Blood, Sweat and Heels Recap: Blame it on the Alcohol

Brie consols a drunken Mica on Blood Sweat and Heels

It’s been two weeks since we have spent time with those yankee gals (and Demetria) up in New York from Blood Sweat and Heels, and I am ready to get back to it. When last we left them, Daisy and Melyssa were still in the city doing their thangs, whatever they are, and the rest of the gang was in the Hamptons.  If you need to catch up on that you can do it here.

Look, I like this show, I think it is one of the best new things Bravo has offered us in a while, and there is less fake stuff in it than most of their shows, which is great.  But this show can be a little too real.  This episode deals a lot with Mica, whose Father has been dying for the past episode or two.  She was not on speaking terms with him and is trying to make amends. You may recall Bethenny had the same storyline on her show.  But I am pretty sure Bethenny took a few days off around that time. Or perhaps she didn’t have a mourner’s meltdown on national TV.  But Mica is about to lose her mind drunk off her ass in front of cameras. I feel sorry for the woman that she has no one in her life to stop her from doing it. It’s painful to watch and not fun to blog.  So I’m warning you in advance I am going to try to recount the episode without all the usual snark and humor.

Mica arrives to the Hamptons very late and drunk off of her ass. She is skinny as a rail and has been drinking for many, many hours. The sad part is, that the most fake thing about this show is that these women are friends. They were not friends before filming.  They have only seen Mica in the scenes we have seen where she is drunk and obnoxious.  They are not her friends in real life. So what we have here is a drunk woman mourning the loss of her father without a single friend in sight. The bottom line is she should not have agreed to film the Hamptons trip. I think “my dad died, sorry I can’t make it” would cover any contractual obligation. But no…

Demetria on Blood Sweat and Heels It's Hell Time

When she arrives everyone has been waiting for her for hours and is starving. Brie’s Mama’s summer home is not the kinda place where you can just walk in to the kitchen and make a PB&J.  So when Mica arrives teetering on tiny bright blue heels and looking like she might fall in the pool any minute, ain’t nobody feeling all sympathetic, what they are feeling is hongry.  (Why is spellcheck acting like hungry and hongry are the same thing?) So here she comes screeching out her  drunken hellos at the top of her lungs and ain’t no body happy to see her. Brie explains in a quiet, condescending voice that she is in a very exclusive neighborhood where one talks in hushed tones and displays their very best behavior.  When that doesn’t work Brie snaps, “act like you have an ounce of class.”

Demetria’s boyfriend Greg is the only male at the hen party. He seems like a really great guy. He gets Mica a drink right away, which may seem counterintuitive but it keeps her away from the champagne bottle and flutes. He gives her about half a glass and she is good. Mica announces she is going to say a prayer and then clasps her hands and closes her eyes for a hot second. Geneva stifles a laugh. Demetria asks her if she is sober. Mica  looks at Demetria for a long time and tries to bring her into focus. Then she asks, “Why can’t I pray?”

They ask how Mica is doing and she says that she doesn’t want to talk about that.  Everyone is ready to eat and Mica claims she is not late. Demetria excuses herself to freshen up and Demetria goes with her. This makes Mica cry. Mica starts throwing and drunken fit and leaves. Gregg tries to stop her and Brie says to let her go, she doesn’t want her there in her condition.

Meanwhile, Melyssa and her hair stylist arrive at Daisy’s apartment to get ready to go to Melyssa’s party hosting event. Melyssa makes sure we know she gets paid 5K-10K to become the property of the bar for a couple hours. Melyssa talks about how ghetto some past events were but says that this one is all good.  We shall see.  Daisy has a talking head about Melyssa’s video vixen days and how reputation is everything in NYC.

Demetria Blood Sweat and Heels Meanwhile back in crazy town, Mica is back because her driver left. Brie gets Gregg to babysit the drunk while she goes inside to call her a cab. Mica is angry with Brie and tells her to have some fucking compassion. Demetria wants to rescue Greg and frankly she’s not really interested in letting Mica borrow her man. She doesn’t even like Mica.  Demetria beckons her man saying, “Bae, we don’t involve ourselves in this foolishness come on.” And Greg minds really well.

