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No fun to be sober

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Brandi Glanville was on The View today shilling her new book Drinking and Dating. Jenny started the questioning with Eddie Cibrian and his affair with Leann Rimes.  Jenny says that Brandi recently stated that it was all her fault. Jenny wants to know why she feels that way.  Brandi says, “Well, I think that as a woman you always have to trust your gut and I knew in my gut, something was wrong and I just didn’t do the investigating I should have done. I just wanted to believe that I was crazy and jealous and….”
Sherri interrupts, “So you completely trusted him is what you are saying is your fault.”
Brandi, “I did.”
Jenny, “Do you think there were previous affairs?”
Brandi, “Oh yes, there were.”
Jenny, “Do you have proof of it?”
Brandi, “Do I approve of it? Oh yeah, have a lot of affairs! Oh proof. Yeah.”

Drunk Brandi

Brandi talks about how in the past “before she was over it” (heh) She used twitter to her advantage to find out what was going on. She says she found out her son was in the emergency room from (Leann’s) twitter.  Sherri asked her if it tore her apart to read all the gory details of her ex-husband’s relationship.  Brandi says it was horrible.  Jenny asks if it’s illegal for Leann to post pictures of her child. Really Jenny? Are you new?

Barbara deigns to acknowledge Brandi by saying that last time she was on the show she said she was 23 but not now she admits to 41. Barbara asks, “Are you being honest now?”  Barbara asks what it is like playing the field again. Brandi says it’s really difficult. She’s a very strong personality, she’s very outgoing, she has two kids, she is 41 and in LA that’s a lot for a man to handle.  Barbara asks her if she has a man.  She says not right now. Jenny interrupts to point out that at 40 you have to date 60 in LA.  Brandi says exactly, in LA you have to go to the old people’s home to find someone. Barbara throws her head back and laughs. Barbara may stab Brandi with a fork after this interview.

Josh Elliot is co-hosting, he asks her about her dating rules in her book that she admits to breaking. Brandi says that she tends to go for the hottest guy in the room, who is usually an actor or an athlete but it never ends well. Brandi says she goes to Home Depot to find a man. This is an EXCELLENT idea unless you live in Atlanta.  I’ve tried this in Atlanta and found some love new potential gay best friends with excellent advice on gardening and minor home repair. Just saying. We call it Homo Depot here for a reason. Lot’s of hot guys on Grinder.  Sheri says her husband will not be going to Home Depot anymore. Jenny asks why she thinks sex is better in her 40s than in her 20s. Brandi says she knows exactly what she wants now and how to tell someone to get it to her.

Sherri says they have covered the dating part of her book, but what about the drinking? Because on the show you drink an awful lot and we’ve covered you on hot topics and some of the things you’ve said. I should point out here that no one really embraced Brandi (physically) when she walked out. They camera cut away during Whoopi but Sherri had her fists by her side as Brandi hugged her and it was noticeably awkward. I have a feeling Sherri is feeling some kind a way about the black comment to Joyce by the pool. Sheri says that her cast mates think she has a drinking problem, does she?  Brandi says she has five jobs, she shows up to work sober and she gets all her jobs done. You see 42 minutes a week.  (Well yes and you are drunk for 39 of them.) She says we are usually socializing or we are on vacation so I’ll get the party started sure!

Barbara goes in again and directly asks Brandi how much she drinks. Wow Barbara this is brutal even for you. Brandi asks her what she means. Barbara says, “Do you have a glass of wine? Three glasses of wine?”  Jenny interrupts to bail Brandy out. I think those two know each other. Jenny interjects “She means are you a social drinker or a drinker, drinker?”  Brandi launches in to how she has her kids 50% of the time and she doesn’t drink when she has them. Wait so she never has the kids when she is filming? Because she is always blotto during filming.  She says when she drinks she has a problem knowing when to stop.

