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It’s time to see what foolishness Brandi Glanville will spout tonight on WWHL.  Oh, and BTW, this is my 2000th post on Tamara Tattles!  I was going to do a post about it and might still do one later if I ever get a moment to breathe! As it is, it’s 11 pm again and I am still “at the office” and need to be inserting batteries in all the flashlights that are dead, before the power goes out.  We are expecting an inch of ice on the power lines by tomorrow night. Oh Joy. So if I am offline for awhile I am probably freezing to death without heat in my ghetto shack.

Andy says to send your kids to bed before watching this and reminds the person on the censor button to be on high alert. Jenny gets first chair over Brandi!!!  Andy starts by claiming that Jenny told Barbara Walters to shut up on The View today. I didn’t get that. Jenny says she didn’t tell her to shut up. What I saw was Jenny trying to get Brandi out from under Barbara’s deep questioning about her drinking problem.  You can read my recap of Brandi’s appearance this morning here.  As if it was not obvious that Andy is driving the anti Lisa storyline bus, the drinking word tonight is Lisa.  I wonder how she got the shit edit this season, I thought Andy adored her and Giggy. Maybe someone thought dirtying up her image a touch would make for better ratings? If so I strongly disagree.  But it would make her behavior on the Vanderpump Rules Reunion show make sense. Sort of.

Andy tell Brandi that Kenya Moore had some choice words for her on WWHL. Brandi responds with, “Kenya whore?” Andy rolls the clip of Kenya calling Brandi and assclown. Brandi says that she agrees with her that her comments about black people were assholish but she still thinks that “Kenya needs some…..something. With the dark, dark makeup, it’s like really ashy and weird.”  Andy says that Brandi apologized for a minute (no, no she didn’t do any of you fools know what an apology sounds like?) and then she went back there. Brandi says she learned that from Vanderpump.  Andy says they will talk about Lisa in a minute.

First, Andy has to play the entire reel of Lisa bashing that was played on the show tonight. Boy, he is really driving this home.

A “bombshell montage” from tonight’s Vanderpump Rules.  Then a montage of Kristen bashing. Brandi says that Vanderpump Rules is her favorite scripted show on television. Andy doesn’t seem to like that. 

Questions for Brandi:

Andy says lots of people are tweeting saying that Lisa’s mothering is just her looking out for you. What do you say about that?  And in one of the weirdest moves in Bravo history, Brandi reaches over and touches Jenny’s hand and says, “I’m going to let you take this one!” What the fuck? Brandi now has a press secretary to answer the difficult questions? Jenny says “I think Lisa is looking out for herself, is what I think!” Brandi chimes in, “I think you are right!” Jenny says ” I think she is creating drama!”  Brandi says Lisa doesn’t mother her off camera, so if you are going to mother me do it when we are drinking til 4 am at SUR.  I seriously doubt Lisa drinks until 4 am with anyone. She is always the first to leave the party and go home.

Andy says, but do you deny that you have had a real friendship with Lisa?  Andy’s questions are particularly interesting since the reunion was just filmed three days ago.  Brandi says  that she loves Lisa and of course they have had a real friendship but she wonders sometimes if Lisa is just playing a role.  Jenny who has been hanging with Brandi for awhile before the show talking about Lisa, chimes in with, “But do you ever feel manipulated when (Brandi jumps in with YES! before the question is out of Jenny’s mouth) she tries to cause drama with her SUR employees and drags you into it? “ Okay, they do have a point there, that Scheana thing at Lisa’s birthday party was ridiculous. Andy says, well it is obvious that you two have been talking and Brandi tries to deny it.

Something about why everyone is afraid of Lisa and if she has ever said or done anything she regrets because Lisa controls her mind through her English accent. Or something equally as asinine. Brandi says people are intimidated by Lisa because she is the smartest woman on the planet. And can I just say before this show I actually like Jenny McCarthy, but her little cheerleading routine for Brandi and all of her interruptions with questions to try to make Brandi look good is annoying as fuck. Jenny interrupts to call Lisa manipulative. Andy says that coming from the woman who had to Google Bobby Fisher…..(Implying it doesn’t take much to be way smarter than Brandi.)

Did you get cheek implants? No, I over did it on the filler this year. Andy repeats that and Brandi seems pissed off that he is agreeing. It was kind of funny.

Brandi was derogatory on The View today about actors and athletes and I (the tweeter) was uncomfortable for Jenny because her boyfriend is an actor? The tweeter is an abject moron, Brandi was not derogatory to actors and athletes all she said was she tends to gravitate to them and it never ends well.  (that was my comment) Jenny said she completely agreed with Brandi.

