Kenya Moore’s African Prince is D’Banj

Kenya Moore and D'Banj

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Kenya Moore really does have and “African Prince” and she is in Nigeria with him right now.  He’s a singer who is very famous in Nigeria. He’s also a very successful businessman. Grab a tall glass of something and let Tamara Tattles spill all the tea for you.

Back in March of 2013 I posted a blog about Kenya Moore and a Nigerian singer being very chummy at an event in Houston, Texas.  My blog was quoted by some Nigerian blogs and I remember reading their comments about D’Banj (what the hell do you shout out in bed when that is your man’s name? What? I’m just curious) who is apparently quite the ladies man, or Kokomaster as the Nigerian women refer to him. In fact, D’Banj’s lyrics are the source of the slang terms “Koko” and “Kokolette” loosely referring to a woman who is good in bed.  Anyway, I have spent TWO DAYS trying to find a post that I know existed but no longer does. Perhaps it was lost somehow when I moved from Blogger to WordPress? Of perhaps there is some mysterious conspiracy involved. But I distinctly remember arguing with some Nigerian women who did not want to believe that D’Banj and Kenya were in a relationship.  D’Banj is wildly popular in Nigeria and perhaps they have been keeping their relationship on the down low to avoid upsetting his fans. Yes, I know I am giving Kenya a lot of leeway lately, but she deserves a second look in my opinion.

The event in Houston was part of a Nigerian Town Hall Meeting that was held by the All Nigerian Nationals in Diaspora (ANNID), to discuss the Amnesty & Peace in the Niger Delta and  D’banj was invited as the special entertainment guest. Kenya and D’Banj arrived together and left the event together in cozy fashion.  Still, the Nigerians on my blog were chastising me telling me that just because two people are at an event, doesn’t mean they are dating.  Kenya posted the picture of the two of them on her Instagram with the caption “My African Prince.” And at some point, that blog completely disappeared. (Thanks so much to Tootsie and Beth for helping me look for it again today.)

Here is a video of some of he Houston Event mentioned above. Thanks to an anon commenter for sending me the video from my original post.

D'Banj is Kenya's African Prince

Also last summer Kenya flew to Lagos to host D’Banj’s Birthday  party.  I am assuming that this is who she has been meeting up with in Dubai and staying at Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world. In fact, she went there  last February about this time. Perhaps I should check LSA as they steal every post on Perhaps they still have the original post I made on D’Banj.  Yesterday, Kenya posted a picture of her boarding pass to Lagos which was not photoshopped and the real deal. She is now in Lagos, presumably with D’Banj, though she has not mentioned his name…yet.

Here’s what you need to know about D’Banj  from NigerianMusicBox.Com :

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo (popularly known as D’banj, born June 9, 1980), is a singer-songwriter, an harmonica player and a businessman.  He is popularly known as  the Koko Master and the Eja nla of Africa. He is definitely one of Nigeria’s richest musicians, an astute and  a shrewd business man.  D’Banj once said, “I work hard so that  awards, endorsements, bookings and kokolets can chase me.”  Without reservations, D’banj has a knack for making money. Apart from his music, He owns KoKo water, Koko Garri, Koko Mansion and Koko Lounge – a luxurious bar in Lagos and the united kingdom. He launched Koko Mobile making him the first Nigerian artiste to do so. He is now also planning to launch Koko mattress and Koko condoms.

The bulk of Dbanj’s  earnings comes from endorsements deals. He has a multimillion naira deal  with Chris Aire, as the face of his watches and another one with UAC Foods. His endorsement deal with Globacom telecommunications cost N70m. In 2013 D’banj was unveiled as the headliner for Hennessy 2013. He collects  between $80,000 to $150,000 for African shows and  £40,000 to £60,000 for UK shows; and $50,000 to $60,000 for American shows. He also has a lucrative deal with Power Fist energy drink, and a deal with the makers of Virgin Colour soft drink.

D’banj drives a 32 million naira Aston Martin Vantage. His latest album ‘D kings Men‘  was launched in June 2013 at  the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Clearly, he is a man with a preference for very expensive cars. Could the Bentley be the real deal as well? I’m starting to be a believer in Kenya, I’m just saying. I admit when I am wrong and I could have been way off base with her the last season.