Jenny asks her about filming the reunion last Friday. Brandi says she was sober for that show. Brandi says you have to be on your A game for that.  Brandi says there were lots of tears and lots of yelling. Brandi says we will be surprised at the Richards sisters and their screaming. (Their target is Lisa) Brandi says, “Oh and what’s her name? I forgot. The new one. (Barbara interrupts to say that’s because of your drinking!!!!! ROFLMAO) I think it’s Jacqueline. (Jenny corrects her and says Joyce) Jacqueline.”

Whoopi sat there looking stoned and constipated the entire interview and never opened her mouth. At one point it looked like she might be taking a dump though.

If you didn’t get enough of the cunt satchel, she will be on WWHL tonight with Jenny McCarthy.


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40 responses to “Brandi Glanville on The View

  1. Woopie always does that when someone is on that she does not like. Glad I missed it because I can not stand Brandi. Thank you for posting.

  2. What on earth makes you think that I abide by my commenter rules? Fuck off.

  3. She was trying hard to make it appear that she and jenny are good buds.

    Btw, the place to meet a man is in a bookstore in the travel section. NOT a library. NOT in the psychology section. Book store, travel.

  4. Joan

    I use to think Brandi was out of her mind. Now I just think she is a foolish woman who chooses to act out in public, regardless of the inpact it has on her family.
    A question I keep thinking about – how do all these women on these reality shows stay so thin when they drink like fish and we all know how liquor has a ton of calories in it???? Anyone else curious about that?

  5. Wow. What a miserable person you must be. Why would you take the time to post such negativity? No one is forcing you to read here. If you don’t respect her work, why do you bother to visit/read/comment at all?

  6. WhyOWhy

    TT, I love you and this blog. It brightens my day every time I read it (many times a day).

    Brandi a hot mess… and an attention whore. Someone has to be the mess every season and I guess this season it’s her.

    • BananaBug

      I love this blog too! TT is so logical and picks up on the subtle nuances that most overlook. When I have a question, I come here to find the answer. You guys always give me a smile and sometimes even make me laugh out-loud!

  7. It’s funny how this douche satchel decided to capitalize the term. It was not capitalized. Therefore, not a parody name, but instead a sort of pronoun.

  8. GOtoBED

    Sounds to me that TT used it as a description and not a nickname. Two different things, IMO

  9. Cola

    I love this blog. I read it everyday and I love your point of view but I like Brandi. Brandi seems to still be hurt because he ex traded up. Her kids love it over her ex house cause they have everything as Leann is rich. I would imagine this is super difficult for anyone to deal with. Whil I do agree she has acted very bad lately and made decisions I don’t hate her. I truly think she need counseling to deal with the issue of her ex cheating on her and csuding her low self asteem. It has to hurt to be around all those wome whom most are happpily married and you were left alone with kids.

    Now the black comment. As black woman I was not offended. We as black people have kind of put that out there no swimming or it will mess up my hair. I know so many who don’t swim(most are men lol). She aplogized can we let it go!!

    Love the BLOG!!!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I wasn’t offended by her comment either. People need to realise that ‘black people’ (I am an African woman) are not a homogeneous group. There is no ‘we’ when it comes to hair! There is so much diversity amongst black people in general and ‘black hair.’ in particular.

      For example, my locs are down to my waist. I have been swimming with my African husband for over two decades. Our children swim too. My sisters have braids, a perm and twists respectively. They all swim regularly.

      RE Brandi. It was just a silly comment. One of the many silly throwaway comments she makes on camera every week. I gravitate between disliking her and feeling sorry for her.

      RE: TT. This is the best blog on the internet.

    • Oh, I would say Sherri, Barbara, and Whoopi had many reasons to not want to give Brandi a comfortable platform to sell her book from. Those are women of principles who would have taken exception to how she’s treated Joyce all season, the molestation comments, the lies about Lisa’s finances, the trashy behavior, and the general low level of humanity Brandi projects.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Women of principles?? Okay that made me guffaw out loud! Okay, let’s assume any part of that is true. Can we at least say humorless women of principles??

