Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Curse of Carlton

RHOBH CarltonI am so not excited to recap this episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not because I have written eleventy billion posts in the last 72 hours, but because it is Carlton’s lesbian pool party. Gross. Yet, I soldier on .

Carlton is already comparing her party to Eyes Wide Shut. Thankfully, she shuffles the children off to Grandma’s house. There are already hordes of nekkid chicks preparing to parade around in nothing but gold body paint.

Kim is doing an autograph show where people pay for her autograph and picture. No Really. Kim looks great and sober and is having a great time. Jimmy McNichol! I remember him! Sadly, he has not aged well. I mean he looks fine. He just doesn’t look like Jimmy McNichol anymore. He seems to be hitting on Kim. She should go for it!

Everyone begins to arrive a Carlton’s pool party. The requisite Fat Burger stand gets a plug. Brandi and Jennifer arrive early so that Brandi can get a head start on getting drunk out of her mind.  Lisa and Ken arrive with Giggy!  I don’t think this is an appropriate party for Giggy!  When she sees Brandi and her badly bruised hand she asks if she has gotten an X-Ray and Brandi gets all defensive. Brandi has let Lisa look after her for quite some time now with now issue, but now she seems to have matured to the pre-teen mindset and everything is just so awful! Brandi storms off, probably to get in line for the stripper pole.

RHOBHyolandaHa! Yolanda says in her talking head that Brandi is rebelling against Lisa like a child.

Joyce arrives looking stunning with Michael also looking fine, and they warmly greet the hostess with the usual hugs and air kisses and Carlton acts like that is just to intimate for her. Really Carlton?

Kyle gets half a peek at Carlton’s tattoo of a pentagram and mistakes it for a Jewish star. Carlton is offended. Because Carlton is always offended and she seem to think Kyle made the comment maliciously. She gives Kyle too much credit. She is not that smart.

Scenes from Kim’s fan meet and greet juxtaposed with the pole dancers at Carlton’s make choosing which situation is more bizarre quite difficult.

I agree with Joyce. You could not pay me to get in that pool. If someone was drowning in that pool, I would not be the one jumping in to save them. Sorry. Not Sorry.  Carlton admires Kyle’s necklace and Kyle gives it to her. Carlton is touched. Could there be peace between these two for a bit? Probably not.

Are we done with the party already? Because after the commercial we are at Yolanda’s being all fabulous. I thought the entire show was going to be at Carlton’s party. I guess everyone behaved or perhaps their was too much nudity between Carlton and Brandi as the party wore on.

Kyle is preparing for her part on Days of Our Lives. She is talking about it having a lot of dialogue. I watched that show and she just had a couple of lines. She was actually quite good in the role though. I loved watching Kyle backstage at the DOOL studio.

RHOBH Carlton Joyce

Yolanda is having a party so that the girls can make pictures for Gigi to take away to school to remind her of her family and friends. Huh? I mean that is fine, but is the party just for castmates? Lisa cancelled at the last minute, Kyle and Kim are not coming so this just leaves Joyce throw to the wolves.  They are carrying the beverages out and Joyce notices that Carlton is drinking lemonade. Joyce asks if they even need to bring the wine. She says when Brandi gets there they can bring it out then if Brandi wants some.  Yolanda seems irritated and Carlton tells Joyce to quit labeling Brandi. Poor Joyce should have excused herself from this event. She has no ally in sight.

The ladies all climb the mountain to get to the mandatory arts and crafts project for Gigi. It’s just Joyce, Carlton, Brandi and Yolanda. David drops by just long enough to say hello  Carlton immediately asks if anyone is talking shit about her. She is sure that Kyle is trashing her for being a witch because she had a dream. Oh for fucks sake. That peace offering didn’t last a minute!  Joyce tries to tell Carlton that Kyle does not talk about her. Brandi jokes that Carlton will cast a spell on Kyle. Joyce says spells only work if you believe in them. Carlton is offended. Carlton is always offended. Carlton casts a spell on Joyce. And when she got home Michael was very, very ill out of the blue. Poor Michael.

