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Vanderpump Rules

UPDATE: This post is getting a lot of hits tonight. Just wanted to let you know the NEW RECAP of the FINALE is up HERE!

Also WWHL Recap from tonight is up HERE!

Stassi is going off at lunch with Katina and Kristina telling them that Jax admitted to sleeping with Kristen twice. Once at her apartment with Tom in the next room asleep and once at his place. Stassi says she is going to ruin Kristen’s life. Um why? How does this affect Stassi in any way? Stassi says she wants to drown an dildo in acid and give it to Kristen so it will fry her insides. This is not normal behavior. Stassi thinks she is being cute.

Kristen is brushing up her resume. She is sick of working at SUR. She doesn’t want to be working in a restaurant a year from now.

Stassi tries to get Lisa to fire Kristen. Lisa says that Kristen wants whatever Stassi has. Lisa says that Kristen will just deny it.  Lisa warns Stassi not to bring herself down in the process of going after Kristen.

It’s Jax’s Birthday. The guys take him out to The Palm for steak and lobster. Swartze gives Jax a t-shirt that he can give to the girls he sleeps with. It has his picture on the front and says, “I got Jaxed and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt! :( ” Cute. Kind of . Not really.

Stassi highjacks the guys birthday party. Stassi says that Jax does it to her all the time.  Stassi confronts Jax about sleeping with Kristen while professing love for Stassi. Mind you they were not dating at the time. She had dumped him and he still was pining for Stassi. Stassi wants details from Jax. Stassi wants Jax to show up at an event Stassi is planning to have in order to humiliate Kristen. Of course he will do whatever Stassi says. Stassi tells Jax she is going to destroy Kristen.  Jax agrees to do whatever she wants. Stassi leaves. Vanderpump rules gay tom and kristen

Kristen and Tom go to meet with a film editor to update Kristen’s acting reel. Kristen tells Tom that she apologized to Stassi and Katie. Um WHY?  Sure she was a drunken mess in Cabo, but mostly because those two drove her to it.

Everyone goes out to dinner.  Stassi’s plan is to publically humiliate Kristen in front of everyone. Tom and Kristen arrive and they both look great.  Stassi has Kristen cornered and starts berating her for not being sorry and for being a shitty friend. All the girls are on the couches with all the guys having another conversation at the bar behind them. The tension is killing me. Stassi has a prickly looking snake ring on her right index finger. She definitely planned that. She is about to backhand Kristen with that ring.  Stassi is reciting a long list of Kristen’s sins and ends with. “and you banged my ex-boyfriend.” EX being the operative part of that statement.  Kristen replies with “which ex-boyfriend?” Which is not really the best response. In her talking head Stassi says, “should we go through the list?”  Stassi says Jax.

She calls Jax over to confront Kristen. She also calls over Tom. This bitch needs someone to take her down. She is just an awful human. Jax says that he banged her twice. Stassi has lots of details which she relates to Tom as proof. Stassi says to Kristen, “You think Jax is making this up so he looks like shit?” Why would he do that


Then it happens. Stassi tells Kristen to shut the fuck up. Kristen tells Stassi to shut the fuck up. Stassi screams.”YOU ARE A DIRTY FUCKING WHORE!” Kristen says, “Fuck you!”  and then Stassi backhands the fuck out of Kristen right in the face. Kristen grabs Stassi’s arm so that she can’t smack her again and says, “Walk away right now little girl.” Stassi grabs a drink with her other hand and dumps is on Kristen. Both Toms jump in to break up the catfight.  Kristen says that she will fucking sue her ass and calls Stassi a cunt bitch.

Kirsten tells Tom they should just get the fuck out of here. As they are walking toward the door, Jax says, “Kristen, you’re lying! you’re lying!” and Kristen turns around and says, “Are you fucking joking right now?”  Jax tries to show Tom the texts. Tom is not interested. Tom and Kristen leave and Kristen says she is filing a police report.

