American Horror Story: Coven Finale Preview ~Seven Wonders


By: Urethra Franklin

Warning:  SPOILERS below but nothing is as it seems on AHS

Here we are for the AHS: Coven series finale with the anticipated rise & reveal of the new Supreme. Since this is the finale, there are not a lot of spoilers for me to use for a concise pre-cap. I pieced random tidbits of information, and my thoughts are rambling & non-cohesive just like the last several episodes. #Sorry. Ryan Murphy also teased by saying there are clues about this episode at the Golden Globes.  I thought WTF, but read on. Plus I did some sleuthing analyzing the press release photos, and by reviewing the promo teaser & the official FX synopsis below:

The time comes for the girls to face the test of the Seven Wonders. The night before, Myrtle serves them one last meal together as equals. It’s time to find the new Supreme, a witch who Cordelia hopes “can lead the way out of an era of strife and chaos, towards repair and rejuvenation.” With the Witch Hunters gone, perhaps they’ll even be able to live in the open. As morning dawns, Madison is feeling vulnerable yet full of steely determination, Queenie struggles to believe she could be the one, Misty is terrified, and a sober Zoe puts on dark lipstick like it’s war paint. The trials begin, and Madison aims snarky barbs at Zoe, followed by more violent intent as the trials go on, while Misty is surprised to find herself giddy at her own successes. But tragedy strikes as the trials go very wrong. Later, as the new Supreme finally rises, she finds herself having to begin her reign by performing a heartbreaking task. And finally, before the Coven can return to strength and prominence, there is one last piece of unfinished business for the new Supreme to attend to.

Stevie Nicks returns, and the entire opening scene is what Ryan Murphy called a Stevie Nicks music video extravagaaaanza!  YAY. My only appropriate guess is that she’s going to sing “Seven Wonders” which is also this episodes title.  I don’t know if Stevie is in any other scene, but her chances of being Supreme are slim because twirling isn’t enough.


With Myrtle playing dinner hostess again what can go wrong? Just don’t eat the melon balls. I NEED a huge Myrtle twist in my life because she is everything to me, and she did boast that she learned secrets in the flames. I can’t help but feel that she has been pulling strings silently behind the scenes; but we really haven’t seen what she is capable of in terms of powers except for her esoteric gems of whispered hilarity.

Misty, Madison, Zoe and Queenie all have manifested different powers, but we can’t guess the Supreme based on that alone. Madison is the one witch that would use violence against the others to get ahead; and she is likely to use some powers to violently break up Kyle & Zoe. Zoe you are in danger gurrl.

Does one witch or two die during the test of the Seven Wonders? Which witch? Even though she has resurrected herself before, I have a bad feeling for Misty. In the video promo Cordelia is crouched down and her vacant eye holes are CRYING tears. Who would she sob for? Nothing bad better happen to Auntie Myrtle!!

There is a scene at the same gravel yard where Myrtle burned. Does someone else get punished & burned at the stake? Who gets burned? Well I know it’s not Cordelia, Queenie, or Zoe.  Madison & Myrtle aren’t in the photos that I saw, but Cordelia has her eyes back. #OMG??!! My guess is that Madison finally pays for her crimes against the witches. I just want another funky Dr. John song to groove to.

Spalding is the wild card as the spirit watcher of the Coven. I have been expecting him to get revenge on Zoe for killing him. And am I the only one that thinks Baby Ceci, his living doll up in the attic, is going to be part of a shocking twist? The only sentence I will write about Kyle is: Bye, I don’t give a fuck.

Golden Globes AHS

unnamed (30)Remember that Golden Globe teaser? The actresses who play Cordelia, Zoe, & Queenie wore white; and the actresses who play Madison, Misty, & Nan wore black. So I’m assuming symbolically Witches in white live, and Witches in black die. Sara Paulson’s (Cordelia) dress was a multi-layered gown. Maybe each layer represents the Seven Wonders? Also she was wearing a crystal bracelet that resembled the style & pattern of the heirloom necklace that Fiona gave her right before she re-manifested her power of “sight”. I would never analyze unnamed (32)what people wear to award shows, but Ryan Murphy pointed in that direction. #FashionPolice

There is more compelling evidence that Cordelia is the Supreme in the fast moving show credits which has always held clues in previous seasons.  When Sara Paulson’s name is shown, there is an image of the Santa Muerte also known as the Lady of the Seven Powers. Who says the Supreme has to be the younger generation?  Fiona’s mentor Anna Leigh became Supreme when she was 29. Plus there was a dominant mother/daughter story the entire series. Why all the mother/daughter conflict if the writers don’t resolve it with Cordelia being the Supreme?

