Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Good Golly Miss Molly!

Kandi RHOA I'll fucking drag you in this bitch!

It’s been two weeks since the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and when last we left the ghetto peaches their men were brawling in their underwear. Tonight, we resume and it is the womens’ turn to try and turn things up. Please note, I will not be referencing Chuck Smith, AKA Big Homie in his own mind, at all during this scene as he will remain ensconced between the fireplace and his wife’s coat tails for the entire drama.

We begin with Phaedra continuously repeating “we need to leave” despite the fact that absolutely no one, and surely not Apollo is paying her the least bit of attention. Once again, Kenya speaks the truth in her talking head. Nene started all of this with her shit stirring questions and now that everything went left she is trying to wash her hands of the whole situation. Nene makes a dramatic and illiterate announcement, “This ain’t about gettin’ all crunk with no fisteses and stuff!”   Porsha tells her sister “we ain’t sign up for no shit like that!” and they leave. It seems like Porsha is going to stroll through the lobby of the Intercontinental in a bright orange bra and panty set and a very see through white dress.

Christopher Williams and Nene seem to be on the same drugs page and are hugging it out. Natalie’s face indicates that she is not thrilled her man is in a very long embrace with a half-nekkid woman in mullet lingerie. Christopher decides the best thing to do is make another announcement. He says, ” You have to be a strange person to walk up to somebody and tell them (approaches Nene) I know Gregg better than you….”  His thoughts are so disjointed I am not even going to recap them. It seems like an attempt to get on his wife’s/girlfriend’s? good side. He accuses Kenya of being “on molly” (ecstasy).  Well, KENYA didn’t appear to be on anything but now I have a good idea what he and perhaps a couple of others were on.  I mean what’s a “pillow talk” party without some X?  Thanks for spilling your own tea there, Christopher.

Kandi You Trying ME! RHOA

So after Christopher’s pointing out that Kenya should not be talking about his relationship like she knows about it, Kandi takes the opportunity to point out that Natalie, Christopher’s wife (or girlfriend depending on who you ask) was all up in her relationship Kool-Aid without even knowing the flavor. Awkward silence. Natalie tries to talk her way out of it by throwing Cynthia in the wood chipper. This sets Cynthia off. Christopher can’t seem to stop talking. Is that a side effect of molly? He decides to tell Todd what was said at an event he was not even at. Cynthia tries to tell Kandi that she is only hearing the negative stuff that Natalie said and there was a whole conversation. Both Cynthia and Kandi are talking with their hands but Kandi is so short Cynthia’s hands are at face level and she is getting jumpy. Cynthia tries to explain to Todd because Kandi is not listening.

Then Mallorie decides to push Cynthia back and get in front of her as if to defend her from something that isn’t happening. I think this whole crew is on something. Erry last one of ’em. Peter, who has been listening at the door walks in and pretends not to know what is going on. He seems to be chewing on something but there is no food in sight.  Kandi somehow gets the idea that Peter is bucking up on her. He wasn’t Kandi is… not thinking clearly at this point. Peter says to Todd that he knows the rules, Todd pushes Peter back slightly and Malorie jumps in between the two men.  Why? Is she defending Peter? What is her reason to even be standing up? This escalate super quick and Mallory pushes Todd. This makes Kandi lose her mind and she tries to get at Malorie who pushes her back.  Again, Christopher is all up in the drama without a ticket to the show. He pretends to be holding Todd off but Todd is not going after anyone, he is trying to drag Kandi out of the line of fire. Peter starts yelling at Christopher to let Todd go as if he wants to fight Todd. Kandi is screaming that she is gong to fuck up Malorie.  Malorie turns to Cynthia and says, “I am going to fuck Kandi up tonight. I will beat her fucking ass! I am telling you now.” Kandi is screaming bloody murder at Malorie saying she will drag her up in this bitch and Peter thinks she is talking to him. Ain’t nobody talking to Peter!

Bathroom Breakdown Kandi RHOA 2014  AtlantaIf you think Phaedra took her man and left like a sane person would do, you would be wrong. She is still there and goes to comfort Kandi. When Kandi is talking to Phaedra, I could swear she called Peter “Papa” (reckon they all call him Papa Smurf behind his back?) Kandi is mad a Todd for pulling her out of the drama.

Todd explains to Peter that he was not being aggressive with him, he was protecting his woman by backing him off. Kandi wants to go and is pissed that Todd asks for two minutes to finish the conversation.  Cynthia tries to smooth things over with Todd. She tells him that Natalie had a lot of positive things to say about him as well. Things end all good for Todd and Peter and Cynthia.

OMG! During the commercial break, there is a #Movie by Bravo advertisement where Kenya is interviewing her good friend Regina Hall about the movie, About Last Night.  Kenya looks fabulous and interviews Regina like a pro. Kevin Hart is there too.  Kevin Hart even uses the phrase Gone With The Wind Fabulous.  O.M.G. honey, if Nene didn’t hate Kenya before this is gonna start her to start cutting. I just stopped to check her twitter and it’s radio silence. And now I am behind schedule! LOL.

Kandi explains the pillow talk party Carmon. Why do these people accuse Kenya of charging at Natalie? I’ve watched the scene a dozen times at least and Kenya is doing a clear stroll over in the direction of Natalie. Kenya wasn’t charging anyone. There was no need at all for Christopher to lay hands on that woman. Kandi says that Cynthia is always trying to get in her personal space. Carmon says Kandi was acting like her mama! Kandi says she was worse than her mama. Todd says they need to apologize to some people. Kandi says she needs to apologize to Cynthia, she actually likes Cynthia.

Nene and Gregg take some donuts over to Cynthia and Peter to rehash the party. Nene is trying to blame Kenya too when the truth is it is all Nene’s fault. Cynthia is mocking Kandi. This group is talking about how ghetto Kandi is. Cynthia says that Kandi was saying she was going to kill her. Cynthia says Kandi was acting like a street thug.

Kenya Talking Head 2014Brandon meets with Kenya and shows her his black eye and cracked rib. In Brandon’s recollection he talks about someone’s hands around his throat. That was Peter. Peter seemed to be trying to choke Brandon out on the down low for some reason. They talk about the police report.  Brandon says if it were just Phaedra and Apollo he would press charges but that he feels bad for their kids. Well Brandon, you give those kids way more thought than their parents do.

Meanwhile, at Phaedra and Apollo’s house. As Phaedra walks in the door at the end of the day, Apollo is in the kitchen putting things in his mystery back pack of illegal activity. Phaedra says she is irritable today and Apollo responds, “Just today?”  Phaedra is apparently returning from Alabama where she says she did not do well on her test or embalm any bodies.  They talk about the fight and Apollo said he was having a good time until the madness began. Apollo is telling some sort of story about Brandon falling on a bean bag and Apollo trying to put his shoes on. It’s all horseshit and Phaedra acknowledges it as such. Phaedra is blaming KENYA, for fucksake. Phaedra says she didn’t want to go anyway. A party with grown people in pajama’s she is not into “that fluffy” thing. Phaedra says it’s a fetish, people dressed in their pajamas.  Come on now Phaedra, if a third of what the street says about your sex life is true you know it’s “furries” and they dress up in furry animal costumes. Come on now. Oh there she goes, she said furries the second time. Apollo  Apollo-gizes to Phaedra. I think he needs to give an apology to a whole lot more people.

Kandi is holding open casting call for her play, Love. A Mother’s. I had no idea Atlanta had such bad singers. Where did they find these people?

Later, Kandi invites the girls to a spa. I assume for her to apologize. Kenya is pissed at Phaedra because neither she nor Apollo called Brandon to apologize. Phaedra says she is not going to let anyone come for her husband. Nene says she did not get an apology from anyone. Probably because it  is all her fault. Then Nene throws all kinds of shade a Brandon, who she said did text him. She calls him “Kenya’s good girlfriend in the red gown, Miss Brandon.”  And Nene’s disdain for gay men raises it’s ugly head again. She continues to use female pronouns when discussing him. That ought to be enough for Andy Cohen to throw her off the damn show.

After the massages ,Kandi apologizes to everyone over some green tea. I am dying to know the name of the spa they are at I was typing and missed it.  Anyway, Nene says she doesn’t think Kandi needs to apologize as much as Kenya. Nene tells Kenya she should apologize because it was Nene’s event and not hers.  Cynthia raises her hand like a teacher’s pet in an elementary classroom. Cynthia wants to address Kandi she seems to be apologizing she says she may have gotten to close to her personal space and she saw a side of Kandi she had never seen before.  Of course instead of letting her finish, Kandi interrupts her all offended by Cynthia saying she saw a new side of her. Kandi goes off again.  Cynthia and Kandi argue about the brawl all over again.

Phaedra is playing with her tea bag avoiding the whole confrontation. Has yet to say a word about her man throwing a prison yard beat down on a guy for no reason at all. Phaedra eventually launches into a spiel about black men and stereotypes and black women and…. Really? Really Phaedra? Your husband IS the stereotype that causes the negative labels. Kenya calls Phaedra out in her talking head asking if she has lost her mind. Phaedra says Apollo was just trying to break up a fight. Kenya stops Phaedra’s unending stream of bullshit to point out that nobody deserves to get beat down like they are in the middle of a prison melee for protecting a woman from a man. Cut to Phaedra’ s talking head that says simply, “That’s old news slut, please move on.” Well Phaedra it seems that everything old is new again when it comes to prison.