After the first break it seems like we have missed a lot, yet missed nothing. For some reason everyone is trying to keep Geneva away from Mica. Demetria is out there, how did this all get put on Geneva? Nevertheless, we were almost free of Mica when Geneva had to offer a parting endearment about detox.  Mica turns around and goes straight for Geneva. Geneva said “detox” and falling down drunk Mica is all,”Oh like you never drink.” Gregg is trying to hold Demetria down, and she says she is not going over there and then ten seconds later Demetria is over there asking Mica if she has lost her mind and telling her she is at someone’s house!

Bottom line, these women are trying to reason with a drunk woman. Demetria and Geneva go inside. Brie is sitting outside in her lovely garden hoping the neighbors are not watching and Mica decides she wants to go inside and tear up the house before she leaves. Demetria and Geneva make a dash out the front door as Mica is trying to break into the kitchen door. Demetria says she is not going to be around no crazy bitch in a room full of knives. Thank god Geneva took off her Loubs and put on sandals because she is now running down a gravel driveway!

As Mica was leaving for the millionth time, she starts screaming my father passed away at 12:45 this morning! And now Brie is feeling bad again. Greg goes out to make sure her cab does not leave. Greg goes and gets Mica and leads her to the cab. Thank God for Greg.

Demetria decides to go home to NYC that night. Apparently, dinner was cancelled because the crew was exhausted.

Melyssa’s video vixen party is not really that interesting in comparison to what we just saw.  The party is pretty much empty. It was sort of sad. Later, Melyssa meets with “her mentor”  to discuss how she doesn’t want to be a video vixen anymore. He seems a bit creepy.

Mica calls Terry the next morning from her “cousin’s” house at the Hamptoms. Terry hears Mica’s side of the story and thinks all the other girls were being disrespectful. In Mica’s talking head she continues with the Wesley Snipes jabs at Geneva.

Brie and Geneva meet to discuss Mica’s drinking problem. Neither of them want to associate with Mica anymore.

Daisy and Melyssa got to Mica’s to drink and discuss the Hamptons. Mica is telling the story saying she was ambushed. Daisy calls Brie on speaker phone and Brie tells Daisy that Mica was very disrespectful to her home. It’s three against three and I am on Demetria and Geneva’s side. And if Brie comes with that deal then fine.

Demetria and Geneva are shoe shopping and talking about going to a fancy Polo Classic. They do not want to go with Mica. Or Daisy and Melyssa for that matter. I love the stilettos they are choosing, but they are ridiculous for a day at the polo grounds. They will ruin them, not to mention you can’t walk on grass in Stilettos.

Mica meets with Daisy and Melyssa to ask them if they think she needs an intervention. Daisy and Melyssa are clueless and don’t think she has a drinking problem. Brie is wasting her time.

Next Time: Daisy has a book launch party, Demetria and Greg discuss marriage, the girls break into two groups to go to the Polo Classic but somehow end up together anyway, and Brie and Mica have a private tete-a-tete

Update: For those of you who for some reason think Demetria’s hair is a wig. Demetria would tell you if she was wearing a wig, she is a very open person. Just for you, I asked her. Here his her response.

TamaraTattles     ‏@TamaraTattles                       4m

@abelleinbk  Yeah, but… I don’t care for that ish on my blog. I’m EXTREMLY biased. Did you cut your hair due to perms and regrow it out?

