All the Tea on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Six

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been filming season six for some time now and with filming comes tons of rumors. Now that I have a moment,  I thought I would take a moment to catch you up on all the gossip. Or maybe just some of it. Let’s start with the big question. Will we see Teresa and Joe Giudice dealing with their impending trials? Um, is Andy Cohen Jewish?  Of course we will. While for some reason the recent Nightline interview seemed to indicate that it would not be addressed on the upcoming season of RHONJ, Andy has assured us it will be front and center. Teresa reports that her castmates have been very kind in not bringing up the subject, but my sources say that is not true. The new girl, Amber does confront Tre about her legal woes. You can expect scenes with Teresa and Dina where Teresa shares her concerns.

Are Teresa and Melissa getting along? My understanding is they have an uneasy truce at the moment. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but they are presenting a united front. Melissa has few allies and needs Teresa this season. However, Dina’s friendship with Teresa does not extend to Melissa. Teresa is quick to defend Melissa with the others so far. She is bigger than ever on the family thing this season.

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Who is the drama queen for season six?  That’s an easy call. Amber Marchese, is stirring up as much drama as possible to get camera time. Amber is a well-educated fitness instructor whose Facebook page for  her company,  Vici Fitness has some great exercise and diet tips.  Vici is latin for “I Conquered” which I assume she selected due to her successful fight against breast cancer. Amber is an aspiring actress who will stop at nothing to be the center of the drama. Her favorite method of causing conflict is to attack the health of everyone else’s marriage, which makes one wonder how solid hers is. She has gone after both Melissa and Teresa’s marriage in drama filled scenes. She has also brought up Teresa and Joe’s legal issues in a mocking way on camera. Her husband is a mortgage broker so perhaps she is particularly sensitive to the subject? She came on the show as close friends of  twins Nicole and Teresa Napolitano, sparking early rumors of a new housewives versus old housewives storyline.  But Amber soon realized she was no match for the  veteran housewives and decided to turn on the twins. In particular, she attacked Nicole about her marital stability and word on the street is that the Jersey came out and the two actually got physical.  Amber it seems will be the Kenya Moore of RHONJ season six with lots of drama and not much in the way of allies.

What about the twins? Well, twins Teresa and Natalie Napolitano it seems are regretting getting themselves mixed up with the housewives franchise. They have been unhappy since filming began and the hazing from Teresa and Melissa began. As is the tradition on all of the housewives shows, the veterans take glee in putting the new housewives through the ringer and the Jersey girls are no exception. The lack of a warm reception by Tre and Melissa followed by Amber going off on Natalie has the twins forming an island of their own while wishing desperately it would all be over. If their feelings don’t change by the time filming ends for the season, I would not be surprised if they declined any future invitations to be on the show.

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What is Dina’s storyline? My sources say Dina has somehow managed to get a lot of camera time without the other ladies.  Remember, Dina had a whole bunch of demands before returning to the show and apparently this was one. Bravo cameras have been following Dina to a slew of Home Décor shows where she gives talks and does meet and greets with her fans. When she is in a group setting, she has bad blood with Melissa (perhaps because Melissa and Caroline became close) and has not been particularly welcoming to the newbies. She is of course friends with Tre, and will do a few scenes with her as her shoulder to cry on.  Oh and of course scenes with Grandma Wrinkles. Update: Dina and Kathy Wakile are exchanging pleasantries on twitter. Today Kathy tweeted a picture of a tank top that said, “More issues than Vogue” and Dina replied that she just recently sadi that about someone they both know and people will find out who this summer.  So Kathy will most likely be a “friend of” Dina and film with her.

What about Melissa? Melissa is promoting her book Love Italian Style. She and Joe are making a lot of joint public appearances.  She is making sure that she and Joe come off as the happiest couple in the world in order to foster those book sales. This seems to infuriate Amber and cause her to try to sabotage Melissa’s plans. This brings Teresa into the mix ranting about her FAMBLY!!! and things are not pretty. It’s not really smart for the new girl to come in and piss off Melissa AND Teresa at the same time.