Nene tells Kenya it is all her fault. Then she makes anti gay comments about Brandon again. She says Brandon didn’t know how to act and was jumping up like a queen knowing he was gonna get his ass beat. Nene says Christopher didn’t even touch Kenya. Nene says Kenya is lucky she didn’t get her ass beat. Nene is a jackass.  I can’t believe no one is defending Kenya. Hell, I am defending her and I didn’t even like her. Production keeps showing very clearly that Christopher grabbed Kenya. Yet all these bitches keep saying that didn’t happen.

Next Week: Porsha auditions for Kandi’s play, Kenya throws a ball, Nene is a bitch, Marlo Hampton befriends Kenya, Kenya kills Nene with kindness at her ball and Nene gets pissed. Nene yells at Peter.


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225 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Good Golly Miss Molly!

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Great blog TT. ITA with everything you posted.

    • Karen

      Tamara, the name of the spa i this episode is the JeJu Sauna (if you haven’t found put by now). Love your blog; first time reading through it, and I agree the fight was NeNe’s fault!!! I stand behind Kenya on this one!

      • Lodak

        I normally agree with the write ups here, but huh?

        First, only Cynthia’s hands were flailing. sure, Kandi is short, but you’d know if she was flailing–which she did momentarily when she told Cynthia to back off.

        Next Kandi apologized at the spa, Cynthia got all turned up. She didn’t arrive with an open heart. Based on her sis, I’ll surmise that Cynthia is a hood chick too.

        Finally, and this one hurts a bit, I agree with Nene. Kenya should not have approached that lady. Things went downhill from there.

    • Michelle

      I agree. This blog is a must read guide to each episode. Very entertaining and spot on.

  2. Latrise

    Thank you, for agreeing that this situation was bs, when it comes to everyone making it out like Kenya, is the devil and cast a spell over the entire room to start them fighting.Even after she and Brandon, we’re not even in then room for the other fight, but of course it was her fault too.

  3. myinfo

    I can not believe nobody mentioned Apollo acting like an animal.
    Phaedra is full of s*it. She should only blame her husband.
    Cynthina is full of it too.
    Nene is to blame she asked the question that started the fight.
    I love that Kenya does not back down to Nene which pisses off big ego Nene.
    I hated Kenya last year now I am on her side.
    I can not wait for WWL with Kenya. I bet Nene is pissed Kenya is on tonight.
    No matter what Nene does she will always be the ugly moose. She use to be my favorite.
    Also nene has to pissed that kenya did the kevin hart movie commerical.

  4. Kat

    Next Week: …..Nene is a bitch….

  5. Gingersnap

    NeNe is being cruel, mean, and vindictive. What a bitch. I can’t wait until she gets hers, and she will. I hope she keeps making anti-gay remarks and feels the Bravo boot-heel. Andy never let Joe Guidice get away with it, and he called Marlo to the carpet about it too. I’m ready for NeNe to get a beatdown from somebody. Maybe Andy isn’t scared shitless of her like her lilly livered castmates. NeNe is making Kenya look rational, actually she IS rational. I understand that Kenya was late for the pajama party (gawd) but she was met with the door being slammed in her face, then personal insults were flung in her face in front of a crowd. Kenya apologized, but NeNe was on fire and she was the shit starter. It’s on NeNe, the HEAD BITCH (and don’t anybody forget it).

    Go Kenya!

    • Michelle

      Plus Kenya was late for a good reason. It wasn’t a big deal to anyone but Nene because Kenya was missing the shady questions meant for her. Who knows if the producers knew Kenya would be late but failed to let the rest of the cast know. More influenced drama.

  6. JentheAUfan

    I was expecting Mal to get involved but by picking up a wine bottle and killing papa smurf

    • Sherlz

      Lmfao good one!!

    • Reading Beads

      I was HOPING Mal would pick up a wine bottle and crown Peter with a whop on the head. Peter wants to be one of the Peaches so much he can taste it. Keeping my fingers crossed he bought that Mercedes he keeps hidden in the hood office from Apollo on some shaky credit application.

      After all, Cynthia gave the “none of the Peter Thomas dreams came true speech” and those two are in financial trouble again. How many times will Cynthia give him control of her finances?

      I loved that Kandi outed Peter for the lap dance. His office story is old and tired. He does business there alright. Maybe that’s what he needs the mancave for.

  7. Nene is a bitch period. I agree with you I have never been a fan of Kenya’s but this time she is in the right. She did not charge and Christopher had not business putting his hands on her. Great blog

  8. Latrise

    After watching the entire fight, I still agreed that nene, nat, and Chris, started it. And now I want to include peter, Cynthia, and her evil sister. From what I seen: 1 it was ok for nat to ask a question to Kenya about the status of her relationship and for Chris to get involve. I love how everyone is stated that it was ok for Chris to jump in, because he was protecting his girl. (More on that). 2. But it was not okay for Brandon to get involve, even when he say that he was protecting his friend. That he deserve what he got. 3. It was also okay for the guys to jump up and get involve and even hold down Brandon and take shots. 4. It’s okay for nene to place blame on everyone but herself, even when she corner Kenya in a back room and told her to listened to her when she was trying to find her friend. 5 it okay once again for Chris to point out that know one has the right to talk about anyone relationships. When in fact his girl and him were just doing the same thing. 6. It’s okay for everyone to ask a question and answer. Unless you are Kandi or Kenya. 7. It’s okay once again for Chris and now nat to stand up and address the situation, but Kandi and Todd needs to stay seated. 8. It’s also okay for others to get involve in the question, that was not ask to them, and jump in someone else’s face, unless you are Brandon and Kenya. 9. It’s also okay for others to put their hands on somebody, only under the pretended, that it is to break up a fight. Unless you are Kenya and Brandon.

    So if I’m understanding this right. If I was ask a question, I could not stand, I can’t defend myself, and I can’t put a hand on the person, if they touch me. Yes, sign me up for next party, I would make sure I’m alone, and dress as a sheep. So that it is understandable, why the wolves, are attacking me.

    • Well stated and I agree with you

    • Latrise

      For 8. I need to include Todd and Kandi, because according to Peter, Todd have no right to put his hands on him. Although Todd was protecting his girl, but it’s okay for peter and Cynthia to get in Todd and Kandi face. 9 once again, it is not okay for Todd and Kandi.

      • I stopped reading the first long comment after the third subject verb disagreement. I figure if you can’t conjugate English verbs, whatever point you are trying to make is probably equally stupid.

        On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 10:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Barbara R.

        Thank you Tamara. It was driving me insane.

    • Tina


      You hit the nail on the head. I totally agree with everything you said and I further want to point out that Kandi was so right to get upset and want to drag that B. Why would Cynthia get in her face like that in the first place, even to make a point. She wasn’t expecting to get throw in because she’s the one that came back and repeated what was said. She knows Kenya is going to put it out there if she knows it (LOL). I would have pushed Cynthia just for getting up in my face like that, who do she think she is. Kandi should not have apologized because she did nothing wrong, she only reacted to the situation that was brought to her. And back to Christopher, why did he feel the need to get up and address the situation? Yes, Nene started it but why did he get up. Nene was just trying to start BS up for the beginning. That MOOSE gets on my nerves ( in the thoughts of Kenya, LOL).

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Great points. Well made. Co sign!
      Yep, another party with those standards would be great. (NOT)

    • myinfo

      I agree. Great comment

  9. I also agree with you with all of Nene’s mean comments directed to a gay man. Andy will not like it one bit

    • Latrise

      We will have to see if he is man enough to address it, part of me thinks that he is going to down play it.

    • Urethra Franklin

      WTF is wrong with Nene and her derogatory intent referring to Brandon as Queen and female pronouns and all that crap. The word queen usually doesn’t bother me, and I use it all the time in a fun way but Nene’s intent was to degrade and cut Brandon down.

      Now I know why the “queens” who do her hair let her leave the house in those bathmats she calls wigs.

      Oh Kenya is on WWHL… I gots to GO.

      • Nikki

        Bathmats…now THAT is a good one!

      • Reading Beads

        I was HOPING Mal would pick up a wine bottle and crown Peter with a whop on the head. Peter wants to be one of the Peaches so much he can taste it. Keeping my fingers crossed he bought that Mercedes he keeps hidden in the hood office from Apollo on some shaky credit application.

        After all, Cynthia gave the “none of the Peter Thomas dreams came true speech” and those two are in financial trouble again. How many times will Cynthia give him control of her finances?

        I loved that Kandi outed Peter for the lap dance. His office story is old and tired. He does business there alright. Maybe that’s what he needs the mancave for.

      • Reading Beads

        Urethra has this one exactly right. All that name calling was offensive. For someone who claims to love her ‘gays’, Nene certainly failed their friendship on this episode. But then, if her gays are doing her hair, maybe they got a little revenge in advance. Nene’s new hairdo is horrific.

