The Dance Moms Episode We Have All Been Waiting For! (Recap)

Dance Moms She'll Make or Break You

UPDATE: Kelly is suing Abby for and production for 5 million Story on TMZ. (sorry I am too tired to do an interpretative dance explaining the issues with the TMZ story. Just go to the link. )


It’s finally time for the Dance Moms episode we have all been waiting for! It’s the trip to NYC where Paige and Brooke’s mom, Kelly Hyland, assaults Abby and she presses charges! The episode is officially called Big Trouble in the Big Apple. I can wait to see how it all goes down.

Pyramid begins as always with Abby Lee telling the girls how disappointed she is despite the group number coming in first place last week. Jill asks Abby if she regrets spending so much time with some random new girl rather than spending time with her actual competition team. Abby says know, she enjoyed working with the girl from open auditions. She also says she plans to build a whole new elite junior competition team. She will have two teams. She tells Maddie that she may put her on the new team .

On the pyramid Chloe is dead last. She came in fourth in her solo last week. Kendall and then Nia because their duet came in third. Then Mackenzie because Abby has been really pushing her to rise to Maddie’s level this season. Then Brooke and Paige neither of them get any love despite being very high on the pyramid because Abby hates Kelly. And of course Maddie is at the top of the pyramid. If I were any of the other girls I would be planning ways to gently kill Maddie in her sleep. Her constant domination is annoying. Abby put all of her instruction time into Maddie is annoying. Maddie getting the best choreography and costumes is annoying.  I have reached my limit. Open Auditions for DanceMoms  2014

Abby announces the team is going to NYC. Abby gives Paige (PAIGE??) a solo she says is just right for her called OOO LA LA! I smell a set up. Oh yeah, this is a set up. Brooke gets a solo too, a contemporary acrobatic routine called Purple Rain. I hate her one legged costume.  Paige and Chloe are also doing a duet. This is very odd. Oh wait, Abby says that her go to girls are performing in another competition this week so she is forced to rely on Paige and Brooke. I am beginning to see how this all went down already. The last time Abby was in NYC she lost so she named the group dance, “Beautiful Revenge.”

Christi figured out that Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall and Nia are not going to the NYC show early with the other girls, so she asks what they are doing.  Abby reveals that they are doing a local competition before heading to New York. Christi realizes Chloe is not in the most elite group this week. Kalani has arrived at ALDC to rehearse a duet with Maddie for the Pittsburg competition. The dance moms are commenting that there is way too much going on this week. Christi wonders if Abby is setting up Kelly’s daughter, Paige to fail. So do I.

Abby decides to pull Paige from the group number so she can concentrate on her duet and her solo.

Abby arrives to the NYC open call to find a TON of Chloe fans. She tells one that maybe she will be replacing her. Chloe fans, like me, are zealous because Abby doesn’t give her the attention and praise she deserves. At the open audition, Abby doesn’t teach her kids the routine ahead to time. She also tells then she doesn’t want them wearing her name on their outfits. I usually support Abby’s tough behavior, but this is just utterly ridiculous. Chloe is scared and crying from backstage.

Abby finds a lot of talent in NYC. Her girls were terrified to dance with them. Abby sends a girl home and the mother asks for an explanation. Abby gives her one. The mother said that she was watching Paige and she was terrible. He kid is way better than Paige. Paige is crying. Abby forces them to dance off. If I were Kelly I would punch Abby in the face not just slap her. I would also use this footage in my court case.  Paige beats the socks of the girl in the dance off. Abby sends the mother packing. Paige gained some confidence.

At the NYC competition, Abby arrives and announces that the duet and the group dance won at the Pittsburg competition. She gives Paige and Brooke a perfunctory instruction or two and leaves the dressing area.

It’s time for Paige’s solo. I thought she did great all things considered. Abby Lee’s talking head says, “Paige is always a disappointment for me. Paige has been given the same corrections for three years and still does not see the importance of correcting them.” I’m worried for Paige just because this is a NYC competition and the best of the best are competing.

