Check Out Apollo Nida Talking About His Job on HLN!

I wish they would have kept the camera on him the whole time rather than showing a RHOA Clip. All that face touching is a huge body language tell for lying.  Notice he did not do it on any other questions.



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22 responses to “Check Out Apollo Nida Talking About His Job on HLN!

  1. Jennifer N

    Wow you’re right! His body language totally changed when asked about his job!! Great job TT for awesome updates and for bringing the best tea! I’ve been checking back every few hours because I can’t get enough

  2. All I have to say is that I hope Apollo isn’t getting too comfortable in that new house because he’ll soon be going back to jail. Do not pass GO and Do not collect $200. Never mind he stole all that money anyway . Go directly to JAIL sucka! LOL

  3. Yeah you’re right, his whole demeanor changed when he was asked about his job. He’s lying through his freaking teeth. Asset Recovery my ass! Lol Can you say Liar, Liar, Pants on fire? Lol

  4. So Apollo and Phaedra have been “connected” since 1997. He served a couple of jail terms and they decide to get hitched in 2009. Subsequently two innocent children are brought into this world. And now the father is facing yet another jail term. I find it hard to believe that Ms. Phaedra Parks is absolutely clueless.

  5. Wolfmom Carolina

    I saw somewhere in a body language book or that brief TV 2012 detective series that, when a person touches his nose as he answers, or if he looks off to his left, he is lying. Watch the again, and see Apollo’s body language as he answers his “occupation” question! Apollos nose-touch is huge in the video when he said he is an asset manager!!!!LOL.

    • gosh! I should post a blog about Apollo touching his nose during this interview… oh wait…. SMH

    • Girl, that’s exactly what I saw when he started talking about his successful job. I didn’t have to google it, because I remembered nose touching, or looking up to the left to “remember” something meant you were lying. Only a fool speaks so loudly and proudly of their illegal jobs. Then gain, maybe he thought he was in the clear because he had a fall guy in Gayla, like he had in Angela years past?

  6. myinfo

    I am watching RHOA now. Can’t wait for 8:00. Its weird watching Pheadra now.
    Everytime someone asked what Apollo’s job was Pheadra always seemed nervous when responding and was always vague.
    I thought she was lying or embarrassed about what he did. I assumed he did not really have a job.
    TT I can not wait to read your recap.

  7. jellybelly

    TT!! You are the best! First time commenter, long time follower!!! You make my day!!!Keep up the great work!!!!

  8. God he makes me sick just looking at him!Now what i don’t understand is he has been doing this since 2009 ripping off real people such as the retirement funds or were all the accounts not real and were created by Apollo making all this up and then collecting from these fake accounts?

  9. I am 100% convinced that no matter how big or small Phaedra’s role in all this is – she is coached him on how to answer questions about his job. There is something not ‘Apollo’ about the way he describes his job. I always thought it was a bit of a rogue job for a felon.

  10. Kat

    After seeing that I’m convinced Phaedra knew what he was doing. They are going to do a serious inquiry into his financial history and I’m sure they are gonna want to know what his assets are, where they came from and how he spent it.

  11. Free Kroy

    Your giving me Life!!!!! I missed this. Please tell me this was before the Sept. arrest are is he slow???

    • he was arrested a couple days ago! his warrant for his laptop and phone was in September.

      • Cammie

        So just like Juicy Joe, during filming he would have known he was under investigation and it was just a matter of time…ballsey to keep putting out there crap like “I drop 8k at the strip club ’cause it’s my money and I can”. What a dummy, if Phaedra was coaching him she did a pisspoor job of it.

        Tonight’s my first time reading your blog and I can’t read enough, thanks for great content and actually answering questions/conversing with your people. Bloggers that have time to link up ads or sell products but not ever respond or communicate are my pet peeve, I move onto the next one and I’m glad I landed here looking for the deets!

  12. jp

    I am nervous for phadras family, apollo is on his way back to the cage. That’s what happens when you’re a born criminal & from what they have shown on past episodes, phadras defense experience is not strong enough to keep him home. Kandi, please tell me how your musical play is going to be a money making success with ms. Porceha in it with heavy hitters. Oh wait, I get it…I will buy a ticket just to get great laughs from Porcgea

  13. kayla

    I am a Bahamian, and a weekly viewer of this show. Wow its amazing that the body language Apollo displayed was on target with someone who is telling a lie. I am sorry to see that a man blessed with an educated, hard working wife, and two lovely children, still can not resist crime.

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