Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: How the Hell Am I on Kenya Moore’s Side in All This?

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I’m so excited to see Dwight back on my TV on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta! Phaedra is planning a “blessing” or an “inauguration”  for Mr. President. She sold the story to the tabloids as a “traditional African naming ceremony.”  Whatever she calls it, it can’t possibly be as offensive as Ayden’s televised fiasco.  At least she is not doing whatever this is in a church. She has rented a house for the party. Why not just have it in her house? I guess because of the renovations. Phaedra is in full put on mode. It’s a presidential theme, natch. You know, just like all the other traditional African naming ceremonies you’ve been to.  Red, White and Blue champagne?

Cynthia is telling Peter about the dinner with all of the girls the other night. Cynthia is a bit irritated with Kandi for saying that Peter has a past. I really didn’t think it was a big deal or that Kandi meant anything by it. She just said we all have a past and that doesn’t necessarily dictate the future. Well, unless we are talking about Apollo. Allegedly.  Cynthia is telling Peter this because they are planning to go to a couples pajama party at Nene’s and she wants him to be up to speed. But really, this is just going to make Peter go after Kandi at the party.

Kenya is still pretending to be trying to have a baby. I’m not sure these scenes even need to be recapped. Basically the doctor tells her that her eggs are still too damn old. Um, duh.

Kandi and Todd and Don Juan are talking about casting for the play. Don Juan is throwing shade about Porsha singing in the play.  Kandi has confidence in Porsha.  Did any of y’all go see the play? Todd brings up Christopher Williams and Kandi gives him the side eye. Don Juan knows what is coming and excuses himself. Then Kandi tells Todd about Christopher’s wife, Natalie,  calling him an opportunist. Todd is not feeling a pajama party.

More Kenya silliness.  Kenya and Miss Lawrence try to pick up a sperm donor at the sperm bank.


Time for the blessing-inauguration-traditional baby naming event. Oh Lord, some dude just announce the arrival of the first family. Phaedra arrives with Dylan in what appears to be a giant dog bowl. There is much pomp and circumstance and sheer stupidity as some dude announces their arrival. It’s your typical Phaedra foolishness. The collection of weirdness includes a Jazz band, and some group of Africans in African garb hired as extras or perhaps as part of the naming ritual. Phaedra is in  a Minnie Mouse costume. Ayden is dressed as Kim Jong-Un. You know, just your average get together with family and friends.

Phaedra and Apollo are arguing because he won’t stay with her. Apparently she is going to dance for the crowd. Oh yeah. That is happening.  What is a blessing-African Naming Ceremony-inauguration without a flash mob. Apollo wants no part of that nonsense. I mean he had to draw the line somewhere. Apollo’s Mama is there watching Ayden while Phaedra makes a costume change. Phaedra and Apollo continue to fight.

It’s time for the blessing. Phaedra’s preacher mama does the honors. She basically just wraps him in a purple cloth and tells him he is adorable. Phaedra thanks everyone for supporting her family and asks Apollo if he would like to say anything. He says no. And that is it. Wait was Kandi the only housewife there? I think she was.

Nene is preparing for her Pillow Talk party. It’s not at her house, it’s at the Hotel Intercontinental in Buckhead. Oh wow, Chuck and Mynique are there. And Nene has a half nekkid hootchie to serve the men, and some naked kid in a bikini brief to serve the ladies. That Nene, she sure knows how to put the K in klassy.  That temporarily distracted me from what Nene is wearing. It’s some sort of mullet nightgown, it’s a patchwork quilt of tacky.

Nene’s is doing a group therapy of sorts with the couples.  She has written down some “pacific” questions for everyone to answer. God that nekkid dude has bad skin. I can’t be looking at all that now. Lord.

Kenya is late and Nene is pissed and starts without her. One of the first questions is “Are you comfortable being around someone who you know has slept with your mate.” Oh here we go. Everyone just sort of stares into space in an awkward silence.  Kenya arrives with Brandon as her date. She says she is late because she had to pick up Brandon from the airport. Nene does not care.

RHOA brawlKandi calls Peter out when he says he doesn’t get lap dances from the strippers. Nene says that strippers give head and have sex in the strip clubs. Well, now that we have heard from the authority on the subject we can move on. But no Apollo needs to point out he spends five thousand dollars or eight thousand dollars a pop at the strip club. When the women object he screams that it is his money and he can do what he wants to with it. That ain’t your money, Apollo, that is some women’s Delta retirement check you are spending. Have a seat.  Kenya asks in her talking head where Apollo gets 8K to drop in a strip club on booty. Good questions Kenya. And now we know.

Damn Kenya gives good talking head. She makes it so hard to dislike her sometimes, but I do. She asks if Natalie has to tuck before she dances. I can’t. Kenya tits are exploding out of her bustier.

Nene stands up and decides to call Kenya out in front of Christopher about telling Natalie that he calls her his common law wife. Poor form, Nene. Christopher stands up and gets in front of the group to public address Kenya. Kenya tries to talk and Natalie interrupts her and tells her not to backpedal. Kenya gets up and walks toward Natalie, saying “this is front pedaling.” Christopher grabs Kenya and Brandon jumps up and screams do not put your hands on her. Peter gets in between then just as Christopher pushes Brandon. Apollo goes BUCK ASS WILD on Brandon and tries to kill him! Peter is in the mix, and he appears to be holding Brandon down while Apollo wails on him. Production and security step in and start hauling folks out. Meanwhile, in a hilarious moment ,Chuck hides behind Mynique by the fireplace. I so need a screenshot of that.

Nene TOTALLY started the whole thing. Nene is trying to blame Kenya. Phaedra is trying to get Apollo out of there and he runs back after someone and round two starts.  To be continued…


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275 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: How the Hell Am I on Kenya Moore’s Side in All This?

  1. Kat

    I don’t recall NeNe telling everyone they can’t get out if their seat unless she says they can

    • Katherine

      The fact that NeNe said a word about getting up out of your seat and in someone’s face or “charging” is laughable. Lets rewind seasons 1, 2, and 3.

      • Lola

        Right NeNe was fowl and she know she was being messy that whole pajama party was a freaking joke. She lost a lot of points.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        I know right. Does she think that we’ve forgotten? Over the past 3 seasons Lenethia Leakes was right up in Kim’s face (multiple times) Dwight’s, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? Kandi’s, Sheree’s and whoever else? She could give a masterclass.

      • Katrina

        There have never shown a brawl on RHOA until now. Kenya gets in other peoples faces too. Yelling at someone is not violence.

      • Little bigs

        Can you or someone please tell me what a mullet dress is? Lol

      • Urethra Franklin

        Short in the front, long in the back.

      • Lodak

        Mullet dress: Business in the back, party in the front.

      • Hiya Tamara! I am a huge tattle fan. * waves to the other fans*
        So, I am watching this again, and I have to say when Nene comes out with her change of mullet thing, she just had to have done some rails during change.( lines of coke ) You can see it clearly in the talk walk, her chest is heaving fast and she’s sweating. I’m not saying she’s a druggie. I know many who like their party favors during a party. *raises hand*.
        Any whoo thanks a heap for all the tea. Your hard research does not go unnoticed, lovely.

      • TJ

        Nene lost a lot of respect last night from her fans.

    • Crazy Sweet

      “lets be clear…at the end of the day…” Cynthia your man is hanging at his “office” and complaining he is totally unsatisfied with your sex life but he’s not even getting lap dances…um…ok.
      I found it interesting that BRAVO decided to post the price tags of Phaedras party. I find it despicable that Appalling…I mean Apollo announced his penchant for spending everyday at the strip club and dropping 5-8G’s at will, thats about 40K per month on the low end and serious baller status since it amounts to almost a half a million dollars per year…just on strippers.
      Clearly he was feeling the heat coming down on him and his rage was uncontainable. Typically criminals can start to sense when they’re being investigated. These things rarely ever just happen. People arpund them start getting popped and like dominoes they all fall.
      Nene seemed to want shit to go down and I agree with those who think she was gacked out.she acted like someone on the product. Not a good look! what a disaster this was. I’d be so ashamed of myself for even being in the room…and that playa chuck…HA! hahahahaha!
      Kim-Jong-Un hahaha!!! good1

    • Buck Henry

      Nene knew what she was doing, she just didn’t know it would get that ugly. She’s trying everything she can to get Kenya off the show, Kenya and Sheree where the only 2 women that could go toe to toe with her and make her walk away.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Good point, Yes, everyone else seems afraid to confront Nene except Sheree and Kenya. Kim Z wasn’t intimidated by her either. Nene’s main advantage is her physical size. Her big mouth and ability to throw shade mean that people don’t “go there” with her.

  2. Katherine

    I only caught the end, but Apollo has some serious rage issues. He wasn’t even involved in that whole situation. I can’t with these tricks. They all try to call each other out but end up ganging up on the wrong person EVERY TIME. I hope whoever Kandi threatens to drag next week is someone who is actually acting out of line like Apollo or Peter.

    • TJ

      I believe it is Peter, He was trying to start something with Kandi’s husband to be. Nene was the that caused the whole thing to happen. She wanted something to happen to Kenya. Nene owes Kenya a big apology. This time I’m on Kenya’s side.

  3. Starrkitty

    I am not going to say i am a Kenya fan..But I am a fan of common sense, and Kenya had it in strides….It was not Kenya fault..Nene was completely to blame..but she is the highest paid Housewives, and she did get it started like she was paid to do…..And Phaedra looks Too Through with Apollo in the previews for next week….and now we know why..lips pressed!!!

    • Katherine

      Kenya has seemed to have the most common sense this season so far. More so than anyone else.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I agree with you. The violence wasn’t Kenya’s fault. Nene set the atmosphere and antagonistic tone. What on earth were those questions? Clearly designed to rile her guests. She was a terrible host (and I like Nene) Who prances around glaring at their guests and saying they are really irritated/pissed off? (or whatever unwelcoming thing she said)

      It was horrible the way she reprimanded Kenya. Kenya is as late as Nene USED TO BE in previous seasons. She probably wanted to make an entrance. Nene talked down to Kenya and told her off. That was awkward.

      There seems to be a lot of tension between Phaedra and Apollo in this episode. At the “Inauguration”, she was treating him like her naughty oldest son, not her husband: Stay next to me. No, you can’t get a drink. Come and dance with me.
      Emasculate your husband much?
      At the soiree, he went from zero to 100 in 10 seconds. Wonder if his anger is misplaced.
      I hate to see any kind of brawl and I did not enjoy watching the fight.

