Phaedra Parks V. Angela Stanton Case Update!

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UPDATE 2: Here are the on air interviews with Angela Stanton they are very similar to the off air interview in the link in the previous update.  But just in case you are interested.

UPDATE : Video of Angela Stanton Interview  with Sasha the Diva today:  Must view video!  Angela talks about seeing Phaedra at the depo ( she would not look her in the eye) and the fact that the Secret Service wants to meet with here for information on Apollo with regard to her current charges! Blockbuster news! Says Apollo contacted her!

I have spent countless hours over the past couple of weeks delving into the arrest of Apollo Nida and the subsequent events that followed as a result of that arrest. On of the topics covered here included taking a fresh look at Angela Stanton’s claims against Phaedra that at the time none of us took very seriously. As I was doing that, I ran across someone on Twitter who seemed to have the inside track on Angela.  She presents herself as a PR person and her Twitter history showed that she was a long time supporter of Angela Stanton.  I decided that her information was credible enough to use on the blog. I made a comment or two either in a post or comments or both that there was a hearing on February 4th (today) regarding Angela Stanton’s counter claim against Phaedra Parks.

Some time later that day or the next, I am unsure as I was literally blogging around the clock at the time, I had a twitter encounter with James Radford, who is Angela Stanton’s attorney. When our interaction ended, I wish him “good luck next week.”  He responded asking what I was referring to and I told him I meant at the hearing on the 4th.   He said that they were a long way from trial and was curious to know where I got the information. I referred him to the PR person and he said there must have been some confusion and they were a long way from trial.  At that point, I dropped the issue.

Phaedra Parks Takes Her Attempts at Humor to a Whole New Level

I also learned tonight from Mr. Radford that contrary to what we have been hearing, Phaedra has NOT dropped her case against Angela Stanton.  That is interesting. What was all that about her attorneys dropping her as a client intel about then? According to Radford, “The claims against Vibe and publisher were dropped after a settlement agreement, but the substantive claims against Angela remain.” So Vibe settled and part of that settlement impacted Angela’s earnings from the book.  Perhaps her big name attorneys didn’t want to be part of going after a single woman? Who knows. For whatever reason, Phaedra feels the need to continue to sue Stanton.

Today I got several inquiries asking if I was going to the trial and I explained what Mr. Radford had explained to me. Essentially, “nothing to see here, move along.” But that was not exactly true. What actually happened today was that Angela was deposed by Phaedra’s attorney.  Here is what occurred, from James Radford’s official site.

Angel Stanton's Book is Not SellingBy On February 4, 2014   

Today, I took part in the deposition of my client Angela Stanton as part of pre-trial discovery in the case of Phaedra Parks v. Angela Stanton. This was held in a private conference room, not in open court. The only people there were, on our end, Ms. Stanton, myself, and a close friend who came along for moral support. On the other end was Phaedra Parks, an assistant of hers, and her attorney. There was also a certified court reporter and videographer, who are bound by strict rules of confidentiality.

The deposition began at about 10:15. Sometime fairly shortly after it begun, Ms. Stanton testified that she had been arrested fairly recently after an altercation with a member of her family. (Often, in depositions, a witness will be asked to identify any and all arrests, and a witness is obliged to provide that information). At 12:54 PM today, I received the following tweet from Atlanta blogger Sandra Rose:

Hi @JamesRadfordJr, did you know your client was arrested for assault and battery on a family member?

— Sandra Rose (@SandraRose) February 4, 2014

For those who don’t know, a deposition is a time, prior to trial, where the attorneys can examine and cross-examine witnesses. It’s part of the “discovery” phase of a case, in which testimony can be taken prior to trial, in order for all the parties to gather the information they need for trial. While depositions are not confidential per se, there is a time-honored rule of professional courtesy that the attorneys try to keep depositions between the parties, and out of the public domain. Questions in depositions often get into personal information that would not be admissible at trial. In addition, in this particular case, the court has issued a protective order, in place to allow the parties to exchange certain information confidentially.

