Real Housewives of New York Sneak Peek

Cast of Real Housewives of New York Season 6

Well Lo and Behold! It’s a thirty minute sneak peek of the Real Housewives of New York City! Let’s see what the upcoming season looks like! Oh no she didn’t! Aviva‘s tagline is, “When people tell me I’m fake, I know they’re just pulling my leg.” I die! By the way, if you are new here, nice to meet you, I am Aviva’s only fan. Try to be kind to her. Fine, I said try. I get it. I will like her all by myself. Speaking of taglines, Carole‘s is, “If you are going to talk about me behind my back, at least check out my great ass!”  Heather‘s is, “A true New Yorker never backs down, and I’m no exception. Holla!”  OMFG.  I hate the new girl, Kristen, already because she is friends with Brandi. But her tagline cemented my hatred for her even more, “I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m pretty!” I already think she is just a tool, and  the other girls are prettier than she is.  Ramona‘s tagline is, “Get the Pinot ready, because it’s Turtle Time!” And finally, Sonja‘s tagline, “Sometimes Sonja has to go commando. What can I say?” Um, my Lord Sonja’s tagline is bad. Did everyone else’s mind go to yeast infection? No? Um, me neither.

Apparently, Andy is going to narrate the sneak peek with the vital information we need to know. He starts with Sonja, “For Sonja, last season was a scintillating roller coaster ride of sex and struggle. Somehow Sonja always lands on her feet. Here’s a taste of what to expect from Sonja.” Then we get scenes of Sonja with a new haircut (according to her, looks like the same haircut to me but what do I know?) and a string of new boyfriends most under the age of 30. Apparently, Kenya’s House of Boyfriends For Hire has opened a branch in Manhattan. Some of them are hot, and if she’s tapping that, then good for her!  Sonja says this “This chassey still has some fire!” Does she mean chassis or am I learning a new word?

Real Housewives of New York SonjaBut of course, Sonja is just playing with the young boys, she is on the prowl for another nice elderly rich man, preferably one with a foot in the grave. Someone who appears qualified to play that role, either for TV or seriously, appears in a clip asking to take things to another level and presenting her with a big ole ring!  Sonja is going to lose her house because she didn’t do what she needed to in order to save it.  She seems to be trying to do too many things at once (while drinking). In a business conversation with a man, Sonja rattles off her lists of projects. His suggestion? Finish one of them. #ToasterOven. She meets with yet another man and talks about “the Saudi family” and “the Nigerian Football Team.”  The guy laughs in her face and tells her she is bananas, because, um, that’s the understatement of the year. Ramona tries to tell her she needs to start looking for an apartment. Sonja says, “You have to think positively! I’m going to go light my abundance candle.”  Where can I get an abundance candle, y’all? I’m going to change my donation button to from Happy Pill Fund to Abundance Candle Fund. What? I’m just saying, if it works for Sonja…

On to Ramona. Oh poor Ramona. She is even farther out in left field than Sonja. Andy  plays a montage of Ramona and Sonja wading thigh high in the lady pond last season and says, “Will Frick and Frack stay together this season? Or is this honeymoon over?” In one of he scenes Sonja is telling off Ramona saying you don’t have a lawsuit, you don’t have a divorce, you wouldn’t last a day in my life.  Well Sonja, I suppose we will see as Ramona and Mario are Spiltsville.  Plus, Ramona gets attacked by a lion or something while on Safari in Africa during filming this season.  So Ramoner’s life ain’t exactly been no crystal stair either, girl.  Speaking of Mario he seems to have been on camera quite a bit and the tension in the air is very obvious now that we know what was going on. Mario and Ramona taking Avery off to college is….AWKWARD.

Heather tells Mario that she is taking all the girls away for the weekend to the Berkshires, and he screams. “Thank You! Thank You! I love you! Now I can go to the Hamptons and smash my side piece who is half my age! I’m gonna need more Viagra!and practically shoves his tongue down her throat with glee.  Ramona has something against the Berkshires and proceeds to have a major meltdown on the trip claiming it brings back bad childhood memories of making mud pies. WTF is wrong with making mud pies, Ramoner?  Also, the Countess makes and appearance to have an intervention with the girls where they confront Ramona about her master manipulation! Heather does the talking and apparently Ramona ruined her Berkshires trip by not being truthful about something. Ramona flips out and has another meltdown. Clearly, watching now, Ramona was having a hard time keeping her shit together during filming. She was trying to wait until filming was over to file for divorce and apparently that took a huge toll on her. The gossip was everywhere so surely the ladies knew what was really going on and the fact that the countess literally has her pinned in the booth is rather unconscionable.