  4. KatrinaRenae

    I think Kenya should have remained seated. But she wanted to be confrontational and get up. I ran the tape back and Christopher Williams did not grab her arm that hard. He was trying to pull her back and prevent her from going towards his wife. Apollo seemed to try to break up the fight but it went all the way to the left.

    • Harlem

      Christopher looked crazy and his behavior was inappropriate. His common law wife rudely encouraged his bad behavior because Kenya told everyone the real status of their relationship. Honestly who cares he is such a non-factor these days.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        His common law rife was still reeling from Kenya’s epic humiliation and Kandi’s triumphant touchdown. Do you remember her sad little face. She had been plotting revenge since that minute.

      • myinfo

        I agree Christopher looked real drunk.

    • JusSayin

      What everyone seems to be forgetting is: Chris got up out his seat first! He was walking toward Kenya, he was being confrontational, but Kenya has no right to get up do the same? Please. Natalie or whatever her name wants to tell across the room while her husband trying to intimidate her damn right she better get up.

      • Mari Anne souza

        Well, my guess is that Kenya got up because Natalie was too far away from her or because Kenya felt at a disadvantage lounging (almost) on the floor. I can’t imagine Kenya had any plan to get physical with Natalie, though. Buuuut I think Chris touched Kenya’s arm, because HE couldn’t be sure that Kenya wouldn’t get physical. Just my guess. What a mess!

    • Richard

      I can’t believe you would think Kenya should have stayed seated. CW should have stayed seated. At least, that is what Porsha told him was the rules. He was trying to be intimidating. Kenya remained seated until CW’s wife egged her on. I don’t blame Kenya at all. CW stood up. NeNe stoood up and instigated it all. Apollo has issues.

    • Vanessa

      KatrinaRenae, you are very observant. I saw it exactly as you did. But, NeNe was the number one culprit followed by Kenya. NeNe is back to her old ways now that she is no longer in Hollywood. A leopard doesn’t change its’ spots. How embarrassing.

    • Nicole

      “He did not grab her arm that hard?” he gabbed her arm, his intent was to control. I am glad Brandon did not wait to see if Chris’ plan was to beat her.
      Those other men live off of their spouses, so they probably don’t know that men are supposed to protect women. Brandon is not living off a woman.

  5. SlopBalls15 (@14GBB)

    I have to rewatch this. I’m still confused on why Apollo jumped into what I thought was a Christopher vs Brendon “fight”.

    • Starrkitty

      I was confused as well…I mean,..Was Apollo jealous becasue Brandon was with Kenya?..That was definitely some misdirected aggression…

    • Vivaladiva

      I think it’s probably something behind the scenes. Like maybe he talks shit so Apollo and Peter were looking for a reason already to fight.

    • Gingersnap

      I think it was because Brandon was getting the best of old man river, I mean old man Peter, and Apollo was providing back-up….zealously :)

    • Didn’t Apollo, Peter, and Brendon get into it at Kenya’s Hollywood costume party last season?

      • Mari Anne Souza

        I forgot about that! Well, that time, it was definitely between Brendon / Kenya and Kordell / Porsha. You’ll remember that Porsha didn’t want to come dressed as the character that Kenya had picked out for her, and she made them leave the party (or were they even let in?). I think Peter was defending Kordell and Porsha.

    • From a Male Perspective… I wanted to Beat Brandon’s ass up, from when he was being all fly from the Masquerade Party or whatever when he was dressed as James Earl Jones…He should have got jumped then… Something about him irks the hell of out me..

      • Mari Anne Souza

        I think it’s his tiny mouth and tiny nose.

      • Ms Deb

        He’s Gay thats what Bothers You!
        You seen himShaking his Tail when he was helping Kenya decide her Outfits for Savannah.
        They had to Twerk it Out, Twerk it All Out

  6. myinfo

    Before I finish reading your recap, carrying her kid in a “DOG BOWL” was beyond LOL.

  7. jellybelly

    OK, I know now I live in the sticks of Michigan, but who in the hell invites everyone over in their lingerie!! Or has a baby naming party!! We call that a baby shower here! And SMH at the rest of it!!!!

    • Miss B

      My husband is Ghanaian and Africans in the States and elsewhere routinely have baby naming ceremonies which are brief ceremonies and then parties (lots of food and socializing). Since she is not full blooded African nor her husband and it IS PHAEDRA we’re talking about, it is all pretense and for show. On another note, it was good to see Dwight even though he shaded Kandi’s ring. His car is old as hell and he looks like he’s struggling.

      • Gingersnap

        Yeah, I noticed the shade for Kandi’s ring. He was dismissive of it in a phony amused sort of way. Not nice.

      • jellybelly

        I love traditions! These damn so-called housewives are such a mockery!! Full of shit!!!! Try to live my life on a BUDGET!!!! I can pull off a nice party without going near the thousands!!!!

      • a little birdie

        I noticed the ring shade as well

      • I want to give Dwight the benefit of the doubt because I love him. Kandi’s engagement ring is lovely. But not traditional. Dwight simply asked if it was an engagement ring!

      • Mari Anne Souza

        OMG, I thought I picked up on Dwight’s diss to Kandi’s ring; what an axxhole he is to do that. Typical bitch!

    • If these Housewives actually had money they would throw a party/shower for a leopard kitten. That’s the kind of shit real rich people do.

  8. barbinga

    That was crazy! Why was Apollo so angry at Kenya’s friend? NeNe seemed like she was on drugs and looking for a fight, not even kidding. She had attitude from the start. How fun to go to one of her parties. The noise level alone would keep me from hanging with this crowd.

    My email address changed. Will I always await moderation?

  9. myinfo

    I am trying to read your recap to the end but your comment ” Kim Jong-Un” outfit that Ayden wore was so funny and clever. OK back to reading recap.
    How do you recap so fast?

  10. I was very disappointed in NeNe in this episode. I was really liking her up to this point. She was being very messy.

    The way she was pacing back and forth, had my nerves bad. She didn’t appear drunk. Hopefully, she isn’t indulging in other Hollywood favors. The questions were extremely inappropriate.

    Christopher Williams was wrong.

    Apollo was shocking. WTF??

    • trina

      I completely agree with you. Nene walking back and forth showing her underwear was very inappropriate around other people husbands. I’m through with her, she needs to take responsibility for herself

      • Mari Anne Souza

        Yeah, and didn’t I hear her tell Apollo, ‘don’t you be lookin’ at my legs’? WTF, your legs are on display!

      • Ms Deb

        He’s Gay that’s what Bothers You!
        You seen him Shaking his Tail when he was helping Kenya decide her Outfits for Savannah.
        They had to Twerk it Out, Twerk it All Out :-)

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Yes indeed, what on earth was wrong with Nene. She was a terrible host. She set her guests up for almighty conflict and shaded them all, shamelessly.
      If Christopher Williams thinks he can touch Kenya’s arm, he’s a loon.

      Apollo seemed to enjoy the violence (FOR NO APPARENT REASON) a little too much. Restraining Brandon is one thing, but strangling him? Even Phaedra looked afraid of Apollo. If my husband behaved like that I would be mortified.

    • PTR

      Nene seemed deranged or drunk or high or all three. Apollo seemed to have just snapped.

      • cjbomb

        My friend who is in recovery and does not normally watch this show- watched Nene and said, “That woman is coked to the gills.”

  11. There are very few times I am on Kenya’s side but this is one of those times. Nene was pacing up and down all night like a caged animal. Nene thru that shade to get something started and she did. Apollo lost his f’ing mind, I agree Kenya’s talking heads are hilarious and so on point.

  12. FGF

    That definitely wasn’t the time nor place to bring that up but to be honest Kenya shouldn’t have said that to Natalie in the first place. To humiliate this woman in front of a group of women she doesn’t know and tv cameras after she shared such a heart felt story of how she got married, was dead wrong!! I can’t stand Kenya but she should have expected some fall out from that. She’s such a hypocrite. I recall her losing it on the women for being late for the Savannah trip and also recall her storming off in LA when the ladies started discussing Walter. No one could speak about her fake relationship but she can out Natalie. And poor Apollo just gave the Feds more ammunition!! $8k at the booty club?!!! WOW!!!!

    • Twilly

      I agree. I despise Kenya to a point where I see malice and evil in everything she does. But her actions have made me feel this way about her. She’s just so nasty and messy. Nothing good about this woman.

      • LH52094

        Amen, Amen! Kenya is full of venom and brings this type of behavior on herself. This episode didn’t start with Nene’s party, it started long ago with Kenya outing everyone whenever she feels like spewing her evil. She’s so unhappy, she has to make everyone else around her miserable too.

        She outed Porsche to Nene about her move, Natalie’s marital status, heck she was the first one to tweet about Apollo. She’s just as nasty as nasty can be. It all has to stem from jealousy.

        But I’ll tell you what. The reunion is going to be off the chain now with all this Apollo business. Oooowe!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Yep, talk about hang yourself on TV! Apollo is not smart. He’s collating evidence for the OPPOSITION. I’m sure this is how The Guidice’s got caught too. SMH.

  13. Kate

    I need more information on Brandon? Did you report that he pressed charges against Apollo awhile back? I know he is Kenya’s assistant but he has some kind of history with Apollo for sure

    • honey, I can’t remember yesterday at this point you can search him on my site using the search box at the right side. I dunno but next week he is all talking about felony charges and shit.

  14. JenB

    When Apollo was beating on Brandon, Phaedra and Kenya were the only ones trying to pull him off of Brandon. Apollo turned at one point and shoved Phaedra. I played it in slow motion to be sure he did it on purpose. It was interesting that Cynthia never came over to pull Peter off of Brandon.

    • Twilly

      women getting involved in fighting men is just stupid. no man should ever shove a woman, but a woman has no place in men fighting. they never help, they always end up getting shoved or worse and it’s just foolish for a woman to think they can intervene and create peace out of thin air.

      • Lola

        Any woman with sense would try to intervene but the real deal is all those other men were there and didnt try to help. Secondly Chris had no business getting into Kenya’s face if his “wife” had a problem she should have stepped to her. Apollo was dead wrong and so was old man peter.

  15. ab

    Christopher Williams needed to take a seat looking old and finished its all his fault Everbody else remained in their seat and replied If being married is that important get married Apollo is so retarded he needed to stay home

  16. I heard Phaedra telling Apollo to stop because he has two babies at home and can’t be doing this. I had assumed she probably had some idea of his alleged exploits but perhaps not. She said it in the heat of the moment in a fight that didn’t appear to be staged.

