Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore & Wayne Brady Recap

WWHL with Kenya Moore and Wayne Brady

I am so looking forward to this show. With Phaedra cancelling and Kenya filling in, this will be delicious. Plus I love Wayne Brady! LOL At Andy’s intro, “It’s one shady lady and one Wayne Brady.”  OMG the bartender is Artie Thompson the crazy gay event planner from Chef Roble! I love this episode already!   I hope everyone votes in the poll that Nene started all the dayum drama. It should be a landslide of votes against a handful of dumbasses. Andy says the ladies all blamed Kenya for charging Christopher. Let’s put him in the dumbass category too. They said she charged Natalie, which Kenya carefully explains didn’t happen either. Do we need to roll tape again?  Andy says that Nene said she was wearing a diaper and Kenya retorts. “At least I can fit in a child’s diaper, not an adult diaper like some of us.”

Andy says that last week Kenya tweeted that Brandi Glanville was an ass clown. Really I missed that. Kenya says that “Well she’s an idiot really. She went after me in her blog after I said how ignorant her comments were about black people not being able to swim, so that’s why she is an ass clown.” Has Wayne Brady really never heard the expression ass clown? Weird.

Phaedra and Kandi LOL

Andy brings up Phaedra, but only briefly after some discussion of “black people shouldn’t be acting like that.” Really? HUMANS should not be acting like that. Anyway, Andy said to Kenya, your friend Phaedra said that about black women too! And Kenya says, well maybe she should tell her husband that, and Andy got all scrunchy-faced and quickly moved on.

Wayne Brady is just slack jawed by this whole experience. Meanwhile, Andy shows a preview of next week where Peter confronts Nene over her embarrassing behavior and Kenya’s charity event. Nene says, “Try walking into something blind!” Kenya apparently set Nene up at the event. Good for her.  Nene has spent every season Peter has been on so for up his butt she can see out of his eyeballs, but now she is going to say in her talking head that men (Peter) should stay out of women’s business. Really? What he said was she embarrassed herself and everyone associated with her and he felt uncomfortable.

Kenya Questions:

Andy asks if Kenya was surprised that everyone blamed her for the brawl. Kenya says no, that some of the women have it out for her and what you see is not the entire story.

Andy asks her who she blames.  She says it was clearly Nene, it was her event, she set the tone from the beginning, she deliberately agitated everyone, she said rude things when Kenya arrived and she was out of control, she was acting very hyped up on something and was not acting like herself. Kenya says the world is saying that it is Nene’s fault and Apollo’s fault yet none of these ladies can stand up to her and basically call her out for what she’s done.

Where is the mystery Prince from Africa and when are we going to see him? Well, you know I learned a big lesson from last season (like if you are going to have a fake boyfriend don’t hire anybody, just make one up).  Basically she said she is going to keep it “a secret.” #eyeroll

Lots of angry tweeters about Nene throwing the word queen around in relation to Brandon. What was your reaction to that and what was Brandon’s response?  “I was really disgusted by that. It’s really hard to watch someone who has built her entire career off of copying gay men’s lingo, For her to make such defamatory and humiliating remarks. It’s uncalled for and it’s no place to gay bash. We’re a show that loves gay people obviously. I have gay friends, my brother is….stops, catches herself… whatever he wants to be is nobody’s business. (Wow did she almost out her brother?) and how does it matter what someone’s sexuality is whether they got beat up or not?” What does that have to do with anything. It was completely uncalled for and I was quite disturbed by those remarks. ”

Great answer, Kenya. Especially the part about Nene making a living off of gay men’s lingo, and might I had gestures like the finger snaps. Her whole persona is based off of drag queens. I’m being dead serious.

When she finishes Andy looks at Wayne Brady and says, “Speaking of the BET Honors, how was that?” Um, what? Not only is Andy not going to comment on the gay bashing he is going to ignore the whole thing and pretend like they were talking about the BET Honors?

