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One of our avid American Horror Story: Coven readers and commenters, Beth, has been furiously researching for clues on the theme for American Horror Story Season 4.  Based on her research it is starting to look like American Horror Story: The Illuminati.  Beth sent me reams of research which I attempted to pair down for you to the most relevant features. While I don’t always follow Beth’s train of thought, if you want the short version it looks like  hypnosis and mind control are prominent issues.

From what I have looked into, it seems that 1950 was the height of the cold war.  From Wikipedia, “U.S. officials quickly moved to escalate and expand “containment.” In a secret 1950 document, NSC-68, they proposed to strengthen their alliance systems, quadruple defense spending, and embark on an elaborate propaganda campaign to convince the U.S. public to fight this costly cold war. Truman ordered the development of a hydrogen bomb. In early 1950, the U.S. took its first efforts to oppose communist forces in Vietnam; planned to form a West German army, and prepared proposals for a peace treaty with Japan that would guarantee long-term U.S. military bases there.”  [Source]  For those reasons, I expect there to be a strong military presence next season.  I’m thinking creepy Hogan’s Heroes.

Check out Beth’s investigation into the next season below. I hope she will answer some questions in comments because if you are like me, you will have a bunch!

American Horror StoryThe majority of the information points to the Illuminati, the Soviets – KGB and the American CIA. And how these agencies used and manipulated people to do their bidding. The information on mind control is substantiated and I do believe that the claims about Disney are fairly true. I looked into their films and imagery that illuminati stuff is very prevalent.

Most of the science on rockets, interrogation, eugenics, biological warfare is harvested from the Nazis with exception of Theremin and Tesla, (who were both Russian.) Some people say that America is the continuance of the Nazi war machine, since our medical, scientific and espionage departments were built on the backs of the Nazis from Operation paper clip. (Editors note: I’ll define the important terms later, keep reading)

The latest clue from Ryan Murphy stated that season 4 would take place in the 50s, plural, and possibly another time period. Could this be to explain a character’s past or to project into the future? Not known. (Editors Note: Here is the exact quote Ryan Murphy gave to EW “If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!”  He clearly specifies ONE year, not a decade.)

The first clue I noticed was baby Cici’s hospital ID bracelet. It listed the name, “Joseph Metzger” as well as “Williams baby girl”.


Hermann Joseph Metzger was Swiss. German is one of the official languages of Switzerland. He was very involved with the Illuminati and the Gnostic Catholic Church.  In 1960, Metzger was named Patriarch of the Gnostic Catholic Church. Gnostic Catholic Church, is the ecclesiastical arm of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), an international fraternal initiatory organization devoted to promulgating the Law of Thelema.

Thelema is a philosophical, mystical and religious system elaborated by Aleister Crowley, (died 1947) and based on The Book of the Law. The word Catholic denotes the universality of doctrine and not a Christian or Roman Catholic belief set. [Source Wikipedia].

Here is how Metzger described himself  in one of his first letters to Karl Germer: “Since my early youth I had to fight against peculiar difficulties. My family situation caused a lot of psychological complexes. I was raised so severly that my erotic impulses had been awakened very early …

The political aspect of my life can’t be separated from the religious one. Primarily I was catholic although rebellious already at the age of 12. After wanting to become a priest (which was supported by family’s friends) I turned towards the crassest materialism, that is: atheism and communism – also rebelliuous against fascism and Nazism which I had studied at their sources in Italy and Germany. I was politically active (propaganda and organisation) for several organisations in Switzerland. Although feeling that my mission was based upon other grounds before, only my arrest in the political context opened my mind for the area of “suggestion” and “hypnosis” … 

Having become suspicious about each and everyone, I had to make up my mind. Broken minded, broken hearted and with a broken soul I had been left by friends, teachers and authorities — so having become humble and knowing that I know nothing I had to re-start from zero. … At this time I met my fatherly friend Dr. P[inkus] and I swore to myself to sacrifice my future life for the movement and its spiritual development.”