  17. Traci

    I’m on Kenya’s side with this one NeNe instigated the whole thing by calling Kenya out.

    • barbinga

      She was worked up over Kenya before she was even late. I can’t stand Kenyas lying, crazy ass…but she walked into a hornets nest. They all did.

  18. Vivaladiva

    If I have to hear Cynthia say “let’s be clear” ONE more time, I might explode.

    How ODD that this story came out and then this episode happened. “Let’s be clear” I definitely don’t think it is a publicity stunt. But certain things took on a whole new meaning-Apollo drops 5-8,000.00 at the strip club? Then he goes on to say about Phaedra “it ain’t her money! That’s my money!” Hey, he may have just cleared Phaedra of any knowledge of or involvement in.

    And last, I’m sorry-I don’t care who you are or how much you trust each other, it is not normal for married men to go to the strip club even if they do want to try and be cute by calling it an office. Not acceptable, not okay. Never ever never.

    • barbinga

      Personally I think if it’s a bachelor party or some gathering, MAYBE. But regularly is for the freakin birds.

    • a little birdie

      Apollo seemed really agitated the whole show because even at the naming circus, he was snappy and agitated. That fight with Brandon seemed like something was built up but if you remember from last season at Kenya’s costume party, there was an altercation with Brandon. This whole episode was an eye opener on Phaedra’s fine husband

      • dsincire

        You hit the nail right on the head with this. Residual contempt left over from the Hollywood costume party.

    • To be honest, strip clubs here are not a big thing. There is no taboo. And it is not always a huge making it rain sort of thing. People just kind of go because it is there. Kandi was there with Peter once. It really is not as salacious as it sounds to middle America. I’ve been and I loved it. I was the only one googly eyed at the strippers, for everyone else it was just another club with some strippers and three or four men being lonely and giving them money.

      • vivaladiva831

        No way! If my husband went all the time and called it an office, we would have a problem. It’s one thing to go once, but that is so disrespectful to your wife. Especially when you consider marriage vows and their meaning. I will have to agree to disagree on is it ok for your man to go.

      • lori

        Same thing here Tamara… strip clubs no big deal. My men never had to hide it from me, and I’ve been many times. However, if my man told me he was spending $5000 – 8000 (especially without me there), we’d have a huge problem!

      • vivaladiva831

        LOL Lori my man doesn’t have to hide it from me either-bc he doesn’t go! Thankfully he is one of those types who conducts his business in an actual office and is satisfied looking at my naked body and mine only.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I connected the two stories too. Apollo has $5 – $8K to spend at the strip club. AT THE STRIP CLUB? What a plonker. He has always appeared to me as a ‘good looking’ not my taste, but I know others comment on how “fine” he is, UNBRIGHT man. Is that just my word!? I’m not sure if he is AS stupid as Porsha or just a bit ahead. Last night, he took the prize.

      Southern belle, model of etiquette and decorum, Ms Phaedra Parks must have felt very embarrassed. #understatement. It causes me to wonder, does Apollo kick off like that at home?


      • myinfo

        I agree that strip clubs are no big deal. I do believe it is a big deal if my husband spent $8,000 at a strip club and went to them as often as Peter and Apollo do.

        I will assume that if Apollo is throwing that kind of money around that the rumor mill in Atlanta has to be talking about it and those rumors should have reached Phaedra.

        I laughed at Cynthia’s face when Kandi said Peter was getting lap dances. I don’t think Cynthia is cool with Peter going to the clubs.

      • Ms Deb

        I bet he does NOW!
        & as for Embarrassment,
        Poor Phaedra! The Belle of the Ball, The Georgia Peach, Ms Prim & Proper,
        A Most Respected, Highly Decorated, Atlanta’s Elite!
        I bet She Kicked his Sweet Lil Azz when the Bottom Fell Out, & What We Saw was Mr. Fine Taking Out All His Frustrations on that Guy!

    • jelley

      I agree. If my partner goes to a strip club… ok? He doesn’t have my blessing, but I mean, what can you do? I would be pissed if he humiliated me by talking about it nonchalantly in public, IN FRONT ME OF ME. That’s just disrespectful.

      • jelley

        Oh and to clarify, I’ve been to strip clubs a few times. They just make me REALLY sad. I know the girls make good money, way more than I make, but I still feel sad for them that they have to objectify themselves to make money. Call me old fashioned.

  19. Cami

    I had my hands in front of my face the whole time watching this episode. I was waiting for this fight the whole season but I was not ready for it. Then it’s two episodes long….. I can’t take it. I feel like I’m on a episode of punk because all of this was too much. Those questions were a setup, Chuck and Chris being there was a setup and Nene’s gown made me want to throw up.

  20. Vivaladiva

    Oh yeah and I miss Dwight so much too. I live for Dwight!!!

    Lol when he said “is that an engagement ring? Oooh…”. Only Dwight can get away with that, I literally laugh my ass off at him. Dwight if you need a new best friend, call me!

  21. myinfo

    1. Dwight aged 10 years.
    2. Phaedra’s over the top tacky events are a dumb waste of Apollo’s fraud cash.
    3. Cynthia started the rumor about Todd then is pissed with Kandi when she talks about Peter. GIRL Please.
    4. If Apollo is spending 8,ooo on strippers their marriage has been in trouble for a long time. FOOTAGE to be forwarded to FEDs.
    5. NOTE; Peter hangs with Apollo at strip clubs and also has a new car. Hum…something is fishy here. Cynthia needs to dump Peter Quick.
    6. Why was Apollo fighting Brandon? I bet something that happened off camera.
    7. Nene appeared high or drunk. She walked across the room like a crack addict.

    • vivaladiva831

      See I didn’t think nene was on anything. I’m sure she had been drinking but other than that I thought she was just trying to be a bitch.

    • Mrs Smith

      1. yes now that you say it, he has aged. Was that an older Mercedes he pulled up in?
      2. yes plus she needs to recognize the gig is up…ain’t nobody buying her charade.
      3. YES!
      4. AMEN!
      5. it does seem like something is up w papa smurf. ..let’s also not forget him making Cynthia move her business to his building.
      6. bingo!! something had to have set him off…will we ever find out what happened that wasn’t shown?
      7. I can’t deal with nene this season and she made it worse tonight.

    • I love Dwight, and I believe he is ill. Can we leave it at that?

    • dlyne32

      you hit the nail on the head!

      • JrLeaguer

        Exactly. Nothing wrong with a man going to a strip club, but if husband is going several times a week and/or dropping several thousands of dollars when he goes…then you have some serious issues on the home front.

    • Interesting comment about NeNe being high- she has been keeping her weight down since she thinks she is a big movie star – maybe she is using to maintain weight because she was wound tight as a crack whore!

      • It makes sense that Peter is doing dirty deals too as nothing he does legit ever makes a profit and he was angling to get his own apartment a few episodes ago- he probably wants to deal drugs but not involve Cynthia!

    • I wondered if she was drunk also. She was so intense and making me nervous with all her pacing and ranting.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      1. Not a Dwight fan. Funnily enough, they are showing season 2 of RHOA here in the UK, featuring Lisa Wu, Sheree and DeShawn Snow. Dwight appeared in a scene with Nene. They were getting pedicures and he looked completely different. Different hair, different nose and different skin tone. He was trashing Sheree’s fashion show “with no fashions”
      Funny that he and Nene are no longer friends but he is BFFs with Phaedra several season’s later.
      2. Phaedra always likes to show off. To her, the events are elegant and stylish. First lady? Self appointed much?
      3. Cynthia’s BIG MOUTH caused the whole confrontation between Christopher William’s wife and Kenya, then Kandi, then Christopher and Kenya. Cynthia needs to realise that. Lesson: You don’t always have to repeat what you hear (unless a producer threatens to withdraw your cheque)
      4. Apollo’s mess is deeper than we thought. Contrary to popular belief, he HAS been working and maybe he really DOES have a home office for those nefarious activities.
      5. Why do these husbands go to strip clubs? What a nasty environment to be in. I understand that it can be lucrative for the strippers who earn their living, but married men/husbands like Apollo and Peter have NO BUSINESS IN A STRIP CLUB. Ijs.
      6. Apollo had no OBVIOUS reason to fight Brandon unless there is more to the story than we know. I don’t like to see violence on RHOA, but I’m glad that Brandon fought back.
      7. It was horrible to watch Nene sashaying back and forth with that yellow mop on her head. No doubt, in her own mind, this is how a host behaves: dominating the space, commanding attention and controlling her guests. Notice that they did not interact with each other unless she “allowed” them too. The atmosphere must have been very tense in that room.

      Look at the couples: Mynique and Chuck. (tension between Kandi and Phaedra. Christopher and his “wife” (tension with Kandi, Todd and Kenya.
      Cynthia and Peter, (conflict with Kandi and Todd)

      For the first time ever, Nene was the one who was not carrying a grudge against anyone, except maybe Kenya.

    • MaryClary

      If she were a crack addict-she’d be thinner

  22. chaben

    just hit me Tamara…. maybe that is why apollo kept walking with his backpack. Because he was in betwern houses or because he wasn’t living there at all.

  23. Really!!!

    TT you had me lauging so hard tears came out of my eyes when you were describing the inauguration or whatever that was Phaedra had for Dylan……. “Phaedra arrives with Dylan in what appears to be a giant dog bowl”……..oh Lord. I could not stop laughing. Excellent recap.

    • eastjames

      Thats a bumbo seat by the way T! It goes on the long ridiculous list of stupid shit mom’s don’t need to successfully raise children. Hey ladies…women used to strap kids to their backs and plow fields all day in the elements!

      • The dog bowl? On WWHL I saw it had leg holes. so it’s a giant dog bowl with leg holes? I don’t get why mothers need this. Explain?

      • I am TRYNA go to bed. but y’all’s responses are fascinating. Thanks for commenting I had so much more to say but I am TIRED. xoxo.

      • LOL at your brilliant recap and a lot of the comments! A bumbo seat is to make your baby sit up before they can do it on their own.

      • vivaladiva831

        Re: the bumbo-it holds he baby’s body in a position where they are sitting up. For little ones, like 3-6 months old. We had one but my kids didn’t like it. A lot of moms use it as a high chair.

  24. Court

    I busted up when they showed Chuck cowering behind his girl in the corner- yes, please screen cap it. The look on his face was so funny, I watched that part three times- he was the only dude that didn’t try to help break up the madness. And thanks for all your updates on Apollo- I can’t get enough of all the dramz.