  10. beth

    NeNe wants an apology !? … gawd … really good recap TT, LOL through most of it.

  11. Michelle

    They film a reality show it’s supposed to be messy not violent. When Kenya left her seat to confront Natalie it escalated. Kenya did a promo she was not in the movie. Brandon is messy he started mess at kordell event as well he is always trying to fight. I guess it was nene fault that kandi overreacted too I guess. Reality shows have been on for a while but propel font know they have these events to stir up drama not physical fights. If people think it was nene idea to have the party and ask those questions you are dumb.

    • Did you go to school with Latrise?

      On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 10:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Latrise

        I truly have no clue why you are calling me out, when I was agreeing with everything you have posted; and was pointed out the reasons why. However, I did not know that we have to be English scholar to leave a comment. And before you attack a person about their grammar, make sure yours is always on point.

      • tleighb

        TT I love you! Attempting to read some of the comments makes my skin crawl.

      • Gu

        What a bitch…I included TamaraTattles in my weekly recap-round ups…but this type of disgusting,unnecessary and shockingly insensitive shots youre taking at your most loyal readers, has me erasing TamaraTattles from my life….

        You’re truly not deserving of the time it took for Latrise to click reply and participate…

        If anything you could’ve chosen not to reply at all, but instead you instantly dismissed her without even acknowledging the OG post

      • Thanks! I have some standards here. Mostly that your comment has to be comprehensible otherwise it’s just spam. I’d be happy to refer Latrise to your site if you like!

      • Kate

        TT That was funny. I just spit my coffee out I laughed so hard.

      • Looky-loo

        Haha. TT, you are a breath of fresh air! Unfortunately, I’ve become accustomed to commenters assaulting my eyeballs with bad grammar and typos, but Latrise’s kooky composition proved to be too much for me to read. Love that you called it out. Also, thanks for your always on point recap!!!!

      • Thanks. I do try to have some standards. People where yelling at me because she was agreeing with me. Um how the hell could they tell? My point was her post was incomprehensible.

    • pdt090

      Brandon didn’t ‘start mess’ with Kordell. He came out of Kenya’s event to APOLOGIZE to Porsha and tell her he was going to try and clear things up so she could come back in and Kordell went off on him for no reason.

    • Tina

      Some people are just idiots!!! What do you think will happen if you address personal stuff like that and everyone is drinking, really. Yes, Nene is the instigator. Whether it was her idea or the show idea for her to ask those questions, it is her FAULT, she’s the one that asked the questions. Kandi did not over react. She should have slapped the S**t out of Cynthia for getting in her face like that and talking to her in that manner because no one would have known what was said if it wasn’t for her. Cynthia should not feel that it’s ok to ever do that no matter what she thinks she’s trying to do. Then tell them to take whatever they want to take from it. That B would have been on the floor. And her sister, no words, action only. Yea, you should be the bigger person but sometimes you have to make an example, especially when you have been warn.

  12. Beverly

    Being the loudest one in the room does not make you right but that’s how Nene wins all her arguments. Everyone’s afraid of Nene because she hand picks who she wants to be on this show and if they cross her, they’re afraid she’ll tell Andy to get rid of them. It’s time for Andy to grow a pair and put Miss Leakes in her place.

    • Nene has no control over casting. Nada. Zero. None.

      On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 10:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Beverly

        I know. But she thinks she does and therefore the rest of her cast mates believe she has that power. I remember at one of the reunions she told Andy something like she needed to talk to him about letting someone go before the new season. Not her exact words but that was the intent. Someone was saying last week that they thought kim might want to come back to rhoa ( I don’t believe it) but why do you think Kim is now saying nice things about Nene. She knows she has to have nene’s support for any chance of getting back.

      • She doesn’t know any such thing because Nene doesn’t have JACK SHIT to do with casting. What you WILL notice is Nene is being all pleasant about Kim in her interviews these days because she knows Kim has an open invitation to return. Whether she will or not depends for the most part on KROY and whether or not she get a third season of her spinoff.

        On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tamara, I’m curious…..why is been widely assumed that she does have some say in the casting?

      • Because she pretends like she does.

      • truebeliever

        Andy makes Nene thinks that she does have some control when he won’t correct her. Also, Nene has brought on two other couples that she recommended. I believe that Chris and his “wife” were instigated by Nene, just like Chuck and his wife. Nene just used Cyn to attack Phaedra and Kandi, yet they are too dense to see it and I believe they are afraid of Nene.

      • Katrina

        Natalie and Christopher are from New York. That is where Natalie knows Todd. Todd’ s family is still there. Apparently, they do this every year. This explains Marlo’s footage and why she never did an interview. There was another women that filmed but none of her footage aired.

      • Reading Beads

        Nene Leakes, by her own admission, is ghetto and can get ‘crunk’. This was a repeat of her behavior on the bus tour with Kim and Kandi, threatening Kim, in her face. Nene is a bully. Plain and simple.

        I liked her talking head humor for a while, her contorted faces and comments were funny at times. After her “pacific questions” comments and an entire wedding special full of “bride maid’ comments, her command of the English language is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

        Nene was gunning for a fight from the start on this episode. Her dislike of Kenya, Phaedra and Kandi is obvious. Nene has to be the center of attention or the other housewives take a tongue lashing. No fan of Phaedra but Nene’s scalding name calling of Brandon was uncalled for.

        In Nene’s mind, she thinks she calls the shots on who stays and who goes. Why else would her ‘bride maid’ be present at the Pillow Talk party? Nene appears to be auditioning for some unannounced opening on the cast (in her own mind, of course). Chuck and Mynique were there for humiliation purposes and to cause Apollo to lose his temper, which he did. Why he went after Brandon is beyond me.

        The tape replay shows Peter getting some blows in on Brandon as well.

        Nene has lost it.

      • Reading Beads

        Nene bullies them until they lose it and Bravo lets them go. Kenya will not be as easy. I hope Kenya stays just to make Nene crazier than ever.

    • Brewhaha

      Not one out of this group is afraid of Nene, ok maybe Cynthia but whatever. These ladies know Nene wants it to be all about her and they understand her style is to be the loudest. Most of them don’t engage in arguments for her for that reason. They’re smart, not afraid.

      • Katrina

        I don’t think Cynthia is afraid of Nene. I think the other girls call her week because they did not like the fact that she gets along with Nene. Kandi and Phaedra have a similar relationship.

      • winwin

        Cynthia is very afraid of NeNe…did you not see her cry in Savannah? Interesting she can try to get crunk with Kandi, but NeNe barely said two words to her in Savannah about her young daughter having a boyfriend and she left the room crying.

  13. pfffttt

    It’s time to FIRE Nene from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has no storyline and she is very fat quite frankly.

    • SnookumsLynn

      What does her being a big woman have to do anything? and for the record, i don’t think Nene is fat…she’s hella tall and thick…
      regardless of your body issues, I do think it’s time to let Nene go, this is the only way she can stay relevant on the show by acting an ass, it’s time for her to move on

    • gigi

      this show is nothing without nene.. they need her for the ratings.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I don’t think she’ll be fired, Andy seems to like her too much.
      She is, indeed fat. I didn’t notice it before because of her height, but wearing shorts and flats at the spa showed how large she is.
      One thing about Nene, she acts like person who THINKS she ALWAYS looks good. Her confidence, some may say arrogance, is remarkable.

    • Katrina

      They will fire Nene when they no longer need her services.

  14. Kat

    Wow not one tweet from nene the entire show that’s not normal for her

    • grandmalou

      I’ve got a feeling it’s the “New Normal” for Miss Leakes. Nene is losing it right in front of our eyes. She can’t handle being a non factor. Give her a couple more weeks and watch what happens as she spirals out of control.

  15. KB

    If this whole thing can be described as a “domino effect” as Nene put it, then in my humble opinion, she was the first domino to fall which then caused the rest to be knocked over. She is being so defensive in saying its Kenya’s fault because she is trying to shift the blame off of herself and Kenya is just an easy target because none of the ladies like her. Unfortunately for her the audience can see right through that.

    • I believe the term she used was “domino efffec”

      Why does she have such a problem getting that last letter of a word out, meanwhile adding a syllable to fistusis and breastesses?

      • lori

        I think she was trying to say fisticuffs but yeah, you know… she’s an idiot.

      • Teenie

        That shit drives me crazy. Take a speech class, open a book. Look a word up in the dictionary if you don’t or can’t understand what is being said. If not then PLEASE shut the hell up.

  16. In light of the recent events, I can’t in good conscience support the RHOA. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. To quote another HW “thugs in a cocktail dress” unfortunately they are real thugs. They are all hustlers but not in a good way. Its about moral ethics. But TT I love your other blogs and will continue to follow them. Arrivederci Atlanta!

  17. Nene asked a question. A. Question. This whole franchise is built on scenes full of women rabblerousing by pushing buttons. It does not give someone involved in said question to get up and walk defiantly towards somewhere else while bragging that she isn’t backing down. And no man, with a set of ballz, is going to let anyone charge his woman.

    Kenya was wrong. Point. Blank. Period.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Except for that pussy football player dude that kept hiding behind his wife instead of shielding her.