Next Week: Joyce confronts Carlton about the spell. Ken celebrates a birthday. Carlton confronts Kyle.


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84 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Curse of Carlton

  1. I’m so over this season. Your recaps are more than enough for me so thank you. I thought I liked Carlton and do to an extent but like you said, she’s offended by/at everything. Brandi is Brandi. However I do love Sober Kim, she just doesn’t have enough storyline to make it interesting.

    • True. I wondered why so little time was devoted to Carlton’s orgy, no…sorry…Carlton (I’m so scared of her-yeah right!) perhaps it got really dirty; too dirty. Carlton is SO on the defensive! No matter what anybody says to her, she gets offended. How odd. If she was sooo secure about her life-style and beliefs, she’d be more laid back. But she isn’t. This person pounces on anything. What’s with casting evil spells on people just because they don’t play along with her bs? Grow up. You are paranoid about everything, Carlton. Lastly, did you get your pool disinfected before you let your kids get in it after your, ummm “party”?

    • Jenkins

      I’m not liking Carlton at all. She is like an exposed nerve, hypersensitive (for her feelings, not others), anti-social, dark, distant, angry, paranoid, talks behind Kyle’s back (how ironic), totally self-involved and is always trying to prove she is more sexual than any of the other women. She has what we call “stink eye”. She is not a girl’s girl at all. Wouldn’t trust her at all. She in incongruent with her self description of being “Spiritual”, loving, and so positive….Yeah right. This gal is a real disturbing and evil mental case. She can leave now. She could take The classless and also raunchy Brandi who is neither a wife, nor a BH resident…so why is she still here? Joyce and Yolanda I like. Lisa is still the queen of the show. Kyle is even more of a competitive back-stabber, but I know she stays…and Kim is still goofy & loopy. Oh well, Let’s face it, these shows are all about feuding whether it’s real or fabricated. K

      • BJ James

        I am in total agreement with you. I think time is up for Brandi and Carlton. Joyce was right when she said that Brandi said things that showed she is a racist and a bully. Don’t need people like this to entertain us, or make money for acting like this. Same goes for scary Carlton. She should not make money for being a hateful person. Her reaction to Kyle’s comment about the jewish star was clearly over the top. She was horrified that someone would think she would have a jewish star on her. She gave herself away later when she mentioned that her husband does business with jewish people and Kyle’s comment could hurt their business. Bravo needs to dump these women and find some funny and loving ladies. Oh, remember when Kyle said something about the others being a team, Carlton was in the screen pic and looked absolutely hateful at Kyle.

  2. CaliSteve

    Carlton add absolutely nothing to the cast. Shes two faced, boring, and needs to lay off the tanning bed.

  3. lori

    Okay, I officially do not like Carlton. She’s just gross. When she did that disgusting sign with her fingers and her tongue. You know… the sign that really perverted men who never get laid do to teenage girls when they walk by. But seriously… there is something mentally wrong with this chick. You couldn’t pay me to be around someone like her. She’s just awful. A definite mean girl.

    Why on earth would GiGi want paintings by the housewives on her wall? I thought the whole idea was for it to be a wall of remembrance of people who she loves and love her? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in the same room as any of these ladies. It was lame.

    That’s really all I have to say about this episode. It was utterly boring.

  4. kingafroninjaa

    The phone call between Yolanda and Lisa seems so awkward as if bits were purposely edit out to make it look like the bad person. I really feel that she wouldn’t cancel anything last minute if it weren’t important. I’m sure Gigi doesn’t really care about the paintings from her mom’s coworkers. It seems too stupid for words.

    Any scene with Kim irks the hell out of me. There is something about her that I just don’t want to see on my TV. She brings nothing to the table, honestly what does she do? Hurray for being sober but IDGAF, this is not Celebrity Rehab, this is RHOBH. I want to see rich people spend money on the most ridiculous things!

    Carlton truly pisses me off. Does she not see how hypocritical she is? She gets offended over the most basic things, I understand Kyle can be over the top but Carlton literally takes the cake. Its truly sad how I wanted to like Carlton because of the edgy wiccan vibe but she’s just truly a little over the top witch bitch and not in the good AHS way.