What is the best advice you would give a single mother? Brandi says get a really good vibrator.

Brandi Glanville RHOBH Do you ever worry your public behavior affects your children? “My children are the healthiest little men on the planet and no, they are wonderful. ”  Wow. That is delusional.

Whose side are you one in the Kyle and Carlton feud?  I am friends with both of them and it’s hard. I do think Carlton was wrong at the birthday party.

Who would you rather have a one night stand with Tom or Jax? Brandi says Stassi.

Andy asks if she has ever been with Jax? She says no she hasn’t even kissed him. Andy doesn’t believe her so she swears on Jenny’s boobs.

You said you had five jobs on The View today, what are they? She writes for an Australian Magazine, She has video blogs that she has to do, she has a podcast, she has the show, and she’s a mom. So five part-time jobs. Got it. Andy points out that she also writes books. So she says 6 jobs.

Game Time! It is basic word association. I’m just going to record Brandi’s.

Barbara Walters  (Jenny says Legend) Brandi says  Legend
Jax  (Jenny says slut)  Brandi says  Valtrex
Leann Rimes (Jenny says HPV) Brandi says Singer
Julie Chen (Jenny says Talk Show Host) Brandi says Jealous
Giggy  (Jenny says boobies) Brandi says medicated (WTF?) Andy laughs and Brandi says, he is she give him Zannies. Interesting that Brandi has such a cute name for Xanax.
Miley Cyrus (Jenny says awesome  ) Brandi agrees
A-Rod (Jenny says criminal ) Brandi says mad pussy
Bob Costas (Jenny says fashionista) Brandi says cute.

Doorbell! It’s Carole Radziwill with the prizes. Mazel wine glasses and a copy of her book!

I have no idea what the heck that Jax video was all about.


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52 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Brandi Glanville and Jenny McCarthy

  1. I don’t understand Jenny’s friendship with Brandi. Jenny has the looks and a brain. I don’t understand.
    I like Lisa, she’s way out of my league but I would like to be a friend of hers.

    • leaf_kunoichi

      I don’t know, I mean the poster child for anti-vaxers seems pretty on the same level as Brandi. Both are middle-aged party girls holding on to what they use to be 20 years ago so tightly they both have white knuckles.

  2. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I have a crush to the death on Jenny, but sometimes I wish she would just shut her mouth. She does really well on WWHL though, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her more often. Today I am DYING for her hair. GORRRGEOUS.
    Brandi needs to lay off the rouge, and wear some lighter eye makeup. She and Jenny are about the same age but Brandi looks 15 years older.

  3. I know brandi was not talking about Kenya’s dark, dark ashy and weird makeup now, was she?

  4. Urethra Franklin

    I haven’t watched this episode yet but Ken Todd has tweeted this 3 times tonight:

    Ken Todd ‏@KenToddBH 2h
    I have never filed for bankruptcy in my life. Slander is illegal, please retract. @BrandiGlanville @BravoWWHL @Andy #WWHL

    Looking at Ken’s timeline, and this is his first tweet since July. So he is fired up at Brandi big time.

  5. JoJo

    Brandi needs to flip her script. Practice at home with her friends until she gets it right: kill people with one-liner kindnesses. The “Kenya Whore” + comment on her ashy looks, and the slew of unfiltered faux pas she has made when cornered like a porcupine, just make her look like a 14 yr old. It’s now officially old. It’s not being real anymore, it’s being at a loss of any wit.

  6. Mimi

    I didn’t watch WWHL the firat time it was on. I was so angry Andy had Brandi on I didn’t want to help ratings. I was in bed and my husband flipping through the channels, stopped on the channel and said, don’t you watch this? Thanks my dear! Anyway, watching it then on the replay, I honestly got the impression Andy was not happy with Brandi at all. He didn’t bring up RHOBH much at all, but Vanderpump Rules Reunion. Brandi didn’t seem to like this at all. Several times he told her to basically be quiet and allow Jenny to answer the question and she looked taken back. I felt she though he was going to push her book. He didn’t bring up her book until Carole from RHONY appeared with gifts one being her book and then for the first time he flippantly brought up Brandi’s book as an after thought and that it was available tomorrow. I’m not sure but I think that is the only time he spoke about Brandi’s book. Brandi definately got her under handed jabs in at Lisa and I wasn’t impressed. But, I honestly felt from the way Andy was acting towards sBrandi he wasn’t a huge fan anymore and unhappy with her. I know I had sent him numerous texts and I know I’m not alone. Brandi did send out a tweet saying she loves Lisa and we will all see. I think she is feeling the backlash and rightly so. She is realizing now the huge fan support she received were Lisa’s fans first and their loyalty was to Lisa first. When Brandi started turning on Lisa her fans started pulling back. I would imagine the sales of her new book haven’t nearly been what her first one was and she is feeling the pressure from her publisher. Brandi’s schicht is getting old. She was friends with Adrienne and Paul and then declared they tried to manipulate her to say negative things about Lisa. Now Lisa is manipulating her into saying negative things. So what Brandi is basically saying until she came on this show and met these rich ladies she is in such awe with because they have shown her attention, she never blurted out any off color remarks, stuck her foot in her mouth nothing. She was a nun and lead a perfect life and never uttered a foul word. These horrible wealthy socialites have ruined her and manipulated and planted seeds in her mind, and since they planted the seed, it grows so big and sprouts and pushes so hard she has no other recourse than to blurt them out. Give me a break. Someone please get this woman off my tv. She has individually ruined this show and is ruining friendships. Even though she had to google who Bobby Fisher was, she is the biggest chess player master manipulator that has ever been on a housewife show. She may be worse than Jill Zarin or Kelly Bensimmon and that is saying a lot. Those two woman were despicable.

