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housewives-of-atlanta-husbands2-570x408Holy crap! When was this filmed? Crap. I have no idea what is wrong with my TV but it keeps going out. It looks like a problem with my dish! UGH. I missed the walk out. Todd is not on the show, It’s just Apollo, Greg and Peter.  It looks like this was filmed on or around January 20th when the WWHL show was filmed.  Apollo Nida turned himself in on January 23rd.  So who knows who knew the arrest was coming in a couple of days.

Bethenny starts talking about Peter and Cynthia’s book.  Bethenny asks how often a couple should have sex. She is obsessed with this question and asks EVERYONE who comes on the show. Apollo says, “whenever the man wants it!” The audience boos Apollo! Bethenny says so how often is that? Apollo says he gets it whenever he wants it. Bethenny continues to press. Apollo says “I mean I’m kinda  busy with criminal activities and all so about 3….4 times a week. ” Gregg says he needs more than that. Bethenny asks how often Gregg wants it and he says, “I’m married to Nene Leakes!”

Bethenny clears up what I have been saying all along. THE HUSBANDS DO NOT GET PAID.  Thank you. Some of y’all refuse to believe that. Husbands and children do not get paid.

What's the Beef Between Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas?

Holy crap! Apollo brings up prison!  Bethenny asks if they like being on the show or if it is a pain in the ass.  Bethenny asks if there is a price that you pay for being on the show. Peter says 100% Apollo says that coming from prison and doing six years in prison and then being thrown right into a TV show is difficult. And you know, from the first time coming off I was kind of quiet…kind of shy and you know it was just a difficult transition for me.

Peter says the truth of the matter is that all of the husbands have a job. He says he probably works harder than Cynthia does.

Gregg is sitting between Apollo and Peter, which strikes me as odd. Also Phaedra is in the audience sitting next to Brentt, Nene and Gregg’s son. They just showed this going to commercial.

I think this show was filmed the day after the WWHL show. Bethenny asks what the guys think about Todd. Is he a hustler? Apollo says he thinks he is a really cool guy. He’s down to earth. He doesn’t believe he is an opportunist. He says he feels sorry for him with his mother-in-law situation.  Peter says that Todd is really going through it with “Mother Joyce.”

Bethenny asks if they are all really good friends. Peter says what he always says lately. They are all good with each other but they really don’t see each other much. Peter has seemed to be playing down his friendship with Apollo lately.


Bethenny asks Apollo about the texting situation with Kenya.  Apollo said that Peter gave him some good insight when he said regardless of what the circumstances were, he shouldn’t have been texting Phaedra. He has apologized to Phaedra numerous times and everything just got blown out of proportion. It was business for him. Bethenny asks if he thinks Kenya was into him. He said “definitely!”   Gregg tells Bethenny that he and Peter are older and give Apollo advice.  Then  he tells Apollo not to say he apologized to Phaedra, but that he apologized to his wife.

Bethenny talks about “the bro code” and gives the example, “if I saw one of my guys doing something, I didn’t see it.” Bethenny asks if they see one of the guys doing something they didn’t agree with, would you go back and tell your wife.  Peter says if I tell my wife, I might as well get on the phone and call his wife! It’s interesting to me that he points to Apollo and not Gregg because Cynthia is not friends with Phaedra, she’s closest to Nene. Why would he not point to Gregg? The camera cuts to the audience and I seem a young woman who I think is Peter’s daughter.  Ironically, she looks a lot like a young Cynthia.  Peter says that he would never tell his wife on either of them, but they are definitely going to check each other. Gregg says “yeah” to that.

Back for a third segment!  Bethenny wants to know what the guys think about strip clubs. Do you think any aspect of a strip club is cheating. They all say no. Peter says that is like the office. They are not there to pick up girls that is just the environment they want to be in. Gregg says I picked mine up. He says he met Nene when she was stripping. Bethenny says she did not know that is where they met. Gregg back tracks and says that is not where I met her. He said she invited him to her job and he graciously accepted.

Bethenny acknowledges Phaedra in the audience. She’s grinning from ear to ear and wearing a couple of caterpillars on her eyelids.  Bethenny asks Phaedra what she thinks about her husband using the strip club as an office. She says, “Well anyone who knows me knows I represent some of the hottest entertainers in the adult industry and have been for almost 20 years now. I also frequent them myself to visit my clients. Atlanta is really a strip club city. It’s not considered sleazy in Atlanta to go to a strip club because it’s probably 50-50 men and women there at all times. As patrons not as dancers as patrons.”  By the way none of what Phaedra said there is true. None of it. The men all agree that going to the Boom Boom Room in the strip club is not acceptable for married men.

