Shahs of Sunset Season Finale Recap: Like A Persian, Touched For the Very First Time

Shahs of Sunset Season 3 2014 Final Episode

It time once again for the season finale of Shahs of Sunset. Can you believe it has been three seasons already. We’ve loved them and hated them and loved them again and then totally despised them and now it’s time to part ways once again and wait to see what their season four personalities will be.  My greatest hope for season four is that they get rid of the stupid theme song and use Asa’s song, Terangeles instead. But for now it is time to tie up all the lose ends.

First Reza and Mike head to the gym for the incredibly scripted make up scene. Reza goes to train with a gold chain around his neck. On the outside of his tee shirt. They work out for five minutes and then Reza starts the conversation by saying that he feels very distant from Mike and it hurts him. Mike says he is hurt that Reza didn’t give him 100% of his help. Reza says absolutely he did not.  For some reason, Mike feels like he is partners with Reza and he should be getting a percentage of his sales.  Well that would be awesome if that is the way it worked. But that is an obscene idea.  You don’t just decide to partner up with someone and take a percentage of their commissions while you do nothing. All Reza owed Mike if he owed him anything was to give him some pointers. Perhaps some good neighborhoods to canvas. for listings. Let him do some open houses for Reza where he might meet some potential buyers. Tell him to go to all the Persian things his rich Persian friends do pass out as many business cards and shake as many hands as possible. Have his brothers and parents pimp him out. DO SOMETHING other than whining about what Reza is not doing for him. Reza explains that successful agents who take the time to mentor newbies receive a percentage of their commission for teaching them, not the other way around. Reza is right. Mike doesn’t want to pay his dues. Mike says he is going back to commercial real estate, as if he ever left commercial real estate. They hug it out.

Shahs of Sunset MJ

MJ is celebrating her birthday with a spa day with her mother. During the massage, her mother asks about her trip to Turkey. MJ says it was a growing experience for her, she laughed, she cried, she freaked out. He mom asks her what she freaked out about. MJ tries to tell her about seeing the Persian families and the women her age and younger with families and how for the first time she felt like she might be missing out on some thing important. She shares her fear that perhaps she should have tried harder to focus on relationships and start a family. Well, that is what she meant but she didn’t really articulate it clearly to her mother.

Her mother starts going in on her saying, “What are you talking about MJ. You saw some people with children and that impressed you? These are the only people in the world having children? What was it about it that impressed you? Sometime Mercedeh, you are naïve.” In her talking head Mercedeh talks about how she shares her most intimate feeling with her mother and she crushes them with a hammer. Her mother continues, ” You are saying that I was so depressed…” MJ interrupts, “No, you don’t know what I was saying It was the first time that I saw somebody with children and that made me want to have children. And it freaked me out and yes. it was the first time that I wanted that. But it was not the first time I have seen children.” In her talking head Mercedeh says that she doesn’t know what part of her mother’s heart was killed off to let her want to do that to her, but she is trying to be brave and open up to her. Her mom continues, “I don’t get impressed if somebody has a children.” MJ says that she doesn’t care and puts on sunglasses to cover the fact she is crying. She says she doesn’t want to share anymore about her trip. He mother asks her why she is crying. MJ leaves the spa mid-treatment. Her mother is so mean to her and MJ starts to wonder if her mother even wanted to have her. Happy Birthday.  That was a scene that could not be scripted. And I was quite sad.

Mike and Jessica go to dinner and he is in a foul mood from spending the day at the office (and at the gym) with Reza. He was probably hoping Reza would beg him to stay in residential sales with him but that did not happen. He is tell Jessica when he comes home from work stressed she should give him an hour before speaking to him. He does the ordering for both without consulting her. Sidenote: I actually love that but she does not look pleased. She begins talking about wedding plans and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it. She points out that he is 35 and he needs to become a father sooner rather than later. He says she wants to get married tomorrow. She says only because he is old. He says he will definitely marry her before he turns 40. She says that is unacceptable. She lists off her finer points including the fact that she is converting for him. He says he wants her to be sure and he wants to be sure. I’d say converting to his religions is a strong indication she is sure. He seems unsure.  He is an idiot and will never do any better.  Mike says he does want to get married until he can have at least a half a million dollar wedding. Jessica say she is not going to marry a 40 year old.