Now for Carole. Andy says, “Last season, we met Princess Carole, and some of her witty behind the scenes comments were not universally appreciated. But this season, Carole is writing a whole new chapter.”  Carole is doing a major renovation on her apartment. She wants to turn the kitchen into her office.  Carole and Russ broke up and it seems the terms were not amicable. Wait! Hold the phone! Yolanda and Brandi are on Real Housewives of New York having an on camera dinner with Carole and Kristen? I think the only other time we may have seen this was when Nene crashed one of Kyle’s holiday parties.  I am not even sure that was on the air. This a bit weird and unsettling. Anyway, Carole wants to get laid. Don’t we all, honey, don’t.we.all.

Tensions run very high between Carole and Aviva. Apparently, Aviva told the ladies that she thinks Carole uses a ghostwriter. Carole thinks Aviva is a spoiled rich girl who wants all the recognition without any of the work. She calls Aviva a liar in many scenes. This season, it seem no one is nice to Aviva and everyone gangs up on her! What a bunch of mean girls. At some point at a social event we see Aviva’s leg on the floor with Aviva not in the shot and horrified expression on the Countess’s face! No Bueno, y’all!

Real Housewives of New York Season Six Kristen Taekman

Kristen Taekman

On to Kristen who is introduced before we talk about Aviva or Heather. Really, Andrew? Really? Andy says, “This season we meet new, knockout housewife, Kristen.” I’m sorry she no more a knockout than the rest of them in my opinion. What do y’all think? She is married to Josh and has two kids. When you see Josh, your first thought will be, “Let me guess, he’s rich.” You know what I mean, don’t make me be rude, I’m feeling gentile today. He was late to dinner so he arrived with a huge pair of diamond earrings. That explains so much. Yet, they are in therapy. She doesn’t seem to know her role in the relationship (look good, have babies, have dinner on the table when he gets home) nor does she understand that he can’t be out making enough money to drop 10K for being late to dinner and be home with her all the time helping to wipe up baby barf.

She’s used to model. Didn’t we all? And now that she has aged out she is desperate for any kind of work in front of a camera. Enter RHONY and of course the requisite work out video.  She also does something with “greeting card boxes” that didn’t merit a mention. She quickly makes friends with Carole and Heather and the three of them look down their noses at Ramonja to a certain degree and at Aviva with copious amount of scorn.

Of Heather, Andy says, “Last season felt misunderstood. But this year we learn that Heather only keeps it real.” Can we please retire the phrase, “keeping it real?” Thank you. Based on the footage, “keeping it real” means being a giant cunt satchel to Aviva all season.

Meanwhile, her son Jack is suffering from hearing loss. I don’t recall what is wrong with Jack but apparently if affects his liver and lungs. What’s a family to do when such tragedy strikes? If you guessed invite the reality TV crew to his doctors appointments, please give yourself Ten Tamara Tattles Tokens. And if you are a cast mate on the show, how should you respond to a co-worker with a child suffering from serious health issues? If you said, point out all of her faults and tell her she is a bossy, controlling and insufferable, you have twice as many Tamara Tattles Tokens as you did when we started.

Aviva Real Housewives of New York

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs By T. Kyle

Andy comments on Aviva, “Last season newcomer Aviva was a lightning rod for friction from the bitches. And this year we learn whether or not she’s changed her ways.”  From what I am seeing I don’t think she is going to melt any of your cold, black hearts this season either. She has an illness (again) and the Kristen and probably Carole and Heather refuse to acknowledge it. Also, (I know y’all will hate this scene and say it is all for sympathy, but my God can we have some sympathy for the women, she lost her leg! ) she goes back to the place where she lost her leg.  There was no mention of her charity work or her extensive volunteer work with all the people who lost legs at the Boston Marathon explosion.