Queenie also could be the Supreme. She is a uniquely powerful witch with ancestry in both Tribes; and it also makes sense in the context of the racial storylines about equality that flowed throughout the series.

In Cordelia’s vision of the murdered Coven, she saw herself dead with a bullet to the head. Who shoots witches? Have we seen the last of the witch hunters? Only the board members were killed, not the army of assassins. Then at end of her vision Fiona yanked the necklace off of her dead body, so why is it the main assumption that Fiona killed them? Maybe she just discovered the bodies?


Some would theorize that Cordelia’s vision of her mother’s death is a manipulation by Fiona, and that she is still alive; but what about the trail of Fiona’s blood? Her nose did bleed earlier in the episode because I think Myrtle did something sneaky with flowers. I still think that we may see Fiona one last time some way, somehow. Don’t laugh this is AHS & anything could happen. She could come back and KILL all the surviving witches including the new Supreme and regain her powers and remain Supreme. She is the STAR.

Surprisingly I just read on a couple of websites that Glenn Close will appear in this episode. I have done tons of Googling for spoilers, and I have not seen this information posted anywhere, except for websites that cater to the Broadway theater crowd. All of this is confusing so I don’t know if this is really true or not. So you read it here in case it’s one of those BIG unannounced cameo moments.  Her character’s name is Ophelia, and that must be an intentional Shakespearean reference like Cordelia’s name. OK now this changes everything; and there is a good chance the show will just flip upside down, shake sideways, and SHOCK us all….Hang on Witches!

Watch American Horror Story:Coven, “The Seven Wonders”,  on Wednesday at 10pm EST on FX.  Start going crazy in the comments NOW, and I know you all will keep the discussion active all week once my recap is posted. You can stalk me on twitter @Urethra_F .


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72 responses to “American Horror Story: Coven Finale Preview ~Seven Wonders

  1. steve

    when you said Myrtle makes dinner for all the up and coming witches i wondered if she recycled Delphines exellent mulligitawny soup. Ive thought agewise it will be Cordelia or Misty. If its Cordelia maybe the heartbreaking supreme moment will be dealing with Myrtle for stealing grand-mamas ring. I hope Myrtle plays a big role in the wonders as i feel like her character was underutilized. Has it ever been revealed how many witches are in the council?

  2. Seriously....

    My front runners were Cordelia and Queenie in that order. However, that heartbreaking task thing makes me think Cordelia or Zoe. Cordelia’s would be killing any of the girls or Myrtle. For Zoe it would be killing Kyle. I don’t think any of the others care enough about anything for heartbreak.
    If it’s Zoe, I will be so pissed.

  3. Katrina

    I am so exceited to see the new supreme!

  4. SaraK

    UF please don’t go away once AHS is over. TT, Banjo and I demand (you know how he can get) that you re-chain UF back to the radiator and find some other show you insist he recaps.

    Let’s see how that works :-)

  5. Someone sent in a comment last week that just said “Spoiler: Glenn Close is the new supreme.” First time commenter, no link to proof. Nothing to substantiate the claim in any way. Sometimes people send me things like that that are true, sometimes people find something someone said on another site and send it as fact. Make of that what you will.

    I know the witches dress in black for all sorts of occasions, but the promo pictures tonight look like a typical New Orleans funeral procession. I have a painting in my shack of just such a procession, complete with the black shade umbrellas. I expect we will have another formal funeral, for SOMEONE.

    I also think Myrtle did something with the flowers. Just not sure what. She is my favorite. I think that Cordelia is likely the supreme based solely on the heartbreaking thing. None of them other bitches have hearts. Except Nan, and she is dead.dead.dead. for real. I think.

    • Urethra Franklin

      The posts that I read about Glenn Close stated that AHS was listed on her IMDB page for The Seven Wonders, but I do not see any proof of that on her IMDB page.

      If it is true, I am surprised that it has been kept so hush hush, and not promoted. I feel so silly if nothing comes of it.

      Ryan Murphy has said before that the would LOVE for Glenn Close to be part of AHS, especially with Jessica Lange leaving after next season.

      My Holy Trinity of favorite actresses are Jessica, Glenn, & Meryl.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    Each witch is holding a different shaped umbrella in that “funeral” scene, and Cordelia is holding the exact same umbrella that Fiona was holding in Episode 1 when she took the student witches on the tour of the French Quarter… Just another one of my unimportant observations.

