Mob Wives’ Big Ang on Bethenny


Big Ang waltzes out on Bethenny’s stage in head to tow black with a black mobette sort of hat and knee high black plastic boots. Big Ang says she has had the name Big Ang since she was 12. She has a friend named Ang who was short and she was tall so it was Big Ang and Little Ang.  Bethenny asks about her sex life. Does she have a lot of sex? Big Ang says not lately. She is going through the change and she hates everybody. Sing it sister!  I live alone and still manage to bit the head off my perfect dog and my not quite perfect commenters. Patience is not my strong suit these days. Ang says she goes to bed with clothes and wakes up naked. Her boyfriend is practically suicidal over her hormonal changes.

Ang says the night sweats are the worst. Bethenny asks how long this is supposed to last. It is amazing to me that nobody tells women about “the change.” When I started having mood swings and brain farts I diagnosed myself as crazy. I went to the shrink. They put me on crazy pills. They didn’t help.  I FINALLY figured out it was hormones and now I am awaiting test results to see what hormones need balancing. If we knew more about menopause, I probably would not have spent the last couple of years convinced I was crazy. I mean I am crazy, but I am hormonal crazy not brain crazy. Sorry TMI.  Ang says it lasts for ten years. Bethenny is incredulous.

The topic turns to cheating. Big Ang said her man cheated on her and she threw him out. He was a drinker and a cheater. When he stopped drinking and cheating, after a year she let him back in. He was a different person when she stopped drinking.

Bethenny says she saw a picture of Ang in a bikini in a tanning booth. Big Ang says, “Don’t show that! Yuck!”  Bethenny decides she needs to grope Ang’s giant boobs. So she does. Bethenny says they are the size of those round Japanese melons. Ang says they don’t bother her at all she loves them. Ang is drinking from a red martini glass. I assume she’s drinking Skinny Girl. Bethenny asks what plastic surgery she has had. Ang says, “What have you had?” LOL. Bethenny admits to a breast lift. Ang rattles off her extensive list.

This was a weird interview, and an even weirder blog. Sorry.


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  1. how about Bethany saying she had no plastic surgery, at least Ang owns it.

  2. darcyb

    I thought Big Ang was married to the man who moved back in this season, the sanitation worker with all the junk. Was his name Neil? It is also possible I am imagining this in my fever stupor.

  3. Jae


    Re: menopause. Nothing like asking your estranged mother about her medical history, including when perimenopause started for her and getting “at the usual age” as an answer. My eyes may well be permanently stuck in the back of my head.

    I think I’ll be asking my Dr. To run additional labs when I go for my annual.

    Now where was I?

    Oh yeah, Big Ang. LOVE HER. I only caught a couple of minutes of the show, but did I see her toss Bethenny the side-eye a couple of times during the beginning of the interview?

  4. French

    I am glad she gave Bethany the side eye! Bethany’s only had a breast lift, for the love of mud, did she really say that with a straight face? These housewives lie like rugs!

    • What do you think she has had done? Bethenny seems like she would be pretty open about that sort of thing. Especially on her own talk show. Am I being na

      • Jae

        Maybe a nose job, but I don’t think she’s had other permanent work done.

        She obviously doesn’t get fillers – her marionette lines are super deep (not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think they give her face character).

  5. Hannah King

    So Big Ang is going through menopause. I know what she and T are going through. At times women can feel like menopause is a justifiable defence for homocide lol. Didn’t Ang say just recently say that she was thinking about having a baby for Neal since he doesn’t have any biological ones? See what menopause can do to you. Dear God.

  6. Is it possible that in 2014 women really don’t know about MENOPAUSE..? Didn’t you have mothers..or aunts…or co-workers or friends? Do you not watch tv or movies, where it has been the source of jokes and stories for years? Is the internet not available to you all to google menopause? And finally, do you not have doctors who will tell you about the change??

    I am shocked that Bethenny, who has a series of workout dvds where she mentions exercises that are good for during “your lady holiday” (your period) is shocked to hear that menopause can last years and cause night sweats. This has been happening to women since the dawn of time. It shocks me that people who can quote me chapter and verse about so-called global warming have no idea what is bound to happen to them if they are lucky enough to age.

    Good luck TT. You will come out the other side wiser and better. Trust and believe.

    • Maybe it is different in the south. Or the south before the Yankees came. :) Southerners DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT. My mother was 40 she had me so she was two generations behind me. She also died before it was anywhere near my turn for the change. I had heard of hot flashes and night sweats but that was not really what happened with me. I actively asked people (you know me) And always got the answer “Well everyone is different” I went to my GYN years ago and said I need my hormones checked and HE said as long as you have regular periods your hormones are fine.

      For me I thought you had to be like 50s or 60s before it started. I didn’t recognize the symptoms as menopause. I honest to God for the last few years just sat down on the couch and said, well, that is it. I am mentally ill and have lost my mind. Demetia is imminent.. I went to shrinks who said I had an anxiety disorder. No one ever brought up the change. Eventually, I started googling. There I found that I was crazy, but in a perfectly natural and hopefully temporary way. :)

      • I always tell my husband that menopause is when women finally have the temperment of MEN. We say what we think and we can be impatient. We sweat through clothes and don’t always look that tidy-or give a rats ass about it either. Menopause is just like your period-you have things to deal with as you draw closer to it, things you deal with as you go though it, and things you deal with as you come out of it. It’s a CHALLENGE that only women could handle.
        Don’t stress! You are strong enough to embrace it and get through it. I had an early menopause due to a hysterectomy and couldn’t take hormones because of the type of cancer that demanded the hysto-and I survived it all lol. Work with your doctor and you will too. Have patience and give yourself a break! :)

      • Thanks! I’m getting there. Slowly but surely! And without insurance.

  7. Hannah King

    Tamara you are absolutely right about older mothers and the south. My mother was also 40 when I was born and I was her first natural born child. We never got around to the “menopause” talk either before she was gone. And yes I know the signs of menopause but I ddidn’t know it would be so bad I’d want to strip naked, crawl into the chest freezer and take a nap. Nor did I realize that for no conceivable reason I would want to punch the best husband in the world square in the nose. Or for that matter why tears would roll down my cheeks over some stupid comment because I’ve always been the strong one. I am coming out on the other side now so it does pass. You do return to normal. You’ll make it TT. Hopefully like me without actually hurting someone lol.

  8. Victoria

    Tamara ~~ You need to read Suzanne Somers books on Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. I just had extensive blood tests taken & am meeting with a compounding pharmacy to get the process started. I’ll keep you posted.

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