Is There Trouble in Paradise for Yolanda and David Foster?

RHOBH Yolanda's House For Sale

Say it isn’t so! Is it possible that David Foster is losing interest in his fourth wife so soon?  The seemingly perfect couple married on November 11, 2011 (The same day Kim Zolciak married Kroy Biermann)  how is it possible that the bloom is already off the lemon blossom?  Could it be that David feels like he married a lemon after Yolanda was diagnosed with “chronic lyme disease” with in a year of their marriage? Is it the curse of the Real Housewives Franchise? What is going on here? Well, for one thing they are frantically liquidating their assets!

Remember this little guessing game I like to play with you guys that infuriates you because I never give the answers? It was a video of a beautiful apartment for sale in coast in British Columbia for a mere 5 million dollars? I actively campaigned for someone to hit the donate button for with a five million dollar contribution, but sadly no one bit. Anyway, that was David’s Canadian apartment. I haven’t check to see if it sold, but the point is they were trying to unload it. That was in July of 2013, a mere 20 months after their happy union.

2014 Yolanda and David Foster Put Home on Market

This is where the magic happens. Please note nude Yolanda painting.

Then, last September,  the all-knowing Real Estalker informed us that Yolanda and David’s Malibu property, or likely more accurately, Yolanda’s Malibu home as she purchased the house herself with money from her divorce settlement with Mohamed for $4.5 million before she even met David, was quietly placed on the market as a pocket listing. Because the property was never advertised, it was hard to pinpoint the asking price but sources quoted wildly differing figures between $18 and 29 million.  This was all before the two-year marriage mark.

Yesterday the property showed up on the MLS system as well as the agent’s website listed at $27.5 million. Then just as suddenly, both the MLS listing and the feature on the real estate agent’s site disappeared, according to The Real Estalker.  Oh, and another fun fact, the agent is NOT Mauricio Umansky!

So what is going on? Yolanda loves to talk about how she designed every inch of the house. That glass-front refrigerator to die for with the marble innards is a custom job that would stay with the house! The lemon groves, the lovely wood floors!  How could Yolanda let that go? And more importantly, a full size studio worthy of a 16 time grammy winner has been built onto the property. They have barely lived there for two years! Why on earth would they go to all of that trouble to move?

The only “problem” with the house itself is that it is located right on the Pacific Coast Highway which makes getting in and out of the driveway and pain in the ass. The main problem with the listing is that it is greatly overpriced!  A listing price of $15 million would be reasonable, but only for someone who really wanted the high end recording studio.

Is it possible that Yolanda is such a helicopter mom that she has convinced David to move with her to NYC to follow GiGi to school?  I can’t believe that would happen. What about the other kids and Mohamed? Yolanda is all sunshine and roses on Twitter lately, literally. She posted a beautiful rose bouquet that David sent her after the reunion show was filmed last Friday.  They SEEM fine. Acutally, the appear to be better than fine.  So why are they selling off all their properties? What do you think?


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82 responses to “Is There Trouble in Paradise for Yolanda and David Foster?

  1. Could it be she is unable to keep up the properties since she’s so ill?

  2. Did I say this before: maybe David Kelsey Grammared her. Put her on the show to get her nose out of his business.

    Maybe the quick listing and un listing is just a legal maneuver to claim the value of the property.

    • I don’t think it was unlisted. I think they just made it a pocket listing again. (no advertising) although Yo did retweet a story in US Weekly about it being on the market.

      On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 5:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • The are not hurting for money, and Yolanda does NOT want to downsize. She renovated that house to get it to her exact specifications. David built a state of the art studio there where he works with Streisand and Boccelli. He is working ALL THE TIME and rolling in the dough.

      Yolanda was not exactly cutting the yard and scrubbing the floors before she got ill. She has someone to peel her lemons for her and put the straw to her lips to drink lemonade.

      It makes no sense. Even if they are divorcing, I would expect Yolanda to stay there. And no one is doing drivebys, their driveway is a mile long. Unless they just HATE the traffic on PCH then I can’t think of a thing.

      Perhaps they just aren’t serious about selling at all. The list price is double what anyone would pay in Malbu.