Next up is Brooke. Her dance is very heavy on the acrobatics. She did well, but I think a good lyrical routine will beat her. I thought some of the choreography was awkward looking.  Abby immediately starts complaining in the audience to the other moms. Did you see that she can’t do anything new? I have to keep giving her the same crap she was doing since she was 8 years old. The other moms look very uncomfortable. Thankfully Kelly has been in the wings the whole time and did not hear Abby’s harsh feedback. It’s weird that Kelly was in the wings. We almost never see a mom watching from the wings instead of the audience with the other moms. Then again , we almost never see Kelly’s kids get solos.

Paige is up again with Chloe in their duet. Abby tells them to watch their timing and stay together and then she announces she is leaving them to go watch some other girls from the audition she is scouting. What she really does is enter Maddie and Kalani’s duet into the competition at the last minute. Melissa tries to get Abby to put them in as an exhibition and not to pit them against Chloe and Paige.  Abby says she wants a winning duet. Melissa, Maddies’s mom, tells Abby that Chloe and Paige will win with their duet. Abby enters Maddie and Kalani anyway. Great. Now all the moms will be hating on Melissa, AGAIN. I was right. All the moms blame Melissa and think she was lying about not knowing the girls were going to perform.

Chloe and Maddie Best Friends

It seems they have a number, they may even be in the program. Whatever the story is, they are on stage now. They were great.  Maybe even good enough to win. Kelly is fuming. She says that Maddie and Kalani learned the dance over the summer at booty camp. They were very together with their timing, especially for a “late addition.”

Paige and Chloe have to go after Maddie and Kalani, at least that is the way it was edited. Their duet was great. Paige and Chloe look like twins on stage. Their timing was good. I think they could beat Maddie and Kalani. I hope like hell they do, but from the way the moms are bitching in their talking heads that doesn’t seem likely. Christi calls Melissa a liar backstage. Christi is furious that “Maddie lied to Chloe.” All the moms are ready to quit especially Kelly who feels like her kids routines were upstaged by their own team mates.  Christi gets Chloe and Maddie all wound up backstage before the group event. Basically she tells Chloe in front of Maddie that Maddie is not her friend. For fucksake, if you have to go there, could you not wait until after the group dance?

Also right before the group dance, Abby parades in Kalani and her LA mom to stir the pot. Does ANYONE want these girls to have a prayer? Maddie is teary-eyed and trying not to cry. She wipes a couple tears before Abby notices and she gets the “save the tears for your pillow” speech.

The moms ask Kalani if she knows the group dance. She says not that well. They ask her if she is in the group dance, she says she doesn’t think so. Abby threatens to replace Brooke on the spot since Kelly told her to replace them if that was her plan. Abby asks Brooke if her mother is speaking for her, she is 15 years old and she needs to grow the hell up. Kelly tells Abby to shut the hell up.  Kalani’s mom butts in and Kelly has had enough. She gives Kalani’s mom her kids costumes. Oddly her kids are the only one still in their solo costumes. I guess the others are in theirs because they didn’t do a solo? Maddie is in a black leotard that is not what she danced the duet to, or what the group dancers are wearing. Kelly says she will take Brooke and Paige and let Kalani dance both of their parts. The other moms ask her not to do that. Things escalate.

Abby gets up and starts screaming at Kelly and pointing her finger in her face. Kelly tells her to get her finger out of her face and starts pointing her finger back at Abby. Abby tries to bite her finger. Kelly pokes Abby in the face, smacks her face and grabs her hair.  Holly, the school principal and Nia’s mom, begins screaming for the girls to get out of the room. They were already holding back tears before this started and now some of them are sobbing. Kelly is furious and asking Abby who she thinks she is! At one point Abby had her hands behind her back. Everyone evacuates. Abby and Kelly both call each other crazy and Abby goes to call the police. She says that a woman pulled her hair and scratched her face. There is no scratch on her face. All of her hair is on her head. Get over it Abby you’ve had it coming for years. LOL at Abby on the phone, “She has a haircut that is like cool and trendy.”  The police arrive to find Abby just fine, but they ask if she needs an ambulance. Surprisingly she admits that she does not. Holly hustles Kelly and the girls out before the PoPo could get them.  I’m not going to go there.