Stassi says she needs to “get rid of Kristen” so if she has to have everyone ignore her, to force her to quit? That is what she is going to do. And all the little minions just sit there slack-jawed. Later, the girls are having drinks by the pool and SCHEANA who is supposed to be the sane one says, “Cheers to Stassi for backhanding Kristen finally.”  I guess Scheana hates Kristen because of all the crap she gave Arianna. Even though it was true! Arianna DID hook up with Tom! Ariana is there. She thinks it is hysterical it hysterical that Kristen banged Jax twice and yet she was trying to get the village to burn her house down. I think all of these girls are bitches.  Who Kristen bangs or doesn’t bang has no bearing on their lives. I have a feeling we will find out next week that Jax lied.

vanderpumpNext on Stassi’s agenda is Lisa. Stassi confesses to backhanding Kristen. She tells Lisa that everyone hates her. Lisa seems to strongly dislike Kristen. She never really has cared for her. Lisa says Stassi does not have the power to get Kristen to quit. Stassi  begs to differ. Lisa threatens Stassi. Lisa tells Stassi to go shag Tom. Really Lisa?

Tom and Kristen are talking, Kirsten has ringing in her ear and a swollen face. They ask why Jax is even out there and they say he left Miami and changed his name (true, by the way) because everyone knew he was a compulsive liar. Tom believes Kristen. I am not sure what the truth is anymore.

Lisa and Jax talk. Lisa says you cared about Stassi so much that he fucked her best friend. Please, Lisa. What is wrong with you? You know Stassi was never a friend to Kristen, let alone her best friend. That’s Katie!

Kristina is all ready to take the spot that Kristen left open. Stassi and Katie and Kristina go for spray tans. They are talking about going to the beach with everyone. Tom is invited but Kristen is not. Like she will just sit at home and let Tom go. At the beach, everyone wants to know why Jax doesn’t feel bad for fucking his best friends girl. Twice. Stassi says that Jax is lucky she has not turned everyone against her. Tom arrives.  Jax  shows Tom the texts from Kristen proving that they fucked and were covering it up. Tom now believes that they fucked. Tom asks if they used protection. Jax says once. Tom asks if there was kissing. Jax says no. I don’t get why people and prostitutes think kissing is more intimate than fucking. It’s not. But if you think that it is Tom you made out with Arianna so in your world would that not be worse? Tom is very calm. He asks Jax what he did to deserve this. He says he feels like he is the closest friend Jax has ever had.  Tom keeps pleading with Jax to make him understand why he would betray him. Jax says you cheated on her, what’s the difference? Tom says he thought he was his friend.  Tom still has questions. He says it would be so unbelievably evil for Jax to make this up. Whether it is true or not their friendship is over. Oh God, it’s going to turn out to be a lie. Jax is a pathological liar. It has to be a lie.

Next week: It’s “the annual Sur Photo shoot” because that is normal. Scheana sings again. Lisa tells Kristen if she quits then it’s a load off her plate. And Tom says he feels like he got Jaxed.  Frankly, I am not sure what to believe anymore. I will admit this show always has me wanting one more episode. One more hit. Thankfully, next week is the finale.


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65 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Recap: Bitch Slap

  1. Traci

    I’m not really sure what is the truth anymore..

  2. I still say Jax is lying. He lied last season and everyone believe him and not Stassi. This is no different. He gets off on being center of attention and with this lie everyone wanted details so he was center of attention.

    • Traci

      True, but if he’s lying that’s a sick way of getting attention!

    • Gingersnap

      @Karma Grant ~ what you said went through my mind too. I could see Jax creating all this INSANITY because he’s mentally ill and is lying his ass off for the attention. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      • Jae

        I hadn’t thought if his actions in terms of a true mental disorder.

        The words “sociopath” and “narcissistic personality disorder” keep running through my head.