Oh hell noe! I can’t even defend this. Creepy Daddy George is back with a tattooed, black girlfriend half his age. There is discussion of him fathering children and getting his scrotum waxed at the dinner table, followed by George proposing to his ball waxer. Also, at a formal social event, George calls Ramona a bitch and says, “You know what happens to bitches? They get fucked by dogs!”  You can’t make this shit up. Or, well, maybe you can. Did you know if you go to the IMDb for Real Housewives they list three or four writers? I want that job. I regret being happy they let Aviva come back now. (My understanding was, she was out, two new housewives were brought in, one didn’t work out and Aviva got a reprieve. I also heard she rented a super expensive downtown apartment during filming to sweeten the deal for Bravo with a convenient shooting location. #tea)

The writers this season seem to find it humorous to continuously put the ladies out into the great outdoors. There is canoeing, fresh water fishing, fly fishing, skeet shooting, rappelling, ax tossing, some sort of painful looking race/obstacle course for Carole (or was it Heather?), bicycling with squirrel attacks (Ramona again), outdoor yoga classes and a plethora of Porta-potties. It seems they made full use of their first summer filming season.  Plus, they venture out a lot, not just to the Berkshires , but to Saratoga for the horse races and to Missoula for a relaxing dude ranch experience replete with rodeo.

Despite the writers full on press to butch the girls up this season, the girls do manage to find an occasion to don their usual little black frocks. The occasion?  A dog funeral. I don’t see any sign of Phaedra as the officiant but it would not surprise me at this point. Also, it looks like it could be Sonja’s dog. Did she keep him in the freezer from last season until filming or did she kill a new one?

It appears Sonja’s ex, Harry, and Luann got back together for some “long time no see” sex!  While they are in a rowboat of sorts, Ramona throw something at Kristen in the water and her face/mouth bleeds. Oh no! Not her face! She is such a knockout! #eyeroll There is a ton of Aviva hate in the final montage and it seems Luann takes the side of the majority.

Well, it looks like quite the ride. I’m looking forward to it! Are you?

The Real Housewives of New York Premieres Tuesday, March 11 at 9 on Bravo.


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70 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Sneak Peek

  1. Tango

    I can not stand Aviva’s father. Why does he have to be on the show? He makes her look bad every time he speaks.

    • There is NO reason that pervert father of Aviva’s is on the show again. I thought that viewers made it clear (in the blogs I read) that he was too too disgusting and no one was interested in what he had to say (or do).

  2. pfffttt

    This looks like a great season! I really like Carole, and think Aviva’s rumors were vicious and it looks like Carole puts Aviva in her place. Wow Aviva is really playing the bad guy this season. I’m thinking she is going to be New York’s version of Danielle Staub, where all the cast members cannot stand her.

  3. pfffttt

    LMAO! “Ramoner” I caught that. I always got a kick when Jill pronounced her name like that. hahaha Good one Tamara.

  4. lori

    New York is probably my favorite since the additions to last season’s cast. I looove Carol AND her tagline! This season looks really good. Can’t wait.

  5. JoJo

    Hilarious recap of the preview! The taglines are off the charts. This looks like one hell of a rollercoaster ride – I like it.
    I think that Harry, Aviva’s ex-husband, is the guy who gave Sonja the ring and at some point he leaves her crying by jumping in a cab with LuAnn. Also one of the men trying to give Sonja business advice was Josh, Kristen’s husband who owns E-Boost, and he called her ‘fucking bananas’ – and you’re right, Josh isn’t drop dead gorgeous.
    I’m giving Kristen a chance in spite of that dumbass tagline and it would be unfair to not like her right off the bat because she’s been friends with Brandi for 20 years. Kristen was Brandi’s date at a Bravo Up Front party and Brandi introduced her to Andy and offered her up for RHONY. Andy liked what he saw and coaxed her into joining (according to an interview I heard).
    Ramona, Aviva and Sonja all seem turbo drama queens this new season – but that’s why we watch I guess.

  6. jrleaguer

    When I look at these women and their dreadful personalities, I have to think that being able to suck the chrome off of a fender is at the top of their skill-set.

  7. Beverly

    I enjoy your blogs and I think I’ll skip this year’s RHONY. I’ll just read your blogs. I can’t stand these people especially Aviva’s Dad. He’s so cringe-worthy. Blah.

