Mob Wives New Blood Recap: Eat Worms, Bitch!

Mob Wives

Drita wants to record another rap. She goes to her producer and he suggests a song, Money Bags. The producer the producer also works with Method Man and he tells Drita he has agreed to come on the show record with her.  Later, Drita asks her five year old daughter to help her rhyme. Whatever. Let’s get to the Renee and Alicia showdown.

Big Ang and Renee go for a walk to talk about Alicia calling Renee a rat. Drita meets with Alicia. Once again, Drita is supporting someone Renee is on the outs with. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I bet she gets a ration of shit from Renee.  They are discussing things that Renee said that show Renee has been gossiping about Alicia with her friends.

Natalie wants to marry London. Or at least have him move to Philly.  I could never be with someone with those teeth.

Renee got a letter from Junior. He has about a year to go before he gets out. Junior wants to come home Renee when he gets out. Renee will NEVER be a rat.  AJ says he doesn’t want to hear anything having to do with his father.  He has moved on and he doesn’t want to live in the past.


Alicia is planning to meet with Renee to hash things out. Alicia reads some tweets by Renee on twitter that appear to  her to be negative toward Alicia. Alicia thinks that Renee is talking to Carla (one of Eddie’s exes)  about Alicia’s criminal charges. Clearly, Carla is Alicia’s arch enemy so that should be off limits for Renee. Renee and Carla meet and Carla explains that she knew about the wiretaps because she got a letter from the Feds saying she was on them. Sidenote: Renee and Carla both have SERIOUS issues with blush. Who is doing the clown make-up for this show?

Drita and Ang talk about the tension between Renee and Alicia. I love the way Drita says, “Twittah.” My god. Are Big Ang’s boobs getting even bigger? Is that possible?

Renee and Alicia meet alone to resolve their issues. Renee owns that she has been talking to people about Alicia’s case. Wow. Never saw that coming. Renee says she talks to Carla about her day. There is not malicious intent on Renee’s end. She is not going out of her way to talk about Alicia. Besides, all of Alicia’s business is in the newspapers. Renee is making sense. Alicia is still hyped up. Alicia had the opportunity to squash things. She blew it. Renee says the tweets were not about her. Alicia brings up the boyfriend she has. She thinks Renee is behind the newspaper outing her boyfriend. Alicia denies having a boyfriend. Alicia is really handling this meeting badly. Renee OWNED Alicia.

Next Week: Method Man shows up to work with Drita. Natalie has a Halloween party and invites Renee.


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10 responses to “Mob Wives New Blood Recap: Eat Worms, Bitch!

  1. I can not STAND Renee…..She is a complete whack-a-doo. She demands respect but she has absolutely no clue how to give any. She should be embarrassed by her behavior and demeanor on the show.

    Although I freely admit to watching this show, it is almost embarrassing to me how these women act and treat each other. I am a 41 year old women who knows how to stand my ground, advocate for myself or someone special to me, and get my point across when I think someone is wrong. And in none of these situations do I swear, hit, pummel, throat-grab, knock over, or yell in someone’s face. Is this how “real connected women act” or is this for show? I really want to know. I understand these women are living up to the Mob hype, but come on…..

    And I also don’t wear the type of clothes these women wear. Do real women actually dress like that? Like that cat suit fiasco in Las Vegas?? Idk….maybe I am just showing my age.

  2. Twilly

    God the way Renee is with AJ makes my blood boil. Why does she feel the need to show/remind her son how psychotic his father is? Isn’t that what she said “I want you to see how psychotic he is” by sharing the letter with her. I’m guessing she never sheltered or protected that young man from any of the drama the way she SHOULD HAVE.

  3. Shellbelle

    I’m not sure if Renee was the one selling to the papers but she sure was acting strange. She probably knows who did but she ” ain’t no rat”. I can’t help but love Drita and Big Ang… The two of them could have their own show and I’d watch it.

    • Twilly

      Because it was probably Jen, Renee’s sister who is the executive producer of the show. She probably did it for drama/ratings. I still think Alicia is an idiot for even coming on the show, given her situation. I like her so far, just find that to be an irresponsible choice.

  4. JoJo

    In any situation whether Mob Wife rules, TV reality show rules, or ordinary people rules, I think the one about talking major shit about the father of your son to your son is a major No-No – a constant rule mothers or fathers should never break. It makes no difference that AJ is a young adult & of course he knows his father is a criminal rat in prison.
    She did nothing in that scene but make herself look psychotic instead of her ex. Wish she hadn’t done that.

    • Thanks y’al for talking about Mob Wives with me. Sometimes it feels like all RHOA all the time here. I mean I get right now we are in crisis mode! with the Apollo thing but I’m just saying thanks for still being with me on other stuff! xoxo


      • Ktina

        I’ve never posted here before, but I just wanted to say that Tamara I read your posts religiously. Coffee + this site gets me going at work! Thanks for all the tea and for brightening my mornings :)

  5. I just returned to Mob Wives..not sure if I missed 1 or 2 Seasons…I’ve just got caught up and really enjoying this cast. I’ve got to say that Renee has really deteriorated since last I watched…which is is sad to see (I hope her Sis had someone watching her @ that Vegas pool scene–scary!!!) but found her behavior both at the restaurant with the phony date/BF, and again over the letter with her poor son AJ not pitiable but DESPICABLE. It’s ALLLLLLL about Renee isn’t it?…even at the expense of her son. :(

  6. Tamara

    Renee and her friend Carla’s voice overs during the restuarant scene were beyond noticible. I wonder what was really being said that they decided voice overs would be better to interject. I get that Renee wants Aj to hate his dad as much as she does but she needs to stop trying to force her opinion of the dad onto Aj.
    AJ is old enough to know if he wants to still have a relationship with his father or not. He knows What his dad did and should not have to listen to his mom constantly talk shit about his dad. Renee should respect AJ’s wishes on that matter.

    Best quote of the night goes to Drita
    ” talking shit on twitter is called ‘twatting’ because you don’t have the balls to say it to their face!”

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