Ilyana Vanzant tweeted to WWHL. She said it was all very sad and as adults we must all have equal responsibility, but I give most of it to the host and the hateful gossip.

Would you use Wayne Brady as her sperm donor? Kenya says she thinks she has that covered but Wayne would be a great donor.  Andy follows up about her already having a donor? Kenya says keep watching. (I expect some fake ass scene with Kenya tracking down donor 8775 or whoever he was for a one night stand freebie. )

OMG They put a call through asking Kenya how she feels about the book about Phaedra called Lies of the Real Housewives!!!! “You know, I think there is some truth to it. I think the truth always comes to light, and what you do in the dark will be exposed and I think that is what we are seeing now. ”

Andy asks her if she has reached out to Apollo. Andy what the hell stupid question is that? LOL Kenya just looks at him like he is stupid.  Then she says, I think the marshals may have reached out to him but I haven’t.

Obama has called Wayne to ask for help spreading the word on Obamacare.  Well that should help.

Poll Question: Whose fault was it? They didn’t give the poll results. Did Nene break the poll trying to call in?


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65 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Kenya Moore & Wayne Brady Recap

  1. Michelle

    No mention of the awkwardness between Kenya and Wayne Brady. It was obvious he annoyed her. I also noticed that Kenya likes a lot of attention, even with annoying laugh. I wonder who Kenya’s real friend’s are. One option should have been Bravo because obviously Bravo set it up that’s why Andy isn’t saying much because he knows the truth.

  2. Shameful how hard it is for Andy to hide his bias against/towards certain hosuewives. He absolutely despises Teresa and adores Nene. Shame shame shame.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Well said JD.

    • Not so sure about that right now. It was really HIS producers who set that up knowing Nene would take the fall if things didn’t go right. Also, he picked Kenya to comment on WWHL immediately after show rather than giving Nene that platform. Kenya used it well. She’s as cozy as ever with Brandon and gay community. Even Lawrence was sitting in audience! She’s really bringing it and rocking the hell out of Nene’s throne.

      • Realrealynychousewife

        Phaedra was supposed to be on and Kenya had to fill in at last minute.

      • Yeah, I think the only thing moving production onto Kenya’s side [slowly but surely] is the public reaction to events. Nene claims editing took Kenya’s side in this whole fight, but I mean… the facts are the facts, and it shows Chris CLEARLY grabbing Kenya’s arm aggressively.

        As someone said before, Kenya was only on WWHL because Phaedra cancelled. She’s good at ducking controversy and avoiding the issues at hand!

  3. pfffttt

    Kenya is my new favorite Housewife. She said during the after show that she has a lot to say about Nene, and is saving it for the reunion. I cannot wait for Kenya to go after Nene!!!

    Also, if you read Kenya’s blogs, she makes a lot sense, and sounds very intelligent.

    I like her a lot more this season.

    • I don’t LIKE Kenya. She lies about her life. One thing I will say is that it seems like she doesn’t lie about her cast mates. She’s still a clown, but she has been on the mark about her cast mates since she got on the show.

      • JoJo

        That’s how I feel about her. She is entertaining though and so far she’s been right on about her castmates. But I haven’t gotten over being irritated by her smug way of telling all her tea on the others when it’s not even in defense or to protect herself. Just out of the blue shit, and overly enjoying the trouble she starts about others.

    • I also like her a lot more this season.

  4. lori

    What’s up with no poll results? That blows.

  5. beth

    Andy does not like Kenya.

    • MY2CENTS

      Exactly. It’s a Shame any other show we see the poll results right before the show goes off. Where in the heck is it. I just look on BravoTV and its not on there either…SMH Everybody knows what the Real Deal is.
      Andy and Ne Ne been in bed together from the start. She was the one house wife that single handily made him the most money before all these other Real housewives cast members started learning how to be equally as messy. And she WONT let him forget it.
      I thought ne ne grew up and matured but I guess the Attack dog is back and Andy LOVES it.
      So we know where his Loyalties lie.

