UPDATED: Where Exactly is Phaedra Parks Practicing Law?


UPDATE:  I am sort of over the long explanations here but I have had a few people refer me to THIS LINK  to the Georgia Secretary of State Office where “corporations” (In this case a shell corp) are listed with the state. In this case the company is National Recovery Group Inc .The officers are identified there with Apollo as CEO and Phaedra as secretary as well as a couple other people. I also had a similar link for NIDA GROUP sent with pretty much the same set up. So sadly, it seems that Phaedra’s name is on at least a couple of their fake businesses. On the funny side, this is the website for National Recovery Group. It’s hysterical.  My favorite paragraph is the one that talksa about Oprah! and “The USA Today!” It’s Nigerian emails level of stupid. Don’t forget to pay pal them some money while you are there using the very odd “totally safe and secure” box at the bottom of the site.

Today on Bethenny,  Phaedra went through a long explanation about how her love for strip clubs developed from her long list of clients who are the hottest entertainers in the adult industry.  She goes to see these big time entertainers at the strip club. She says she has been doing this for almost twenty years now.  First of all,  Phaedra was admitted to the bar in May of 1999.  She likely did not start with a firm the day she passed the bar, so she has been practicing for less than 13 years.  Thirteen is not “almost 20.”

We have to start asking ourselves who is making sense in these situations. Does it make sense that a lawyer who professes to represent strippers for a living hanging out in the strip club to discuss…god knows what? contract law?  Or does what Jessica Volker says was going on at that time,  that Phaedra was supplying strippers for parties make more sense?

Let’s take a look at Phaedra’s law career.  According to Phaedra,  she is an Entertainment Lawyer who represents entertainers with their contracts and such. This means she is primarily a civil lawyer. It also explains why we can only find one civil case in the history of Phaedra’s career.  What Phaedra claims she does is represent adult entertainers. This means she essentially negotiates their contracts for clubs and private parties and such. I can see Ridickulous needing a contract for his “performances,” perhaps.  Atlanta does have a ton of strip clubs but I just don’t see the strippers getting their own lawyers to review their employment contracts.  If you want to swing on the pole at the Pink Pony, the owner gives you a form to sign outlining that you are an independent contractor and they basically don’t give you any compensation and you strip for tips. In fact, some strip clubs require the girls to pay the club to strip there. Phaedra is not needed for this sort of employment.

Does it seem more likely that a lawyer would be all up in the strip club? Or someone who manages strippers for private parties? 

A commenter sent me this list of Phaedra’s CRIMINAL cases in Fulton:
Year 2000  Terrence Cook Case# 00SC11978

2001- Connell Antonio Griffin Case#  01SC10397

2002- Roger Simmons Case# 02SC05599

2002- Dwayne  Hunter Wayne  Shaw       Case# 02SC08144

2005- Lena Sims  Driskell Case# 05SC33929

2008 – Anthony Lamar  Williams,  Courtney Lamar  Parham,  Inetta L  Hinton,  Gregory  Gordon     Case# 08SC74831

The above case  is where the defendants were charged with identity theft, Phaedra defended  Courtney Lamar Parham, all four pled guilty.

2011- Michael  Kings Benjamin Toombs  Case# 11SC99979

This is the case we saw her defend on  RHOA

So seven cases total. None at all from 2002 -2005. You know what was going on during those years? Well for a lot of that time, Apollo was in jail and Phaedra was hanging out with her friends at the time,  Angela Stanton and Everett Tripodis.  Right?  Then in 2008 she defends a client for identity theft.  And finally, she takes a case to be filmed for RHOA.

These are all just facts from public records. They could mean something or nothing at all.  The bottom line is that most lawyers are NOT trial lawyers. They work in an office all day on boring stuff.  I almost forgot to tell y’all this. Someone has told me that the office you see on RHOA is not really Phaedra’s office. Phaedra does have an office but her “office” scenes are filmed at another lawyer’s office. The source told me whose office it was and seemed very legit. However, I have not independently verified that rumor.

Oh and speaking of facts, there is a rumor flying around today about Phaedra being called in for a disciplinary meeting with the Georgia Bar.  Phaedra’s license is current and she has no history at all of discipline by the Bar. I’m  calling BS on that rumor.


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  1. As far as I can tell Phaedra has not been brought up on charges so why would she have to go in front of the bar? I call BS on that too. But I bet she is being looked at by the Feds seriously. You hear a rumor once ya kind of dismiss it but to hear it again? Makes you wonder.

    • Sharnee

      Exactly if the Feds have something on her it will come to light I’m starting to believe did Phaedra pass the bar because it was a way of going were a person of her cohorts could not go I’m not putting nothing pass them we heard early on that she was the brains of it all we heard Kenya rant a couple of things now it makes u go hmmmm a lawyer that doesn’t practice as often as she should she takes classes for this and that I believe her being in the field that she is in saw the hammer coming down and she was trying to get a legit business for Apollo because he’s making all this money but don’t have proof of employment she’s the brains of it she is trying to cover up the fact that what he says he does makes some kind of sense but his dumb ass talking about popping bottles and dropping 6 to 8 G’s in a trip club it’s like what business r u in I hope Peter or Kordell is not involved but time will tell Ms Stanton proved that

      • What language was that?

      • With so many missed periods, clearly she is pregnant and has pregnancy brain. DUH.

      • Home schooled by Linnethia?

      • It make muh heed hur.

      • Sharnee

        My opinion. I didn’t know that comments got proof read,because I sure could pull a few. Wow everbody is not a journalist

      • Skeeter

        Good GAWD – BREEEEAAAATHE!!!!

      • Alicia

        As a woman who has studied criminal law, one thing my former professor who is a retired judge has always told his students is that your conduct must be above reproach. Meaning, you must be careful who you align yourself both personally and professionally. Being married to a convicted felon is not good for any attorney’s career. By Phaedra being in the legal profession, her judgement would seriously come into question. This man may had access to clients’ personal information and could have used it for his own purposes. How in the world could this woman not know what this boy was up to? Light bulbs and bells should have been going off. I think clients right now should seriously question her judgement and RUN.

      • I agree, and I think they have been running, thus the new profession plan…

    • Tigerlilly

      The standards are “even the appearance of impropriety” is enough to be called before the bar. Now does Phaedra meet those standards? I’m not knowledgable enough about the legal definition of impropriety as it applies to bar reviews, but I’d tentively argue that it’s possible and wouldn’t be at all surprised if the rumor were indeed true. If it’s not true and her actions or inactions do not meet the legal definition of the appearance of impropriety…well, tick tock is all I’m saying…

      • tigerlily, I wonder if that “appearance of impropriety” has to be related directly to her actual legal work. And if as most of us suspect she does just enough “lawyering” to keep her license current….

        tick tock, indeed. I am dying for all of this to come out.