“It was Felix Lazerus Pinkus who taught Metzger the art of hypnosis. Alias Peter Mano (the name concurred with the then famous stage hypnotisist Hermano who performed in Zuerich in 1938-39); Metzger tried to earn his money as a “stage magician” and became member of an artist guild in 1943 in Zuerich. The surviving members of that guild remember that Metzger has been known as “doing everything on stage”. At the same time he drew horoscopes on a commercial basis.” [Source]

Frederic Mellinger described him( Metzger) thus: “While he has a keen and realistic intelligence, he surprises with an attitude of a mystico-magical miracle-man in modern attire. He reminds physiognomically of Groening, the famous German healer a la Rasputin, only with more suave features, a childish smile glorifying his rotten teeth of a Tibetan rodent.”  [Source]

Ellic Howe who also had met Metzger: “I find it difficult (or impossible) to take Metzger at all seriously. In fact I regard him as a harmless nonentity. In fact he is a fairly typical occultist.” [Source]


At first this seems ambivalent, but something very interesting came to light when I was researching Theremin, not the instrument but the inventor. (Editors Note: I have no idea what Theremin has to do with Williams Baby Girl but this is where Beth chose to discuss it. In the interest of clarity, I have limited the Wikipedia information to the proper time frame and what I consider points that might be relevant to American Horror Story Season Four. Should you wish to read the entire Wikidpedia entry for how this relates to “Williams Baby Girl” see the source tag following the quote.  Also, I hope that Beth will explain for us how this is related to the ID bracelet.)

Theremin created the Buran eavesdropping system. A precursor to the modern laser microphone, it worked by using a low power infrared beam from a distance to detect the sound vibrations in the glass windows.[3][27] Lavrentiy Beria, the head of the secret police organization NKVD (the predecessor of the KGB), used the Buran device to spy on the British, French and US embassies in Moscow.[27] According to Galeyev, Beria also spied on Stalin; Theremin kept some of the tapes in his flat. In 1947, Theremin was awarded the Stalin prize for inventing this advance in Soviet espionage technology.

Theremin invented another listening device called The Thing. Disguised in a replica of the Great Seal of the United States carved in wood, in 1945 Soviet school children presented the concealed bug to U.S. Ambassador as a “gesture of friendship” to the USSR’s World War II ally. It hung in the ambassador’s residential office in Moscow, and intercepted confidential conversations there during the first seven years of the Cold War, until it was accidentally discovered in 1952.[28] [Source]



Disney: Remember that clue about Disney… and the rocket scientist I mentioned, Werhner von Braun, whom Disney hired for help on a couple films? ”

“Dr. Werhner von Braun, then Chief, Guided Missile Development Operation Division at Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, was visited by Walt Disney in 1954. In the 1950’s, von Braun worked with Disney Studio as a technical director, making three films about space exploration for television. A model of the V-2 rocket is in background.”

Well he was a Nazi that had his record bleached by the CIA to bring him into the country, (via Operation Paperclip) and worked for us on the rockets. A rocket he worked on was launched in 1950 in Cape Canaveral FL. (Editor’s note: Operation Paper Clip was a  Joint intelligence mission in the US  during the Cold War to attempt to recruit Nazi German Scientists. )

It is reported that Disney was a founding member of the anti-communist group. Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. (Editors Note: So why was he BFF with Nazi, von Braun. I am not following this at all.)  In 1950. Disney began hosting a weekly anthology series on  ABC entitled Disneyland.

“Disney was long rumored to be anti-Semitic during his lifetime, and such rumors persisted after his death. In 1938 he welcomed German filmmaker and Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl to Hollywood to promote her film Olympia.[116] Even after news of Kristallnacht broke, Disney did not cancel his invitation to Riefenstahl. Disney told Riefensthal he admired her work but if it became known that he was considering hiring her, it would damage his reputation” “Animator Art Babbitt claimed to have seen Disney and his lawyer, Gunther Lessing, attending meetings of the German American Bund, a pro-Nazi organization, in the late 1930s” [SOURCE]

Disney and the Illuminati

Editor’s note: Um, if THIS is the only source for the Illuminati connection for Disney, you have no case.  What little I read reads like a bunch of schizophrenics  in tin foil hats, dictating libelous statements to talking monkeys.  Y’all feel free to click the link, but it’s not going here.

So there you have it! What do you think season 4 of American Horror Story will be about? Tell me in comments and also leave your thoughts and questions for Beth there as well. Thanks, Beth for sharing your research with us!



