What What Happens Live with Cynthia Bailey and La La Anthony


Cynthia Bailey is on tonight’s Watch What Happens Live and I am dying to see if Apollo’s Arrest is mentioned on the show or if Andy turtles.  STOP THE PRESSES! Why is La La Anthony in the first chair? That is NOT OKAY, Andrew. Dayum. Also, I am not a fan of Cynthia’s hair tonight. Is it just me?

Wow, Andy starts right in with the Apollo arrest. I am surprised. He says he is going to ask Cynthia’s take on that in a minute but first he has to address Nene’s mullet lingerie. Then we get a replay of the party for Mr. President. Andy plays a clip from next week’s episode showing Cynthia and Kandi arguing. Then he asks La La a bunch of Kardashian questions. No one cares.

Andy asks Cynthia about Apollo’s charges. I mean really what is she supposed to say? Cynthia says she does not like to call people when she hears bad news. Cynthia says that Peter did call Apollo earlier today to check on him and he said that Apollo said they were taking care of things. Cynthia says, “Hopefully everything will work out.” Dayum, this would have been a good night for Kenya to be on WWHL. 

Cynthia braless at Fashion Week in NYC September 2011

Cynthia braless at Fashion Week in NYC September 2011

Andy moves on and asks Cynthia if there is anything she wants to say after watching tonight’s show. Cynthia passionately says, “Yes!”  She says first of all she wants to apologize on behalf of the whole cast tonight because it was very difficult to watch. Cynthia says never in the history of the show has anyone laid hands on anyone. Well, almost Cynthia, Sheree did try to snatch Kim ball headed once but that was before your time.  Cynthia says it was really unfortunate because they were having a really great time up until the fight. Cynthia seems to blame Kenya because she stood up.  Look Christopher laid his hands on a woman and there is not excuse for that ever. Even if the woman is Kenya. Sorry Cynthia. Cynthia says that when she watched it looked like Peter was in the fight when he was really just trying to hold Brandon down to keep him off of Christopher. Then when Apollo jumped in Peter was expecting him to pummel Brandon, he thought he was there to help.

Andy says a lot of people (myself included) thought Nene was the instigator tonight. He asks Cynthia’s thoughts on that. Cynthia side steps that and doesn’t hold Nene accountable.

Questions for Cynthia:
Do you think you were being a bit messy by talking about Natalie on the way to the winery? Cynthia rolls her eyes about the question but says that yes, in hindsight she was being a bit messy and she does regret that she ever even brought it up.

How is your sex life? She says it is much better since her fibroid procedure. And she is working toward making it on the level of La La’s sex life.

This show was heavy on the La La and too light on the Cynthia. No show next week because of the Super bowl but in two weeks PHAEDRA will be on WWHL. Wow. I can’t wait, but I can’t believe it will actually happen. Is she nuts?












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44 responses to “What What Happens Live with Cynthia Bailey and La La Anthony

  1. Twilly

    I don’t like Lala.

  2. a little birdie

    Do you think Phaedra will actually go after this Apollo situation

    • I don’t know! I think it is a NEW booking though, so maybe? She would be stupid for doing so, but her atty will probably be there with her.

      • JrLeaguer

        I think that Phaedra will go on WWHL because that woman would go to the opening of an envelope. I see her going all Kim Z and not really answering any questions that are asked.

      • a little birdie

        I am thinking as an attorney she would think it a bad idea but you never know with her

  3. ZenJen53

    I’m going to speculate here. Peter n Apollo likes the strip-clubs. They both cheat. Both are hustlers. Both has new white mercedes. Peter called Apollo and he sd “I’m taking care of things”. Same thing Phaedra tld Angela when she was arrested n believed all the way up to her court date. I know I’m jumping to conclusions but just saying they have a lot in common. Thanks for the overtime you’ve done TT.

    • You are welcome, Jen! and Strip clubs are prevalent here and “normal.” I went with my ex a couple times and LOVED it, and he was all Ho Hum. He took me to “shock” me or something and I was like, Oh, we can’t leave now, the headliner is Miss Nude 2010! lol. I find them fascinating but the men here just go for background sluts while they discuss business.

  4. Cynthia and Nene are both MESSY. Nene looked like a caged animal waiting to attack anyone – KENYA. this is one of the few times I do not blame Kenya. Cynthia what she repeated to Peter about what Kandi said was not the entire comment – she conveniently left out the part about Peter not bringing his past into his relationship with Cynthia.I can’t stand Nene and Cynthia. Apollo was so out of line on so many levels. I now see where he gets his money to splurge thousand of dollars at the strip club. His attack on Brandon was like a jailhouse fight but I guess he know a lot about jail and will soon be returning.