For all of these reasons, we have kept certain evidence that is strongly corroborative of our client’s case, out of the public eye. Our goal has been to maintain this information’s confidentiality until such time as there is a trial, at which time the information necessarily becomes public.

I do not have any way to know how this information came into the blog’s possession. But, I do know that the arrest in question is several weeks old. If it had been discovered by someone who just happens to check arrest records in the particular county where she was arrested, it could have been discovered weeks earlier. It is a striking coincidence that, within less than two hours of Ms. Stanton divulging this information (which has nothing to do with the case), during a deposition in which Ms. Parks and her assistant were present, the information would be in the hands of an Atlanta blog that frequently covers Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Parks v. Stanton case, etc.

Never have I been involved in a case with the same level of public intrigue as this. Speculation about the case were already covering the pages of blogs prior to my involvement. When I got involved, we made an effort to disseminate only factual information, and to prevent sensationalizing it any further. My goal has always been to focus the dispute on the legal and factual issues to be determined by the court, and to step away from the gossip and sensationalism. I believe in providing people with information, so we have occasionally released pleadings and other information here.

On behalf of Ms. Stanton, I can say that she appreciates everyone who is supporting her as she continues this battle. I personally believe (and not just because she is my client) in her story. I have watched her tell her story, even while her feet were held to the fire, with a level of detail that can only come from actual experience. In addition, I have interviewed and taken statements from a number of witnesses who corroborated key details of the story, again, with the kind of knowledge that can only be derived from actual experience. We have not shared information about these witnesses publicly, again, because we want to try this case in court, not the media.  So even as we wade through the intrigue and scandal that a case like this necessarily attracts, we will continue to press forward, and to provide information when and where appropriate.

Thank you — James

So let’s review, Angela and her team did not disclose the information. The court reporter and the videographer did not disclose the information. That leaves Phaedra, Phaedra’s “assistant” and Phaedra’s attorney.  To me this does not seem like a very wise move on the part of Team Phaedra.  Angela is counter suing her for defamation and libel and interfering with the sale of her book. While truth is a pure defense and I this case it seems apparent that Angela was arrested a weeks ago,  the outing of this confidential information to social media within hours of learning of Stanton’s arrest doesn’t exactly give Phaedra the appearance of clean hands going into this case.

Angela Stanton’s arrest for  battery-family violence, occurred in Albany on  January 24th. She was booked on a first offense-misdemeanor battery charge and release on  $2,000 bail on  January 25th. (Interesting fact, Apollo surrendered to US Marshalls on January 23rd.)

So that is the best information I have on the case at this moment. Thoughts?


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99 responses to “Phaedra Parks V. Angela Stanton Case Update!

  1. I love this blog

    Excellent work.

  2. Gingersnap

    I think Phaedra has done everything in her power to cover her own tracks and Angela Stanton be damned. Casualty of war and all that. Since her sins are finding her out, she has to keep adding layers of dirt to keep the waters muddied. She wants Angela Stanton to STFU and if strong arm tactics are needed, so be it. I hope this latest smear campaign boomerangs and hits Phaedra right in her big ole donkey bootie. Hard.

  3. Joan

    I am speechless. And that is rare. What a sad way to live life.

  4. Tango

    Phaedra fights surprise there.

    • Lodak

      This information is public record. Where’s the “fighting dirty” in disseminating public information?

      Sandra says that the tea was received by someone who scours the web for such information, so, I’m not even sure it came from Parks & Co., but if it did, it’s no foul. Her butt shouldn’t have gotten arrested.

      • I love this blog

        Sandra also said. ” It could be someone from Phae camp”

        She was arrested since on the 25th. No one heard about it.

        Until yesterday at the deposition.
        They LEAKED her arrest.

      • mesheone

        In order for this to asked about in deposition someone in Pha’s camp had to inform attorney,although public info,an attorney will not go through the trouble right before when it has nothing to do with the case.I will add, even if told while seated at meeting, attorney/assistant, could look it up to confirm info, her attorney could advise her not answer and stop depo in order to advise Stanton further, stipulate etc, then resume.In Cali, that’s how it usually works.

