed someone in a pinch. She is also friendly with the RHONY ladies. Marigo is really good at her job.  Because of her close contacts at Bravo, she was wooed away from Wendy by Bethenny Frankel. She basically left Wendy high and dry and jumped ship. This was the first thing that pissed off Wendy Williams.

For the first few months, everything sort of coasted along. Bethenny thought she was above interviewing reality guests and relied on Ellen DeGeneres to help her get guests.  The problem was that Ellen, was in LA as were her guests. Early on, Bethenny was irritated that she did not immediately get to interview A list celebrities.  She did not want to pay her dues. She had a very inflated ego. But we will get to that more later.  Eventually, Bethenny realized that her ratings were BAD.  Really, really bad, and George Clooney was not going to come sit on her couch and fix things. No one was interested in Bethenny’s  roundtable discussions on sex and relationships because quite frankly no one could envision Bethenny having sex even if they wanted to. And who wants relationship advice from a woman in a nasty divorce who is still playing out The War of the Roses with her soon to be ex husband in her Manhattan apartment. Nobody. That’s who.

Desperate times cause Bethenny to drop the ego and go for what she knows, reality TV.  So Marigo used her contacts and booked every single guest from Andy Cohen’s WWHL she possibly could. It is no secret that Bethenny is the only housewife who is actually friends with Andy and invited to his personal parties.  I won’t even mention the Jewish connection. Whoopsie. Suddenly, all of the people who Andy had previously sent to Wendy, now went to Bethenny. This was the second thing that pissed Wendy off.

Wendy Willians and Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

Wendy doesn’t say anything negative (see how that works Nene Leakes?) and quietly begins to talk about Bravo shows less and less. All the while Wendy is seething. Over on WWHL many of the guests are fans of Wendy and continue to mention her. As does Andy. Finally, Wendy says something on the air about Andy. It was a small rant that was not particularly ugly. But she did say he needs to “keep her name out of the Bravo drama!” Say what? This is when I began to realize Wendy was a lot more pissed than I thought.

Meanwhile, Bethenny’s show was getting better. She had a great way of putting the Bravolebrities on the spot and called bullshit on all their fake storyline answers. I actually began tuning in to the show. Bethenny realizes it’s reality TV guests or no show at all.  In a last ditch effort to save the show, Bethenny’s people reach out to Bravo and they agree to put a week of her “best shows” on Bravo at 6 pm.  No one tuned in.  But Wendy paid attention and was pissed.  Wendy has a cushy deal with BET where all of her shows rerun there at midnight. She could not have done her reruns on Bravo anyway. It was the principal of the matter. Wendy had been the loudest proponent of Bravo reality shows anywhere on the air for years.  Andy had her on WWHL as a solo guest frequently. She was a very loyal and genuine supporter as opposed to Bethenny who was desperate to distance herself from reality TV.  Wendy was betrayed by Andy Cohen.

It became clear that Bethenny was not going to be renewed.  Rumors were everywhere that there was going to be a season 2 despite her abysmal ratings because she was going to self fund her show. You know, like vanity publishing only on TV.  Today however, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that the Bethenny show has been cancelled. Bethenny threw in the towel saying, ” “I had a blast doing this show with Telepictures. My entire staff worked so hard and made every day so much fun. I am thankful for the experience and for all my fans who tuned in every day.” There will continue to be new episodes until the end of the season.

In my mind I can just see Wendy Williams in her good wig, smirking. She is waiting patiently for Andy Cohen to come crawling back to his main girl with all sorts of gifts and apologies for his horrific indiscretion with that skinny bitch. I just know Andy wants to sob into those  GGG breasts and beg forgiveness. Will Wendy go back to covering Bravo shows regularly in hot topics? We’ll have to wait and see. She has been talking about all sorts of new shows on other cable channels recently. Stay tuned to for the tea you won’t get anywhere else, y’all  Oh and Happy Valentines Day!

P.S.  It’s interesting to note that Nene Leakes was in NYC for quite some time recently and as not booked on any of the three shows. You know Nene would drop everything to be on any of the three.


