Bits and Pieces of News on The Apollo and Phaedra Saga

RHOA Episode 2: Funerals by Phaedra, Lesbian Pride, and A Birthday Party for Kim

One of my super sleuth commenters is very good at digging up information in Atlanta!  I have been keeping a lot of things to myself that people send me because some stuff is so shady I am literally afraid to post it!  Let’s just say that I am becoming convinced that Phaedra was involved with the whole Apollo scene. Allegedly. In my opinion.

With regard to things I am comfortable sharing here,  I have some dribs and drabs of intel that I will post here.  It seems that Phaedra and Apollo were renting their condo we see them in previous episodes. It appears that this may have been Phaedra’s first time as a home owner. Not a bad first time house, right?

Then this little tidbit “I found info on Onyx re: security breach of Maryland residents.  Apollo/probably Phaedra had to have known since 2011 that investigators were looking at his company.  What an idiot to keep doing it.  But, remember what Angela Stanton said.  Even after her cousin was arrested at DMV, Phaedra said to keep moving forward with the “project.”  Click through to read the letter.

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Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled WomanAnd then, I believe I have covered the situation with Phaedra’s big name attorneys dropping her as a client.  Here is what my source sent today.

I just read a comment on your blog that Lin Wood withdrew in Phaedra Park’s case.  He is the top 1st amendment/free speech/defamation lawyer in Georgia.  So, I went to Gwinnett County online records to look it up.  On 9/30/13, Plaintiff’s (Phaedra) attorneys filed a motion to withdraw.  Both B.J. Bernstein (criminal lawyer representing Phaedra) and Lin Wood withdrew.  Docket lists Phaedra as proceeding Pro Se, but it looks like another attorney, Paul Andrew, recently entered an appearance.  Mr. Andrew’s background is employment law primarily, but he does practice in other areas.  Interestingly, his office is in Lawrenceville.  I’m sure his rates are waaaaay cheaper than having Lin Wood & BJ Bernstein on her case.  My question is:  why 9/30/13???  

 I can answer that question. Because Apollo was booked a week prior.  It appears neither are interested in representing Phaedra if she were to be brought up on charges. It is wise to withdraw as counsel BEFORE a case gets filed that you wish to withdraw from later. Allegedly. In my opinion.
I said in another post today that Phaedra’s comments on Bethenny were not true. Phaedra is always talking about all these clients that she has. However, it is pretty much impossible to find any record of Phaedra practicing law in the metro area. Nearly every county has a  website where you can search cases by lawyer. I’ve never seen ANY come up for Phaedra. My trusted source is looking into this further. For now the source says:
I did find 1 case that Phaedra appears to have tried.  It’s from 2002…but it was in magistrate court in Gwinnett County for claims that are less than $15,000.  You don’t even need an atty to be in that Court.  So, I checked again and found no criminal or other civil cases in Gwinnett or Cobb.  Fulton’s system is down at the moment & you have to call for DeKalb, but last time I checked there was nothing for civil.  I will recheck for criminal after snow thaws & everyone gets back to work.


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  1. misscologirl

    Yep, I believe it, Phaedra has no need to actually try cases since she appears to be the mastermind of all of these criminal schemes. Allegedly…

    • Buck Henry

      LIke all workplaces even the courthouse has gossip. I think that her lawyers got wind through their confidences and/or friends that the feds are about to drop the ball on her and they want to be as far away from her as they possibly can. The last thing they want to be around is a lawyer that may be dirty.

  2. general1star

    I looked up records in Fulton Co and I found Phaedra in there with cases. But what really got me was a case she defended in 2008. All four defendants were up for identity theft.

    • JrLeaguer

      @ general1star ~ Interesting. I remember on the show her collecting her cash fee from a client in the parking lot after his court appearance. That scene sort of told me what kind of attorney she was.

      • Again with the cash fee for the lawyer. I paid for all of my lawyer fees in cash. My lawyer didn’t take AMEX (I wanted to use it for the skymiles, dammit!) so I drove to bank made a cash withdrawal and paid the lady. When did paying for services in cash become shady? And why not pay in the parking lot outside of court while you are both in the same place and you have the money?

      • Yes that was in 2011 the last case I can find for her. That was for defending him on a Pot charge.

      • Pay in the parking lot after the court date? I’ve always thought you paid your attorney before court. At least for the retainer and getting a receipt.