      • maybe because it’s finished and she needs another project? i dunno, you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming away from that view. wouldn’t relish all the uphill walking, tho.

      • she could be looking for nibbles, too. people do that sometimes. but guessing if david felt free to say she wants a lifestyle show & to refer to her castmates as clowns, she may be closer to a new show than she’s letting on. could mean relocation. good timing w the daughter moving out anyway.

    • Frankly, I never understood why they would want to sell the Victoria condo. It’s stunning and David is in Canada all the time working with charities. 5 million is nothing to him even if he stays there twice a year, I would think he would want to hold on to Canadian property. IDGI

  3. Katrina

    Maybe they are just getting as much as they can out their property and getting something smaller to maintain. The economy is not improving.

    • Buck Henry

      I think your right, if they are having marriage troubles I think we would have heard something about it already. I think they need cash pure and simple. He may have done all those things back in the day, but what has he done lately?

      • Seriously??? What has he done lately? Andrea Boccelli’s latest album? Performing with mJ Blige? Putting together a HUGE event for his charity (because he has enough money himself and can work for charities)???

      • Brewhaha

        I agree with teecee (below). This dude has mega money. He is still very active on the music scene and even if he wasn’t, his body of work will provide wealth for his next generation. Not sure what’s going here but money is definitely not the issue, and I don’t believe it’s yo’s illness either.

      • Katrina

        I heard he was going to be collaborating with someone major on a new project.. I can’t remember the details. Sometimes it is just smart to downsize. He may want to invest in other things.

  4. JoJo

    I hope it is not some sign about trouble in paradise. The only question I have is that David seems to have years of music-making ahead of him, that it would seem odd to get rid of the house with the state-of-the-art studio.

  5. brillke

    Maybe they made some bad investments and are trying to unload some property so they can maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

  6. myinfo

    Maybe viewers are stalking their home by doing drive bys.
    They want a new home like Lisa’s.
    David wants a home that is both of theirs vs just Yolanda.
    They are breaking up. David is boring.

  7. I had the same fear as I think David is a Narcissist and as soon as all of the attention is not on them they start trolling for the next partner & I think like I did when Kelsey Grammar’s wife joined that the wives join in order to bring some excitement into the marriage for fear their husbands are bored but in the end leave them anyway.
    On another note: Mohamed was looking at her like he had lost a good woman all the wife his beautiful new woamn sat there and took it even while Yolonda fluffed his collar-Another Narcissist-Poor Yolonda seems to attract them like someone else I know!

    • No. Kelsey Granmar was already having an affair when he pushed Camille off on RHOBH. He wanted her to be occupied so she had less time to watch over him and catch him.

  8. Chris

    She tweeted recently that her other daughter started modeling and will be heading to NYC next year. Maybe she is relocating because of her kids. Even if she’s staying in Malibu she could just be downsizing. That’s a huge house for just her, David, and her teenage son.

  9. JentheAUfan

    Isnt he a whore though….

  10. Maybe he’s spent too much time around Mohammad’s teenaged concubine. Yeah. She’s a good cook. ::eye roll::

  11. Tara

    I wonder just how much alimony David Foster shells out each month/ year? It could be financial.
    Maybe, Yolanda wants to test the Real Estate waters to see what they could get for the Malibu property. Her children are leaving the nest maybe they want less of a Family home and more of a couples home.
    Yolanda might need to he closer to a hospital because of her illness.
    Of course, all might not be all lemonade and sunshine in ‘The Kingdom of Foster”.
    David might not be capable of dealing with a seriously ill wife who is incapable of catering to his every need.
    It is rather odd to me that Yolanda has made such a huge deal out of David sticking it out with her during the dark days of her illness. Is this because he isn’t great at sticking about?
    Could it be that David is the type of bloke that is lovely when he’s being nurtured but runs away screaming at the realization that their roles may need to change up a bit?
    Linda Thompson and David held off on their divorce until the filming of the short lived reality series, ” The Princes of Malibu” was cancelled. Then, magically their 2O acre Mansion in record time. Quickly and quietly.
    Again, who knows?
    They may just want to move away from the beach.
    The property in Canada has been empty for quite a bit. There has been speculation for years if he would sell it or not. I believe it has been on and off the market periodically.
    It wouldn’t be the first Reality TV divorce and I am certain it wouldn’t be the last.