    • Gingersnap

      Which just proves he has a “bite sized brownie” and a “cocktail wienie”…big ole man hiding behind a woman. Pitiful.

  25. Mrs Smith

    Wow wow wow! Can Phaedra and Apollo act like they hate each other any worse than what was shown on this episode? WTF? So it is all I can do to stomach Nene this season and this episode has made it even worse. Her shortlived Hollywood career has made her unbearable.

  26. Kat

    I’m watching the rerun. Nene said the event was all about “helping” how is she helping by rehashing and bringing up past negative drama between two people with ongoing tension between them

  27. NOLIFE

    Apollo was mad ecause of. the excersize video bu he was. “all wrong” and Kenya wasn’t

  28. I don’t know what you all are smoking for thinking that this was NOT Kenya’s fault. She pretty much charged Natalie, and no one’s spouse is going to sit back and watch that. If Mike Tyson was coming for my husband, I would still make a pathetic attempt at taking him out. Yes, Nene was the poopstarter, but that’s normally Kenya’s position and Bravo always has one on hand.

    • Gingersnap

      Even if Kenya did charge Natalie (and that’s debatable) that didn’t give Christopher the right to grab her arm either. Where I live that’s already considered simple assault. I felt it was aggressive of him and certainly added to the escalation of the events. Actually, why didn’t HE stay in his fugging seat? Everybody’s hating on Kenya for getting out of “her seat” and Christopher got out of his seat first, in case no one noticed. Who makes these fugged up rules anyway? OH! I remember now. NENE does…the HEAD BITCH.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I’m not smoking anything! It wasn’t Kenya’s fault. If the game calls for people to stand up when they speak, that’s exactly what she did. She didn’t charge Natalie, not from what I saw, Kenya was walking away from Christopher Williams. He touched her arm and she pulled away. This is what set Brandon off. #Sidenote, if Brandi were straight, he could marry Kenya or at least donate for her sperm search.
      I found it so romantic that he stepped in immediately to defend his boss. He should expect a bonus this month.

      • vatasha armour

        Ok i think Apollo was a lil pressured that’s why brandon got them hands. you know when u doing wrong u mad at everybody.Brandon just happen to be the receiver of that. Nene i used to like her but she issuper messy.. what kind of friend are you being.

  29. Kat

    Nene did not act that crazy when phae kandi and Porsche was late

  30. eastjames

    OK I will totally take custody of Phaedra’s kids. They are too cute! PS. I liked the Minnie Mouse costume. I think the whole slumber party thing was so stupid that I can’t care to comment too much on it but I was totally confused about who the fuck Brandon is? Why don’t I know that guy?

    • Dear GOD eastjames, you are normally my sane commenter. You like the Minnie Mouse costume? I expected GIANT WHITE HANDS were the white gloves were. Sober up, woman!

      And Brandon is Kenya’s new fake (openly gay) assistant by Bravo this season..

      • Urethra Franklin

        Brandon was also Kenya’s friend last season too. Don’t you remember he got into a fight outside with either Peter or Kordell after Kenya kicked out Porsha for not wearing her assigned hood rat costume from B.A.P.S. ?

      • I AM SCREAMING AT “GIANT WHITE HANDS”!!!!!! Stop it Tamara!

  31. tobaccorhoda

    One giant long LOL at this recap.

    Isaw an interview today where Christopher Williams said he was single. oops. Kenya had it right.

    Nene is a total hot mess, as usual.

  32. Gingersnap

    That fighting was intense…Apollo seemed to jump in for no reason, maybe to back up old fart Peter or something. Brandon was doing all right until Apollo and Peter ganged up on him. Apollo looked like a rabid dog. NeNe looked like an amazon Tinkerbell in her getup.

    I lay this at NeNe’s feet. She set up the whole vibe of the room, she was pissed and she lit the match that started the fire between Kenya and Christopher and Natalie. She didn’t have to go there, but she did because she was pissed at Kenya and she is HEAD BITCH. Get it?

    • Production breaking up a fight really takes RHOA to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta levels of ratchet.

    • MTQ

      You got it right Ginger. I believe that Apollo came to ole man Peter defense.
      Also, Nene had a purpose/point to this madness and as a self appointed mediator, was to attempting to clear the air. Total fail…
      Let us not forget that:
      Cynthia brought the wood,
      Messy betsy Kenya “poured the gasoline”, and
      Nene “lit the fire”.

  33. Wildcatamy

    Sheweeeeee it was messy! Now that my blood pressure has settled, all I can say is great job TT on all of your hard work this weekend. You been busy and the tea was oh so sweet! I can’t wait for part 2 and the reunion. Andy’s gonna need some extra suck-urity for real.

  34. Urethra Franklin

    I suspect Apollo whooping Brandon was a result of all the residual bullshit from sexting-gate with Kenya.

    Didn’t Brandon also fight with Kordell or somebody else at Kenya’s costume ball last season because Porsha got kicked out for not wearing the right costume? I remember the fight happened outside of the venue.

    Brandon seems like he’s very loyal to Kenya. Why doesn’t she take his sperm?????

  35. trina

    Omg! Someone other then me agrees Nene messing ass started the whole thing. She tried to blame Kenya, no take responsibility for that one honey it’s all on you…. Now please have several sits with that tacky ass lingerie flaunting around in front of people husbands

  36. Twilly

    I feel like Nene was obviously interviewing for a talk show in this episode.

  37. Little bigs

    Well! That was a weird episode. Nene was acting strangely and was turned up. She was all out of breath and she was fanning herself. I didn’t mind the dress she wore I think she rocked it well. With all those people there you knew something was gonna do down. Apollo was embarrassing phae at the baby party wasn’t he? Damn he was rude. I personally would not be ok with my man or Husband no less going to strip clubs. And frequently. Say whatever you want about me, but that shit is insulting if your man goes alot. Kenya DID start it, she always does because she AMPS up the drama that is her role and she feels the need to be that way each time. She got up and was getting in her face and nats man went to protect her in case she was going to do something. Brandon went ballistic but Apollo came out of nowhere! He acted like that was his fight. I have to rewatch that scene too. Maybe he was trying to break up the fight and Brandon pushed him or something and set off Apollo.

    • Barbara R.

      It looks like NeNe has hit menopause.

      • It would explain a lot. The fanning herself, the hysteria in her voice and her intensity. Been there done that and it ain’t pretty. She was terrible.

    • vivaladiva831

      Thank you! I knew I wasn’t alone on the strip club thing.

      • Little bigs

        You are not alone. Not every woman is ok with that, and maybe most that say they are, are lying- because their men go anyway and they can’t control them. Then you have the women who truly aren’t bothered by it. I respect all opinions but I feel strongly about mine. The men they go there and develop a liking to a certain lady start giving them all their money cuz the girl gives them attention ( like she do the rest of the dudes ) and they get all dumb over it lol
        They think they r ‘special’
        If any lady thinks their man won’t fall for one of the strippers, guess again.

    • CM

      I think Brandon kicked him or something when he was trying to hold him down.

      • CM

        …and I am sickened at 5-80000 dollars at a strip club!! There are children in this country without food to eat! How about putting that money towards your children…college fund helloooo?!

  38. AmberKnows

    I think NeNe was high/drunk and acting EXTRA after donning her mullet nightie and started pacing non-stop. I think NeNe was aggravated that the professional shit starter, Kenya, was late because the questions asked were meant to start arguments especially w/ commentary by Kenya. The question about a man’s ex’s was meant to highlight the Chuck/Kandi/Phaedra/Mynique situation and NeNe looked pissed when Cynthia & Peter answered it and made a joke of it.

    While Christopher did stand to make a show of reading Kenya, it went left when Kenya marched over to Natalie and actually went past Christopher. He went to stop her, she became irate and Brandon, bless his heart, manned up and got beat down!! Apollo, I felt, was trying to help/defend Peter and when Brandon mistakenly hit him, went on to beat the brakes off of Brandon. Poor Brandon was being tossed like a ragdoll and had no choice but to swing and start kicking like a Rockette. He got done. Funny NeNe blames the violence on Kenya because she just wanted an argument and not a fist fight.

    BTW although he was animalistic… dayummmm if Apollo didn’t look GOOD!! He’ll be able to handle his in prison. Chuck’s scarey ass hiding behind Mynique was hysterical, Big Homie was Scared Homie that night.

  39. Urethra Franklin

    LOL at Kenya. In her talking head when she referenced MadTV’s Ms. Swan “She luk-lika-mahn”. I die…

    And no man straight or gay should wear red satin pajamas. EVAH.

  40. Lola

    I think NeNe was dead wrong the atmosphere was staged with candles to fake out that bad energy she was about to throw everyone’s way. She was throwing shade all the way. This whole scene was tragic and I could have sworn Peter had thrown a punch or two as well. Apollo and Peter had no business in it. This was an issue that the women had so they should have of handled it on their own.

  41. Will Purcell

    I think either Apollo has prison PTSD and thought Peter was in trouble, or he just wanted to find a reason to whoop Brandon.

  42. lori

    I apologize in advance for this very long comment. Anyway, Nene was a total effed up bitch tonight. She said that it was going to be therapuetic, positive party, it was anything but. Every single question was made to make people feel horrible and upset, and she was just completely looking to hurt people and start drama. Not one of those questions she asked was positive or constructive in any way, shape or form. I am so sick of Nene. Who the Hell fires she think she is? What gives her, and only her the right to behave however she wants? Also, I agree that she was practically bouncing off the walls from the get go. As Kandi said, it really did seem like she was totally geeked out.

    The way Nene attacked Kenya because she was late was so aggressive and uncalled for. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I like Kenya, and I think everyone treats her absolutely horribly. Yes she is known to stir the pot, but I honestly think that a lot of times Bravo puts her up to it. I think if any of the other housewives did/said the exact same things as Kenya does, it would somehow be okay. She is like the punching bag of this show. At least she has the balls to say to people’s faces what all the others just say behind each other’s backs. Also, I see nothing wrong with Kenya wanting to have a baby. I’m sure she really does. I really feel for her with her rough and hurtful upbringing. It is every women’s right, and most women’s desire to have a child. She knows it’s now or never, and again, especially coming from such an effed up family, I totally get her wanting a child of her own… to have a blood relative where she can have a chance of having that unconditional love and bond that for the most part is usually only found in parent/child relationship. She certainly didn’t get that from her own parents. I’m sure she wants chance to do better than what she had. On a possible TMI comment, I personally truly emphasize with her yearning to have a child. I was actually looking into the exact same thing after I had no choice but to end things with my fiance when he developed a severe addiction to prescription pills. Realizing for myself that at that point it was now or never, I was actively exploring my options, just like she is. Unfortunately for me, during that time I was diagnosed with a disease, and the medications I have to take for it unfortunately killed that dream for me. I have no choice but to take the medications, and can’t carry a baby while on them. On top of that, this disease would also make it practically impossible for me to care for a child. It is a hard thing to come to terms with. Just because so many people seem to think Kenya is crazy, that does not mean that like most women, she desperately yearns to have a child of her own. I absolutely get it. I for one sincerely hope that it works out for her.

