Shahs of Sunset Recap: Everyone Has a Come to Allah Moment, Except Mike

shahs-of-sunset-season-3-after-showI am really looking forward to this episode. Due to all sorts things last night I was not able to watch until this morning. I am excited to see the sights of Turkey and….oh wait. That is not what we are getting. We get a scene with Reza and GG inserting anti nausea suppositories up their asses. Seriously, Ryan Seacrest Productions? You were doing so well.

Next, Asa tells Reza that there is a border town in Turkey where they can go and see Iran. Seriously? It’s shocking news that Turkey borders Iran? She just found this information out from a waiter? When I heard they were going to Turkey I fully expected them to be filming the entire episode at the border town. Not in the European city of Istanbul. Sigh. Maybe the breaking news is they have planes in Turkey that take you to other cities? I don’t get it. I must be cranky today because quite frankly this is the 37th thing I have found irritating and annoying since I got up a couple hours ago.  I’m going to take a deep breath and consider suspend disbelief about people from Iran not knowing the border countries of their homeland or knowing that air travel exists.  EXCEPT! Reza just said in his talking head “I didn’t know it was a possibility to go to the border of Iran.  You can go “look at Iran” pretty much anywhere on the border and there is a huge border crossing at Dogubayazit into the Iranian town of Bazargan  there are also two smaller crossing points that are much easier to navigate on foot.  What am I even talking about this for, Reza probably could not find Iran on a map, with labels.

Shahs MJ Gold

Off to the yacht. It’s really pretty, as is the Sea of Marmara. The water is super rough, so it’s a good thing that the took the anti-nausea meds.  Everyone seems to be coming closer on the boat.  Princes’ Island looks amazing! It’s so going on my bucket list. MJ is wearing five inch gold stilettos to wander around cobblestone streets. This is why I prefer to travel alone. I can’t with that. Reza is mocking the religious clothing and screaming for hand sanitizer. There are no words to describe how annoying I find this.  While waiting for lunch, MJ is pointing out women in traditional Muslim headdresses for Reza to mock. Reza refers to the veil  as “a curtain.”  At least Asa tries to call him out on this. Asa must be appalled. GG calls out Reza for his disrespect too. Reza apologizes if he offended anyone. IF?

Reza changes the subject to the border trip. MJ asks what it means to go the border. My head explodes. Is anyone else wondering what the hell is wrong with these people?  Asa’s explanation is it is a flight to a BORDER TOWN but then it is three hours by car to the border? Perhaps this will make sense when they show that scene. But I doubt it. Meanwhile, how is the fish? GG disappeared at the end of lunch. I hope she got up and went shopping. She seemed at her wit’s end with Reza and MJ’s mockery of the Muslim population.

Time for the trip, in a plane, where they can see Iran, but no one mentions that. In the van on the way to the border, Reza actually looks excited.  Perhaps this will be a changing moment in his life after all.  The van is held up by a cow crossing. Asa jokes that some of the cows might be Iranian. Reza’s eyes tear up. Asa’s mom said never in our life have we been so happy to see cows. Suddenly, the tone because very emotional and serious. Reza asks if they will get right up to the border. The guide says no, but he seems to misunderstand the question. It seems like he thinks Reza is asking why they can’t go to the actual border crossing. The guide says “because you are Americans, and Iranians don’t like Americans.”

They catch their first view of the Iranian border patrol towers. Asa points out that they don’t want to be out where they can be seen by the towers. They change vehicles to go up a hill to a place with a panoramic view of Iran. All three become overwhelmed by emotion. On the final walk up the hill, things are very somber. Everyone is crying. Everyone has their own cathartic experience that I was too busy sharing with them to post here.

Reza and Asa try to relate their experiences over dinner with the rest of the gang later, but it isn’t really something they can explain.  Mike lightens the mood with the story of his trip to a Turkish Bath. He was scrubbed and massaged by a naked Turkish guy!  His “dool” (penis) is flapping up against Mike as he is massaging him. The way he told the story was hysterical.

It’s the last night of dinner and everyone goes to the apartment Asa got for her Iranian family for a final dinner. GG didn’t go. Asa says it’s because she didn’t feel well. To be honest, GG has been sort of hanging back on this whole trip.  I have a feeling that being around the whole group 24/7 with MJ there even after they “made up” was tiresome. I think “not feeling well” is code for “before I leave Turkey I would like some time to do something on my own without the cameras.” I don’t blame her.

At dinner, MJ teaches Asa’s littlest cousins how to high five. They are adorable and they set off MJ’s biological clock. MJ has her first maternal pangs of desire ever. She begins to face the fact that the chances of that happening at this stage of the game are very small. Wow, this is such a deep episode. This scene with MJ is heart wrenching. I have been right there with her. We make out choices to be single and to focus on other things in life, career, or travel or whatever and then one day we realize that, time has run out. It’s no longer a choice. And even if you would have still chosen not to have children, it no longer feels like a choice but more like a sentence. My heart breaks for MJ. The lack of choice feeling sucks but it does go away. The lingering what if I had made a different choice feeling stays.  But I think everyone has what if feelings about their choices.

