Somebody Needs to Tell Apollo Nida to Get Off of Twitter

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

Twitter is a beautiful thing. Despite all people whose sole purpose in life seems to be tweeting celebrities, bloggers, and frenemies how much they hate them, it a great source of information on current events. During times of civil unrest, a quick twitter search can hook you up with a man or woman on the street, witnessing the whole thing and tweeting the event live. You can keep up with things in real time, at any time.

I’m the queen of oversharing and drunk tweeting on twitter. I get it. You can tweet about anything and get an immediate response. Since I work for myself, I’m not particularly worried about my oversharing on twitter. There is really nothing bad that can happen to me from my constant blabbering on Twitter. But there are some people who should probably keep their mouths shut on Twitter.  Included on that list, and probably right at the top of the list, are people who are facing federal fraud charges.

While Phaedra has gone silent on social media other than to publicize her ridiculously stupid etiquette book. But Apollo has been tweeting merrily away throughout this entire ordeal. Let’s see what he said today.  First, he was asked if he and Phaedra were separated and his response was, “NEVER!”  Never say never dear.  Unless the federal prison system has gone to co-ed cells, separation is coming soon.


At the same time he seems to be trying to pick up a  woman named Kelly Richmond Pope an Associate Professor in the School of Accountancy and MIS at DePaul University in Chicago, IL.  She teaches courses about bank fraud prevention. She wrote a story about Apollo’s criminal charges and basically says it is a text book bank fraud case. There is nothing complimentary toward Apollo at all. Yet Apollo retweets her story that appeared in Forbes magazine.  And then asks her for a follow back. Seriously?

Here is an interesting excerpt from Pope’s article:

When the Real Housewives of Atlanta added Ms. Parks to the show in 2010, I remember sending an email to her requesting an interview with Nida. I was fascinated by his first fraud case and how he transitioned back into society and landed on a television show. I wanted to ask Nida about his experiences in federal prison and his rationalization to commit auto title fraud. I never received a response from Ms. Parks (or Nida for that matter) but now I have a new laundry list of questions. My first question would be “why?”. Why did Nida feel the need to engage in this same behavior again?

Phaedra and Apollo would give an interview to fifth grader for a school project. Yet they turned down the chance to sell their story of “Apollo’s Redemption” to a major news outlet? Interesting.

Apollo is tweeting away like no one is watching when actually all eyes are on him right now.


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21 responses to “Somebody Needs to Tell Apollo Nida to Get Off of Twitter

  1. He is the finest specimen of stupidity on the market, but then again it makes sense. I would imagine the first thing on the checklist for white collar criminals is an inflated ego. Big, sexy, dummy.

  2. JrLeaguer

    My oldest works in social media and constantly has to keep his clients in check on over sharing. Like I always told all of my sons while they were growing up..”Say it, forget it…Write it, regret it.

  3. SSS

    I bet he asked for a follow back so that he’d be able to direct message her on twitter. God knows why, though. Maybe he thinks she’s hot, or maybe he thinks she can help him in some way with his case? I don’t know–it’s hard trying to figure out what goes on in the mind of an idiot.

  4. Cammie

    “She wrote a story about Apollo’s criminal charges and basically says it is a text book bank fraud case. There is nothing complimentary toward Apollo at all.” That’s why, I have no doubt Apollo thinks he’s some amazingly smart box of rocks and I’d guess he has some misguided need to interact with someone who calls him out for being just average and prove them wrong. His poor lil ego needs to correct this situation stat, before anyone else catches on and thinks he’s just average, as if!! On that same note, possibly he needs people to think he was able to pull off this scheme by himself, there are two babies involved here and what happens to them if both Mommy and Daddy go to prison? It’ll be interesting to see if Phaedra gets off on this one and stands by her man through a long prison sentence. Maybe having a dialogue with this intelligent woman is a practice run for whatever crap he plans to spew about being the mastermind and a way to get public opinion to buy that load ‘o garbage?

    I’d guess that Phaedra declined the previous interview request, knowing that (or possibly being apart of) the dirty dealings were newly going strong. A slip up from brainiac Apollo to someone well versed in fraud could send red flags a’flying. Oh what a web huh?

  5. Gingersnap

    You can’t fix stupid.

  6. Girl Plz...


  7. Girl Plz...

    I see an episode of American Greed coming up…

  8. MyraSmallwood

    I don’t think Apollo is all that. I was fascinated by Phaedra’s decision to pursue a career as a mortician. We have been working in Douglasville recently. There is a Willie Watkins Funeral Home there. I hope to see one of their processions before we finish the project there.
    Tamara, I love your blog. I happened upon it recently, and I find myself revisiting often. I live OTPN. I am glad to see that you are safely home blogging away.

