Watch What Happens Live With Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor

Jax Bravo WWHLAndy has provided some stunt bottles to break over Jax’s head throughout the show. Andy asks Lisa is there if any one thing Jax  said that irritated her the most. She said everything irritated her, but the part where he was arguing with Kristen and said, “You came twice sweetheart!” was the worst and she clobbers him with a bottle.

Poll question: Do you think Jax is a douchebag? 84% say yes.

Jax has been tweeting today that the show was hard to watch and he knows he is going to get attacked on the show. Andy plays the scene of the Tom and Jax outside where Tom is looking for a shred of remorse and finds none. Lisa smacks him on the head with a bottle. Jax says it was hard to watch the scene. The place I paused the DVR to type is stuck on Andy who is looking at Jax with a serious, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” expression. Jax says he feels like a piece of shit. Lisa says, “Just because you look bad, not because of what happened.”  Jax says at the time all he cared about was pleasing himself. Lisa says, “That’s exactly what you should have done, pleased yourself and we wouldn’t be going through all this.”

Lisa says she is the only person who had known about them hooking up for a year. She says to be honest I knew it would be so explosive if it ever came out that she hoped they would just keep on lying. Lisa breaks another bottle over Jax’s head. Andy asks Lisa how she knew. She says, “Why don’t you ask Jax?”  Jax says he doesn’t know how she knew. She says he told her business partner and he told her. Jax said, “Why would I tell him?” and Andy moves on.

The saddest lover's spat all season...

The saddest lover’s spat all season…

They play a game called What a Jax Off! It’s a list of scenarios to see if Jax would do them. Dumb game. The answer is yes. Nothing will every compare to Drunk Uncle Bucks.  NO THING!

Lisa and Jax are cutting up like long lost lovers. Just saying. I’d watch that Ken. Andy goes to break because he heard that Tom Sandoval wants to call in.

Questions of Lisa:

Do you think you are mothering Brandi like you do your staff at SUR? Lisa says she is guilty as charged absolutely.  When someone is struggling, Lisa wants to try and help her. Lisa says she really lovED her twice. Interesting.

Andy asks about the bizarre Scheana Marie and Brandi thing she was trying to pull off tonight. Scheana tweeted that it is funny they can all have brunch together at Villa Blanca and things are fine but then there is an issue again. She is done trying.  Lisa says That’s true the did have brunch together.  Jax says Brandi was in Villa Blanca last week.

Questions for Jax:

Someone from the Bronx calls in who is unintelligible. Basically does he get tested for STDs? Yes. Jax says he uses protection. The rest of them just joke about that. Andy says you didn’t use it with Kristen. Jax says that’s true, he gets tested.

Caller “You were not a good friend to Tom…blah, blah.”  Yeah I am a douchebag. These are the worst questions ever, and the worst callers ever and they just gave that one a trip to NYC for the Heart Healthy Red Dress Fashion Show? WHEN WILL THE GOOD PEOPLE EVER COME OUT ON TOP, ANDREW? Dang.

Andy asked how did you know not to blow it when Stassi texted you pretending to be Kristen? Kristen told him that Stassi was coming over and told him to assume that Stassi has my phone at all times. That makes not sense. How did Kristen know Stassi was going to do that? This whole storyline has more plot holes than a Ryan Murphy episode of American Horror Story: Coven with none of the fantastic acting.

Finally, the Bravoholic tweets in a great question. On a scale of 1-10 how good was Kristen in bed? Jax says a gentleman never tells. He has some morals and some respect. I swear I hear Stassi’s mouth in the audience. I think she is living there now.  And the fact that Jax did not answer makes me think maybe he might have a decent side.

Tom is on the phone!  He greets his stalker Andy first. Tom asks Jax how it feels to be the most loved man in America right now?  Jax says he is definitely feeling the hate right now.

Andy says they already filmed the reunion and Jax had not seen the episodes until today and says he now has remorse.  This mean next week on the reunion Jax will not be remorseful.