Next week: It’s back to the usual hijinks. And it looks like Jessica is pregnant. Also, it’s the season finale.






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  1. Mari Anne Souza

    I’m very curious to see what Mike’s parents will have to say, if Jessica IS pregnant. Why, the eff, is she not on the pill or is Mike not using a condom? I think I know, actually.

  2. Very good recap. I feel you on…”what if” but we deal with our choices and make the best life possible

  3. cherry

    Great post. I was wondering what you had to say about this episode. I really like how Mike and MJ hugged it out on the boat. Like they both said they are just like siblings! I am also with you about GG, I feel like she wanted to just have some time to herself.

  4. brillke

    I didn’t get the feeling That Reza was mocking the Muslim culture but that he was upset that the woman were forced to wear the veils. He did explain himself but he obvious did a terrible job because he upset the others. I liked the fact that he apologized to the group if he offended them. I don’t think he was trying to be malicious but he took responsibility if his words did hurt them.

    • You must have been watching another show than I did. He mocked them several times in the show. At lunch MJ nudged him to make him aware of passerbys so that he could start mocking them for her amusement. It was disgusting and deliberate behavior.

      On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 4:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • brillke

        I did notice MJ nudging him but I thought it was to point out the veils because she knew he didn’t like them. I will rewatch that scene because I may have not heard everything said.

      • Why would you nudge someone to point out something they “didn’t like” unless it was to encourage more “dislike”? What is the point of saying “Hey look over there, it’s some of those people that you have been mocking all day! Go for it! ” While everyone else at the table is appalled and embarrassed. GG said her piece that made Reza “apologize if” and left the table. I don’t see how this takes several watching to get. But whatever. If you feel the need to defend Reza, please continue.

        On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 6:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • brillke

        I don’t feel the need to defend Reza, I just didn’t see it the way you did. The reason I probably need to take another look is I did have a few distractions in the room, new dog wouldn’t stop trying to hump my other dog and my 12 yr old thought it was hilarious and wanted to video it and put it on YouTube, and without those distraction my opinion may change.

        If Reza and MJ did what you say, they both owe the others an apology.

        I normally DVR my shows and watch them once everyone’s in bed but with school being closed so much, 13 days so far this winter, then C missing 4 days with the a cold last week, it seems like somebodies always up and needing something.

    • Reza seemed to mock everything in the Muslim culture during this trip. He almost did ‘nt mock the mosque when he observed that women had to pray separate from men…but of course his sexuality ALWAYS comes first! I did notice on the trip to the border, his dumb hypocritical azz had the sense to change out of his “proud and out loud” pink shirt before exiting that van. He also used his “man voice” or shut his azz up in presence of men in those countries, otherwise he talks like a kindergartener. Nothing at all against gays, everything against hypocrites. When Asa expressed her disdain for not being able to experience being in the mosque like men do, he could only equate it with his sexuality.

  5. What I found repulsive was how little most off them knew about how repressive the Muslim countries are towards women. How little most of them knew of the culture, even in the Mosque.
    That trip had to be difficult on Mike.
    Curiosity has lead me to learn about other cultures I’m in no way related to. I am still shocked at their lack of knowledge about their homeland and the reasons of Iran’s dislike of Americans. Their vacation befuddled me.

    • YES! I found it ASTOUNDING that MIKE goes to such great lengths to IDENTIFY AS “PERSIAN,” “I’m Persian, I’m expected to buy a huge ring, have a huge party, be rich, stereotype white people, be a doctor, speak Farsi, eat Iranian food… nauseum.” But he can’t even be bothered to take a glance at Iran and all of his feelings about his country are negative.


      • S

        Tamara, I am sorry, this is something only a person of the Jewish faith could understand. I am sure that if/when Mike will go to Israel, his attitude will be far, far different. I am Jewish and was born in the Soviet Union and identify with the Russian language, foods, and mannerisms of it, but have no desire to see Russia. It is not the same as my family remember it. It was the place that we had to leave for being Jewish. When I visited Israel, I felt so connected to the land and emotional, that I realized my ultimate homeland. Mike probably identifies with the Persian culture, language, and style, but I doubt he is yearning to touch the land of Iran, for the reasons stated above. So please, understand statements you are making from all angles before making them.

      • And by all angles you mean YOUR angle I assume. My angle is if you are so scarred for life about having to leave a country, you don’t need to keep saying you are from that country and upholding all of that country’s traditions If he wants to claim Israel, as he suggested on the show, he can shut his pie whole about how “Persian” he is.

        So to summarize, it is not something only Jews can understand. He was in Turkey acting like a bonafide asshole. So please understand your statement from ANY ANGLE before you make it.