  6. JenB

    I like Kenya. She is entertainment. If I ever had to be stuck in an elevator with any of the housewives, my choice would be Kenya. She is witty and funny has hell.
    NeNe really infuriated me with her nasty comments about Brandon. I would love to see NeNe trash talk Andy Cohen one day. He is the biggest ass kisser to some of the trashiest people. He was so rude to Kenya and I hate that the idiot did not announce the poll results before the show ended. Andy can kma. (sorry TT, I get really po’d watching NeNe and Andy all in one night)

    • Gigi

      You are my idol. : ) I so agree with everything you wrote and with this blog post and the comments in general. It’s a relief to find people with common sense. (Of course, then I feel silly about caring about any of it.)

  7. I love this blog

    That dress compliments Kenya, really well. Love the color. Haven’t seen W.W.H.L yet. I am on Pacific Time.

  8. Not_Easy_Being_Green

    Kenya annoys me for her fake story lines, boyfriends, her pageant prose and that laugh (eugh)…even if she were right on anything, I’d feel like the next thing out of her mouth would be a lie/embellishment. Cancels it all out. She carries the biggest spoon to all events, but then it’s all about her feelings (yes, eloquently stated at times in confessionals) in the aftermath of the inevitable reaction to her stirring. In the Aftershow, she’s saying how Nene is jealous of her and says that she thinks Nene looks at her as her replacement. Kenya is thirsty. Everyone better hide their diamond water. RHOA revived her, and RHOA was still there because of Nene (love or hate her), Kandi and others.

    If you notice, she always takes someone’s actions against her, magnifies them, and then ties those distortions to national campaigns that raise awareness such as civil rights, domestic abuse, gay rights. Then, it’s rather hard to dispute what she says because it’s as if you are speaking against the national campaign. Tiaras can be sharp. She went off on Nene for the “queen” comments, (as WWHL cuts to promo for a show called “Fashion Queens”) but then if I remember last year…Walter wasn’t “man” enough for her, implying he was and/or gay and weak. Then, the whole assault claims, she put her hands on Nene in episode one of this season. Neither woman is right, but I don’t want a hypocrite trying to educate me. Honestly, I’m waiting for the mental health campaign. I’d believe that.

    2013: Kenya was the victim of her “good friend” Phaedra. 2014: Kenya was the victim of her “good friend” Nene. Retread storyline. 2015: she’s the first woman to ever have a baby.

    • twizzle2002

      Best RECAP EVER!! Kenya is delusional and thirsty like you stated!! Everyone on here talking about how negative Nene is including Tamaratattles, when at the end of the day, Nene Leakes is the only reason you keep watching the show. What does kenya have anyways for anyone to be jealous of her about? Nene stated that she didn’t write the questions, production did. The girls also knew what they were getting themselves into before they arrived to the party. Kenya ain’t nothing but a Nene wannabe….keep hating and Nene will keep cashing

      • Nene? Is that you? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

      • pfffttt

        Nene has no storyline. Her role on Glee is minimal, the New Normal got cancelled, and all she has going is some plus sized fashion line, which is going to be cheap, and marketed towards her audience… which is uneducated hood rats, who can’t speak English.

        Nene is thirsty she is the one who f*cked a millionaire (that fat Italian dude) so she could go into business with him and get a rolex and red bottoms… Then she came out with a “Miss Moscato” and I haven’t seen that cheap wine at any liquor store EVER, and now she is doing some cheap ghetto clothing line.

        I’ve watched Kenya’s acting, and although her roles may not be as mainstream as Nene’s she is a lot better at acting that Nene. Plus she has a better body than Nene does, and she has totally taken over RHOA.

        Nene has no storyline, her entire “persona” on the show is that she is “better” than everyone, and that she is “rich” when she rents her home, has been evicted from several homes, and both she and her husband have scammed and ripped people off with their shady business dealings.