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73 responses to “The New York City Talk Show Wars: Wendy Williams Knocks Out Bethenny Frankel

  1. WhyOWhy

    Interesting. I *heart* Wendy Williams and am glad she won this battle. Now on to the rest of the war.


    Ohhh maybe that is why… Last week Wendy made a slight remark that she doesn’t even watch rhwoa anymore because of all the catty fighting. I thought she lived for it! so something didn’t smell right!

    • Yep. She has been avoiding all things Bravo and making the tiniest of snarky comments for awhile. Just little hints, nothing over the top. I am dying to hear her hot topics on the fall of Bethenny. I haven’t checked out today yet. I am super busy and TRYING to watch the live Olympic men’s freeskate! It’s fabulous.

      Back to work have two more interesting posts I am working on. :)

      On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 1:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. pffffttt

    Did you see Brandi tweet that she wanted to be on Wendy Williams while she was in NYC but it was “out of her control.”

    Also, Wendy stated after the brawl on RHOA that she was boycotting the show.

    Nene also said she would never return to Wendy’s show after she claimed Nene’s divorce and wedding was fake.

    • I think Nene has been back since though. No?

      • Nope, she has not been back…yet. She’ll keep her knee pads close, because she will come crawling back.

      • Nope! She declared she would “Neva EVA! go on Wendy Williams again!”. Haven’t seen her since, though Wendy has mentioned her since then. WOW! Never thought there was a beef between Wendy and Bethenney?! I remember BF on Wendy at least three times before getting her show. Did notice how hard she tried to make it work. She had a winning spot following Wendy, nice catchy theme song, at least two to three guests per show. Even danced like Ellen at intro. I also noticed how suddenly every show had Black guests,a pick up of gays in audience especially Black guys. When you can get Charlemayne on stage with his unfiltered truth…I don’t think Wendy would brave that. I started watching her show. Bethenney’s glitch I think is too much talking and an annoying voice to most. I’ve always liked her though, for her spontaneous energy, wit and intellect. Wendy will always be #1 talk show gossip diva. She’s seasoned and safe for as long as she wants her job. Even her haters are addicted.

      • I did notice Wendy took Nene off her Hot Topics montage a while back. Now I know why. Nene really doesn’t know what side her bread is buttered on, does she?

        On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. Belinda

    Lately, for a variety of reasons, I’ve been a little “down in the dumps”. My solution……curl up on the sofa with sweet tea and cookies and check out tv programs I’ve never seen. That’s how I discovered Wendy a few days ago. I really, really like her….the way she looks, the way she thinks and the way she seems to conduct herself. Now you’ve gotten me interested enough that I just set her show up for auto record. BTW….the free skating was great.

  5. Tamara

    I also so on Brandi Glanville’s twitter that she tweeted out two seperate times that she had wanted to be on Wendy Williams show when she was in New York but it just didn’t work out!!!
    Thanks for the story

  6. Tara

    M’ Grandee Lady TT,

    Thank you, as par usual for your insightful, well written, informative blog!

    I have only watched a few Wendy Williams shows. Usually, in the wee hours and found her to be quite a flamboyant Character. Actually, I was confused if she was a Transexual, which I found exceedingly interesting and thought her show might be a satire? I spent months looking for an Adams apple but found her fabulous.I especially, was delighted that she is as much as a fan of these shows as we are. There it is, then.

    I have never been a Bethanny fan and have only watched her show a few times out of, “critical curiosity”. Bethanny’s phobias have phobias. She is uncomfortable to watch, due to her being ” damaged”.
    She may, in fact be a savvy business woman yet she is not Talk Show host material and quite honestly I find her tedious to watch.

    I hope Mr. Cohen growels his way back into WW’s good graces and takes accountability for his actions ,
    Maybe Pigs do fly??

    Good luck to Wendy Williams..
    Thank you again for, a spot of tea with Tamara!