    • Wow – Well said and I agree with you 1000 percent

    • Dedi

      Very well said. She refuses to take any responsibility for anything she does. After having watched her in action, I no longer feel sorry for her anymore. I don’t blame Eddie or Leanne and I feel deep sorrow for her two boys.

      • Dedi

        Also, as silly as Jenny can be at times, I cannot imagine her falling to the depths of Brandi. I can’t figure if it was tongue in cheek, egging her on, or she was being sincerely genuine. If she was the latter, I’ve officially lost what respect I had for the woman.

  7. Mollymom

    Tamara, congratulations on your 2000th blog and thank you. You are the best in the business.

  8. Waygonnnancy

    I am stuck with the scene in my head of when Lisa went to Adrienne’s to ” teach her to cook “, not too lame. She humiliated Adrienne about washing the chicken with dish soap. Adrienne kept trying to explain that it wasn’t dish detergent that it was produce wash. Not only did Lisa keep cutting her off & then cut her down, laughing at her, she had to run & tell everyone else a la Mean Girls about it. Some friend huh ?

    • You and I saw that scene completely different. Not once did I hear Adrienne claim she was using produce wash. I’ve never even heard of such a thing.

      • Dedi

        Nor did I hear her say it. I certainly never heard one word about it being “produce” soap. And, like Karma Grant, I’ve never heard of such. But I have heard of hogwash! LOL!

    • jakies mom

      Adrienne used dish soap from the pump at the sink. They talked about produce wash but it wasn’t Lisa’s fault that Adrienne looked like a fool when she did that.

      Tamara. congrats on your milestone!

  9. RVA

    Did anyone see a tweet from Lisa saying that production basically insisted that the scheana woman serve at her party?

    • No but that makes sense. They probably forced Lisa to make the ridiculous request that Brandi congratulate her on her wedding. Why do they do such dumb things that don’t make sense? If they want to script it at least make it SLIGHTLY logical.

      On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 9:17 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Dedi

        She (Brandy) has stated she goes to SUR on occasion (apparently until 4 a.m. sometimes). Does she call ahead to see if Scheana is working or not?! Really!

        I believe Scheana when she said Eddie told her he wasn’t married or was separated or whatever. Brandi is blaming the wrong person here. Scheana may not have known who Eddie was, it’s not like he was Tom Cruise or some A lister! He wasn’t! Besides, it’s been years, GET OVER IT ALREADY! It’s really getting old now. Make amends, life goes on. Scheana was lied to & betrayed, too. No, it wasn’t the same, nevertheless, she was hurt, but she’s moved on.

        One can’t always be the victim & play that card if you ever expect to move forward in life and not be “stuck” like Brandi seems to be. You have to forgive. Forgive the people or person who’s hurt you and forgive yourself then go about living your life.

      • I heard that too, it seems likely that production invited Scheanna to Lisa’s, but I call BS on production “forcing” Lisa to request the congrats from Brandi. Lisa does a good job controlling what comes out of her own mouth and she had to know that would stir the pot, and not in a good way between her and Brandi.

        But on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder if Brandi is in on the whole drama over the gal that “shared her husband’s penis for a hot fucking second” – she seems to get a lot of mileage out of that, and from what Brandi says, there were lots of women that shared that appendage….

    • jarlath

      And Brandi knows this and is simply responding like she’s hurt because that’s what expected and she wants to deliver drama.

  10. Mollymom

    Yes, RVA l saw that. My first reaction is that Lisa has had enough of the BS and doesn’t care anymore. Also, Ken who rarely tweets sent the same tweet 3 times about a retraction from the bankruptcy mess.