        Out of all the Housewives, I find Nene to be the most FAKE and despicable one of them all. Why Andy Cohen continues to give this faux rich, uneducated, boring hood rat a plat form is beyond me.

        She doesn’t even live in Atlanta, she lives an hour outside of the city in bumF*ck, GA.

      • Beth

        Hey pffttt and Tamara, I thought that Glee was done with Nene. If this is true, then it would make sense why she is behaving the way she is and stirring the pot. For the record the reason why i QUIT watching the show, one word…Nene.

      • Yeah, Nene is off Glee.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 4:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • RahRah

        no TT but I couldn’t have said it better, besides Brandon wants to be a girl not a man anyway, he carries himself as a queen, he was wearing the red satin pj’s, he’s into his queen ways–he chose the persona he projects.

        why is the host insulting Nene fans? am I now too stupid for you–that surprised me, sorry.

        RahRah–the ex-cheerleader

  9. pdt090

    It’s insane to me that Andy looks set to just totally gloss over Nene’s comments on Brandon when he has been berating Teresa Guidice for five seasons and counting over her husband using the term ‘fairy boy’ or whatever it was six years ago. At least Joe’s comments, ignorant as they were, weren’t hateful; Nene clearly had a whole lot of animosity behind her words.

    • Katrina

      When did “Queen” become a deragatory word? They have been using the word since season 1. Now all of a sudden the word is gay bashing.

      • Urethra Franklin

        The intent behind the use of the word is derogatory.
        Nene clowned Brandon a few times with the intent to degrade him for helping Kenya, and Nene made it personal. Derogatory doesn’t have to mean gay bashing… And gay Brandon is man that held his own and pretty much was able to walk away (slightly bruised) from a beat down by Apollo.

      • pfffttt

        She called him Kenya’s “girlfriend” and called him a “girl” several times. That is offensive.

        She also has done the same to Kordell.

        I also think the term “Queen” is offensive. Not all gay men go around acting like women, not all gay men dress like women, not all gay men talk like women.

        I don’t know any gay men that act like Lawrence, or Derek J. I’ve lived in Atlanta, and knew NO gay men that acted like the two of them.

      • pdt090

        The word is not in and of itself derogatory and I didn’t say that it is in my initial comment. She was clearly attacking him though, and thought demeaning him for his sexuality was a legitimate way of doing so.

      • brillke

        I think a lot of the problem with Nenes use of the word queen was tone. As a Southern woman, Nenes knows how tone can change a word. Ma’am doesn’t always mean ma’am, thank you doesn’t always mean thank you, precious doesn’t always mean precious and so on.

      • It’s the hateful manner in which she used it, not the word itself. I thought using female pronouns for him was worse.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 2:28 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ViVaLaDiVa

        i remember on a reunion/wwhl episode where andy himself said “queen is ok.”

      • twizzle2002

        How is calling him her “girlfriend” offensive? Isn’t that how he labels himself? As kenya’s “good judy”? So I guess judy is a man now…I see. Please go some where folks. Building up a campaign do benign Nene. She has been using the word queen for seasons now. Bravo has a hit tv series called “Fashion Queens” . Guess that’s not offensive cuz it’s not coming from nene. If you don’t like somebody you will find all sorts of reasons to discredit them. Move on folks cuz she’s the only reason why you all have tune into RHOA for so long and the minute she leaves so wI’ll your Sunday evenings so stop fronting and be real

    • pfffttt

      @twizzle2002 I don’t recall Brandon ever saying he was Kenya’s “girlfriend” or “Judy” on any episode. Kenya calls him her “little brother.” I think Kenya is like a mentor to him, and she taken him under her wing. Has Brandon even made a comment about his sexuality? If he hasn’t than I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting any labels on him, and find that rather juvenile to do so.

      I know many gay men who would be offended and most likely beat the crap out of anyone if someone called them a “Queen” or “girlfriend.” I know gay men who think it is ridiculous that Bravo only airs the gay men who dress in women’s clothes, and wear high heels, and act bitchy.