        As for Sassi Pain in My Assi Stassi, I loathed her until WWHL last night. For whatever reason, I think she was on the sincere side this go ’round. She’s just not that good of an actress.

  3. LetsBeCivil

    Those texts are from stassi using Kristen’s phone trying to trick Jax!
    Word for word!

      • lori

        Holy shit balls!

      • Fahlina_G

        Civil IS right!

      • mary

        as long as Kristen has had her phone back do you not think for one moment that she would be curious enough to read what stassi had wrote to jax when she was texting. Come on now ? She got all emotional the day she wrote him pretending to be Kristen and furthermore the dates on the text messages when pretending to be Kristen are clearly on the messages. That is so no hard to figure out.

    • Pantaloons

      Yep and he deleted the reply which was, ‘ I don’t know what you are talking about’.

      • Traci

        Here’s my theory on the text thing, maybe they did sleep together, but there wasn’t any reciepts for Jax to show that he’s telling the truth, so Stassi and Jax uses the text she sent from Kristen’s phone with edits of course to make it look incriminating. Kristen confesses since she think she’s caught.

    • Exactly.

      I remember Stassie creating and sending that text to Jax on Kristen’s phone too. And is the very reason Kristen said (in the previews of next week) that that text is not her’s.

      So now there is proof positive that they are creating the drama for these shows!

    • Felina

      I think the big “shocker” next week will be that everyone is in this together to prove what a liar Jax is.

    • chillbill

      Ive been telling people this for days. How can none of them realize that they are the texts that stassi sent… tom, kristen, and stassi were right there when stassi sent it. How are they this stupid. They got Jaxed…

      • Felina

        I just watched “First Look” and I am convinced more than ever, that everyone is in cahoots to prove Jax is lying.

  4. kingafroninjaa

    Through out the whole episode, I kept saying Jax is a liar. Everyone knows he lies so why out of the blue they believe him. I just don’t understand these people. Why believe a known liar? Jax is a joke, everyone acknowledge this and yet they are still friends with him? Common sense is clearly lacking. Things literally do not make any sense at this point. Everyone is a damn liar or drama queen! They’re older than me and I have more sense than all of them combine.

    Stassi is a little cunt nugget. The End.

    I have a question why do people want the cameras in the room when they get spray tans or waxes? Its great that people are comfortable enough with their bodies to show it on national TV but I don’t want to see that any other woman’s goo-goo area and milk duds. I have my own to look so why would I want to see others on TV? This is Bravo not MTV. BOOM! HAHA

    I need to finish my homework..

  5. Tom was SO grossed out when Jax said Kristen blew him without a condom!

    I don’t know what to believe. I kind of hope its true.

  6. lori

    The reason I think he’s lying is because of Kristen’s most recent Bravo blog. She says:

    “My entire summer last year was spent dealing with the Stassi/Jax saga, but when I go through it with Tom — I’m the asshole. I couldn’t begin to imagine befriending a girl that Jax cheated on her with.”

    Being that this blog was recently written, and this episode (and next week’s episode) filmed a while back, it doesn’t make sense that she would write this if it were true. Unless of course it is true and she is still refusing to admit it. Wait a minute… I just thought of something. When Kristen and Tom were on WWHL, they kind of made it seem like this IS true. They said something to the effect of soon we will all see why Tom fooling around with Ariana has been forgiven. I’m so confused. I wonder if ANY of this is even real. It makes no sense.

    • Maya

      It’s all scripted. I noticed on vr that Kristen looked really good and her makeup was flawless, like it was professionally done. I then realized she’s wearing the same dress that she wore on wwhl. I’m pretty sure Tom has the same jacket at least. On wwhl Tom already hinted of Katie sleeping with Jax and stated they were working things out. I bet bravo filmed that scene after wwhl. That all seems fishy to me.