      • Um, there is nothing remotely accurate in what you just said.

        On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • mesheone

        I have party to a Govt suit, I sat and watched it done. I have also been paused by my attorney and counseled when something was brought up,he called another attorney to advise,lastly, had brought up to my attorney during the time of depo and he asked for break after looking up info from his laptop to confer with me…sorry you find what I mentioned inaccurate…just going off my experience, which by the way never made it trial and was settled because of all the info we supplied during the depo.

      • Tango

        Why disseminate public information then tweet an attorney? Who has time for that crap unless they are pulling something. Doesn’t smell right = ain’t right.

      • peachteachr

        TT, was she arrested for DV in Albany, Ga? That’s just a few miles from me.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Where I am, an objection to a deposition question based on relevancy is not grounds for refusing to answer the question. Also, any attorney worth his salts would know the deponent’s criminal, civil and other “indiscretions” before the deposition, even if it happened the night before. Ask the expert I deposed about his criminal convictions (DUIs not in any way relevant to the subjects at issue in the lawsuit in which he was testifying for opposing party). Sometimes the questions are aimed at gauging a deponent’s veracity (or lack thereof).

      • Shaylin

        You’re absolutely correct. Arrests are always public record.

  5. James

    Public views is shifting against Phaedra since Apolo’s arrest, she got a Big Fish to fry now…. If she is smart as she seems, she would let this girl make her coins. How many battles is she gonna fight?


  7. Valley Girl

    Phaedra is no saint, but forgive me if I don’t readily believe Angela Stanton. Apollo being arrested is not sufficient enough for me to all of a sudden believe Angela Stanton as some paragon of virtue who is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    There might be some truth to her some of her statements, but I still think she is an opportunist. I don’t trust opportunists.

    They’re probably both lying about something.

    • I love this blog

      They are all opportunist. And cut from the same cloth. It’s why they go on reality tv shows, looking for fame and attention. None is better than the other.

      • eastjames

        No way! I thought they were all just trying to bring awareness to various causes they were passionate about and filling our lives with sunshine and joy!

      • I love this blog

        @Eastjames. lol

        Oh! You mean like Nene Leakes. ” Twisted hearts” foundation? Dina “project ladybug”? What happened to those?

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      Angela Stanton never claimed to be a paragon of virtue, she is very forth coming about the many crimes she has committed. And apollowasnt just arrested. He was arrested for the exact same thing that she claimed in her two year old book.

      Also why do people say things like “she or he is an oppurtunist” ( some one who takes advantage of opportunities). Or “she or he did it for the money”. Like these things are inherently evil. Every successful person on the planet is an oppurtunist. And doing it for money is a lot healthier than doing it for revenge IMO.

  8. Msve

    I just finished reading Angela’s book on Kindle…I believe that she is, “Telling The Truth”. She give a lot of detail in how the operation was run. She appears to me to have been a person who was a puppet on a string that was blinded by the lifestyle of Phadera. The book is well written and it kept my attention.

  9. JoJo

    Question if anyone knows, I don’t know this answer seriously:
    Stanton’s attorney mentioned a protective order issued in this case so the parties would be comfortable in their privacy in revealing potential/actual damaging and/or personal information.
    Before that he mentions there are no ‘rules’ but a time-honored courtesy adhered to by both parties to maintain confidentiality.
    Is it possible that either the court reporter and/or the videographer could be the sources of this ‘leak’ about the arrest – perhaps even secretly for payment by blogs or other media?
    I’m not sure if the protective order subjects the court reporter or the videographer to an oath of confidentiality that would make their involvement in the leak much less likely?

    • JoJo

      Clarification, I meant I know this attorney’s statement said the court reporter/videographer bound by strict rules of confidentiality, making their leaking much less likely, just not impossible. And I meant to say if money is to be made since this is such a high profile case, Angela’s moral support might be tempted too?