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26 responses to “American Horror Story Season 4 Clues and Rumors on Theme

  1. Beth

    The link with Theremin and the Willams baby girl clue, is that he married a primi ballerina name Lavinia Williams, who was an Africian American. Sorry I thought I included that.

  2. steve

    Disney and Von Braun being BFFs hating nazis makes sense. The nazis hated communism as well as Judism, that was one way they got control over germany. Von braun did more than just give tech tips to Disney, he designed the rockets NASA sent to the moon. Most of all our rocket/missle tech came from the german scientists we brought over. We gave them war crime immunity to design for US. Other scientists went to the A-bomb design also. I hope the writers stick to their storyline and not rewrite halfway thru the season so we get a more complete story. What did you think of Opposite Worlds UF?

    • Urethra Franklin

      Steve I watched the first 4 episodes, and then I stopped. There were too many long ass boring duels. Though i did find the adaption to cave life more interesting, but I am sooooooo busy right now & it got shuffled to the bottom of my must view list. Plus there wasn’t enough DRAMA!!!!!!!

  3. Beth

    The article from IBT on January 30th stated it was the 1950s. RM said “if you look historically what happened in the year 1950′ there’s some more clues in that year.” And some of us, JoJo, were spot on with Lange’s character being a “Marlene Dietrich figure”.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I mentioned a “Marlene Dietrich” inspired character way back in October right here on TT. Jusy sayin’.

      Beth & Tamara THANK YOU for all this work.

      I am familiar with some of these subjects but only on the surface. After reading I realized how intellectually lazy I really am.

      I hope season 4 will use more cerebral horror than camp horror. I already can imagine some of the brutal imagery associated with mind control etc.

      Season 2 AHS:ASYLUM had Nazi subplots as well. Anyone remember the way that James Cromwell made “mossy bank” sound terrifying?

    • JoJo

      Beth – Bravo on the research – fascinating stuff!
      Now I wonder if Liza Minelli was a true clue about Cabarets & the actual real-life character she was based on. All that action took place early 30’s – Weimar Era – during rise of the NSDAP party. Then all those undesirables: Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, blacks, the physically and mentally handicapped – the likely performers/habitues of Cabarets – would probably have fled or been shipped off to the camps.
      Only connection could be made is that Jessica Lange’s German-speaking character might be a retired Cabaret performer ala Dietrich who made connections with a lot of bizarre characters, like magicians, even politicos- since the new season action is in 1950 and considering Jessica’s age.
      But who knows, Jean Ross was supposed to be a spy for USSR and a life-long communist.
      I wonder where the Gothic comes in then re the Illuminati – it’s supposed to be the secondary time era.

  4. I do not know or care to know what IBT is. What I do know is the original quote from Ryan Murphy which explicitly states TWICE “THE YEAR 1950” I don’t give a shit how other sites interpret his quote. His words were very clear.

  5. Beth

    Love it, thanks.

  6. As for the date on the baby bracelet it was January 7, 2014. I doubt that means anything as that was about the time they stopped filming. However, January 7th is Christmas Day for Eastern Orthodox Catholics.

    • Urethra Franklin

      This was episode 10 and it aired on Jan 8. Baby Ceci was a newborn born the day before on Jan 7…. I was so fixated on the date I NEVER noticed the names on her med id bracelet. So glad that Beth noticed and shared that with us.

  7. WestCoast Feed

    Wasn’t Nicolai Tesla a Serbian? Certainly not a Russian.

  8. Beth

    Thanks westcode feed.

  9. WestCoast Feed

    The Korean War began in 1950. Shouldn’t that figure in prominently?

    • Manny Petty

      I was going to point that out in the 1950s the US was involved in the Korean Conflict a.k.a. “Police Action”. In the 50s the Vietnamese were revolting against the French.

      As to Brain Washing – Watch the ORIGINAL Manchurian Candidate- or red the book. Many of the US soldiers and pilots who were P.O.W.s were indeed “brainwashed”. The most famous was WW2 fighter Ace Walker “Bud” Mahurin who was shot down In an F-86 and later falsely confessed to dropping canisters of insects (?!?!) over N. Korea. Also the wiki on the NSC-68 was horribly written in key areas. Looked like bad Google translate. I like the Idea of a Cold War (NSC-68 was basically the declaration of the CW) focused AHS. Sometimes reality is more horrible than fiction. (I am an armchair historian BTW I am obsessed with the CW and literally drooling….)