  12. Just because they are rich, it doesn’t mean they are cash rich. All their worth could be tied up in property. Also David’s glory years are in the past, he makes good money, but not like he used to. Or maybe they want a bigger house.

    • His last Emmy nomination was in 2011 he’s been nominated for three Oscars. He has been nominated for 27 Grammys and won 16 and counting. He is the SONG WRITER for pretty much every major entertainer in the world including your idol, Barbra as well as C

  13. JoJo

    Well, Yo made a statement a bit ago to US Weekly: “This is our dream home, but due to my battle with Lyme disease for the past two years I just don’t have the strength to run this almost 5-acre property anymore and should really focus on my recovery with as little stress as possible,” she tells Us. “My daughter Gigi moved to New York last July and my Bella will move this July, so it will be just the two of us with my 14-year-old son, Anwar.”

  14. Gingersnap

    Lawd I hope they’re not getting divorced, she gave him all those nekkid pictures of herself :)

  15. jarlath

    I will be praying for this family.

  16. Mrs Smith

    I feel like the timing may be suspect. It appears to be deliberately AFTER filming the reunion. She gave the little short story to the magazine to possibly prevent speculation. I just don’t think she wanted it brought up in the reunion. It seems likely that something is up. I just can’t see her parting with that house because of the reason she gave the magazine, it doesn’t make sense.
    Also, I must say I love the fact that Mauricio did not get the listing!

  17. Maurcio Is not in need of listings and hasn’t handled David Fosters past homes so he wouldn’t handle this one.
    I sincerely doubt the Fosters are getting divorced. If their home is for sale I’m going to guess its about downsizing.

  18. I missed your, TT, comment about them NOT downsizing and after thinking about it your right. They are not the type of people to think of that term.
    If it is for sale then it’s the PCH. Horrible road to drive daily and it’s far away from everything.
    Then again they have everything there.
    Wow what a problem to have.

  19. I love David Foster’s music of course but I truly hope he wouldn’t leave her now.

  20. myinfo

    Yolanda was just on GMA and said the house is too big because of illness.

    • LauraK8

      I don’t buy it. It’s the public story they are telling. They have landscapers and gardeners. She’s not mowing the lawn or trimming anything. People can bring her lemons. That story is so not true. And the location and grounds are meditative and healing for the soul. Nope. Nada. Don’t buy it.

  21. myinfo

    Also on GMA it was stated the house is listed for 27 M. I think she did the story to advertise the house.

    • Am I the only one who doesn’t buy the illness excuse? If you are sick and can’t leave the house, what better house to be stuck in than one with a beautiful pool, and ocean view, a full sized gym, and a glass refrigerator full of lemons?

      She doesn’t scrub floors or mow the lawn. It doesn’t take an army of people to maintain that house. She’s not bed ridden and she keeps tweeting that she is improving a lot with the lastest treatment. She has maids, a chef and groundskeepers. She can hire a house manager if she doesn’t already have one to over see the help. They have oodles of money.

      I just don’t get it. Help me understand why y’all are buying the illness excuse. She practically lives in a health spa. There is even a massage room with all the bells and whistles.

      Add to that David’s studio is there where he goes to work every day?

      Something seems off to me.

      On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 8:26 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • CityGirl81

        TT I feel you something isn’t right here.

      • Tara

        Something seems a bit odd to me, as well.
        If one Build’s their dream house and it is done to perfection, then why would one go through the time and expense to repeat this process?
        Yolanda was can active participant in this process and is hardly in the mind set to do this all over again, even if it is on a smaller scale.
        Methinks, there might be trouble in “The Land of Lemons”?
        Aww., Lass give us a crumb of a hint, yes? LOL!

      • Aw, sure look it! :)

        On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Free Kroy

        I’m sure there is a lot that goes into managing the home and the help but, with money like that, you hire a house manager. They are having marital wows or they see an opportunity for a huge profit after the house was featured on the show, internet and magazines several times. If she is have problems, she needs the money because the kids are getting older and the huge child support will stop coming in and her and David may have a great pre nup, plus, she would not receive a huge influx of child support from David because they have no children. Now, if its profit motivated, she knows she can build another dream home. That is what she helped her ex hubby do anyway, she has extensive experience. But, I’m going to be messy and say it’s a pre break up move.