      • Lionel

        Court reporters and videographers are licensed by the state and subject to discipline and license suspension much like members of the bar – court reporters hear lurid high profile tales day in and day out, just another day in the conference room for them – highly unlikely it was him or her, more likely Phaedra’s assistant who is bound by no ethical rules by way of licensure…

      • Michelle

        It looks like it was a simple fyi type message. You know a PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD kind of message. The ONLY person with an ax to grind and something to gain is Phaedra. No one else truly cares if Sandra picked up a misdemeanor assault charge (not conviction) and since it is her first it will probably be dropped or pled down.

      • khintx

        here in Texas a court reporter has to be certified and licensed and there are rules about confidentiality. Much like a healthcare worker, court reporters are privy to personal information which they swear to use only for the purpose intended to do their job and no other. I don’t think it’s a Federal statute or anything (like HIPPA in healthcare) but you could certainly lose your certifcation. kh

      • Um, no.

        On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 1:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        The bottom line imo, Stanton has a very good attorney. His move by publishing this info on his website is excellent damage control before it obviously had time to make any blog. The arrest may or may not have come out without shenanigans from anyone at the deposition. But his statement not only mitigated serious damage it may have developed regarding Angela’s character, at the same time it implied that Phaedra’s camp was responsible for releasing it. Bravo.

      • puravidacostarica2

        I agree, JoJo. Great observation!

      • JoJo

        puravidacostarica2: thanks. I think that Stanton’s 2012 book allegations are now given considerable more weight now that Apollo’s been charged for similar crimes she was involved in 10+ years ago. Phaedra’s mostly been convicted in the court of public opinion. The circumstantial evidence does make it hard to be objective, but I am. I still have a hard time believing Angela 100%. Even before Apollo’s publicized arrest, I’m sure Phaedra & her attorneys (at the time) made the calculated move to continue with the defamation suit after Vibe was removed. I think Phaedra must be confident in some way that whatever Stanton & her attorney’s have isn’t sufficient to protect them against the defamation.
        No matter, Angela Stanton has a good attorney.

    • Shellbelle

      I would imagine that Phaedra probably had to answer some uncomfortable questions herself. So, if it were a leak from a court reporter wouldn’t they “leak” info on Phaedra also? Surely info was disclosed that was much juicier than Stanton’s arrest- a misdemeanor at that. For me, all roads lead back to someone in Phaedras camp.

  10. DarkThoughts

    Something in Phaedra’s buttermilk ain’t clean.

  11. thedisher

    Keep up the great blogging! Sucks that Vibe settled instead of going to trial, but who knows what the terms were. Must have been favorable enough for them to walk away.

    • tobaccorhoda

      I’m confuzzled. Why couldn’t Sandra Rose have dug the Stanton arrest up on her own by perusing court records in all surrounding areas, or hell, just googling Angela Stanton Arrest and seeing what pops up?

      It makes no sense for her to ask Stanton’s attorney if he knew she’d been arrested because if that info leaked out of the deposition, Rose would know that Stanton’s attorney was aware of it. The tweet reads like she thinks she’s telling him something he doesn’t know. Weird.

      • Radford acknowledges that possibility and doesn’t accuse anyone of leaking anything. That is why I posted his statement in it’s entirety. I didn’t want to put words in his mouth. However, Stanton was arrested in Albany, Ga which is not metro Atlanta. Of course a reader from Albany could be the tipster to Sandra. The reason Sandra is asking the question is because she got the tip and verified it and then asked the attorney, Trust me, Sandra does not have time to sift through every rural Georgia county looking for info on Angela Stanton.

        It’s the TIMING of the leak that is suspect. Again that doesn’t mean that Phaedra or anyone in the room leaked the info to Sandra. It just means that an arrest from January coming out during the depo yesterday is SUSPICIOUS.

        On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 2:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Free Kroy

        I’m with you TT, I think Sandra is letting Angela’s attorney know that Phaedra’s team is leaving information from the depositions. This way, maybe Phaedra’s team will back off this and or even this may show how dirty Phaedra plays and does not follow the general acceptable rules of the court.