    • JrLeaguer

      Tamara~ Did not mean to imply anything. If you have a chance to ever see the scene, it is just comical. The guy does not look like the most upstanding of citizens and him pulling a wad of cash out by his car just struck me as funny.
      One of my sons has a bit of a lead foot and we have used cash or a cashiers check to pay attorneys, but we always had to pay before the court date and I guess that is why the parking lot payment was interesting to me.
      Shame that you could not get skymiles!!!
      My sincere apologies that my comment upset you because that was not my intent. You and Banjo stay warm!! :)

      • ViVaLaDiVa

        don’t/aren’t you supposed to get a receipt as well when you pay cash?

      • JrLeaguer

        @ViVaLaDiVa ~ I think that Phaedra did give the guy a receipt. It has been a long time since I have seen that episode…so cannot say for sure. :)

      • It didn’t upset me. It’s just that people bring that up all the time as some weird thing. I do agree about paying after. I paid my attorney in advance as well. In fact I would call her for a balance before she billed me as I had people making donations and I wanted to make sure she got it before I spent it all on hookers and blow. :)

      • JrLeaguer

        @Tamara ~ Hookers and Blow…love it. My son and his fraternity will be in Atl. this weekend….hopefully,we will not be needing any legal services.

      • If you do, I know a great lawyer! I’m sure there will be strippers involved in your boys visit! Maybe he will run into some of the RHOA tell him to take pictures and email them to me!

      • JrLeaguer

        @Tamara~ Oh, I know that there will be. They go to Atl. every year and we have taught him to only take a certain amount with him. I am a realistic mom of sons. I will be embarrassed if I have to call my sister or mom to bail him out.

  3. 1legend

    I back my statement again, she hasn’t been practing at all. Back to equifax, thats it one year of credit monitoring, that is not fixing my issue. Are they going to be issued a letter to give these institutions saying it was not them opening these fraudulent accounts? Really how are they going to fix each personal situation? I want to know.

  4. missyrocks5

    Makes sense. Very unlikely she wasn’t part of it. Best was him on Monday’s show how $5k at strip club is fine because it’s his $. Lol.

  5. WhyOWhy

    Okay, TT… you’ve officially sucked me in. I don’t watch RHOA, don’t care about them and never wanted to know about them. However, I’ve been reading all the posts and OMG, how do these people have a show? And why go on a “reality” show if you’re a criminal? Do they think that they’ll get away with it with millions of people watching? I guess the saying is true… criminals are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

  6. James25

    I’m pretty sure that Andy is hoping to get all of this on video so that they can headline season 7 about it. Will they advise cast members to not mention this during the reunion considering Phadera’s inability/willingness to discuss the case at the moment.

  7. JrLeaguer

    With Teresa and Joe, I can kind of being able to see her pulling off the “I did not know anything…I just signed what he put in front of me.”…though I think she is a guilty as Joe. With Phaedra, the helpless/clueless female defense is just not going to fly. This is a woman who is clearly, “I’ve got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” She is a lawyer and unlike Teresa, Phaedra reads what is put in front of her to sign….and probably has to explain the paperwork it in simple terms to Apollo.

    • I agree with Jr. Leaguer. What is so stupid about the whole thing is that Phaedra could have used RHOA to advertize for more clients like Vicky Gulvason (sp) does with her insurance company. Put your energies into building up your law practice. Between that and your salary from RHOA, you should be just fine. No need for Apollo to do anything other than be a personal trainer and a sperm donor. Happy life. But no. Some people, get off on cheating the government and cheating people out of their money. People’s pension checks? Really? Dirty, low-down bums. Nothing pisses me off like identity theft. People have to spend years on end trying to repair their credit. Pigs.

      • Cammie

        Every case that has had publicity through RHOA that Phaedra has been on, she’s lost. I wouldn’t hire her to defend a parking ticket. Plus if she’d built up her law firm through the show she’d have to actually work, that’s very time consuming. But now, having your minions do the stealing for you, while you play a lawyer on TV…that’s a lax gig, easy street!

    • WhyOWhy

      I agree!

      P.S. — you stole my name! =) Okay, you had it first. But still!

  8. James25

    I love the fact that Tamara is actually is an active part of her blog and not just posting. The method is very refreshing and is the reason I click on those annoying ads multiple times throughout the day. Unlike other blogs from Georgia this is the only one that isn’t bias and give the honest grey area type of reporting that is rarely seen anymore.

  9. I sent you the info Tamara on Phaedra’s cases at least the ones I could find in Fulton Co.

  10. Correct me if I am wrong…but Apollo never talked about his business or money until this season? I am interested to know the time line of the taping of these shows. Had Apollo been arrested, for instance, before the “Pillow Talk” party? Was that why he came “out of the blue” screaming facts of how much he spends in the titty bars? He wanted the world to know it was his money and not Phaedra’s to protect Phaedra’s butt? No one asked how much he dropped at the bar? Seemed pretty random and uncalled for. He simply could have admitted to Peter to being a frequent visitor. There was really no need for the rest?