So Kenya Moore appears to have been in a relationship with D’Banj for at least a year. That’s a long time! On the other hand, they only see each other a few times a year. With Kenya desperate for a baby, and D’Banj having the reputation for being rather well-endowed, (what? I research…) could she be in Nigeria trying to get herself knocked up? Or will D’Banj be putting is very own brand of condoms to good use? Could you see Kenya moving to Nigeria? And most importantly, WTF happened to my original post???


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  1. SB

    Go Kenya! Probably the editing on the show but I def like her more this season vs last.

  2. PlusOneForLuck

    First I’m forced to agree with Kenya about the pajama party — and now this?!?!?! I think I may need to see a doctor — day is night? black is white? wrong is right? It’s all just toooo much!!!

      • Gina Phillips

        I’m just loving that Kenya is the smart one and getting Nene’s goat. From the start, Kenya had the details right, the memory of the events that the drunk housewives couldn’t remember straight. If you pay attention, Kenya is never the drunk one in the bunch.

        Miss USA deserves an African Prince! Through all this, she is the only housewife to keep the F Bombs in her mouth and she is clearly way ahead of the game in class. Way ahead of that other bunch of losers, anyway. Nene hated her from the beginning because she knew Trump before Nene did. I can still remember those sneers by the hateful Leakes.

        Nene made fun of her acting gigs, her pageant wins and her man. I say TEAM KENYA is the right way to go. She wasn’t so crazy after all, now was she? She is the pretty one, too. I voted for her in every Bravo contest. Want Nene to get back in line? Ya’ll vote too. LOL

        GOD, I hope that girl gets an A List talk show and Nene has to beg for an interview. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

        Phaedra and Apollo facing lawsuits and prison time? Bad karma gets you every time. Porsha’s perfect marriage all shot to hell? Telling you all, Kenya had the real goods from the beginning.

        Go Kenya, Go Kenya, Go.

      • charmaine

        Kenya need to get out off this relation if it true, Dbanj is a womanizer she should know that. She need a real husband and children need a father figure, is she really crazy. she don’t need his money. Please blogger I love Kenya the most out off all the girls on the show but I am very concern that she will get hurt. I am hoping that Kenya ready dumped this guy, he is using her for publicity, he is ugly he don’t have no future plans to settle down. Please blogger call patty Stranger get Kenya a husband I pay $5000.00 to Patty email me if you think I playing I cannot let her fall again help her. Please call Kenya you has her number, I am 100% sure she is not dating this guy, why there is no one at this restaurant on valantine when she was in Logos, same amount of wine in both glasses only two candy eaten, something here is not right, I am praying to god that Kenya dump this guy and she is just pretending that she is in logos while she is not because she need to run away from this guy,

    • theoriginalamanda

      AGREED! The fact that I am now Team Kenya makes me a little queasy, but I can’t help it. I’ve always been a NeNe fan but she went sideways somewhere along the line. How the other ladies are siding with her is beyond me.

      • I know what you mean. I’ve been straddling the fence but my toe has slightly touched the ground on Kenya’s side. Sorry Nene. You were my gurl but as MJ sang “You’ll always be in my heart”. That African prince is fione! Happy for Kenya.

      • Shona E.

        Im in total agreement with you all as well. Ive come to like Kenya this season. She has been blackballed ! Im starting to feel that Walter may have been telling her one thing behind closed doors and putting on a front for the cameras . NeNe poured the gasoline and started the fire at the so called pillow talk, and Im sure we could go on and on… I must admit, Im #TeamKenya.

  3. Mel

    Love the tattle and sweet tea. Yum.

  4. Ananas103

    I have noticed Lipstick Alley stealing your posts and never crediting you. Not cool!

  5. JoJo

    It is loverly. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wish Kenya moves to Nigeria and lives happily ever after with her very rich Nigerian :)

  6. BananaBug

    Kenya mentioned in one of her recent talk show interviews that Nene met him once and doesn’t know why she denies his existence. How do you do it TT? Wonder who’s responsible for the conspiracy?


      The episode with Nene rescuing Kenya from the “hood” and househunting clearly shows Nene saying “that deep voice make me nerbous”, he’s so formal Kenya….’would you like a drink”. Nene met the man. Then she lied.

    • charmaine

      can someone ask nene to describe what he looks like then we will know if it is dbanj or not.

  7. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya…….just one word for your prince…OPPORTUNIST!!

    • New kenya fan

      Why is he an opportunist.? He is apparently extremely famous in his own arena and has waaaay more money than she does. So wow nene met this guy yet was acting crazy about her getting that car. Wow, the shade is real.