  • @TamaraTattles i shaved my head because that’s what i do every 2-3 years or so. i went natural in fall 1997. i permed it again in 09-11

     TamaraTattles     ‏@TamaraTattles                       19m 


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44 responses to “Blood, Sweat and Heels Recap: Blame it on the Alcohol

  1. Chiisaimiss

    I can’t unbelievable Brie right now…I thought she out of everyone would have Mica’s words

    • Dorothy Shambuger

      I feel sorry for Mica. It’s clear that she’s in pain. This crew is nothing but a bunch of snobs.
      Daisy is not a stylist! She looks very foolish and cheap in all of her outfits. I would never get style advise from someone who looks like that! Demetria is nothing but a snob! Love Mica!!! The realist of them all! Geneva have several seats!! You are tired!! Brie shouldn’t be on the show because she’s boring. But sorry guys in still stuck on the clown who’s a stylist! Girl bye!

  2. Debbie

    Bottom line is that Mica never should have gone to The Hamptons. A death iis emotional and overwhelming and so sad. The last place she should have been was with women who are not close girlfriends and the last thing she needed was to drink herself into a stupor. Everyone handles grief in their own way but this was sad and embarassing and she should have stayed home and been with actual people who loved and cared about her.

  3. kingafroninjaa

    When Demetria was with Geneva looking at the shoes I nearly fell in love with her because of the dress and her hair! I wish I could do that with my hair but sadly we have different hair textures. Le sigh. She can do no wrong in my book. I checked out the pictures she posted on Bravo and to see her hair journey is truly jaw dropping. She cut off her hair, she had perms.. her hair gives me an orgasm! #NoShame

  4. prince12

    I believe that Mica has a drinking problem and I believe that she should have not gone to meet those girls and she was being very drunk extra. HOWEVER, I also believe that Geneva aka Wesely Snipes (LOL- I might be going to hell but that chit was funny cause its true) but anyway, I feel that Geneva helped in making the situation worse and she should have stayed away as Brie asked her to do. I felt bad for Mica and that in no way suggest that I condone her actions but I was not feeling Demetria or Geneva and in the end it was not ALL Mica cause they were arguing with her too. How you gonna try and argue and talk with a drunk person? This was a sad episode to watch and as women if we don’t look out for each other, who will?

    • Deborah

      Geneva escalated the unfortunate situation ; Demetria was insensitive and Brie seems condescending.

      • LAC

        I agree. There is a point where I just got tired of those two snot faces and Brie boughie. Yeah she is drunk and out of it, but maybe if you could get the sticks out of your asses and reached out, that might have defused the situation. Like Geneva and Demetria never got all loud and stupid at some time in their lives.

      • I’m sure they have. But not on national television. Yet Mica and Daisy and Melyssa have done it on every episode, so….

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 9:59 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I agree with all three of those things. Yet, they still remain the sanest options.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 7:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. Chiisaimiss

    I get what everyone is saying but Mica came there for a good time to escape with people she thought were her friends..they hit her when she was down. No Empathy, no Filter, not the time to be “real” or whatever. The To Wong Foo, I died! You go, Mica!!

    • Seriously....

      She provided them with no context. They’re not mind readers to know that her father had passed and she had been self medicating. Anyone would assume that if you are coming all the way to the Hamptons instead of staying at home or being at the hospital, you have it together enough to maintain.
      It would have taken just a phone call or a text to say sorry, have to deal with stuff, will be late. Better yet, she was not in a mental state to be anywhere but at home under her blanket.
      She was late, she was loud, she was drunk. Those were facts, not attacks.
      However, the other ladies should have known better than to try to reason and argue with someone who was clearly out of it.
      Greg was awesome though.

      • Chiisaimiss

        They were all late to her party. She never gave them crap about it. I believe Demetria was almost two hours late? If you know someone is going through a hard time, you greet them with a hug a little understanding. It’s not about them being mind readers, are you serious? D and W. Snipes had a conversation about it a scene before that..

      • You can’t really be late to a drop-in party. You can be later to a scheduled dinner for TV. Especially if the reason you are late is you are up the street getting drunk. Everyone including the crew was stuck waiting on her for hours. Dinner ended up having to be cancelled entirely (for filming). No matter how bereaved you are, you can text someone and tell them you can’t make it.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 2:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  6. I just can’t stand Daisy!

