Mob Wives Recap Double Feature!

Mob Wives Halloween 2013

I have been so very busy with the blog lately I have totally gotten behind on Mob Wives. I am barely awake and making coffee so I can make it for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight, but first I am going to zip through the last two episodes and give some random thoughts rather than a full recap. I am dying to hear from my Mob Wives watchers, it’s been too long! Sorry for the delay.

The last I saw, Alicia had confronted Renee as her number one suspect as “THE LEAK.” Renee is pissed about it, but frankly, I think Alicia had plenty of reason for her suspicions. Side note: I’ve only been to Philly once and I stayed in a hotel right across from that big clock. It was straight out my window and you could see it from the bed I was sharing with someone I would just as soon forget. Thanks, Mob Wives for showing it every episode. #memories.

Anyway, it’s Halloween. I hate Halloween. Where the hell are these women? I’m forwarding. It looks like Renee and Alicia will be reuniting at a Halloween party in Natalie’s funeral home. How lovely it must have been to have your loved one’s body there while that was going on.

Drita’s scene with Method Man was genuine and adorable. The rap is actually pretty decent.

I am starting to think Big Ang is actually serious about having a baby with a surrogate. If you missed her on Bethenny, her menopause discussion was priceless. Also, Renee, Drita and Alicia were recently on Bethenny as well. Yep, Renee and ALICIA.  The fact that Big Ang was not on with them, coupled this post with (which Renee actually responded to, Hey Renee! Don’t whack me! Love ya!)  makes me wonder if Renee and Big Ang are on the outs,

Mob Wives Renee Halloween Set Up Conversation with Drita and Big Ang

Renee is feeling sort of betrayed by her friends Renee and Ang because they continue to film with hang out with Natalie and Alicia. I know I should go into a whole holier than thou lecture about her being a grown woman and this is not high school, and blah, blah, blah, but if I am being honest, I’m the same way.  In theory, my friends can hang out with whoever they want to, but if they start wanting to hang out with my enemies, then they become suspect to me and I’m going to be unhappy with them. It wouldn’t take more than a couple of lunches and a half nekkid  Halloween party in the enemy camp for me to drop them like a couple of hot rocks. That’s just me.

At the party, Natalie is dressed as purgatory. Mad points to her for originality, but marks off for showing up in the usually slutty costume. It seems purgatory is in the same category with slutty nurse, slutty teacher, slutty hobag from Philly.  LOL. Drita says “You ain’t purgatory, you’re naked. You’re fucking naked for Halloween.” Drita is dressed like one of her daughter’s dolls. Alicia is Wonder Woman. Neither of these were good choices. Alicia’s costume makes her look pregnant. Big Ang and her boyfriend Neil TOTALLY win best costume. I first thought she was the bride of Frankenstien, but Neil looks more like Dracula with a cape. Whatever, they both have lots of serious stage makeup on and it’s fabulous.

Renee declines the invitation saying there is still unfinished business between them and she is not sure if she is walking into an ambush. Drita is pissed because she takes that to mean that she and Ang are somehow trying to set her up. So  when they get back to Staten Island, Drita and Big Ang go to confront Renee about accusing them of setting her up.  Things get a bit contentious. Renee says she was not referring to Drita and Big Ang setting her up.  Perhaps she meant production, aka her sister? Renee seems very touchy about Alicia asking Renee if she slept with her husband. Drita and Big Ang feel stuck in the middle.  Renee says she doesn’t want to be around people she doesn’t like, maybe Drita is just better at pretending. Drita is pissed off to the point of tearing up. She tells Renee never to call her fake again. Renee back tracks and gets choked up. Renee says she is going to meet up with Natalie one on one and settle things.

Moving on to the most recent episode…

The stuff with Alicia awaiting Eddie’s sentencing is kind of anti-climatic since we already know what happens.  I still cannot get over the fact that they show Alicia’s house and street signs up close saying Oak Lane. They practically draw a map to these people’s houses. This ain’t the Real Housewives of Atlanta, yo. These people have serious enemies.  It is interesting that out of the dozen or so reality shows we follow three of them have husbands and wives involved with federal charges. Alicia looks a lot like Teresa in this episode.  Anyway, Eddie is being sentenced today.

Natalie and Renee meet for a one on one showdown. It’s kind of odd how they greet each other with the kisses before the start pulling out their weapons. Renee says that enough time has passed since Vegas that she hopes they can clear the air. Then in her next breath she fires Natalie from Mob Candy. Natalie says that as soon as Renee put her hands on her she had already made the decision then and there she was not going to do Mob Candy anymore. They made Natalie out to be a drunken clown on the first few episodes but this girl may be one of the smartest people on the show and she is not taking any shit from Renee, at all, point. period. Alicia says she never got paid, they never talked about money, she was doing Renee a favor as a friend. Natalie says that she is hurt because she trusted Renee. She did nothing to deserve Renee’s treatment. Things seem to be going well. Two grown women working out their problems.

And then the topic of loyalty comes up. Renee says in her talking head that Natalie is being disloyal to her by taking over her friends and trying to turn them against her. This is Renee’s whole problem that no one seems to get. In my opinion, and I am sure you guys will disagree, Drita and Big Ang would have some responsibility in this situation if it was real life and going to the Halloween party was not required by production. Natalie says to Renee’s face that she was disloyal to her and she was disloyal to Alicia. Renee gets very heated and flustered and says if she gets on that topic then they can’t be friends. Renee has two hot buttons, one is Drita and Ang and their lack of loyalty to her and the second is Alicia’s husband, particularly Alicia asking her if she slept with him. Anytime anyone gets anywhere near that subject, Renee get highly emotional and leaves. Which she did. And Natalie claimed another victory.