      • Ha!!! Yeah…his ballz were on hiatus, cah-learly.

      • I don’t think it was wrong for him to stay out of it. How sad is it when we think that throwing punches is right and being appalled at a physical fight at a party is weird or wrong.

      • brillke

        Its not so much that the guy stayed out of it, is that he physically his behind his wife. It was comical, IMO.

      • lori

        Lol! Here, let me help. *hid – I hate when that happens!

      • beth


        Speaking for myself, Chuck did not look appalled – he looked downright scared, and, I swear he was not standing upright, but instead was crouching down behind his wife. I might not have been bothered by that, except that it is in stark contrast to his arrogant attitude about the “team” of women he claims he had – ugh, gag me with a spoon …

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      From what I saw, Kenya did not “charge” anyone. She stood up and strolled over to address Natalie. She said: “I’m front pedalling.”

      Nene’s whole attitude was hostile and antagonistic towards Kenya. A good host is supposed to make ALL of their guests feel welcome and included. Nene failed miserably. I hold her responsible for EVERYTHING that happened. She set the tone, the mood and the atmosphere. Slamming the door in Kenya’s face? Reprimanding her in front of the others?

      Then, after Brandon was ASSAULTED, Nene had the audacity to get into Kenya’s face and SHRIEK at her? Nene, no bueno.

      Kenya was NOT wrong. Point. Blank. Period.

      I am NOT Team Kenya. In fact, I have not been Team Kenya at all this season, but in this situation, she didn’t do ANYTHING wrong.

      • Yamoah excellent comment. Agree with you completely.

      • Kimster

        Agreed. I’m not Team Kenya either. However what NeNe fails to realize is that Kenya was NOT the first to get up. Christopher Williams got up first and started walking towards Kenya. Kenya got up to address Chris’ wife who claimed that Kenya was “back pedaling”.

        Chris grabbed Kenya’s arm and that’s when Brandon got up. Chris had no reason to grab Kenya and I don’t think Kenya was charging Natalie nor was she being threatening.

        If the shoes were on the other foot (i.e, NeNe’s) she would be calling foul on Chris.

    • Brianna

      O hell no Kenya didn’t charge anyone. She’s bigger than that Chris guy if she was charging I bet she woulda knocked his ass over. The whole “standing” rule was broke after Chris stood to address Kenya that placed himself in a position of authority. It’s only right that Kenya would stand to be eye level.

    • brillke

      Well shit. I’ve tried to type the word hid twice and failed. I’m putting myself in time out.

  18. Tanya

    I think Nene started everything, Apollo was wrong and so was Kandi she starts a lot of shit sneakily and Cynthia was just talk. But I think Kenya was right this time and Brandon was right to defend her, I can’t believe Nene would ban him they beat on him he was only protecting a lady!!!!

  19. Cassie

    What a great episode. Reminds me of the days of the bus ride with Kandi,
    Kim and Nene. I am so glad people are beginning to see Nene for who she
    really is. That child is so jealous of anyone who has a hint of having more air time. Unfortunately she is the loudest so it seems as if she wins the arguments.. If Kenya only could have said you need to STFU since you started this sh__. Kenya however, will stir the pot. Why do any of them think Nene is their friend because everybody knows she is team Nene all the
    way and if that means shi_ _ _ _ _ all over you so be it. She tries to embarrass Phaedra and Kandi every chance she gets. Her goal now is
    probably to try and get Kenya fired. I hope Andy finally opens his eyes.
    But, if that damn interview he had with her saying she was the star and head
    bitch and suggesting who he should let go last year I don’t know what will.



    • Beverly

      Ha. Cassie remembers nene suggesting to Andy she wanted to get rid of someone last year. I knew I wasn’t making that up in a previous comment. I hope Andy (someone/anyone) puts nene in her place at this years reunion.

  20. One more thing…Porsha was THE SMARTEST one of the whole group tonight. She left.

  21. Cami

    That whole situation was uncalled for reality or fake. True Nene started it but,Kenya could have made her point from her seat. I’m not agreeing that Chris should have put his hands on her or the guys beating up on Brandon but they could have avoided that. I don’t agree with them putting the blame on Kenya and Nene trying to make herself look innocent. Is it me or is Ms. Parks switching teams?! I say that because her and Nene are all of a sudden buddy buddy?!

  22. FGF

    In all fairness I’ve heard Nene refer to her own husband and Andy himself as a queen so I doubt that anyone would take that as gay bashing. She gushes all of the time about how she loves the gays and how they are the best at everything.

    I still can’t believe that Mallory got involved and pushed Todd and Kandi. And I’ll be in the minority but I’ll be damned if I’m sitting on the floor on a bean bag and someone walks across the room towards me in the heat of an argument. Kenya could have pummeled Natalie just the way Apollo did Brandon while he was on the bean bag.

    Lastly, I think after seeing Apollo’s rage, Chuck was genuinely afraid that he was next. Imagine if Kandi and/or Phaedra had brought up the stuff he said about them. Fight #3!!!!

    • Urethra Franklin

      In this context Nene’s use of “queen” was meant to be derogatory. That word is used all the time in my circles with no problems, but I do know the difference when it’s meant to put someone down.

      And a shout out to my favorite fag hag TT for a great recap!

    • Please share some examples of Nene gushing over a gay man.

      On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • And I mean gay men that do NOT sign her pay checks.

      On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • FGF

        First season all she talked about was how fabulous Dwight was and how he was her gay boyfriend. Then, when she went to LA she kept talking about how gays invented nail polish, eye lashes, make up and all things fabulous. She also said after Kenya’s ball that she called her gay friends (referred to them as queens) to dress her as Grace Jones because they are fabulous and have the most style. I’m not a fan of Nene AT ALL but I have heard her speak positively about gay men on the show.

      • All of those people were catering to her. She went HAM on Dwight very quickly. And in LA she was screaming at her gay assistant to ” Just not be gay for five minutes.” She’s never liked gay men. She doesn’t have a gay BFF (practically unheard of in Atlanta!) and I’ve always felt like she just pretended to be okay with homosexuals because everyone on the cast truly feels that way. She had a field day with Kim Z’s brief trip into the lady pool… I can’t believe anyone ever thought she liked gay people. Gay men liked her because she resembles a drag queen. LIKED being the operative word.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • FGF

        Her fight with Dwight had nothing to do with his sexuality. She went ham on him because of gossip Kim shared with her. Even at that season’s reunion when asked about Dwight her only negative comment was that he was a “social climber.” Honestly, who hasn’t Nene gone ham on?!

        As for Kim, I remember her taking a tabloid to Sheree’s house and clowning because Kim decided to break the news via the media. I also remember her saying that Kim had recently been still involved with Big Papa. There was no gay bashing in that scene. She even went to lunch with Kim and asked her what it was like to be with a woman.

        I also recall her & Lisa meeting a gay man in LA and befriending him. That same man flew to Atlanta to participate in her fake charity Heel the Soul event. Both he and Dwight participated while he dressed in drag and Dwight in heels.

        I really don’t recall her openly gay bashing before or after her work with Ryan Murphy. Her friendship with Dwight seemed genuine & seemed to only end after Gregg swindled him out of $500 or $10,000. We still don’t know the

      • brillke

        Dwight is a con man. I don’t think there’s anything genuine about that man.

    • Lisa

      I can’t believe Mallory got involved either. Why was she there??? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, she’s as messy as Cynthia.

      • FGF

        Mal getting involved was crazy because she can’t stand Peter!! Then to push Todd. I hate when women get physical with men, knowing they can get hurt. Cynthia is as much to blame as Nene & Kenya for all of this mess. She had no business even questioning Natalie about Todd not discussing thr details of their convo with Kenya!!

  23. jellybelly

    I couldn’t quit laughing after Nene in the first few minutes .” fisteses n stuff” …What a joke!

  24. Urethra Franklin

    And WTF was wrong with Malorie geting all Bad Girls Club on Kandi? She must be thirsty, but Kandi had every right to whoop her ass.

    • Seriously....

      While she overreacted to what she thought was a physical altercation in the making, her intention was clearly to separate the parties. She pushed Todd away from Peter (who was already being held back) and Kandi lunged at her. Then Malorie pushed her back. If Kandi had not already been “heated” she would have seen that.

      • JenB

        I respectfully disagree. I watched it three times. Mal was standing behind Peter. She then SHOVED Cynthia aside (watch Cyn’s body movement) then shoved Peter (who struck back at her) while also shoving Todd. Todd did not shove back or strike out at Mal. Then Mal shoved Kandi. If Mal had done that to me and my husband, I would have kicked her ass. This was not Mal’s business. Peter and Todd are men and they were talking. I think Mal wanted some camera time.

      • Lisa

        Uh uh, she should not have touched Todd. That was the beginning of that situation. That was a No NO!

      • Kimster

        None of this involved Mal. So she didn’t have to push Todd/Kandi. Nor did the have to make the remark, “I’ll beat Kandi’s…”

        Mal’s behavior was uncalled for…

      • Seriously....