    • Foxee

      That’s what I was thinking… PCP went after Vibe, mad that they “backed”
      Ang’s story in a way, though the video is led with the “comments…are not those of Vibe, etc.” The devil don’t like being exposed. PCP not calling you a ‘devil,’ metaphor. But the “settlement” still allows for the video to be shown/aired on YT, so the “settlement” leaned exactly in who$e favor? It didn’t order Vibe to remove the video in question.

      The unfortunate part is it’ll definitely cause “pause” for the Vibe execs to ever pose as a portal of truth for future people. Yes, we believe Stanton, too! Like her lawyer said, there’s just too many details for it not to ring of an authentic experience. Didn’t India.Arie sing “You know the truth by the way it feels,”? Honey, it feels solid as all get out each & every time we see said video or read said book!

      May Ma’at & your benevolent ancestors be with you Angela, carry you to victory! A’se!!! May the same victory occur for ALL that have been betrayed.

      PCP, if you’re reading this: Angela wasn’t hurt over the set-up to play patsy per se`, she was hurt over the betrayal in friendship. You posed as a friend initially, per the book. Not a good thing. You could have came in keeping it 100, letting it be known that “this is all business!” This way she would not have had any loyal-expectations from you, keeping your word ‘n all. Betrayal, Vengeance, all ruled by Scorpio. Is it any wonder she’s going after Stanton? #Wrong&Strong! Smh…

  12. One Voice

    Sometimes the arrest records online are not up to date. (or non existent on the site) Not defending anyone, but maybe Sandra Rose just kept checking everyone involved until she got lucky with this new arrest. I wonder what that arrest was about??

  13. Jarlath

    I can see Phaedra releasing this information. Underneath the Southern Belle persona lies a ruthless woman, viz. Martha Stewart

  14. Msthang

    Phaedra fights dirty. She has been using her influence and money to smear Angela to keep the truth from coming out but that didn’t work. And it’s interesting she got a settlement from vibe. So that’s how she purchased her new house and nannies and assistants.

    EDIT: This is not the site to smear other bloggers.

  15. Mari Anne Souza

    Does anyone know, if Phaedra actually held the book signing this past Saturday?

  16. tamara, just wanted to saw how much we appreciate all your hard work on this. totally fascinating.
    my guess is the leak came from Phaedra or a minion of hers. her camp would be the only one to benefit from this. doubt the court reporter or other staff would bother as it wouldn’t be worth much financially.
    a depo is different from a hearing but seems like the lawyer is engaging in doublespeak. you could have a number of hearings before trial so whether or not the trial date is a long time in the future has nothing to do with whether standard hearings might be scheduled.

    • Actually, Radford has been very straightforward with me and I appreciate his willingness to answer questions. When he asked me what I meant about next week, I told him I thought that was the new trial date. He said that my source must have been confused and that trial was a long time away. No doublespeak at all. He is not obligated to tell me about a closed proceeding that was happening that day. He was very kind to reply to my inquires at all.

      On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 11:03 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sorry, strike the entire sentence that starts the third paragraph. no idea what he was thinking when he said it — just wanted to clarify that you can have hearings well in advance of trial date to go over various things.

      • I don’t understand you need to explain how court works. But okay.

        On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 11:31 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • aw, crap, meant “say” not “saw”

  17. London Void

    My question is why does it matter? If Phaedra did or didn’t do the things Ms. Angela Staton is saying, it doesn’t really matter. We are no judge or jury. Seems to be like Ms. Angela is looking for a come up. That would be the only reason for telling on people who appear to be doing way better. I’m no Phaedra fan and clearly most people aren’t, but let’s wait to see what really happened. Remember their are three sides to a story. Phaedra’s side, Angela’s side, and the truth. Some people can lie so well they will make you think it’s the truth. And that applies to both parties.

    • It matters because what Angela said Phaedra did was run the whole illegal show. So whether or not that is true, “matters.”

      • London Void

        Just because a person says something doesn’t mean it true. As I stated before 3 sides to a story. Her side, Phaedra’s side, and the truth.

      • I was replying to your QUESTION. Not your cliché.

