Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion: It’s Wrap!

Andy Cohen with Giggy after the reunionAndy Cohen just announced that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion just finished filming at 9 pm their time. I suppose if they hurry home they can see some of the Opening Ceremonies. What a crappy night to film the reunion, Andrew.  Andy tweeted “Oh LORD we JUST wrapped #RHOBHReunion – it is a DOOZY. very emotional.”  Earlier in the reunion he tweeted, ” Still shooting #RHOBHReunion – all I can say is I would’ve made a damn good therapist :-)”

As Brandi Glanville headed into the reunion this morning she tweeted, “Im not “going after “ANYONE im just speaking my truth and owning my shit.” Which means she was loaded for bear. Update: However, it seems like she left wanting her Mommy.  After the reunion she posted, that she was glad Jennifer was there and, “I want my mommy my daddy and my ..,. Gaygent- goodnight.”

Kyle tweeted early this morning as well, “Cocktail dresses, stilettos , false eyelashes & diamonds all before 7am. Sounds like #Reunion day to me #RHOBH.”  Kyle wore a plum bandage dress with two sleeves and two sholders! I really like it! It’s for sale at her shop! Link to picture.

Giggy has devil eyes!

Giggy has devil eyes!

Joyce seemed none the worse for wear after the show tweeting, “Best moment of the night with this gorgeous star! Reunion wrap!” She attached a great picture of her and Giggy. I’m trying to get her to resend it on twitter before I crash for the night. Carlton tweeted the following pic before entering the arena: Carlton RHOBH @)!$ Then a couple hours before the reunion finished Carlton got on Twitter to check how many people had unfollowed her (314) and spent the rest of the reunion tuned out while she secretly cast spells on all 314 of them. Hope this doesn’t affect any of you.

I’ll let you guess who tweeted this, this morning: “Fabulous Friday!


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36 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion: It’s Wrap!


    Why is the Reunion filming so early? Normally they film it in March. Maybe the season has been shortened

    • ???? Seasons 1 and 2 the finales AIRED the last week of January and the first week of February? Last season the finale Aired in March. This season is on essentially the same schedule as last year. The finale will air in March, either the first or second week depending on how many episodes they end up making the Puerto Rican finale trip where almost everyone turns on Lisa.

      • GRAMMS

        Maybe I’m thinking about RHOA. Their reunions are in April

      • The reunions are scheduled to be after the series ends. When the series begins varies from season to season base on things like major events production wants to cover, (like you know going to prison, lol) and also seasons. For example RHONY production decided to move the filming season out of NYC winter months so they could change things up with more Hamptons scenes and less wandering around in the polar vortex for Xmas parties. :)

        On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 9:35 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. spk

    Didn’t Brandi use the same reasoning w/ Adrienne–claiming that she was being asked to say and do things by Adrienne that she wouldn’t want to say or do? And now she’s saying that about Lisa?

    I don’t actually mind Brandi and just wish her well. But it looks like a pattern. Guess we’ll see at the reunion.

    • terry macon

      AMEN !!! Spk, let’s get rid of brandi and keep Kim she is the only one down to earth. Brandi have tons of issues and slap the only hand that was helping her. Bravo and the viewers need Kim she is their only success story her children are leaving and we need to see how she can become successful.

      • terry macon

        Brandi really need to go shopping, she need a new purse and food in the house maybe a new expression on her face and move some where with people who speaks her language.come on her only friend is a drug rehab person. Was she on drugs? Let’s send her to Taylor park. KEEP KIM BRAVO!!!!!

      • What language is this comment in?

        On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Brandi certainly did blame Adrienne and proceeded to tell all info Adrienne had shared just like she’s doing with Lisa. She’s now latched on to Carlton, but I think Carlton’s feline ears may have picked up Brandi’s barb “she’s just being silly” on exit from party. Guess she’ll latch on to Yo next. She DOES like the fab lifestyles.

      • pfffttt

        Yolanda has slammed Brandi on twitter and in her blogs recently. Brandi’s only real friends on this show are Kyle, Kim, and Carlton.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      It looks like a pattern to me too. Here’s what I see: Brandi cosies up to rich people, (first Adrienne, then Lisa, next Yolanda and now horrible Carlton.) She takes the time to ingratiates herself into their lives by using a charm offensive, revealing “deep secrets about herself” and pretending to be “vulnerable.” Then she “bites”, reveals private information and moves on.
      I didn’t care too much about Adrienne but I wonder if Brandi’s exposure of her surrogacy secret had an impact on her marriage. Was that the final straw?
      Now, we see Brandi sharing private info about Lisa. I hope Lisa was sensible enough NOT to share anything too controversial.

      Next season, will Brandi be taking digs at Yolanda or Carlton? I think so.

      Brandi is a ‘bad’ friend. Even if a friendship ends/dissolves/fades, wouldn’t it be better to KEEP private information to yourself?