    • New Kenya Fan

      @karmagrant. No babes she said “one word for your prince”…meaning one word to APPLY to your prince is “Oppurtunist”. However, watching this vid, they don’t look like they are together – they look like they are working. I hope this is the guy, but just the fact of the vid makes me sure he exists. the actual prince may be someone in his circle.


    Kenya NeNe
    beautiful blah
    good body bad built
    nice hair bad lace front
    articulate ebonics


  9. Cassie

    gayle who is the opportunist Kenya or the Prince because he has it going on
    if all of that is true. Please Tamara twit Kenya to tell her to keep her Prince far away from reality tv point blank and period.

    • I was wondering about that ‘opportunist’ comment too. if Nene sees this picture her topper’s gonna blow! Not only is this guy a successful YOUNG businessman and Kenya’s single and responsible only for herself, Nene has too support THREE non working men (Brent’s still in school but looks like a man). And Greg is even older than Peter.

  10. myinfo

    Stop it TT I am becoming addicted to your site !!! 😉
    I thought Nene said he was old man, this guy looks young.
    I hope it is true. If not a true couple at least they are probably hanging out.
    Also Kenya has the looks to catch a prince.
    No matter what Nene says about Kenya I bet she is jealous. Kenya is going for Nene hard and it might be she has other jobs out there or a Prince that can support her. (And many other woman).
    Omg. I can’t believe I now like Kenya better than Nene.

  11. Katie

    Good sleuthing! I am shifting to Team Kenya, too. Yikes.

  12. TT you are the best. All I can say to Kenya is you go girl. Maybe he has a rich friend for Porsha.

  13. LauraGee

    Awwwe – what a lovely Valentine’s Day post! Especially in the wake of NeNe’s hateful behavior of late. Good for you Kenya – hope this is true!!

  14. I love this blog

    Haha. Love your ending. Would be great. If Bravo cameras, followed her to Lagos.

  15. Mia

    Way to go Kenya! He’s pretty durn se xy!
    Didn’t a big mouthed, steroid fed Flamingo with 1777 Johnny Tremain hair accuse of her of being jealous? I think not!

  16. RVA

    oh dear!!!
    I am Nigerian and I am finding it very hard to believe that Kenya and The Koko Master, Mr Endowed!!! Oh dear!!
    I’m going to need some smelling salts in a minute.

  17. Tara

    Excuse me ,

    Her African Prince would Not want to be include in an American
    Reality Program.. No contact lenses today!

    • I totally agree with you. He wouldn’t and shouldn’t want to be on an American reality show. He is after all successful and not living with and off women as all the RHOA men do, except hopefully Todd. Walter was just a segway Kenya rode in on with premise a man was required. I understand why Kenya would keep him away from this show period.

      • Girl Plz...

        Actually being on RHOA gives him lots and lots of exposure. nationally and Internationally.

      • Right. I’ve never heard of this man before this blog and LSA, so to go on the show would work in his favor. It’s not like he works in finance or some other field where this would work against him. The man is in the entertainment industry, RHOA would open him up to so many potential fans, especially considering how many stans Kenya has out there.

      • lori

        Not everyone wants their personal life on display for the world to see. Famous or otherwise. I know I wouldn’t. When it comes down to it, he’s just a person like everyone else.

  18. yepanother1

    Kenya is going to make me scratch her eyes out about my man! (jk) At any rate, I don’t think it’s anything serious. Everyone knows that D’banj, when he does settle down, will settle down with a good Nigerian woman. It’s all fun but hey, Kenya, get it while you can! I’m not mad at you!

  19. Katherine

    I love Kenya this season. I hate when she gets entitled like she needs to speak and stuff but she’s definitely won me over completely this season where as last I thought she brought it a little too hard, but mostly her storyline was just ridiculous. I’ve been thinking she’s got the most common sense. She’s beat out Kandi in the sense dept. I think they’d make a good team.

  20. fedora

    TT girllllll! Kenya is NOT with dbanj! Kenya is dating one of dbanj’s good friend kingsley kuku (married with kids). TRUST me 100% on this one. Koko master is currently dating genevieve Nnanji

    • Sigh. You read that on the Internet so it must be true.