  7. lori

    I was wondering how Wendy felt about all the HWs being on Bethenny. Well now I know! Thanks TT. I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but I’m bummed that Bethenny is being cancelled. I only just started watching because of the interviews with the Bravo folks, but basically that’s the only time I would watch. The few times I watched the whole episode, her show was all over the place. It made no sense. Her having segments with people overcoming their fears, and giving advice to the couple with the overbearing MIL was a joke. I mean come on Bethenny, really??? Also, she continues to be very awkward in the beginning of her shows when she first comes out, like she doesn’t know how to be while standing there, and her arm and hand movements are uncomfortable to watch. Oh well. I wish there was somewhere, somehow for her to have a little half hour show with bravolites only. Kind of like the old WWHL, only no holds barred. She is by far the best Bravo celebrity interviewer ever.

  8. fatboystruggle

    hi Tamara,

    love the site! anyway, could Nene’s absence from Wendy’s show stem from Wendy’s comments right before I Dream of Nene began airing? she said something like no one wants to see Nene and Greg kissing, i can’t imagine them having sex, blahblahblah, Nene got pissed and went off on Wendy via twitter saying no one can picture Wendy and her husband kissing either, ewwww, etc. (of course, i’m paraphrasing. she also stated that she would never appear on The Wendy Show again…and she hasn’t. actually, only Porsha and Kenya from the Atlanta housewives appeared from promo this season, which i found odd.

    re: Nene not being on WWHL? i found that VERY strange. keep up the good work!

  9. Andy takes a hit. Bethenny gets sunk. #battleship Go Wendy. As a long time supporter, I know how messy she can get, but I’m happy she took the high-road and waited this one out.

  10. Mango

    Absolutely delicious tea, TT. I’d bet WW is savvy enough to forgive and forget. But Andy’s gonna have to earn it this time lol.

  11. Mia

    I don’t really post but I have to say, my god this blog is oh so fabulous!! :-)

  12. myinfo

    I love the Wendy Show because it has a lot of energy. Sometimes she has said things about some of the housewives that I don’t’ agree with but I still basically like Wendy.

    Bethenny was way too hyper on her show. She talked too fast and didn’t have interesting questions for her guests. She was trying too hard and didn’t appear to behaving naturally.

    She was great at interviewing the housewives, but she was not a good interviewer with the other quests.

    I did like her wardrobe.

  13. Guccinara

    TT gurl you are good! Wow who knew that explains soooo much. From when wendy didn’t discuss pillow talk/fight nite -(like anybody really cares about what she had for dinner at the weekend or Matlock/SATC reruns). A couple of times I saw her throwing some shade at Andy about something and I thought – hang on a second aren’t they friends? – it all makes sense now. I’ve never seen Bethany’s show except a few clips on YouTube where to be fair she does seem to get the tea. But Bethany needs to be bought down a peg or 2. I used to like her at the beggining of rhony but thought her treatment of Jill Zarin was disgusting – anyway I digress. You’re like one of those police sniffer dogs when it comes to getting great stories. Brilliant.

  14. awww poor Bethenny. I hope she takes the opportunity to get her life together in regards to her divorce, custody issues and that apartment. She should take some time off and regroup! Why be a millionaire if you work too hard to enjoy it? I just got her Skinny Girl yoga workout DVD (it’s great) and she makes a few snarky comments about Jason on it..! Bad form Bethenny cuz those comments will live forever-and they were still married I believe.

    Wendy Williams on the other hand is a loony bird. She often times has no idea what’s she’s talking about, and on different days will have totally opposite opinions on a subject. I think she’s as fake as her hair. Should be interesting to watch Andy bring her back into the fold.

    • If I was Bethanny, I’d just chill out and enjoy the money, the fame and go back to NY and get back on HW’s…oh, bring her back, Kelly back, and Jill and let the I’m here, you’re here drama unfold!!

      • Kaye

        Bethanny is a disfunctional person; she had a miserable childhood and her child is now headed down the same road she went. Bethanny is so selfish she can’t see this. Jason was the very best thing that ever happened to Bethanny and she threw him away. For awhile I thought she might actually become a loving and lovable human being. I bought her first book and watched her reality shows. After her daughter was born I started to notice how she didn’t want Jason’a parents around so much; what kind of loving mother wouldn’t want their daughter to be around loving grandparents??? I could go on; but I think we all have our notions about Bethanny. I’m on Team Jason.

