RHOBH Reunion Fight Card 2014

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2014

There is a reason that the finale is generally filmed after the final episode of the season airs. One reason is so that the brawling that always seems to occur at the reunion does not cloud the cast mates reaction to the remaining episodes. This season of RHOBH is different. For some reason the reunion was filmed with three or so episodes to yet to air.  And so the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bravo Blogs this week are a bit telling about what to expect at the reunion.

We are looking at another left couch right couch battle.  The left couch will have Lisa Vanderpump sitting first chair, followed by Yolanda, Carlton and Joyce in that order.  The right couch will have Kyle Richards sitting first chair followed by Brandi and Kim.  The right couch will fight the main card as one unit. The left couch is a tentatively aligned for the purpose of the main event but will have a couple of undercard bouts before the big event. I’ve spent way too much time compiling this “fight card” so I hope you will click-through and enjoy it!


RHOBH Kyle and Kim Tag Team

Expect to see this at the reunion.

THE MAIN EVENT: Kyle Richards, Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville v. Lisa Vanderpump

We haven’t seen the whole attempt by these three to bring down the Queen, but sources indicate that things reach a boiling point right at the end of filming when the gang goes to Puerto Rico.  The Richards sisters went on a media tour just before the season premiere talking about what a horrid person Queen Vanderpump is.

Since the Reunion neither the Richards Sisters nor Brandi have contributed a blog to Bravo as of this writing. Brandi tweeted about needing her mommy and Kyle seems to have settled the fuck down. Prediction? Vanderpump Rules, natch.

“When I witness Brandi talking to Kyle I find it so upsetting. I wish Kyle had questioned Brandi’s motive for that conversation, or even uttered a word in my defense. It is pretty devastating to view this person that we have loved and trusted trying to malign me.” [Source]

WARM UP BOUT Carlton Gebbia v. Kyle Richards

The  word is that these two came in hating each other and left the same way. There is no winning this fight. Kyle has apologized in her blog for calling Carlton an Anti-Semite  but Carlton is like a bitch with a bone on the issue. Prediction? Carlton will “win” by brute force, but will not win any fans in the battle. Even the Kyle haters won’t be defending Carlton’s aggressive, then tearful, then more aggressive fight style.  Lisa will support Carlton which will give her some credibility.

Lisa will support Carlton:

“I arrived at Stockcross impressed by what was a wonderful party. There was much of it you didn’t see. . .I met Carlton’s family — a father-in-law that adored her, a mother in law to whom she is very close. That speaks volumes about a woman that I don’t think the audience has had a chance to see.It seemed to me that a situation had escalated rather rapidly between Kyle and Carlton and I understood Carlton being upset at the negative label that was thrown at her, it was totally unwarranted. However, I had to defend Kyle at that moment as I felt Carlton had called it wrong. Carlton is adamant she has Kyle’s number, that she has her reasons for her intense dislike of her. You yourselves will have to decide.”

Yolanda will support Carlton:

“It was nice to finally see another dimension of Carlton in her role as the wife of her successful husband David, who runs his prominent family business in Beverly Hills. It’s obvious to me why she does not want to have Kyle there after what happened last week. The anti-Semitic label was extremely hurtful and could have severe repercussions for their family business. Obviously this incident was strictly between the two woman — and neither Mauricio or David and his family had anything to do with this.” [Source]

Carlton will regale us with sad childhood stories from South Africa:

“Speaking with Lisa about the whole Kyle ordeal was painful again, but after explaining I knew she saw my point of view.  I definitely think Lisa was absolutely right about Kyle after watching the flashbacks from last year. And now Kyle keeps speaking negatively about Lisa behind her back at every opportunity she has, then smiles to her face. But Lisa consistently defends Kyle to me.  As if I didn’t have enough reasons to dislike her. I personally know Lisa to be a wonderful soul, certainly not mean or manipulating, and she always seems to be the voice of reason. I don’t like watching some of the women starting to talk negatively about her. That has not been my experience with her at all.” [Source]

Joyce Giruad is a winner!

Hey Brandi! This is what winning looks like!

UNDERCARD Brandi Glanville v. Joyce Giraud

It’s obvious to anyone with a brain (no need to self-identify if you don’t have one) that Brandi has been jealous of Joyce since the day she laid eyes on her. Joyce is prettier than Brandi, happier than Brandi, smarter than Brandi and happily married with adorable children.  Sucks to be Brandi this season.