Nene Leakes Insults Her Twitter Fans; Bravo Claims She is DivorcedBethenny says that in every relationship there is usually only one peacock. Do you all agree that your wife is the peacock. Apollo says that Phaedra calls him the peacock. He is smiling like Teresa Giudice at a book signing.

Bethenny is asking them about some things their wives have said on her show. Cynthia said regarding prenups, “it protects everyone. We didn’t have anything but we got it anyway.” What are your thoughts on prenups?  Peter says he is 100% with that. Bethenny asks if they all feel they will be together for the rest of their lives.  Peter says all three of them are married to strong women on a reality show and they know the “causality  dis platform have with marriage”  but our foundation is really strong so I don’t think we are really worried about anything like that.  Apollo got interrupted before he could answer.

Meanwhile, can we address the (baby) elephant in the room? Why isn’t Brentt in school?  They take that kid to EVERYTHING. Why is he sitting next to Phaedra Parks while she talks about how great strip clubs are and how it is perfectly acceptable to hang out in them. Or the whole, I met you mama while she was working the pole conversation.  This kid is NEVER in school. Nene was at one point claiming she was “home schooling” him while she was out in LA filming. Because she took him out there for that too!  This poor kid doesn’t have a chance of being a productive member of society! Am I being to harsh about this?


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45 responses to “Real House Husbands of Atlanta on Bethenny

  1. Katy

    Brentt, not being in school? Shame on you NeNe and Gregg. Don’t you know that you have to be able to read, write and assess information if you are going to be in the “business”. Send the kid to school. Allow him to obtain the education that you and Gregg never received. NeNe, you are the mother. Take care of your family, first.

  2. Mrs. Barber

    Hello, I have frequented your site since the beginning and I never say anything. So today I am just saying Hello, Tamara. FYI…that boy needs to be in school!

  3. Gregg’s not getting in trouble at the strip club. He is married to the biggest, scariest lady ever born and he is 93 years old.

    Brentt is seeing such an awful example of what life is about, RHOA will be a faded memory one day but these are his formative years. How much money is in his college fund? ‘Sorry baby, no books this semester, mom bought an Hermes plate. Soon she will have a set! Try and get a corporate sponsor…’

    • Looks like the Bethenny show will air at 2pm w/the House Husbands on it today-thanks for your post or I would have missed it!
      Definitely NeNe & Gregg’s SOn should be in school and not traveling around with these Bozo’s & Hotdogs! Completely inappropriate conversation to be having around him but I guess they are angling for him to get his own “Reality” Show!

    • So True her Garrish Spending & she probably does not have one cent in a College Fund for him!

      • Thanks to interviews like this, the kid probably gets razzed about his stripper mom all the time. It’s enough to make a kid eat his feelings. Allegedly. In my opinion. perhaps.

      • Hannah King

        Why would NeNe have saved for a college fund for Brentt? With the home schooling and not even doing that to attend events like his father being on Bethany, how is he even going to get a high school diploma? For that matter even a G.E.D. doesn’t seem an option. NeNe and Gregg need to give Brentt a chance to become an educated, intelligient and productive member of society unlike the majority of the RHOA cast members.

    • Buck Henry

      I know, she rivals men even. Sasquatch controls that house, but don’t worry they are close to being broke anyway and I think she used up her last bit of fame with that New Normal show unless she’s willing to Coon for the man a bit more.

  4. Happy lyfe

    Listening to all the men speak, brent shouldn’t b the only one in school.

  5. JoJo

    What I think is worse than taking Brent out of school for this show is the thought of Nene homeschooling him! If that’s the case, he’s sunk. If her command of English is bad, I doubt Chemistry, Biology, Math or even Social Studies are anywhere in the realm of her being able to TEACH.
    Also, I like Greg, in general, but his cliché answers and homemade home poems are getting old. Sometimes he’s just boring.

    • Happy lyfe

      lol, I’m so agreeing with u, some of the crap gregg say, is plain out corny… If my dude look me in my face and say some of tha lame lovey dovey lines gregg does, I’m turned all the way off, and its over. If I hear “u been running thru my mind all day” one mo gain, imma scream.

