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Today Bethenny has all the Braxton girls, except Toni , on the show as she continues to ride the reality TV show wave to improve her less than stellar ratings. The important part for us is when Bethenny asks Towanda about dating Kordell. Stewart.  Towanda says he is a really nice guy. Tamar jumps in and says she would not consider him a catch.  Towanda asks Tamar if she knows him. Tamar says based on the show Porsha “could not go nowhere, she couldn’t do nothin’.” (Audience applauds loudly)  The other sisters say, “it’s a show.” Tamar says, “ya’ll sure on defensive of Mr. Kordell.”  Towanda says, “You’re sure on the defense of Porsha!”  Tamar says she doesn’t know Porsha.

Towanda says to Bethenny, “You don’t know exactly what happened, I don’t know exactly what happened in their marriage. That was just a one-sided situation. He wasn’t on the show, she was on the show. So she was telling her side of the situation. I don’t know, I don’t care.”  Tamar pipes up with “You sure you don’t know?” Towanda continues talking to Bethenny, “He’s a nice guy to me and he’s a great dad. (When she says that Tamara and her sister Trina start pulling faces at each other like they disagree)  And quite often people don’t understand when you put everything tumultuously like that on television, it affects the children.”

I should point out that Towanda and Tamar do not get along that well. Lots of sisterly fighting and Trina seems to be Team Tamar when it comes to Kordell at least. Also, it doesn’t seem like Kordell has a type because Towanda and Porsha could not be more different.

Bethenny brings up the rumors about Kordell being gay. Tamar says she heard that but she doesn’t like to “call no body or give them a crown, (call them a queen) if she doesn’t know.”


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18 responses to “Towanda Braxton on Bethenny

  1. Tamar talks too much, why was she answering instead of Towanda, who knows more than she does. Sometimes it’s better to be quiet!

  2. Kat

    I really think Porsha threw Kordell under the bus by bringing his sexuality into question this season. It seemed she said it out of bitterness. I highly doubt she sought confirmation if those rumors prior to marrying him cause she wanted that life.

    Tamar was simply expressing her opinion as a fan. I hope one day she gets to know Kordell and then tell us what she really thinks lol

  3. bunniecarrot

    I thought Towanda was married? What’s she doing gushing over Kordell or an man she knows personally?

  4. Happy lyfe

    I’ve been catching the bfv this season and in my opinion, towanda seems a lil jeolous of tamar, she doesn’t seem to want to support her as a sister. She treats tamar as if shes a step child.

    • oobunillaoo

      if what is shown on bfv is remotely close to reality, i’ve been getting hostile vibes from towanda towards tamar from day dot. imo not even extreme differences in personality and communication styles explains towanda’s seemingly endless negativity with tamar. even when she is in the right or has a valid point i find she comes off rather sanctimoniously, condescending.

  5. Tamar really DIDN’T see the show. Because had she watched she’d have seen him in every episode of season 5. Showing his arrogant azz in every scene. “You betta` check her!”, “What chu want, a career or a baby!?”, “Nah nah we aint’ gittin’ no nanny”. Can’t stand that man from my viewer’s point of view. Guess Towanda IS his type. And why wouldn’t she be? She supported her kidz and her slacker husband and probably STILL supports him. Yep, she’s the one…but wait…aint’ she got bout four kidz?

    • What I’ve seen of Kordell is very suspect behavior, last season it was almost like he wanted a damn peach himself. The editors/producers can only do so much and for them to depict him as A chauvinistic drama queen he must of gave them that material to portray him that way. As far as Towanda is concerned it does seem as though she is somewhat hostile and envious of Tamar. It’s probably do to her having a good husband, striving career, spin off show, and being younger.

      Towanda was mostly homeless the last time I watched the show. While working as Toni ‘s assistant and background singer most of her life she probably feels as though she was handed the short end of the stick. So for her to get the attention from someone who can maybe provide her with stability she will be blind to his behavior figuring it could be worse.

      • Enough Already

        I agree as well…Towanda has supported Andre for a long time..he refuses to become employed and she knows if they divorce, she will have to pay him alimony since she has been taking care of him….he says now he is staying to take care of the kids…

        If anyone would have shown her some affection, she would jump at it…

  6. cherry

    Listen Towanda seems soooooo bitter lately. Last season she was upset because Tamar and Vince were always together, calling them velcro. Then this season she makes the smart remark that Tamar always wants someone to acknowledge her accomplishments….uhmmm who doesnt especially when your family knows this is something you have been working on a wanting for a long time. Towanda needs not act that way because I remember Season 1 when Tamar was like she bought Towanda a car because she didn’t want her to be without! I know sisters fight, I want to clock mines upside the head at times, but never would I be that salty!

  7. DeEtta

    Tamar’s black and white dress was great…designer??

  8. Tweetypie35

    Tamar needs to hush. She’s always flapping her gums about what everyone else is doing , but if you say anything about her or her relationship she’s ready to fight. I understand that she may not like Kordell and i understand why( i can’t stand him myself ) , but it’s Towanda’s choice. I’m more concerned with the fact that Towanda is dating while still married and her husband is still living with her. Whatever happened to getting a divorce first THEN start dating again?

  9. Valley Girl

    Towanda has had her own home for about two years now. She is no longer Toni’s assistant – I think she has a company where she trains other people to be personal assistants or something.

    The animosity between Towanda and Tamar has been simmering for years. Let’s face it, Tamar used to be waaayyyy over the top. She was condescending, selfish, and just plain rude for YEARS. When her husband almost died and she had a baby, she started to mellow and became more humble (as humble as Tamar can get) but Towanda is still stuck on the old Tamar. Towanda needs to let it go.

    Clearly Towanda doesn’t have the best taste in men. Her ex was a slacker and Kordell – well Kordell is Kordell. I think this thing with them is only temporary and she will be knocking boots with Andre once again.

  10. Katrina

    I hope if Tawanda and Kordell are together, they can make it work!

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