Nene and Gregg Leakes Jet to Miami For Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day 2014 Nene and Gregg


Nene Leakes has been having a really bad couple of weeks. However, for Valentine’s Day she has grabbed her boo, Gregg and flown down to Miami.  The couple escaped the still slushy streets of Atlanta for sunshine and temperatures heading toward 80 degrees this week. The lovebirds were seen just over and hour ago having a romantic dinner at Prime 112 a luxury steak house located on Ocean Drive in the old Brown’s Hotel building.  The area is known as the area the paparazzi like to swarm, like the Mr. Chow’s of Miami as far as getting photographed goes. So while taking a little time at the beach and clearing one’s head sounds like just what the doctor ordered for Mrs. Leakes, she just can’t help but romp through a throng or two of paparazzi first.  Here today, TMZ tomorrow…Happy Valentines Day Gregg and Nene!


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26 responses to “Nene and Gregg Leakes Jet to Miami For Valentine’s Day

  1. JoJo

    Well I will say that pic is the best I remember her looking as far as dress (standing up) as opposed to what I’ve seen on RHOA and elsewhere. I see she’s growing her hair, or should I say adding to it. As you say, maybe fun in the sun just might help her. Take away some of the I’m so fabulous and you’re all haters mentality – maybe :)

  2. Megan

    Just discovered your site and it is amazing. It is now in my bookmarks. The time and effort you put in your posts is inspiring. I spent hours reading up on all the tea. I have a few questions I was hoping you knew the answers to.

    I saw on one of your posts that Nene removed housewife title from her twitter. Another website, that shall remain nameless out of respect for you, says that Nene gave an ultimatum to Bravo her or Kenya. Is that true?
    Do you think Bravo will let the fourth wall down a bit and showcase how Nene is trying to sabotage Kenya? Is there any truth to the rumors that Christopher has a history of domestic violence with Dash and Berry? Would there be police reports or charges available to look up? Because when I watched the real housewives fight it seemed like Christopher was showing violence against women tendencies. I might be sensitive because of abuse as a child but I thought I would ask.

    Thank you for all that you do. You can tell how much work you put into this site.

    • Thanks for the compliments, Megan! Nobody really knows what Nene says to Bravo, even me! What I do know is that she is pissed off and that she has been under the illusion for quite some time that RHOA would be nothing without her. When she goes to WWHL she is known for making demands and acting like the Queen of Sheba making demands. (That they mostly ignored) She has, as we say in the south become “too big for her britches.” We mean that figuratively, but….ahem. So it would not surprise me if she is raising hell with PRODUCTION and perhaps called Andy and gave him an earful. HOWEVER, Bravo itself makes the decision on who to give contracts too. They keep the people who are bringing the most entertainment (positive or negative) for the most part and tweak people who are not particularly interesting, WHEN THE RATINGS START TO FALL. It’s not exactly an exact science. People like Aviva from RHONY who I like but most people really do not stay because they cause drama on camera but are always on time, polite and easy to work with. And they might get rid of someone like Jill Zarin who had some fans but was becoming the villain on camera and a demanding pain in the ass off camera. One thing that gets you fired for sure from RHONY is Becoming a demanding diva bitch. Nene seems to be headed down the Jill Zarin path. Sorry, I just woke up and am rambling. What I do know for sure is that contracts are negotiated after the finale. Bravo looks at the viewer reaction to the fans over the entire season. This is why Bravo blogs are important. They use those to gauge fan interest. Numbers of views and comments on the blogs are factored into their decision making. Lots of views and comments are good whether they are all awful or great. Anyway, the short version is yes, Nene is trying to throw her weight around but it is probably doing her more harm than good. Once you are that difficult to work with you get sent back to sitting in your fabric shop selling stories on your old cast mates to the Enquirer. :)

      Once you are here for a while you will notice I tend to steer away from topics related to abuse. The Rihanna story was an exception and a learning moment for me. I tend to react strongly to the idiots who will leave comments that a victim got what they deserved or that the abuser is “fine” or has some sort of redeeming quality. That’s just a boundary I try to keep for myself. I also don’t make accusations of abuse toward a specific person without proof. I just don’t like the whole subject and try to not comment at all.

      I hope that made sense. I’m still in my pre coffee fog. Thanks again.

    • FGF

      It was Wesley Snipes that was abusive to Halle Berry. It’s been said that she never revealed his name back then out of fear of being blacklisted. She was an up and coming actress and he was already a star. Ain’t karma grand because I do believe he’s in prison right now. :-)

  3. naa

    Prime 112 is just not that good.

  4. Nene’s wigs she’s been wearing as of late her hideous.

    • Gingersnap

      The wig in the above picture puts me in the mind of George Washington 😉 She makes real bad wig choices. I don’t think she has any hair underneath her ugly rugs. Ugh.

  5. I love this blog

    What happened to Nene, wanting to purchase that mansion in Miami . In One of those episodes?

  6. donna

    NeNe didnt have no for that mansion. Even Kandi said that! She was “FLOOR SHOWING!” (FLO SHOWIN!) As we use to say back in the day!


  8. Wow. Those pictures. I think she wants to be Yolanda Foster. Her albino groundhog skin has grown longer. It looks even more ridiculous. And she looks bald under it.

  9. JoJo

    Trying to be positive here, could be just the right angle or the dress, but for some reason she looks thinner in the pic & for once more understated. The lengthier GW look, better than the short slicked back one. But the platinum color is God-awful. She should get back to dark brown, put a highlight in it and get on with her producing, designing, not worth mentioning she’s a RHOA self!

    • She has a natural overweight/boxy shape to her torso and skinny legs. That’s all. She chose to wear a shirt dress to show off her legs that are not quite as large/in direct proportion to her torso. Just another one of her tricks, I wish she could find one for her head. Errr, I wish she would just say “bye, wig” to her George Washington head wear :)

      • JoJo

        Rachel: yeh, she had one fashion experience that she didn’t look as unfashionable as usual. You’d think, unless all the professionals in Hollywood & in NY talk show circuits are too afraid of her, one would say shed that damn wig and look and let me help you! Martha probably wasn’t all that happy with George’s 1776 look either, but at least she could pull it off at night & we didn’t’ have to see it on TV and Twitter :)

  10. Tara

    Maybe, a romantic gaunt away with Greg, alone & focusing upon what is the crux of what is truly important in life, ( love, family, real life) might give NeNe some form of clarity and soften her up a bit?
    Greg appears to honestly love NeNe, no matter what and this is rare and lovely.
    They haven’t had the time or haven’t made the time to be? Re-married, Newlyweds?
    Greg seems to the gentle voice of reason.
    Hope they had an outstanding Romantic Weekend!!!
    Maybe, having the paparazzi about gave NeNe the extra realization that all the attention could vanish unless she makes better decisions
    Again, I am a romantic and I adore Greg & NeNe remarrying after a rough patch..

    • puravidacostarica2

      Stifling a giggle. Remarrying? Guess that would require a divorce first. Gaunt? Not sure that’s ever romantic but some people like emaciated I suppose. Oh jaunt?? Yeah, those things are for people with money. :-)

  11. TXQT

    Nene, she got cha. Ur actions tonite at the auction were just downright nasty. Now look who’s being confrontational?She’s a mean, pompous heifer who is really full of herself. Not a fan of Kenya either, but, she got cha. Ur star is about flameout. Buh bye.

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