      • Cammie

        “My question is why does it matter? If Phaedra did or didn’t do the things Ms. Angela Staton is saying, it doesn’t really matter.” Hell yes it matters, Angela Stanton was charged and served time for being the “mastermind” in that fraud case. If Phaedra was the actual mastermind as Stanton claims, she served time for Phaedra’s crime. I’m not saying Stanton wouldn’t have served time, she participated and she would have served time either way, but quite possibly not as much time. I’m not sure if her charge would still be a felony if she wasn’t charge as the “mastermind”. The consequences of a felony vs a misdemeanor are quite different and that’s the point, the consequences of being the ringleader and the minion are quite different.

        If your best buddy asked you to drive a car across town and you got pulled over and charged as the mastermind in a car theft ring would it matter to you that you did the time and had the crime on your record for your buddy who walked away uninvolved? Oh hell ya it would matter to you!

    • Free Kroy

      Yes, it does matter. The public which includes the viewers of this National Reality show want to know Angela’s story. Even if Phaedra Parks was not involved, she has a right to tell her story and should not be silenced by money and influence. If this is her story, she should fight for it to be told. So, it matters to us. We want to know Angela’s story. The question should not be why does it matter but, is it true. Of course, we don’t want to be manipulated by lies on either end. So, the book, the Vibe videos, these blogs, the comments are a quest for the truth and yes, we want to know. Just like Justin Beiber fans are obsessed with if he egged those houses. No probably does not matter if he did or not but, his millions of fans want to know. Or on a more serious note, people want to know what happened with Woody Allen and his adopted kids. WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE THINGS, AND IT’S INTERESTING LIKE A SUSPENSE NOVEL OR A LIFE TIME MOVIE.

    • I agree. Everybody is here so ready to convict Phaedra purely on conjecture, yet it’s Angela and Apollo with the rap sheet! And Ms. Stanton served 4 months for one of Phaedra’s scams, allegedly, then upon release, goes right back to doing the same thing? Then gets 5 years? Then was arrested yet again on a battery charge. Can this woman Stassi or of jail? No wonder she’s trying to had to bring Phaedra down with her…misery loves company.

      She was fine with Phaedra (allegedly) doing whatever as long as Angela had a seat at the table. But now that she no longer does, she’s itching to tell the truth? Our is she is trying to smear Phaedra out of spite and torn a profit in the process?

      People are seriously suspicious/confused/upset that Phaedra is suing her for defamation? It’s not like this woman was gossiping to a friend. She published a book, and is now making radio interviews defaming Phaedra, and getting paid to do so. If she were doing it for free, per her own personal blog, is one thing. But going to highly visible sources, and cashing a check for your services is just as dirty as whatever Phaedra might be doing.

      The problem is, Padres had never been charged nor convicted. So it’s just common sense to try and stop this smear campaign. Wouldn’t you guys do the same, guilty or not?

      • I’m not trying to convict Phaedra, and I hope she did not have any involvement. I’m just presenting all the sides that are available. As of now, Phaedra has not issued a statement one way or the other about her involvement.

  18. Whatever

    Lawyers are not obligated to answer questions about what they knew or when they knew it, such as what Sandra Rose sent to him about his client’s arrest record. Yes, the timing is suspect and if the parties decide to fixate on this peripheral issue, then they can take it up with the judge. I don’t know why so much discussion about it.

  19. Urethra Franklin

    Phaedra on twitter earlier today:

    Phaedra Parks ‏@PhaedraChats 4h
    We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.
    Proverbs 16:9 #WednesdayWord

    MmmmHmmmm. I’m giving her a side eye.

    • lilkunta

      @ urethra : Did phae change her twitter ? It used to be @everybodyknowsphaedra, then it was @phaedraparks it is @phaedrachats ?
      is her website still everybodyknowsphaedra.c om ?