  7. Urethra Franklin

    One word about Melyssa in the restaurant scene with her mentor: Eyebrows!?!?!

  8. JoJo

    Yeh, this was a hard episode to throw rocks at anyone.
    So, on another note, I loved when Demetria said she was getting out of the way of the kitchen, Mica was heading in there, and there were knives and everyone knows from movies that Black people are the first to get slaughtered! It was more funny since there weren’t any White people.

  9. Jordan

    I’m sorry but the Wesley Snipes comment was BADASS. Perfection. Was Mica a drunk hot mess? Of course and I would have been annoyed with her too. But I did love that comment. I just do not enjoy Geneva or Demetria. They act like they’re too cool for school.

  10. Being someone who lost their father when I was 12 and being that he died because he was an alcoholic. I can sympathize with Mica. I felt really bad for her because she feels rejected by her father and was looking for closure and didn’t get it. I agree she shouldn’t have gone to the Hamptons and should have gone back home and let Terry help her. I felt the ladies were somewhat insensitive, but again they didn’t know what was going on. But I have to admit, it was funny when Mica tried to get in the house and D and G went out the other direction. I thought G was getting ready to fight or something when she changed her shoes. All I can say is Mica need help and I hope she gets it. Love the show! And thanks for the recap TT!

  11. Mybellmichel

    Why is it that Demetria and Mica are the only cast members with good makeup artists? The other women’s makeup artists should be fired! What is up with this horrible lipstick on Daisy? What is up with Melyssa’s eyebrows? Geneva’s whole face needs to be toned down. Brie always seems washed out. Say no to the red lipstick ladies. Is this Bravo’s fault? If there is a season 2, these women have got to do better.
    As for last night’s episode…Mica needs help. Hopefully, her man saw last night’s episode and he will stop being her handmaiden and get her some help.

  12. Kheppera

    I felt so bad for Mica in this episode. Those girls were horrible. If she was soo late.. and they were so hungry, they should have told her to meet her where they were having dinner. But this was all a set up. The producers knew Mica was wasted and emotional so they knew it was going to be a seen. I’m mad Mica let herself get played like that. Geneva does look like Wesley Snipes. Brie is a fake friend. Saying that Mica had no relationship with her father so she doesn’t understand why Mica is upset!.. Brie has no insight. Demetria is one of those black people who just came up a lil bit and now they are extra classy. I can’t stand when black people get some money and when they go to nice places they have to try to ‘out class’ each other. No one knows how to act but them. Please…. them white people in the Hamptons cut up just as bad.

  13. loriflack

    Lol about Mica’s driver being gone when she went to leave. After being forced to listen to her on the drive over, that poor dude couldn’t get away FAST enough.

    • That driver probably quit on the spot. Didn’t care if he got paid or not, just left immediately to find some job training in a different profession.

      On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. Joan

    I wish I had recorded it. I swear, I thought I saw 2 empty wine bottles on the floor board as Mica got out of her taxi. Two bottles of wine??? I can’t imagine how drunk she must have been. I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe she drank all of it by herself. Did Bravo want us to think she drank all of it?

  15. WTH did they trek way out to the Hamptons for? Were they ever to be invited inside? Or was Brie not ever going to mingle her 2 worlds? I don’t like Brie….she seems WAYYYYY to snobby, so WhyTF is she on a reality show?

    • I agree, it was very “sit outside, keep your shoes on, don’t touch anything.” Geneva and Dimitria might have gotten shooed out the front door. Brie probably had them staying at the Motel 6 by the interstate. :)

      On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 2:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Brie’s family stays in Sag Harbor. It’s “The Black Hamptons” and has a rich cultural history that is significant to African American culture. I think the fact that we focused on such a hot mess tragedy over something educational like this is a shame… Brie is condescending because she was named after a French cheese. She can’t help it.

  16. You can call Brie “boughie”, condescending or whatever, but I was raised to have manners and know the importance of etiquette at all times…ESPECIALLY when you’re a guest in someone else’s home. Based on how Mica has behaved in public thus far, it appears she was raised by wolves.