  11. JenB

    Why would Brandi say that Giggy is medicated? Lisa and Ken treat their dogs well and I am not convinced that Brandi’s dog was stolen/lost. Brandi bitched about her dogs having accidents in the house, so I don’t know that she is even smart enough to house train her dogs.

  12. Tamara

    Well looks like Brandi is already trying to clean up her mess from last night. She said on twitter that it was a “JOKE” about Giggy being on medication. Lisa doesn’t sound like she is laughing this morning though. I don’t think Brandi and Lisa will be friends any more. Lol

    • I think Lisa and Ken are gearing up for a slander suit against Brandi. HOWEVER, I am not sure they are allowed to do that based on their Bravo contract they sign that says they can be portrayed to look anyway Bravo chooses. I know they can’t sue Bravo for airing crap but not sure about other castmates. We know Adrienne tried it but it never went to court. And Lisa recently said about the ROL story, ” I can’t do anything about what my cast mates say but ROL should be responsible for fact checking.”

      At any rate, I agree that Lisa is done with Brandi.

      On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. So weird that Andy is into the Lisa bashing. He loved her in his book. We know he loves Giggy. Maybe he got tired of hearing how much he favors her so agreed with production that this would be her year. Either way, it fails. As I said in another post, Lisa is probably the most untouchable of any HW and the fans know it.

    • Wikunia

      There is something wrong with Andy. Last night WWHL was not live at all. Brandi was in Brooklyn at 10:30 pm.
      After show was strange. The phone calls sounded very fake.

      • Her Brooklyn signing was from 7-9 but you are right. She posted at 5:50pm yesterday how much fun she had with Andy and Jenny. I don’t know why Andy doesn’t do all his shows live anymore. Last night he was with SJP at Carnegie Hall.


    I’m going to be unpopular but I’m still on the Brandi bandwagon. In fact, I just bought her new book. Brandi says it like it is and I adore Lisa but she does seem to be a bit manipulative and if Brandi says that Lisa’s friendship and mothering is only when the cameras are rolling, I actually believe her. Lisa loved Brandi because she would say the things that Lisa wishes she could say. Brandi was the pit bull on Lisa’s leash but Brandi is starting to get it. I don’t blame her for wanting “genuine” friendships. I can see she’s hurt. Now I don’t agree with everything she says but I do think she’s got a good heart.

    • Dedi

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but about the “Mothering” comment….I disagree and here’s why:
      When watching Vanderpump Rules, you clearly see Lisa “mothering” all or most all of the young people who she cares for specifically. Perhaps not all of her employees, but the ones who she holds closer to heart, she’s emotionally invested in because they are friends with her children or some other reason. I can see this in her because I’m guilty of this myself with my kids friends and younger employees at my job. It’s a “mothering” gene or something, but I see it in her as genuinely as I see it in my own heart. No, it’s not often appreciated or accepted, it’s not something one intentionally does, I believe it’s just in ones nature and happens naturally unfortunately. Some are more nurturing than others and I do believe Lisa is one of those people.

    • puravidacostarica2

      I will take a seat on your bandwagon. I think Brandi, even with all her issues, is a lot more transparent and real than Lisa could ever be. B’s got issues but I am predicting that she will survive this period with greater maturity and grace than she has now (thanks to Saturn — insert raspberry here to TeeCee). :-)

  15. barbinga

    Loved Jennys hair last night. I’m totally getting that cut, and I never EVER pay attention to such things.

  16. MaggieG

    Congratulations on 2000 posts on Tamara Tattles. I think I’ve been checking you out here for a bit over a year so don’t know how long it took you to get to 2000 but that’s a lot of (daily?) writing. Hope we all get to enjoy many thousands more.

  17. loops010

    Congratulations on your 2000th post, well done!!!!!!

  18. Gingersnap

    I want to say how much I love coming to read your blogs, and what a mile-stone 2,000 blogs is! Wow, that’s a whole lotta blogging going on! Thanks TT for keeping us highly entertained and for bringing your expertise into the subject matter. You’re my FAVE!

  19. puravidacostarica2

    Congrats to TT on 2,000 posts. Now if all of us clicked on the donate button for whatever small amount we could afford and show our appreciation for the entertainment provided by this site and TT’s dedication, wouldn’t that be awesome?

  20. lori

    I am just now reading this blog entry for some reason. Happy Belated 2000th entry Tamara!

  21. lala

    Yes marriage is in huge trouble. David loss interest and now his priority is money and downsizing… so he can successfully move on the way a man whore does with no looking back.

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