The girls that survived have to reblock the group dance moments before the performance while Abby reminds them that they are down two dancers. The group dance was good. Nia was last in several sequences and her timing was a bit wonky because she was coming in way sooner than she rehearsed. But with Maddie taking over for Brooke, (funny how she just seemed to know the part) she shined enough for the group to do well.

At awards, Paige wins 5th place for her solo and Mackenzie goes to accept for her. Brooke wins 4th place in her category for her solo. Kendall picks up her trophy. Holly points out that it is best that Kelly took the girls and left because they already had WWI and with them coming in 4th and 5th in there division it would be WWII.  Chloe and Paige took second in their duets, and Maddie and Kalani took first. I REALLY wish that had been reversed. This competition either was not calling out points or they were edited out. I would have loved to hear the numbers. All of Abby’s girls and team were in the 160s as far as their order of participation goes, but Maddie and Kalani were number 76 which seems to mean they were entered earlier. Maybe. Christi says she hopes it was worth it to Melissa because she just lost a couple of friends and hurt a couple of kids. The group still managed to win first place.

Next week: Melissa tries to get the moms to see she didn’t lie. Kelly is banned from the studio (will the girls show up?) Kalani and her mom arrive to join the team. And Abby makes Mackenzie cry. AGAIN.


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30 responses to “The Dance Moms Episode We Have All Been Waiting For! (Recap)

  1. Tango

    What a mess. This show got way too dysfunctional for me to watch anymore. It seems like a bunch of acting and drama at the expense of the girls. Even if the girls are in on it, it will surely leave emotional scars.

  2. Definitely not a fan of this show @ all. Watched one episode and strongly feel that shes way to tough and mean to those girls..don’t really have much more 2 say about it!

  3. Bets

    My heart was racing reading this! Wont be able to watch until tomorrow but honestly I’m sure Abby had it coming. I just hope that one day one of these little girls go off on Abby with or with their mothers permission. Madrid is amazing but I’ve been tired of her since season 1, Abby says everyone is replaceable yet she acts like nobody in the world is better than Maddie. Love Chloe though, all the girls are great its a shame abby got to big for Tv and is looking for something more.

  4. brillke

    Wow, what an episode!

    I love Abby and hate her at the same time. I really wish she wasn’t so mean to the girls.

    Maddie is normally very sweet in her talking heads but tonight I thought she was kinda bratty. She said it was just two minutes of her onstage, the others need to get over it or something like that but she knows how Abby feels about her and the other girls and she knows why the girls were upset.

    I wanted Kelly to pull back and punch Abby with everything she’s got but I can happily accept the slap and hair pull. I need that gif for when I’m having a bad day.

    TT, do you know if this went to court or any other details? I’d love it if it got thrown out because Abby was in Kelly’s face and Kelly felt threatened and defended herself.

    • Yeah it went to court recently in NYC. Abby got a restraining order keepin Kelly away from her and forbidding her to contact her via social media or mention her on twitter.

      I think that is just until the case can be tried. Abby gave a short interview to TMZ where she was pissed that she had to wait in line and Kelly arrived with a driver and a direct escort into the building. Also Abby seemed to know she was wasting the courts time with a minor altercation in the overall scheme of criminal activity because she said she asked all her friends if she was doing the right thing and they said yes.

      I think it’s kind of punk move to incite a fight and then cry victim. It was also very interesting that Abby didn’t beat the crap out of Kelly. She literally stood there with her hands behind her back. That is not a normal reaction to being assaulted. It really smells like a set up.