    THAT BEING SAID, Geneva/Demetria could have been a bit more sensitive. Honestly though, can’t say I would have reacted any differently… it’s a tough situation and hindsight is 20/20. There’s not a lot of “blame” to be spread, but Mica should have not gone to meet her “friends” if she were in that condition. Bottom line. “Acting out on camera may be her brand, but it isn’t mine. So I bounced to go powder my nose.” -Demetria

    • LAC

      Honestly, I can not take anyone seriously who labels themselves a brand. You are a human being, warts and all. I can be professional in my job, but viewing people like you are some higher being looking down a rats maze, with pen at the ready and a cold condescending smirk on your face is not being a brand. It is bring a bit is an asshole. I just hope nothing bad happens to Demetria – a little Greek mythology might be in order for her.

    • JoJo

      Co-sign. I guess I did think that Brie, Geneva and my girl, Demetria were acting a little overly hoo-ha – noses a little high in the air – but I didn’t hear Demetria say that quote – but that’s exactly why I like her so far.

  17. pdt090

    I find Daisy sort of cringe-worthy. She acts like she’s in middle school and styles herself like a broke down Gayle King. I want to dislike her but I just feel bad for her.

    I don’t know if Mica is an alcoholic so much as an incredibly annoying drunk. She has a very extra personality to begin with and really doesn’t need to amplify it with boxes of wine.

  18. This was just a chit show all around. Brie was so uppity and condescending acting as if she was inviting her ‘other side if the tracks’ friends to her hamptons home. If your parents can’t handle non plastic, people with personalities friends, don’t effin invite them! Should’ve made friends with librarians and invited them, or cloistered nuns! Obvi trying to be something for mommy and daddy she isn’t. I feel for Mica. They knew she was going thru things with her dad and to treat her like that, shameful! Way to kick and pizz on someone when they’re down! I get she can be selfish and annoying, but where’s your empathy? She’s got a drinking problem and is grieving. Hope they never need empathy and understanding at a low point in their lives. Smh.

  19. Daph1

    I’m sorry but Demetria and Geneva haven’t shown anything but haughtiness and a lack of compassion for others. Yes, Mica (who I admit I adore) was in a bad place and WAY too drunk to be filming. I’ve lost both parents and I know the pain. Her situation was all messed up, though, and I’m sure her emotions were all over. It seems her intent was to get to the Hamptons and try to escape her grief with drink and a good time. She should have called and said she was late, she should have told them about her dad, but I was beyond disgusted with Demetria, Geneva, and Brie. Geneva was only concerned with shoving food down her gullet, Brie was only concerned with appearances, and Demetria..she has no soul. Sidenote: how does someone who seems to not have an ounce of empathy or compassion for anyone wind up becoming a relationship expert?

    I felt so badly for Mica, and wish that the Hamptons Coven could have shown her an ounce of compassion.

  20. Daph1

    And for the love of Christ, would someone PLEASE hold Geneva down and cut her bangs?? They drive me nuts.

  21. Stacey

    Are we okay with Mica making an insult by calling Geneva Wesley Snipes? Is that racial or what?

    • Is it racial? What does that even mean? What it is, is rude, which is what she meant it to be.

    • JoJo

      Yes. It’s not been commented a lot on but that comment was the 3rd reason why having a lot of compassion for Mica was difficult. The other 2 are she was scary drunk and she didn’t tell them right off the bat about her father dying.

  22. KelleyTulips

    Do not post ANYTHING negative about Geneva or Demtetria!!! Tamara is clearly BIASED and I can only assume that this is in regards to her ‘professional’ affiliations. I find it very rude and unprofessional with how you respond to people who post their opinion. You’re the only blogger who does that. JUST SAYING

  23. Annie

    Both you and Demetria are annoying pretentious wenches. Professional black women, my eye. Typical ghetto trash who give not only black women but women in general a bad name

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