      • Tigerlilly

        Yeah, that I do not know. If she comes out of this unscathed, I will be amazed! Of course, if she is truly innocent (mmmm’hmmm), I hope that’s what happens. I just don’t see how she possibly could be. I do think if she was involved in this in any way, shape or form OR had knowledge of it, she will be disbarred. I don’t know that for a fact, but I do think so. We shall see…

      • Cammie

        Rules of Professional Conduct 8.4 : “It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to … commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer … [or to] engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

        Put a nail in it, she’s done.

      • Well if she is implicated by the Feds she is done. But What if no formal charges are ever filed on her, I wonder how much appearance of impropriety would get her disbarred. And how much it really matters because I don’t think she has been practicing law since she came on the show.

      • Cammie

        I would think that just by being an officer and incorporating a business that has been found to be a shell for the purpose of perpetuating fraud is enough to, at the least, be called before the bar for a disciplinary hearing. Putting herself as an officer should completely implicate her to the fraud, how can she possibly say she didn’t know it was a fake company? It appears from that link she’s even had filings in her name.

        How much it really matters? Probably not much, a hit to the ego maybe but she’s been lining herself up for this mortuary science degree for a reason, and now we all know why. Disbarred, felon or not, pretty much anyone can work with the dead.

      • “Disbarred, felon or not, pretty much anyone can work with the dead..” Quote of the week.

      • JoJo

        She’s an “officer” of the court, that’s for sure, as long as her license is current. That requires about 30 CLE’s a year too, so whether she’s practicing or not, she’s required to take brush-up courses of some sort – I’d take a gander it was criminal courses.
        Pretending she was above reproach, being an “officer” listed on a business that’s been incorporated can mean little. They need to fill in those blanks with people. In our commoners’ real life, I’ve personally dealt with people that are named in multiple corp. docs and have little memory of it or no involvement, but lent their name, some were even surprised. Most have been lawyers.
        Just a comment about corporation docs, in general, not about what Apollo and Phaedra have ‘incorporated’ :)

      • Cammie

        Intentionally submitting false corporate information for the purpose of incorporating a business constitutes fraud in every state. We were discussing if Phaedra could lose her law license, not if they can link her to the scams, but, it’s actually one in the same in this case. By putting herself as an executing officer/INCORPORATOR on this FAKE company creates a huge link to fraud.

        She can always claim her identity was stolen, bwhahaha!

      • JoJo

        Cammie, I absolutely agree w/ you. The comment about Phaedra and officer of the corp. actually triggered this dumb memory about these cases I saw involving Medicare fraud and the incorp. docs, trying to pin down these dummies on the paper w/ our Secty of State, that’s all. Prob, shouldn’t have shared, but I realize the intent of the post :)

      • JoJo

        I hit post comment too soon: I didn’t mean ‘dumb’ memory, I meant OLD memory. where a lot of dirtbags scammed senior citizens, and at times their retirement checks and their healthcare before a task force closed their fake corporations and put the assholes behind bars, but usually they plead and were back at it again. FFS.

  2. James25

    Would that be public information if the Georgia Bar Disciplinary Board has a case or meeting going on?

    • Im not sure but I do know the results would be public info. I call BS because the Bar is not in a habit of making these things public until after the fact.

    • The outcome would be. I don’t know if the meeting would be public knowledge.

      • JoJo

        State Bars in general lean toward attorneys protecting attorneys. In my jurisdiction, meetings, informal letters, certain reprimands, even sanctions are not made public. Other reprimands or sanctions are identified in the Bar Letter as “Attorney A did blah blah” … it has to be a formal, usually lengthy hearing and serious sanction before we get to check and the attorney’s name is public. Of course Georgia Bar rules may be more public-minded :)

    • Latrise

      Jojo is right. The bar will not release anything public, until they reach agreement and then it can be release. Usually it something that is found on official site, were you can look up the attorney history, before hiring them. In certain states an attorney does not have to publicly disclose any reprimand that they are given, unless ask.

  3. I think Phaedra is as dirty as they come, and I think its a mariage of conveinence for her as well. Apollo cant testify against her if she comes up on charges. Also the house in her name only means the Feds can not take it if he is found guilty.

    • Sharnee

      General1star u r on point ur saying everything I’m thinking I also think them saying Phaedra to go before whatever bs bar is to drop the hammer on what they know of her involvement

  4. So I take it Kandi Burruss are being investigated, I believe that it could potentially be someone else. If I was in cahoots with someone I would try to publicly distance myself from them. Maybe it could be NeNe

    • why would Kandi be investigated? She has her millions other than poor judgement in friends.

      • James25

        I’m thinking of Phaedra but it could be another househusband like Peter.It would explain A comment I read about Gregg sitting between the two on Bethany (in A nutshell).

      • AGAIN, The Bethenny Show was filmed BEFORE Apollo returned to Atlanta and was booked. He probably didn’t tell the guys he caught another case while they were in NYC last week.

      • LOL I just responded the same way as you did to two posts. I should learn to read all the posts before responding. :)

      • Sharnee

        Phaedra got close to kandie to look like she has good people in legit businesses that she surrounds herself with but it won’t work because the Feds will investigate for years and once they start arresting people they got some heavy shit on u I believe they have something on Phaedra they just have to come a different way with her and Peter broke ass probably jumped on these scams hell he’s been spending and screwing up Cynthia’s money for how long this was his way of perpetrating a fraud while styling and profiling like he is so prosperous bar one has been in the hole now it’s doing great I think not

      • Cammie

        Sharnee or anyone else catch the Bethany interview this week (could’ve been a replay, it was on Bravo), in the 80’s style and Cynthia was the guest? Peter was in the audience and they said they still have separate bank accounts but if one or the other needs help they just transfer eachother funds. Peter also said BarOne is doing soooo well they’re opening a second location in Charlotte. Wonder if that’s still in the works or how true it is in general??

      • The first squawking of Bar One Charlotte appeared on March 21 2012 here>>> http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2012/03/21/lets-see-how-bar-one-is-doing-shall-we/

        It’s the Chateau Sheree of Bars…. just sayin…

        On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 9:20 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • Cammie

        OMG, after reading that post I feel like I just got off a carnival ride. How in the hell is that place still open, let alone able to even play with the idea of opening another location?

        So I did a little google and found this rumor: “On Power 98 this morning Cynthia and Peter from the ROHA said they are opening two bars in Charlotte this year. Peter is opening a sports bar called Sports One with Kordell Stewart. It’s supposed to open during the CIAA. And he said by Memorial Day he is opening another Bar One location right beside it.”

        With Kordell?? Any truth to that one? LMAO if it is true and Kordell has already thrown down cash. Birds of a feather!

      • Sharnee

        Now Bar one is doing well. Ok time will tell. First Peter is bashing Kordell about not supporting his wife and had a couple of beefs with Apollo now we all are business partners. This is going to be so juicy how this will play out. A lifetime movie in the making.

    • Why in the world would you think Kandi is involved. She has money and knows how to make it and invest it. Kandi had nothing to do with this. Lord.

      • Kandi is the only one on the show that has a lot going for her. She is one smart cookie when it comes to her empire. But I do love me some Nene even though she is a mess. Never liked Pakedra.

