What is Wrong With Teresa Giudice’s Face?

Teresa Giudice  recently appeared on Nightline to give an exclusive interview about her upcoming legal drama. While we don’t learn anything new or tea worthy per se, I just can’t stop looking at her face. It’s not just the overdone concealer in a color that is too light for her complexion, to me her face seems unrecognizable. Most of y’all know I have a terrible time recognizing faces anyway, so I am posting the video for your feedback. Has she had work done? Is that what you do when you think you are headed to federal prison? Get your face done while you can?  Also, is it just me or is she wearing a wig? I know she has plenty of real hair but often during stressful times you start losing hair by the handfuls.  Is that a wig? Pieces?

UPDATED: You can check out Tre with no makeup in 2012 here for a baseline.

Take a look and tell me what you think. It’s worth a look just because they show the scene where Joe and Teresa are paying for everything with wads of cash!  The whole hard times bring us closer together routine wasn’t the least bit believable to me.  Also, the prosecution is fighting to keep Joe and Teresa’s trials from being separated and it is likely that they will be tried together. If that happens, Joe will not testify at all and Teresa will be the primary witness in her defense. That is if they go to trial at all, which I doubt. Joe, for sure, should plea.

Also, the interviewer says we won’t see anything on RHONJ about the trial, but Andy Cohen says we will. My money is on Andy’s version.  I am so ready for Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Six to start! If you missed my breakdown on all the charges the Giudices are facing… You can find that post here.


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38 responses to “What is Wrong With Teresa Giudice’s Face?

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I watched the same video earlier and thought she looked tired. The stress is definitely getting to her, and rightfully so. I also thought she might’ve had some cosmetic procedure done.

  2. Looks like she has had Lipo in her cheek area, Deep Recess/Bags under her eyes removed (which actually helped to keep her eyes set in her face and now they looklike they are going to roll out) and had a chin tightening which is pulling to the right and making her mouth and chin look off/cooked Sad! I used to think she was the cutest when the show first started and she was flat chested and naturally darling!

  3. puppylove

    Her face looked thinner and smoother, maybe a face lift? It’s hard to tell.
    Her eyebrows seemed a little different too. She looked serious a little tired maybe, but absolutely stressed. She has done some dumb things and said things I could strangle her for, but when it all come down to it I wish her the best. I hope things do work out for her and the family. Maybe this is her tough lesson to learn in life and a whole lot of humility. Good luck Tre.

  4. mimis

    I think she removed her eyebrows and had some painted/tatooed on. I agree – I loved how she looked when the show started now she looks quite different.

  5. lori

    I don’t think so. I just think she had a more natural looking makeup job going on, looks a bit tired/drained, and it seems like her eyebrows are thicker. I don’t think she’s had work done.

    • lori

      Oh… I also heard somewhere the other day that the judge has already ruled that they will be tried together. Did you hear that too Tamara? Is that not the final decision?

      • Kat

        I heard that too, that a judge denied the request for separate trials but they are also awaiting a decision on other requests in that same filing….such as their request to dismiss joes case altogether lol

      • I heard that the prosecution was putting up a big fight to have them tried together. I’ve been so busy with Apollo news I have put them on the back burner. I’ll look into it and try to do a follow up post.

        On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 1:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Gingersnap

      What you said is what I think too. Teresa is bound to wear extensions, or weaves, or wigs, or something. I’m sure she has thick hair but it looks thicker than ever, sometimes it’s SUPER shiny and almost too perfect, which kinda screams WIG to me.

  6. Ellis Scarlett

    I think it’s filler, plus no bronzes for once and lighter eye makeup. She looks stressed.

  7. JoJo

    I was expecting something really radical before watching the video. I actually think she looks very good, more natural. She also interviewed better than I ever remember from the past, calmer, spoke well, and I got the impression she understood and displayed the gravity of the situation. Unlike anything she showed during the RHONJ season.

