What is Nene Leakes Up To in NYC?

Nene and Gregg in NYC for Sears Fashion LIne

Nene and Gregg Leakes for Sears (Twitter)

I’ve noticed that Nene and Gregg Leakes have been in NYC for the past several weeks. Knowing that Nene is never one to stop hustling her brand, I’ve been dying to know what she is up to.  She has been networking with several members of the RHONY for one thing.  Sure, the meeting with Sonja Morgan kind of went to the left,  but Nene knows that contacts are contacts. She has been working hers into the ground. It has always appeared that Nene was sidling up to Kim Kardashian, that rich bitch, to discover new ways to make some coin, and she is at it again. This time, Nene has decided to join the Kardashians and a few other “celebrities” to partner with Sears and Kmart to promote the website ShopYourWay.Com

Kim and Khloe Kardashian as well as Adam Levine are on the new shopping site to promote their fashion lines. Nene has been promising us a fashion line for quite some time now, but no line has been unveiled so far. Remember when Sheree Whitfield had a “fashion show” for her line of clothing that had everything except actual clothing? Well, it is starting to feel like that with Nene. Surely, she has something coming and is just in NYC working with Sears and Kmart, right? Perhaps. In the meantime she has secured a marketing site.  At the moment though, there is only one item on that site with her name on it.  It’s a book with a disclaimer in the description that says the book is a collection of articles from Wikipedia about her. It’s on sale here for around 80 dollars if you want 116 bound pages of Wikipedia articles on Nene Leakes. I’m not kidding. That is actually there.  Let’s hope that is just some sort of place holder for her fabulous collection of one shoulder tee shirts that is sure to be featured in her collection.  The tees could pair well with those blue jean shorts she wore in ever episode of last season. You have to hand it to Nene, she is always out there looking for a new revenue stream.

So that’s the tea. You may discuss the new wig now.

P.S. Nene is walking the red carpet today for Fashion Week. She will be doing the celeb runway for the Red Dress Collection 2014 which is a  charity event to support women’s heart health.



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44 responses to “What is Nene Leakes Up To in NYC?

  1. JrLeaguer

    Hope Gregg enjoys the fresh air before he is banished back to the basement when they return to Georgia.

  2. It's A Crazy World

    I don’t like her – but I give her kudos for trying to develop a brand. I wish she would do something with that George Washington wig though.

  3. That wig is atrocious. Surely, the “rich bitch” has access to a stylist. I would not buy ANYTHING she is selling with that wig.

  4. It’s kind of ironic she still call Kim Zolciak, “wig” lol.

  5. pfffttt

    Gregg has lost weight. Good for him.

  6. donna

    ” She by Sheree” & NoNo by NeNe” What a pair. Sheree got brought back down a few notches, now it’s NeNe’s turn! WELCOME BACK TO EARTH. WE’VE MISSED YOU! Not really!

  7. Mia

    Why does she insist in looking like a blk Johnny Tremain?

    Anyway just posting to say how much I love this site and the work you do Ms Tamara.

  8. Free Kroy

    I actually like Nene. She really worked this RHW gig. It is an amazing platform but can be your downfall. Bethany and Nene are the most successful HW’s (I mean success generated from the show) So, I have to give it to her. Theresa from NJ could have been but, this fraud scandal was a huge set back for her. Very few other ladies have been able to use the show to sky rocket their success. The public looks upon the franchise as shameful. But, to be honest thousands of women try to get on the show every season.

    • Free Kroy

      Yes there is a lot of fighting, arguing, fakeness, indulging, drama, ect. But, there is this type of behavior in most churches, families, and other organizations. I would join if they come knocking on my door. Real Talk.

  9. myinfo

    Nene use to be my favorite, but this season she has been a turn off.
    I would never buy anything that Nene sells.
    I will give her credit for hustling and trying to make money.

    I wonder what Andy feels about Nene posting her blog on her website vs. Bravo’s website.

    • Katrina

      Most of the Atlanta Housewives do not post anything. It must not be a job requirement.

      • It is a job requirement, sort of. The number of views their blog gets and number of comments regardless of opinion plays in to who stays and who goes. It is part of the constellation of things that Bravo looks at when determining contract renewals. That said, if you feel safe or don’t want to come back, you can skip it.

        On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 6:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • JoJo

      I just recently realized that these RHOA are erratic or completely blow off the blogging. I think it’s completely disrespectful to the fans and Bravo should have the contract dock their salaries for blowing it off – $$ seems to be the only thing to get anyone’s attention.
      That being said, as much as I am so not a fan of Kenya’s – she does seem to be the only one that takes the time and blog, so I credit her for that.

      • eastjames

        Um…I think Kenya is the one with the most TIME to blog considering the only other thing she has to do is be completely insane!

      • JoJo

        No, you mean she’s not producing million dollar movies, raking in big bucks with Stallion booty videos, and working on a budding gone with the wind singing career – or is it just all gone with the wind? Well, she should start her own blog since she’s the only one that’s got time for it :)

      • Katrina

        Maybe this is Nene’s last season. Kenya will be the new head housewife! I always felt that Kenya was going to be Nene’s replacement.