      • James25

        I was only said Kandi because she is the closest to Phaedra but after thinking about it I can’t see why she would be involved. Now Peter would make more sense (didn’t he purchase A new vehicle?). I don’t think Bar One is doing that well and from the way Cynthia reacted to it on the show I figured that they still have separate banking accounts. Obviously I’m reading into this entire claim way to much but its not very far fetched.

    • Cammie

      I posted elsewhere that IMO anyone involved in RHOA who “bought” a new luxury vehicle this season should be sweating bullets right about now…and that might even include anyone who may or may not have had a side relationship with Apollo in LA and coincidently had a new Bently magically appear in the driveway. Farfetched? Maybe, but it would make some yummy tea!

      • lol about the Bentley. It’s a funny thought, but I imagine that Bentley was a day rental.

      • james25

        I like you Cammie; you made my discombobulated theory sound very plausible.

      • Trust me, some poor slob rented her that Bently and he is gonna come out of the woodwork looking for his 5 minutes of fame. Just a matter of time.

      • Cammie

        James25, I think your theory may be right on the money. If the Feds are holding indictments against other RHOA cast members pending further investigation and Peter bought an expensive luxury vehicle from Apollo, while he and his wife have stated they have separate accounts so ya know The Bailey Agency (where any real $ would be) didn’t pay for it, I think your theory adds up. Why should Phaedra be the only one who gets all the Feds attention? IMO it’d be naive to think she’s not getting any of that “pending investigation” in her direction.

        And with that said, I think it was Ms. Scarlett in the drawing room with the lead pipe! I win!!

  5. Randi

    Tamara, did you happen to catch Wendy Williams yesterday? She said she was done with the Housewives and called Andy Cohen out and told him to quit involving her in Housewives business. I thought that was interesting as she and Andy were BFFs.

    • Thanks Randi! I am so gonna try to find that on the Web and watch. I never watch her show.

    • I think you are reading a lot more into that than there is. However. Here is some tea for you. Bethenny Frankel’s talent booker used to be Wendy Williams talent booker. Like for a LONG time. Lately since Bethenny is trying to use her Bravo connections to help her flailing ratings, Wendy has had a lot fewer Bravo guests. It’s almost like Bethenny has the market cornered somehow on the Bravo Idiots. Wendy has been VERY supportive of Bravo and Andy for years. So there probably is some bad blood there, but when I watched the show it didn’t strike me as anything that serious. The Bravo guests bring up Wendy all the time on WWHL. So she did have a bit of an attitude about that. At the time I watched it it didn’t seem like a big deal but now that I tell you this part, I bet you are right and she really is pissed at Andy.

      • Randi

        Damn, Tamara, that’s some good tea. That really explains a lot.

      • Now that makes sense. I couldn’t figure out why Wendy specifically said how she didn’t watch RHOA. ( I watch Wendy daily). How she was watching a Seinfeld re-run & I was like, seriously? She was always all over housewives. It definitely sounds like something happened w Andy. Well, Andy’s betting on a loser because that Bethany show stinks. But, also, Phaedra doesn’t have to file notices of appearance on cases, etc for a lot of civil work that she might handle without litigation. Doesn’t mean much other than she doesn’t go to court much meaning she’s not a litigator. She can still handle civil matters and not take them to court.

      • OH MY FUCKING GOD. Really? Are y’all all texting each other getting each other to say the same damn thing over and over in comments just to fuck with me? Am I being punked?

      • That’s funny. I watched both yesterday and it occurred to me that Bethany’s show is such a rip off of Wendy’s right down to the advice segments.

  6. Witchy

    Angela Stanton’s attorney released the statement.
    Your instructions for comments says to not post links.

    His name is James Stratford

    The scene with Bob, Sheree and Phaedra, was that real?!
    I vaguely remember you bringing that up last year when the Sheree none sense was going on.

  7. Witchy

    At this point, I find it hard to believe that Phaedra was not aware of any of this.

  8. JoJo

    My take on the amount of court cases that have been discovered as Phaedra as the counsel of record not unusual at all considering the type of practice she identifies as her area – entertainment law.
    Probably 75% of practicing attorneys are not litigators or never stepped into a courtroom. It’s not unusual to have a practice where you rarely file a court document.

    • That is why I said exactly that in the post above. Along with a discussion of the types of cases Phaedra did take to court, like, um Identity Theft which is not an entertainment law case. Perhaps you’d like to read it?

      • JoJo

        lol….I should have prefaced that damn comment with “As TT stated” – I read it and was agreeing with you inarticulately :)

      • Just look up the cases on Fulton Co web page the cases had nothing to do with entertainment business. I only wrote down the names and case numbers except the one in 2008 for identity theft. A couple of these cases involved weapons charges as well. None of them had ANYTHING to do with the entertainment business!!!

      • Pssst. I’ve long since given up on trying to explain things in comments. If they don’t get it from the post, it’s not going to click in comments either. It’s frustrating I know, because you collected all the info (Thanks again) and the point seems obvious. But… well I just do my mindfulness breathing and try to control my blood pressure. :)

      • JoJo

        generalstar1 – I’m not disputing that at all. From a little experience, I just said the AMOUNT of cases wasn’t necessarily out of the ordinary, nor is it out of the ordinary for civil attorneys to occasionally dabble in other areas of law. That’s all.

  9. DEAR ANON TIPSTER! THANKS FOR THE TIP! However, I have been blogging and researching all day and my brain is fried. Perhaps that is why I can’t see the connection between the Company Info (which is juicy) and the website (which is hysterically funny). How did you make the job that that website was own by that company?

  10. OKAY, ANON, In doing my research to verify your super duper exclusive tea just for me, I found that what you were really doing was sending me information from another blog that they posted 2 days ago. Thanks for wasting my time.

  11. JoJo

    I may be the only one, but although I’m very aware of all of the circumstantial information about Phaedra as presented here, Angela Stanton, her appearance on Bethenney, and I’m having the most difficult time ignoring the dots connected, I hope that for the sake of her 2 little boys, at the very least, it’s all circumstantial and she’s not connected to Apollo’s crimes.
    As affected she comes across as the Southern Belle schtick, I still enjoy her comedic relief and ability to keep calm among the chaos on RHOA.
    But, as I said, it’s a very big stretch at this point.

  12. mejo

    I think phaedra must be in on it, because how else would apollo know about the many functions of lexisnexis…or even know it exists at all! Also, correct me if i’m wrong, but didnt phaedra get introduced to this show bc she was kandi’s attorney? She must have some kind of cred as an entertainment lawyer to be representing an actual celebrity.

    • Phaedra never handled Kandi’s business. That was story line. Just like the Sheree storyline. That didn’t give her “cred” as a divorce lawyer either.

      • Witchy

        The only “celebrity” Phaedra represented was Bobby Brown and that was for his divorce relating to an assault charge. I think..
        I remember watching Kathy Griffin laughing on her stand up show because Kathy laughed how Phaedra said, “My client Be Not Guilty”
        However, I do not even know how real that was. I just looked up on Bing. Phaedra represented Brown on the Assault Charge case against his wife Whitney at the time. I can’t find any formal paper work.
        Is the case with Kandi fake also? Kandi vs Kim? Tardy For The Party?