    Back to Nene’s “pajama” party, I was so upset watching that fight. There is nothing more despicable than other people jumping into a fight between two people and double (or even triple) teaming someone which is how it appeared to me. Total punk behavior. Besides, wasn’t it Christopher who wouldn’t sit down first? These people are truly sad excuses for adults. This whole episode was just horrible. From Phaedra’s ridiculous party to Nene being a total bitch and obviously wanting people to fight, it was just ridiculous.

    • Hannah King

      lori, I am sorry that you were unable to fulfill your dream of having a child of your own due to an illness. I can only imagine the loss you feel. May God bless you in many other ways.

      • lori

        Thanks Hannah. I am blessed with the most amazing furbaby in the world… my dog Bruno. He gets me through all the tough times. Don’t know what I’d do without him. I know that you are sick as well, and one thing I can say is that it certainly has given me a whole new perspective on life. I appreciate things I used to take for granted, and I find lots of joy in the simple things in life. So glad that you stuck around! :) Thanks again.

    • JenB

      Co-sign 100%. I have enjoyed Kenya and her antics more than all of the other HW put together. Her TH are so damn funny and the facial expressions when the others are lying.
      I am sorry about your health issues and wish you the best.

      • lori

        I know Jen! She’s the light of this show for me. Her scenes are usually my favorites, and I too LOVE her TH. Thank you for the kind words.

    • spk

      lotsa hugs Lori – I hope you find other ways to get that love-of-family. I know how tough it can be & find myself in the same boat.

      Although Kenya can be a bit high pitched she usually asks a good question & in Savannah, she had me rolling, she was hilarious.

      • lori

        Ugh… I’m so sorry that you’re in the boat with me! (((hugs))). As I told Hannah above, Thank God I am blessed with the most amazing dog in the world. 100% heaven sent. He saved my ass.

      • Hannah King

        lori, totally understand furbabies. Got 4 100+ lb. Rotties laying in bed with me as we speak. Thank goodness for kingsize beds.

      • lori

        Mine is a 100 lb pittie. Lol I am involved in pit bull rescue, so I also have lots of others in and out of my house. Another thing that I used to be able to do a lot more of pre-illness, but I still do what I can. Dogs are THE BEST. I also can’t forget to mention my 2 beautiful kitties. I know what you mean about bed real estate. I can’t even imagine having 4 hundred pounders on my bed at once! That’s crazy and wonderful! Yours must be one well made bed!

  43. Urethra Franklin

    Here is some of Kenya’s shade on twitter tonight:
    Joy ‏@Joyann___ 3h
    @KenyaMoore don’t ever let that big foot @NeNeLeakes yell in your face again. punch her directly in her Adam’s apple.
    Retweeted by KENYA MOORE

    KENYA MOORE ‏@KenyaMoore 3h
    @akimm67: @KenyaMoore Apollo is an idiot and a thug for what he did tonight!” Agreed the world knows

    KENYA MOORE ‏@KenyaMoore 3h
    @tchoupitoulav66: @KenyaMoore Nene is soooo JEALOUS of u!!!! Be careful. She’s not right in the head.” You are not the first to notice

    And Kenya tweeted this yesterday about Apollo/Phaedra:
    KENYA MOORE ‏@KenyaMoore Jan 25
    I said it all on @ArsenioHall. #youcantbethatdumb #inonit #angelastanton #neverlieonmeagain #evil #fake #whoscrazynow

    KENYA MOORE ‏@KenyaMoore Jan 25
    Losers never win. I have always seen through ppl and I was the first to tell you last season about these ppl and who they really are. #dirty

  44. Hannah King

    Ok maybe the voices in my head are talking too loudly but I think Apollo responded to a question (Not sure if it was Phaedra or someone else who asked him) that Brandon punched him first. I know that doesn’t justify the beatdown. Just wondering if anyone else heard that statement.

    • um, someone else wanna take this one?

    • Hannah King

      I was right. Just watched it again. Phaedra asked him and he said “that mfer hit me in my mfing eye”. So it wasn’t the voices after all.

    • Latrise

      He did, after Pha yell at him about his behavior and told him to think of his two sons. And he yell back that he hit him in his eye and pointed to it. Then she started to tell everyone that they were leaving and all of sudden he was getting undress and charging. But on a side note, I think it’s funny him crying over his eye when he stop the punching to yell at his wife to get off him while shoving him. I also couldn’t believe that kandi was in the middle of it, she actually look back to see him push her and still try to pull him off of Brandon. Now I watch it a few time and I believe that Apollo jump in only because Brandon started to swing on Peter, but if you listen closely, Brandon is trying to swing and is yelling at the Chris guy, but Peter grab him in mid swing and it look like he was swinging on Peter.

  45. So glad Apollo-gate brought me back to Tamara Tattles…was an avid fan of this blog…lost my bookmarks awhile back..’CHATEAU” days….;lucky for me this fraud mess got so many mentions, it reminded me of the great coverage, writing and recaps. This one is hilarious, tx! :)

    For the record – I’m not smoking anything, lol…but find myself totally Team Kenya. This gal is totally MAKING the Show! (Altho’ I admit the over the top Presidential Baby Naming (snort! :) is so much part of the charm I love about this ATL franchise…wb Dwight!!!! He looks awful, but plays his part so genuinely well. Hope he’s not sick and just a bad plastickey face lift?) Anyhoo, Kenya is totally in the right and will win if she takes this case to Judge Judy, where I get all my legal knowledge. There is nolaw against “front pedaling”….or getting out of your seat….and as someone who replayed this FOUR freakin’ times and watched in slow motion…this was nowhere CLOSE to being a caseof Kenya CHARGING. NeNe really showed her azz (and hey, how ’bout the cellulite on the female servers’? Made me feel waaay better about my own, tx Neenster!) J.Judy would def rule in Kenya and Brandon’s favor, CW had NO bidness pulling her by the arm (to force her to listen to his Big Pre-Planned with NeNe & Mynique’s staged response!) Peter CEASED being the fight breaker-upper when he was visibly CHOKING BRANDON with BOTH hands while Apollo wailed on him.

    I think Apollo was on the same crack NeNe was on.

    • Speaking of the HIRED WHORES? Did anyone see them serve a drink to anyone? Nene just paraded out some nekkid folks and then they basically disappeared, did nothing and were nowher to be seen in the BRAWL.

      I assume that is all for the best because honey as much as I like to see a nekkid black man, that was not the one for me. And the little trollop was ghetto as well. Just sayin..

      • Hannah King

        I’m sure they were glad they unassed the area before the fighting started. Maybe they came from some of the less expensive strip clubs.

      • Paige

        The girl was sitting in the hallway you can see her when Apollo takes off his shirt

      • Latrise

        Actually if you watch the part were Kenya is searching for Brandon and leave the room, u see one of the server seating down and watching her walk around.

      • I believe I saw (I was struggling to keep my eyes open at this point) the male server either dropping off drinks or picking up empty glasses. I only noticed because it had a fine glimpse of his ass. Hey even old ladies like to look. The girl did look like ghetto trash. The cellulite was a dead give-away.

      • JrLeaguer

        That was a weird scene indeed not to mention the fact that woman had more cottage cheese on her thighs than a container of Breakstone’s.

    • Cammie

      “I think Apollo was on the same crack NeNe was on.” THIS…she probably got it from his backpack of tricks!

  46. Ne Ne started all that shit tonite if you ask me her and the bitch that looks like a man some people don’t like the truth!! Ne Ne had no business bringing that shit up it had already been discussed between the women just Messy!!!

  47. are you people serious I think nene called kenya on her bull snit because she was sick of kenya going around hurting everyone with her crazy mean rumors just because kenya cant get a man she is to evil thats why no one wants to date her she has said bad things about phadra and everyone else and has tried to sleep with apallo I mean look back and you will see just how much damage she has done and then how could you possibly think that everyone else is just being mean to poor kenya good god she is never going to find a man she is to busy trying to split up everyone else she deserves a lot worse as far as I am concerned please go back and watch how bad she has treated everyone and then comment

    • gee thanks. we would have never known Kenya could not get a man without you telling us. Also, you seem too stupid to post here. When you get a grasp of punctuation and grammar, come back and chat with the grown ups.

      • TT you are too funny. I love your wit in your blog posts almost as much as your comments! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your readers.

    • Paige

      Latrice your right, when Christopher got up you can hear Porsha say “you need to have a seat sir” and his greasy face wife said “no, he needs to stand up for this” or something close to that nature. I agree w/ the majority this was not Kenya’s fault!,
      On another note, i feel Kenya deserves a lot of credit she has a lot of self control for not punching Nene in the face the way she was yelling at her, when Kenya tried to leave Nene yells “you aint going no where” the entire night was a set up, and of course most of the wives are gna blame Kenya since most of the husbands pounced on Brandon

  48. JentheAUfan

    Aint none of yall said a wird about the mess on top of christophers head…. really?

  49. Sunny in the desert

    I came all the way to the bottom to say I’m laughing out loud at this, Ayden dressed as Kim Jon-Un. You must have discovered the cure for what ails cuz you have done outdone yourself and most bloggers I’ve read. I rarely comment and I don’t think I have ever stopped in the middle and scrolled down to comment. This is why I read your blog. You are a talented writer either way but I can really see a *twirl* in your style and even the fuck off comments have that perfect zing to them. I don’t even watch these shows. Anymore that is, it’s too fake and

    Thank you Tamara, I’m wishing you the absolute best in 2014 and beyond.