      • JoJo

        In his own words last year in an interview on Nigerian TV, he said he wasn’t involved with ‘Genevieve’ and went on to say he has a girlfriend. As much as it pains me, I am actually softening toward Kenya, and I hope it is very true and she gets some happiness.

      • kcdabomb23

        Isn’t the internet where you did your research for this Tamara? D’Banj is NOT dating Kenya Moore. My source is not the internet. Stick to recaping reality shows.

  21. jelley

    Ugh, I so did not want this to be true. Oh well, go Kenya

  22. lori

    What do you shout out in bed? “Oh my God!” Just like with everyone else. I am so glad to finally be seeing some love for my girl kenya!

  23. Jen S

    Ive been reading your site n laughing out loud. I like this site immensely! I hope yall have a Happy Valentines Day! Go Kenya!

  24. WestCoast Feed

    Congratulations, Tamara. Another well-written blog. Whichever Nigerian she is seeing, he is a real man and not the figment of her imagination. And Nene knows it, which makes NeNe look like even more of a fool.

    • Gingersnap

      I agree! and isn’t that great?! I want as much salt as possible rubbed into NeNe’s wounds. Dat gurl dun pizzed me off. Me and NeNe’s ON!

  25. Gingersnap

    Maybe LSA will be nice and loan you a copy of YOUR post. Jackholes.

  26. JoJo

    Because of TT, I listened to my first African music video, which added 1 view to the 24 million + viewers – D’Banj singing “Oliver Twist” and I liked it. Of course Kanye West appeared at the end, but he didn’t sing or say anything :)

  27. Adrienne

    Great investigative work! I still can’t believe I happened to find you last week. Thank the heavens!

  28. donna

    Well, at least the boyfriend is real THIS TIME!

  29. Jarlath

    Another reason for Nene to be jealous of Kenya. All Nene has is Gregg who she keeps in the basement hahaha.

  30. Kitty Mamma

    I believe it. Why not?

  31. At least she didn’t have to hire this one. Maybe though she would never admit it, she didn’t like the way she came across last season and wants to be more authentic this year. HAHAHA Right. Seriously though, we all have our moments and apparently she’s having a good one now.

  32. JoJo

    Ndani Tv did an interview Jan. 2013 with D’Banj – The Juice and part 3 was about his love life. From what I can understand of pidgeon English, he says he wasn’t single and wouldn’t cheat. He had just filmed a REALITY SHOW I think called “Proper Proper” – so maybe Kenya doesn’t have an actual prince, but they do have reality shows and entertainment in common. He’s really very cute, and very, very proud of himself and bubbly.

  33. Perhaps as an “American Star”, Kenya has a deal with this guy to help introduce him to America. It would be a good deal for both of them. I hope the story is true, it would be nice for Kenya to shut all the bitches of RHOA up.

  34. I sooo hope this is true. Just to piss everyone off!!!! And NeNe is my all time fav off every franchise, but lately she has been doing a lot too much!!!

  35. WTF! I’m not as graceful with admitting I’m wrong! I had her cast as the delusional head case in my world. Ugh!! There’s still is a glimmer of doubt in my mind, though… And a twinge of jealousy… Grrr

  36. Does he know that stallion booty is made of stallion hooves (sp)?

  37. Hannah King

    The timing of the pajama brawl, Nene’s degratory gay remarks, her meltdown and now evidence of Kenya’s African prince/boyfriend sure have ended up in Kenya’s favor. Almost like she had ESP. With all that is going on right now, her trip to visit D’Banj couldn’t have come at a better moment. Makes even dedicated Nene fans question their queen.

  38. Reading Beads

    Kenya was unnerving in the beginning but she quickly demonstrated her ability to remember detail and is very articulate. She doesn’t do stupid well, thus the Porsha conflict. That girl gets on everybody’s nerves. mostly because she just does not do stupid well. As much as I didn’t like the Kenya/Walter storyline and the accusations of his being hired to play the part, not sure who to believe on that one these days either. Something about Kenya keeps me interested in hearing what she has to say.

    Porsha and her rambling conversations to nowhere made me wish her a fast exit. That babble with incorrect words and all the fake Kordell was more than Kenya and I could take. Add on the insults about her age by a younger woman who has done nothing in life aside from marry well made me really dislike Porsha. Kenya disliked her instantly. Rightfully so.