    • BonVivant

      I’ve seen her on some show or another representing a reality personality for a book deal. I always thought her work in entertainment law was along those lines- and before she got her own reality show, negotiating for for others connected to reality tv- like Tiny & Toya on BET (a show where she also served as a producer). Meh. Who knows, lol.

  13. GJ

    “She says she has been doing this for almost twenty years now. First of all, Phaedra was admitted to the bar in May of 1999. She likely did not start with a firm the day she passed the bar, so she has been practicing for less than 13 years.”

    As an attorney who has worked for multiple large firms, I wanted to comment on the above quote. It is commonplace for law students to get offers for employment post graduation between their second and third year of law school. Generally, after sitting for the bar in July, graduates begin working at their firms in August or September and don’t find out whether they passed the bar until around October and then they are sworn in a few weeks later. So, in fact, many attorneys start working at a firm prior to finding out whether they passed the bar. *FYI…I did note that you said she was admitted in May so she most likely took the Feb. bar and since I did not, I can only speak to the July bar in the jurisdictions in which I took the exam.*

    • So those few months make a difference. 13 years and say 6 month is almost 20 years to you. Maybe if you are in the eighth grade you would think you were almost 20. Regardless of whether it was fall or spring.

      Thanks for sharing. Really. Your input changes the entire equation! Almost 20 years it is.

      • OMG Tamara I am laughing my ass off with your comments!!! You are so on point! I am still laughing at the “am I being Punked” comment Way too funny!!!!

      • Celurian

        You are SO rude. My god…

      • GJ

        Tamara…you can be an ass if you’d like. I wasn’t defending her math, just the fact that quite a few attorneys are already working with law firms the day they pass the bar.

        Twilly…like any profession the job market is cyclical. I graduated in ’02 and most of my classmates went to firms (quite a few in both VA in CA as I went to school in DC). The market is terrible right now so it’s not unusual that you would know several law students still looking for employment. Doesn’t take away from the fact that offers for those students who clerk at large law firms are generally made between your second and third year.

      • God you so miss the point. How do you even work in the legal profession? What does the fact that you had a job straight out of law school have to do with a damn thing? I said it was likely she was not working straight out of law school representing “the hottest entertainers in the adult industry.” She claims she has been doing that for “Nearly 20 years” despite being licensed for less than 14 years. I move on to discuss the lack of evidence of her working in the legal field much at all. And you took the time to make your first post here a correction of my comment because you were working as soon as you passed the bar?

        How did you manage to pass the reasoning sections of the LSAT, let alone the bar? #firstimpressions

      • Tango

        Lmao TT. I myself passed the LSATs, (along time ago like 2002), so I appreciate the reference. It is quite daunting how anyone who has had to learn to think in the manner that requires can miss the point so…. Phaedra is full of shit. Period.

      • Sharnee

        Lol thank u for simply putting it for a simpleton I luv ya Tamara

    • Twilly

      Commonplace when and where? I know several law students who have already passed the bar and are still looking for employment. In California, Massachusetts and Virginia. It’s an extremely saturated market now.

  14. Witchy

    You are doing a good job. Please, you seem to be frustrated, don’t let this blogging get you flustered. Take some time for you, we will be here when you get back.

  15. I LOVE tamara tattles, if it were not for her I would be blogging as I so see what she sees. You got my email tamara just let me now if you need something researched and I will be on it like white on rice!

  16. Bombero129

    As an attorney myself, it could be true what Phaedra says that she represents entertainers in contracts and such… She is a transactional attorney and doesn’t have to litigate. She prepares documents and if there is ever any dispute regarding the document, you hire someone else to litigate the dispute for you. Some attorneys are just transactional.

    • Bombero129

      I should have finished reading everyone’s comments before posting this tid-bit of information about attorneys that has already been mentioned a gazillion times… Sorry!!!

  17. Tango

    Striippers don’t need madams…hookers do. Phaedra was a madam.

  18. Kitty Mamma

    TT, your blog is awesome. It reads like a true crime novel.

    Curiously, I looked to see to see Phaedra practiced. My best guess is that she probably is more involved with personal injury. (It is relatively lucrative with a usual 40% contingent return.) I am basing my opinion on searching her company profile on manta. She began The Parks Firm in 2008. She shares the same suite with two other personal injury attys, Stafford Craig and Steel and Moss. Steel and Moss braggs that they are experts in catastrophic personal injury law. Read: $15 mil. Settlements, etc. The reason for her lack of case filings could be simply that she’s a hourly (billable) workhorse for a p.i. lawfirm. This is totally a theory. And I could be completely off base.

  19. Kitty Mamma

    Not to overstep, but I believe that the lack of cases filed by Phaedra indicates that ligitation is not her bread and butter as she suggests. Actually, I believe it’s an anomaly. I believe she only represents friends or acquaintances. I. E.: those in trouble, Bobby Brown… But no, I do not think she is an “entertainment atty.” I do think there is a reason she is searching for a new career in mortuary sciences. And it could be totally benign. I truly hope so.

    • DING DING DING we have a winner. If only you had stopped your comment after the word sciences it would have been perfect.

      Because the whole point of the post is that Phaedra is not practicing… oh nevermind. let me hush.

  20. Katrina

    I think entertainment attorney is a nice respectable name for person in charge of adult entertainment for high profile clients. The adult entertainment business is a big business and very lucrative. Strip clubs and all sorts of adult entertaiment are all over Atlanta. Phaedra seems to be very proud of the fact that she represents strippers and such.

  21. SB

    didn’t phaedra represent bobby brown at some point? I swear I heard her say that on wwhl.

    • Phaedra worked as an inhouse attorney for GEICO the insurance company as soon as she graduated. Then moved into more nefarious circles and eventually started her own firm. She worked with troubled rappers and musicians that she met in, um, the circles she was running in. It is alleged that her job was providing entertainers with entertainment.

  22. Since this might be a little off topic, forgive me. I DO have a question on something that doesn’t make sense to me that I’ve seen in comments pretty much on every.single.Apollo. post.

    We know (assume?) Apollo made fake companies to access credit reports and make fraudulent loans. At least one or 6 of the companies are auto dealerships, which I assume is so the loans can be pretty large sums. So these people that say “omg, Peter has a new car so he must be in one it” makes my head tilt in confusion. If it’s a fake company, where the hell are the cars coming from in these peoples minds? Do you actually think when he made up the name, he acquired car lots with it? wtf?

    I don’t care if Phae is the Hedi Fleiss of the south. I really don’t. What I hate about it is…when RHOA became a “thang”, I was the only one in the world who was disappointed it went a…ghetto route instead of Mahjong playing Driving Miss Daisy to the country club route. Now, if she is the HF of the south, I’m repulsed that Ridickulous will be our notorious ho.