  9. Kimberly B.

    I read today he had a house soley in his name that he sold back in december, thqt he bought by himself a year after he and Phaedra got married. For a married couple they have all kinds of stuff seperate and to me that says she never really believed that he could go straight. I wonder if they filed taxes together or seperate and if she knew of this house he had, is this the house those jumpoffs were talking about. This whole situation is getting mighty shady… I read the article in question anf she basically said there was nothing special to him or his criminal activity, that he was a basic felon. That private dm conversation must have been mighty interesting. And yet I wonder have Phaedra and Apollo been seen together at all since all this popped off?

    • Jae

      Meh. When I wa married we kept separate bank accounts and credit cards. It wound up being a good thing – when my husband died he had an extraordinary amount of debt, but I assumed no responsibility for any of it. I know that varies from state to state, but Phaedra is an attorney, so.

    • When I read about the house, all I thought is Peter got his lame brained idea from that. I could see Peter being jealous of that.

  10. Decline

    Just a few questions. Why would a successful business women tie the knot with an ex-con so quickly after release thinking he changed? What I don’t understand is how can someone be so smart in areas and lacking wisdom in another. I really want to know why would an attorney marry an ex-con and have kids with him? I have a had time believing Phaedra would have no idea about this money. He said on the RHOA, that he spent $5000 at a strip club and it was his money not hers. Is she really that silly? Really?

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Here’s my take on the situation and theories to your questions
      Q1. Why? Opposites attract. Didn’t she represent him? The intensity and pressure turned sexual, this resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, P’s religious background forced her to make a decision/issue an ultimatum: I’m_ keeping_the_ baby_but_you_have_to_marry_me.
      She’s not the first lawyer to fall in love with her client and she won’t be the last. The same situation happens with medical professionals and their patients. Also with bodyguards and their celebrity clients (Heidi Klum/Anastacia for example)

      It could also be plain old love. She fell in love with Apollo and this love made her overlook his ‘unsuitability’

      Also, Ms Phaedra Parks is a good few years older than Apollo and she probably wanted to start having children straight away, “to solidify the union” or some such

      I think Phaedra knows and KNEW about everything: the money, the cars, the strip clubs, the side pieces but she, like many powerful women who can be brilliant in their professional life but hopeless/deluded/in denial in their personal lives. She chose to ignore it until it became impossible to ignore. Phaedra likes to give the impression that she is living this lavish life and she is a Southern belle in her kingdom with picture perfect children and a wonderful husband who is a ‘Master barber’, a ‘trainer’, ‘an allocations/collections/acquisitions agent’ (?) This is the public Phaedra but who is she really behind closed doors?
      I think she is currently on tour promoting her book. How’s that for swag?
      For all we know, She and Apollo could have a passionate and satisfying relationship as crime villains, the real Bonnie and Clyde!! Somehow I doubt it, but it’s not impossible.

      I don’t think she’s silly at all. She knows what’s going on. Time will tell if she decides to ‘stand by her man’ or ‘cut him loose’.
      What do I know, I just enjoy RHOA!

      • Cammie

        Why would she marry him? Phaedra lied about her first pregnancy dates so shotgun wedding? Also spouses don’t have to testify against eachother so if Angela Stanton is telling the truth and they were in on the scams together from years before they claim they met, then getting married would make sense…kill two birds with one ceremony.

      • Cammie

        It just dawned me, she got a fall guy out of the deal too, evidenced by his getting separated? “Never” comment. That might be her smartest move yet, maybe she’s not all that dumb, she’s managed to stay out of jail/prison thus far and, if not for Stanton, I could see how she’s been setting herself up as the innocent spouse from the day Apollo took his first step out from jail.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @Yamoah: I agree with you. I think it was plain ol’ love, too. Time will tell if she stands by her man. As far as her mortuary business is concerned, I can’t throw shade at a woman for chasing paper. And I think it is just that simple. Profit margin. And it is not unusual for a criminal atty. to meet someone outside the courthouse to retain their services to avoid jail, and that is definitely not glamourous. I used to file bankruptcy petitions, and it’s amazing what people will do to KUA (keep up appearances). Seeing Phaedra’s and Apollo’s behavior really does not surprise me that much. I am intrigued, though. My heart goes out.

      • SnookumsLynn

        she could have married him so that he could evoke privledge. it seems only Apollo was the one that knew how deep into the fraud she was, maybe she was protecting her assets that way? Also, re her changing professions – i been thinking alot about it, she’s a smart cookie and she knows that when one door closes, open another…
        idoits the both of them…she wanted a baby and Apollo probably wanted some after prison stability – they helped each other…

  11. Traci

    very Interesting, something tells me He thinks he’s doing damage control

  12. ab

    Shouldnt his atty or wife tell him to shut up

    I know this post is about Apollo but any truth to TI and Tiny split

  13. I’m sure Phaedra knew what was going on, she may have also been the “brains” of the operation. She is also smart enough to make sure her name was not on any paperwork.
    I’m also surprised that Apollo’s attorney has not told him to stay off Twitter and other social media. He is not helping his case.

  14. misscologirl

    Sandrarose just posted this same story on her site. Seems she should have credited you…

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