    I did see early on that her intellect (she actually has one), talking head commentaries and blogs are articulate and accurate. Play back the episode, she recounts the details almost verbatim and with style. Someone commented on her bad hair and hood speak. Sorry, I see an educated woman trying to translate incidents into the slang and mispronounced words and misused street lingo that none of the others can master or communicate. A ‘bringing down to their level kind of thing’. I’d prefer they all use their words properly and speak as grown women rather than street thugs.

    Kenya is out of her element, she clearly has been working in professional settings, you can see it in her demeanor and dialogue. This girl comes from an established family with educations. The others, aside from Phaedra’s law degree have little or no education. Of course they are jealous. After all, Apollo flirted shamelessly with Kenya on the first bonding trip. Apollo chased her on camera, obviously smitten. His kitten took offense and began her campaign to have Kenya dismissed as crazy. Kenya is unpredictable, but she’s not crazy.

    I was on the fence at first. Knowing that she won the Miss USA pageant gave me pause. The interview questions are important for one reason. The winner must be the spokesperson during their reign. Pretty won’t do the job if your winner cannot promote the program.

    Kenya, for all her faults, is funny. She takes no prisoners when the shady ladies try to backpedal. She will call you out and not even blink. I kind of admire her for that after all the seasons of Nene in every housewives face at some point along the way. I really liked the funny Nene talking head for several seasons. She was the funny one after the latest dustup. Now, she adds fuel to the fire. Nene has lied on a number of occasions and shouts down anyone who brings it up. The African Prince lie was so evident. I had that on DVR, Bravo couldn’t or wouldn’t provide the footage as Kenya battled Nene over ‘you’ve met my man, Nene”. Rather than Nene fess up, in her talking head she says no and ‘go on chile’.

    There is an episode when Nene volunteers to assist Kenya in her home shopping spree after the eviction and Nene visits Kenya in her hotel. In the car, Nene says ‘that man deep voice scare me gurl’. She mimics his deep voice “Would you like a drink”, comments that he freaks her out because he is so formal.. So, obviously she met the African Prince then publicly started a slam campaign about a supposed nonexistent Prince boyfriend.

    I did see your blog about Kenya and this man on your page. I was such avid fan when I found your page, I read all the archives. Still the best scoop on the net.. The articles seemed to be more based on Kenya’s failed acting career according to Phaedra (her movie career and the Donkey Booty fight were storyline then), So, here’s to Kenya deserving a second look and Nene denying she met him.

  39. Y0urc0nsci0us

    I really can’t stand Kenya and I highly doubt Dbanj is dating a woman 20 years older than him and crazy to boot. When he could have nearly anyone in he wants. But, hey, I could be wrong and if I am, kudos to that bitch.

    • Happy lyfe

      Yourconscious, I so agree wit cha, in my opinion, kenya is a negative person and can b so evil at times, her ways take whatever beauty she has on the outside. She loves to put others down. I can remember in one of kenyas talking head, she spoke of nene having an adams apple, she once referred that natalie tucked before dancing for her man, but gets upset when someone speak of brandon being a queen. And if she can always bring up her relationship with her mom over and over, then porsha can bring up kordell when she wants, which pisses kenya off I’m not a fan of any of the ladies, but that damn kenya is shyff to me. And her voice is so annoying.

      • pfffttt

        The way you type and express yourself on here is so annoying as well. Is this Nene? “I so agree wit cha…” please learn English lady.

      • FGF

        Kenya has definitely done serious damage control this season; however, this is still the same woman that openly flirted w/a married man & suggested a threesome in front of his wife, flirted w/other men in front of her “rent-a-man” Walter, showed up to a charity event in a thong w/booty pads, openly accused Walter of being gay, has called Nene & Natalie drag queens, etc. People are cracking me up talking about how classy she is. The same woman that threatened to beat up a very pregnant Phaedra at the reunion, that told a young girl to cover her “coochie crack” at an audition, you know the one that showed up to the pillow talk party wearing a see through skirt with a THONG, the woman that asked Kandi & Phaedra how the sex w/Chuck Smith was in front of his wife, the same chick that tried to physically fight Porsha in Anguilla. She’s a true class act!! LMAO!!

      • Well, FGF, I’m going to attempt to argue with you again, despite you just winning the Dwight battle. :) I am starting to be of the mind that Kenya, the actress, watched the show, saw the ghetto, neckrolling ,low IQ, tableflipping, slutty behaviors on ALL the franchises determine who is the queen bee. So she combined all the negative qualities she had seen rewarded on the other shows and created a persona. That didn’t work well for her because we all hated her. So now, she trying another route and letting her intelligence show a little bit.