    • Cammie

      In response to your second paragraph question, watch Angela Stanton’s video and that should answer that question.

      • TBH, I don’t know what I did, but my speakers dont work so I don’t have sound. Is it implied that he’s doing the shady vin # thing again? Maybe I haven’t connected the dots between that, Identity theft and fraud.

    • Cammie

      You asked where the cars would be coming from in “those peoples” crazy minds…the video details how Stanton claims they (her, Apollo, brother who’s not his brother, Phaedra) stole cars from car lots. That answers that question of where they might’ve acquired cars. Does that mean that Peter’s car is stolen? Not necessarily. How other cast mates could be involved, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in on the whole scam. Maybe one of them doesn’t qualify for a 60k auto loan so the loan was procured using a stolen identity?? Maybe there are fake vins on stolen vehicles that cast members are tooling around town in? Who knows the extent, big or small, of anyone’s involvement?

      But the point…Apollo doesn’t own a car dealership, right? Apollo was just arrested for all kinds of fraud for the second time right? Part of that arrest was that Apollo created FAKE car dealerships right? And he sold Peter a car right? Now, let’s count together…2+2= 5??? Damn!! Crazy theories never add up, that car deal must’ve been legit right??

  23. Hannah King

    Tamara just a quick question. Has Phaedra actually become a certified or registered or whatever you have to be to become a mortician/funeral director yet? I researched a bit and it takes between 2-4 years to get your degree.

  24. thedisher

    The litigation cases interest me because I didn’t get the impression Phaedra was conversant in entertainment contract matters, so I was curious as to what areas she practiced in. If Phaedra practices in entertainment for the past 10 yrs or so, but doesn’t go to court, then why the hell does she have to have her very own entertainment lawyer present to negotiate her production deal with Kenya??? If she does intellectual property, then why’d she have to bring in another IP lawyer on Kandi v. Kim litigation.

    BTW — (to commentator above) I don’t think she does any significant amount of personal injury b/c high % go to court (maybe not to trial, but they do get filed in court — no such record for Phaedra). Also, it would be highly unusual for a PI atty paid on contingency to pay another lesser experienced atty by the hour.

    I will say that she strikes me as being very likeable and an excellent networker. I have to give her props for that! WAIT FOR IT: will the IRS come calling? I’ll be curious to see if joint tax returns were filed on all that income Apollo was bringing in.

    • Az Eye See It:

      The IRS will have a field day with this because I doubt that Apollo has filed any personal tax returns to document a source of income since being released from prison in 2009, thus the need to find proper employment for someone who is on a $25,000 bond, and spends $5000-$8000 a night in the strip club. I believe he did not file tax returns for any of his false businesses, which would be further charges or red flags, which led to more evidence in his case with the feds. Phaedra has probably continued to file her own individual tax returns as a married, but separate spouse, and claims the children as her dependents, as a way to keep her hands clean and bring less scrutiny to herself.

      Phaedra made most of her money by representing recording artist prior to the down turn and change in the business model for the music industry. Lawyers that represent recording artist get points from the album/cd as well, and each point is worth 8 cents. These contracts are very confidential, and it is difficult or better yet intimidating for any artist to publicly discuss the details contained within their personal service agreement with the record company, i.e TLC.This is how Robert Kardashian set up his daughters, who will continue to receive residual money from all of his points off his old artist/record contracts for the rest of their lives. Record residuals is also how Kandi has made her money for the last decade-name a hit song that she wrote since 2003 (you can’t).

      Kandi has been in the recording industry for 23 years and chose to not make her girlfriend, Kim Zolciak, sign a contract for Don’t Be Tardy for the Party. After four years, she had FakeDra file a frivolous lawsuit to seek residuals from the iTunes hit. The case was dismissed because someone with 23 years in the industry and her legal eagle buddy should know they have to sign a contact with the artist as it relates to the song before it is released into the public domain. Then there is that pesky thing about being timely in bringing a lawsuit for damages. Generally speaking, someone who is a professional within an industry would be expected to file a lawsuit within one year or two after making this type of error. But the musical genius (Kandi) and Scarlett O’Hara (Phaedra) waited for 4 years or more after the initial release of DBTFTP to sue for damages.The judge quickly threw the case out of court, and the bffs tried to act like they have some other legal recourse to get the joker her money.

      FakeDra has represented T.I., Latavia Roberson, and several other artist during their contract negotiations at the start of their careers. Fake Dra is well known behind the scenes by many of the big name recording artist in Atlanta and the southeast, but most of them will not be seen with her or Kandi because their freaky reputations and past antics proceed them everywhere they go. They love to frequent the strip clubs, which is why Kandi always holds her girl Phaedra down, but they both are ghost now that the identity theft scandal has come to light. Do not believe the hype when it comes to thirsty Kandi’s house of cards aka empire. Kandi has used RHOA to create other streams of income for herself, but if she was so hot at what she does she would not need any other means to increase her cash flow.

      FakeDra has known since 2011 that the feds would be investigating Apollo for his illegal activities. She started creating a story line on RHOA about becoming a mortician in 2011.Coincidence, I think not and neither did any of you when she claimed, “to be fascinated by dead people”, at her own aunt’s funeral.This is also the same time that Bob Whitfield out-smarted her in the child support case with Sheree. Sheree reiterated several times at the season 4 reunion that, “this [case] was her real life”. Phaedra used the Whitfield case as a plot line, but Sheree actually needed a lawyer to represent her in the child support case.FakeDra needs to retain her own criminal defense lawyer, not a fake one who is pretending to be a practicing lawyer like herself, in order to help her negotiate a plea agreement with the feds after they indict her.

      • I agree with all of this except the Sheree and Phaedra part. Both of them knew that Phaedra was not actually ever representing Sheree. Sheree had to walk into an office that was not Phaedra’s to film the scene and she already had an attorney of record handling her divorce. That attorney did not change in any of the many trips to the court room. The real attorney was aware that Bob was going to present evidence of Sheree’s shadiness and the judge would not be able to effectively do anything at that point so she just proceeded on with the case as usual.

        The rest of your post all seems very plausible.

      • Thank you for the post. I am “newish” to the site, so I apologize if this matter has already been discussed, but can you expound upon “Kandi’s house of cards aka empire”? For some reason, I was always under the interpretation that Kandi was a decent person that made wise investments, or did the mirage of reality tv blind me yet AGAIN?

      • Cammie

        “FakeDra has known since 2011 that the feds would be investigating Apollo for his illegal activities.” This completely blows my mind. What kind of deluded thinking would compel these people to keep up these scams in the face of the Federal Government? And for Phaedra to put her name on these shell companies, she’s a lawyer for fuggs sake, she can’t even claim stupidity. Were they paying someone off and that someone got canned? Or are they really that completely stupid to give the Feds 2 more years of evidence thinking what?? That they wouldn’t get caught? Or that minions would take the fall and not point fingers??

        Maybe the mortician deal was their way of hiding the bodies, lol.

        Unbelievable, just really, completely unbelievable.