    If Cordelia has eyes again, she must be the Supreme. But how?

    I can’t wait for tonight’s show. And I’m super excited to see the Stevie Nicks musical part. I wonder if it will be a standard video with the AHS cast, or something else.

  7. I live and die for Myrtle’s killer glove game. I need every pair she’s worn this season.

  8. Urethra Franklin

    Twitter is telling me that Stevie will sing 2 songs: Silver Springs & Seven Wonders. Sounds like a packed show.

  9. schadenfreude

    My daughter pointed out something very interesting to me. Ok, it may seem farfetched, but….this AHS we’re talking about here. Remember when Fiona ressurected that stillborn baby in the hospital? Maybe Fiona’s soul is in that baby now, waiting to grow up to take over as a mega supreme. Papa Legba said she had no soul. Where did it go? This is why I love this crazy show and UF’s great recaps!

  10. ROFLMAO as Murphy takes a shot at The Sound of Music Musical on NBC.

  11. I know I always say this. but OMG BEST SHOW EVER! I can’t believe you all got me into this creepy stuff.

  12. JoJo

    As a jealous #westcoasttimer I have to wait, but I have just a feeling they’re taking Myrtle to the stake for her melon-balling and poisoning the 2 council members.
    Excellent Pre-cap UF, I might cry after the last recap :(

  13. steve

    JoJo-you dont even want to blink your eyes there are so many twists, holy smokes, and no way moments in this episode!!

    • JoJo

      Torture, pure and utter torture….I’m inclined to go to Twitter but so far have self-control….but I know I’m probably right about Myrtle. I’m going to try to watch the last episode now instead :)

  14. In case you are wondering what “someone’s last word was… it was Balenciaga!…A mediocre designer…

    Whose Protégés include…

    Several designers who worked for Balenciaga would go on to open their own successful couture houses, notably Oscar de la Renta (1949), PSSST 1949 is the year before 1950 ! Andre Courreges (1950), Emanuel Ungaro (1958), but his most famous and noted protégé was Hubert de Givenchy, who was the lone designer to side with Balenciaga against the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and also the press over the scheduling of his shows.[citation needed]

  15. The Golden Globes spoiler was GOLDEN.

  16. kingafroninjaa

    I feel disappointed. My predictions last were about the new Supreme was correct so I’m awesome. But eh I don’t know. Something just feels lackluster to me.

    • Seriously....

      I’m with you. It’s rather unsatisfying for a finale. Rather predictable. Zoe was one of the very few omg moments for me. Balenciaga had me rolling. While I loved the show, I think I loved it more for its potential than what it actually was. It seemed rushed and under developed. Hell, we had fun imagining twists and turns that were way better.

      • Urethra Franklin

        “I think I loved it more for its potential that what it actually was” is exactly how I feel too.

        Myrtle & Marie BROUGHT it though. Love love love them.
        Jessica Lange is still one of the best actresses of our time.

      • Smidge

        True. I did enjoy “you’re not that good an actress”. Heh. Buh bye, you massive beeyatch.

  17. le sigh. So good. So very good.

  18. Urethra Franklin

    I got so much wrong, but I also got a lot of things right. WOW.

    Cordelia in the first episode wanted the girls to stay in the shadows, Now they are doing media interviews.

    And we got to see Papa Legba and Fioana one more time. I just knew Fiona was up to something.

    What about BABY CECI????????????

  19. Season FOUR The MADNESS OF HAUTE COUTURE? The couturier Charles Frederick Worth (October 13, 1826–March 10, 1895), is widely considered the father of haute couture as it is known today.[3][15] Although born in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England, Worth made his mark in the French fashion industry. Revolutionizing how dressmaking had been previously perceived, Worth made it so the dressmaker became the artist of garnishment: a fashion designer. While he created one-of-a-kind designs to please some of his titled or wealthy customers, he is best known for preparing a portfolio of designs that were shown on live models at the House of Worth. Clients selected one model, specified colors and fabrics, and had a duplicate garment tailor-made in Worth’s workshop. Worth combined individual tailoring with a standardization more characteristic of the ready-to-wear clothing industry, which was also developing during this period.

    Following in Worth’s footsteps were Callot Soeurs, Patou, Poiret, Vionnet, Fortuny, Lanvin, Chanel, Mainbocher, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, and Dior. Some of these fashion houses still exist today, under the leadership of modern designers.