    • Free Kroy

      I actually think Brandon held his own. A fabulous and a ex-con, gym freak, that should have been a one hitter quitter. “Stand up man, bam”!!!!! Apollo was swinging and only connected a few time. I team Brandon on this one.

    • EVE

      Totally agree. I think that Apollo attacked Brandon because he has the hots for Kenya and was upset that Brandon was there with Kenya. I was wondering where APOLLO was getting 5-8 thousand dollars to spend at a strip club… now we know.

      • Tara C.

        I was totally thinking same thing! Then I thought, maybe he’s doing something shady again?! But was like, no , Apollo doesn’t wanna go back to The Clink! I hadn’t even heard news against Apollo yet, until wwhl

  5. Cynthia was lame in her explanations and looked rather exhausted (but as always – beautiful) in this appearance. Agree so much that too much focus on this ZZZ LaLa.

    Her whole “none of the rest of us stood up” lame excuse ain’t flying with me.

    Brandon totally rocked the fight!!! Quel surprise!!!

    • Phaedra knew her husband didn’t have a job, so as noisy as she is she would have asked for his papers at the end of 2013 to file income taxes.

      He is broke and dumber than a chai on the ground.

  6. tobaccorhoda

    Cynthia also mentioned that Christopher got up to read his question which I think everyone did.

    When she says no one has ever laid hands on anyone else in this franchise, is she saying that Nene choking Kim doesn’t count?

  7. Tara C.

    I am truly saddened to hear the news about Apollo. My prayers are with him and Phaedra, and those gorgeous little boys. I really like Apollo! But this season ,he’s been treating Phaedra like Shiz! Maybe this is why? He knew feds were coming down on him? Am I the only one who found him ,and his backpack, sketchy this season? At any rate I’m praying for them.

    PS: Tamara , I also wondered why LaLa was first chair on wwhl?! Oh Hell No ! Was heard at my house, when I tuned in! Lol!

    • Jarlath

      Many found the backpack strange so you’re not alone

      • Tara C.

        Lol! Thank u for feeling same! Apollo seemed great on WWHL , last Sunday, but that was prob all for show. He knew the feds were coming for him. I do think Kenya’s nasty , disgusting,and un ladylike comments, regarding Phaedra n Apollo, are a true telling of what kind of person she is! Smh! Who would enjoy seeing a fellow comrade going thru hell, like Phaedra is?! Kenya go find ur African Prince and make some more fake story lines!

    • Rhubarb

      I think Lala was first chair because they knew they would ask her more questions. With all the Apollo stuff going on and Cynthia only being able to give limited info on that or the party to not give any spoilers, they leaned on Lala most of the episode.

  8. myinfo

    Strip clubs are no big deal, BUT if Peter is not having sex with his wife and Apollo is giving up $8,000 it makes it appear like an addiction. I bet more than viewing was going on.
    Todd and Kandi went together.
    I bet Phaedra knew Apollo was throwing money away.

    • Tara C.

      Phaedra loves the strip clubs herself, so I wasn’t surprised about Apollo going . But what did shock me was him bragging about spending between 5k and 8k!! That is insanity! At least we know now where he obtained that money ! Lol

  9. Katrina

    When did talking about uncomfortable situations become a reason to fight?

  10. Katrina

    I guess we will hear from Phaedra directly in two weeks. Phaedra has know about this for a while, even if we didn’t. Phaedra has also been doing a lot of public interviews, since September. We will see if she comes!

    • Tara C.

      Phaedra will show up and be that southern belle we all know and love ! Well I love her anyway :) But shes always someone who puts on a brave face, no matter what. I feel awful for her and would love to believe Apollo is innocent. But unfortunately his past speaks for itself: (

  11. Rhubarb

    I thought it was interesting that Cynthia said everyone thought Apollo was getting up to help Peter/break up the fight. Seems like no one expected any drama between Apollo and Brandon. I think there’s something we haven’t seen yet or Apollo went to the defense of his bosom boo Peter in the heat of passion.

    Phaedra was seriously scared for Apollo and all he could see was red.

    Cynthia also mentioned Chris standing to read his question, but when did he do that bc it seems like he only stood to adress Kenya’s accusations. If He stood to read and was still standing when asked about being married that’s one thing. If he stood just to address Kenya that’s a bit aggressive and inviting confrontation. He said himself Kenny was smart and knows how to play the victim (something to that affect). Maybe he was willing to have an altercation with a female at the hopes of resurrecting his career and a blowout.

    Lastly, I would never jump into a fight between men, especially if other men (or production crew) are present to do it for me. I learned early on in my teaching career not to do that past about 6th grade. I like my front teeth.

