Leave Leif Garrett Alone!


After my recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills my inbox was flooded with old ladies who apparently still bear a torch for Jimmy McNichol. They were furious with me to an extent for saying he wasn’t aging well, but even more furious at Kim Richards for “making it seem like he wanted to date her”  because he is married to a beautiful woman and everything around is perfect in every way. I laughed and just deleted the comments. Sorry, I should probably have just put them through for you guys to mock them. Don’t worry. I am about to give you something TOTALLY ridiculous to mock ME about.

Apparently, Sharon Osborne, who I used to like, has been trash talking Leif Garrett! GASP! Nobody better open their mouth about Leif Garrett on my watch, sister friend!  Oh no. We do not trash talk Leif Garrett. Ever. Leif has had a very rough life. At age 17, he was the driver in a car accident that left his best friend a paraplegic and it screwed him up completely. He ended up a drug addict and a drifter and even ended up on Celebrity Rehab one season.

I am laying in wait for this interview. Sharon better do some big time backpedaling. I believe what she said on the show initially is that “Leif Garrett lives under a bridge now and there is a spot for Justin Bieber right next to him.” Which means I really don’t need to go in on Sharon because the Bielibers have surely sent a lynch mob by now.  I haven’t watched The Talk in ages so my tolerance level for Sheryl Underwood is low again. Especially since her bit today is farting.  Really? Five grown women and fart jokes? Stop.

Okay, Leif is on and he looks …okay.  They replay the video and on the video Sara tries to correct Sharon about Leif living under a bridge but Sharon is adamant. Stupid Bitch. Leif says that of course he doesn’t live under a bridge, he is not sure where Sharon gets her information.  Sharon begins back pedaling. She says it is a figure of speech. Sharon says that he really screwed up his career when he had the accident and he injured that guy and it’s the same thing that Justin Bieber was doing you were both on drugs and you both messed up, and you messed up horribly, not intentionally, maybe if you had different people around you, at the time to give you better advice, you were a baby, you don’t remember this, you came to a party I through for Electric Light Orchestra, I met you at 17 years of age, you came into my home, you were a beautiful young man, you were so polite, but to watch the demise of a child, it has happened so much in this industry, but I was using that especially your accident you had.”

Wow is this a chance for Leif to respond to Sharon, or for Sharon to just dig a deeper hole?  Finally, Sharon takes a breath and let’s Leif speak. “He says well that’s a nice analogy (sarcasm). You know you have to be careful you are given all of this money and all of this fame and adulation and it’s easy to get lost in that.”  Sharon interrupts AGAIN to agree.  The people that he admired the most, were heavy into the drug use and he made the bad choice to emulate them.  Leif talks about how his life is going great now, and the audience erupts with applause.

Sara asks if Leif can relate to what he is going through. Leif laughs and says “Oh Yeah, absolutely.”  He says he needs to take inventory of his life and realize that it can all end. He needs to get a grip.

Chinbot Julie asks what his current projects are. He says he has been working on an album with a group called Tantrik. He has been working on music on his own. He also has been working on a book and he is getting ready to shop it.

Sharon just has to have the last word and tell Leif she knows it took a lot of courage for him to come here. She says she knows his internal struggles with the accident. How in the holy hell do you  know that Sharon? You don’t know shit! You can tell Leif thinks Sharon is a jackass, but he is very  polite.

Okay. You may commence with the mocking now.


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29 responses to “Leave Leif Garrett Alone!

  1. sarah

    Ugh…weren’t Sharon’s kids a real hot mess not too long ago? Her son was a drug addict right? ??

  2. SHaron O. is the biggest hypocrite and meanest person on TV bar none! Does she have convenient dementia when it comes to Ozzy and Kelly and Jack’s illegal drug addictions?

    And does she think we are all a bunch of slack jawed yokels when her and that stupid publicity machine that she hires to make up the excuse that it is a ‘saying’…’living under a bridge’…

    There is no mistaking that Sharon meant what she said and that is: Leif Garrett was living in poverty under a bridge due to his drug addictions.

    Facebook on The Talk is exploding with discussion on how viewer’s are not buying Sharon’s explanation.

    Further, Justin B. egging incident…As I recall an incident on MTV’s The Osbourne’s…Sharon and her kids hated their neighbour and Sharon took a huge pumpkin and took her kids to the fence and they threw the pumpkin over the fence onto the neighbour’s property where Sharon’s purpose was to defile the Neighbour’s property and belongings.

    Sharon O. on The Talk is Holier than Thou about how Justin B. needs to clean up his act and stop this behaviour of damaging others property, etc.

    Sharon is just unbelievable and just needs to get on a broom and fly back to the UK with her Kids.