        At least that is what I am trying to believe now that I like her.

        On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 11:50 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • khintx

        I think part of the reason that nene is so pissed off is that Kenya is a way better actress and has shown it. The pillow talk thing got way out of hand but at the beginning I think nene was trying to act (crazed dominatrix in bad underwear?) and no one bought it because she’s just that bad… and anyone who didn’t realize that before sure knows it now. Another score Kenya. kh

      • Happy lyfe

        pffftt or whatever tha hell that is, I’m very grown over here and can articulate well, and hell naw this not no damn nene, but I call em how I see em. I hope this typing annoyed u a lil more, I will try my best to make YO skin crawl…bloop

      • FGF

        I agree completely TT!!! She was trying to hard to emulate a housewife last season, even down to renting a man for show, but now she’s being herself! I still think she’s messy for calling Natalie out in front of the ladies when she had a fake relationship, too. Honestly, Kenya is very intelligent and got close enough to Nene to see which buttons to push to take her down. I give her credit for doing what Kim & Sheree never could, removing her emotions and strategically exposing the bald eagle for the fraud she is!!

    • pfffttt

      Kenya looks good, and I’m not even going to add “for a woman in her 40’s” because she looks good period. You can tell she takes care of her body and works out.

      • I also think Kenya will not just stop at at redeeming herself from past season’s antics, but go further in claiming (as we’ve begun to see) her own fan base. She’s quite an intelligent woman. In gaining positive attention and using her platform to showcase who she REALLY is, not just a pageant winner, but a woman of purpose. I’m sure she admires Vanessa Williams having been a pageant winner of substance (as I’m sure we all know, first Black) Kenya may sometimes compare her own circumstance of having been painted delusional and crazy to how Vanessa conquered and still reigns supreme in the Miss USA/America relevancey despite her controversies. I’m now looking for bigger things from Kenya as she reveals herself. She WILL have fun, but there are great things she can do once she feels the love. No more tears about an uncaring mother, who she just may persue and find closure to on this show. I like the flower I see blooming in her character, thorns and all.

    • JoJo

      This latest TT post has me being 100% anti-Kenya, to warming a little and especially the good possibility this African relationship may ring true. It even led me to check out his singing on youtube which led me to a couple interviews. He’s actually only 9 years younger than her – she’s 43, he’s 34. Not that big of an age difference.

  40. JenB

    Best tea ever…. thanks T. I liked Kenya from the beginning. Every time I posted about her on the blogs, I was slapped around by NeNe’s fan club. LOL they can all kma now.

    • Tara

      @ JenB,

      Great post. I have have had a soft spot in my heart for Kenya, as well.
      I find her uproariously hysterical.
      She is quite a Character..

  41. Really!!!

    I don’t think Kenya and her African Prince are as much as an item as she would want us to believe. They propably got it on when she was in Africa but that’s about it. This man sounds like he has many women and Kenya is just one of them. Haven’t liked Nene since S2. Hope her time is finally up.

    • So the fact that she went to see him for Valentine’s day doesn’t prove anything to you?

      • MTQ

        That does not prove anything other than she’s in Africa. Given that she lied about her relationship in the past gives me pause about this relationship.

        What I believe is Kenya will go to any length to become the Queen Bee of this Klan (not to mention she could use the money)…anything. This includes painting a picture that has the appearance of truth.

        What is difficult for me to grasp is how some of you all are team Kenya. How is it that some of you can cancel out her past behavior and declare her this new person? Her root personality has not changed, she simply had a moment where she is partially correct and is capitalizing off of this hot mess….

        Only time will determine the truth, but right now I call this manipulation.

      • Well, I guarantee you she is in Lagos with her man. I might have a wee bit of a confession later on about who that man IS…later… but the primary fact that her African Prince exists remains. :)

        On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 10:11 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  42. Tara

    Kenya is an ” acquired taste”, however as outragious as she
    Appears, I sincerely doubt that she is vile as a few of the others.
    Kenya is self made, has legitimate acting credits, has a Psychology degree from I forget what College in Michigan.
    She is articulate and this Woman, love her or loathe her, she has been quite accurate regarding the other Ladies.
    She stands up to NeNe. Good for her.
    Never underestimate a former Beauty Queen with brains. Although, she had a a emotionally horrific Childhood and has a Chemical Imbalance at least she is medicated as opposed to Self Medicated!
    In my humble observation, Kenya actually enjoys her life. Bounces back from whatever life throws her and is quite humorous.
    Yes, she is bat shyte crazy.
    However, the other Cast Members & their Male Cohorts are hardly Poster People to promote Mental Stability, yes?