  12. ZenJen53

    I hope Peter hasn’t joined Apollo in “business deals”. Cynthia looked very tired and nervous. Mama Joyce going to Phaedra’s office always struck me as weird but mayb Mama heard Apollo was back to his old ways and was scared Kandi n Todd wld get mixed up in it. I don’t think Kandi wld but Peter maybe, he doesn’t discuss HIS business with Cynthia. Peter n Apollo is cut from the same cloth to quote Miss Marlo. Yes this is my opinion only. Whew TT, Glad to see new n old commenters on ur blog.

  13. Denisej

    Ne-Ne..Ne-Ne…Ne-Ne…even though Ne-Ne is not responsible for other adults actions, but she was mos def the s#i* starter for the mess that went down. Now watch on the reunion Ne-Ne will find some way to justify what happen and put the blame on everyone but herself….Cynthia good girl gone bad..be a leader not a follower

  14. jelley

    ne ne was pacing back and forth like she was stalking her prey in the beginning of the game.

    i feel bad for phaedra. i thought she was smarter than to get mixed up with a criminal.

  15. peter calling porsha “wack as fuck” for not being cool with her man going to a strip club was completely out of line. just because some women are cool with it doesn’t make the women that aren’t worthy of insult.

    one of the reasons apollo and peter get along so well is their absolute disrespect for women – including the women bankrolling their pathetic entitled asses.

  16. Peggy C

    NeNe was absolutely trying to cause trouble, but got more than she asked for. Apollo should not have lost his temper. He still looks good with his shirt off. Mmmm

  17. tobaccorhoda

    I think we will find that Peter’s new car that he didn’t tell Cynthia about, was somehow acquired through Apollo.

    • Fahlina_G

      Those two are definitely involved in some shady dealings together. No question. He said SOMETHING last night that made me sit up and notice, but I can’t remember. It had to do with the strip clubs. I need to rewatch the episode, to see exactly WHAT it was…

  18. N Dot

    So even if Chris stood up to read his question, as did everyone else according to Cynthia, could someone please tell me why Porsha told him to sit his *ss back down. Cynthia is lying babes.

  19. Randi

    I was excited to hear Phaedra would be on in a couple of weeks, but then again, will Andy ask the real questions to get the tea? I want to send Tamara with all our questions.

  20. Cynthia will do whatever Nene tell her to do. Phadera also made the comment that if Kenya had stayed in her seat, the fight wouldn’t have started. So it obivious they have got together to blame Kenya. Film footage don’t lie, it is Nene’s fault. She started it all with her questions. And CW did grab Kenya’s arm when she walked by him. She had a right to ask him not to touch her and I agree Brandon did hold his own especially since Peter was holding him will Apollo punched him.

  21. Katrina

    It is always amazing to me that people can watch a fight and everyone can walk away and have different versions of what happened at the fight, why it happened, who started it, and when it started.

  22. Dedi

    I don’t think he actually “put hands on Krayance” as much as just kept or prevented her from going after his woman because she’d jumped up all aggressive and crazy. Personally, I don’t feel it was out of line. It was more of a restraining measure, than one meaning harm or violence. Like a cop or security guard would do in that situation. I didn’t feel NeNe instigated it, at some point, their messiness needs to be aired out in a “civil” manner. Jumping up being confrontational,approaching someone in what could be conceived as an aggressive or hostile manner wasn’t the proper way to handle this. I believe Kenya was at fault.

    • Hi! It’s me, Tamara. We don’t use juvenile nicknames here, like Krayance. I get it. THIS ONE is used a lot even on Bravo, but it’s just easier for me to ban them all. Otherwise we spend way too much time wondering what people are trying to say.

      I’m not even going to address the fact that you think it is okay for a man to “restrain” a woman who is having a perfectly calm conversation with his “wife” that he does not claim. You are entitled to your opinion. My opinion is there were some people in that room that were sky high and Kenya, who if you were not “new” (lol) you would know I am not fond of, was not one of them. This is your warning. We don’t take anyone here. I am one person and I can’t babysit people in comments.

      • Dedi

        Forgive me, I didn’t mean to offend and wasn’t aware of the rules. I suppose as one poster put it funny how many people saw the same thing different ways. Kenya did not look to be “calm” to me. She very rarely does in situations like those. Whether the woman is his wife or not, he did right trying to protect her from what he may have perceived as a threat from Kenya without actually being overtly “physical” with Kenya. Again, I, and many in law enforcement, do not feel, restraining someone in this manner is physical violence. Certainly not placing your hand on the crook of their arm. I’m fairly certain many an officer male and female alike have used this same method when trying to restrain someone in a confrontational situation to keep from escalation of violence between two parties.

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