  8. Wow, we’re in for quite the drama-fest! I heard Aviva’s co-op voted against allowing the Bravo cameras into their building, that’s why she rented another apartment just for filming! Again, wow.

  9. June

    I may start watching this season. I had sworn of the HWs but Carol can drag me back in!
    Chassy is a car’s undercarriage, it is also old fashioned slang for a woman’s body.

  10. Victoria

    Tamara ~~ Abundance candles are available on Amazon…I checked & promptly ordered a dozen. You never fail to make me laugh & I so enjoy reading your blogs. Is Luann a “friend” this season? I did see one (1) scene with her & Jacques.

    Stay safe in the ATL, my friend!!!

    • Yeah, Luann lost her apple but is still fighting for every scene she can get. And wait what? you can but abundance candles on Amazon? I was hoping they were blessed by one armed Siberian monks in a secluded monastery after being prayed over for weeks or at least spat on by a coven of Wiccan witches or something.

      I’m starting to think this is not a real thing! :) Perhaps a Ciao Bella Gelato fund would be a wiser move. :)

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 8:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. Denise

    Something about the 30 min sneek peek seemed so dirty. On that note I’ll be watching.

  12. eastjames

    I broke up with NY when there was no more Bethenny but we might be able to try again now that there’s less Luanne. Have I ever mentioned that she is my second most hated housewife? I can’t stand to look at her or listen to her.

    • I can understand that, but I’ve found the longer you hate Luann the less intense the feeling gets and some pity starts to creep in and make watching her more bearable. Your mileage may vary.

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 9:06 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tango

        Luann is the type you dislike at first, until you watch long enough that you respect her. The uppity act isn’t really an act imo, she actually is pretty classy when you consider her counterparts. (The music vids and Johnny Depp fiasco aside.) And I love that she dresses like a woman and her hair is so…classy. No spray tan or stripey extensions, no disco eye makeup or three color nails. Wait that’s OC. Lol.

  13. Adrienne

    Tammy I found your blog last week surfing the web. And what a find it is. I love your blog and humor. I was on the floor laughing at your overview of RHONY. I’m not a fan, but your overview is giving me life, so I might watch season.

  14. Adrienne

    Just a question. Why does everyone like Carole? I just don’t get it!

  15. Vivaladiva

    I like Aviva. I like Heather too. I don’t know where this puts me.

  16. vivaladiva831

    Also didn’t Ramona say she has some sort of abusive childhood? I don’t know if it was physical, sexual, mental, etc but that could be the reason for her mud pies breakdown.

    • True, but I found it weird that everyone took her to dinner after that trip and confronted her for her “master manipulation” that ruined the whole trip. Then again theses girls are A-! compassionless bitches.

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 10:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  17. Seriously....

    Hold up! There are Tamara Tattles tokens? I’ve never gotten any! What kinds of morally reprehensible and depraved acts do you have to commit to get those? Does having these tokens make you a) Nene rich bitch rich? b) David don’t talk during my piano playing rich c) Chateau by She lieberry for the children rich? I need answers!

    • You know how Abby Lee has the dance pyramid to shame and humiliate those that displease her, and at the same time clearly identify her favorites? It’s like that.

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 10:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. vivaladiva831

    Does anyone else think Kristin’s husband looks like a skinny Christian Slater?

  19. Lady Chatterley

    “Did everyone else’s mind go to yeast infection? ”

    Hilarious! :)

  20. Kaleesi

    Seriously; that was seriously funny. What do we buy with these tokens? Does Tamara have a little shelf filled with useless pieces of plastic that we trade our tokens for? You know, like at Showbiz Pizza?

    • eastjames

      Oh my gosh! I miss Showbiz so much! All we have now is that godforsaken wasteland known as chuck e cheese.

      • Kaleesi

        Oh, Eastjames, the Chuck-E-Cheese in this area is famous! Can’t go there unless you’re packin’! So ghetto. Such a shame.

  21. Kaleesi

    I apologize for replying to Seriously in the wrong place and I apologize for the spelling errors.

    • Lord, no need to apologize for either one. The nested reply system is crap. I wish I could fix it but I can’t. And if I had to apologize for all my spelling errors and typos there would not be time to blog. Your comments are always clear and understandable and that’s all that matters.