  20. I didn’t get the point of the Spaulding scene. I am just putting that out there while trying not to spoil West Coasters too much. Though if they don’t want to be spoiled they shouldn’t be in here… GET OUT! And wait for the show!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Kyle is Spalding’s new best friend and apprentice. I just knew he would end up in the butler role.

      • TamarAngela

        Me too! But what of the baby? And Spalding’s long lineage of servants to the coven?

      • Smidge

        I was really disappointed by that. I guess, although he is happily in love, I was hoping that Kyle would be restored fully so he could fulfill some of the dreams he had back when he was alive and smart. Slightly dumb but sweet guard dog/butler really is a dissatisfying ending for him.

  21. steve

    does spaulding get to keep the baby? I missed the part about Baby Ceci.

  22. TamarAngela

    I enjoyed the first 15 min and the last 15 min. The rest was lackluster.

    But I did like the finals for Cordelia’s ending, Queenie’s ending, Madison’s ending, Kyle’s ending and Fiona’s ending.

    BUT… they really needed to answer why Fiona had no soul. Also, I wasn’t clear on what her plan was exactly. She wanted the supreme named so she could kill her. But once the supreme was found, she would deteriorate quickly so…. huh? How was she expecting to reign?

    Hated Myrtle’s ending although I guess it made sense.

    Poor Misty;s ending was sad and undeserving. Plus, she’s killed living things before with no problem… alligator hunters!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Actually it was the alligators that killed the hunters.

      And I too am a little confused about Fiona’s intentions. I need to watch again with closed caption so I can catch ALL the dialogue.

      Did Papa Legba lie to Fiona by telling her she had no soul?
      She’s in hell now and Papa Legba got the proverbial last laugh. Mwhaahahahaha

    • Ccma398

      I just had a thought.. Maybe Fiona didn’t have a soul when she talked w/Papa, because she already “..had a deal!” w/Ax Man?! She just didn’t realize that she had made that ‘deal’ for eternity. !!!!

    • Seriously....

      I think soul here was meant more as she was already rotten to the core. Papa Lethal prefers innocent souls to take or to corrupt such as with Marie Laveau. Fiona was already a selfish, untrustworthy, murderous witch bitch which is no fun for him. She was going straight to hell without passing go so why bargain with her?

  23. steve

    i figure Fiona must have traded her soul away earlier, maybe to become the supreme when she did, and didnt remember, because she had one while living with the Axeman. Thats why Papa got a chuckle.

  24. TamarAngela

    You can’t be tried or executed twice for the same crime! Not fair for Myrtle. #tears

  25. Hannah King

    Omg I can’t believe I was actually right about something. I guessed back on Jan. 24 that Fiona’s hell was going to be with the axeman in the farmhouse. Now I did go a little far with her being a german housefrau but I was close. I am so going to miss this show. UF you have done a helluva a good job. Thanks so much. Wednesdays night are going to suck now.

  26. DarkThoughts

    I loved this season finale. Loved it!!!

    The mind control scene between Misty and Queenie was hilarious. Mistys Hell scene heartbreaking. Kyle getting the last word on Madison, satisfying.

    To get ready for tonites show I drank “Bitch” wine and ate 2 taco supremes. I will miss this show. I wish AHS Coven had a season 2 but alas, I can’t wait to find out about next season’s subject matter.

  27. steve

    this Myrtle fire was for Penbrook and Quentin, the other one was a frame for Cordelias eyes.

  28. harrison

    i too felt really bad for misty she was such a fun character i was rooting for her especially when she beat the crap out of madison i wish she would of stayed until the end on the council and zoe had stayed dead. i do think cordelia was a fitting supreme though it kind of all fit together.

    im so happy francis conroy got a really good character this year myrtle gave me life
    cant wait for next season, great recaps UT i literally come here straight after the episode you were brilliant.

  29. steve

    TT-haute couture thats those really crazy dresses?

    • JoJo

      yes…very. As Myrtle cried to the heavens, HOT couture: BALENCIAGA!

      • Urethra Franklin

        The Bitch in Balenciaga Burns. I knew that would be a moment for you Jojo.

      • JoJo

        Myrtle said something about de Givenchy at the dinner before the 7 Wonders, but I didn’t catch it all. It would be crazy wonderful if Season 4 about the horrors in the fashion industry 1950 as TT is hypothesizing.

