Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Pappa Can You Hear Me?

Blood Sweat Heels - Season 1

And now for something a little bit tamer, I hope, Blood, Sweat & Heels. Can’t Bravo have just one nice show? I’m hoping for lots of tranquil screen time from Demetria.  But no, we start with the three I could do without. Mica and Melyssa go to Daisy’s apartment for a fashion swap. Wow! They all have the same shoe size!  They do more sipping than swapping, but it seems like they had a good time.

Until the three start talking about their fathers. Melyssa’s  father died when she was 16. Mica starts crying and tells them that her father has pancreatic cancer and is refusing treatment and could die very soon. The girls tell Mica she has to go see her father and say goodbye.

Demetria and Geneva meet again. This time there is much less tension. They talk about Mica’s drinking issues. She is falling down drunk at every function. They wonder if she needs an intervention.

Daisy is interviewing for an assistant. I can’t say anything nice about this scene, so I will not say anything.  It’s not really part of the storyline this week.

Mica is struggling with the fact that her father is dying. Terry’s boyfriend is very good at comforting her. I’m not really comfortable recapping such a personal situation.  I really don’t think this is something she should have made “a storyline.”


Geneva and Demetria are talking about the trip to the Hamptons. Demetria asks how Geneva is getting to the Hamptons and she says she is riding with Mica. Wait whut? Mica, the girl who humiliated herself at your office party to the point you wanted her to drink bleach and die, Mica? That Mica is your ride to the Hamptons?  Demetria does not question why Geneva is hitchhiking with someone they both think has a drinking problem. She just asks how Mica is doing. Geneva says  the family is trying to decide whether to take her dad off life support.  Demetria says. “But she is going to the Hamptons this weekend?”  Demetria says she is going to be an emotional wreck and offers Demetria a ride with her fiancé Greg and Brie.

Melyssa and Daisy are not going to the Hamptons. Melyssa is hosting a party. I am not sure why Daisy isn’t going. Maybe she has a date with Jesus? Melyssa is back hosting parties because she is broke. Geneva throws major shade on Melyssa in her talking head about her finances.

Terry takes Mica to see her father for the last time. They are waiting to take him off of life support until she gets there. Mica is very stressed out and gets Terry to pull over so they can have some wine. They stop at a bar. Somehow Terry lets Mica drive after that.

Daisy is on a make over assignment with her new assistant, Lauren. Lauren was supposed to bring pictures of the outfits with her to the shoot. She said “they only printed in black and white” and so you can’t really see them. Honey, I knew this girl was a mess the first time I saw her. Let’s just say her look does not scream “Style!”  But Daisy hired her and this is what she gets.

After the hospital visit, Mica and Terry got out for wine. Mica feels like her father did not want to see her. He tensed up. He frowned. It doesn’t sound like he was able to speak.  This is heartbreaking. They are more or less putting her father down tomorrow. Terry says she doesn’t want to be there for that. Mica cries.

Demetria and Greg are packing up for the Hamptons. She asks him who is driving and he says she is. Geneva arrives looking fabulous in orange. They go pick up Brie and they are off to the Hamptons. Mica has a driver taking her to the Hamptons. Mica asks him to stop and get wine.


The crew is staying a Brie’s parents house in the Hamptons and it is gorgeous!  The plan is to wait for Mica to arrive and then all head out for dinner together. Meanwhile, Mica is drunk in the car and planning to stop at her cousin’s place in the Hamptons for more drinks before arriving. Her cousin’s house is gorgeous! Mica gets back on the road and just keeps talking. The driver is not responding at all. He must be miserable.

Brie is very…touchy about the house. She is one of those people who doesn’t want the house enjoyed. You have to be careful not to breath on anything or touch anything or get anything dirty. I’d be heading for a hotel about now. I just can’t live around people that uptight.

The episode ends with Mica’s drunken arrival and all of next week’s episode appears to be drunken Mica waging war on errybody and tearing up that pretty house. Which leads me to believe that whole conversation with Brie about rules was a set up and ain’t none of this real.


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15 responses to “Blood, Sweat & Heels Recap: Pappa Can You Hear Me?

  1. Free Kroy

    Bri, girl, stop talking down on people. Dark skin Africans have manners too? Catch that Ms. Uppity.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    At first when I saw the BSH post title, I thought WTF? TT must be tired as hell to mix up the AHS title on a BSH post. I will watch this episode & comment on it later.

    • I think they set Brie up as the pretentious bitch tonight. We have seen no evidence of that before.

      and UF, I KNOW! it made it hard for me to pull pics! they were all of AHS coven!

      • We really haven’t been shown Brie much have we? However, she did give off the “traditional old-values” woman during the first few episodes imo. It would match up with her being so uptight in this current episode. She’s the Countess.

      • Ana

        I disagree.ive been vibing Brie’s uppity-ness for a couple episodes.
        1.she is constantly calling out how classless someone is acting.
        2. The whole “women shouldn’t lead” thing.
        3. Anytime she talks about her upbringing she uses words like “prominence” “higher class” “Influence” etc.

        Not to say she’s not likable… but her being pretentious definitely isn’t new.

  3. Did anyone understand what she said to Demetria when she asked if it was ok to take off her shoes. I couldn’t understand the answer. Because Demetria started to take off her shoe and Brie said something and she stopped.

    • She asked if her feet were clean! I mean, who does that

    • Undine

      House proud people are the worst. If you’re that concerned about your house and its furnishings don’t invite folks over. People like Brie think they’re so classy but it’s totally classless to make your guests feel unwelcome. And you’re really that rich, you can afford have cleaning service in to help clean rugs, floors etc from a weekend get together. Brie seemed likable in the beginning, but I will put her in the questionable pile. Still love Demetria, and while Geneva throws much unnecessary shade–she is growing on me.

  4. JoJo

    The houses were nice. Mica is messy. Sad about her dad. Was Mica’s dad white and her mom black? Mica looked much darker in her graduation photo.

  5. Dajournalist

    Ok.. Mica is bugging and she’s a raging alcoholic. HEr father is DYING and she’s talking about what SHE Needs. SAy whet nah? Geneva must be dealing with some insecurities because she stay saying something shady. Melissa Forde is confirming what we all think about video “vixens”. bries attitude was repulsive. She was talking to Demetria’s man like he was her child and did so with contempt and disgust in her voice. Me no likey.

  6. bunniecarrot

    Couldn’t stay away especially with the Apollo drama….. but had to point out… Meca’s father is black and mother is black….. so technically she wasn’t acting black she actually is black and we come in many shades.

  7. loriflack

    Humans are all different colors.

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