MJ is going with GG to freeze her eggs. She wants to have a baby and there is no man in sight to she wants to freeze her eggs so they don’t continue to age.  It makes sense to me if she could afford it.  MJ says that GG should marry the fertility doctor. She went to high school with him and he is Persian and can get her knocked up.  I agree with that too.  The doctor tries to get MJ to freeze her eggs too. After GG’s appointment MJ meets with the doctor and decides to make an appointment. Good idea. Options are good.

Shahs of Sunset Season 3

Reza is taking the gang to Palm Springs to celebrate his 40th birthday. Everyone is getting a long. Can we possibly end the season with everyone speaking? #FingersCrossed  Bravo has provided a lovely resort retreat in exchange for advertising consideration. Of course Reza acts like he paid for it. Reza is preparing to propose to Adam.

GG wants to have a baby at 2015.  Jessica mentions that Mike is dragging his feet. The gang razzes him for not giving her a ring yet. Reza’s talking head is about him not being such a slut anymore and settling down. Everyone gets drunk and goes in the pool.  GG is the drunkest and she is pissed that during some horseplay in the pool, MJ’s bikini hit her in the head and the clasp caused an injury to her forehead. All is forgotten when they realize that Mike and Jessica were having sex. They barrage in on them and break it up. Somehow they manage to break the door down. Mike blames GG, which was off base and GG responds by throwing a plate at Mike. Asa calms her with her “hook technique they learned at some yoga class a few episodes ago. And it works!

The next day, Adam brought a slip and slide for everyone to play on. I predict multiple injuries. Miraculously, they all survive. They have dinner at a beautiful table. Reza excuses himself and returns with a black plastic bag with I Cartier box inside. It’s a ring. In the most anti-climatic, unromantic, proposal in history. Reza asks Adam if he will marry him after much prodding by the others. Adam says yes and MJ cries those sad, sad tears one cries when the gay love of your life marries a man. Reza does a talking head where it seems like he is actually in love.

I guess we do have to say goodbye to Lilly and Coconut. She’s back in LA eating take out alone with Coconut. Lilly seems to regret going off on everyone and alienating herself from the group. I doubt we will ever see her again. I’m more than okay with that.

The show actually ends on a happy note. Everyone seems to have learned something this season and is looking forward and getting along. For now. Of course next week they cut each other up at the reunion.


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16 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Season Finale Recap: Like A Persian, Touched For the Very First Time

  1. Andy Cohen if you are listening the two episode of Shahs of Iran where they visit Turkey, reunite w family and show Love of their Country & Family all the while watching others struggle w/ connecting was the first time I have ever watched this show past 5 minutes and it was so beautiful it moved me to tears. I am American but wish you would make more shows of true contact that all humans connect with versus the superficial content usually portrayed in all of Bravos reality shows!

  2. Kishmish

    I’m not sure exactly who she is but I think there was someone on Twitter who promises to be the next “Lilly” for next season. She was following the gang and they were all following her. Good clue she was a part of things in some way.That’s why I was pretty sure we’d seen the last of Lilly.
    Meh, Lilly didn’t make much of an impact as far as I was concerned. One thing I’ve noticed about Shahs is that they seem “realer” than the other “reality” people on Bravo. After watching the perennially enraged Housewives or the Vanderpump hump bunny 20 something bim and himbos it was almost a relief to see some REAL normal human bodies of people whose main aim didn’t seem to be acting in a prime time series or being top billed attraction in the brothel.
    At least the people in Shahs have parents, normal bodies that aren’t geared toward being in porn shoots and some real issues. NO—not being able to get a lash extension appointment, or not being able to meet with your Glam Squad is NOT a life changing “issue”

  3. Urethra Franklin

    Is that the same Palm Springs resort that Joyce took the RHOBH gals to where the infamous ‘Brandi is a racist’ debacle took place?