Tom says he thinks that Lisa told Jax to be remorseful on TV tonight. Lisa said no not at all. Jax is on his own on this one.  Tom says the whole season Jax was always trying to throw him under the bus and he knows he has all kinds of stuff about him.  Andy says , wait! There’s worse stuff?

Tom starts trying to spill all of Jax’s secrets. Why did you change your name and leave Miami? And Jax is getting anxious and says for Andy to hang up the phone. Andy sort of cuts Tom off. Essentially word on the curb is that Jax was such a pathological liar when he lived in Miami that he changed his name and left town. That rumor could have been started by Stassi though, just saying.

Andy asks Tom about the fight. Does he regret it? No, no he does not. He says he hit Jax in the forehead. He could have hit him in the nose or the mouth, he could have stomped on him while he was on the floor, he felt like he held back. Tom starts whining about why? WHY? WHY ? JAX? How could you do this to me. Tom still feels scorned by his lover, Jax.

Next week: Part One of a Two Part Reunion, grown up housewives style.


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58 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor

  1. pfffttt

    I watched the last two episodes of Vanderpump Rules and have been very entertained by it. I wish I could have watched the entire season!

  2. Jake

    I think Tom and Jax slept together — that’s the real reason for the plot holes and cover up.

  3. WhyOWhy

    It wasn’t as ”granderous” as I expected. Okay, it totally was. I just wanted to used the word ”granderous.”

    • Granderous isnt a word, I think you mean “grandiose”: ie. impressive or magnificent in appearance or style, esp. pretentiously so.
      “the court’s grandiose facade”

      • LOL so anxious were you to correct someone’s spelling you just kept typing repeatedly while in moderation? And then you give a definition? You never learned the whole get to know the people before you start dashing in to correct everyone social graces did you?

      • cadetpink

        yeah, sorry not so sorry about seeing someone use a word that doesnt exist and informing them of the fact (given the legibility of most posts on blogs read like they done been wrote by a child;)

      • ROFLMAO. No need to be sorry, we are all enjoying laughing at you. Perhaps the next word you should look up is legibility.

        ROFLMAO @ “done been wrote!” I am gonna pee myself.

        You’ve been dismissed.

        On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 4:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Didnt think it was possible to underestimate your capacity to read and comprehend sarcasm and mockery…that was the intention behind this: “done been wrote!”

        But hope you piss yourself and do so often!

      • I never piss myself! But My yoga pants did fall off in the middle of Publix about an hour ago. So, there is that.

        On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 3:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • cadetpink

      ”granderous.” isnt a word, I think you mean grandiose 😉

  4. Kitty Mamma

    Great recap, TT. I wish Lisa would have kept her nose out of these kid’s love lives and focused on her own. For someone who’s so famously detached from her own sex life, it’s a little contrived that’s she’s so involved in these children’s sex lives. It does not add to the authenticity of the show, to me.

    • lori

      I’m sure that when Lisa makes those comments about her only having sex with Ken on his birthday she is just joking. I get the feeling that they have a lot of sex.

      • Kristina Julia

        I agree, I would LOVE to have as great a relationship that Lisa and Ken have, they ALWAYS laugh, they always have each others back and that’s what a successful marriage is, if great sex made a marriage we’d all be th wrong people, lol.

  5. lori

    Two comments. First, if Brandi was in Villa Blanca last week, I guess that Lisa and he are still friends. Lisa looked liked she was a bit annoyed that he said that, and I think that’s the reason for it… like he sort of ruined the Lisa/Brandi “are they still friends” cliffhanger that I think is coming on RHOBH. Second, although Jax didn’t say how Kristen was in bed on this show, Stassi told Tom that Jax said that she was great in bed. He’s such a pig!