      • I know you all think Phaedra is smart because she “got” a law degree. And I’m sure she has average book smarts. But she lives in a delusional world just like Kenya, and Teresa, and Kelly Bensimon….etc. She’s been “Phakedra” so long, I don’t think she is in tune with reality at all.

    • BH Wannabe

      @thedisher: people are never advised to represent themselves, so it is completely normal and the REASONABLE and RESPONSIBLE thing to do for an attorney to hire another attorney to represent him or her in legal matters, including contract advice/negotiations/etc.

  25. Tamara

    Seriously, do people who post comments EVER read the OTHER comments?? I mean even a handful of the other comments? Do they read the blog at all before they post?? It’s like they all want to be the “one” who posts some new info, or most insightful comment. It’s hilarious and annoying all at the same time. I have no idea how you weed through all the idiots on your blog TT. But I love reading your comments to them :) Thanks for all the hard work trying to bring us the most accurate Tea, I love your sight!!!

  26. yepanotha1

    Tamara, this is why I come to your website for these types of write ups! I appreciate the fact that you always seem totally UNBIASED when you report things. It’s objective and you cover all angles and even angles that others haven’t thought about. You’ve done a good job following up on the story as well. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  27. Missa pwethiden is gone grow up a orphan.

    • JoJo

      I have to agree on that’s the dumbest ass nickname for the little boy and OTT pretentious. I hope the little boy doesn’t though, but not looking good at ALL for Phaedra

  28. Hakuna Matata

    I’m pretty sure that posting about Apollo Nida is more so A business decision than actual interest at this point for Tamara. No one else is really going into play by play in-depth detail the way she is. I still find it hard to believe that when typing his name or Phaedra on google this site doesn’t come up.

  29. Katrina

    That NRG website is a total fraud! WOW. However, there are still some people that will fall for it.

  30. Kat

    Is there any info on the businesses named In the indictment regarding who the other staff are

    • He hasn’t been indicted yet. The document I referred to was an application for arrest. The indictment will be a fun read. His prelim hearing is scheduled for February 12th.

      • love2hatebravo

        I am super grateful for your coverage this week.It has been a comforting distraction during some difficult stuff. XO

  31. Kat

    I’m also curious as to why the Feds did not arrest Apollo when they served him the watrant and why didnt they serve warrants on other parties possibly involved because I’m sure they are all trying to get rid of the evidence now. Maybe following the money will lead to more arrests but if Phaedras name isn’t on any of the businesses in the arrest complaint she is in a good position Ti say she didn’t know. Do you think she’s being quiet cause she’s worried they r coming after her?

  32. JoJo

    Great update, thanks for info.

  33. The whole thing makes me sick. Because he stole from people. Retirees. Workers. Real people directly. Whatever guidice did was not like this at all.

    • Kat

      Lets not compare apples to oranges tho. Apollo allegedly created fake businesses to steal others ID info and cash others retirement checks plus he stole us treasury checks . Tre and joe allegedly created fake income and w-2 to hustle banks and budinesses out of millions. In either case people suffered because of their actions. They all need to be locked away if guilty

      • love2hatebravo

        Exactly. Regular people pay the price when banks and businesses get screwed.

      • Tango

        Who suffered because of the Giudices? The government didn’t get some more money. The shady bank reps no doubt got paybacks for not researching the obvious flaws in their docs. The only people in the end really suffering are the Giudices. What Apollo did was much worse imo.

      • I suffered because of the Giudices. All of those fools frauding banks plus all the stupid banks letting shit like that happen are what caused the economy in this country to tank across the entire country. I lost about 40% of my retirement. All that money in the bank doesn’t belong to the bank, it belongs to PEOPLE.

      • Tango

        The housing crash wasn’t due to the Giudices. I can see disliking fraud, but in the grand scheme of things what they did was small potatoes. Sure they deserve punishment, but the economy’s collapse was cuz of a much larger issue. ..

      • Let’s not tell me what to compare. THE FUCKING POINT I MADE IS THAT IT’S APPLES AND ORANGES. The fake media covering this stuff keeps mentioning both in the same breath. My point was that they should not. Defaulting on a loan, that is most likely insured, is nothing like taking pat checks from people who end up not being able to but they kids Christmas presents.

      • The Giudices are a perfect example of what lead to the financial (not confined to housing) crash of 2008. Your (Tango’s) previous argument was that what they did was no big deal and there were “no victims.” (You also seem to have the mentality that it is okay to shoplift at Wal*Mart because they are big business and your $25 tutu won’t have a large effect). My point is that bank fraud is not a victimless crime. That money was earned by, and belonged to someone other than Joe and Teresa. (to TC: whether it was insured or not. And by the way, your money insured it if it was)

        From Final Report of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States via Wikipedia:

        The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission concluded that the financial crisis was avoidable and was caused by “widespread failures in financial regulation and supervision,” “dramatic failures of corporate governance and risk management at many systemically important financial institutions,” “a combination of excessive borrowing, risky investments, and lack of transparency” by financial institutions, ill preparation and inconsistent action by government that “added to the uncertainty and panic,” a “systemic breakdown in accountability and ethics,” “collapsing mortgage-lending standards and the mortgage securitization pipeline,”, deregulation of over-the-counter derivatives, especially credit default swaps, and “the failures of credit rating agencies” to correctly price risk.[15] The 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act effectively removed the separation between investment banks and depository banks in the United States.[16] Critics argued that credit rating agencies and investors failed to accurately price the risk involved with mortgage-related financial products, and that governments did not adjust their regulatory practices to address 21st-century financial markets.[17]

        So yes, banks that didn’t fully vet the morons who were frauding the banks were at fault too. The abundance of loans made by banks during the time that to people who were not qualified for the loans the banks gave them was the primary contributor to the economic crash heard round the world in 2008. Not “small potatoes.” Thus they have 41 some odd charges so far, and Apollo is holding steady at 4.

      • Tango

        Of course I did not say “no big deal”. The crash in a nutshell was cuz of those bad mortgages made to people who could not afford them, with variable rates that changed later of course. The Giudices fraud wasn’t even part of the crash, they were denied bankruptcy and forced to pay back before they were brought up on charges. Their fraud was from wheelin n dealin in crooked NJ with crooked bank reps and it all snowballed and tumbled down on them. My point was that what they did is lesser in harm to people directly than what Apollo did. Like Teecee said, he stole from women directly. He purposely stole the money right from people, not just defaulting on loans.

      • “The crash in a nutshell was cuz of those bad mortgages made to people who could not afford them, with variable rates that changed later of course. ” Um hello? That is exactly what they are accused of. Are you unaware of what they did? http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2013/07/30/all-the-tea-and-documents-on-giudice-lawsuit-including-rhonj-salaries/

        They were DENIED BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE THEY FRAUDED THE GOVERNMENT. And guess who the GOVERNMENT is ? That would be you and me. We fund the government. I’m done trying to educate you. You go right on thinking that the Giudices are victims and it’s all the banks fault. The banks were not complicit in fraud, for fucks sakes. And Teresa signed many documents in front of a notary. SMDH.