  7. thedisher

    Hmmm. I don’t know what to believe anymore with this crew. I could see Jax lying about it because production told him to lie b/c it will get huge ratings and secure a job for him. He’s stupid enough to go along with it even though it makes him look bad. On the other hand, I can see Kristen doing something like that because she wants a revenge fuck. Plus, Peter also said she came onto him. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  8. JenB

    Tamara, great recap!! Thank you. I wondered if Kristen was super drunk and did not remember doing Jax. But since he said that did it twice, I guess that does not work. But if the truth is that they only did it once, then it would make sense about the “text messages” and that she was really sorry. I really do not want to believe she would stoop that low. It was more fun for me to think the only idiot on the show gross enough to do Jax was Stassi. :) Totally dislike Stassi.

  9. therealdeb

    in an episode a few weeks ago kristen admitted to cheating on tom before, so i kind of believe jax. not sure why but i do. stassi is a little hitler, she has to be so in control and be in charge of all the hate. very sad. stassi had the back hand planned from the word go, she had so many rings on. oy, i am so glad that i don’t know any of these people, i would be giving them all a big what for. this whole thing is just sad.

  10. Lord of The Flies

    Is it bad that I can’t stand these people but love this show as a guilty pleasure??? I honestly don’t believe Kristen slept with Jax. I cannot see that happening. Just ewwww lol. No

  11. JoJo

    I have no freakin’ idea anymore. Werewolf Jax is just a pathological liar so no credibility there. Stassi on WWHL didn’t seem to be really angry at either Kristen or Jax. I guess next week is the answer.

  12. Urethra Franklin

    I can’t believe Lisa allows these cesspools to handle food & drinks to paying customers in her restaurant. I will never eat there.

  13. Free Kroy

    Does the black lady not get to speak?

  14. ak

    Stassi is demented!!! It was over with her and Jax, she had moved on with Frank, and was so into him. Stassi should be ashamed of herself, such a double standard. Stassi and Jax is a match made in heaven they deserve each other. Stacci you are so classless, nothing more than a self righteous little bitch. You showed us who you really are when you decided to slap Kristen, SHAME on you.

    • I agree with you about Stassi, but either way that is still low for Kristen. She sat there crying about Tom with Ariana. When she had the nerve to sleep with Jax twice, she’s still working with him too. Cried to stassi and katie for months about Tom when she’s just as dirty. As a girl, regardless its low to sleep with someones ex boyfriend, really low.

    • Stassi has a new boyfriend in NY. I wonder what he can possibly be thinking. I get that she is playing the role of the villain, but she seems really comfortable with it.

      • Traci

        Supposedly, he thinks she’s the greatest, he doesn’t understand why people can’t stand her, oh yeah he does not watch Vanderpump rules.

    • S

      I would be upset if my good friend slept w my ex, but NOT to this raging extent like Stassi and her stupid minions. If it happened, the person who should be in a rage should be Tom, at Jax, for being best friends 10+ yrs… oh and w/out protection. Yikes ! Tom cheated on Kristen 50x. She probably did a few times too. They are together to help pay the bills Im sure, and just comfort.

  15. Lilliana

    It’s possible that Jax would lie because in his egocentric mind he thinks it makes him sound irresistible to women– even his gf’s best friend wants him. Notice that in his version of what happened, Kristen came on to him. Also, as people have already pointed out, he needs attention. Now I’m starting to wonder whether some people aren’t born with souls. Definitely not consciences.

  16. chelley

    Those texts were not from Kristen. They were from Stassi pretending to be Kristen to get Jax to admit something. Which he did not. But that text mysteriously was deleted! How ridiculous. The texts were saved to create drama for this scripted show. Jax is a manwhore liar. Stassi is a pot stirring asshole cunt. Katie is a wannabe annoying nobody. Toms a dork. Kristen has no self respect but I still believe her, the only proof is FAKE TEXTS! But since the whole show is scripted I guess they are all decent actors anyway! Okay I’m done, need a bleach bath after watching a VR marathon today!