What is the trip for season six?  I don’t know exactly yet. Somewhere warm and tropical. It hasn’t happened yet. I think the ladies did a quick jaunt to Atlantic City recently. I’m sure everything went smoothly with all the free booze and gambling. Right? Edit: The trips may well be limited to the US this season as I believe Teresa had to surrender her passport to the Feds.  Also she will have to get permission to leave the state so maybe Atlantic City is all we will get for season six.


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25 responses to “All the Tea on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Six

  1. Ashley

    When is it suppose to air on Bravo?

  2. lori

    Dina’s role sounds B.O.R.I.N.G. with the exception of her dislike for Melissa, but if she is refusing to even film with her, I don’t know what use it will be to us, the viewers.

  3. SB

    can’t wait for this season!

  4. jarlath

    I’m not sure of the reasoning for bringing Dina back. Does she really need a “friend” if the other hags have been axed? I can’t imagine the new lot being much of threat to Teresa.

    • For one thing, Dina has a pretty good fan base from her HGTV (?) home d

      • Kisha

        It will be interesting if Dina’s divorce will be a sizable storyline (thank God they’re divorcing, he was a scumbag. She deserved better).

        I really thought a new Housewive would be that woman who was trying to sell Melissa’s house. I don’t remember her name, but she was the one who warned Melissa to watch her back because her friend was talking smack.

      • jarlath

        Oh god, people are taking decoration tips from Dina? Her house was terribly decorated!

      • sw

        If Dina had such a big fan base at HGTV her TV show would still be ON! she brought nothing to HGTV nor Bravo.

      • Dina has a fanbase. She pulled over a million viewers a night on a Saturday night show where she was the only “star”. Just because you are not a fan doesn’t change that.

        On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 5:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The show is still on I think. Dina has great taste. The party/decorating projects on the hgtv show are always so nice and so creative.

  5. terry macon

    Dina is full of it! Period point blank. She is boring as watching paint dry. That’s it for me, its a rap. And I have been with bravo from the first Orig. Housewives.

  6. God but these women get skankier and skankier. I live nearby those twins, who of course are not originally from NJ but are NY transplants, and they are total trash, out of their element.

  7. I love this blog

    I would rather , watch paint dry. Than watch Dina/Dee nah.

  8. What about Rosie? She was always a good time…I hope Tre and Joe’s legal woes play out, but if they have already wrapped up filming, there would not be much inside scoop filmed anyway. I guess I was hoping to see how they both look in orange. Those poor children- with the exception of Milania- will be devastated if either parent goes to jail. It is kind of sad. Tre and Joe seemed more mellow on The Dateline interview. I wonder if they will get separate trials. My prediction is Joe will take the fall and then go to the chokey.

    • 1) Rosie will still be painted up and trotted out as Andy’s little pet. 2) Filming is on going, 3) Next Major hearing is for April as of now and filming will be over by then. But the days waiting it out should be interesting. 4) Separate trials is looking very unlikely. Joe will likely plea out eventually. Teresa will probably do a bit of time herself.

      On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. myinfo

    Dina was boring S1 and I do not care to see her again.
    Maybe I will change my mind?
    I no longer care about anyone on the show.

  10. loriflack

    Dina and Carolyn look so freaking different than each other.

  11. JoJo

    Well I’ll watch the new RHONJ like last year’s Versace. Each season that passes on any of these HW shows, bringing in new characters almost guarantees they’ll put the tin foil on & go for it (nice if someone came up with a good word for it, like for Kenya “MooreMore”). Interesting to see what bringing back a character does for entertainment. I’m leery since Dina was too self-aware to me more-more – so we’ll see.

  12. I love love LOVE Dina, and can’t wait to see her again! Excited for Teresa to haze the noobs and also seeing Melissa with 0 allies outside of Teresa. #TreHugger

  13. Marcus

    Has Kim D done any filming?

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