      • Kaye-at least Bethenny told the truth to Jason. She told him she was damaged and had marriage issues-he said he understood and loved her enough to stand by her. Too bad it didn’t work out, but she warned him it was gonna be a rough ride. So I find it hard to be on team Jason. And his relationship with his parents was a little bit clingy, which is fine if that’s what you’re used to but it must have seemed very intrusive to Bethenny. I thought she tried very hard with them.

      • love2hatebravo

        Totally agree with cammie. BUT. She is a total shrew for fighting for sole custody. That’s where I draw the line on Bethenny being human. She sucks. Team Jason and his clingy parents.

    • lori

      I record Wendy every day, to at least watch the hot topics, and then just erase the rest if it’s not a guest I care about. Some days I like her, other days I don’t, but she is definitely a huge hypocrite! The thing that aggravates me the most is that she has that whole “fan out” segment that she does of pictures of people who run into celebrities out on the streets, yet she herself refuses to take pictures with her fans. Then she also shows pictures of her with celebrities that she runs into here and there, so basically, if you’re not a celebrity you’re not good enough to be in a picture with her. She claims that it’s because she’s so tall that she looks like a giant in the pictures, but wouldn’t that be the same with celebrities? Come on Wendy, get real. So much for your co-hosts.

      • Believe it or not, despite what all the fools with iphones think, the person whose body is being photographed has the sole right to decide whether they wish to be photographed. It’s no ones god given right to take someone’s picture. If she wants to take a photo with a celebrity on occasion at an event but does not want to take a picture during dinner with her family are while she is shopping at Target, that is her right. That is not being a hypocrite, it’s called setting boundaries for her own person.

      • lori

        No I totally get that! I personally would never ask a celeb to take a pic with me anyway, and I’ve had many opportunities to ask over the years, but it’s def not my thing. I feel it’s intrusive. I just don’t like that she has a segment on it every week, celebrating how happy it makes people, with that being the way she feels. Anyway… it doesn’t matter. I still watch. I even had tickets to go to her show a couple of times, but I had to pass because I wasn’t feeling well. I was mostly just hoping for some free loot. Lol :) One of my girlfriends got hooked up with some goodies there in the past.

      • I didn’t care for WW when I first started watching when I started this blog. I do think she has improved. I find the fact that she is so in the moment every time she starts a show, she just stands there and take a moment to be there and appreciate her life. I really like that and it changed my opinion of her made me less judgmental of some of her less than perfect gossip reporting. Also, I’ve learned how hard it is to sift through shit and look for something worthy to report. So I still roll my eyes a lot, but try to tune in speaking of, I have not been watching since the Olympics are live in the mornings. I should go check out her hot topics. I haven’t even peeked at TMZ yet today to see what is going on out west… Lord this job never ends. lemme go watch. :)

        On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 10:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        Yes, it is very obvious that she is EXTREMELY grateful. She even tears up at times from being overwhelmed because of it. I really like that too. And Tamara, I swear to God that I truly for the life of me do not know how you do all that you do. I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day! How do you do it???? Seriously??? It takes me half of the day just to keep up with what you write and all the comments, which on top of everything you also read. It’s insane. Thanks for all of your hard work and the sweetest tea in town.

      • Thanks Lori. Lately it has been a bit much. :) The thing with blogging is that the sources all seem to descend at once! Other days you have to really go look for things to blog about. I must say, I am proud of the site lately. It’s really growing and I’ve really tried to keep the comments on topic and interesting and not spiraling in to a coffee chat place for the lonely. (No offense to the lonely, hey I’m lonely too, but let’s talk about the topics here!) . Thanks for all of your support!

        On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:48 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • syd3

      I was entranced initially by the audacity of Wendy’s comments (now, not so much); I tune in specifically to catch any comments Wendy might make concerning BRAVO HWs; if Wendy has not made any reference to BRAVO characters within the first two minutes of her show … I’m off to another channel.

  15. SB

    This is such good tea!