    Brandi.. I don’t understand why she thinks Lisa has an ulterior motive when it comes to nagging her about her hand. Lisa cares too much but I would appreciate having a friend that cares about my wellbeing and worried about my broken hand. Brandi loved when Lisa babied and protected her in the past. I can already tell that the reunion is going to be a complete bitch fest.

    Why can’t they go back to spending ridiculous amounts of money?

    • Becstar

      You had me the correct spelling of ulterior..

    • Babs6465

      I agree what you said about Kim. I like her nose job, but she’s nowhere close to completing her 12 Steps. When she got in Lisa’s face last week over not coming to her daughters graduation, even though Lisa rsvp’d No, Ken commented on the many times Kim no-showed. Kim went berserk. Still in denial. I really hate the scenes w/ Kim. And Kyle for that matter. Thank God for DVRs so I can fast forward thru the sisters. They are so boring.

      • kelly

        That’s not about Kim being in denial. That’s her being raw emotionally (as is very normal) on that topic and ashamed for past behavior that she needs to still forgive herself for even if no one else does. She is taking it one day at a time and succeeding. I think it’s great. I understand Ken was coming to Lisa’s defense, but it was a VERY low blow. Like rubbing salt in a wound. And if Lisa had told the truth before it wouldn’t have been quite the ordeal, I am sure…but she flat denied eating at Sur several times before admitting to it.

      • lori

        I’m sure she’s not through her 12 steps yet. She’s been sober for like a year or something? And anyway… people who are in 12 step programs are still human… not perfect. It’s not like someone goes through the 12 steps and becomes a completely different perfect person.

    • Kary

      Long time lurker and I cannot believe that I am actually choosing my first post to be about Carlton. I try not to judge people regarding their looks but who am I kidding? I am about to make a negative and judgmental observation about her. Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong with her appearance? For the last 13 years, I have and still do work in law enforcement. She looks like the hundreds of people that I have arrested or investigated who have used illicit drugs for a long time. She could easily be on the “Faces of Meth” publication that we teach to our school kids through DARE. Either that or she may suffer from an eating disorder. She does not look healthy at all. The picture you used above is shocking to me. Maybe she is so bitchy because she is hungry. She looks like she is ill. I have had to learn about anorexia/bulimia/starvation through the course of my career early on due to a death investigation I was assigned. Her gaunt face and loose skin does not seem to reflect a healthy person who eats right and exercises regularly like she claims. I want to believe that she is ill rather than she is just not a nice person.

      If she is not ill, then she exemplifies that true beauty is on the inside and she seems to be just a negative, dark person with an ugliness inside.

      I had another thought….. Maybe she is really old. There is no way she is 40 years old. I find it is disgusting that she would put a “spell” on anyone. Maybe someone put an ugly spell on her. Karma????

      I have interacted with people who practice all kinds of religious or spiritual activities. I have worked with Wiccans in the past. None of the women I know, act or react the way she does. Most of these ladies enjoy and respect the environment that they live in and do not judge others for their differing beliefs.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and really appreciate what you do to keep us updated. I am sorry this is so long. I am sleep deprived and not responsible for my comments at this moment as I am dealing with an injured husband and my judgement is off right now. I wish I would have chosen a better subject to comment on like the Jodi Arias blogs, but for whatever reason, this blog intimidates me.

      • Diva

        I live near the beach, and believe me, there are MANY women (much younger than I), who smoke, drink and fry their skin in the hot sun for years. Their skin ends up looking like Carlton’s. But I do agree, her behavior is off. She’s a MOTHER of young girls, making that disgusting licking finger gesture–does she think that the mothers of her kid’s friends aren’t going to see that and still allow their kids to socialize with her’s? Stupid woman.

      • Lucy94

        I think she is an alcoholic.