        How old are you just out of curiosity?

        On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Tango

        I think perhaps you are missing the point I am making, which happens when you post, it’s like texting, it’s hard to explain without actual conversation I guess. I never said they were victims of any sort, rather that they had partners in crime in the lenders. This wasn’t just giving poor families variable rate loans, this was complete fraud, with fraudulent docs and tons of red flags an honest lender would question. The crash was lenders giving out loans to underqualified people, the Giudices faked their qualifications. There was fraud all around. It’s a different animal. I used to work as a loan officer and while OF COURSE the Giudices were in the wrong, my thought is that the lenders were also. What they did was shady but it didn’t contrubute to the complete fall of our financial infrastructure. And now they are reaping what was sown. The government will no doubt give jail time and take all their assets. Even if Apollo is convicted idk how any of his victims will possibly recover.

      • Tango

        And I think it’s odd that the bankers themselves in the Giudice situation aren’t facing charges as well. Maybe they are and it just isn’t publicised. But if you look through the docs and the amount of bs…the signatures that don’t match, the business partner, the false W2’s that could have EASILY been investigated…it is gross misconduct on the lender’s part, in the very least. This wasn’t just bad bank loans to people who couldn’t afford them, it was fraud from everyone involved.

      • Greenwood

        Bank losses, like those created by the Guidices, affect all of us in many ways – even small ways. When the banks don’t make the profits they were expecting, they lower the interest rates that they will pay us on our savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, etc. And they charge us a higher interest rate when we need a car loan, etc. They’re stealing from little people, too, in my opinion.

      • That’s not just your opinion, Greenwood. It is fact. I lost a ton of money on interest which sucked because I had to quit my job and live off savings. So I ain’t happy about it. The whole excuse that the tutu at Walmart should have had a security tag on it if they didn’t want it stolen doesn’t work with me

      • Tango

        I’m not sure where these Wal-Mart references fit in, lol. Of course theft is wrong. I never said it wasn’t…

      • Okay, I get it. It just seemed like you were brushing off the fact that the Giudices ALLEGEDLY strolled into the bank and lied their asses off. To me it seemed like you were saying that it was the banks fault for not investigating them more. I agree with you that the banks were most responsible for the downfall of the economy. I just think that the Guidices need to pay for thinking they could steal millions from the bank I also felt like you were saying that their crime was not as bad as Apollo’s because they did not steal from individual old ladies retired from Delta. I mean that is a salacious detail of Apollo’s case but perhaps “badder” MORALLY but legally, stealing is stealing and fraud is fraud.

        I appreciate you sticking around to argue your case with me ( I kinda like to argue :) ) And I think this time we can agree to agree for the most part.


      • Tango

        No worries TT, I like to argue too. ; ) And that was my point, that morally it’s crummy to deliberately some lady’s entire living and leave her penniless. A spade is a spade and fraud is the same, but to deliberately target and harm specific people is the worst. I’m also pretty sure the Giudices do not have the thinking process capable of realizing or caring about how stuff they do affects others in the long haul, how their fraud contributes to the big picture.

      • Tango

        Yes Greenwood. Which is why it infuriates me that the lenders behaved like this. The loan officer for a Giuduce special loan no doubt received paybacks. If not cash then gifts or trips etc. You scratch my back…. They acted out of greed and gave loans out based on fake docs. No way could this all go down without some gumba loan officer helping without regard to ethical lending practices.

      • Karen

        It’s amazing to me that anyone can actually think that there are no victims in the crimes committed by greedy bloodsuckers like the Giudices and Apollo. Really? Why are we even commenting on such a stupid post? Whoever wrote that should GO AWAY! You are too uneducated and simple-minded to be taken seriously. It’s amazing!

    • Witchy

      Something I actually agree with you on.
      For some reason, WOMEN were his target.

    • Kat

      Internet gangster huh? Carry on you’re entitled to your own opinion as am I. In either case they both committed fraud ruined a lot of people’s lives and businesses mother is worse than the other a sin is a sin.

    • Michelle

      I agree. Thousands of people do lie on mortgage applications regarding their income. They state their income instead of providing W2 forms. Stating income is 100% legal, however many people exaggerate that amount. Many banks stopped allowing stated income on mortgage applications for this reason. Tre and Joe however doctored their W2 forms. They would have gotten away with it too IF they hadn’t taken their greed to the next level and declared bankruptcy. That resulted in scrutiny of their financial past.

      While Tre and Joe did hurt people in a domino effect while Apollo DIRECTLY AND IMMEDIATELY hurt innocent people. I also think what Apollo did was much, much worse.

      As an occasional viewer of RHWOA, I honestly loved Phaedra until today. Reading Tamara’s various articles proves to me she was involved. I hope she at least gets canned from the show. Apollo could not have been the brains behind this operation. No way.

  34. thedisher

    Juicy, juicy tea! Gee let me see how this works: should the victims of identity theft contact the “National Recovery Group” to get their stolen shit back from Apollo, and the “Parks Law Group” to represent them in a civil lawsuit??? NRG website sounds just like Phaedra with the b.s. about common law and returning abandoned assets to the King. I guess in NRG’s case, Apollo is the King, since Ayden(?) is the Prince. That would make Phaedra, Queen Bee. Has anybody tried calling the phone numbers on the website for shits & giggles?

  35. Witchy

    Please tell me THAT is NOT Apollo on the website?
    Please tell me Apollo is NOT that stupid?

  36. Witchy

    Abandoned Land. Hmm. Didn’t Apollo steal a lot of Abandoned land and assets via check?

  37. Witchy

    They used an aol address?
    This is almost comical if there were not victims.

  38. Kitty Mamma

    I’m curious, when approx. was that episode filmed when Apollo was bragging about dropping all that money on strippers? Also, how much was his bail? With so many victims I’m surprised he was granted bail. I guess he’s not on parole. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • 9/5 pajama party filmed 9/13 Feds seized Apollo’s electronics 1/25 Apollo arrested.

      He’s on parole, but still got bail of $25K . Yes we know that is ridiculous. We assume he is cooperating.

      I’ve written numerous pieces in the last 8 days with everything there is to know. You can find them here http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/?s=Apollo

      • Kitty Mamma

        Thanks, TT. On point, as usual. The fact the he was granted bail at all immediately made me think that he was cooperating. I tried going back to glean the info. My apologies. My access to traditional Internet is limited to work. I can only access it at home by handheld device, which is less than optimal.

  39. Kitty Mamma

    I think things are taking a turn for the worse. Phaedra momentarily is going to rep herself after being dropped by her legal eagle team? Crazy. I’ve always heard that anyone that reps themself has a fool for a client. Sounds like a desperate situation to me.

    • to clarify, those attorneys were for her case against Angela Stanton which was she dropped. Angela still has a counter claim that was not dropped. Phaedra hired another lawyer whose name escapes me at this current moment on a Saturday morning, but it was not someone nearly as well know as the dream team she chose to go after Angela with.