  10. Ahhh the Monarch Butterfly! Thanks Beth, TT, n U_F for the research. I actually have read a lot about MK-ULTRA and Laurel Canyon. So glad I watched AHS this season but the recaps helped me soooo much understanding the plotline and twists. Its become one of my fav shows. Ill be here when the season starts.

    • Urethra Franklin

      All the credit goes to Beth. I did NOTHING for this post.

      • U_F you was so good at catching small clues that gave insight to the upcoming season. I recommend to anyone to research a little further and read David McGowans book,”Inside the LC: the strange but mostly true story of Laurel Canyon and the birth of the hippie generation”. It helps weaves the excellent work Beth did. You can read it online for free. Just google it. Roseanne Barr also has strong opinions on mind control.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Beth is the astute one that noticed potential clues, and she did all the research…..Please send all the compliments and credit to HER.

  11. Beth

    OK so there was a clue I almost missed.
    Knotty Pine…
    Remember when Fiona went to hell and she exaggerated, or over emphasized, when she said “knotty pine”

    The knotty pine wood comes from the ponderosa pine.
    Ponderosa pine trees were were transported to the Nevada Proving grounds for one of the nuclear tests in the series of tests under Operation Upshot knothole.
    This was during the early 50s, and most of these nuclear tests were open to reporters. The city of Las Vegas used marketing to cash in on the Atomic craze. People would come en mass to watch the bombs go off and party. There were beauty contests called Miss Atomic Bomb, and also nuclear picnics were very popular. Most of the beauty contestants were show girls at the Vegas casinos. There are pictures of a ballerina, Sally McClosky, dancing with the mushroom cloud in the background, the title of the piece in the paper was called “Angle’s Dance”.

    • JoJo

      And since the gov’t wasn’t completely aware and particularly not forthcoming on the effects of radiation when those bombs were going off, gobs of people here living usually in the wind wave pattern, suffered radiation-caused cancers – of course not realized until the late 60’s -70’s. The wealthier people had pretty cool concrete bomb shelters though :)

      • Beth

        JoJo what makes the “beauty contests” very interesting is that RM describes his mother as a beauty queen that decide to stay home and take care of her children. (love it) Oh and there were Vegas shows based of of the Follies Berger (sp) and the Moulin Rouge.

  12. Beth thank you for all the research and time you spent to bring on this. I look forward to the upcoming season and you’re astute comments. May peace be with you today and every day!

  13. Manny Petty

    OK- The Nazi scientists were “divided” between the US, UK and USSR- Paperclip was the US Op that let them in. The deal was come with us and work or go with them an work.
    Von Braun as many of the brains in Nazi Germany joined the party to work. Non party members (There weren’t a large percent) got secondary preference in everything from theater seats to meat from the butcher. Think about it.
    Back to Paperclip: Each side got plenty of scientists, physicists and engineers. The US had more because many of the Jewish “Brains” had made their way to the US when the Nazis took control of Germany (Albert Einstein=Atom bomb to win WW2). Many of the scientists that went to their respective new homes had been Party members. Remember the USSR got Sputnik in space before we did. That meant they could Nuke the US.

    Tesla was a Serb not Russian- to them it’s a BIG difference.

    The KGB was a kinder gentler version of the NKVD. During WW2 An NKVD Party officer was assigned to every squad of foot soldiers and was ordered to stay back when they charged so if any of the soldiers ran away from the fight the NKVD was ordered to shoot them in the head.

    Interesting as to Theremin’s win of the Stalin- that is a Huge deal and you also get Hero of the Soviet Union when you get the Stalin. Impressive invention- the laser version can be aimed at a window and pick up the words being said in the room- don’t even need to see the people. But we all know that’s a moot point now- PRISM.

  14. Hey JoJo! Do you have time to do me a research favor for a story I am working on? (It’s not about AHS, I just knew you would read this. If you do, can you email me? Tamaratattles AT g mail dot com. Thanks!

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