        JenB, we are sort of in agreement just not about her motive. I’m just saying that Mal thought she was separating them (which was actually unecessary). She pushed everyone apart her sister included. Kandi however, she put her hands on AFTER Kandi lunges in reaction to Todd being pushed. At which point, he actually holds his woman back. Todd was the only one to assess that situation correctly and calmly which is why he squashed it quickly.
        Mal makes her remark after Kandi shouts the drag you comment and she makes it to Cynthia. As I previously stated, a misunderstanding all around and heated tempers.

      • New kenya fan

        I was watching from my tv screen and I couldn’t see that. I think Mallory wants to be involved. She obviously doesn’t have much respect for her sister the way she dragged her away ( not to mention the marriage license thing and the showing up uninvited thing) I just fee like because kandi and Todd are small she feels she can push them around. If she was truly trying to break up the fight she was doing a ridiculous job of it.

  25. Really!!!

    “……..I think this whole crew is on something. Erry last one of ‘em. Peter, who has been listening at the door walks in and pretends not to know what is going on. He seems to be chewing on something but there is no food in sight”…….You are really funny. I’m done with it all. It’s all comical to me now.

  26. Seriously....

    I actually hadn’t seen the previous episode so I reserved my opinion until then. In my humble opinion, Kenya was advancing aggressively toward Natalie and Chuck’s intention was to halt her. Brandon was the the domino and Apollo lost his mind.
    Nene did the bidding of the producers. Did anyone really go to the party thinking shit wasn’t going to be stirred? They should know better.
    I do think that Nene’s anger at Kenya is out of proportion and extra but I guess she needs a storyline and this will do.
    Kandi vs I don’t even know who (she tried to fight everybody, lol) was just miscommunication and rampant emotions. I do like that she owned up to it later on.
    Todd calmly working it out with Peter even when Kandi was trying to storm off was a good look for him. He looks better and better every time they show him. He seems to have that inner confidence that comes with knowing who you are and your place in the world. No wonder he brushes all the craziness off.
    Those Kandi gifs, this line “Apollo is in the kitchen putting things in his mystery back pack of illegal activity” TT, you need to put up a funeral fund button because you slayed me.

    • New kenya fan

      I’ve seen a gazillion of these housewives shows. And they probably run on the same formula. If nene was following orders she was doing it with extra gusto. I’ve never seen another housewife look that ridiculous, so I’m placing the blame at her gigantic feet.

  27. Tracie

    Hi, everyone.

    Great comments. I just wanted to say that NeNe did ask the question but she cannot control how people respond or act. Perhaps Kenya could have listened to what was being said, made her point, and move on. At any rate, walking towards the person you are arguing with, whether the intent was to be confrontational or not, could escalate the situation.

    I blame Bravo. It sounds like a Bravo idea to have this type of gathering. When the first confrontation ended, they should have ended the night but it seems the filming continued in an unsettled environment.

    • gigi

      thank you! i agree!

    • I love this blog

      “Nene can’t control how people respond or act”

      Yet you go on to say. ” I blame Bravo”

      Cup of oxymoron anyone?

      Dear one . Remove yourself from your electronic screen, and keyboard. You are struggling.

    • gigi

      dear one, ignore the mean person… hurt people, hurt people

      it IS bravo’s fault.. they set the scene and as you mentioned continued to tape after the first fight.. this type of drama brings the ratings. it’s what they do and they do it very well… everyone on the show is a pawn.

    • Katrina

      This reminds me of the RHONY, when they went to scary island. Kelly Bensimone unraveled.

  28. Sherlz

    I think this is by far the most honest and fair post ever! Thank you! Nene is 100 percent wrong!! I’m sorry I know no one likes Kenya I do! And I believe Nene is hating on Kenya since she made it to this show, because I believe that Kenya might be stealing her spot light. Pha -Pha is a shady witch. All these women are brown nosing nene’s a** and that is why none is siding with Kenya. Who throws a party asking questions about ppls personal business? She was looking for trouble and trouble arrived. nene take responsibility for your actions please, and stop blaming Kenya

    • Why is it never a problem when Kenya starts stuff up. She did it at the bar when they were in Savannah with regards to Chuck dating Kandi and Phaedra, and she did it at the winery with Natalie.

    • Seriously....

      “Who throws a party asking questions about ppls personal business?”

      Reality show participants under contractual obligations to do so. Same people that plan road trips with people they can barely stand, go to the club where their ex just randomly happens to be with a new person, whose “good friend” was just introduced to them by the producer before taping… You know, normal, everyday, real people.

  29. lori

    After seeing the replay clips from last week in tonight’s episode, I swear Christopher looks like he’s been hitting the crack pipe.

    TAMARA! I was thrilled to see that you wrote “DIDN’T like her” in regards to Kenya! Are you actually starting to like her? I am one of the few who really does. Nene on the other hand I haven’t liked for years. I just can’t with her.

  30. Nene is a though in a bad synthetic toupee

  31. CaliSteve

    “Thug” that is…

  32. JoJo

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t get all the Kenya love. Nene acted like an absolute fool the whole time prancing back & forth in that ridiculous outfit w/ white slippers. She may even have come up with every single question to cause major drama. But I don’t think in any way the questions were planned so that Kenya would jump up and approach Natalie. No matter what words you want to describe it, it wasn’t a friendly jaunt. It was aggressive as hell while she’s ranting about front pedaling, simultaneously watching her TH saying ‘she’s no punk’ ‘you come after the wrong person’ – while rushing past Chris. If she wanted to equalize anyone, she should have got up and jaunted over to Chris, who made the comment about her meds before he got a chance to ask why she found it necessary to tell the world the nature of his relationship with Natalie. If that didn’t happen I doubt Chris would have ever put his hand on Kenya’s forearm saying “wait, wait, wait” while probably thinking his ‘wife’ might get hurt, and Brandon jumping up in his face and then getting the shit beat out of him and all the testosterone fly – except from the ‘big Homie’ Chuck who had sense enough, I guess, to hide behind his wifey.
    Kenya has not missed one of 50 opportunities to make every comment she can think of about Apollo’s prison time. She is so smug in her TH that bash every one of the cast & their men, but the only man she has had was rented last season that we know is a real person.
    And lately it’s mostly just her TH they’re using as POV of the scenes. She’s one mean SOB most of the time and the queen of hyperbole and overacting. All of them have been shady as hell with one another in the TH and are messy, but now Kenya’s seen as some righteous heroine and I don’t see it.
    Now none of us get to know the damn answer on how Christopher sees his relationship w/ Natalie. I wanted to hear him wiggle out of that.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I’m definitely NOT Team Kenya but I recognise her value to the show. She knows how to create drama, cause havoc and get people talking. She has been at the centre of MOST of the drama. The funny thing is that she is not a housewife or a wife and doesn’t even seem to have a relationship with a live person. SIDE NOTE, as an African woman married to an African husband, I can’t see any African man, ‘an oil tycoon’ (yeah right) encouraging his girlfriend/partner/future wife to try to get pregnant by artificial means/reproductive assistance. This is what makes Kenya’s story suspicious to me, but I enjoy watching her scenes and drawing viewers into her delusion.
      Also, and I think I like this the most, Kenya is not afraid or intimidated by Nene. This is GREAT. It’s about time that Nene met her match. Sheree and even Kim Z used to give her a run for her money but since they left, Nene’s inflated ego has been out of control.
      Nene’s MO is to overtalk people and get loud. THIS DOESN’T WORK WITH KENYA. I like the way she stands up to her.
      So, to answer your question, this might be fuelling the ‘Kenya love’. IJS.

      • Seriously....

        Gotta ask. Naija or Ghana?

      • JoJo

        I absolutely agree. I don’t want her off the show or anything, she is the entertainment, but only when she’s interacting with the rest of the cast and especially Nene. I zone out on every scene that’s just her and sperm and distant relatives.
        And I do think Nene is just getting worse than ever since she lost the Hollywood jobs. She’s reverted to mean and loud and I do like that Kenya stands up to her….mostly. Her standing up to her is mostly in her THs, she’s a little less tiger-like one-on-one or in the group – except for the ear grab that Nene ignored:)
        And this reminds me now how much I must like Kandi – she got all sorts of ratchet and pumped last night, but I understood why. I actually think if Nene ever went in on her about Todd, Kandi likely would “drag that bitch into it too”!

  33. Audrey

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Please get rid of Mrs. Nene Leakes. She is trash & definitely not a lady with her bully demeanor & potty mouth. Her life story has reached it’s peak, we are no longer interested. It will only get worse…uninterested. I thought she has changed for the best & to be respected. Nene is rude & obviously classless. Nene visited Las Vegas recently & was as rude as one could imagine. Honey, settle down, you are the queen of low class. You seriously have the strip club mentality. I’m sure you too gave blow jobs as we as screwed men in da club…you are not innocent Mrs. “I am rich.” Yep, hood rich. The real rich people are in what we are familiar with called, “Hollywood” you are in “Hollyhood “sweetheart. Mrs. Nene Leakes you have ruined your only chance to make it. You are the epitome of ghetto. Take responsibility…you started the entire commotion. You are loud, lousy and definitely you are right a “gangsta.” Grow the hell up you nincompoop. Greg if I were you I would throw that rubbish back in the trash can.
    Kenya don’t worry about a thing,,,Nene is already non existence. Cynthia is an idiot, Peter is the opportunist, Val is ghetto with a potty mouth & Phaedra and Apollo are going to be incarcerated, Khandi is already famous & has earned her money by working a real job. So, with that being said Bravo needs to clean house or shut it down. Let “those people”go back to where they came from….
    For the record, I am African American…I grew up very well & I wouldn’t Ever in the history of my life associate with such low class…disgusting!!!