      On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 11:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  22. Hmmm, I gave up all HW shows, then all of Bravo after the Jersey season 4 of hate-but NY was always my favorite and I might just have to peek in and see how it goes. LOVE Ramona and Sonja, and I miss their antics.
    I wish they’d spend more time in NEW YORK, instead of taking all these trips, but I have a feeling Bravo’s cameras aren’t welcome in places where NY society hangs. As long as they drag along Aviva’s disgusting daddy, that will probably always be the case.
    Thanks for the info TT, and good luck defending Aviva for another season! I have a feeling that Andy knows just how unpopular she is and is planning a very interesting season for her-and her dad!

  23. barbinga

    NY and BH are the top dawgs to me. I like Carole and Heather, LuAnne can suck it. And I’ll try to respect that you like Aviva. Judging by the previews, I’m guessing this isn’t her redemption tour one tries after coming off so poorly.

  24. RahRah

    chassey!! I kept looking at this word trying to figure out and couldn’t even in the context she used the word–finally noticed you figured it out and explained.

    fave words from favorite poem, Baldwin’s Life ain’t been crystal stair, I can give you points for this one.

    Did not thank you for the guest blogger, never watched an episode of Coven but I bet I can tell you everything that happened. Ms. Euretha is the best after you (you can give me points here TT) and I hope to see more of her recaps here.
    I’ve learned I don’t have to watch and I don’t have time to watch because the recaps are good enough for me.

  25. Tara

    The rhony has always been a great guilty pleasure. I loved the first seasons even though Jill grated upon my nerves ( then, Alex & Simon because of their “Ick Factor”)
    RHONY always seems to cast these incredibly bright women, are they over the top characters? But, of course!” Then, they throw in Social Climbers, Dolts and truly neurotic women or a combination of all above mentioned!
    I have always felt that the ” Creamy Sonja-Ramona Love-fest” had an expiration date. Seems as if the cream has soured and curdled a bit.
    Ironically, I have no ” favorites”. In truth, I do not not like any of the cast mates, in general. I find them Cuntoonish, absurd and full of themselves.
    What I do respect about this particular franchise is, at least the cast members ( Well, until this season, enter Brandi’s Friend! Watch out!) are articulate and well educated, (for the most part).
    Catching the subtlety of the catty retorts leading up to the climax of the Cat fights proves to be enormously
    Every time, I believe I have a favorite, (knowing that the cast member is neurotic, bloody annoying creature) but appear to be more sane than the others? I notice as the season matures, that cast member will eventually pull off more layers of their mask &
    Bloody hell opens up and that woman is fanning the fire.
    What makes NY deliciously decadent is everyone is certifiable!
    Some just hold it together longer until they ultimately explode and become the drama.
    Looks like a delightfully bitchy season!

    • I LOVE your description of RHONY and totally agree, especially about the cattiness! Some of their digs are hilarious. But…I just have to admit that Ramona is my fave, with Sonja a close second. Both have said and done stupid things, but I feel like they are the most authentic. Aviva is starting to look as awful as Jill. That alone might be must see tv!

    • Kaleesi

      I hope you get some Tamara Tokens for “Cuntoonish”.
      …..not that I’m keeping score or anything……

      • Tara gets Tamara Tattles Tokens just for being one of those dam furriners that I just know has and accent. You know how Americans are gaga for an accent.

        On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 5:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tara

        @ Cammierari & @ Kalessi,

        Thank you ever so much..
        NY does have the bawdiest fillies in the Bravo stable! I had a school chum growing up that had a Grandmum that was a wee bit wild with drink. Lovely woman, until the last pint. ( The last pint, after an ocean of Guinness Stout) She had the same animated look in her eyes. A combination of
        a startled comic book character that put their finger in a light socket and some form of a horror flick demon with eyelids which never close. Her Granny could argue about the most nonsensical inane subjects.Once, I believe she had a twenty minute tirade on white cat fur. There was no cat, naturally. The vile white fur was shedding from her cashmere sweater. We found her tremendously frightening yet uproariously witty, abominably inappropriate and always, exceedingly abrasive.Quite simply, bat shyte mad as a hatter. She was quite like Ramona. Loveable & loathsome in the same second. Thus, the term “Cuntoonish”.