    This girl is on fire. :)

  50. deb

    This episode was whack! paul, nene, and apollo are ghetto old-school criminals. Wha’ts up with phadra’s mom..a preacher…really? I thought she was COGIC?. SOMBODY SEND THIS EPISODE TO BISHOP BLAKE. These people need Jesus. I will pray thst God miracuously Stops this madness. These realityshows

  51. deb

    This episode was whack! paul, nene, and apollo are ghetto old-school criminals. Wha’ts up with phadra’s mom..a preacher…really? I thought she was COGIC?. SOMBODY SEND THIS EPISODE TO BISHOP BLAKE. These people need Jesus. I will pray thst God miracuously Stops this madness. These reality shows are of the devil.

  52. I am so disgusted w/NeNe this was an obvious set up & a lot of people got hurt- disgusting low lifers and I think Kenya held her own and was in her own right to be up from her seat when her accuser and the man were both strutting around taunting her! Apollo acted like Neanderthal prison thug at his sons birthday party and then let all of the anger he has over being dependent upon his wife explode at NeNe’s party! Andy if you are listening I hope you kick NeNe off the show for this criminal violent set up she orchestrated it is no different than someone that hires someone to do their criminal dirty work! I hope she gets used & fired! All 3 of the loser men that don’t work are all hanging out in strip clubs while their partners suffer from low self esteem in the relationship and all the while the women are the income earners!!! Get new men, fire NeNe or change the name of the show to Gutter Trash!

  53. I think a lot was revealed and I agree w/ the comments above that Apollo, Peter & maybe Kandis guy are all earning money illegally and using the strip joint as their “drug office”. This is probably why Peter was trying to move I to his own apartment a few episodes back so that if arrested Cynthia would not be arrested too. I think Cynthia had her sister come to stay for 2 months because she is worried and did not want to be alone w/ Peter!
    NeNe has kept her weight down since she thought she was going to be a movie star and now we know how because she definitely acted like a coke/meth/speed whore tonight!

  54. Star

    Nene’s 15 minutes of fame just exploded! She is doing all she can to bring down Kenya-that is why she was so upset with Kenya being late. Every question was meant to start a fight Peter and Apollo should be charged with assault Why did Chistopher feel the need to stand up and go close to Kenya? He refused to sit down. Nene knew that Kenya would take the bait. The whole party was a setup. The cast should remember what happened to basketball wives-when it became a fighting show

  55. beauxcefus

    Chris Williams is a woman beater. He had no right putting his hands on woman. Sick of NeNe clowning and cooning to earn that Bravo money. She’s a disgrace to respectable black women everywhere. Sad state of affairs when the only man a woman w/Fakedra’s accomplishments can get is a low life thieving thug criminal who apparently misses being incarcerated so much he stupidly reverts back to his old habits. Black people, we GOT to expect and DO BETTER than this. I wouldn’t care if this show was canceled, and others like it too. We have to demand better. Has love for money and Gucci bags and Benzs and mansions and flossing finally destroyed what was left of Black pride?

  56. Kat

    No doubt this was definitely Fault because it was her plan to cause se type of altercation I involving Kenya. Nene didnt bring up what Natalie said about Todd. She also never got that mad and crazy when the other ladies were late for the Savannah trip or when kandi took the best room so it’s obvious she is feeling some type if way about Kenya and I think she feels threatened.

    Poor Phaedra but you can’t tell me sge didn’t know Apollo was like this she has known him almost 20 years even before his “white collar” crime career began so all that “you got two babies at home” was to soften the ratchedness he was portraying. I now dislike all of these women. Nene was my favorite but not anymore

  57. SaraK

    It took me until this morning to watch it. OMG. NeNe or production set the storm up and we got a glimpse into who these people really are. Christopher is a punk, standing up to address Kenya who was lounging on the floor. I was glad that Kenya stood up to put them on the same level. Natalie thought she was going to talk smack without Kenya speaking up??? Has she not seen any other episode with her? Kenya ain’t skerred of NOTHING. As for Apollo pushing the women off him….why the hell were they getting involved? He didn’t know who was pulling on him, he just knew someone was getting in the way of kicking Brandon’s ass. I dont know why he went in so hard for Brandon, guessing there is more going on than was shown. As for strip clubs….ladies…if you man is going to cheat….he will cheat. May find her at the office, or the coffee shop, or the gym….but he will find her. My father in law, who has been married for more than 60 years puts it best “don’t matter where you get you appetite so long as you come home for supper!” Everybody knows that!

    • vivaladiva831

      It has nothing to do with cheating. It’s about being respectful to your wife. I think in Peter and apollos situation, they feel emasculated b their wives are the breadwinners and this is their weird way of asserting their manliness.

  58. Shawnie

    @SaraK – I watched it this morning too. I will never understand for the life of me why women feel the need to get involved when men are fighting. I think most people are blaming NeNe for the melee, but I do not. Did she agitate things, absolutely, but had Kenya not dived into someone’s personal life, yet again, NONE of this would have transpired. Kenya got the tables turned on her and unfortunately, it lead to terrible fight.

    BTW – very nice site Tamara :)

  59. Micheal game

    hot mess

  60. JrLeaguer

    Apollo seemed a bit uncomfortable around all of the “Secret Service” performers…..and now we know why.
    Seeing Ayden in his uniform made me have flashbacks of Idi Amin dressing his kids in uniforms.
    As for NeNe’s soirée, let me be very “Pacific” when I say that I am not sure which was funnier, Apollo screaming about how his money is his money that he earned (I am thinking that his victims would disagree), or NeNe going all Kate Gosslin on everyone and screaming and berating her guests.

  61. Your recap is EVERYTHING!!! I haven’t laughed so hard at a blog in a long time. Thank you!

  62. Whitney Vandross

    It is mind boggling to me that Kenya is being blamed for this. Cynthia even said last night on Watch What Happens Live (after having time to assess might I add) that it’s Kenya fault. Granted, we weren’t there, but the editing of that fight CLEARLY shows a long list of people who were to blame before we get to Kenya. First, there is NeNe, and I like her, but she set the hostile tone and reprimanded Kenya for being late in a way she never expressed to Kandi or Phaedra when they were late for the trip to Savannah. She brought up the subject of what had happened with Natalie and Kenya which wasn’t in the spirit of which she claimed she threw the party in the first place. Then there is Cynthia…omg …who will take everyone to task except NeNe even though she gets”crunk when it comes to Noel”, but runs out of the room crying when NeNe disagreed with her handling of Noel’s boyfriend. (But I digress) Cynthia set this entire situation in motion by repeating what Natalie told her about Todd to the other housewives and giving Kenya ammo to fire back at Natalie with. (And Cynthia, if the Bravo execs made you do it, OWN it, you are a grown woman, you still did it) And on another note, yes Cynthia, Kandi was making a dig about Peter, it was a good dig too and as well she should have. I’m sure the moment Kenya repeated what Natalie said to you, Kandi immediately realized that Kenya knew something that she should have known and that you were the culprit of the gossip being spread amongst the ladies. Kandi did, after all, confide in you at your home and seek your advice as to how to handle the rumors surrounding Todd and Mama Joyce believing it. Some friend you are! Next Natalie, and maybe she just wants to get picked up as a permanent cast member, but how she just randomly decided to talk about Kandi and Todd at Peter and Cynthia’s anniversary dinner was inappropriate and ill timed. Cynthia would have had nothing to repeat if Natalie had kept her mouth shut. Then there is Christopher Williams, who got up to address Kenya, following in Ne Ne’s steps. I’m sure by now everyone has seen the you tube footage taken off Chris last summer when he plainly states he isn’t married. Christopher should have remained calm in what would have amounted to no more than a verbal sparring and you don’t put your hands on a woman I’m any way. I’m glad that Kenya’s friend was there to defend her because I guarantee you that Christopher would never have touched Ne Ne, Kandi, Phaedra or Cynthia, who’s husband were present without first making sure that they were a physical threat to Natalie. Last but not least, Apollo. This man is just ridiculous and Phaedra knows it which is why she reminded him that he is a father. I watched the tape a few times and while I truly believe that initially it was Apollo’s intention to stop the fight, he went overboard by pushing Kenya’s friend in a hostile manner which is why Kenya’s friend swung. It happens all the time. The person who is fighting is wound up and can’t see clearly and while people are crowding him, pushing him back, he feels threatened, doesn’t know who is what and thinks someone is attacking him and comes out swinging. Kenya, it would have been classy, not to call Natalie out about Christopher’s disrespect of their bond, but then again what housewife handled any of this with class except Phaedra. Did I say that???

  63. Whynenewhy

    What the hell did nene take or drink while she was getting ready? Girl was turned up

  64. Wow you guys have been posting! We get the show later here in the west coast and after it aired I took my behind to sleep. Anyway just read the posts and Brandon and Apollo have major bad blood between them. Supposedly Brandon has been bad mouthing Phaedra on twitter after the whole donkey/stallion crap came about and apollo jumped on to defend his wife and lots of words were said. I could be wrong because I was tired last night but I thought Brandon hit Apollo first by accident and Apollo just went off.
    chuck hidiing behind his wife WTF?!

  65. Julie W.

    Hi Tamera- thank you so much for this blog- I really enjoy it!

    Some of Nene’s “pacific” questions were meant to throw shade, especially her question about being in the same room with someone who slept with your mate. That was very shady, and in my opinion, Nene was messed up or drunk or something. Did you catch the part about her walking around with “Kandi’s balls”? The whole thing was odd. She was clearly starting shit when she asked Portia about how she felt about her partner being bisexual. Nene acted crazy at this party; she is the one who started all of the fuckery that followed…

    Apollo acted psychotic but I have to say it didn’t look like he was a great fighter. I am not sure why Phaedra was so surprised that Apollo lost his mind. It seems like Phaedra does not understand how crazy he really is. Apollo doesn’t ever act like he is supposed to. He wouldn’t even dance with his wife at Mr. President’s party and he was too busy eating to be a host.

    I also always thought Kandi was probably one of the more decent people on the show- it surprises me to read about her and Phaedra having a shady history- I think I saw that on some earlier posts?

  66. Dianad

    Nene was on something.. Was talking down to Kenya but yes Kenya is wrong for being late. Christopher stood up first. He should of never trapped or touched Kenya. Apollo went off like a caged animal. Nene is all at fault. Team Kenya

  67. Kelli

    Nene is completely in the wrong. She instigated the argument and fight. Christopher was wrong for putting his hands on Kenya in any way. I think brandon was defending Kenya and Peter attempted to break it up with Apollo’s help and Brandon hit Apollo and set Apollo in a bad way. He should have controlled himself much better though

  68. Sassyfrass

    I just found this blog and LOVE it!! My thoughts on last night’s craziness:

    1. Normally I love Phaedra but her outfit was not flattering and that shindig she threw was ridiculous. Apollo was out of line the entire time sulking like a teenager who didn’t want to be there. She should have checked him harder!