      • bravocueen

        I agree with all of this. I will not watch anymore after this season. I have always sort of defended Abby because coaches can be tough, and some coaches are REALLY tough. I’m not soft about it. My daughter was in a highly competitive D1 show choir for 6 years and my son was a three sport athlete, including wrestling. That wrestling coach was BRUTAL. But he wasn’t cruel. Abby is cruel and it seems like she is intent on scarring these girls for life. I’m done.

      • Bravoceen, I’m a big fan of Abby’s . But I see your point that things have gone too far. I choose to believe that Abby was pushed to be ten times “worse” than her normal self and even she is starting to feel bad. There are lots of moments where you can clearly see that the girls love her. Which of course makes her harsh remarks doubly painful.

        On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. bendy

    I can’t watch until tonight and normally wouldn’t have spoiled myself but couldn’t help it. It was just too interesting. I truly hope this is much more scripted than real. Maddie is being set up for a fall if it isn’t.

    Thanks for the recap!

  6. For the life of me, I don’t understand why these mothers continue to allow their daughters to be abused by Abby. I don’t understand. She treats them like crap. I hope these little girls don’t grow up and have all kinds of emotional issues because their mothers have allowed them to be abused for Abby. I don’t agree with Kellie actions, but I understand that she is tired of Abby treating her children like crap!

  7. Shellbelle

    Did Abby press charges when Cathy attacked her with the purse? Seems to me that she pressed charges because it was kelly. I am curious is Paige and Brooke are still actively dancing.

  8. michelle

    I think The Revenge on NY was BS it was about revenge on the girls and their moms! It made no sense revenge on NY because they didn’t win there? The plan was to rattle the girls and the moms. It looked to me that after the restrained soft slap, Kelly tried a wig pull and was surprised it was Abby’s hair! She looked shocked it didn’t come off! Poor Kids I love them all but Maddie has become Abby’s dance zombie.

  9. onestly I have never been a Maddie fan every since she threw that tantrum that she didn’t win the Joffery competetion and Chloe did. Tonight her little comments in the talking head and when she stated “Well I guess we just aren’t friends anymore” in the dressing room made me whis she fell or something during her duet. But it kind of broke my heart during the “fight” when she cried “I’m sorry!” like she felt it was all her fault. Usually Holly gets those kids out of their fast when it smells like trouble but I think she was in shock and then when things escalated it happened so fast. Those girls looked misrable during their group dance number

  10. s avery

    My dance teacher was beautiful, graceful, and nice! She also did more than make stupid hand gestures when she taught class!!!

  11. Xanadude

    So, isn’t Abby the agent/manager for the girls and their moms? Also, aren’t the girls getting too old for their age divisions, and therefore would be getting replaced anyway? Regardless, Abby is just hideous.

  12. Nelda

    This has been a horrible season. Abby starting out to replace the kids. Why doesn’t someone replace abby. If the original team goes off lifetime should take dance moms off the air. Abby has gotten too big for her britches. She isn’t even teaching them too busy doing her own thing

    • Abby WAS just making idle threats until Kelly smacked her face. lol. She always brings in people from her competition show, but they are never permanent. They are just there to annoy the other girls. Or as Abby looks at it, make them try harder.

      • Heather

        Yes but Kalani is definitely a different story. If you follow the company outside of the show (IDK if you do or not) Kalani has been dancing with the team at most competitions (like Jump this past week). There has been maybe one or two exceptions when she has been competing with her other studio though. All of the other dancers never danced with the group outside of the show.

  13. Genie

    I agree with you fully in all of your analysis . I’m thinking Maddie is getting to big for her britches. I think there are girls that could dance circles around her. That being said I think the charm and the tightness that these girls have built after being together for so long is not that replaceable.

  14. Abby might think she is getting the girls ready for broadway but I believe Abby has went way to far with all the yelling and head games.
    I seen coaches be extremely tough on young boys but I never witnessed the emotional mean games. Yes there was trash talk but nothing like Abby’s mouth.
    These mothers like the fame more than their girls emotional well being.
    That’s how I see it.