    • KittyC

      There was something up with the way Lisa shut Jax down when he mentioned that Brandi was in the restaurant last week (therefore Brandi shouldn’t complain about dealing with Scheana because it was Brandi who was treading on Scheana’s turf by coming to her place of work). But I don’t think it was that Lisa was concerned that Jax saying Brandi was at the restaurant would ruin a cliffhanger about whether they are still friends. Jax didn’t say Brandi and Lisa were together at the restaurant and Lisa has more than one restaurant and isn’t always at any of them, so Brandi going to one of Lisa’s (very popular L.A.) restaurants when Lisa may not even be there says nothing about their friendship. If Brandi wanted to go somewhere she felt like going, she wouldn’t let anyone else top her. That’s why she often goes around Scheana at various events. It is clear that Brandi and Lisa are going in different directions at the end of this season, much like Lisa and Kyle before.

    • cadetpink

      I caught Lisas reaction to that comment and she shushed Jaxass right up b/c he was inferring that since we all know where Scheana works, and if you dont want to see her, dont ‘go onto her turf’ and that is the LAST THING Lisa, a savy restauranteur isnt going to have her staff dictating who patronizes her places based on ‘who’s ‘turf is who’s…’

  6. PUMPS01

    a guy I’m dating now was a big model back then in Miami…now lives in LA..and nows Jax personally..all I’m saying is that Jake may be spot on :)

    • Fahlina_G

      REALLY? I was thinking it either had to do with date rape/ an underage girl or both. He (Jax) was also roommates with Channing Tatum at one time as well. In NYC at the beginning of his modelling, um, career.

  7. PUMPS01

    I;ve also spoken with Jax personally..he’s tried to hit on me several times. No thank you.

  8. spk

    Can we just call a spade a spade–Jax is a sociopath. He appears to fit all but one of the traits. Stassi and he share some of them. Perfect match!

  9. The name ‘jax’ is stupid and makes me angry

  10. Taya

    JaX..WoW! What a Disguisting Lying Piece of Trash..This is probably all a Big Lie, just like His Breast Cancer Scare… Whatever Happened to that Story line.. YA!! BS!! What a Waste Watching Him..He’s gotten so Ugly Looking Due to his Filthy mouth & SHi**Y attitude..He needs to get FIRED!!! LOSER!!!

    • Cammie

      “He’s gotten so Ugly Looking…” Agreed, in the beginning of VR I could see his appeal physically. Now? Not so much, in fact I’ve found myself thinking does he just get more scruffy looking in each episode? And I mean scruffy looking in a homeless way, not in a Marlboro Man kinda way.

    • JoJo

      I’ve never understood the attraction of Jax. This season even more so. I heard his real name is Jason. So, I think of him as “Jason, the Over the Hill Teenaged Werewolf.”

  11. Greenwood

    Up until the last episode and last night’s WWHL, I figured Vanderpump Rules was about 50% reality and 50% scripted, like most of the Bravo “reality” shows. But now I’ve changed my mind. I think it’s 100% scripted. Totally made up. Fiction. I think all the guys, including the Toms, Jax, and Peter, are gay. I don’t think any of the relationships are real. Stassi and Jax were not involved. Scheana isn’t engaged. Fake, fake, fake. Lisa and Andy are in on it. That’s why Lisa, Jax and Andy all jumped to silence Tom Sandoval last night on WWHL, when Tom suddenly tried to go off-script. I think it’s fine to have a totally made-up show. Most shows are totally made-up. It just seems sleazy to make it up and pretend it’s real. Anyway that’s my opinion. What do you think about it?

    • Jelley

      I’m inclined to agree, but I think maybe Tom & Kristen really were togther. And it could be true that Kristen banged Jax. If not, why would Sandoval call in to WWHL and bring up all that about Jax moving from Miami and changing his name? It was obvious that Jax isn’t his real name. No Americn men his age are named Jax. He’s such a douche and over the hill to be acting the way he does.

    • I agree to an extent. I believe it’s totally scripted but that some of the relationships were/are real. I do NOT believe Jax and Kristen really slept together. I believe that’s storyline and THAT is how Lisa knew for a year, not that Jax told the co-owner Guillermo.

    • Cammie

      “I think all the guys, including the Toms, Jax, and Peter, are gay.” My guess is there may be some bi / 3 way action (just to be clear: involving some of the chicks) going on there, but I don’t think they’re all gay. The Toms I could see swinging a bit more to the homosexual side but IMO they’re just on the metro bus.