    2. It was nice to see Dwight but damn his car was old. Could he not have at least rented a nice one for his TV time? That car looked liked a $5k Penny Saver ad. I’m sad to read he might be ill. I hope it’s nothing serious.

    3. Kenya is making this season! She’s the best part of it. Yeah she’s a little crazy but Nene has reigned for too long and needs to be taken down a notch or five. She looked hot in her outfit but flaunting her legs like that in front of other men was trashy. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks she was on something. She was right to take the issue directly to the common law trying to get her 15 minutes. As a woman I would not have stayed seated while a big pimple faced middle aged dude was standing up talking crap to me. That is intimidating and uncalled for. And she’s right about only bitches and punks putting their hands on women. Esp when there’s any kind of tension or drama. Blotchy face and Nene are to blame here.

    Can’t wait for next week!!

    4. Nene started the drama by having a tension filled atmosphere to begin with and being so ungracious when Kenya was late. Yes it was rude but at the host she should have shown better form.

  69. Here is Nene’s garbled version of events from twitter. She is not happy with Kenya. Seems like Kenya is stealing her shine….


    I created this game called “Pillow Talk” it all started from Gregg & I basically discussing our day once we got in bed at nite! Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content. I was the hostess with the mostess! The guest were invited along with a dress code and everyone knew what they were walking into. My intentions were to build couple unity within the group but as you can see, things got turnt all the way up! You ask why? Everybody in the room were asked questions that were touchy because that was the bases of the game! We all answered including me and Gregg. We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw” there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control! Let’s get to the good stuff: Kenya arrived 3 hours late to the party! I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived! Keeping it real is what I do! Some might call it messy but see it as you may! Christopher had a question in his hand that he wanted to answer standing up for reasons unbeknownst to me! I walked pass Christopher and took my seat! He then begin to speak to Kenya about the false accusations kenya had told his wife. Chris wife Natalie started saying “don’t back paddle now” Kenya got up & charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?) Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own! In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lite the fire.whenever she’s around, we have the worst times! I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show! I’am all about a good read, throwing shade & even getting you together when need be but violence is never ok to me. I think it’s a sad display of behavior and I think it is sad to the black community to be apart of such negative activity! I’am bigger, i’am better and for that I apologize! Here’s a few questions I would like to ask you: why do you think they let Kenya narrate the whole fight scene? Why do you think they took the part out when Kenya was charging across the room? All the housewives would say we were having a good time! Why do you think they showed it as if we were not? Thanks for watching! Stay Fabulous Nene Leakes 2014-01-27

    • JrLeaguer

      So when she and Greg play this in bed…does it end up NeNe and Gregg beating the Hell out of each other. Can’t believe they behaved this way in my beloved Buckhead! Again, I am going to have to get a bigger cup for all of the Tea that you are pouring!! :)

    • bamboored

      Perhaps you need to take it up with the producers or whomever edits the show because from what I saw you were acting weird from the jump and started the whole fiasco…..

    • lori

      Ummmmm… didn’t Nene choke Kim? And also, didn’t someone have to step in to break them up (or rather stop Nene from hitting Kim on the tour bus? Nene is ridiculous. She never takes responsibility for anything. It’s Nene’s world.

    • Hmmmm…ER’YBODY knowwwws that when you “have arrived” on reality tv, the second you blame “editing” it’s an automatic EPIC FAIL! LOL! :)

      Yes, Andy shamelessly promotes you, overpays you and supports you, Miss Lanethia Leakes, “BUH” …. I’am(<<<wth is that, btw?) thinking that even Andy is NOT going to like you calling Brandon Kenya's "GF" OR breaking the wall with all this "why did Kenya get to narrate," and we "didn't get to see the whole scene" BS. Ask Jill Zarin how that goes, k?

      I would just like to add, that while NeNe DID instigate this mess @ the party, I don't fault her at all for the shit-stirring questions. (Altho' she did appear to be tweakin' the main issue for me was the arrogant vibe she was giving off of: "Have a seat you amateurs and let me show you how this Real Housewives shit is done," ya know?) But I get that this is BRAVO, and these chicks are paid to bring the occasional drama…and if they don't they get cut. On the same note, I don't blame Phaedra for the over the top "blessing" event. She is known for these parties, and I don't believe for a second she had to pay for the "dancers" or the mansion. There's only so many wine tastings/self defense classes/shooting ranges/kickboxing etc etc ad nauseum that these gals on ALL the franchises can dream up to get together to do.

      So yeah, pajama party? Hokey but in no way NeNe's fault…what IS her fault is her behavior and now this rambling blame shifting BS.

      Sorry for the long post lol…I have one other point tho. I think if we want to get to the root cause of the entire incident, the blame falls squarely on: *drum roll*…..ready?…….CYNTHIA!!!

      Let's be clear here…..lmao….:)….If Kenya is all the horrible things she's accused of…..why in the world didn't she go directly to Kandi once she knew that Kenya knew EVERYTHING that Cynthia and Natalie had discussed about Todd being an opportunist/dating up???? That's the crux of the whole mess to me.

      Instead, Kandi had to find out the whole convo from KENYA. I just don't see how Kenya telling Kandi the TRUTH about what Natalie and Cynthia were saying makes Kenya the bad guy? Natalie thought she could come on this Show and say whatever w/o being checked? Has she ever watched even ONE episode, lol? Not only did Kenya check her (like a good GF) she also taught her that if you're going to talk shit…be prepared for it to come right back atcha….common law/GF! lol!

    • myinfo

      “I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived!” per Nene

      So I guess she knows everyone is blaming her the fight and she is now pissed at BRAVO for the way they edited the scene.

      She is also pissed that Kenya narrated the fight. I think she is pissed that Kenya does not back down to her and does not treat Nene like Queen Bee or Queen Moose she thinks she is.

      • Katrina

        Kenya does not stand up to Nene. What show are you watching? Kenya goes on interviews and gives her opinions on the rest of the cast.

  70. JrLeaguer

    Forgive my typos…note to self…put on glasses!

  71. Holy shit. I am laughing at this Natalie broad. I so believe she morphed into one of Cheri Oteris characters from SNL. She even sounds like her when she puts her finger up and says, “okay we made a song together and it’s called dance for me.”
    This whole episode has me going,’ What the fuck? Over.’
    P.S. Is it bad that I rewind preview for VPR over and over? Only the Stassi slap. I giggle…oh I how I giggle.

  72. jelley

    thanks for blogging, Tamara!

    i love coming here and reading what everyone has to say about the foolishness that is the real housewives. i’m totally obsessed, obviously.

    so being read or reading someone is just being called out or calling someone out, right? and tea is gossip?

    please forgive my ignorance! thanks for everything.

  73. not amused at all

    Thanks you much for putting that out there

  74. spk

    To me, it looked like:
    -Nene was auditioning (in her own mind) to be the next Jerry Springer and was AMPED. It seemed like she was trying to compete with Kandi Toys, instead, all she was doing was pot stirring.

    (I mean don’t you just wonder about hers and Gregs relationship?! He’s done a 180; I swear he just agreed to “tuck it” and nod yes ma’am for the rest of his life…. talk about business agreement.)

    -Christopher was posturing and spouting off

    -Kenya stood up to give her version and when he handled her, Brandon popped up (good for him, who else was going to help Kenya?)

    -It initially looked like Peter & Apollo, being a certain type of guy, jumped in to break it up BUT…. I heard Apollo later say “Brandon nailed me in the D**K”. I think that Apollo thought it was intentional and went off. All that pent up sexual frustration, no doubt. If you’re spending 8k at a strip club, something ain’t getting satisfied.

  75. Katrina

    I don’t know why Kenya was so upset because she originally brought the conversation up at he winery. Why would she have a problem with it now that Christopher is in the room?

  76. myinfo

    Okay what do you all think happens next week? It appears Apollo throws off his shirt (I will say his body looks great) and it seems like he is getting ready to beat someone up? Is he going after Brandon again or Chuck who is hiding behind his wife for talking about Phaedra? Does the fighting continue?

    • Katrina

      In one of the previews on WWHL, Cynthia is in Kandi’s face and Kandi is not happy. Who knows if they are actually showing it in sequence. Apollo did say on WWHL that he would see Chuck next week.

  77. Cal

    Here we go!! Kenya was not in the wrong. At no time did she charge at anybody. Actually, if you review the show again, she walks past Christopher to possibly address his common law wifey. It was a sad sight to know the Nene, Cynthia, Phaedra, and some of the other women condone Christopher putting his hands on a women while pulling her back. It was especially disappointing to see Cynthia support she actions when she has a daughter she claims to car so much about. Now on to Brandon…LAWSUIT, LAWSUIT, LAWSUIT. Brandon should definitely press charges on Apollo for attacking him for no reason, Peter should be charged for assisting in the batter of Brandon. Peter prevented Brandon from being able to defend himself by holding him down and what I viewed clearly as choking. Nene should be held accountable for enticing a riot and putting her guest lives in jeopardy due to lack of security. And Chuck proves himself to be a big overgrown, ignorant, PUSSY of a man. And to think he is mentoring young men at the Boys and Girls Club…what a shame. Do t believe Kenya started this mess? NO, blame it on Nene…it is true what has been said. Nene is a big bully and while he has indicate that others need to leave the show, I believe she is the one who should be given the boot.
    Good Luck Brandon and Kenya..l

  78. tobaccorhoda

    Nene forgets that she put her hands around Kim’s neck. I guess since it wasn’t on the show, she thinks it doesn’t count, but weren’t cops called for that little altercation?

    Also, we all have typos from time to time, but I’m begging you, please conjugate your verbs and use the possessive. I can barely comprehend some of your posts.

    Or maybe it’s just me…

  79. Rhubarb

    Why does Apollo need to spend $8,000 at the strip club when his wife is always playing up how freaky they are in bed? Last season they made out nonstop. Not to mention her overly sexy and tacky outfits (the black bikini thing, the winery skort-maxi). Why is he spending that much???

  80. china

    Ne ne is so messy! I really don’t like her. As horrible as she was last night I was not shocked at all cause she is a serial shade thrower! What was so so freaking funny is when Kandi said she looked geeked up! Omg that was so funny!! Just in case anyone doesn’t know what geeked up means its means wired up off that thang. I am from Georgia too and I swear my cousin said those exact words way before Kandi did! My cuz what like dang she pacing back in forth tripping like ” red cap” Our neighborhood geek head. O and Kandi is really gonna set cynthia messy ass str8 2!!!!