    • brillke

      The neighbor was blasting music at ridiculous hours and refused to stop. Sharon decided to throw leftover food over the fence, half a slimy ham in a Littermaid container and more, and Ozzy got the bright idea to chuck some wood with the food. Jack blasted death metal too but I guess the neighbors had better speakers.

      I would have called the cops after the neighbors refused to lower the volume but I guess common sense isn’t popular amongst the rich and famous.

      • I am a single mum of a 4 year old boy – and when he needs sleep and my neighbours are partying I blast such classics as ‘rhinestone cowboy’, ‘big fish little fish’ by bob the builder and ‘Macarena’ off my balcony until their guests leave. It works faster than the cops.

        I’m actually considering working with a RHW compilation but they are d-bags and will probably want more.

  3. Kate

    I was really surprised that Sheryl Underwood said something about deporting Justin Bieber. It sounded very weird.

    • It does sound weird, but it is a real thing. If the White House gets a certain number of valid signatures with in a 30 day period, they will consider the petition. Biebs got way more than that and it hasn’t even been 30 days. LOL. That said, the president is not going to deport Justin Bieber.
      That said Bieber did get arrested today/ last night? in Canada for bashing a limo driver in the back of the head. Maybe they will just decide to keep him lol.

  4. JoJo

    I don’t think it’s mock worthy that you mention Leif Garrett. After all, he wasn’t at the Ex Hollywood Child Star Graveyard Autograph event :)
    And I too think Sharon Osbourne is in no position to say shit about teenagers going left…she has 2 very prominent children who lived under that bridge of hers.

  5. Mary

    Sharon Osbourne stated on Talk that Leif Garrett lived under a bridge. Sarah Gilbert even told her that she was wrong but Sharon insisted that he lived under a bridge. Leif came on the show and indicated that this is not true, Sharon then stated that she meant it figuratively. Come on. Sharon, admit you were wrong and start checking your facts!

  6. Being a recovering addict has made me have empathy for others and their struggles in life. It is ironic that Sharon’s tumultuous family life would not have helped her to understand the disease of addiction. We do recover!

  7. lori

    I can’t stand Sharon Osborne anymore. At a recent awards show she got into a fight with a young guy (Paris Hilton’s brother I believe), because Kelly was fighting with him and OF COURSE Sharon had to get involved, and she threw a glass of water at him as he was walking away. Such a classy lady…

    I agree with you about Leif Tamara. That boy has had to live with a guilt I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Sharon is a total dick. Plain and simple.

    • Sharon, you’re not one that should be throwing rocks at a glass house. FO

    • ericzku

      It was at the Grammys…she threw a glass of water at Jordan Feldstein (who is Jonah Hill’s brother), he is some big-time talent manager in the music biz apparently.

      To me, that particular fight is like Godzilla vs. King Kong; don’t like either one, don’t care who wins…let ’em kill each other!

  8. Katrina

    I used to Love Lief Garrett, especially in “Family” with Kristy McNickols. I wonder where she is now? I am glad Lief survived his ordeal!

  9. tobaccorhoda

    I think it was Jonah Hill’s brother she threw the drink on. E News had a photo.

  10. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I have to admit that I stated four years ago that Justin Bieber was going to be the next Leif Garrett.

  11. French

    Leif Garrett has always been a fave. I hope his book gets pick up; I would love to read it. Now Sharon Osbourne is the biggest enabler, she should have compared her family to the Beiber. I am glad Mr. G corrected her and was so polite, unlike her. Thanks for all the good tea Ms Tamara!

  12. Lisa

    I remember Leif’s centerfolds in Tiger Beat and Sixteen magazines back in the day.

    He always had a HUGE bulge that kind of scared me. I was a little girl, after all.

    And he dated Nicolette Sheridan when she was on Knot’s Landing.

    So those are two good things that Leif has going for him…..

  13. Who is Sheryl Underwood? Is she the one who looks like Wesley Snipes in drag?

    Sharon Osborne is a loud mouthed ninny. She’s jealous of everyone and has raised rotten nasty people. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t fix that family’s ugly.

  14. Kelly

    Wait didn’t Ozzy try to to kill her by choking her??? Didn’t Kelly and Jack go to re-hab? Oh and who can’t forget Ozzy and the bitting the head off a bat…

  15. Bren

    Wow! I still can’t believe what happened on the show. The whole time after Mrs. O mentioned the word party, I couldn’t help but wonder what her and Ossie were serving at the ELO bash. Maybe Leif was right at home, wink wink nudge nudge! He looked great and very comfortable for someone on the spot! There is a reason I don’t watch the show! Look in a mirror ladies, none of u r perfect either! You keep staying healthy Leif and keep making music!! You still have fans out there that want to hear more!!!

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