      On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 1:14 AM, Tamara Tattles

  40. tobaccorhoda

    An interesting thing on the State of Georgia corporations website was the fact they renewed their registration in NOVEMBER 2013. Two months after Appollo got his laptop lifted by the Feds. How’s that for brass balls?

    It will be interesting to see if either invokes the marital privilege clause when this goes to trial.

    • Kat

      Wow who does that knowing they are being investigated. I thought it was brazen of him just to resume the same criminal acts we went to jail for as soon as he got released? How soon a after he was released did they get married. If you find a job that quick out if jsil your spouse has to be somewhat curious about what your doing bringing in that much money especially if she’s an attorney

      • Katrina

        Who knows if Apollo was keeping an account that Phaedra had access to and another account where he was keeping other money in. There are a lot of married couples that do not mix their money and have no idea how much the other person makes. They usually have an agreement about expenses. There are some couples that do not file taxes together. Then there other couples that on person controls everything. It really depends on what they agreed to in the beginning.

    • JahFire

      Both Apollo & Phaedra appear to suffer from psychosis – his talk show appearances, smiling and bringing up the subject of his prison history, as if he is not currently facing MAJOR federal charges; her asinine one-liners and comical events What reputable attorney, with clean hands, lists herself as the officer of corporations, along with a convicted felon and doesn’t pay attention to the internal dealings of the corporation? Now they attempt to insult the public’s intelligence by glossing over the obvious. There is no way that Phaedra didn’t know about Apollo’s post-prison release criminal activity. She didn’t refute that he spends $5 – 8K [of his money] per nite in strip clubs and puts the receipts on the counter at home. She was very evasive, but told Andy that Apollo works in asset recovery. She is obsessed with putting on appearances, but wouldn’t know exactly where a repo man is getting that kind of cash? I think not. To quote the southern belle (smh), “Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean.” Who says that? Ugh.

    • mesheone

      I think if any of the companies she is listed in are part of investigation, she will have to testify…to what degree is the question…BTW Tamara, some reports are that none of the companies Pha is listed on are part of the fake companies, can you confirm?

      • I can’t confirm that. I can confirm that the ones I mentioned here do not appear on the ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION FOR APOLLO, which is the document we are all referring to; however, that document mentions “over forty companies” and just lists a handful of examples. The purpose of that document was to prove they hand enough on APOLLO to justify a warrant, not to list ALL of their evidence. For example, they did not list ALL of the companies and indicated that more targets existed and the investigation was ongoing.

  41. JTV

    Wow.. who wrote the website? It is full of grammatical errors.

  42. JahFire

    Lots of food for thought, TT – thx for your site and the information you provide.

  43. Tee

    Yall so LAME!!! Does Phaedra pay your bills??? You guys seem obsessed with her, how she lives, who she knows, where she stays, what she feeds her kids…LOL

  44. Paedra Parks has a long history with HW Atl. of being this consummate liar. I mean the day she got the show, she started off with lies about her being pregnant for only 5 months when clearly she was due any day…..but that’s what lawyers do. I have know doubt, she knew exactly what her husband was up to. Her biggest problem is convincing herself…because the rest of us know already….you can’t take a man out of prison, a clean man as she asked for….her words not mine….but you can’t take the prison out of the man. I hope they lock them both up and throw away the key.

    • mesheone

      my favorite lie after that was on one reunion show I believe, the weave debate…when it was said that all wear them, she said not her, then said she puts in pieces from time to time after someone said that’s not all yours..WTH…and lets not forget the Chuck fiasco…SMDH

  45. kb

    TT, whatever happened to her getting a spin-off.

  46. Greenwood

    I’m always fascinated by the fancy homes that these characters pretend to have. I admit it, I love to try to figure out where they live and stalk them on Google Maps. It’s fun. Can’t wait to find out more about Phaedra’s homes – and that rumor I saw somewhere on the net about Apollo having sold a house somewhere recently. I don’t believe anything I read about it, tho, until I read it here on TT.

  47. mesheone

    Tamara can you confirm or debunk this: one of the officers is Robert Watkins in Apollo’s fake company… being related to Willie Watkins the famous mortician. Could feds be looking at the connection, it would make perfect sense why Phaedra obtained a license.

  48. As Cammie quoted, “just by being an officer and incorporating a business that has been found to be a shell for the purpose of perpetuating fraud is enough to, at the least, be called before the bar for a disciplinary hearing. Putting herself as an officer should completely implicate her to the fraud, how can she possibly say she didn’t know it was a fake company? It appears from that link she’s even had filings in her name.
    How much it really matters? Probably not much, a hit to the ego maybe but she’s been lining herself up for this mortuary science degree for a reason, and now we all know why. Disbarred, felon or not, pretty much anyone can work with the dead.”
    I agree with you completely. We are simply amateurs looking from the outside in. Who knows what information the FEDS may have and still may act upon. If they could access over 40 bank accounts, shell businesses and surmise a 3 million dollar fraud imposed by Apollo Nida; I feel confident that they have seen Phaedra’s name as co-chair and secretary on many of those fraudulent businesses. She may feel she is in the clear for now….but it aint’ over until it’s over….I wouldn’t be so quick to feel ‘safe’ if I was her….Trust me, the FEDS are always watching…and sometimes, they watch a case; build a case…for years….

  49. …As for Phaedra’s character…I specifically recall on the first RHOA Reunion — while Phaedra sat pregnant with her first child, Nee Nee tore into her accusing her of going to her (NeeNee’s) family, whom she wasn’t getting along with at the time, and Phaedra trying to ‘cozy’ up with them in order to get slanderous information from them on NeeNee. This information came from NeeNee on the Reunion show — which is only a small part of the sneakiness associated with Ms.Parks. Even still, there are not many wives out there that are not aware of their husbands’ income. Especially if she is spending it, she is going to know what she’s working with. Phaedra…come on. Come clean with it. You knew. You knew.

  50. One question…HOW did they manage to give Apollo Nida a $25,000 bond on which he paid only 10 to 13% to get out of jail on, when he was charged with stealing nearly 3 million?? And can you ‘plea’ on a charge totalling that amount? Many ‘regular’ folks would be put away for a long time. Is he being shown ‘favor’? That would be highly inappropriate, due to the circumstances. And this applies, to Phaedra, as well. Many are feeling ‘sorry’ for her because she is a mom….but there are many moms in prison. I don’t get that part…

    • I don’t know who you are, but I hope you stick around. This is exactly the kind of discussion I like to see around here.

      NONE of this makes sense. Apparently they are working out a plea deal. Who will he give up? I can’t think of many people. There seems to be only ONE person who could have been the brains of the operation…

      On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 7:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  51. hey_nani

    You forgot her most famous client……Bobby Brown but that was like 10 years ago

  52. lilk

    TT, didnt phaedra work for geico or state farm as an atty.
    She also had to travel with some rapper as part of his bond.
    Then she was bobby brown’s atty. I read she was the one who helped bobby get that bravo show in summer 2005 and that is why bravo like her. Being Bobby Brown got Bravo alot of new viewers.

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