      • puravidacostarica2

        Barbara Walters clearly not a fan of Brandi for many reasons. Perhaps because Barbara has a daughter (adopted) named Jacqueline and because Barbara is an admitted adulteress. :-)

      • puravidacostarica2

        Whoopi is also married 3 times (Barbara four), but she has the principles that allowed her to defend Jesse James and has admitted that she cheated in her marriages on several (I.e. more than 1 + 1). Yup, those are some fine principles!

      • puravidacostarica2

        Okay last one — Sherri. Was cheated on by her first husband. Opposes same sex marriage based on her religious views (but interestingly also has admitted to having “many” abortions). Not challenging her principles; just think she did not walk her talk for many years of her life and, therefore, might want to abstain from judging others. So there you go. Principles, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.

      • jrleaguer

        It the women of the View are “women of principles”, then they have set the bar pretty damn low for the rest of us.
        I stopped watching the show years ago. They never would shut up long enough to let a guest reply to their questions.

  10. TrvlBost

    Always thought it was weird that Brandi was brought on the show as a nemesis for Lisa, from her friendship with Cedric. Brandi and Lisa actually become friends (for the show), and that angle was never really explored. It was a bit boring, but wonder if he is still baby sitting for Brandi’s kids?

  11. JoJo

    What’s up with Barbara saying Brandi said she was 23 last time she was on the show? Was this a joke?
    Anyway, this latest book was written on the heels of her being the very popular first-time author. Must suck to have to promote it while RHOBH airs showing her at mostly her worst. And, although she’s said she’d never speak of the divorce and cheating after her first book tour was done, there’s no way in hell any interview for this book is not going to bring it up. That, unfortunately, makes her look like a liar or someone who can’t let it go. But that is what made her famous to begin with. Again, sucks to be her right now.

  12. loriflack

    teecee66, Joan asked if anyone else was curious, not just YOU. You have also said people on this post are retarded.
    Why do hide between the avi of a beautiful woman?

  13. Thank you for recapping this so I didn’t have to watch it. Now I’m going to go not buy and not read her book.

  14. kb

    As a black person, I too was not offended. If my hair is done, I will not get in a pool. Oh yeah, and I cannot swim either. I was however offended at the comments directed towards Joyce. She only saw her as a Hispanic person. I know because every time Joyce spoke in her language, she rolled her eyes, she referred to her as a “Puerto Rican” when she was talking about doing her harm. Then making fun of her name. I just did not like that at all. She was just plain disrespectful. There were a million things she could have said about Joyce, but she seemed to focus on her ethnicity. Why do that if your not trying to be racist? just my humble opinion.

  15. I think as a rule these are not the most intelligent people….Definitely NOT MENSA material, so they say stupid things. A Lot. I think it was very irresponsible to say something about “Black people” and “swimming.” I also gravitate between disliking her and feeling sorry for Brandy, but we have to remember these are not the most intelligent people. They are sort of a….spectacle. That is why sometimes these shows are so very interesting.

    T.T., you are the best thing going on my work days. I love the way you write and the comments you make. The “C-Satchel” was EPIC!!! You are amazing, T.T.! Thank you so much!

  16. To me, the comment she made was probably not racist. But it was I rentable stupid. You’d have to have been on a deserted island for the past 30 years not to know what a throw away comment like that can go to your career. Unless you are making a stand and prepared to defend it, you just don’t say things that you know are going to be a lighting rod and the on go ” ooops giggle giggle ! I never think before I talk” It’s why she will never amount to anything more than a third rate reality show personality and professional victim. It’s almost like she is sabotaging herself in order to make her failure the fault of some outside force rather than the fact that she is just talentless, unlikeable and blah.

  17. sandra

    Exactly, teecee…That is the best read I’ve seen about Brandi.

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