    I am relieved that Kenya, in fact does have an ” African Prince” as opposed to an ” Imaginary Boyfriend”. LMAO!

    NeNe in my estimation, fell victim to believing her own press, has developed a enormous grandiose ego and has cultivated her skills as a cruel pompous arse.
    Apparently, she doesn’t handle rejection from obtaining Acting roles. Sitting in Atlanta, not going out on auditions or studying drama, doesn’t help.
    There is a profound difference between av true actor who is actively involved in furthering their career by doing commercials, voice overs and honing their craft with a middle aged Woman with no prior acting experience testing on her Reality Celebrity to magically secure roles..

  43. Ugh. This redemption tour has got to stop!

    Kenya had started trouble at every event she’s attended this season. From criticizing Natalie’s marriage when it wasn’t even up for discussion, but just to cause drama. Then yelling, “Porscha moved in your neighborhood Nene and didn’t tell you!”, to shouting, “Natalie said Todd was an opportunist!” Kenya is messy as hell!

    The fact that she was the only one narrating the fight AND the only one on a press tour after is hella suspicious. And all this pro-Kenya articles popping up out of nowhere, like people were on her side from jump. Chile please, I need to see some receipts!

    Did anyone read her Bethenny transcript interview? She was backpacking so much on the Bentley thing. She specifically told Nene her “man” bought her that car. Then when Bethenny asked her about it, she hemmed and had about being a woman that does for herself. Chile please, it was a leased storyline that ran out of gas!

    We’re taking about the only single woman at that party wearing a thing around everyone’s husbands. Or bringing sometime on last season to fake a relationship, but because he didn’t want to fake propose, you started callinghim gay. Now, we reward her for maybe telling the truth? Lmao! Damn, Kenya, I can’t be mad if you come out this season smelling like a rose. Short memory, attention spans have worked infavor many a fallen reality star. lol!

    • The best comment on this post. How quickly people forget, even from episode to episode. I haven’t liked NeNe since season 1, but I damn sure ain’t Team Kenya. These other comments are starting to read like Kenya is bankrolling screenames. Yuck!

  44. Kenya was just on the last episode, looking for a sperm donor, an episode after she claimed this man bought her a Bentley.

    Ha! I guess that relationship is serious. Oh wait, she backpedaled and said he didn’t buy her the Bentley on Bethenny. So, she lied. She’s dating a billionaire, picked her dad up in an old ass car, but has a Bentley in the driveway when Nene showed up??

    She wants to keep her African prince a secret, yet instagrams a picture with the caption “My African Prince.” Hahahahaha!

    • Happy lyfe

      Co-sign with shimag… Once a faker always a faker.

    • lori

      Maybe it was really his rented Bentley and was visiting her but didn’t want to be filmed? I mean when did Nene meet him that she was saying that his deep voice scared her? Anyone know if this was on the same episode? I don’t remember Nene saying that but someone here mentioned it so I’m curious if it was around the time of the bentley being in the driveway.

      • Lori, my dear. You’re reaching.

        This while narrative of him visiting in the house but camera shy? Hahahahaha! Girl, you should write fiction.

        The only guest in that house was her dad and every time Kenya tried to put on airs, he shut her down.

  45. JoJo

    I don’t remember Nene saying in an episode telling Kenya that her African prince had a deep voice that scared her. Is that true?

    EDITED: How about a little less dragging in information from here there and everywhere, and just focus on what is here. It puts me in an uncomfortable position when I have to call out things from other sources. Thanks. These blogs are different from the AHS Coven and Trial blogs where we are all researchers and more of a just relax and enjoy the blog without writing entire dissertations topics from other sources, sites, youtubes, thoughts someone else has, etc. Thanks!

    • JoJo

      Got it! I found myself softening towards Kenya and want it to be true and got really interested in African music. Please forgive.