      • JoJo

        LOL…I now remember that cornporn: “you must be tired ‘cuz you been runnin’ through my mind all day”! Now that upsets me I remember it. Also, he’s just become Nene’s houseboy instead of househusband. His deference to her is offputting.

      • Gingersnap

        Greg wants to be suave, but he isn’t :)

  6. lori

    Apollo mentioned prison when he was on WWHL you. I also noticed that it seems like Peter is trying to distance himself from Apollo. Of course I’m talking out of my ass here, but I could totally see Peter somehow having a finger or two dipped into the pot with some of that “free” money Apollo was sitting up every now and then. I mean he seems shady enough that I just wouldn’t put it past him. It seems Miss Phaedra wasn’t letting Apollo out of her sight around the time of his arrest. And Nene… get that boy in school!!!

    • lori

      *too, *stirring … sorry for the typos. Didn’t proof that one.

    • Gingersnap

      @lori ~ I could definitely see Peter doing some shady business dealings without a qualm, The thing is, all of these players are street smart, if not too bright in the intellect department. They know the score. I’m finding Phaedra so shady that I hope she gets busted out the kazoo.

  7. myinfo

    TT thanks for your blogs. Your RHOA recap was LOL. I am snowed in for 2 days in VA and you have kept me entertained.
    I saw the show today, the crowd seemed trilled to see the guys.
    The guys were OK. Phaedra is full of it as to her big time attorney comment. I knew she was full of it just by the way she stated her fake status.

  8. vivaladiva831

    nope not harsh at all regarding brentt, i mean he is another bryson waiting to happen.

  9. Tina

    the husbands get paid for the renunion show…right?

  10. JenB

    I would assume that Brentt catches hell at school about his Mom’s antics. I feel sorry for both of NeNe’s sons.
    OT… does NeNe’s step sons work for her with the Leakes Production or is that the step sons’ company? I had read that NeNe wants to go into production with her own company, so was wondering. They were wearing shirts that said “Leakes Productions” in one episode.

  11. Gingersnap

    Greg had to let the whole world know he’s still a horn dog even in his advanced years. Gross. He NEEDS it more than more than 3 or 4 times a week, but I bet he ain’t GETTING it, not unless NeNe commands it. Fetch, Greg. Roll over, Greg. Play dead, Greg. That man is whupped.

  12. Michel Black

    Homeschool for Georgia children is available through K-12 online program . It is possible Brent is homeschooled using the Georgia online curriculum. If so, it is a legitimate program with the same courses and grade levels available in “physical” schools. I have a friend and a coworker who homeschool their children through this program.

    Love your site, TT. Longtime reader, first time poster

    • JoJo

      Thank God. I know nothing about the constricts of homeschooling. I immediately associated homeschooling as the parent as the main ‘teacher’ and the school district is the overseer.

  13. Not taking sides here. Isn’t it possible that Phaedra isn’t listed on court calendars is because she does not litigate? She’s not a trial attorney, it seems that if she practices at all it s as an entertainment lawyer.. Contracts, etc?

  14. jellybelly

    I thought Gregg was married when he met Nene the stripper…That is not OK with me other than when friends get married! Office Lmao … unless I married a strip club owner, then they better have a real office…but clearly they do not..

  15. Michelle

    Yes you are being too hard about this. Isn’t that boy a teenager? Talking about strip clubs is pretty mild compared to what is discussed at school. On the school front have you thought about he could be schooled online. There are many ways to home school. Just saying. They found have also filmed on MLK day.

  16. Katrina

    Noelle was being home schooled at one point too. There are different ways to home school, not just the traditional way of a parent teaching a child. I don’t think Nene would attempt that anyway. That weekend was MLK holiday. I agree he should be going to school regularly, but at least he is being supervised by his parents and not being left alone to fend for himself. There are a lot of families who don’t have ca ollege fund, but that does not mean you cannot go to college if you want too.

  17. New visitor to the site! Love your show reviews…. And yes, Brent needs to be in school so he grow into an educated black man that isn’t hen pecked (sorry, Greggy!) lol

    • lori

      Especially since it looks like Miss Nene Leakes won’t be rolling in the dough once RHOA goes away. Her so called acting career seems to have dried up rather quickly. She’s ridiculous not having that boy in school! P.S. Welcome to the site!

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