I expect for Brandi to be put in her place. It would not surprise me if some combination of Lisa, Yolanda and maybe even Kyle if she grows a set at least off some minimal support to Joyce. Prediction? Joyce wins. Joyce is a winner. Brandi looks like the assclown she was all season. Until she gets some help, she will always be the loser. If you are still a Brandi fan after this season? You get major side eye from me. If Joyce takes the bullying stance, I can hear the Brandi fans denial already. Deny all you want, but Joyce will reign supreme.

Joyce will point out Brandi’s history of backstabbing her friends:

“Seeing Brandi bashing Lisa to Kim was horrible! Brandi bringing back something she had already discussed and resolved in a previous season was a pathetic attempt to stay relevant and was the beginning of what I saw as a coup against Lisa.  Her very own dream team conspiring against her!  I was just as shocked to see this as you all must have been as I had no idea her BFFs would attack her. Brandi is the one who started plotting against Lisa from the get go when she was supposedly “warning” me against her very own BFF.  That’s a hypocrite and a desperate girl that will even betray her own BFF just to stay relevant! Simply SAD!  I’m actually still mad at myself for believing her apology.” [Source]

RHOBH Yo and LisaUNDERCARD Yolanda Foster v. Lisa Vanderpump

I don’t see Yolanda getting too involved in the primary melée between Lisa, the Richards sisters and Brandi. Yolanda is too smart join a losing battle.   However, Andrew will try to goad these two into a skirmish.  I don’t expect it to amount to anything. Prediction? This minor difference of opinion will end in a dignified truce for the sake of appearances. Both will hold a grudge. However, Yolanda will win this one by a nose if Ken’s birthday is indeed on 24th, because that will mean that Lisa outright lied on her blog. Either way, they both have bigger fish to fry at this reunion.

Yolanda’s version:

David and I hosted his youngest daughter Jordan’s wedding at Mohamed’s house on July 20, 2013, which had of course been on the calendar for the past year. The bride and groom limited their guest list to those who have a personal relationship with them. I was surprised to see Lisa use the wedding as an excuse of why David and I were not going to be at her party — because I am pretty sure that Ken’s actual birthday is August 24, so she really could have planned it any other night of the week.

Lisa’s version:

Ken’s birthday, July 20th, fell on a Saturday. Kyle and I had spoken that week and I relayed that to her. She then mentioned that Mauricio’s birthday had passed without celebration so, as they have always liked each other, we decided to host a joint party. So of course the 20th was the day we wanted to celebrate, not postpone our celebration because David’s daughter (who we really don’t know) was getting married. We weren’t invited, nor should we have been, and had no idea of the timing of the event. However, I of course extended the invitation to Mohamed as he is one of my closest friends. I don’t understand the need for the negative comment. . .once more.” [Source]

I get why Lisa was upset about the blow up at her beautiful party. However, her telling Carlton that she didn’t think leaving the scene with unresolved issues was a good idea was surprising to me — considering the fact that she is pretty good at walking away and leaving issues unresolved herself.[Source]

UNDERCARD Yolanda Foster v. Brandi Glanville

One of the reasons that Yolanda is going to go easy on Lisa Vanderpump is that her friendship with Brandi Glanville is on the rocks. As Sun Tzu teaches, in times of war, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Yolanda has suffered through Brandi’s drunken behavior despite arriving on the scene telling us there is nothing worse than a drunk woman.  She was really grateful that Brandi, out of everyone visited her during her illness and  “showed her” she was a friend when the others did not. For that reason,  she remained loyal to Brandi even though Brandi’s behavior was horrendous. But at some point, Yolanda’s patience ran out and she began to distance herself from Brandi. Then Brandi did what Brandi does and betrayed her confidence.

“First, I wanted to clear up Brandi’s jab at me with her tweet while I was on WWHL saying I cancelled dinner plans with her. It surprised me because it would have been justified if I had been a hypocrite and cancelled plans with her and instead taken a business meeting that was more important — but that’s absolutely not what happened! I cancelled because I was dealing with my crying child across the country in NY who was just diagnosed with a disease we were trying to figure out. This is something I shared with B in good faith — but not something I wanted to share with all of you because that’s my daughter’s privacy. But since Brandi brought it up on national TV, I feel I have to clarify the situation.” [Source]

This is the part where you agree with me in comments! :)


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33 responses to “RHOBH Reunion Fight Card 2014

  1. Dedi

    Best commentary of a boxing match ever!

  2. LuLu

    Thanks for the tea! Can you find out if Lisa really did go bankrupt? Brandi is on RealityTea today saying that Kyle told her this and she did some kind of internet search and found out that Lisa did in fact live in the Valley. Do you know the tea on this?

  3. bombshell diva

    Didnt read the long post, but just want to say Kim looks better than alllllll of them in her ensemble. Love it!