      • I tried to “put a finger” on her weird looks too. After 30 plus years working around the entire spectrum of our society, (wont tell what I did-similar to your job) it didn’t occur to me that, you are so right!) She has the classic face of a crankster. Agree, the woman does look unhealthy, in spite of her being rather unattractive.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Great post.
      Lisa cares too much about Brandi. This care may be a little cloying but it is sincere. I hope Lisa will realise that her affection is not reciprocated. She should probably cancel a few more appointments with these petty, point scoring, entitled, selfish and stupid women. That would be Yolanda, Brandi, Kyle, Kim and Carlton.
      Compared to the week’s RHOA, this episode was BOOOORRRING.

      • DeeDee

        I agree with you about Yolanda – I’m not sure why it was important to have memories from Yo’s acquaintances rather than Gigi’s family? And what is it with her having a problem with someone CALLING to cancel? Where I’m from, if they ain’t coming, they just don’t show ….damn a phone call!

      • On Lisa’s blog she said Yolanda was aware she was not coming before hand. No car was sent for Lisa. She did not cancel two minutes before, she texted apologies to missing the event and wished she could have been there. She was actually in court trying to get zoning issues with Pump worked out.

  5. Kj

    Carlton IS always offended at something! Not sure which happens more often, that, Kyle complaining or crying, or Joyce flipping her hair around. It’s pretty Joyce! We get it!!

  6. Xanadude

    Kim does a dead on Kyle impression :O

  7. jellybelly

    No more Carlton..Please!! I think this RH show is checked off the list for me!!

  8. Nice greeting Carlton gave Joyce with the eww face. Why did she even bother? Joyce’s hubby had to have seen it. I’d like fort he happening of him getting sick was just a bad something he ate at lunch as oppose to giving Carlton the evil joy that she put a hex on Joyce’s realm. *shrug*
    Or she tainted his fat burger… There was a poo in the toilet. Or maybe that was her caldron and where she keeps her voodoo to use on people. The voodoo poopoo.

  9. Mamacita

    Tamara thanks for all your work not just the last few days but over the course of your blog. You also save me from the stress of having to watch RHOBH.. I can’t stand Carlton and Brandi is getting on my last nerve… you are an awesome person. Thanks for sharing your point of view .

  10. Traci

    UGH, I’m just about sick of Carlton..she needs to go.

  11. Sherlz

    Lmfao I thought Joyce didn’t believe!!! Now she believes her man was sick under a spell!!? Lmfao don’t spit up cuz it might fall on your face!!

  12. diamondgigi

    First off BIG ole THANKS to Ms. Tamara you work hard for us and I totally appreciate it. I’m so over the HWoBH and more so because of Carlton. I’m no big fan of Kim and Kyle’s but Carlton is turning me off slow but surely more and more. Her witchy ways are so unbecoming. No way would I have gotten into that petri dish called a swimming pool at Carlton’s party. That was a disease waiting to happen. I wanted Brandi to go but on second through I just want Carlton so GONE. I used to watch HWoBH with enthusiasm but now I don’t even watch the first showing I catch the late show and watch my other Monday night crazies.
    Again, Thanks Ms. Tamara you do a lovely job and you REALLY did it with the Apollo story.

  13. thedisher

    RHOBH has been my favorite franchise, but what a bore this season. Carlton is gross & boring, so I hate even wasting words on her. I’m completely over Brandi. She’s so predictable and crude. Joyce — not a huge fan of, but at least she’s interesting b/c she’s intelligent. Andy needs to keep Lisa, Yolanda & Joyce and recast the rest.

  14. barbinga

    I think Jimmy McNichol must run in the same streets as Christopher Williams. Rough ass life or somethin. By something I mean loads of drugs. Loads. Carlton and Adrienne throw similar parties. I’m thinking there must be a gaudy party store where these models are advertised. WTF was Richard Chamberlain doing at the same even as Kim fucking Richards and the other comic con rejects?