  4. bunniecarrot

    I’m going to assume MJ is an only child? I really don’t agree with abortion but damnit mjs mom is a strong candidate for that debate. She has obviously beaten mj down her whole life out of resentment. She probably blames any mishaps on mj. I believe it was said season 1 that Vida cheated on mj’s father and was exiled? Perhaps mj is the love child and proof of her slutness. In HER head it’s completely mj’s fault for her life being derailed. Such an evil bitch.

  5. brillke

    I really liked the last three episodes of Shahs.

    I bet everyone regretted the slip-and-slide the next day. You wake up sore as hell and covered in bruises going WTF happened after playing on those things.

    I thought the proposal was sweet and seemed sincere. Adam was adorable! He couldn’t stop smiling or touching his ring. Is the next wedding show Reza’s and Adams? I’d so watch that.

    MJs mom is such a bitch. If MJ does decide to have a child, I wish her all the luck and I really hope she keeps the baby away from her evil troll mom. Did she only bring one of her dogs on the trip with her?

    Goodbye Lilly, you won’t be missed.

  6. terry macon

    TT what happened to Sammie?

    • He was replaced. The scene with him pouring booze down and already drunk MJ’s throat and not protecting her from her ex Chester the Molester didn’t play well with the ladies.

      On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 2:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  7. loriflack

    @bunniecarrot, I think you’re right about MJ and her mom.

    Glad to find out that slimey Sammie has been canned.

    • Sammy is still an unpaid “friend of” and was on a couple of episodes this season. He friends with the guy who developed the show’s concept. Despite his atrocious behavior on season one, for some reason, I kinda got over it and like him again.

      On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 5:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. Rain

    Just watched the episode. I just have 1 question…… Y does MJ continue to lie abt her age??? When they went to Mexico last season Reza went in her purse and showed every1 her drivers license tht showed she was born in 1972. She looks great and I love tht she’s a curvy girl and owns it. Now I just wish she would own her real age.

  9. I love this show, partly b/c my own parents are near eastern and I can sssssoooooo relate to many aspects of their lives (not the extreme wealth and LA lifestyle part, sadly, though). I think MJ needs to realize she will NEVER change her mom and honestly, severely limit the time they spend together b/c it always ends up with MJ feeling bad and Vida just being mean.
    I liked Reza’s proposal, but maybe b/c I don’t like big gushy type reveals. This seemed sweet to me. How old do you supposed Adam is btw? I am really excited for the reunion; notice that the shahs are the only ones who get those awesome spreads of food! I liked Lilly a lot last season (I mean, she is hawt) and was kinda sad that she wasn’t featured as much this year.

  10. Kheppera

    I like MJ, Asa, and even GiGi more this season. MJ pisses me off sometimes but I still wish the best for her. She is a beautiful 42. I hope she finds happiness outside of a relationship. She needs to resolve her issues with with mom.. without her mom. It sounds stupid, but that’s what I have had to do and I am much happier. Seeing Reza pop the question in this last episode really made him seem human. It still showed his insensitive side.. totally not romantic. But he was so nervous, and as fake as he is, you cant fake that kind of raw emotion. Mike is on the edge of being a loser for life. All his story lines were pitiful this season: That girl will leave him if he doesn’t get it together quick. I don’t know why he wants to wait.. he is only going to get older less attractive. And he is so lazy. Spent the whole season blaming Reza. I’m sure they cut out scenes where his mom told him to stop complaining and get off his ass already. She looks like she doesn’t play. When you take all the silliness out, this show is really about how people nowadays are navigating their 30s-40s. All of their fighting is based on their individual insecurities. All in all.. a good season… Good review as always..

  11. When Reza proposed the look on Mike’s face was priceless… He looked like he was blowing smoke from his ears and his nose …. Reza paid for the ring with his hard earned money… His reaction showed how jealous he is of Reza.. even Jessica seemed like she wanted to cry…WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE HAPPY FOR EACH THER…?? Mike was wrong in thinking that Reza should have handed him the golden rolodex of his to Mike… Team Reza all the way…

  12. Flo

    I am with you on the theme song – let’s petition Andy until it happens. The song now doesn’t relate to the show and it sucks balls.

  13. joleeface

    Nice blog. Very intelligent and insightful!

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