      • Anna

        I truly agree TT. She has or can get plenty of help. And she keeps telling us how she”built” and designed this house… And she certainly loves to showcase it. If she really wanted to “care cover,” she should get off the extremely stress inducing show. Plus, didn’t they think she was going to get her own spin off? I think it’s clear now that’s not going to happen, and who knows if she will be asked back. I have a real funny feeling that whats his us his, and whats hers us hers. And maybe with a 13 to 18$ million dollar house she’s asking 27 million for, and the uncertainty of her RHOBH future, no spin off, maybe SHE’s cash poor and trying to cash in. Realtors are saying there’s Jo way she will get anything near 27 mill mostly due to location. And finally, I really think her getting LYMES so early on in the marriage took a huge toll. Let’s face it, David certainly usnt the nursemaid type, or about to sit around twiddling his thumbs while she continues to re cooperate. Not fond of her and her superiority act, but really don’t trust him. I could see him dumping her or any woman for any reason. He’s maybe (maybe) even more full of himself than she is. Sorry she is sick, but when going thru something like this, a lot if people who are smart start raking stock of their lives, and make internal, character changes fir the better. She’s still as snooty and self righteous as ever. And he is just as intolerable.

      • LauraK8

        You are 100% correct. I noted this above, as well. It’s a public story.

      • Dee

        You. We’re spot on two years ago 😉

  22. myinfo

    True, the illness thing is ridiculous come to think of it.
    I am sure she has a cleaning service, lawn care service, etc.
    Even if she was not sick there is no way in hell she would be able to clean that entire house. So maintaining the house should not be a problem.

    Lisa just built a mansion for her and Ken and a bunch of dogs.
    Camille has not moved out of her resort size home.

    Did Mohammad’s home sell? I thought it was on the market for awhile.

    Yolanda did mention that David previously lived in a small apartment if I remember her statement correctly. I don’t think he is into their over the top huge home.

    Yolanda and David don’t show any natural affection towards each other. She looks at him like she just loves him to death (on camera) and he always just seems to play along with a deadpan reaction.

    • Her home is not huge for wealthy Californians. Even if she wanted to downsize, which I don’t believe for a minute, the type of neighborhoods they would want to live in, with high end interiors etc,, they will not find in homes under 10,000 sq ft. There is nothing in her story that meshes with logic. No. Thing.

      On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  23. WestCoast Feed

    It is not always sunny at the beach. There is night and morning overcast which can be very depressing. And the humid climate may be a problem for someone with Lyme’s disease.

    During the War (for you youngsters, that phrase means WWII) my father bought a lot on the bluffs over the beach in Malibu. Back then there was just a little village in Malibu. We kids were thrilled at the thought of living on the beach, but Mom put her foot down and said, “No Way!” It was miles away from everything and still is. And Mom never learned to drive.

  24. Sometimes having all the fame and money can be overwhelming …Yolanda is sick and needs to be closer to the things that make her happy…they look happy enough but only they know….hope everything works out for them because I love Yolanda from the show and David is a sweetheart.

    • She’s close to the ocean, her dream home, lemons, a beautiful pool, a private spa, massage and exercise room, lovely interior décor, her husband, her husband’s job, her youngest children, Beverly Hills… what exactly is worth the arduous move to be closer to? I’m dying to understand this.

  25. WhyOWhy

    Maybe, they just want to move?

    David is creepy to me. Maybe to a bigger house where she can have one side and he can have another and the two shall never meet.

    • LauraK8

      I always wondered about him, but now I don’t know. I keep reading he’s really nice and down to earth. Remember he was living a very low key existence before she came along. Was not a show off and had his Grammys hidden away.

  26. spk

    It could be that they simply know a.) this property will not sell overnight, it will sit for awhile, maybe even until the son graduates (thus a high price means their not urgently trying to sell) and b.) listing it as the show is ramping up drama will provide needed free exposure. It’s a very particular parcel designed in a very particular way–just because you can hire people to run the home isn’t as fun, when you actually like to run the home yourself and maybe physically can’t.