    After last nights RHOA, this couldn’t even get my attention beyond those snippets. If you have low blood pressure, check out NeNes blog or twitter. Insulting us (what we “think” we saw???? really???) and still on her high horse. SMH

    • Maybe Jimmy is aging NATURALLY??? Not everybody runs to the plastic surgeon at the first hint of a wrinkle. Remember, the man is 50 years old, or close. Just look at regular people. We age and it is normal. Beverly Hills does not reflect the reality of regular folks.

      • Yeah, but…. he’s only 52. He just didn’t look particularly healthy to me. And to me it looked like he had bad work done.

        Oh now look what you have done. I am going to get a billion Jimmy fans clogging up my inbox about how fabulous he looks.

  15. Gingersnap

    Kyle tells Carlton if she doesn’t want to be judged for being a wiccan, to stop being a WITCH. Touche!!!

  16. Lord of The Flies

    Great recap as always. This and a bottle of wine while doing medical terminology homework the day before a southern snow storm hits just makes for an awesome night. I live for the recaps because I can’t watch the show live anymore. It’s become so dull now but he recaps are just what I need. Cheers! :: raises glass ::

  17. Vanessa

    Thanks for the recap. Completely stopped watching this show after the Palms Springs fiasco. They need to change up the cast or at least feed them some decent storylines.

    • grandma koi

      Feed them some story lines? How about feed them some fat burgers, for real. These women are old, too skinny and wrinkled. They spend too much time flipping hair and looking surprised ( too much Botox). They are all naturally attractive but try too hard to appear young. Carlton’s body looks like she’s had fat sucked out of her by Vampires R Us, Kyle walks with a slight gimp, Kim is me, sixty and not sexy, Brandi is emaciated and the rest are rich and almost famous. And yet I eagerly await the next episode. Kill me til I die. Good night.

  18. JoJo

    Other than agreeing that Carlton is offended by the very essence of Kyle and it’s obsessive, the only thing interesting in this episode was Kim Richards at what appeared to be an Ex Hollywood StarTrek convention with oddball fans. It was hilarious but kinda’ sad.

    • lori

      Awwww… I thought it was sweet. I love sober Kim and I love seeing her happy. She is grateful in life now, and it shows. :)

      • Kisha

        Every time I watched “Diff’rent Strokes”, there was a girl on there once in a blue moon who always looked so familiar to me. And it was Kim! Finally, I don’t have to wrack my brain anymore when watching that show. Lol.

    • Exactlly, JoJo, hilarious and sad. I wanted to mock it but felt like I would be mocking special needs people. The whole thing was hard to process. :)

      • Long time lurker, and so impressed with your writing– and find you take the words right out of my mouth…or actually my head. Like what you wrote above….and sweet that you didn’t mock the whole Kim thing. Found it kind of sad, sweet and sorry but a bit pathetic. Then felt bad for that …..

  19. Tono

    Didn’t like Carlton from the beginning. Not because of her “religion” but because she is a mean, narcissistic bully. Tonight she demonstrated a scary sort of paranoia and used the threat of her supposed powers to intimidate some of the women. Poor dim Joyce will likely believe her husband’s gas attack or whatever it was, actually happened because of old crazy eyed scary Carlton. The woman is a manipulative game changer, and a gross, sad, excuse for a human being!

  20. tleighb

    Carlton reminds me of students I’ve had…she.tries so hard to appear ” alternative” and wants to shock others but comes off as just desperate to fit in somewhere. Tugs at my heart when you are an adolescent , bores me when you are an adult.

  21. KittyC

    Look up the phrase “ugly as a dog” in Wikipedia and you should see a picture of Carlton. She also should be listed under “evil witch bitch.” “skanky cougar wannabe,” and “dirty, filthy, perverted homely MINF” (Mom I’d Never Fuck.) Seriously, where did they find this POS? It’s like they thought Brandi was suddenly the popular one,so they went looking for someone REALLY trashy. Her obsession with Kyle and whether or not Kyle is trash talking her or dissing her in some way is so juvenile. And she is always so pleased with herself for being a bully and for shocking everyone. PLEASE RHOBH – find this dog a new home in some other Zip Code!