    • Montana

      I couldn’t agree more! I think the Mothers like the fame and attention for thier kids thinking maybe this will get them somewhere in the industry. They are already stars and super talented. I really hope that the emotional turmoil this is all causing can be reversed. I can’t wait until they are all much older and write a book about this, and we all will know what really went on. We will find out what was real and what was “just for TV”.

  15. jenna

    Chloe, Paige and Brooke haven’t danced for ALDC for a while now, the only reason they are still there is because Christi and Kelly can’t get out of there contract with lifetime. I hope that after the court case lifetime let christi and chloe leave and don’t force the hylands to go back as none of them want to be there.

  16. I do not have children. Could someone with children explain to me why you would put your child through this? What I see is children who will need years of therapy in their adulthoods, sorry.

  17. peachteachr

    I’ve watched this show since the first episode and I also watch Abby’s summer show. Yes, Abby is juvenile just like the kids, but the mothers are stepford wives for real. I can’t stand Christie and I guess that has colored my opinion of Chloe. I watch Chloe on stage as the awards are being given out and I have NEVER seen her clap for another child. I love Maddie and I think she dances beautifully. Kendall dances in a commercial for a hospital here in south Georgia so she has done some work with her dance skills. I like Kelly a lot. I think when Abby describes her haircut, she does a good job of describing Kelly. She has been the best dressed of all the mothers for the last 2 seasons. Christi is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. It was absolutely not right to strike out at a young girl because of what Abby did but Christi can’t seem to help herself. I reared a competitive gymnast for 8 years. It is a huge committment for the whole family. Just like Brooke is branching out in her talent so will the other girls. The coach told me that you had to keep your child in the sport past 13 when they learn about boys and other teenage girl things. My daughter didn’t make it past that point. I’ll never regret the hours and hours we spent together and the life lessons she learned that still help her as an adult today. The problem I have is that the mothers are who their daughters are watching and learning from about adulthood. Seem to be a lot of bad teachers in this series. Oh, Kalani was my favorite from the summer dance show. Her mother had trouble toughing it out for 6 weeks this summer; I don’t see her moving to Pittsburg.

    • Chelsea

      I agree! Maddie dances beautifully and the other moms are jealous of her. She doesn’t keep winning 1st place just because Abby thinks she’s great – a lot of judges think so, too! Also, this comment is spot on: “Christi is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.”

      • Wow at all the attacks on Christi’s looks. Really?

      • Robyn

        Seriously? Abby screams horrid abuse at everyone except Maddi EVERY WEEK, and people think Christi is ugly on the inside? Abby tells Christi that Chloe needs to be home-schooled to remain competitive on her dance team, and when Chloe says she wants to stay in school to keep herself balanced, Christi tells Chloe not to listen to Abby and to do her thing and be her own person, that she’s a beautiful dancer but she understands and agrees with her about staying in school. Maybe Christi gets involved in ugly fighting with other mothers once in awhile, but from what I’ve seen, she keeps Chloe from becoming the sniveling mess in the corner Abby seems to want her to be. In my opinion, Abby is beyond recognition on the inside, not just ugly, but evil.

  18. Nancy

    I think Abby is a 300+lb.Virgin!!! Who needs to get layed!! QUICKLY!!! There is no way I’d subject my kids to her buffoonery behavior. I would have punched her into the next dance competition, not slap.Shes a bully!! Who is jealous of the moms,mostly Kelly who shes known since Kelly danced at her Moms studio back in the day.I think she looks at them like they have it all,husbands,children,beautiful homes,women that don’t have to work and here I am!!! Obese and miserable, that’s the number 1 reason she dislike ANY women,she can’t come to terms with her weight.

  19. jelley

    Maddie is a good dancer, but she does the exact same dance every week!

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