  16. LindaSonia

    Wendy Williams HUMBLE?!?!?!? Seriously????
    I can’t stop laughing. LOLOLOLOLOL

  17. Back in the day, I use to hate on Wendy…she always seem to hate on the black women that came to her show. She would always call them out for their weaves, etc and drool all over the white women and thier weaves….but one day this year, I caught her show and she was doing a segment on Obama at the Mandela memorial service…I almost fell out of my seat laughing….been a fan ever since. I think the reason her show works, is because she’s really a frickin gossip queen…whereas Bethanny was just going through the motions.

    Listen, as much as I loved Bethanny on NY HW’s, I never thought she was grand enough to have a damned talk show…not everyone is a tv host. So she had wit and was funny, and?

    • The Light

      Gayle, are you kidding? Wendy still tears into sisters and praises every other woman, that hasn’t changed maybe you just started to ignore her comments.

  18. Amy n G

    This is my new go to site for tea, love it..

  19. Luvlee2u

    This has got to be the best TT tea of the week. I love your blog Tamara. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  20. Miami Chica11

    Isn’t that Marigo girl related to Johnny the Greek, the guy that fought Joe gorga in RH of new jersey

  21. Olive

    This was such an awesome post Tamara. Thank you !

    My only question is I wonder how Andy’s new role with Bravo affects this. He is not an exec for them anymore in terms of development. He only exec produces the HWs shows and hosts and does his stupid talk show.
    (He got his own production company but I’m not sure if that will all go first to Bravo)

    I wonder.
    GO Wendy. Such a fan …..

    I’m happy because I didn’t like how Bethenny was with Kenya vs how she is with other housewives

  22. Kitty Mamma

    I love Wendy. I’ve watched her for years. I think she’s a great host, funny, connects well with her audience, and is a great interviewer.

  23. Hannah King

    I think we should all advocate for TT to get her own talk show (especially for Bravo celebs). She would definitely ask the hard hitting questions like Bethany and she can be direct and blunt with her opinions like Wendy. I say she’d be the best of both worlds and she could handle Andy as well.

  24. Witchy

    Margio is Kathy Wakile’s niece. I knew she went to Bethenny show.
    What don’t make sense to me is: Why would Wendy be pissed off?
    They can do Bethenny’s and Wendy’s show..?
    Honestly, Bethenny is another Nene Leakea. Both on ego overload.

  25. Bethenny would be a good wing(wo)man for Andy Cohen.. Possibly hosting or cohosting the reunion shows/ WWHL.. She has a way of getting straight to the heart of those bravolebrities and it’s really fun to watch.. Plus, unlike Andy, her questions seem well thought out and her interviews flow very well. S

    • I agree but Bravolebrites are the ONLY people she is good at interviewing because that is where her experience lies, sex, relationships, in-law issues, world peace, fashion, etc? She is really, really bad at.

      On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:58 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  26. AmberKnows

    They set a perfect stage for her. stealing a talented booker, Ellen backing her, TelePictures funding and Andy mainlining WWHL guests to her stage. They just forgot one thing…. how annoying she is! Her voice which I once found funny was just screeching and shrewish since S2 of BEA. She constantly over talked her guests and regardless of the topic, it all came back to her. Bye Gurl. Bye. She’s rich and will be alright.

  27. Seriously....

    Well, Happy Valentine’s day to you too, TT. How did you know that I wanted tea?

  28. cherry

    WOW thanks for the “tea”. I have been wondering what was going on with Wendy and Andy, esp after an episode of Wendy where she was like ” I’m just over these Housewive Shows”!

    • The Light

      Cherry, Wendy may be supposedly over those housewives, which I will never ever believe but I do know that her show’s Hot Topic segment died after she stopped talking about the ladies and she started digging up other tired celebrities to talk about that nobody cares about!

  29. Ashley

    Marigo is best friends with Victoria Wakile from RHONJ.

  30. travis

    GREAT article. I had never thought about Wendy being slighted by princess Andy and the ladies in waiting called the real housewives. Wendy has a solid show. I really have stopped watching all the housewives and keep up through you.