  22. Tamara

    Yolanda I felt got overly offended that Lisa cancelled last minute. Last minute cancelations suck but they do happen.
    Joyce seemed to accept the friendship necklace from Kyle at her house with no issues. However, I’m going to assume that was because she was already drunk or had a buzz going so she thought it was sweet. Until her hangover the next day when she decided she needed to dislike Kyle to get more attention. She is so annoying with her always offended attitude she carries around.
    When Brandi first got to Yolanda’s she said she was late because she had to go to the dr for her hand. Then a little bit later she said she could have gone to the dr instead of showing up to Yolanda’s but she wanted to be there since she told Yolanda she would be.

    Also Brandi said on her twitter ”
    @BrandiGlanville: @cohaesy My jaw went out as u will see in a few more episodes altgough I was drunk on vacation”

    While Kim’s scenes were a little odd, I love seeing her sober. She looks so good and she’s actually quite funny at times :)

    And Joyce and her hair are so pretty!! If I had Joyce’s hair I’d walk around touching it and swishing it back and forth all the time!! Brandi’s just jealous her hair isn’t as great a Joyce’s and she has to try to use extensions. Which are really bad extensions at that!!

  23. MRS

    Carlton is grasping for straws with the wican thing No one cares she is involved with wican. Its like concerning yorself with what toilet paper you use. No one cares.. Move on Get a Life. Also she is a sorry excuse for a mother as is Brandi. The language they use in front of there children is horri


  24. Dolores Slater

    This recap was the best part of the show.

  25. Pantaloons

    Oh wow. Anyone read Brandi’s tweet to Lisa just now? She uses Yolanda’s opening words. Somebody is feeling alienated by their own hand. Or mouth.
    She fucked up and now is seeking for Lisa who exhausts her. Duh.

  26. JrLeaguer

    Kyle…I am offended! You truly have to be an effing moron not to know the difference between the Star of David and a Pentagram, especially since you converted!!!!
    It was touching to see Kim interact with her fans. She seemed very happy to interact with them and grateful for their support. I know it was a paid event, but she seemed genuine.
    It was a little creepy seeing Jimmy McNichol go all Rico Suave on her.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I’m not a Kim fan. I know I’m supposed to be fawning over her dramatic recovery and the massive steps she’s taking but no! It’s good that she is making progress but her personality is not appealing. She can be mean spirited and deluded.
      When she acts like she is “in her own world, Kim’s world, it is a little too contrived for me. The ‘kookiness’ looks affected and deliberate.
      This ‘heartthrob’ #cough struggling actor #cough, Jimmy, might appear as her ‘boyfriend’ towards the end of the season. At least he’s a step up from that horrible Ken.

  27. Lisa Bandt

    Hey I love Jimmy McNichol and he is a very approachable and nice guy, Goofy and fun loving and a hugger, so why does that make him creepy? He is a very nice guy to meet and greet with and I will support him in everything he does. Why do people have to make derogatory comments on him? Leave the man alone. Sheesh, he comes in to say hello to an old friend and all hell breaks loose?

  28. Carlton totally skeeves me out. Times like these make me miss Alison Dubois or even Faye Rancid to tell Carlton about herself.

  29. Teenie

    For someone who got offended by Kyle talking about Lisa’s nipple Carlton has sure done a 180. She is doing a great job of talking s**t about herself on her own and, it’s just getting more and more crazy. It’s not fun to watch RHOBH anymore with her on the show. Saying she’s a walking contradiction is mild. This girl is plain out emotionally unstably. White Wiccans are all about Love and Light not hatred and stupidity.

    • Y’all would not believe the aging Jimmy McNichols fans trying to post links to his fan sites in moderated comments. Apparently, I upset them. They are like Beliebers in their 50s!

      • JoJo

        I barely remember anything about Jimmy, I was astonished that Dr. Kildare was there!!! Richard Chamberlain was A list I thought for his time. It was like the Graveyard of Hollywood Stars of yesteryear, those who aren’t on the Maps to the Stars.

      • The Jimmy fans are still banging on the door. Apparently what pissed them off was Kim making it seem like he wanted to hook up with her. His fans say he is married to a beautiful woman and perfect in everyway.