    • Seriously....

      …WTF? All I got was that you gave blow jobs as you screwed men in da club. Oh and that America’s school system has really let down a lot of folks.

      • Audrey

        Don’t understand your comment

      • Audrey

        I see where you misinterpret part of my comment…I was referring to a comment that Nene made in the club about, ” girls giving bj’s in the club as well as screwing in the club…my letters on ” we’ll” got cut off…lol
        Under any circumstance would I stoop to the classless category.

      • Seriously....

        Dang it, I was ready from some “Tales from the Strip joint”. Guess I’m putting my dollars away for another day 😛

    • Urethra Franklin

      Dang Audrey you took Nene straight to the lieberry and dropped a stack of books on her head and read her out.

    • Teenie

      Audrey is simply stating what NeNe said when that stupid question about men in strip clubs came up. The questions were meant to stir pots and of course they did.

  34. Mel

    Talk about a detailed blow by blow recap! Tamara, you must be exhausted, I know I am. Great job.

  35. Chiisaimiss

    Peter for sure bucked up. I don’t blame Kandi at all. Remember, she was the only sober person at that party. Nene, Apollo, Cynthia, and Peter were 8ball rolling, too hype. I know Taurus behavior. Never start chit but will for sure finish it. Go Kandi!!

  36. Teenie

    I like Crazy Kenya. NeNe has always been mean spirited, hateful, and an egotistical pain in the ass. Perfect recap TT, as always very true to form and on point. Love, Love, Love your Blogs.

  37. Dana

    Not a fan of Nene anymore, but how is it her fault? Money makes these “adults” participate in the madness and drama. All are to blame, but the real personalities and egos of these people just came tumbling out!

    Plus, Chris Williams “Wife/whatever” did EXACTLY what she was paid to do – START the STIR-UP!!!

    To Chuck and his wife, the looks? PRICELESS! LOL People said he was hiding, I say they both looked amazed and personally were the only ones who seemed normal at that time, not a peep, nothing. Probably glad to not be a part of that fight

  38. AMarie

    lmao @ Tamaratattles commenting on posts about proper English and verb conjugation. Sweetie, you’re a blogger and look at how many mistakes are made in just this one blog. Get your shit together before you comment on posts that were actually supporting what you’re blog stated! I’ve never seen someone discredit their “supporters” for their posts like you just did! smfh

  39. AMarie

    -since apparently we are in school

  40. Sharnee

    They need to have a movie night to watch the pillow talk episode. Clearly we see that Christopher put his hands on Kenya and Brandon coming to his friends defense. Nene with her glamorous ugly ass, started that fight by passing out those shit starting flash cards. To call Brandon a ” Queen”, when he was the only man in the room to show any chivalry. Kenya may be cray cray but so much truth is coming clear.

  41. Jordan

    Kenya was grabbed, yes, but I just don’t give a crap. I can’t stand her and I would feel zero empathy/sympathy for anything negative happening to her. If anything it would make SENSE for bad shit to happen to her because then I could nod knowingly to myself and think, “ahh, karma does exist.”

    As for the Kandi/Cynthia part. Yes, Kandi overreacted and blew up. But Cynthia did get in her face angrily, as well as Peter came over and acted all “hard”. It was have pissed me off, too. Why is Cynthia getting angry at Kandi in that moment? It really makes no sense. Why wouldn’t she just speak to her as a friend and tell her like a reasonable freaking human being? It seemed like she was just pissed off at Kandi out of nowhere.

    Lol and Cynthia tries to say that she only sought the information about Todd, in the first place, out of concern for Kandi. Ummm BULLSHIT. But anyway, at that moment, if she was trying to talk to Kandi and let her know that lots of positive things were said about Todd as well, then she should have been speaking calmly and in a way that would diffuse the situation. Instead, her demeanor and body language were totally aggressive, as evidenced by how it completely amped Kandi up 10 notches. And Mallory is just a dumbass bitch who needs to sit down. Ugly, annoying and completely insane. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      “Why is Cynthia getting angry at Kandi in that moment? It really makes no sense. Why wouldn’t she just speak to her as a friend and tell her like a reasonable freaking human being? It seemed like she was just pissed off at Kandi out of nowhere.”

      I think it’s because she knows she was flapping her gums in the limo about what Natalie had said. Backpedaling much, and feeling a little guilty, Cynthia?

    • lori

      You’re right, because if it was out of concern for kandi, then Cynthia wouldn’t have blabbed about it on the bus.

  42. Audrey

    I can’t get over this segment…it is so apparent that the majority of the men which include: Peter, Apollo& Todd (the trio who frequent the strip clubs) are ALL desperate and dumb criminals. To the desperate housewives who chose to marry or accept an engagement with these bozos need to recognize that these guys have not only disrespected you as well used your funds to come up. Think about this for a sec…Peter is known for what…looser, Apollo is known for what…looser & poor poor Todd is known for what…the “L” word…ladies get rid of the baggage.
    Cynthia you are truly a nut case…you need major help. Look at you…you admire or are afraid of Mrs. Nene “Hollyhood” rich bird brain…stop trying to fit in…your low self esteem shines through. I thought those days disappear earlier in life. I wouldn’t EVER NEVER EVER have associates like you in my circle. Phaedra, you are far from a Southern Belle. You are not flawless nor brilliant! You are a thug in disguise…you truly are…like attract like. You chose your economically birdbrain husband to father your children…huge mistake. Honey, trying to be down & that girl gets you in trouble that even GOD can’t get you out. You will not beat the Feds…they are a lot smarter than you.
    Nene Leakes, I am looking forward to your departure sooner than later. Beat it!!! You are counterfeit! I know Bravo will rid of you very soon. Your attitude sucks & just for that alone, I believe you have ruined your dream…see ya!!!!!!!!!!

    • I love this blog

      I love how they poke fun, at Kenya for not having a Man. Yet all of their men. Are no prize. And continues to embarrass them publicly for the world to see. From Gregg saying on tape. He wants every penny back from Nene. For investing to make her ” a star”. To Gregg scamming/defrauding. A couple in South Carolina. Fox5 local news. Even did a segment and interview the elderly couple . He swindle a few years back. To Apollo pass criminal behavior. To his most recent. To the Cream Of Wheat looking guy. That smooches off of his wife. And in the process, continues to degrade her week after week. On national tv. To ditzy Porsha husband public humiliation of divorce. Kenya is right to leave her boyfriend off the airwaves . So/if when things go south . She wouldn’t have to endure any public humiliation. Like these women receive from their men. Good play Kenya. You learned your lesson, from the first time around.

    • brillke

      WTF did Todd do?

  43. Nelly

    Let’s go back two seasons to when they all went to Africa, and had the medicine man tell them, their fortunes. I remember him telling Nene how she was not a happy person, she said she’s happy but not in her relationship. The man said eh.. eh.., You are not a happy person.
    Remember he said Sharee should stay in her house, Cynthia will get married. (She did get remarried) the only thing that has not come to pass is Kandi getting married. I think Kandi has a good man and needs to keep her mother out of her business.
    I say all this to show how Nene is not a happy person. Anyone who is that label obsessed so very superficial can not be happy.
    She was always mean and ghetto ( her English makes my ears bleed, in fact Kenya is the only truly articulate one in the group)
    A hit dog will holler as the old timers would say, you can see that with the way she could not keep her cool and had to raise her voice at the table, yet Kenya was cool and even toned. A number of times the others tried to tell her to keep it down, yet she was trying to force her point. She is delusional with her argument.
    So unfortunate that the other ladies don’t see that Kenya is the victim here.
    The nerve of Nene hating on Kenya’s outfit, and not to bing her friend around, uuummmmmm, it was a couples event, Kenya could bring who she’s wishes.
    I never understood why she was so presses that Kenya was late it was a couples event, Kenya is single, unless you needed her so you could set her up like you did, now that would make more sense.
    I remember you inviting your friend to Africa and not even telling the other ladies, who does that? So don’t tell her she cant bring her friend to the party. Seems like shes mad at Brandon because he protected her like a real man, you you Nene had set her up to get, really I don’t know, but Brandon foiled your evil set up plan, and thats why you are angry with him and kenya.
    Funny how she never mentions Apollo.
    Nene is a spoiled ghetto brat who talks out of both sides of her mouth. Will go any way only when it’s convenient to her, and when you point out the truth she yells, insults and bullies. The moment she got some money she changed, her husband was not good enough for her, she hates Kim because Kim found her happiness. And now Kenya is tall, beautiful, and not a punk.
    As long as she can control you she will be your friend, the moment that she can no longer play you and be the queen be she will hate and tear you down.
    Nene is a hater, and is not ever going to be happy unless she always has the spot lite shine on her.