      • S

        My angle is the same as his angle, which is the point I am trying to make, and that perhaps you could not exactly understand. It appears clear tat after Mike landed in Turkey, he decided he was not comfortable. And yes, you can continue a language and style without politically supporting that country ! That stuff doesnt just go away. And we know Iran politically wants to destroy Israel. It is okay sometimes to say speak up against the country of your heritage, because present-day Iran, as opposed to Mike’s parents generation, is far, far from perfect and is not exactly esteemed in many’s eyes.

  6. Going out on a limb to say GG might have been the only one who had an idea of where they were and what was going on around them.
    I was looking forward to seeing Turkey and many of the sights to see there. So disappointed.
    I have a mental list of sights in Turkey I’ld like up see, how could they all be so stupid. Turkey has a very rich history, I’m still befuddled and insulted. I’m not Persian but many of the comments I found disgusting.
    The Ugly American comes to mind.

    • I don’t know because I’m not of mideastern culture. But these people seem to be in their 30tys and 40tys. Only Asa’s mother seemed to sincerely know and remember the essence of the land she fled from, and even then it was in turmoil. We can look at beautiful pics of what it once was, but it has never been this way for thesecastmembers. They say proudly that they are Americans. Only Mike can say that hewould want to one day

    • RhuRhu22

      GG mentioned that she’s been to Turkey severs times. I agree with your comment that GG had more of an appreciation/respect for the trip rather than a fascination like the others.

      GG has really grown on me this season!! And, I think she was right about her rock being a hotel rock lol

  7. Fahlina_G

    This is one of the best write-ups I’ve read since I started reading this blog. Nice job Tamara!

  8. eastjames

    This might be the last straggling Bravo show that doesn’t make me feel suicidal. Sure these people have a lot of money and the typical rich person mentality but I like the way it is obvious that these folks were actually friends before filming. Its nice to see a reality show with the characters working it out for the sake of their friendships and not solely for the sake of the storyline.

  9. brillke

    BTW, can someone explain the picture of Reza in the bathtub with the wig on, please? Is it from the promo for the new (this) season? If so, I missed it.

    • Yeah, it’s from a promo. I was hosting it already and waiting for a chance to use it. Since next week is the finale it’s now or never.

      On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 1:50 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  10. JrLeaguer

    It was a beautiful episode. I did not see Reza as mocking, but more of a questioning of why (in his opinion), a woman would want to be oppressed by the veil. Was his delivery a bit catty? Most definitely, but to me, that is just him. It is like me looking at the more Orthodox women of my faith and wondering why they do some of the things that they do…but I try to truly understand their reasons and learn in the process.
    Seeing Asa and her mother and their family was truly touching.
    Seeing a subdued GG has been a nice change of pace.
    I understood GG and Mike not going to the border, but I wonder why MJ did not go along? While she was not born there, that is where her history comes from.
    I get some of Mike’s apprehension.He is in a country that is not always embracing of his faith, and when his family was in Iran, they not only suffered under political strife, but religious as well. I think that now that he is preparing to take his next steps of marriage and family that he is straddling the line of honoring his culture and religion in more ways than when he was just focused on himself as a single man.
    Just my thoughts….By the way…My Tadig that I made last week was AMAZING!! I will use saffron next time. As you know,it is a precious spice, so I wanted to do a couple of batches before adding saffron. :)

  11. Where were they in Turkey at the Iran border ? Never heard them say the town ! They should have filmed here more than Istanbul ! Must be a town with Kurdish people.

    • jrleaguer

      I believe that they flew into Van, Turkey…where the white cat statues were and then drove about 150- 200 miles with the guide to the border area. I remembered Asa discussing that there would be an early morning flight and then a few additional hours by ground to reach their destination.

  12. moronhater

    I’m sorry but who are these complete Persian morons? I am Turkish, from Istanbul and I have no idea where they found that footage for the show. Only recorded this ridiculous show so I could see it highlighted. Turks would crucify them to be referred to as a Middle Eastern country, especially people of Istanbul. These weirdos are delusional and they look like a freak shows. the only people who cover in black like that are usually Arabs are Persians, Turk don’t.
    they escape their backward countries and land in Turkey!

  13. Maryam

    Thank you for pointing out Rezas despicable behavior! I’ve actually sporadically watched this show and was offended by what I saw. I’m an American Muslim and choose to wear a hijab (headscarf). To assume that every woman who wears one is being forced is very judgmental and ignorant. Plus Turkey is a secular country and actually banned hijabis in many places, so for the women there to stand up and wear it anyway is quite heroic and going against the grind–not being oppressed.

    In some ways I was trying to understand Mikes point of view, but I think he could have been more respectful about it. Nobody was forcing him to become Muslim or anything it felt like he was thing to puff his chefs and prove something…

    And I agree with the other comment, for a show about Persians, they sure don’t understand much about their own culture or even religion besides the language and a few customs, really sad.

    Also, I really love how GG has changed and she actually seems the most worldly, good for her!

  14. Muah

    Reza was not mocking, he was stating how he felt bc the veil is very insulting to some people aka him

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