  26. I saw the reunion last night (from previous season) and I have never gotten into this particular version of the RH but… maybe I can get into it? What is with Aviva’s lechy old dad?! and she is pimping her friends out to him? I dunno…

  27. MaggieG

    Ramona has some wonderful qualities but has always had the personality of a barracuda on the show. Unless we’re going to attribute (all these many years’ worth of) her ramontional behavior to Mario’s philandering ways we have to consider that she’s at a predictable crossroads in her marriage. She’s like a tank, formidable & meant to last, so able to plow forward. Or she can decide to look the other way & maintain the status quo if he wants back in.

    Rodeos & fresh water fishing seems disjointed for the sophisticated NYC sensibility. Butching the ladies up? No thank you.

  28. JoJo

    “Also, it looks like it could be Sonja’s dog. Did she keep him in the freezer from last season until filming or did she kill a new one?” LOL TT….they replayed the reunion last night too, and Sonja said her dog died Feb or March (I can’t remember now what year it’s been so long, 2012? 2013?) I suspect it was ashes and she saved them for an occasion that could be filmed and she’ll cry a lot and we dog lovers will probably shed a tear too.

    Anyway, poor, delusional Sonja and the toaster oven that never was. From this preview and from Heather’s rather pointed criticism of her work ethic last season, it’s hard to believe she’ll ever get out of planning stage.

  29. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Gosh, I am way late to this thread!
    1. I HATE ALL THE TAGLINES. Seriously, they’re horrible. ALL of them.
    2. I hate Aviva because I want to like her and she makes it impossible. Sorry, Tamara, you’re on your own with that one.
    3. Carole grew up dirt poor and you don’t see her freaking out about mud pies. Get a grip, Ramona.
    4. When they’re holding the “intervention” Ramona looks LIKE SHIT. I feel really bad for her, and will probably give her a pass for everything this season.
    5. Carole is a writer by trade, and is very well educated with a Masters degree, three Emmys for news reporting, and a Peabody. She’s the one person who does NOT need a ghost writer.

    Even with all the craziness, I just feel all calm and relaxed watching the NY girls. They’re lunatics, but they’re mostly educated, mostly work hard on careers, and have mostly not botoxed up their beautifully aging faces. I’m so happy they’re back. Plus Carole is my pretend best friend. Carole and Heather are likely the only two of ANY housewives who I could actually get along with.

  30. Miss Muffin

    FWIW-In one of the last Beverly Hills episodes at Yolanda’s house. Carole Radizwell painted one of the tiles hanging on the wall in the kitchen.

  31. Tara

    M’ Lady, T,
    ( Tara, curtseying in respect)
    Thank you, ever so much for the rare Tamara Tokens.
    I am not clear as to what they are exactly or if I should dare ask what they are used for, much less what to do with them, or where to put them! LOL!
    Athough, I know, your response would be brilliant and wildly entertaining..
    I adore, your melodic foreign accent, as well.

  32. gupto

    this is off topic but TT, i love your blogs

    cleverly written,


    u should write books <3

  33. CaliSteve

    I like Aviva!

  34. CaliSteve

    and her opening intro is the best!

  35. I never screamed so loud laughing at a tag line by Aviva. The irony of this statement coming true in S6.

  36. jrleaguer

    Tamara~ I owe you a HUGE apology. I read your recap before seeing the NYC preview and I thought that you were being cheeky with their opening lines because they seemed to be so over the top. After seeing the preview, I now see that those are indeed the opening lines that those women are using and I am shaking my head. Hope that you and Banjo are thawing out. We could all send snow to Sochi…they need it. :)

  37. Patritia

    I honestly will not watch this year, now that I know that creepy pervert George is back on the show. His poor daughter. What an embarrassment to their whole family.

  38. Sheba

    TT, I love Aviva too!

  39. Souvlaki

    I admire your empathy for Aviva, real talk, it makes me want to be a better, less judgmental person. I love the gif you chose. That was the dinner Ramona and Sonja carelessly minimized/dismissed her feelings, twice, without real apology or care. I was rooting for her there. Thanks for helping me remember this. Reputation riding, labels, dehumanizing, it’s lazy. She indeed has done some amazing charity work.

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