  44. brillke

    Well, guess I’m gonna get in trouble again for feeling the need to defend someone but here goes…

    As I said last week, Nene started this shit, she was wrong, but Kenya was wrong for charging, call it a fast, determined walk if it makes you feel better, Chucks wife.

    This whole mess started when Kenya felt the need to comment on Chucks marriage a few episodes ago. Why did she bring it up? Because Kenya is a bitter, dried up bitch and she enjoys seeing others hurt and angry.

    You add a frazzled Kandi to the mess and thing get doubly ugly. I think Kandi reacted so badly because of all the shit she’s taken off Mama Joyce. This was her way to tell someone off like she wants to tell her mother but out of respect and maybe some fear she won’t.

    I swear Kenya and Brandon are trying to get their own Beavo show. I won’t be a bit surprised if Brandon is her baby-daddy-doner and we get a show from invitro to birth.

    With the way so many reacted during the party, I’d swear the punch was spiked. So many over-the-top reactions is just not right, even for this show.

  45. Yamoah Asiedu

    TT, your blog is everything. Detailed, funny, well written. Love it. Thanks.
    I laugh a lot. If I had a 10th of your talent…..
    Don’t wanna like Kenya but she is winning me over. Nooooooooo!

  46. AngieB

    Of course the fight was not Kenya’s fault, but it was also not all Nene’s fault either. What she did was provocative, but not any worse than Kenya accusing Natalie of not really being married at the vineyard that day in front of a group of people. True or not, Kenya basically tried to humiliate her. Both women’s actions were designed to provoke a reaction and it just so happened that one reaction, with all the men involved, turned physical. And I know I’m in the minority, but I see nothing wrong with Christopher stopping Kenya from walking aggressively towards his wife, who was seated at the time. How was he to know Kenya wouldn’t jump on her? I think he should have grabbed her shoulders instead of her arm though. And Brandon had the very same right to involve himself to make sure Christopher wasn’t hurting Kenya. The real blame lies in Peter and Apollo, who escalated the situation by grabbing Brandon and assaulting him like street thugs. It’s obvious they already didn’t like him. Now since all the women are mad at her, Marlo reappears so Kenya has someone to talk to. Sigh.

    • MTQ

      I agree. Your response is one of the few unbiased assessment so far.

      There is enough blame to go around, but unfortunately is does not resolve issues and hides the core problems…rumors, hearsay, opinions etc., that is passed on as the truth.

      The last two episodes clearly demonstrated the devastation of “rumors” and its affect and the need to address/confront the person(s) responsible.

  47. Reading Beads

    Brandon and Todd were the only men in that room. Nene and her attempts to speak the English language are horrific. I heard ‘Bride Maid’ going through my head for months after her wedding special. Now, I hear fistuses and Queen and gay bashing. No wonder they threw her off Glee.

    Cynthia Bailey lied about the conversation with Natalie and Christopher. Why are those two on this show anyway?. Nene started that fight, all liquored up and gunning for a fight. The questions were meant to insult the guests. She got what she asked for. Let’s hope Andy is paying attention. Nene needs to go make her KMart clothes and take Cynthia, Malorie and Natalie with her.

    Can anyone tell me why Nene’s “Bride Maie” was at that party? (Nene’s interpretation of the time honored phrase). Much like “Pacific questions”, once again, her inability to speak has found it’s way to the loop.

    • AngieB

      Nene’s bride maid was there because she’d heard there would be free drinks and a show.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      “Bride maie” and “pacific questions”1? Yes. These are priceless gems. Side eye.
      Let’s add “fisteses” to the list of ‘creative vocabulary’ with Mrs Lenethia Leakes.

  48. jrleaguer

    Porsha and her sister were the only two smart people there by choosing to leave.
    It was nice for Nene to let Gregg out of the basement again for his weekly field trip.
    I am wondering if Brandon did not press charges because Phaedra’s and/or Bravo’s checkbook intervened. I do not see Brandon suddenly going all “Kum ba yah” and not pressing charges out of concern for the children.
    The Bravo lighting crew needs to go take a refresher course…Nene and Cynthia both looked practically beige in their talking heads.

    • I woke up thinking about this ..(blogger problems) and I realized that if Brandon had pressed charges, since it was a felony assault, Apollo would have had his parole revoked and may have had to finish out his sentence which would be several years pretty much leaving the kids without a father for most of their childhood. I could see a nice guy thinking, it was just a fight and the consequences would have been life altering for two little boys.

      Or Phaedra paid him off. A police report was files so his PO should have been automatically informed anyway. Right? MAYBE Phaedra or her attorney talked to his attorney and he had a change of heart.

      On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 8:43 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        Tamara~ What do you think of this scenario? Brandon did want to press charges, but when it got to Apollo’s parole officer…who I would imagine is being kept in the loop with the Feds about Apollo’s other activities, the Feds stopped (or have delayed) charges from being filed for the assault because they had him on the line for bigger crimes and that all may have blown up if they had followed through with assault charges. If you look into when this was filmed, it would have been while they were investigating him and soon before they took possession of his computers, etc.back in September.

      • makes sense

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 11:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kate

        TT I think you are spot on here. If a police report was filed his PO would have been notified. Heck its public record…. Either Phaedra paid him off or Bravo paid him off. Something is not being disclosed. This doesn’t make sense.

  49. sandra

    Great blog TT. I wonder if Malory is having marital problems, and needs or wants a spot on RHOA.

  50. jillian

    i can not grasp how you guys are defending KENYA MOORE? I am sorry but that bitch wants this. she lives for this. What happened that night is exactly what she wanted. Girl thrives on drama and being at the center of it. Since when is “queen” a gay slur? They have a bravo show called “fashion Queens” come on really? That is just silly. Nene had every right to get pissed off at kenya showing up over 2 hours late. She shouldnt of came truthfully. Also as i recall [gay bashing edited] brandon wants air time in the worst way, was it last season he started bullshit with Kordell for camera time? These two (Kenya and her girlfriend) need to go somewhere.

    • Here’s a little lesson for you. If you approach a gay man on the street and call him a queen and refer to him with female pronouns you are probably going to get laid out. Just because a very small faction of gay men, like Miss Lawrence and Derek J enjoy cross dressing and calling themselves queens doesn’t make it acceptable to refer to all gay men as if they are women.

      Class dismissed.

      • willlynn

        Preach Ms. Tamara! These fools here in the Bay Area still haven’t learned that lesson and always trying to run up on a Gay man thinking it would be funny but realize at the last minute despite his sexual preference he is still a man and capable of kicking ass like a man!

      • Teenie

        Well said, check please! lol

    • I love this blog

      @ Cluelessillian
      Ghettoneigh. Said it in a very condescending , derogatory manner.
      I don’t care how you, or anyone else tries to gloss it. And dress it up. Her INTENT was malicious.

      • Again, I’ve already deleted one of your blogs for stupid names. I am trying to prepare for an ice storm and really don’t want to babysit.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jillian

        And what was ms Kenya morose intent charging Natalie? If she wasn’t stopped what do you think would of happened

      • Anyone who thinks Kenya charged anyone is just delusional. She was sitting on the floor on a bean bag when Christopher decided to stand up and talk down to her. Any one with a brain in that position would stand up. Then since she was talking to Natalie across the room she walked toward her rather than hollering from the other side of the room like Natalie was doing.

        Nothing she did required a man putting hands on her. Especially the one who stood up to instigate the drama.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 7:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Seriously....

        On the bright side,TT, you guys now have salt. Hope you got right with God though before this apocalypse. By preparing for the storm, you mean run to the liquor store right quick right? LOL, gotta get your essentials first….

      • Sadly, I am in a pre-Lental phase and my liver has been on vacay for a few days. Alas. this means protein shakes and coconut water for the Duration of the apocalypse. It only gets more grueling when Lent starts….sigh.

  51. Alright I actually put away the text books to watch last night’s episode. i will admitt I didn’t pay much attention to the beginning of the pillow party becasue I didn’t care. There is no reason in the world for these people to be in each other’s company dressed like that! Why would a man allow his wife/woman to be in a nightgown in front of other men boggles my mind. But anyway, Never been a fan of Kenya’s but she didn’t start that crap. Christopher Williams has a bad rep for putting his hands on women (if the rumors about him and Hallie are true), but he could have just as easily stepped in front of Kenya instead of grabbing her.

    Mallory knows which side of the bread is buttered. She got in the middle of the crap becasue she has no where else to go. Siding with Peter gave her another week in the guest room!

    Not a fan of Kandi’s or Cynthia but we all know neither one of them know how to repeat a story correct so of course it was going to get twisted somehow. Kandi pissed Cynthia was talking about her family and Cynthia pissed Kandi “know” something about Peter. Whatever! They all too old for that “He said …she said” crap!

    If you ask me the only intelligent person in the room was Gregg. He stayed out it! Some folks say he was half asleep anyway! LOL!

    • FGF

      Gregg is always the calm in the storm. I don’t know how he puts up with Nene. Also, Halle Berry has stated over the years that it was not Christopher that ruptured her eardrum. On an episode of ‘Life After’ Christopher alluded to the fact that it was actually his childhood friend, Wesley Snipes, that beat Halle.