  81. PS: I’am wanting to tell NeNe it’s BASIS, not “bases.” :)

  82. So, it was ok for Christopher to get up out of his seat, but it was not ok for Kenya to get out of her seat. Chris should never have touched Kenya, it was obvious that Kenya was not going after Chris’ common law wife. Kenya was just responding to Chris’ common law wife’s remark. Why the heck did Apollo even get involved in this fight, no one was going after him or Phaedra, since Apollo is on parole, shouldn’t he be in jail for attacking Brandon.

  83. PPS: Dear NeNe, does your DOE-mestic violence charity (Twisted Hearts??) advocate how Christopher initiated physical contact with Kenya?

    Did or does your charity even exist?

    Fond Regards,

    Twisted Sisters with Twisted Arms

  84. Why is Apollo always taking every chance to touch Kenya? First, he happily hoisted her over his shoulder and then threw her in the pool when he noticed all of the other couples’ glares. Why during the skirmish, he was over in the corner, with his arms around Kenya? He was fighting for Kenya’s honor? He was angry at her assistant for being near Kenya? It is not a reality television show if it does not address these issues at some point. Apollo is married to Phaedra. He has to be reminded? *Just sayin. Phaedra had to verbalize, “You have two sons. We should leave.’* They did not.

    • Cammie

      I saw that too and thought it was Apollo holding Kenya back but the second time I watched it it looked like a set guy with a green shirt on that was similar.

  85. JoJo

    My God, so many comments!
    Nene was all sorts of whacked, substance-related, or adrenaline from having to stay there 3 hours waiting for Kenya. No matter, back and forth whacked.
    Kenya is no victim in this mess. No matter that Chris was standing which was stupid, he wasn’t going anywhere near her. She got up, and I call it charging right past him toward his wife. I doubt Kenya would have hit her, but she’s no punk, we’re told, she was going to get as close to Natalie’s face when the whole question/issue was between her and Chris.

    Ironic that Phaedra’s coming out party for Mr. President had choreographed Secret Service dancers and actors. Bet that was filmed before Sept. 13.

    And that wussy light-skinned Frankenstein, standing behind instead of in front of his wife – Chuck you no big homie no more.

  86. Ny Broadus

    Best line thus far this year . . .”But no Apollo needs to point out he spends five thousand dollars or eight thousand dollars a pop at the strip club. When the women object he screams that it is his money and he can do what he wants to with it. That ain’t your money, Apollo, that is some women’s Delta retirement check you are spending. Have a seat.” I love it! Dying laughing, but it’s all truth!

  87. Randi

    While the fight at the hotel was horrific, I was more horrified by the way Phaedra and Apollo interacted with each other at the ceremony. So much open hostility and anger.

  88. I didn’t read all the comments so I’m not sure if anyone else caught it but did you all notice the Bravo shade when they were showing Phaedra and her party planner inspecting the venue. Each time they would flash a price tag the camera would zoom in on some chipped away paint or mildew or nasty mystery stains. It had me cracking up.

    Nene seems to be implying that there is a version of events where Kenya “flew” across the room. I’m not sure what she thinks they cut up because we pretty much saw Kenya walk over and get grabbed by Christopher. The only flying done was by Peter and Apollo who launched themselves at Kenya’s gay like he was made of other people’s money.

  89. china

    I can’t wait for the reunioun to see how Ne ne reacts to Kenya saying she had an Adams Apple and Kandi saying she was acting like she was geeked up. Her and her lil puppet cynthia who I think Kandi almost give the business to in the next episode are always being shady. Cynthia makes me sick too

  90. PhonyPhaeOnBathSalts

    Nene said. She doesn’t condone violence. Yet in earlier seasons. She was always yelling,shouting wagging her fingers in others faces. When she went into Kenya’s face. She over stepped her boundaries. I couldn’t finish the episode. I have butterflies in my stomach. Just thinking of how much tension,would be at the reunion . Scary stuff.

  91. Katrina

    Brandon stood up to protect Kenya from Christopher Somehow Apollo and Brandon are fighting. Doesn’t there seem to be something missing?





  94. Yolanda

    I enjoy watching the show. Because each lady have there uniqueness they bring. But however, tonight’s show was totally out of order! Why in the world did
    Apollo attack Brandon like that!!!!!
    To me Nene inictiated that situation .
    It really looked bad on national television !!!!!!

  95. Deedee

    That wasn’t right at all! When I was watching Nene walk around prancing and flouncing it irritated the hello outta me!

    Now usually I wouldn’t be caught defending Kenya and she should have been on time. BUT why in the hell shouldn’t she stand up? When a man is standing over her almost but she should stay sitting Nene? nuh uh crazy prancercizer YOU should’ve sat down!
    I’m glad Brandon (?) was defending her then Apollo came out of nowhere throwing punches? and you are right Peter was pretty much holding him down! What a lame ass move!!! Even Phaedra said “Apollo you got two sons who look up to you” or something along those lines. Which one was it that had called Phaedra and Kandi fat? Such a low easy insult but I’m surprised no one told either of them (that we saw).
    Anyhow just a mess that Nene helped start.

  96. I loved the show! Real housewives meets Jerry Springer! Great entertainment ! I just wish Kenya would once and for all pull off Nee Nees stupid blonde wig and show us the real Baldo that is Nee nee Leeks! I love this show!

  97. Breaking news ..just read that Nee Nee leeks is revealed on the season finale as a MAN! The whole thing is a bad dream and that Nee Nee Leaks kills the entire cast in retribution for being outer by Kenya after Kenya rips her wig off and exclaims in aghast that Nee Nee is Baldo!

  98. Julie W.

    I noticed a couple of things after re-watching. Apollo was hanging on to Kenya for quite a while after the fight ( a set guy also had the same color shirt on as well) but it seemed like Apollo was hanging on a little more than he should have and at first it looked like Peter fell into Brandon. Chris Williams should have never stood up to begin with.

  99. cherry

    At the end of the day, Nene was the instigator of everything that went bad and I’m so disappointed in her behaviour

  100. Kim

    I so agree with you on mostly everything. Your satire is hilarious! I am intrigued about Phaedra’s knowledge and acceptance of her husband’s shenanigans in the club and supposedly being total oblivious to his illegal operations w/ OPP. Is she really shady Phae? Or a victim of her husband’s scandalous activity? And was Nene on something during pillow talk? The whole thing is definitely set off by Nene and she is wrong to blame anyone else for her bringing a potential volatile situation to a boil. Does she have other work yet? Maybe she is stressed because she’s avoiding falling into the cracks like “New York” from flavor of love. She has more talent for sure, but Hollywood can make you a non factor in a minute.

    • Let’s just say the tea is rolling in on Phaedra. And it is not sweet.

      • Kim

        I thought Phaedra was a little smarter than that. Seeing whether Kandi will be ride or die for her girl will be interesting since this is a federal case and affiliations may be looked into also. One truth that I would really like to know is between Apollo and Kenya. Was Apollo pursuant of Kenya or vice versa? Hmmm. He told his wife this story of what Kenya wanted to do to him and how he resisted…. yet he pays 5-8K in a strip club for dances only? Who looks more trustworthy now? Just sayin. Speculations about Apollo”s infidelities have surfaced. When a man is upset cause his wife is not giving quality time to the relationship, look out. Kenya may not be an angel and this may be “Bravorized” for good tv, but their maybe more to it than we will know…., for now anyway.

  101. Red hot mama

    Just got to watch this episode thanks to the snow day! I love your blog, but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to comment, because usually someone else takes the words right out of my mouth.
    Did no one else notice that Apollo has a very badly done prison tattoo on his right front shoulder of a daggum afro pick. Lord, have mercy. That is ratchet. Ratchet. Ratchet.

  102. nikki

    Please get Nene back to hollyhood quickly. No matter how much money degrees and opportunities these women have they still dont have class character and integrity. Money can’t buy that. Just old and messy.

  103. AC

    Im shocked and very ashamed at how these ‘PROFESSIONAL’ people carried themselves on this particular show. 1. Who in Gods name announced Nene as a therapist? She has too many issues going on with her and she LOVES damn drama. 2. Why is Christopher tired looking ass on there? Honestly who gives a rat’s ass if his womanizing ass is married or not. His wife, girlfriend or common law whatever dont have anything to worry about. From the look of his skin he has either been doing hard drugs or alcohol. 3. Peter is upset because his old ass got called out about the lap dances. 4. Apollo mad because he is spending stolen money 5. They both are lame for double teaming that guy like that. They clearly were taking their anger out on him.
    I hope he do press charges on both of them. Peter and Apollo definitely deserve it.

    • china

      I definitely agree that Brandon should press charges and sue both Peter and Apollo! I notice Cynthia on ” Watch what Happens Live” try to do a little damage control saying until after watching again she realized how instrumental Peter was in settling things down. After Chris, Peter was the first one to get physical!

  104. Xanadude

    On rewatching it, I think Nene’s behavior at the party may have been an “audition” for a talk show. It would explain why she was standing and pacing and phrasing things they way she was – she was using the episode to shoot a “pilot” for a talk show to be produced by her production company.

  105. Vesta

    NeNe is so jealous of Kenya because Kenya is fabulous and NeNe is one of those people who says “pacific” instead of specific. Instead of focusing on bringing us high quality entertainment, she has been trying to get Kenya off the show because NeNe us intimidated by Kenya. The show needs Kenya. She is smart and holds her own with all of them. Do not listen to Leneathia. Actually, it would be better if NeNe would leave and go to rehab perhaps. Greg looks like he hates NeNe but wants to spend her money for a change. Cynthia is boring, pathetic, and is draining NeNe and the viewers of this show. We really do not like Peter. Phaedra is trying to take it easy and bring in honest pay into her household. Apollo is a criminal. We like Kandi and Todd. We actually like Porsha too…give her another chance. At least Porsha seems honest. Mama Joyce needs her own show. Get rid of Cynthia..she is a wimp who won’t make a real statement about anyone or anything unless NeNe tells her to. Those two are sickening.

  106. china

    I have a feeling Kandi will be more vocal this reunion after being involved in that altercation! I just hope she be a little more agressive in calling out Nene and Cynthia. They both need to be read erased and rewritten!! Im sick of them both!

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