      • Nene will be there until the final episode.

        On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 9:46 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  10. Michelle

    I am shocked there is still a Kardashian line. Who buys that cheap crap? It always quickly goes 75-80% off because no one buys it. Heck even Kim doesn’t wear that trash anymore. She doesn’t look any better though.

    I doubt a Nene clothing line will ever materialize.

  11. guest appearance

    Plenty of housewives are more successful than Nene. Lisa RHoBH opened a second and working on a third restaurant with a successful spin off show. Kandi has a spin off but a more successful business in her coated nights and her 4 Tag stores. Kyle has a new store and has made several movies, day time television shows, and commercials.

    • Free Kroy

      I agree some what. Lisa and Ken were ubber rich before the show. They previously owned more restaurants then they have now. But her spin off is hottttttt!!! Kandi was already a millionaire before she go on the show and a much more successful writer and singer (her group Escape was extremely popular and sold millions plus, she was a Grammy award winning song writer before the show).

      • Free Kroy

        And Kyle and her sister was a very successful child star before this show. She previous movies ranked in way more than her current cameos. But, there are some ladies who truly started from the bottom (even though they pretended to be well off housewives) and came way up. I think Bethany and Nene are the most successful of them. Theresa from NJ also did will with her books and the Apprentice.

  12. When I think of Nene, Sears and Kmart, I do not think of fashion. Nene is the least fashionable HW of the whole franchise. All she ever wears are tee shirts and ripped jeans. So it seems, I am the only left in this country without my own clothing line.

    • Free Kroy

      I think Phaedra and Kandi are the lest fashionable. All they were are colored skinny jeans and tight body con dresses with heels. That’s just tight not fashion.

    • JoJo

      Actually I’ve never equated anything from the A-List celebrities who promote their name stamped to factory-made, mass market clothing as fashionable sold by K-Mart, Sears or Target. And I’ve shopped at 2 of those and think the clothes are just fine for me.
      But of anyone, I think Nene is especially suited to promote her off-the-shoulder books & Tees, shredded jeans and size 11 shoes at K-Mart, Target and Sears. I haven’t seen her wear anything on RHOA that screams fashion – no matter what famous designer name is attached to it.

  13. RhoaFan

    I’m happy for Nene but at the same time, she let’s everything she accomplished go to her head. She’s all about being better than girls on the show and letting the world know how jealous they are of her and that’s not true. Nene is in her own world and if your not beneath her, then you can’t be in it.

  14. beth

    Could NeNe be in NYC to get a second opinion about her recent health scare?

    In her twitter TL, she claims her new clothing line is coming out in July.

  15. Beverly

    Honestly, I wish NeNe would GO AWAY.

  16. JoJo

    OMG, this is absolutely hilarious tea. Nene’s Wikipedia book at some outrageous cost reduced though to $76.28 is only out done by information that people who clicked on that ‘product’ ALSO were interested in 2 other books: “Automotive Suspension and Steering Devices” for $230 & “Webster’s Digital Services The Evolution of the Handheld Video Game” a steal at $38 (I think they got the video game book price mixed up w/ Nene’s :)

  17. Witchy

    Tamara, Remember when NeNe said she was opening up bars at airports and something about pizza shops?
    Anything happen? I promise, I am trying to keep a straight face.

    • In exchange for John Kolaj appearing on the show and pretending to be her boyfriend for publicity for the pizza joints, Nene was given a small percentage of a franchise in an airport pizza shop. Not a bad deal if you can get it.

      On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 3:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. eastjames

    I kinda wanna see a Kloe K and Nene show! Those 2 would probably be hilarious together

  19. JoJo

    This post has me thinking of the Housewives who’ve made the most of their Bravo platform and have been successful at it, not just trying hard at it.
    I can only come up with Bethenney & Teresa. Nene had it with the Celebrity Apprentice & the real acting gigs. But while impressive at the time, this seems to be over and I think were a result of Ryan Murphy having a crush on her. Now she seems back to loud and mean but still hitting the pavement trying to make something else happen.
    Lisa V. was able to get the spin-off & oodles of publicity for her restuarants. Brandi did have a very successful book and another is out. But she took a downward spiral this season and she might not sell 100 of the new book.
    Carole Radziwill sold a lot more of her old book. But haven’t heard a word on her second book or that TV show she was working on last season.
    Kyle has a store, I have no idea if it’s really successful, and Kim has only her appearances at old Autographs of Ex Movie Stars.
    Kim Zolciak got 2 spin-offs, a NFL player husband, and she’s the paradigm of fertility – so I guess some could consider that very successful, but I’m not a fan 😉
    I’m not counting the overly auto-tuned one-hit wonder songs of a few of the HW, the various wines hawked, or failed clothing & make-up lines etc.
    But I give an honorary ‘kadooz’ to Sonja Morgan for the very famous, non-existent Toaster Oven That Never Was :)

  20. I love the show. I love the characters and I love Atlanta!!! My hometown.

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