    I could easily see her angling for a NY based home because of the kids.

  27. Lisa

    I wonder if this house will turn up somehow on Million Dollar Listings….

    Maybe David didn’t like Yolanda’s new haircut. Men like long hair. She should know that.

  28. Gingersnap

    Color me naive, but I just think she wants to downsize. Maybe she has had an epiphany since she lost brain function and realized she was sick to death of lemons. She created one house, she can create another. I’m sure she still has the blueprints of the refrigerated display case…I refuse to call that a mere refrigerator. If Yolanda and David are splitting up or something, I would be SO surprised. They seem to adore each other, but I’m that sucker that’s born everyday too. Time will tell.

  29. Michelle

    Wasn’t their house one of the properties that is concealing a public access point to the free Malibu beaches??? I swear I saw somewhere last year that they have a fake garage front that is actually a public access point. This was all exposed because the free app became available last year to find all the legal public access points. The owners of the properties don’t like this because they don’t want people using “their” beaches. Could this be why they want to move?

  30. LauraK8

    Divorce coming. Main reason – they are mismatched. If you recall she stated David hid his Grammys in a closet. It was Yolanda who pretentiously lined them all up on the piano. She also said he was living in a hovel and still would if he had the chance. She moved him in there. She is SO CONTROLLING with everything, name drops relentlessly, and never stops bragging about GiGi. They just are not matched. And the whining about the Lyme Disease. For someone so “frail”, we can all recall her exercise regime running up and down stairs, then we see her hiking, jetting off all over the place, climbing up her lemon orchard, and on her knees when David got his star on the walk of fame. There’s something off with her. I think she’s driving him crazy. (Also, his apartment sale is more likely because it wasn’t up to her standards, or he needed some liquid due to her expenses.)

    • Lucy

      Exactly! You are so right. She is such a superior pain in the butt. For someone with Lyme disease she behaves and looks so healthy – always out and about; exercising, etc. She is so incredibly self righteous and superior. As if anyone cares of her opinions which she’s constantly ramming down everyone’s throats. She thinks she’s amazing. I think she really is very insecure and threatened.

      Also David mentioned to everyone in front of her, on RHOBH, how his marriages always end quickly – he did not have the grace or decency to say “except this one”. i would have left him right then – humiliating for her.

  31. Yolanda has a special talent of being totally boring and mean at the same time. Her beauty landed her two rich husbands. That’s over, so she needs to liquidate fast.

  32. lala

    YES. Marriage is in pooper. Davids interest has declined and expenses/money have taken front seat as they usually do for yo average man whore on his way out.

  33. Harlyn

    I think Yolanda wants to move to Beverly Hills to get more air time on the show. Lisa blew her events off several times because her home is too far away.

  34. Joni

    Agreed about it being too far away, as I happened to catch an episode of Housewives, where she said exactly that, and asked to catch a ride with her friend Eileen Davidson (to Lisa or Kyles party)? So when you feel stuck out in the middle of nowhere, every trip out, is an outing! She looks quite active for being ill. Guess when you don’t look ill, but are, it is harder for anyone else to realize the extent of what the silent “Conditions” truly cause. Shouldn’t hate on them, for being rich, they are human and just as frail of the rest of us humans! David has always seemed kind and generous, with his time, and funds, and his Spirit, is so nurturing (for singers) his help, is a God send! Wouldn’t I love to be singing with him! Dreams are a good thing! It keeps you motivated.

  35. mamascott98

    As a cancer patient myelf it is HARD to do normal everyday task most days. We have 2 kids still in school so they need me more than Yolanda’s kids may?? We moved into a smaller home a few yrs ago & it STILL is a lot some days. Especially when I have a flare up or don’t feel well. Also sometimes a whole day is spent getting test/scans & lab work. Ect. I am ONLY 40 but feel 85 most days. Sometimes health problems take a toll on relationships. If I was married to anyone else no doubt he would have already left. I am very blessed to have a supportive & helpful husband.
    On the “Secrets Revealed” episode Yolanda said she was thinking of “downsizing” because her girls were gone & her health made it hard to do very much at all. She even went & looked at a few w/Mauricio..

  36. TT, so interesting considering what we now know. I love going through your archives!

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