  20. T.T., you are a BAD ASS!!! Nice job!

  21. kat

    this is sooo mess

  22. kat

    Phaedra’s only advantage is that Angela has a history of lying and stealing so I’m sure she is going to use that against Angela in this case. Radford led me to believe that he has several witnesses that will corroborate Angela’s story (i.e testify about Phaedra’s involvement). If he does that will either cause Phaedra to settle or keep fighting. I want to believe Phaedra is innocent in all of this, but the timing of Angela speaking out about the same crimes Apollo did then and now, and the fact Phaedra knew him very well during that entire perioud makes you wonder. Just like Teresa she has her “Phae can do no wrong” fan but the damage is done because she is pretty much guilty in the court of public opinion I think. No celebrity may ever serously seek her services. But at then end of the day she’s an attorney and a smart one at that so she will do everything she can to keep herself out of jail I’m sure.

    • travis

      You are all over this Tamara! Great work. You know I am really starting to realize that outside Kandi none of these ladies are Atlanta a list. How are they received there? Do they get invited to all the big society events?

      • LOL no. They are not part of the Atlanta Elite at all. No actual Atlanta socialite type would be caught dead on reality TV. This is all Andy Cohen’s illusion of what he thinks Atlanta is like.

    • I love this blog

      Yes! I feel that he does have witnesses. At least from what I sense. I read the docs on his website. That was filed last year July I believe. Can’t remember the exact month. But the wordings phrased into it. Sounds like they have whatever . To collaborate with A.S. I don’t think links are allowed her. But you can visit. A.Staton Attorney website, and search for it. This entire thing, is one tangled web. Makes for good entertainment.

  23. Quita

    I definitely agree with you Kat, Also it’s been said, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck”,”It’s a duck”. Lets all be honest there is no way you are married to somebody and not have any knowledge about anything. Furthermore, Phaedra presents herself and has degrees/education under her belt true enough, however, knowledge is key. If you know how to work the system already( Phaedra being a lawyer) it is another way to increase money. However, Ms.Stanton, Apollo, and Everett were very wrong and keep in mind experienced in what they did stealing. Meaning, if provided the knowledge of how to steal, racketeer any money they would need to know how to legally obtain paperwork (draw up) saying that was their property (Red flag) how would they know. Seeing how the system is all messed up anyway I believe and wouldn’t be shocked if there were more high profile lawyers involved in the scheme as well as send outs. Long story short no one would submit theirself to humiliation and call other people out if there were no truth to it. By Phaedra fighting back trying not to damage her brand and not be exposed thats why she’s fighting so hard to get money, she wins she gets clarity a sense of innocence in the public eye. In the long run to Ms. Stanton becoming irrelevant but no matter what the truth will come out.

    • Patti R.

      Quita. Themselves is word you meant to say.

      • ​Patti R. It is not necessary nor is it enjoyable for you to correct everyone’s typos on this blog. I don’t need to open 25 emails from WordPress a day with your comments simply correcting typos in posts from last week.

        On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 5:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:



  25. mesheone

    I suspect this deposition is taking place as part of a potential settlement, how hard is it to pull up case file from ALL arrested and look at statements or claims at the time, also ,I wonder when and if Apollo will called for one as well.

    • You comments are nonsensical. Your suspicions are bizarre. Apollo has absolutely nothing to do with this case. Please stop. I work hard to present factual information and don’t have time to respond to each of your posts that are very far out in left field and detract from the facts I am presenting.

      • mesheone

        I beg to differ,any witness can be called to be a part of depo, if Angela is accused of false claims against Phaedra, facts of arrest and statements(accusations) can be used either for or against her(Stanton) regarding case to prove or disprove defamation…..also, not trying to distract, questioning and noting, from experience.


  27. Katrina

    It is amazing how long it takes to finally get all the information needed to go to trial.

  28. Free Kroy

    Does anyone know the amount of the Vibe vs Parks settlement? (if there was an amount, could have just been removing the videos or not publishing the information). I have tried to find it and can not. Thanks

    • Settlements are not usually made public. Settlement can also mean stop doing something, like selling and promoting the book and no money may have changed hands. Angela’s atty has encouraged everyone to buy her book stating she now gets the proceeds. So…

      On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 11:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  29. mesheone

    EDIT Thanks for reminding me to block you. I had momentarily forgotten how annoying your constant barrage of posts explaining how court works were.