  4. SaraK

    It’s like you have Houswives ESP. I totally agree with all that you said. I know I will get some hate…Carlton is actually looking pretty in some of those still pictures of her. Not her talking heads but still photos.

  5. Kaleesi

    I am 100% agreeing with you in the comments! ;^)
    All of this side-switching and ganging up reminds me of junior high.
    Glad it’s them and not me.

  6. myinfo

    I don’t really care for Joyce but I do like how she takes on Brandi or anyone that gets in her way. She is pretty and a tough cookie when she needs to be.
    Brandi will look weak because she does not how to verbally fight. All Brandi has is STFU which is getting old.
    Yolanda and Lisa are too classy to go at each other in a rude way.
    It might be boring.
    I think Brandi is twitting crazy stuff for attention. Her act has gotten old and boring. Being the drunk fool was done better by Taylor.

  7. Mindy

    First time commenter, love this blog. I googled Ken Todd to see the date of his birthday and what came up for the August 24th date that Yolanda claimed, is actually another Ken Todd who was a famous footballer but it has Lisa’s Todd in the google photos. Yolanda probably googled the same and just went with it. But probably didn’t read which Ken Todd it was.

    • There is a tweet out there from @ Villa Blanca BH from July 20,2011 at 7:23 am: “Head on over to Ken Todd’s page and wish him a Very Happy Birthday today!” So unless there was some sort of conspiracy beginning in 2011 related to confusion surrounding the date of Ken’s birth, it appears the party was in fact held on his birthday.

      • Thanks tootsie! I think the other comment about there being another Ken Todd with a birthday on the 24th puts Lisa in the clear and shows Yo made a mistake. :)

        On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 10:42 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. JoJo

    Bravo. I can see it all going down just as predicted. Brandi, sadly, just can’t get out of her own way or stop spreading gossip. I think Lisa should prevail. She hasn’t spread any gossip, talked about them behind their backs, and how can Brandi prove Lisa put words in her mouth by manipulation without looking like a hair brain with no mind? It appears Brandi’s lost Yolanda, Lisa definitely, and looks like Carlton. If she thinks Kyle and Kim are her true friends, smdh.

    • Brandi backstabbed the holy hell out of Kyle (one of her only remaining allies up until today) in an E! interview where she blamed Kyle for saying that Lisa had filed bankruptcy. She definitely has a pattern of stabbing her friend in the back.

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 7:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. love2hatebravo

    I am SO GROSSED OUT BY ALL OF THIS. I REEEEEAAAALLLLLLY wanted to sympathize with Brandi in the long run because of her divorce situation. But I just can’t anymore. She is so gross. I cannot even believe I’m saying this, but the only ones I even care to see next season are Kim, Yolanda, and Joyce- in that order!

    And I was relatively bored by all 3 of them this season, but Kim was cute and ridiculous and sort of simple and old school and vulnerable all at the same time. I’m rooting for her comeback. She just needs more storylines.

    Lisa is overexposed because of her idiotic Sur-cus freak show. Kyle is not interesting. Carlton is vile.

    I miss Season 1. We need more Allison Dubois and more blissfully un-self-aware Camilles and Adriennes. And more wacky, sassy Chef Bernies.

    I can’t even watch this dross anymore, and bh used to be my fave. :(

    What is happening to Andy Cohen’s instincts? Does it kind of seem like he is imploding?

  10. That was brilliant TT. And reminded me just how much I don’t regret giving up on RHOBH.

  11. lori

    Re: Carlton towards Kyle: “And now Kyle keeps speaking negatively about Lisa behind her back at every opportunity she has”…

    Then she would have to say the same about Brandi. Are Carlton and Brandi still friends?

  12. Dedi

    Brandi, bless her heart (as we Southerners say in certain circumstances), is just way out of her league with these women, on this show. Actually, the two D List actresses of days gone by, the pageant queen/wanna be actress and the witch are hanging on by a pinky nail. One expects the BH Housewives to be more than a cut above. More than the ladies of Atlanta or OC, these should be ladies with real money, real clout living in grandeur & opulence and can speak with some intelligence. Like Lisa, Yolinda and Adrienne, even Camille was closer to the mark than those we’ve been left with!

    Brandi has real issues not only with her drinking and showing her “bottom dollar”, but deep emotional problems keeping her from letting this deal with Eddie go. For heaven’s sakes, it’s been years now, time to move along. You’re not the only woman who’s ever been cheated on and lived another day to realize that “other woman”, in fact, did you a solid. I really don’t believe she’s just still nursing the sympathy card, I think it’s emotional issues, lots of them that’s caused her to be the train wreck she is OR perhaps she’s always been like this and it’s why Eddie strayed. Her behavior doesn’t really inspire love and loyalty from the people around her best I can see other than her “hangers on”. I feel great pity for her little boys.