  17. S

    I just really don’t like anyone on this show. First of all, who does Scheana think she is saying how disgusting it is to sleep with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend. Um, whether she admits or sugar coats it, she knew that her boyfriend of several years was married, had children, wife was pregnant while she and him were having sex …. okay … ? It also looks like she tells her boyfriend what to do… like we never see him really speak … By the way It is really a sin to sleep with a married man. It shows how much she values other ppl’s marriages … yet she values marriage for herself … hmmm.

    Second of all, Tom Sandoval may be cute, but he obviously makes a terrrible boyfriend. ! When Jax said to him “You cheated on your girlfriend like 50 times!” Tom did not say anything. Also, no wayyy that he and Ariana “just kissed.” Tom is obviously very good at covering up his bases. If they went to Vegas together, where did they sleep ? A hotel obviously. And with sexual chemistry between them, of course they had sex. People like them don’t randomly go on a Vegas trip together and “just have a kiss”. He said that to make his hidden lie less likely to come out. I don’t understand why people believe everything that comes out of one’s mouth.
    And also, Ariana telling Kristen that she and her boyfriend went to Las Vegas “to play poker” ? Like that is normal …. and when your boyfriend of several years decided to go to vegas with another chick alone and they say it is only “to play poker” you are supposed to blink, swallow, and put a smile on your face because otherwise you are a ‘controlling girlfriend’ …
    Also, I don’t understand what these girls are looking for in potential mates. Tom obviously needs Kristen to pay at least half the bills … I think that is why they have not broken up for 5-6 years.

    • Little bigs

      You know… Tom admitted to cheating on her with some girl in Vegas .. And he hooked up w Ariana in Vegas too… Is it possible it’s the same girl?
      Or was it jax would cheated in Vegas … Maybe both ? I think I remember jax hooked up in LV and the girl may or may not have gotten preggers.
      Does anyone else remember if Toms admission to cheating was in Vegas ??

  18. Alba

    I love Kristen and Tom !! Jax has a mental problem!!! I hate this looser !!

  19. SCRIPTED!! They are told where to go, who to talk to, who to be mad at, what to wear. Look surprised, look sad, mad, happy, glad. Drink some wine, drink more wine, have a lot of wine. Laugh, cry……etc. etc.
    LOL, could you imagine if real life was really like this? Maybe some people have seen scripts for this “reality” show. The term “reality” is used only because they are actual people using their own identities (well, some of them anyways.)

    • Observer2

      So true, so true!

      Their “script” is on their iPhone, that most refer to right before they start a conversation.

      I can’t remember who they are, but some read their iPhones and then say, “Okay…” (look up at the sky like they’re trying to put it all together and then begin speaking). So, so scripted.

      Then when they have questions, I guess that’s when we see them texting in the middle of conversations.

      Getting old really quick…

  20. According to TMZ, Kirsten did file charges but later refused to cooperate with police …. wish she had stuck to her guns.

    The bitchfight on this week’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules” was not just reality TV BS … we’ve learned one of the stars ran to the cops afterward … fingering her castmate.

    Stassi Schroeder accuses Kristen Doute of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend … calling her a “dirty f**king whore” … then hauling off and smacking Kristen in the face. She also douses Kristen with a drink — while the rest of the cast looks on.

    The fight was not scripted … and Kristen was so enraged she was gunning to get Stassi prosecuted and filed a police report.

    But we found out the criminal case hit a dead end … cops needed a follow-up interview but Kristen was uncooperative.

    Lisa Vanderpump — who employs both Stassi and Kristen at her restaurant — tells TMZ the women have since made up telling us, “I know that Stassi was very sorry and regretted it. I made Stassi apologize to Kristen and hope that they could move forward.”

    Now everyone can be their bitchy selves again.

    Read more:

  21. Topsecretk9

    Tom Sandoval is tweeting about this and making bets with people on twitter that they are different texts and angry at people saying don’t you think he’d think that too and check? Jax chimed in on twitter saying that the texts sound similar but are indeed different.