  30. TracyMC

    My husband and I cut cable to save money, but I don’t miss it because I have this blog to read! Thanks TT for keeping us up to date on all of this insanity. I’m also super glad that you’re feeling better. :) <3

  31. DJ

    This is EXCELLENT work! So interesting!

  32. Urethra Franklin

    I just watched the interview. Why would the Secret Service be involved?

    • I know it seems weird but the Secret Service handles federal bank fraud cases.

      BTW sorry to those waiting post moderation. I had a bust real life day today. You should all be good now.

      On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 2:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        And counterfeiting, that always threw me for a loop. Why not the white collar crime unit of the FBI for counterfeiting and bank fraud? Doesn’t the Secret Service have enough to do with the President – or maybe the FBI has too much to do :)

  33. In case you are too lazy to hit the link, I am going to try to post the interview here in comments. This particular Youtube embed did not include the one I need to post on WordPress

  34. I totally believe her! I can’t wait to hear what comes out in the Secret Service meeting between them. I doubt “God” was “ordering” Phaedra’s “steps” in that one…What will the church say?

  35. ab

    Youre the best TT

  36. JoJo

    Stanton’s interviews in the updates are very interesting. What I wonder is if in 1999 Phaedra was living this luxurious lifestyle – cars, houses, and rubbing elbows with all these famous people that Angela says she was when she met her. She says that’s what attracted her to Phaedra how ‘accomplished’ she was & living high on the hog. I thought Phaedra just recently bought her first house.
    I’m also curious if after Angela got out of prison in ’05 and having been used and dumped by Phaedra, the witnesses and documents she & even her attorney say she has as proof of the truth about Phaedra (her criminal kingpin status for e.g.), why no authorities investigated. Or did they and dismissed it?
    Truth is an absolute defense in this defamation case about what Stanton asserts in her book. But if the proof is Phaedra’s involvement in the felonies for which Stanton went to prison, it seems odd that the ‘proof’ isn’t in the hands of law enforcement before this civil lawsuit?
    Of course with all of the recent alleged crimes for which Apollo is accused, everything Stanton claims is given more weight at least in the public eye. Just wondering if law enforcement is giving the allegations against Phaedra a first or second look.

    • whothatgirl66

      @JoJo Phaedra claims she was NEVER questioned by law enforcement about the case, seems plausible they may not have based on Stanton background…who knows

  37. Kat

    My cup runneth over with TT Tea!! Lol if Phaedras a southern belle then so is Angela. She conducted herself very well in the interview. As for Phae I think she may have dug herself a hole by sueing Angela. If Angela has the evidence and witnesses to prove her story, it won’t be long before the Feds come knocking on Phae’s door about that. Kinda similar to the giudices throwing themselves under the bus by filing bankruptcy because that’s how the Feds found out they lied in all of those loans.

  38. chicagocollen

    Kudos, Bravo, and I tip my hat to @Tamara Tattle who relentlessly reports the most current, most accurate, news stories.

    • I understand that today’s court testimony from Angela Stanton was quite revealing. It’s said she stated that Phaedra had a very promiscuous lifestyle. She described dominatrix escapades, sexual photos Phaedra had taken of herself, whips, handcuffs and the like. Must be quite interesting sitting in that court room watching the expression’s of a southern belle having to listen to her ex friend describe her in that light. I think I am on topic but realize this comment may disappear.

      • Thanks Collen. It’s kind of ironic that the reply to that comment was from someone who loves to muddy up the waters here with misinformation and utter bullshit. I work hard to provide the facts and then have to babysit comments from idiots and saying things like, “I think I am on topic but I understand this may disappear” after pontificating on “what happened in court today (NOTHING, NO ONE IS IN COURT TODAY. THERE IS NO COURT. There was a deposition last Tuesday. I have posted all available information on what occurred in that private conference There are no spectators clutching their pearls. The Dominatrix stuff is IN THE BOOK that was published over a year ago, this is not new information) Le sigh.

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