    • Fahlina_G

      I agree 100%, and they are about the worst actors I have ever seen. The entire lot of them.

    • Jen

      I totally agree , I have been thinking the exact same thing , well Sur is in West Hollywood , West Hollywood is known to be predominately gay , a ” gayberhood “

    • cadetpink

      I agree with most of your post, but I soooo do not buy the whole Peter being gay business…and unfortunately for Shay (Mike) I think he’s also really engaged to Scheanna…

  12. myinfo

    I agree something about last night’s show just did not seem to ring true.

    Jax and Lisa seem to be writing and directing this scripted fake drama.

    What was the purpose of the naked SUR Photo??? That was just weird and creepy? When was the last time you got naked with your co-workers?

    What will the show be like next season? I guess the script will call for Jax to sleep with a new best friend of Stassi.

    Schenea (sp?) fiancé is so strange. The fake big deal engagement at Lisa’s house was so fake and just for the show. How can her boyfriend afford a big diamond ring?

    • Jen

      Oh , and how about those gold , spandex , high waist hotpants at your freakin engagement party , and I don’t even know what to say about her little performance except yeah , don’t quit your waitressing job .

  13. Uzo

    Jax, man…. listening to WWHL tonight, Tom is still really pissed. Watching you the past 2 seasons, you seem really lost. At this point, you really need to dig deep and try to redefine yourself. I’m sure you know by now that Hollywood can be a dark and evil place. Maybe that’s why you act so disconnected to everything…. because you hate the whole scene, deep down?

    You’re 34 and it looks like that modeling career is done. Plus, face it, you can’t act…… I know I wouldn’t hire you for even a commercial. Get out of Hollywood, dude. GG is just another typical rich girl who will eventually dump you. Find a trade that you can be passionate about and be happy….. or just latch on to a sugarmama and ride it until she croaks. Either way, you need to redefine yourself…. find the simple life…..

    • PUMPS01

      I’m a woman! Recently talked to him in the last 24 hours…and believe me he still has no remorse. Extremely arrogant and unaware of others …it’s almost worse in real person than it is on TV—-he’s beyond self-absorbed.

      • KittyC

        @PUMPS01, Since you live in LA, can you comment on what is the attitude there toward these “Bravolebrity” types in terms of status? It seems like these people (many of whom have $$$$ such as Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne) are very willing to act like idiots and show themselves in a very bad light to be on these shows. I would think that in LA, these people would rank at about a very low C to D list (at best) among celebs and so why would they do this? Is ANY type of fame in LA a good thing? All I can think when I watch VR is WHO is ever going to hire any of these people for ANYTHING decent or ever take them seriously and WHO would now want to work for Lisa Vanderpump?!?

      • You don’t really believe that commenter do you? Seriously?

  14. It’s been discussed since season one that Jax changed his name when he fled from Miami, The most common version of the story is that he was living off a man who is a D list model/actor and got caught with his pathological lying and cheating and was run out of town on a rail.

  15. Dat cat

    So, are they ever going to reveal why he left miami? They keep alluding to it, but never answer it.

    I mean, it’s a big place. What sort of lies did he tell that made him need to move across the country AND change his name?

  16. ImmaJustsaying

    Oh BOY his past from Miami is definitely going to be catching up to “Jax” or Jayson, or Josh or Jay.

  17. Katrina

    I am totally shocked that Jax and Kristen slept together.

  18. JoJo

    I finally watched the actual WWHL episode. I’m sure the reunion will answer some questions, but after finale, I thought for sure Kristen had been forced to move on, and Jax gave his little “there’s no coming back from this” as if it were time for him to move on.
    Well, guess Jax is still in the mix. When they were playing the game ‘would Jax do that’ Andy asked Lisa if he would screw his boss to climb the ladder, Jax just looked at her and she said she better lock her door at night. Damn, I was hoping for a real hot new bartender!

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