  46. Raven Beauty

    Sorry but this dude is not dating Kenya Moore. This man has been involved with a African star names Genevieve Nnaji in an on again off again situation since 2009. He just posted pics with her sayings she is the one he wants to marry. It is also known that Kenya’s connection to him is only b/c she played nice and made financial friends with is manager. Kenya is at alot of his event b/c she gets paid to be there. No secret that a lot of has been’s go over seas and try to hold on to some of their former glory and she is still working the Miss USA thing over there which would explain why she is so temper mental when its joked about here in the states. You did get it right though the dude does like expensive cars and that Bentley that Kenya dives is possibly his. Before the season started many bloggers said that she borrowed it from someone but wouldn’t name the guy. And last but not least regarding her subtle filtering of the title of her mystery man. Someone got in Kenya’s ear and told her to stop referring to her love interest as the African Oil Tycoon, implications were un-welcomed, She then started saying her African Prince and that title as well brought her some issues then she went on Wendy Williams and changed it yet again to say he is not an actual prince but he is her African Prince b/c saying Nigerian prince was problematic for her too.

  47. Girl Plz...

    LOL at kenya dating D’banj. really? I like D’banj and have his CD’s. No way his serious about Kenya Moore. Sex. maybe. But aint no way he could EVER be serious about her. I bet she probably chased him till he gave in to her.

  48. Girl Plz...

    And good thing she’s shopping for a sperm donor……

  49. V1xen79

    I’m on nobody’s Team right about now. I still think Kenya is RHOA’s or The Wizard’s Troll. However; I know that the Nigerians are going to try and come for you TT for suggesting that the Koko Master will want to put his Koko “enhanced soil”. She is stunning and he likes beautiful women who has her store bought attributes. I haven’t commented much but this post shocked and tickled me. Nigerian men have been known to be very generous to women who’s company they enjoy. So can’t knock the woman for keeping the rent paid and the heating on. I guess?

  50. Betsey

    I agree! If someone like Kanye West (as rich as he is) would go on “Keeping Up w/ Kardashians” why wouldn’t Kenya’s oil tycoon, or whatever he is, appear on RHOA? Some husbands on the other HW’s shows are extremely successful. Maybe he is married…like another Big Papa type? Either way, she plays the part of wacko/trouble/drama maker perfectly. She is funny, but I think she lies a lot and changes her version of events too often. I doubt the producers will keep her around for long because of that.

  51. charmaine howell

    I really believe that they are dating and they have deep love for each other but dbanj is very childish he can’t make up his mind and she is waiting on him and since she is older by 10 years she will give him no more chances to decide what he want to do about the relationship Po r she will mmoveon.
    I also feel that he gave her this Bently who will pay 2 insurance on both expensive vehicles that she drives, I believe he give her lots of money also so she don’t mind waiting for him to make up his mind. In Jan 2013 interview he said that he has a girlfriend from Hollywood, he don’t cheat he, is very focused which he loves very much, he also said he loves rehana and beance. He and kenya is doing a good job keeping their romance a secrete which can be exciting, and I know for a fact they see a each other every 5,6 wks she fly to the caribbean very often not Jamaica the Bahamas and Grenada. She just have to make up mind if that’s the way she wants to live her life with secrets or give him an ultimatum and move on , I do like them both very much and if they get married they will be a force to be reken with, they mirror each other very much they have a lot in common, like wearing white , they drink lots of teas, excel in public speaking, smart, funny and like people.

  52. Victoria

    Where the heck did you get your story? First, dbanj is not a prince. And second he has been in a relationship with nigerian actress genevieve for some time. I know this because as a nigerian american, I know my nigerian gossip… And kenya herself on housewives reunion that she and dbanj are just friends.
    F urthermore dbanj is very sucessful and rich. He probably has more money than kenya so dont know why ppl are calling him an opportunist

    • I got the story when Kenya posted a picture of her with D’Banj on Instagram with the caption “My Nigerian Prince” She has since stated that they are only friends,(WELL BEFORE THE REUNION) but he knows her Nigerian boyfriend. She doesn’t mean PRINCE as in royalty. Don’t be so damn literal. I don’t see anyone calling him an opportunist. I should say that your first comment here on a post from ages ago is extremely uniformed. For someone who claims to be up on all the Nigerian gossip you should know that Kenya has been to Lagos many times in the past few years as well as to Dubai with the businessman she is dating from there. I would strongly
      suggest you READ THE COMMENTING rules if you wish for me to entertain your comments in the future.

  53. Vivian

    Am happy for kenya hope things work out with her African prince.and they make beautiful children together.

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