  11. Y’all do realize that this letter is faker than a 2 dollar bill right? I do not doubt that Phaedra may have had knowledge and been involved. But this letter is poorly written,, discloses normally confidential information about a federal investigation, and a credit reporting protection service all in one. This is not the way the Federal government or any credit bureaus do business or communicate with affiliates. Just saying!

  12. ayokam

    Hey folks, Y’all do realize that this letter is faker than a 2 dollar bill right? I do not doubt that Phaedra may have had knowledge and been involved. But this letter is poorly written,, discloses normally confidential information about a federal investigation, and a credit reporting protection service all in one. This is not the way the Federal government or any credit bureaus do business or communicate with affiliates. Just saying!

    • You are not very smart. That is all. You may have a seat now.

      • ayokam

        Actually when you have a position as an analyst that entails that you know the Fair Credit reporting ACT backwards and forwards,along with knowledge of confidentiality clauses and limitations, then it’s easy to recognize manufactured propaganda. This article isn’t an indictment on my intelligence, dear one, because I didn’t write it.You did. I actually discovered your blog 2 days ago and was rather enjoying your humorous take on these silly reality shows but, insulting your readership is tacky. You will not catch me reading, commenting, or supporting your foul attitude anymore. Your attitude is pure poison. Good day!

    • naa

      hmmm. There’s no identifying information in the letter, equinox is trying to stay ahead of an issue that could implicate them legally and the lawyer completely matches up to the company. Looks real enough to me.

    • The fact you hold that position and you don’t know 2 dollar bills are real is scary. FYI fifty cent pieces are real too. They’re not a made up currency either.

  13. Anna

    Remember during the Reunion show and someone asked Phaedra what Apollo did for a living? She wasn’t quite sure but it had something to do with “asset recovery”…

  14. pfffttt

    I doubt Nene will throw this in Phaedra’s face. Phaedra can easily throw some of Gregg and Nene’s shady business dealings in back in their face. So Nene better be careful.

    Furthermore, I do agree Kenya will bring this up at the reunion. I expect the reunion to be everyone versus Kenya.

  15. Hmmm. Renting? I thought Phaedra bought that house they used in previous seasons. I could’ve sworn she was listed as the owner of that house on the Cobb County Tax Commissioner site.

  16. Donna

    How are you doing with the snow in your city? In MI we are used to the snow, last time I measured there was 12 inches on my front lawn, it melted a bit but we had more snow. Stay safe!

  17. Vickie

    I believe that federal investigators are extremely thorough; as it’s been stated, federal prosecutors have a conviction rate of approx. 92 percent. They are very good at what they do. I believe wholeheartedly that if Ms. Parks was involved with any criminal activity, they would have issued a warrant for her arrest. Being married does not mean that you know if your spouse is involved in criminal activity. Married couples are not tied at the hip; most married couples part every morning to go to work; do any of us know for sure what the other is up to during those hours that we are apart? In all fairness, if she has not been charged by the Feds, I think that tells us what we need to know about Ms. Parks’ criminal activity.

    • Cammie

      I think that since the Feds asked for additional indictments to be sealed since this is still an ongoing investigation into other co-conspirators there’s an amazingly high chance that warrant, which you speak of, just simply hasn’t been issued yet. And if that’s the case it’s my hope of all hopes that the Feds make good on that 92% conviction rate.

  18. Alexa


    First of all, let me say, I LOVE your blog, I’ve been reading it for over a year now! Lately I have been checking it several times a day and reading all the comments due to my fascination with the Apollo/Phaedra scandal! I love that you comment back to your readers but why are you so rude to people? So what if they misunderstood something you wrote, or made a comment you don’t agree with! That is their right and the type of dialogue you should be encouraging rather than condemning! I have seen you attack several commenters in the last week for the smallest of infractions including an elderly, disabled woman and I must say this is very off putting. I’m sure you will respond with a smart ass comment along the lines of ‘don’t like it, then leave’ but as an avid supporter and protector of the abused you, Tamara Tattles, are bullying your commenters! I wonder if any of the people you attacked ever clicked your “happy pill” button? I know I’ve decided not to after reading your comments this week. I sincerely hope you will be nicer to your supporters going forward and save the negativity and mean comments for people who cut you off in traffic or take too many items into the express lane at the grocery!