      I think Nene thinks ALL GAY MEN are effeminate. She once said in an interview she did with Andy that they were going to have “girl talk” and he didn’t look pleased with that description.

      For someone who got so pissed at Kim Zolciak, because Kim said she didn’t want to “eat chicken” with Nene… Nene herself perpetuates stereotypes of gay men.

      I think Bravo and Nene need to stop perpetuating the ridiculous image that gay men are seen as flamboyant over the top characters, where they are seen as “accessories” or sidekicks to these faux rich women. They are all either hairdressers, party planners, or designers.

      Why not showcase men like Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper of CNN, who are both skilled journalists. Jason Collins of the NBA, or NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam who are very athletic. I doubt those men would NEVER be caught dead walking through rodeo drive or Atlanta in high heels, or getting together with friends for “girl talk” and wouldn’t like it if some moron referred to them as a “Queen” or “girl.”

      One of my best friends is gay, he works as a sports producer for a local TV news station, he played baseball and basketball in high school, and is very athletic… he dresses like any normal male, and speaks like a normal male… He doesn’t gossip and act bitchy, he doesn’t call women “bitches” and “hoe’s” like Reza from Shahs, nor does he engage in “girl talk” or call himself a “judy.”

      It took him a while to come out, and he told me the reason it did was because of the stereotypes people put on gay males and that is something Bravo should STOP doing.

      I don’t mind Miss Lawrence or Derek J, and find them amusing at times. But for the love of god, if you are a “gay friendly” network, show a FULL spectrum of gay men and not just the stereotype, which I find is not really that common.

      Now my rant is over.

      • Katrina

        So if Brandon is straight, then why all the fuss. nobody was upset about Walter, Kordell, Peter, etc. being called gay or queens. Dwight dresses like a normal male. The show is about the women and not about the men.

      • Thank you for all of that. I don’t mind gay men being called girls or queens if that’s what they PREFER, but I take offense to anyone calling me such, because that’s just not the way I identify myself. Brandon and Nene aren’t friends. Her language towards him is offensive. End of story.

      • Shoppdiva

        Bravo!! Bravo!! Your statements are SO on point. Please email/write to the network (Bravo) and share these sentiments. What you say is so true. Love it!!

        They need to change the stereotypes they are depicting of gay men on tv. It is unacceptable and wholly unfair. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

      • lwickedgirl

        Bravo love to show gay men as freaks. I am sorry but Miss Lawrence and Derek J look like horribly dressed FOOLS! Of all the gay men I know NO ONE dresses like this but then again I live in Chicago where the gay men have a whole different style and do not mix and match women’s wear with men’s wear. As far as the comment about Nene imitating gay men has it ever occurred to anyone how much gay men study women and imitate us, especially their mothers, aunts and sisters. She tossed the word queen out there and I for one did think he was acting like someone’s pet queen, there for show and support in a room full of people who don’t like Kenya. Too bad he got the beatdown but that is what happens when you attempt to step up in a room full of alcohol and anger.

      • Katrina

        @Iwikedgirl The people were not angry. They did not become angry until after the fight. The fight between Apollo and Brandon had nothing to to with the question. Apollo could care less if Christopher and Natalie are married. With all the chaos, Brandon threw a punch and hit Apollo. I think you seenormal gay men on Bravo, if you watch other shows.

      • New kenya fan

        Lwickedgirl you’re a jackass. Your entire post is ridiculous. And if you don’t know WHY every word you said was way off base and offensive to gays pls see my first sentence.

  10. brillke

    I stopped watching WWHL a long time ago and started reading TTs recaps instead. They, the recaps, are way more entertaining than the show, IMO. I almost watched tonight’s episode because I adore Wayne Brady but I’m glad I once again read TTs recap instead.