    • Nat

      Yea! I thought so! When I saw the preview of Brandi telling Kyle that Lisa manipulated her etc…it brought back memories of when she announced she had had enough of Paul and Adrienne using her as a puppet. History repeating itself.

      Seems like it is her style, huh.

  3. Kisha

    I wonder if Giggy will have costume changes throughout the reunion….

  4. Great blog. The Carlton part made me lol.

    I don’t see this as the end of Brandi. It’s what keeps her alive. If Brandi were on top, she’d fizzle. It’s because she is always in a bad place that she breathes. This is her bread and butter.

    • JoJo

      That’s the most insightful comment I’ve read about Brandi lately. I never looked at it like that before, makes perfect sense.

  5. Kaleesi

    Yay, teecee6 is here! I haven’t seen you here much lately, maybe I’m reading the wrong posts.
    Just glad to see you, you’re one of my faves!

  6. Gingersnap

    I like the purple bandage dress too. I wonder if they’re comfortable though, it would be like wearing an all over body girdle, but pretty. Anyway, they’re bound to hold any body jiggles at bay. I hope Kim isn’t going Little Bo Peep on us again this year. Gawd. I hope Andy does the shoe contest because I love shoes and they have purty ones :)

    Seriously, would Brandi just make up some lies out of thin air about Lisa? Is she really that bad off? I’m not getting this valley/bankruptcy newsflash. It just doesn’t make sense that she would just make shit up. Am I trying too hard to understand this nitwit?

    I’m hoping that Carlton’s dark and dreary poem is prophetic and this is her LAST good fight on BH. Fingers CROSSED.

    • Yes – Brandi would do/say anything to seem relevant to the show. She has cozied up to people before, then stabbed them in the back too. Why do people befriend her? And her mouth – no thanks! Kim is so irrelevant to the show I just tune her out. Yolanda has become a shrew. Lisa is totally class personified. You don’t ever see her yelling at anyone at anytime while jumping out of their seat to do so. (Remind you of Kyle?) If Kyle stops whining (SHE is the one who constantly brings up the rag magazines) and becomes fun again, I’ll enjoy her. I just hope Lisa doesn’t quit the show. She’s the main reason I watch.

  7. theREALHWofNj

    Once Brandi told Joyce she was a black person for not getting in the pool I was done with her. Not only was it a racist remark, it was done with pure malice. Brandi, my nieces do not get in the water unless they have a swimming cap. For them it’s purely a hair issue. Perhaps you should concern yourself with how you come across when you drink too much.

  8. myinfo

    I don’t think Brandi is a racist, she is just a fool who thought she was being funny.
    But Brandi saying crazy things has now backfired.
    Lisa will remain calm because that is who she is.
    Kyle will go after Carlton because she knows the viewers hate her.
    Kim will tallk about her dog and back up Kyle.
    Carlton will turn off everyone.
    Yolanda _ Who Cares!

  9. JoJo

    I think TT’s last comment about Brandi – she got her ass handed to her – is a likely scenario. With her seemingly new friendly relationship with Kyle and Kim, I still don’t see either of them defending her. Kyle & Kim are not known for blind loyalty.
    Lisa and Yolanda most likely expressed their disappointment and irritation with her. Carlton’s come off living in Escape to Witch Mountain and she might be mightily pissed about Brandi’s comment about her being silly & wrong, not defending her after she left Lisa/Kyle’s party.
    Which leaves Brandi probably very alone. She’s not the tough STFU chick who tells the truth and can handle the blowback. I think she’s more like an emotionally frail person who got pumped up by her fans from the faux pas truths the first and second seasons. With no one to back her up, she needs her mommy.

  10. Mel

    Tamara, love your blog, your straight forward approach to reporting is refreshing.

  11. RealitySux

    I just think its hysterical you posted how many unfollowed Carlton!! LMAO Can you tell if any of the RHOA have lost followers on twitter since it became the Peter show?

  12. Olive

    Do you know Tamara if the cast get screeners of the last episodes before attending the reunion?
    Or do they just wing it?

    Thanks for the Tea.

    • Usually they have gotten the screener from the last episode before reunions because they don’t usually tape the reunion until the shows are shown on the East Coast. RHOBH has all sorts of different production systems, including how they pay, they are the only franchise (or at least last I heard) that negotiates salary per season and not per episode for example. That’s a good question because there are at least three episodes left depending on how many episodes Puerto Rico is….and Puerto Rico is where everything goes sideways. So I would assume they would have to give them screeners for the rest of the season in this case. I’ll see if my west coast source will be forthcoming. That source doesn’t share much. :)

      On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:29 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • beth

        TT, will you finally tell us what you see wrong in that photo you posted back on Aug 1st ?

      • “…they are the only franchise (or at least last I heard) that negotiates salary per season and not per episode for example.”

        Makes sense, if your shit is getting blown up why not just quit and pout it out at home, unless you’ve already put yourself out there and haven’t even gotten a check yet. #Smartcookies

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