    Also, people are confused as to how Katie came to know about the Jax/Kristen rumor and in the episode before this week she was asked she said she couldn’t remember who said it, but they told her Jax is saying he slept with Kristen.

    My theory is the Kristen text was long before Stassi. I think she texted Jax and he just saved it.

    I think once Katie said it, Stassi grilled Jax and he came clean and she said she thought he was lying b/c he lies and Jax whipped out the text to prove it.

    I think Bravo just edited the sequence of events to make things look like they all unfold one after the other.

    They have it going many episodes ago that Stassi did the text to Jax on Kristen’s phone and Jax responded “what are you talking about”

    But this week she is talking with Katie and before she leaves says “don’t say anything about the plan” leading us to believing she is talking about the ambush.

    I believe the plan she referring to was getting Kristen to lie to her. She went to Kristen to confront her, when Kristen denied it Stassi asked to compose a text to Jax in a very similar fashion as Kristen had just to mess with and freak Kristen out.

    One reason I believe this is b/c Jax in an interview recently was asked how he knew how to respond to Kristen’s text and he just said he knew Stassi was capable of texting from Kristen’s phone.

    Curious to see what anyone thinks of this theory?

    • LetsBeCivil

      I just saw that on twitter! I’m not exactly sure but I do think there is more to the texting story!
      I’ve gone back and listened to Tom reading the text on the beach and typed out as he read and listened again. They ARE Different.

    • LetsBeCivil

      When Tom read the texts on the beach he read “Do you think stassi knows?”
      That was not included in stassi’s texts
      And when he read the next part that sounds identical the difference was with stassi text it said “so I need to know if you told anyone else about us so I can cover my bases. Again delete this text.”
      ~the “about us” & the “again delete this text” were not in stassi’s text!
      Then Jax responds
      “Kristen I have no clue what you are talking about”
      “What ?”
      I even think because stassi added in the “about us” is why Jax responded “us?”

      • LetsBeCivil

        Stassi text I need to know if you told anyone else about this so I can cover my bases.

        And Tom read anyone else AT ALL so I can cover my bases.

  22. Susan

    I am almost 100% positive this episode was a hoax.

    My reasons:
    1) the scene with Kristen’s acting reel was both foreshadowing and a clue that this episode is scripted. The reel showed scenes of both Kristen getting slapped and hooking up with a guy. This whole episode was in turn Kristen’s “acting reel”
    2) when Stassi slaps Kristen, Kristen doesn’t cry. Throughout the whole season she would cry all the time whenever she felt ganged up on or not supported. I think she would have been much more visibly upset if she didn’t expect the slap coming
    3) later she’s nursing her cheek with ice. I’m sorry but that slap did not look hard enough to necessitate ice later. And her face does not look bruised or swollen in the slightest.
    4) the season finale is called, “I Lied.” Has to be referring to Jax’s lie for the sake of a shocking last few episodes

    We’ll see next week, but that is my theory. Maybe the others didn’t know it’s scripted so their reactions could be real. But I’m pretty sure Kristen, Jax, and Stassi are in on it and will reveal the truth at the season finale

    • Nicole

      My post is the same as yours! I just read yours! The slap was more on her neck, it wasn’t even on her cheek. You can look at still shots of it online. So, I agree that there was no need for ice.

  23. Shellbelle

    I just got around to watching the episode last night. The morning after Stassi both slapped Kristen when dr and Tom were talking in the kitchen? Kristen seemed drugged and lethargic. Her words seemed slurred to me. Did anyone else catch that?