  11. sandra

    I adore Wayne Brady. It was funny after Kenya talked about her African Prince, she wanted Wayne B. to know she is single. When Andy brought up the adult diaper, I thought about Kelsey’s saftey pin earrings (from Couples Therapy), those earrings would be great for adult diapers.

  12. jrleaguer

    Andy seemed irritated during the whole show. Wayne seemed bored…or wondering how in the hell he got booked to be on with that nut-job.
    I am not sure how to break it to Kenya, but her Nigerian Prince may be cheating on her…he contacts me by e-mail often and pleads for my help to save his fortune. 😉

  13. barbinga

    I haven’t liked NeNe for years because of her out-louding people to win arguments, as well as other reasons. I’ve felt for years that Andy was just either intimidated by her size/mouth or scared of her knowing she could snap him like a twig. I’m disappointed as her boss, he doesn’t…:”man up”.

    • fedora

      Lol @ jrleaguer,same kenya that pulled Nene’s ear is playing victim. As for her african prince, the guy has soooo many aristo babes lined up. I know kingsley kuku well( dude is married lol). She aint got no boyfriend! Only in her dreams.

  14. Andy Cohen tweeted the poll results. When they first asked the question, there were three bags of chips as the answers, not nene, Kenya and someone else. So, I think there was a feeling that the initial votes could not be counted because NONE of those voters could have known what they were voting for.

    • misscologirl

      The three bags of chips were for the viewers to vote for which flavor of chip to submit to Lays for their ongoing new chip flavor contest. It seems he never showed a graphic for the NeNe/Kenya poll, only stated it near the beginning of the show.

  15. Brianna

    I love Kenya. I do think she enhances her life but I don’t think she is lying about it. I also don’t think she would have had her aunt and father and all her other family on the show if she was lying about her life. I used to love nene too but after these last two episodes she’s really gotten on my last nerve! Andy has been team nene so long i don’t think he knows how to change!

    • pfffttt

      Kenya claims that Nene is the only Housewife who has met her “African prince.” Kenya has also stated that she has spent Thanksgiving with Nene, and once considered Nene a friend.

    • RahRah

      the supposed tea on the dad is that he is was a hired actor because doesn’t know who her real dad is..

  16. yepanother1

    So, Tamara are you going to do a post on the book signing last week? I haven’t seen anything about it online other than her twitter saying that there will be one. Who went? How many people were there? Any press there? What mood was she in? What was the crowd’s mood like? Deet! Deets! Deets!

  17. sequoia

    Kenya gay bashes Walter. Porsha gay bashes Kordel. Nene gay bashes Brandon. Last week Patty Stanger called a millionaire gay designer a “queen” and the gay recruits “girls”. I may as well take up duck hunting considering the homophobic BS this gay friendly station is shoveling at me. Seriously, why not a word of protest from the Gay community about these women. Is it because they are seen as being “on our side”? Please, don’t make me laugh, seriously.

  18. Apparently the poll results were Nene 57% Kenya 42% Neither 1%.

    • Happy lyfe

      Jd, those were the exact results I seen as well… Although I believe the results should have been equal, both were being messy from previous episodes leading to the knock out drag down.

      • Yes, but let’s not forget that Cynthia played a role in this domino effect as well. It was her messy questions to a fame hungry “friend of the housewives” that started things in the first place and THEN Nene invited said friend to the event behind Cynthia’s back.

        As far as I’m concerned, Kenya tried hard to not be involved when she got to pillow talk, but was pushed to confront an already old issue. Chris didn’t put his arm in the way of Kenya to block her like everyone on the show is saying, he GRABBED her.

      • So if I had to place blame for the physical altercations that took place that night, I’d say: Christopher/Natalie 20% Malorie 20% Apollo 20% Nene 15% Cynthia 10% Kandi 10% Kenya 5% With the main perpetrators being the first 4 groups.

  19. myinfo

    Kenya just posted her blog on Bravo. I agree with everything she says. Nene will be pissed. LOL

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