  52. Cynthia is a nasty spineless bitch. She stirs shit and doesn’t own it. Her imitation of Kandi was offensive. If a white person did that, her head would be on a pike.

    Sick of Nene and that albino hedgehog that’s been living in top of her head.

    Realized last night that peter’s head looks exactly like a Raisinet with a beard.

  53. verro83

    Thank you! This is the first recap I have read that is recapping accurately. As I watched last night I was explain the fights with Kand, Cynthia, and Todd exactly as you. Cynthia is always animated but because of her height I can see how Kandi misinterpreted. I even made the same comment about her hands being the same level as Kandi’s head.

  54. You are killing me with the subject verb agreement comments. I hope NeNe is excommunicated from the gay community. Any other housewive would be kicked off of the show for making those anti-gay comments, female pronouns, etc. Remember when Andy went off on Joe for making a gay comment. He is showing favoritism toward NeNe. Someone needs to read her ass for wearing those ridiculous wigs.

  55. Daniel

    In the beginning of the show Nene says success is in her DNA. How can that be? She doesn’t know who her dad is and considering the contenders, neither have success in their DNA to pass down to her.

  56. truebeliever

    It is totally ironic that Phaedra said people where “cashing check their arse can’t cash” when it turns out that’s exactly what her criminal husband and possibly she were doing all along.

  57. Brianna

    Kenya does “stir the pot” but if you call telling the truth creating drama then it what it is. Anytime Kenya has something to say she says it and puts it all out on the table. Natalie’s tiny little self couldn’t take it so she put her hubby up to it. I could see Chris saying that she was just his gf because Kenya used to be the hottest thing out back in the 90s but that was yrs ago Natalie should be over it. Cynthia thinks cuz she’s tall and pretty she can do and say whatever but I’m like kandi, that extra ish won’t fly with me. OMG and porschia soooo dumb for even opening her mouth to Kenya “from my point of view” girlll ur point of view is from the moon because ur an air head!

  58. Beverly

    I don’t know if Tamara will allow this or not but if you go to UTUBE and look up an interview called Sasha and Christopher Williams you will hear him say he is not married in a reply to her question. It says the interview was published in 2013. Maybe I learned about this from Tamara’s earlier blog. I’m not sure. Any who don’t yell at me Tamara. I wasn’t sure if this is the sort of thing you don’t want written on your page. Hope you’re prepared for the storm coming your way.

  59. Guccinara

    I’m sick of nene stirring up crap and then acting like she can’t understand why everybody doesn’t get along. But anyway in this situation that’s by the by nothing Kenya did warranted apollos behaviour. He flys in from nowhere, reckons he was trying to diffuse the situation but then made it 1000 times worse when he supposedly gets caught in the crossfire. As if we believe that story anyway. I’m disgusted in Phaedra acting like an enabler. I’m hoping she gave him a serious read off camera because he has gotten off lightly. As for fight no.2 well done to Todd for looking out for his missus. Peter shoulders the blame for the majority of that. Things were calming and in he went and overturned the applecart. Anyways just for the record I’m team Kenya in this saga but to be fair with her stirring in the past she is lucky she hasn’t had a beat down from somewhere. Btw I thought kandi looked really pretty that night despite all the grief and the big red wig thing.

    • Katrina

      So think it is better if everyone talks behind each others back? Asking a question about a marriage should not have caused a brawl. On the bus, Kenya told everyone that Natalie was Christopher’s common law wife. At the winery, Kenya had already called Natalie a liar (she did not get married in Vegas) and Christopher had told her that they were common law.
      Even though Christopher did grab Kenya, the fight was between Apollo and Brandon. Christopher was removed from the room. Apollo and Brandon were not fighting over “when Natalie married Christopher” I wonder if something was put into the drinks. Apollo was in a rage. Kandi literally turned into someone else. Most of time, when the women are with the men, they are on there best behavior.

    • Nikki

      NeNe was the one who instigated it all, although I am sure she did not think it was going to escalate. It was not her place to put Kenya on the spot. She lost her sitcom, so she has to stay relevant. You notice last season when she was on the New Norma, Nene was a little more relaxed and the focus was not on her. Now she needs the spotlight again. The whole night she was turned up.

  60. Nikki

    I think some parts of the entire fight scene were either contrived or escalated for the cameras. For example, it seemed that Chris Williams strategically got up to say something he could have said sitting down. Then Peter and Apollo “bum rushed” Kenya’s friend in an unnecessarily aggressive manner. I’d say the same for Cynthia’s sister and her involvement. However, I do believe Kandi’s anger was very real. I must admit, though, that Apollo did look quite good with all of that testosterone flying out of him! Quite unfortunate that he may have to use that same bravado when he goes back to jail for his latest offense.

    • Brianna

      Omg yes!!! Peter looked like he we moving on que and then just GRABBED Brandon for no reason. Then Apollo seemed like he missed his que so he had to go extra hard to make up for his late ass response!

      • Nikki

        I agree, that’s why it’s so hard for me to buy the whole scene. I mean Team Peter and Apollo pushed Brandon almost into the next room, the came so hard!

  61. “Peter seemed to be trying to choke Brandon out ON THE DOWN LOW for some reason.” Hilarious, I had to laugh out loud.

  62. Y0urc0nsci0us

    Kenya Moore is a liar. She is a miserable shit starter, whose ENTIRE storyline, besides her make believe B.S., is somebody eldest business. She was being a bitch to Natalie and Chris was protecting his WIFE. He did not shove her, he simply touched her. Brandon overreacted & got beat down. I don’t condone it.. But Kenya is a nasty piece of work & she is not fun to watch. She’s neither real or a housewife. She should be off the show because NO ONE on the cast even likes her. I apologize for any grammatical errors Prof. Rattles.

    • Brianna

      Please tell me where Kenya lied!? Please

    • Pssst! @Yourconscious I’m really not a stickler for grammar or punctuation (have your read MY blog, lol) I just bristle at poor subject verb agreement and want your (as in everyone’s) comments to be understandable. No apology necessary. You’re fine!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Can’t believe I am defending Kenya Moore, but how is she a liar. Didn’t Chris say he wasn’t married? His wife referred to her husband, yet he said he wasn’t married but he had a ‘special lady’. Didn’t Kenya say he used to refer to Natalie as his ‘girlfriend’? This looks like the truth to me.

      She is earning her Bravo salary by positioning herself at the centre of all of the manufactured drama on RHOA. If we eliminate Kenya from this season, what else would be going on? Hmmm, nothing. Nene’s wedding gifts? Gregg arguing with Nene about cooking/cleaning Kandi’s play and convos with Don Juan. Mama Joyce V Todd. Yaaaawwwn.
      Peter and Malorie? Peter’s new car? Phaedra’s new baby? Hmm, yep, nothing at all. Without Kenya (much like Brandi over in BH and Teresa in NJ) what would the viewers be talking about?

      Kenya, Brandi and Teresa are reality TV gold. From a person who watches to be entertained… reluctantly I say #TeamKenya.

      • As someone that has RAILED on Kenya Moore HARD since she showed up, I hate that I agree with you.

      • Katrina

        Kenya said Natalie was lying about being married. Kenya said that Chris refers to her as his common law wife. Kenya made this statement on the bus. I actually don’t have a problem with Kenya. I still think Kenya was brought in to replace Nene. This is the first year they have moved the target off of Nene and moved it to someone else. I also noticed that Kenya is doing more of the PR work I really like this season, it is more balanced.

  63. oobunillaoo

    cynthia, malorie, nene, peter, and natalie can take a long walk off a short pier.

    it pains me to say this, but after the last two episodes… team kenya.

    still laughing at cynthia being all indignant at the spa when kandi apologized. cynthia clearly thinks that because she is in nene’s orbit she is faultless, untouchable.

    if what we see on the program is in any way close to reality, kandi is a better example to her daughter than cynthia is to hers. kandi owns her behaviour and has actual remorse. cynthia blames everybody else and hides behind her bully allies peter and nene.

  64. GirlBye

    Kandi did look a mess with her Kool Aid rinse, but I don’t blame her for feeling some kinda way about the situation, since she was taking on Christopher’s string of nonsense and Mallory bucking for screen time in Buckhead.

    Did anyone else see the weird side intro (very quick) of “Nene’s friend Lexis”? I don’t remember her, and she looked…out of place, even in all this hot mess

  65. Priscilla

    I completely agree with you Tamara. I don’t like Kenya but she was right this time. It was Nene’s fault. All of these women act like their afraid of Nene and Nene thinks she’s always right. I think she thinks she can’t get fired from this show and she can get the other women fired so they are clearly afraid to stand up to her big bitch ass.

  66. New kenya fan

    Two corrections Apollo put his hands around Brandon’s throat twice and peter did push up on kandi. There was one flashback where the camera angle clearly showed that when kandi was outraged about Peter saying they were acting funny. Peter (who was already standing too close) pushed up on kandi threateningly again, exactly as kandi said “like he was about to do something”

  67. New kenya fan

    Damned skippy, let it be known that kenya may be ( have been) a villain. But rhoa ratings have skyrocketed even more since she’s been on.

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