Watch What Happens Live With Mercedeh Javid


MJ looks fantastic on Watch What Happens Live tonight in a hot black jumpsuit (no corset). The other guest is Bobby Moynihan from SNL. Also, MJ seems fairly sober. The hot bartender is an NFL player, Justin Tuck.  It looks like MJ picked up an new Allah necklace in Instanbul. I quit wearing mine after 9/11 I guess it is safe to pull it out of the lockbox to wear again now.  The more I watched the show the more perplexed I became over MJ’s jumpsuit. I wish Andy would have made her stand up? Is the gold trim made from bullets?

Questions for Mercedeh:

Why isn’t she a loyal friend to GG?  I think that I have been the most loyal to her. I stuck up for her when she jumped Asa,  I stuck up for her when she went crazy on Reza. And I was the one who tried to calm everyone else down and forgive her for no reason. And you know what this season, has not been easy because to me there is no reason for her to be angry at me because I am trying to help her sister straighten her life out. (Um, actually there are plenty of reasons.)

Between Mike and Reza who was to blame for their fight? MJ says that she strongly believes and she knows because she is in the same business that Mike did not assert himself. In real estate you have to be a self-starter and you have to pay your dues. Mike is looking for a quick buck.

I didn’t really understand the caller but essentially the question was, Why were you getting so close with GG’s sister? I was getting close to Leila because GG introduced us and she needed real estate help. MJ thinks it is ridiculous her friendship with Leila was ever a problem.

What is your relationship with GG like now? We are like sisters.  We fight. They recently flew back from Park City. The two of them were having a conversation on the first row of the plane. They were asked to step onto the concourse and were reprimanded and told to separate for the flight.

OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER. DRUNK UNCLE BUCKS! Bobby is describing things like “Beer Goggles” and “Blacking Out” that are associated with being drunk. The clue is Karaoke so Bobby makes two fists on top of each other for the mike and says sometimes you go to the bar and …in a hot second,…. MJ screams “You blow somebody in the bathroom!!” I die.


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9 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Mercedeh Javid

  1. Mari Anne Souza

    I didn’t see the whole show, yet, but I agree that MJ looked beautiful. It’s good that she had ‘the girls’ tied tied down. That’s a shame about you not feeling you could wear your Allah necklace.

  2. Wow!! I had no idea Justin Tuck played bartender. Funny thing is, I just met him the other day in D.C. when he and the First Lady did their Subway sandwich shop promo. He’s actually a really nice guy..Forgive me Tamara for getting off topic, I was saw Justin’s photo and was caught off guard.
    Back to the regularly scheduled program already in progress!:p

  3. JrLeaguer

    Tamara ~ You can do what I do as far as your Allah necklace. I wear my Star of David (note to Kyle…it is the one with SIX points) everyday, but living here in the South, from time to time, I do tuck it in when I go to certain places.
    Hope that you and Banjo are safe and warm. It took my sister over 2 hours to go 3 miles yesterday.

  4. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    MJ is not my favorite person but she did look FANTASTIC last night, and I really like her when she’s sober and/or on WWHL. I am working while watching the show and I was DYING when they were playing Drunk Uncle Bucks!

  5. Anjannette

    I didn’t see WWHL and wouldn’t want to watch MJ (or GG either) on it either way.

    These characters are so completely over top self involved and they do it with very large voices and they don’t give a rats rectum who hears them. Is this the way this culture always is???

    In my personal opinion, that MJ called the parents of anybody to bitch about their child is beyond off limits. I wouldn’t re-friend someone, over that alone. All of these people say their version of I’m sorry as if it’s a trip to a confessional, meaning as long as I say “I’m sorry (or whatever) then it’s all gone and I’m okay to jack YOU up again as long as I “confess again”.

    It’s crap! They are some very superficial rich twats (male and female) and it’s just dumb to watch them anymore.

    I know, people don’t agree with my opinion but, it’s still my opinion.

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