    Speaking of, Jen worked in Dr. Drew’s Sober House on Celebrity Rehab as long as it was shown. If she were a real friend looks like she would counsel Brandi about her excessive drinking and the problems it’s caused. But that’s just my observation.

    These women (other than Lisa & Yolinda most the time) act like they are in High School still. I’m wondering if they’re children aren’t more mature. It’s shocking, honestly. Thinking back to the incident at SUR, best thing a woman with class would’ve done (Joyce), is get up and leave and not be drawn down to that level of ignorance, period. I liked her until she & her husband engaged in that.It was tasteless, classless and Brandi should’ve been ignored, but instead her bad behavior was again acknowledged by someone arguing with a drunk. Most people of a certain age know how that’s going to end, so why start or even engage. Just excuse yourself politely, tell Lisa & her other guests you won’t be entertaining such behavior tonight and just leave, period. That would’ve taken the wind out of her sails.

    I’ve got nothing for the sisters other than I’m not a fan of either, period, for many different obvious reasons. Carlton, sigh, I’d had hopes for her, but watched them fade away…

    • Olive

      I’m with you as well. Great comment

    • One of my biggest fears is that Brandi and her management team will peddle a rehab and redemption storyline to Bravo to keep her relevant to the show. It’ll be along the lines of my bad behavior, drinking and seemingly random, unexplained injuries were the result of having my husband stolen by a country music hussy, being alone without my kids a lot (because of previously mentioned ex-husband), losing my dog, having my father hate my Oscars dress and trying to make ends meet as a single mom. Boo hoo.

  13. spk

    Whoa – what happened w/ Yolanda’s daughter? First year at college and then a diagnosis..?

    I’ve wanted to give Brandi the benefit of the doubt, still not certain how much storyline is producer driven and how much is pure fame-obsessed driven. But this doesn’t look good. It may be that she’ll take the Real Housewives Crazy Crown away from Ramona.

  14. Brandi doesn’t know how to “play the game” despite having been in several seasons. Her downward spiral with Yolanda is truly telling of how self-destructive and emotionally unpredictable she is.

    Basically, Yolanda > all. Also excited to see the double headed dragon that is the Richards Sisters rear their heads against Lisa. Lisa deserves it.

  15. Mango

    I feel like Brandi’s in self-destruct mode now, in terms of the show. Her first year was a gift, her uncensored, spiteful blabbing was (mis)perceived as fresh with a no-bull style. This season, realizing she went too far, she’s tried some damage control, filming that Christmas vid trying to prepare the audience. When that didn’t work, and having painted herself into a corner, real time Brandi (not show Brandi as it’s airing) is in full melt down, tweeting any cuntass thing that pops into her mind, even outright lies, because she at this point she doesn’t care.

    Prediction: if she remains on the show, watch Brandi “get help” with her issues and have a good old kumbaya with the other ladies…

  16. Olive

    Once again, super analysis Tamara !
    Though I (sadly) disagree with you on Joyce – love the old picture you put up of her by the way -lol- I loved hearing what is happening with the others.

    There are two things I’m scouring blog after blog after blog after blog ad nauseum to find out:
    1. Why where the women mandated to all wear short dresses ? They were specifically told no long dresses. Why? I watched the NY reunion from 2 yrs ago and all but 1 had short dresses and we know in Jersey it is a mix as well. I’m dying to know why?
    2. Do the women get to see screeners of the remainder of the season and thus, how they’re edited, before the reunion? Or are they acting on purely memory? For instance the trip to Puerto Rico. I can’t find an answer anywhere as to whether the women are allowed to see all final edited show set to air BEFORE they go film the reunion.

    Thanks Tamara – best Tea there is !

  17. O.O

    Omg I just looove this blog! Your writing style is superb . I’m going to make trouble on the other blogs and start saying ” please! the real tea is on Tamara tattles , because it is .

    • Please don’t do that. I am not looking for lots of people to read my blog. Only the smart ones… I know you mean well but I don’t want certain elements here.let me have my own crew.

      On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 9:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. Sosueme

    Hello. Just landed here. Trying to understand my obsession with commentary and fan comments which are far more entertaining than the show itself. I want to believe that on a whole, we (commentators) sympathize with the spunky, upright and funny. And we can spot grifting, whining and conniving. I’m impressed with comments that empathize with illness and addiction but still call BS on those that seek to use illness/addiction as an excuse or cudgel. Love this site. That is all. Carry on.

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