    • MeeToo

      I agree. I stopped considering leaving a donation as well after seeing how rude she is in the comments.

      Tamara is super talented, but gives off that “f-you, I don’t need you” vibe. So I don’t feel like donating is needed, appreciated, or necessary.

      You got “bite me”. I’m sure mine will be whatever or something snide. (The girl is witty”

      If I found another site that was so concise and witty, I wouldn’t come back to feel bad. But as of now, Tamara is funny. It’s a love/hate thing;)

  19. ZenJen53

    Tamara works very hard to provide us with updates. She’s up half the night. She checks and verifys before she blogs and if she gets a little snarky its cause SOME people doesn’t appreciate it r else they fail to recognize her points. Sometimes her bark is louder than her bite. :) Personally I consider her to be the most reliable source blogging. Shes very professional and her work ethic is impeccable. Yes Apollo has caused significant hardship to the average joe. Trying to clear your name and fix the reports isn’t easy when someone has stolen ur identity.

  20. “Bye, Ashy.” Best. Blog. EVER! My other favorite comment was about NeNe’s inability to teach subject-verb agreement. Thank you, T.T.!

  21. tobaccorhoda

    That letter from Equifax was written by the Nigerian prince who also needs you to open a bank account so he can send you money.

  22. tobaccorhoda

    I know Nida was arrested last week, but they busted his right hand bitch on Sept 13, right? Was the pj party filmed before or after that date?

    Also, at what point did the right hand bitch start wearing a wire and taping phone calls with him?

    • Don’t make me cut a bitch. I have enough real idiots without you HELPING. THIS IS NOT HELPING, Trho Dayum. The killer might be ‘nilla in the poker room with a red hot poker.

      • I died and lived at the same damn time!!!!! This is why I have to check these comments because Tamara is better than any reality show.

        Can you post more tidbits about your psychiatric progress? I’ve been going through similar issues and resorted to working for parents due to the easy money and the fact that I have no interest to leave out the house and rarely show up.

      • yep, Turns out I am perimenopausal with whacked out hormones I doubt that is your issue, James. :)

      • tobaccorhoda

        Since we appear to be playing Clue, I need one. Help a sistah out.

  23. Katrina

    Kenya will definitely bring up the Apollo situation. She can’t seem to get past it. She had no problem insenuating something was going on between her and Apollo. Now, she can’t run fast enough. Kenya is running around saying how hurt she is because Christopher put his hands on her. Kenya was not complaining when Apollo picked her up and threw her in the water.

    • Kenya is reaching for a storyline, probably will be disappearing from the show by next season. I mean sure she keeps up the drama but hell Whitfield did with “black baby gate” and was still booted.

      No, I don’t have menopause but have stopped taking my effexor and seroquel. Probably should start back but I doubt it.

      What happened to Phadera spinoff “Rich People Problems”? Lol, that title was cute when I first read about it but now it has a whole new meaning and the shade that I have brewing in me is about to boil over lol

  24. peachteachr

    LOVE! Just want to say/ask, wasn’t R Lin Woods the lawyer for John and Patsy Ramsey? I think so after they moved to the Atlanta area from Colorado. It is also worth noting that Phadera’s name hasn’t been on any arrest warrents or records from the bust in Tennessee until today. She must be doing sommething right. In the south, a funeral director and owner is a money making business. Not for me, but if it suits Phadera, who am I to complain?

  25. AmberKnows

    I love Phaedra AND Apollo. Not when he’s being disrespectful, but when he LOOKED like he was loving his wife. That said, Phaedra is very bright but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that SOMETHING was going on w/ Apollo. Allegedly. I mean even Teresa Giudice knew that Joe was pulling some shady deals and she was blissfully signing away and spending the money. Allegedly.
    The real proof, is when your husband comes home and lays down a receipt for 5-8k AND you don’t question it?! Wives usually know how much is coming in and where it’s going. How could he do that several times a month plus personal, and business expenses, overhead, salaries but most importantly PHAEDRA!!! If he was spending 8k on strippers he had to spend on her too!! Collections can be lucrative but usually on the first tier. After that those accounts keep being resold to other companies for pennies on the dollar. When its finally paid off it’s heavily discounted and in payments. I think she knew something. Allegedly.

  26. SumTypeOfWay

    Tamara most entertainment and civil lawyers never go to trial, everything is usually settled or with mediation. Alot of times non disclosure agreements are filed.

    • Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that when I said it in my post. Or the 47 thousand other comments where people thought it was important to explain how litigation works to me. I will make a note of it!

      On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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