Tom Sandoval Answers All of Your Vanderpump Rules Questions

Tom Sandoval Vander Pump Rules Reunion 2014

Tom Sandoval has a lot to say about the season finale of Vanderpump Rules.  So recently he blogged his little heart out on Bravo.  He seems…angry.  Let’s just let him speak for himself. All of the quotes are from his Bravo blog which was quite lengthy. I added some questions to break up the length a bit and make it more readable.

Why were you late to the Sur shoot?

I had no desire to do this photoshoot for many, many reasons, but let’s just cover the basics first. My day was a continuation from the day before because I had barely gotten any sleep with the thoughts of this Jax and Kristen scandal playing over and over in my head all night. The photoshoot pics all end up on SUR t-shirts, the SUR website, and a coffee table book that I can’t even got a copy of (which I’ve repeatedly asked  for). I’ve modeled for 15 years and have done countless campaigns, billboards, and magazines. So unless you’re calling my agent and offering a day rate, I’m going to show up whenever I damn well feel. And you better be happy that I even showed up at all, considering that the only way I’m going to see any of these pics is on SUR merchandising.

And now that I have a FULL grasp of what’s happened, Here’s my friend who I have done SO much for and helped who I have starkly realized has monumentally f—ed me over. So as you can see, it’s a little tough to be happy, smile, and look good. The very presence of some of these people makes my stomach turn. Part of me wants to just leave SUR behind, head to Mexico, and escape this whole mess.

Actually, Tom, you signed a very detailed contract to appear on a television show which requires you to show up on time to all the filming and photoshoots related to the program. You got a gig. Quit whining like a baby girl.

WWHL With Tom Sandoval and Kirsten Doubte, Andy Cohen 2014

Why the hell did you give Stassi the time of day at the photoshoot let alone ask her for details about Kristen’s infidelities?

I asked Stassi for details because I knew that Jax had told her far more than he had told me. I had heard that supposedly Jax had said it happened on Thanksgiving, the night he picked Kristen up from my place, and also one other time when he had spent the night at MY place. So I was looking for any inconsistencies to his story.

As far as Stassi telling me I’m in denial, and I “need to break up with Kristen,” the bottom line is: it’s MY choice and MY relationship. I’m not going to be making life-changing decisions at the whim of Stassi (who hated Kristen pre-Jaxed)! Save that for Kristina Kelly, LOL!

What caused you to break down when you were talking to Lisa Vanderpump?

The fact that Lisa said she had heard about Jax and Kristen long before now from Guillermo back when it had first happened made it that much harder to believe that they hadn’t slept together. But still, I knew that deep down Lisa didn’t really care for Kristen and has a tendency to take sides. But, I think the reason I broke down was subconsciously because of the security I feel in Lisa’s presence and also the fact that I had barely slept the night before. I hated the situation I was in, but most of all, this was maybe the beginning of accepting that this had probably actually happened. . .twice. Plus, I felt like I was in the presence of someone I could trust during a massive collision of emotions.

Kristen Doubte and Tom Sandoval on WWHL with Andy Cohen

The happy couple in January 2014

How did Kristen finally fess up to fucking Jax, twice?

Deep down I was looking for any reason to not have to accept that Kristen and Jax f—ed multiple times. After a little while of talking, I left to go grab some food and when I came back, Kristen walked by me, handed me her phone, and locked herself in the bathroom with a bottle of whiskey. I looked down at her phone and saw a text conversation that was between Kristen and her best friend Amy back home. The conversation consisted of something along the lines of her telling Amy that she was afraid to admit to sleeping with Jax because she thought I would break up with her. She was ashamed and embarrassed, and wanted to pretend it never happened. . .and on and on. THAT, is how she told me.

So what was your response? Why did you go to SUR?

I didn’t yell or freak out or anything of that nature, I just told her that I knew it had happened and I was relieved that she was finally being honest with me. Kristen refused to come out of the bathroom, refused to go to SUR for the engagement party, and that’s when I actually got really mad. I believed it was really important for her to face what she had done and take responsibly for it. I also I felt that the way she was acting was extremely selfish. But I decided I needed to put my feelings aside and just be there for her, because who else was would be? If I didn’t have her back, she never would’ve showed up to the engagement party and faced the music. I defended Kristen to the group because in a way, I felt sorry for her, and no matter what she had done, I still loved and cared about her. Furthermore, nobody is going to sit there and tell me how to treat the one I’m with, especially not a b—hy Stassi and her ass-kissing, pity parade of minions. As much as Stassi wants to make it ALL about her, this situation is way WAY more catastrophic to me. At this point Stassi can go f— herself. . . 

How to you feel about attacking Jax now that some time has passed?

It was extremely hard to have Jax tell me to my face that he didn’t feel anything at all — that is one of the main reasons I hit him. I’m not really the type of person that would do something like that, all I really needed was for him to say he was sorry and actually mean it. Not try and discredit his and my relationship or Kristen and mine. When he kept saying, “twice,” well that’s usually something that would happen when me and Kristen were having a quiche (lol) before work. Nothing to brag about homey, and all the more reason for you to get your ass kicked. I’m sure I’m definitely not the first and won’t be the last. A guy like that needs to be treated like what he is. . .an animal.  Im just glad he felt some repercussions for what he did. . .I feel like I went easy on him, I hit him in his forehead, and stopped as soon as he was down and I felt safe to do so.

Wait, didn’t the infamous, “You came twice, sweetheart!” line come after the beatdown? I don’t even remember anymore. I am sure it will be rehashed to death on Monday when the two part reunion starts.


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31 responses to “Tom Sandoval Answers All of Your Vanderpump Rules Questions

  1. Crazy Sweet

    just out of curiosity why is it ok and acceptable for tom to punch jax but totally unacceptable and trashy for stassi to slap kristen?

  2. lori

    Who is Kristina Kelly? What does that mean, “save that for Kristina Kelly”?

  3. Lulu

    Not all psycopaths kill people. Jax’s is definately a sociopath with psycopath tendencies.

  4. Kisha

    The “You came twice, honey” comment made me cringe when I first heard it. Not only is it tacky, but just thinking of Kristen (who everyone says reeks of cigarettes and old coffee) getting off is just….ew.

  5. eastjames

    She came twice when they were having quiche? Must be damn good quiche! I’ll have what she’s having.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    How many possible ways are there to call this a guy a twat?

  7. Twilly

    Maybe I’m a sucker, but I feel bad for Tom :(

  8. Do you think it’s OK to use Tom’s’s blog entry and pass it off as your own interview??? Shame on you!

  9. I am literally cleaning the coffee I just spit out off of my computer screen. You are so damn funny!

  10. I still say it was all storyline. I am sure they were in a relationship that went bad but I don’t believe for a minute that the Jax/Kristen thing really happened. Sure, maybe I’m in denial but I just don’t buy it.

    • Twilly

      And I feel the total opposite while feeling like a total sucker for believing it! I bet you’re right though. I can be pretty gullibile which is why these reality shows are my vice!!!

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