Mob Wives Big Ang takes a call from Alicia about Eddies Sentencing.

Alicia calls Big Ang to tell her that Eddie got sentenced. She says the judge accepted his plea deal and he should be home in a year and a half or so.  The news reports say that Federal Judge Sandra Townes sentenced him to seven years in prison for  murder conspiracy, extortion and witness tampering. I’m not sure how much time served he already has.  Alicia calls Big Ang before she even told her kids.

Renee goes to talk to the lawyer to find out how to best handle her situation with Junior contacting her. The female lawyer warns Renee about Junior still feeling a connection to her. She says if he feels rejected things could get very dangerous for her. Then she suggests a stay away order. Oh, like that’s not going to piss him off. A piece of paper is not going to keep Junior away from her. Renee says in her lifestyle going to the attorney is “like a rat thing” she doesn’t want to get anyone in any trouble.

Drita has planned a fancy lunch at a nice restaurant to clear the air for everyone. We all know how well that goes. Renee cancelled. Drita is way pissed. Mob wives have shitty taste in jewelry. What a waste of millions of embezzled dollars.

I am really starting to understand Renee this episode. When she is talking to her friend Nikole, I totally get why she doesn’t trust Drita and Big Ang right now. She feels like whatever they talk about will be talked about later with the Philly girls. I get it. It might not be true, but I see where she is coming from.

Drita plans a dinner for one more try at them all getting together. She tries to explain to Renee that it is awkward for Ang and her to be hanging with these two girls that she brought into the circle without her. Renee reluctantly agrees to go. Later, everyone is already eating and Renee is running late

Next week: The dinner goes down. It looks like Renee and Alicia are fine next week but Renee and Natalie are not. Drita gets a second location for her cosmetics store but there are problems with getting it ready to open.


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7 responses to “Mob Wives Recap Double Feature!

  1. Teresita

    I have to say I am with Renee 100% this is the one time I don’t think she is being paranoid. As much as I love Big Ang and Drita I wouldn’t trust the for the simple fact that they hang out like they are BFF’s. Renee wasn’t ready to be around the girls and that’s why she didn’t show up to the Halloween Party or the lunch. I don’t blame her, she should stand clear bc anything they say will piss her off. Oh Natalie yes honey your eyes were cool but the rest of that “costume” could’ve been better. I love Neil and Big Ang and totally believe they want a baby, I don’t know if they will get one but hey to each it’s own. I’ve been waiting for you to do a recap on this since last week. Natalie I’m sure comes out of her face again next week, there is something about that girl I don’t like.

  2. JoJo

    I’ve been waiting for the recap and this is worth it. Watching the episode, I seriously was wondering, “how’s TT going to interpret Renee on this one” – now I’ve got to find my notes I jotted to remember everything and what I wanted to ask!

    God, I love these gals and this show. Even the new ones, but especially Natalie who I couldn’t stand the first couple episodes.

  3. LetsBeCivil

    I completely understand why Drita & Ang are showing up to film because it’s their job. Look how easy it is to replace people on these shows. I could be wrong but I don’t recall Drita being upset with Renee or Carla for hanging out with Ramona when they had their issues. Which I think I remember Ramona hinting that people (production) were telling her Drita things that they said about each other that they never actually said. Renee’s behavior was out of control in Vegas. If she was so worried about being set up in Vegas then I think she would have really not showed up hammered.

  4. Shellbelle

    Dritas comments on Natalie’s costume were priceless!
    I see where Renee could be uncomfortable with Drita and Ang hanging with the other girls BUT I feel like Renee caused this whole debacle anyways. Drita was ready to go all in on Natalie but Renee talked her down. Now Renee is pissed that Drita and Ang aren’t going after Natalie when she needs them to.

  5. TEAM RENEE. Renee has so much going on it’s impossible for her to remain sober. Junior threatening to come home TO HER! No real protection order. Both new girls ramming her in every meeting. Natalie being probably just like her when she was the young mob princess and she realizes with all her colorful threats, she can’t beat this young girl down. Her friends seeming distant. And Drita trying to force her to be friends with the newbies. How in hell can she be friends? One has called her a rat, the other has demanded she kiss her ‘loyalty’ ring. Badabingbadaboom.

  6. lori

    I could understand Renee feeling betrayed, except for the fact that she is the one who totally started this. All of this as a result of “delicious”? It’s ridiculous. I don’t understand why she hates Natalie so much, except that she must be jealous of her or something. I don’t see what more Natalie could possibly do to make peace with Renee. I think she’s gone above and beyond what most people would do after someone physically assaulted them. I just don’t understand how Renee’s brain works, as hard as I try. They are all adults, right(?), and adults don’t usually do the “well if she doesn’t like you (at least when it seems to be for no reason at all), then I can’t like you either. I could understand that if Natalie had really done something terrible to Renee, but I’m just not seeing it. I feel like the only way Renee will like Natalie is if Natalie totally kisses her ass and bows down to her which obviously will never happen, as it shouldn’t. I love Natalie. She’s one cool chickie.

  7. AnaBanana

    Totally agree with Lori… I’m just not buying Renee as a victim. Don’t start no stuff, won’t be no
    I don’t think Drita’s wrong to continue to associate with the Philly girls. Renee is constantly hot, cold, in, out, off and on with everyone. If you tried to keep up with her you would have NO friends, because at some point everyone has been Renee’s enemy . Also, if Drita’s wrong for hanging with the Philly girls why isn’t Renee wrong for being friends with Carla (Alicia’s nemesis)?
    Renee is a huge hypocrite… I don’t sympathize .

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