  30. Reina

    So who is the next Supreme? I am stuck at work and I know some readers don’t wanna read Spoilers… I do! haha!Thanks TT and UF for the hard work that you Peeps do! 1 more Recap to go on AHS. by chance do u guys do one on Game of Thrones? Newbe on your site :)

  31. JoJo

    I LOVED IT. I expected that all loose ends wouldn’t be tied up, since we’ve become used to that, so not surprised the baby in the attic wasn’t resolved.
    I think this episode was one of the better cohesive and sensible after the first couple episodes.
    Only thing I wonder, where these witches get their money????? :)

  32. AmberKnows

    Loved the finale. Best sight gag… Queenie dancing for Cordelia. Best line… Fiona “…. KNOTTY PINE!!!” Oh the horror! LOL

  33. JoJo

    “Up Next Liza Minelli Talks About Her Hip” – under the reader board as Cordelia’s being interviewed on live TV! A cute touch, what’s wrong with her hip :)

  34. steve

    JoJo-if you had teleportation and mind control getting money would be easy to come by. Pop into a vault or have lunch with a banker and spit in his drink..or run your finger thru the card slot like Fiona unlocking the hospital door. The thought of Misty forever reviving frogs in hell was the most disturbing part of the show for me. Whats Nan having to endure? Like Papa said *everybody pays in the end*

    • JoJo

      While all that magic money-grabbing would be very likely, IF Madison was Supreme, as I pondered further, I believe we were told in very beginning Fiona had inherited corporations, and I’m going to write it as Cordelia inherited a load of money. I don’t think Cordelia would be the Apollo Nida of the Coven :)

  35. Florida Mom

    Loved the your recap much more than the finale. A big “huh”?
    The episode seemed like a mediocre film school project. No shock and awe. Stevie Nicks’ music was an awesome addition, but – deep breath as I go there – did anyone think it was awkward? I know she is a fab older chick, but I found that hard to watch. #catinthehat
    In addition to the loose ends UF mentions (baby in particular), did anyone else think it was odd, after her display of almost-supreme power, that Madison was strangled? Couldn’t she have flung Kyle’s hands off or used Telekinesis to hit him w/something or Concilium to make him let go, or just set him on fire? Expecting something more spectacular.
    A few brilliant lines – “BALENCIAGA” and “Knotty Pine!???”

    • Urethra Franklin

      Thanks you, but the above is not a recap. It was just a lot of speculation on my part, but my recap will be posted later today.

      And YES, I thought the production quality on Stevie’s voice was good, but the lip-syncing was bad & lifeless. But come back here later to read my Finale Recap.

  36. DJ

    Just LOVE YOU!!! Love what you wrote about Kyle – too funny! Hope TT lets you write more! xoxo

  37. Mango

    Thanks for all your recaps UF, the AHS experience wouldn’t be complete without them.

    Once I got past the fact that the plot wasn’t going to make perfect sense, I loved it. Still, questions. Baby Ceci? What became of the cageed docent at the Madame LaLaurie Horra Show Tour? Did queenie free her? And it disturbs my sense of justice that Misty is in hell, while Axeman is in heaven.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I agree about Axeman in heaven, but him being in Fiona’s Hell sure was a lot better than him being trapped in those Academy walls.

      And I LOVE your observations about this. As soon as Tamara posts my RECAP I want to carry this exact discussion over there because I have a lot to say about it.

    • Smidge

      I have a different take on that. I think each individual’s hell has what *seems* to be the other people in it, only as it contributes to their own hell. So for example, the Borquita in Delphine’s hell isn’t real or really suffering, just a representation used to torture Delphine. Same with the supposed “Axeman” in Fiona’s hell. He’s probably just a device used to torture her, and the real Axeman is over in some other hell that we don’t see.

      • Mango

        I’ll drink to that, because it makes sense. Papa Legba said something though (because I love to get all canonical about fictional stories) that the guy on the line at the fried chicken place, that his hell was smelling and wanting the chicken, and never getting to taste it. Maybe Axeman’s hell is Fiona reject his heaven?

  38. JoJo

    With all the research, art, craft and beautiful end product of the recaps we’ve become accustomed to by UF, and this being the finale, I hope to God this finale recap won’t suck the life out his real life :)

  39. Urethra Franklin

    My recap is finished. I don’t know when Tamara will post it, but check back here.

    Sorry for the tardiness. Busy busy day here.

    • JoJo

      I feel comfortable for speaking for people I don’t know: I can assure you there’s not a soul that’s been following you needs any apology….I’m thrilled with anticipation as always, like XMAS :\\

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