        Now perhaps they will go back from whence they came.

      • JrLeaguer

        I guess that the spray tan and gum smacking distracted me.

  30. I think Carlton has been looking for problems where none exist in general but I also felt like Joyce was talking down her nose about Carlton’s beliefs. Maybe it was an ignorant superiority type thing or maybe it was pot sitting but I’m an Orthodox Christian and I felt offended on Carlton’s behalf. It’s wonderful to have a strong belief in God but you don’t need to pontificate and put someone else down to prove it.

    • By saying that her God is powerful and she is not afraid of Carlton’s magic spells? Wow. Okay then.

      • lori

        I agree Tamara. We could just as easily say Carlton was mocking Joyce’s religion with her reaction. Only Carlton is allowed to believe? Wtf?

    • Forgive me if I misunderstood you, but, Joyce was not pontificating. She merely said that she believes in God, and doesn’t buy Carlton’s bs. I say that Carlton is the one pontificating. She’s a one-note wonder. She has nothing to say beyond her creepy crap. Orthodox Christian…..are you Catholic? I’m asking because some of you Christians do not consider us Catholics Christians. How ignorant.

  31. S

    All I could notice was how well-spoken Joyce is. If my timeline is correct, she came to the U.S. at age 26. Her English is really really perfect with barely a trace of any accent. She also speaks very articulately. She always sounds so classy and intelligent.

  32. Do you have to pay to post on this site?My e mail has been down and once i cleaned it out and there were 3 Emails from WORLDPRESS.COM .

  33. JrLeaguer

    Nancy~ No, you do not have to pay.Those are e-mails asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe to the posts. The boxes for choosing so subscribe (receive e-mail alerts when someone posts something new or a response) are to the left of the button to post a comment. Hope that helps. :)

  34. As a fan of the “Housewives” franchise, I’ve now found myself completely disillusioned with not one, but TWO of the series — and now going on a third. I’m done with the New Jersey set. After Monday’s episode, I can say the same of Beverly Hills. With the prominence of Brandi in this season, and the introduction of the “witch” Carlton, it’s all too much for me. Watching the last RHOBH felt like sitting courtside at the Lesbian Olympics. Did they really think this would get high ratings? Do they understand their average viewer is over 40 and straight? Don’t get me wrong, I’m as tolerant of everything as the farthest left liberals; but even I do not watch and have no interest whatsoever in half naked women swinging on poles. It was an insult and totally disgusting. They need to just stop…stop trying to shock people and just let the cast do their thing. The boozing, the trashy talk, cursing, and girl-on-girl action, has completely eroded the glitz and glamour that were such a draw to the Beverly Hills franchise. And, speaking of erosion, those women in Atlanta are by far the dumbest, poorest, inarticulate group of country bumpkins I’ve ever seen on TV parading as socialites.

    • DeeDee

      AMEN Betty Davis!!! I was through with Jersey and New York for the last few seasons; I’ve missed the last 3 episodes of Atlanta because I just can’t. I was fortunate to miss the whole Carlton Loves Women fest of this episode and from what I’ve read here, it appears that was a good choice.

    • Actually, I’ve been debating about which Housewife threw the trashiest party. Was it Carlton? or……was it Nene? I’d say that although the two gatherings were trashy, there is no clear winner.

      • Everybody knows, Phaedra’s first birthday shower for Aiden with the white roses stuck in her head and the random ballerinas flitting around was the tackiest party EVER.

  35. Tweetypie35

    I never thought I would say this but Carlton is working my last nerve now. So now the only Beverly Hills housewife I can stand is Lisa lol

  36. I can’t wait for you to update Carlton. She is the most offended person I have ever “not met” lol… It is my weakness to watch these shows while I write and I must say that I just had to google to see if anyone else was as UP to here with her. It seems as if she is just waiting for trouble. And I have never seen someone’s eyes bulge out and roll as much as hers. I agree with Kyle, she needs to freaking relax!!!! Can’t wait for more of your posts!

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