  24. Nasty natty

    Ok first of all I just wanna say Stassi is my least favorite person on that show. With that being said my heart goes out for her. About two years ago I had the same thing happen to me and it still hurts to this day. Just yesterday my mother and I were talking about it and she said “You shouldn’t only be mad at her, you should be just as mad at him.” To which I replied, “He’s a guy. A guy will be a guy but her? She was supposed to be MY BEST FRIEND. That’s the ultimate betrayal! Judas at its finest!” Come on. The common girl code and golden rule is never fuck with a current boyfriend or ex. But then again women are evil and men are gullible weaklings so the lesson learned? YOUR MAN IS YOUR MAN AND YOUR GF’S ARE YOUR GF’S. KEEP THE TWO SEPERATE. Don’t trust your man around your girls and your girls around your man. The sad thing is I got burned twice before I learned anything. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice….well you know…..

  25. AlissaH.

    -repeats, “Why do I watch this inane bs” before launching into my tirade- This show is like watching an oversexed kindergarten with bored, pretty children. First, why do all the people at Sur continue to follow Stassi like lemmings when she tells them who to like or dislike, etc? I seriously got over that behavior in middle school. And most importantly, wouldn’t the bigger news be who hasn’t slept with Jax? The man is 34 years old…….he really needs to stop.

  26. Nicole

    They always seem to ‘slip’ comments into the show, that come into play on the next show. Meaning: The guy Kristen and Tom went to, to edit her shots, said; “You can really take a slap”! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all a set up, to prove how bad Jax lies. The “slap” was just that, an act. They both rehersed it prior to that night. Jax is the ONLY one, out of the loop. Kristen also makes the comment of “can’t moving to Hawaii, b/c they can’t act there”. I really think this was all set up by Stassi, and Kristen and Tom, to see how far Jax would go with his lies. And to finally prove, that he isn’t changing (for the good) and doesn’t care for Stassi or any one of them. And to finally prove that Tom and Ariana didn’t have all these “hook ups” like Jax said they did. (Tom did admit to a kiss, and so did Ariana. That is it.) Also to show everyone that his (Jax) time in the group is up. In the final episode, Stassi saying to Kristen, “I can’t cry for you anymore.” is geared towards Kristen’s relationship with Tom. And the Ariana drama. Not feeling bad for her, b/c she admitted to hooking up with Jax. Lisa making her comment to Kristen, is again about the Ariana issue, NOT the Jax thing. And finally Tom saying to Jax, “You have no remorse.” Is, b/c they told Jax it was a set up, and that he took it bait line and sinker! And how he could lie and say him and Kristen had sex, when they really didn’t. Jax again (he’s an sociopath) shows zero emotion or care for making it up, and that is why Tom makes that comment, and then pounces on him!

  27. mary

    omg totally interesting all of these comments lol but why has kristen now moved out according to the internet and her former neighbors. something aint right here and in a clip of them being in the kitchen of there apt it shows Kristen and Tom having a conversation and she is totally blank as though to say what? Seriously if you just found out that your bff believes you to have just slept with your bf or now x bf and your bff just slapped you and now you know it really is over for that friendship not to mention that Tom (the man you love) and Jax friendship is over and all you got to say is no you didn’t sleep with him and he can burn in hell. Really? You showed more emotions when you was driving yourself crazy and everyone around you over the Tom and Arriana deal. Hello you just lost your bff and was slapped by her and your man just lost his bff and now your might lose your own relationship because of this. You seem pretty calm to me! Even your man Tom said in that clip that he knows the signs and your behavior is the same when you have done this in the past, so that being said why are we to believe you? Take Jax out of the picture and Stassi and your actions just are not that of a woman who basically has had her life flipped around all in one night. I don’t believe Kristen at all.

  28. LetsBeCivil

    I don’t think I have ever looked forward to a Monday. I just want to know the truth. Ever since the Casey Anthony and the Jodi Arias trial I have become VERY interested in learning Body Language and when people are lying.
    I cant tell for sure if stassi was telling the truth on watch what happens live.
    And the finale episode is titled “i lied”.
    Who is lying???

  29. Jules

    Jax is definitely a sociopath and I suspect has NPD (another poster also agreed). Stassi is a typical narcissist and I also think she’s a sociopath.

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