  31. karen

    All I can say i knew B before she was HW and none of this surprises me at all. In fact, I would say its big fat KARMA slap. Which he deserved.

  32. I’m glad Wendy won. Love Wendy show. How you doing??

  33. Dee

    TT i love your site!! This was def an interesting read. I actually liked Bethanny’s show. She had good guests on there. Her interviewing skills were a little rough but I figured she’d get better as time went on. The only thing I didnt like was sometimes she’d grill her reality show guests with questions about their finances & storylines as if she’d never been there herself. It took her a while to get to her success, & sometimes I felt she forgot that. It all makes sense now that you’ve pointed out she didnt even want them on her show at first

  34. This report confirms all my thoughts. I had been thinking that Bethenny was trying to imitate Wendy and I also had noticed that Wendy was saying very little about the shows. But I never though that Bethenny was in any competition with Wendy.

  35. I am so glad to see that nasal talking skinny bitch gone with the wind not fabulous. She treated Jason and his parents like dirt and anyone else she could like muck. Karma baby, karma.

  36. Vanessa

    Let’s be honest, neither Bethenny or Wendy are great interviewers. Bethenny has been cancelled and Wendy does not exactly have A or B List celebrities lining up to be on her show. But, Wendy is in love with having her own talk show. She may need housewives to survive. Her hot topics are not so hot — it’s more of the same, a lot of gossip that many times turn out not to be true and/or a different version of what she reported. She’s not consistent and doesn’t remember a lot of what she previously said. Keeping all of that in mind along with a lot I did not say, let’s watch what happens!

    • The Light

      Vanessa, you are so right. Wendy recently had the one and only Chris Rock on her show and we all know he’s an A Lister and Wendy didn’t even have the good sense to talk to him as long as she could, in a wink he was gone, now does that sound like a good interviewer, NO and Chris talks plenty of good stuff, enough said.

  37. Pilldocswife

    I love ALL of these people!!!! TRULY adore and cannot get enough of Bethenny Frankel – Andy Cohen is the best thing since sliced bread and only this past Nov 2013 did I ever start watching Wendy and she is now part of my daily DVR Recordings! Frankly it makes NO sense to me how shows like Maury & even Katie Courics yawn fest shows can have ratings and be on as long as they have BUT Bethenny is cancelled w just one season??? SERIOUSLY?! How can so many hold her divorce against her? Many of us have been through the same and she is BEYOND INSPIRING! From the days on Martha Stewarts FAILED show to her days on RHNY – Jason Hoppy is as whiny as his Mom & Dad are and the only positive he brought to B’s life is her beautiful daughter! It breaks my heart that her show is cancelled – I will miss her! Her show has been my favorite hour of “me time” since it started! I never knew Wendy was so negative towards Andy or Bethenny – not too sure she will stay on my DVR w this info in my head now – she’s never gone a day w/out talking about Bravo TV – be it just Teresa and Joe drama or the Apollo bs! So clearly u dont stay tuned to Wendy to be saying such nonsense – Andy has no need to bed WW for anything!

  38. Souvlaki

    Sing! This adds quite a lot of clarity, thank you Tamara.

  39. Manic Mondays

    I have loved her since her radio days. Most of her guest are reality stars, so avoiding Bravo would knock out many of already recycled guest list. Bravo messed up making Wendy mad.

  40. marsky

    Oh my gosh! 1st time I have ever responded…anyway, I obviously have too much time on my hands…does anyone remember bethany from the beginning? Hoppy wanted her to know where he came from…his home, friends, family. Remember how she made fun of hoppy’s friends at local bar in his home town? She made fun of their teeth also made fun cocktails in plastic cups… these were his friends, he grew up with them…loves them. He always will. Thanksgiving dinner with his family at their apt? Oven was not turned on!!! She blamed everyone…she is the chef, right?Miserable…felt bad for hoppy’s folks. Remember drunk bethany (after many martinis) with girlfriend. Prepared dinner for fiance (father of three with beloved sick sister). Bethany was so hungover next am. She met with alex or ramona next day. Luckiest day of his life. He dumped her. Can u imagine her taking care of any child? Does anyone remember?

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