  8. She looks like she met with a right hook. She is speaking like someone with a toothache.

  9. jarlath

    What a puff interview. I love how Teresa thinks that just because Joe has been here for x-amount of years, he won’t be deported.

  10. She did look a bit different to me too. There seems something different with her cheekbones and eyes. She was very poised for once and serious. So glad she didn’t do her “love love love” routine.

  11. Kat

    Watching the video Teresa will never get through testifying. She can’t give a straight answer to a question to save her life.

  12. JrLeaguer

    I thought that there was something different the other day when they showed a preview of the interview on GMA. I thought that maybe it was a toned down version to make her look softer and more gentle…like an average mom… to maybe garner public sympathy before the trial.

  13. Lady Chatterley

    Teresa won’t testify. She gives away when she’s lying through her facial expressions – fast blinking, shifting her eyes, licking her lips.

  14. Mari Anne Souza

    It looks like, due to the lighting coming Tre’s left, her hair is casting a shadow on her left cheek.

  15. Belinda

    I thought she looked good but had some work done.(Compare her face in the scene with Rosie to the face of today.) Where does the money come from to fund a business and continue their lifestyle ?

  16. I love this blog

    The worse, I’ve seen her.

  17. I don’t see a wig, just her hair looking more “natural” and flat, not super shiny. Her face though, looks like cheek filler or something. She’s looking more like Jacqueline in this interview.

  18. See I think her face looks wider and puffier and her eyes are …..hard to explain. I just posted a link to her without makeup in the post, but if you missed it, here it is. http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2012/09/09/teresa-giudice-without-make-up-and-hair/

  19. ThunderMonk

    Some strategically placed fillers, to midface (for sure) and lower face (likely). Overall, I’d say her face looks a bit more balanced and composed, and somehow her extremely low hairline doesn’t look as jarring.

  20. JoJo

    Well after comparing this new video and the 2012 Teresa with no make-up jogging, there’s a mighty big difference in her face. With no make-up she definitely looks more puffy in the eyes and face and chin. But I can’t remember her looking that way during that Season when she had full-on pounds of make-up. This video just looked like her but w/ drastically subdued make-up. Guess if we had a current pic of her with NO make-up to compare to 2012, we’d know what’s up!

  21. I have thought Tre to be overdone, not sure I thought much of her looks past that. I found her mannerisms and behavior over the top.
    She looks toned down and not orange, now.
    I’m over the top interested in the Gudice’s legal proceedings. I wished that they would be televised but that won’t happen. It seems like Joe wants to take the fall for it all.
    The Feds often over charge these type of cases hoping something will stick. Being found guilty on two or three charges could be a heavy penalty for them.
    Going to be interesting, at least for me.

  22. Gingersnap

    I get the feeling from the video that Joe KNOWS he’s going to the big house, he seemed almost reconciled.

    • JoJo

      One thing that I thought I saw different in the way Joe acted and I’ve read a couple times in his interviews, he seems a tad chivalrous in wanting to take the whole rap and claiming Teresa’s total innocence. I guess it shows him in a better light than I ever saw or considered him, wanting the mother of his kids to be exonerated and able to stay home and raise those babies. It may be just that, an act, but I thought good on him for that.

  23. She looks tired and honestly like she’s not tanning anymore. Notice she is pale and not orange. I think she looks good excluding the wore down look.

  24. Kisha

    I think she looks pretty good. Her hairline (wig) seems really, really low though.
    And lord, I wish she (and everyone else) would stop saying she ‘flipped’ a table (which is her claim to fame). She lifted it a few inches off the ground, and the cutlery fell between the two tables pushed together. When I first saw that episode, I was so disappointed. Lol.

  25. I doubt Tre had anything done. She’s probably just stressed out. Maybe she did her own makeup to save some pennies so people would stop commenting about how she spends her money. I think that’s all her own hair too-she has been accused of using pieces before and denied it.

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